Noble Chemical CM-240 Chlorine Test Paper Dispenser - 10-200ppm

Item #: 373CHLORTEST

Noble Chemical CM-240 chlorine test paper is the simple, reliable, and economical way to measure the concentration of free available chlorine in sanitizing solutions. This test paper measures concentrations between 10-200ppm (parts per million), with color matches at 10, 50, 100 and 200ppm. The distinct color match at each full unit makes it easy for the user to identify the correct chlorine level. Simply tear off a small strip of test paper, dip into the sanitizing solution, blot with paper towel, then instantly compare the resulting color with the matching chlorine color chart. The paper is held in a convenient, plastic dispensing container. This test's distinct color chart and accurate, reproducible readings give an immediate response for quick and easy use.

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Noble Chemical CM-240 Chlorine Test Paper Dispenser - 10-200ppm

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test strips great Health Chlorine easy paper dispenser department need
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I used these test strips all the time. If you are in the restaurant business or any food business you have to have these to test the PPM of your bleach


Love this little roll ~ so much easier than trying to fish a strip out of a little tube. All you need is a little piece to do the trick!

from Tilton's Market on

You will need these if you’re using a low temp dishwasher to measure the proper amount of sanitizer in your machine. Easy to use and there’s plenty of YouTube videos out there to help.

from Check Please Cafe on

These Noble Chemical CM-240 Chlorine Test Paper Dispenser - 10-200ppm are a great value, and work well! Important to get to maintain consistency of potency, and also for health inspections.


The noble chemical CM-240 Chlorine test paper dispenser has been a great help to ensure that our water chemicals are balanced to protect us from any harm.

from Eat Just A Bite on

The Noble Chemichal Test Paper Dispenser is useful to have it in the workplace and employees can easily access to it and test concentrations correctly


This is technically cheaper than the strips, but I always end up pulling more than a strip would be, so th cost savings is negated. It's not the products fault, but I would recommend the pre cut strips even though it is a bit more expensive.


the noble chemical chlorine test paper are so simple to use. fast. and quality is good. very good for sanitizing dishes and making sure it is at proper ppm level

from la perla jarocha on

Test strips work great, and they're easy to read. The plastic case keeps the strip perfect, and colour chart is listed right on the back for easy reading.

from Firehouse Pub on

Easy to use, we do prefer the strips over the tape, but this is a great back up and very easy to read. good value!

from Simmer Down on

A product that does what it is supposed to do. Works well, and this is the cheapest you can find! Worth the price. I recommend it.


Great test paper to let the health department know you are on the up and up. I find them very useful in our ice cream shop because I hire a lot of people that have no restaurant experience. This takes the guess work out of the equation for these employees - I know that they prepared the chemicals correctly now.

from Husam Shabaneh on

Well not sure what to really say here it's testing strips they work like they are supposed to work in order to check sanitizer concentration.


The Nobel Chemical strip works great! It's an easy way to check and maintain your chemical levels when you are sanitizing clean dishes. It's easy to use and understand. We have re-ordered several times!

from Flip Flop Burgers on

Perfect test strips to test water for bleach content. I need this for the health department and they are happy with the product so I am too!


This test paper makes it so easy to test the ppm of your chemicals. This product works great and is so economical! Buy a couple to set by all your sinks.


Couldn't do my job without it! The plastic container keeps the test paper clean and dry and the comparison guide makes it easy to check for the right chemical strength in the water.

from Michelle's Scrumptious Bakery on

Noble CM-240 chlorine Test paper strip dispenser works with testing a bleach solution for disinfecting. Easy to use and to read results. Would recommend purchasing a sanitizing pail.

from pizzeria & restaurant on

Even if you don't use them every day, you need a pack of these in your kitchen near your sink. If the health inspector comes in, they expect to see these test strips.

from Happy Mug Coffee on

These work great and the container is handy! Always keep them nearby so you can test the sanitizer water every so often. The health department loves these too.

from Cookie Counter on

We needed new test strips for our coffee shop/bakery sanitizer buckets and dishwasher, this product has worked great for us! Strips are in one continuous roll, it pulls out easily and tears to exactly the size you want, no unnecessary waste! Very low cost!


It is a great product to test the chlorine in my sink. It is very important for health dept, and the result arrives very fast. It lasts for a very long time, and I will keep purchasing it with the 25% off automatic purchase.


