Carnival King All-In-One Popcorn Kit for 8 oz. to 10 oz. Poppers - 24/Case

Item #: 382PCORN2410

Quickly and easily pop a single kettle of popcorn with this hassle-free Carnival King all-in-one popcorn kit! Carnival King is the brand to trust for your concession supplies, and this complete popcorn kit includes everything you need to pop golden, delicious-tasting popcorn. The separate, pre-portioned quantities of large butterfly kernels, salt seasoning, and coconut oil significantly cut down on waste from bulk ingredients and provide excellent inventory control. You'll be able to make the right amount of popcorn when you need it, and there's no mixing or measuring required!

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Carnival King All-In-One Popcorn Kit for 8 oz. to 10 oz. Poppers - 24/Case

4.7 stars from 59 reviews


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popcorn great easy kits popper taste carnival King love bag
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    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
    Very good tasting popcorn and very convenient to use. Drawback is that if you have an 8 oz popper and you use this kit, there is enough popcorn for a 10 oz popper and you will lose a great deal of the kernels because they will get pushed out when anything starts popping. We were having so much loss it wasn't even getting us the 8 oz. popped it was supposed to. I also have the 8 oz. Carnival King popper and when I spoke to a company that sells other kits, they told me the key is to put the popcorn in first, let it heat up and then put in your salt/oil. It does seem to help on the yield which is important if you are costing your products out at a certain level of production.
    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
    The product was Good. The one thing I would change to the package would be to make the oil in a straight line as it was hard to get out without flipping the bag over and making a mess on your hands. I would put the powder in with the Kennels.
    I will go back to great northern packs. Very stale tasting, and not as flavorful. Wish I would've purchased 12, too much money for this product to be so so in taste.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    i absolutely love this popcorn bags, they eliminate the hassel of having to measure and they are perfect for the machine, the popcorn tastes great and it serves alot
    I used these bags at the football game the past weekend they were the perfect size for kkds will be using them again at the next game.
    This popcorn is awesome. It works great having the corn, salt and oil all in one pool package where you can cut and go. Pops great
    We love using these all in one packets! The one thing I noticed; place the packet inside the popcorn maker while on for approximately 15-30 minutes. It heats up giving a better taste in popcorn. I would not recomment NOT using an all in one pouch. This makes it super easy and fast! As a rental company we find this easy to sell and use for our customers renting the popcorn machine.
    After sampling various other popcorn kits, we’ve decided that these are our favorite! Aside from being the best tasting, they are the most economical! Great for both selling for profit or for feeding the youth at our events for free!
    I've gone through about 15-20 of these so far and they work really well. We've only had one bag that ended up with a weird flavor but everything else has been great, we'll definitely be ordering more when we run out.
    Convenience,Convenience,Convenience!!! These are the perfect portions with everything included, you don't have to measure anything since the work is done for you. The flavor is good and is so easy to use for both kids and adults.
    The All in One Popcorn kits are great for home use. We purchased these as a last min snack for our three kids vs having to round up all the normal stuff. It works GREAT in our Carnival King 8oz machine.
    Taste great! First time used got a little messy with the oil but second batch was fine, I like that I con't have to measure. Will have to get smaller kits also for when we don't want alot of popcorn, cause I made 2 batches (was use to smaller popcorn machine) and now I have a lot of popcorn left over. NOTE: If you are first time using these do not add additional salt to your popcorn till you taste it. i did and little too much salt since there is salt in these. Overall I will be buying these again, maybe in all size so I can make as much or little as we need.
    I have to say pretty close to movie theater popcorn but hit and miss depending on how fresh the package is. It's good enough to sit back and enjoy a couple movies. I gave it 4 stars only because the I had to add some extra seasoning but other than that not bad at all.
    This product works great for our 8oz Carnival King Popcorn Machine. Having all the ingredients in one are works great when you are making popcorn for multiple people. Whether it's a movie night at home, a child's birthday, or a small sporting event, the kits make life so much better. Instead of having to get bags of popcorn, boxes of seasoning, or jugs of oil, this one kit allows you to take a case with you and be ready for quick and easy popcorn making.
    Not to happy with this the popcorn oil is hard not easy to use have to pull it out by hand to be able to melt it
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Love this popcorn. I use these packs at home in my popcorn popper. Not too greasy and not too salty. Just perfect and tastes delicious!
    We love the taste of this popcorn! The convenient cat makes it easy to make popcorn daily without the hassle of extra buckets and containers laying around.
    A nice and easy way to make popcorn in our 10 ounce capacity popcorn. Love the great flavor and easy preparation for this popcorn. Well seasoned too.
    These are quite decent for the price, but far from excellent. You definitely don't need the full oil package, I reduce it to 30-40%. The popcorn taste fine and you can even cook them on the stove no problem, but some one fifth don't fully pop.
    Great flavor. Easy to use. We sell out of popcorn on a regular basis. Our customers buy this from us at 8am with their coffee.
    Placed this order for a carnival party great quality and price everyone enjoyed now I have other people ordering from this company very great company
    Great Popcorn all the time. Delicious and tasty. We don't need to add any seasoning. Pops perfect. The case size really saves us money so we make a great profit.
    This is the best popcorn I have ever found! You can't beat the convenience of everything being sealed in one bag! Just cut, pour and pop. DONE! We had virtually no unpopped kernels and it tastes just like movie theater popcorn. Try it! You won't be disappointed.
    Good quality popcorn with a great buttery flavor. It is salty. I have had some of my family say it was too salty, but 98% of them love it! The popcorn seems to come up in conversation months after the family get together.
    Such Delicious popcorn. So easy to use the combo. Never missing an ingredient is great. I would highly recommend. I will be buying this again.
    These kits are great - perfect for me as a new user of the 8oz popper. It allows me to make the perfect popcorn every time!
    I made a bag of this at home to test it out. Most of the kernels popped and it tasted delicious. The only issue, is that it is messy when trying to pour everything out. I would reccomend doing each section one at a time. The oil is also completely hard (I almost thought it had gone bad, because it looked funny), which makes it hard to get out of the bag.
    I love the all-in-one popcorn kit! The bags open easily with a pair of scissors and I appreciate the instructions that are provided on each individual bag. This is a great tasting product too!
    Purchased the popcorn kits for our Carnival King PM8850 8 oz. Popcorn Machine/Popper, wanted the easiest way to prepare popcorn without a lot of fuss.
    This tastes great and was super easy to make! The flavor was salty enough on its own and had a pleasant buttery flavor. We used it with the Carnival King 8 oz. popper.
    I'm usually the king of girl to use microwave popcorn but since I got a popcorn machine for Christmas I thought on buying this kit becyi saw it earlier when I was shopping. This kits works amazing ??
    Looking for a movie theater popcorn taste with out the hefty price tag? You found it, right here! Amazing tasting popcorn and even better pricing here!
    Excellent blend of kernels that are fitting with the Carnival King 8oz. popcorn maker. It already comes pre-buttered and ready to go straight out of the bag. It is fresh tasting and some of the best I have eaten.
    Very easy to use for fun days on the job or family days. Everyone of all ages loves the taste even without adding additional favor or butter. Pops quickly and creates an decent amount off one bag so that we aren't wasting a lot of popcorn.
    Always fresh product coming in for our tap room business. The delivery is very quick and ordering is so easy. We have looked all over and could not find a better price or popcorn. We save even more money when we buy other items at the same time. is a great business partner!
    I have a popcorn machine that I bring the small party's and events. This works great with it. It's so easy when the oil and popcorn are together in one bag. Nothing gets wasted and you never mess up the ingredients.
    I bought a case and tried it as soon as I got it. I thought the taste was great. My only problem was the way it was packaged, it was very difficult getting each of the ingredients out without making a complete mess. There should be an easier way of separating each section. I did like the comment previously posted, adding the corn kernels before hand to insure lose of some uncooked kernels.
    Convenient easy to use popcorn kit. Everything you need in one package. Popcorn taste is good. Would be suitable for concession stands or business lobby, but is not movie theatre quality in my opinion. Good quality for the price.
    This popcorn all in one bag is easy to use. It taste great and most corn popped. It stays fresh all day and it smells very good.
    I am glad I got a case of these. Movie theater style popcorn at home is a great deal with the kids! Now they are bugging me all the time before a movie!
    We love these popcorn kits! We love using them because we always have different volunteers help at our events, and there is always a consistent and easy way to explain how to make a batch -- everything is already pre-measured and ready to go. There is little to no mess! We always cut the oil and salt side first and put that down into the popper, and then we open up the popcorn separately and put in the popper. We also keep the unopened kits we are going to use on the top of the popcorn popper to get heat from the light. When the oil goes to a liquid, it is much easier to dispense into the popper.
    These popcorn kits are perfect for 8 oz and larger poppers. Contains oil pouch, seasoning and popcorn kernels. Great tasting product from Carnival King popcorn.
    I had this popcorn kit and the Carnival King 8 oz. Popcorn Machine in my web cart for awhile. My wife decided to buy them for me for Christmas. We did a trial run on Christmas day and the smell is great! But, once it came time for the taste test, we were a bit disappointed. The popcorn tastes stale right out of the popper. I thought it might have just been because it was the first batch in the machine, so we did another batch on a different day. Same results. Then I thought, well, maybe it's because we are only popping one bag. So the next time I decided to pop two batches back-to-back. Again, same results. Not sure what I am doing wrong. The case box says it was received 10/17/2016 so it is fairly fresh. I am also getting the same results as some others with the unpopped kernels. This is a fairly good product; maybe it's just us, expecting too much. I will do a taste test involving other people soon to see what everyone else thinks.
    We’re sorry this product did not meet your expectations. Our friendly Customer Solutions Representatives are always available to assist you with any questions or issues before or after your purchase!
    These bags are super convenient to use because there is no measuring and the popcorn tastes consistent use after use. We use this at our sports facility and as soon as the kids smell the popcorn they buy it! We sell it instantly. I would highly recommend this product!
    ABSOLUTE BEST VALUE! Makes popping super easy and the flavor is amazing. We will be purchasing pre portioned popcorn packs indefinitely. Over all great value!
    this great price and delicious my customer always ask what my secret in the pop corn they love this and i love that every thing you need is one bag
    Great popcorn kit if you're looking to save money I recommend you buy a lot at one time bulk shipping is cheaper best place to buy online.
    The Carnival King All-in-one popcorn kit for 8-10 oz poppers is a great buy. We love the measured out portions and have had no issues with all the kernels popping like others have...everything comes out perfectly and tastes great.
    If you have a carnival king popcorn popper, these popcorn kits are a must! They are perfectly measured out, easy to use, and delicious! Great product.
    Only one package has been used. There were a few dozen unpopped kernels, and we wish the popcorn came out with more butter flavor. It's not like theater popcorn like we expected. Still a great rental option for parties.
    Carnival King All-In-One Popcorn Kit for 8 oz. to 10 oz. Poppers - 24 / Case is great popcorn. It is easy to dispense and a great value.
    This product taste great, such a great value. The product works better when warmed up, we keep it in are nacho machine to heat it up before using it
    We tried using bulk popcorn and oil to make popcorn, but these pre portioned packs are so easy and convenient, they are worth the extra money. Plus they will stay fresh for a while (versus opened bulk kernels). Good price here, too.
    These pouches take all the guesswork out of making popcorn. There is no need to measure kernel, oil, butter or seasoning. I love this product. I wish they made a mixture for flavored popcorn.
    No measurements needed. Just follow the instructions on package and you will make popcorn just like the movie theater. What a great idea! Love it. I will definitely purchase more in the near future.
    Great price for the quality. I love the fact that everything is together, it makes it quicker to get the pop corn going. Everybody has enjoyed the taste and we do plan on ordering more of this product. We would recommend.
    FABULOUS! This product has been a hit with the employees and guest alike. Great price for the amount and done in minutes versus the old fashion way.
    YUM. Great popcorn! This has popped up perfect every time. We eat A LOT of popcorn around here and for the price and so forth, we have been very pleased with this product.
    The best popcorn kit ever!!!! We used this kit last week at a football game and the customers could not get enough.The taste and the smell of the popcorn is amazing, you can not go wong with this.Carnival King is the best.

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