This health department requirement is a great product. Works every time to assure safe cleaning levels of chlorine in your water chlorine mixed bottles. Great price.

from Classic Burger Group Inc. on

I really wife this chlorine test strips of paper dispenser that has the chart right on the front of it which is really great so you know you have the proper amount of chemicals in your dish machine and you can call it whatever size strip you want

from P2B on

These make the health department happy. Our health department was very happy to see we has testing strips to test our chlorine for sterilizing our utensils

from Life In The Slow Lane LLC. on

Great test strips, I love the idea of being able to tear it off where you want it. The strips are not premeasured so you can make them as long or as short as you want them. Works well, instant reading.

from Gathering Grounds Coffee Shop on

I have been searching for this but I couldn't find them but then I found these and I love it. I also love the dispenser that it comes in

from Foxland market on

Test paper is required by almost every health department, and these little strips are perfect for inspections and for routine testing of sanitizing solutions. This is a small product so is best stored somewhere where it cannot easily fall and get lost, such as in a drawer.

from Marine Park Coffee, LLC on

We use the chlorine test strips all the time!! They are a necessity if you work in food and beverage. Offered at a great price as well!

from Vault catering and events on

Needed these to satisfy my health dept requirments to test the concentration of my sanitizer. They work as described. Plenty in the roll to last a long time.

from Awesome Dogs on

This product serves its purpose. It is easy to handle and almost anyone can do it since the instructions are so easy. It's the perfect thing to keep the health department happy when you're in compliance =)


This is an effective product, very few complaints, tape is a little bit difficult to tear, will probably order individual strips next time, good product

from Lake Springfield Christian Assembly on

Standard issue chlorine test paper, the paper has instructions and test chart right on the container. Test strips show test results very quickly and many tests can be done from one roll


this test paper is smaller than what i thought, not very long tape, but it has two tape inside the package and it works well.

from lancaster Tea Box cafe on

I had to have these to stay compliant with my local health department. These are great for making sure that the sanitizer solutions are the right potency and are easy to use!


This chlorine test paper is a must-have for any food establishment. That's exactly what it supposed to do. What's offered at a very low price. We will continue to order products like this from Web

from Russ' Sub Shack on

These test strips are perfect when the health inspector pays us a visit. We always measure our sanitizer, but when we need to show the inspector the levels, these do the trick!

from Muncheez Pizzeria on

We need to have this as one of requirements from Health department. its good. Does the job, small, and light. Color difference is also clear

from tea store on

The Noble Chemical test strips work perfect for us and save us a ton of money. Before we were using premeasured test strips, they were hard to get out of the bottle and if your hands were wet they would be useless. With these you simply tear off how much you need, test it and you're good to go!

from Grinders Gourmet Cafe on

This is something you absolutely need to have when the health inspector comes around. They're much easier to use than the ones we had before that you had to peel off a gummed stack.

from Banfield's AC on

These are very useful for monitoring the bleach levels in sanitizing buckets. They work well but I have tendency to drop the entire unit in the bucket thus destroying it.

from Alpendough on

An essential in any kitchen. The great thing about these test strips is the dispenser. You can easily take rip off the amount you need, unlike the test strips that come in a tube and are all stuck together.


I used the strip for the first time today. It's an instant test and I only used about half an inch to test the water. I'm keeping these in a single drawer, the package is tiny and can be easy to misplace.

from Little Lots Farms on

This is a great little test paper dispenser. The paper is a convenient way to test your chlorine to water ratio to make sure that you have the proper concentration. I will buy again

from Open Range Coffee & Cafe LLC on

For a product that I am required to have, this is a great price and these work perfectly. Ship time was excellent too! I had them in one day!

from Yummvees on

These are a must have on had for any bar or restaurant. The price is great on these, and they are exactly what you need for your chlorine testers!

from The CO-OP Bar & Grill on
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Nice packaging and dispenser, but unfortunately these didn't work for us. We had to purchase other strips locally in order to pass our health inspection.


Thank you for the review! We're sorry these did not work for you. These actually have a two year shelf life. If used after that time, they may be less effective. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

Very useful testing strips. They are helpful for any restaurant to pass health inspections. It is very easy to use and last a long time


These are a handy way to check your disinfecting water in a three compartment sink - we keep them nearby, just need to make sure they stay dry.

from Hope Mountain Farm on

Still getting used to the dispenser idea, but i do like the fact that it costs less than using the pre cut sanitizer test strips


Great dispenser. It's a great size and is convenient to use. The key on the front is helpful and easy to understand. Overall great product!

from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. on

A must have iteam to keep your inspector happy, easy to use and to mention affordable price will be reordering soon to have in my stock.

from Tocho on

When I decided to switch to chlorine sanitation, I needed a chlorine test strip for testing and these work perfectly. They are a great price and saves me a lot over quats sanitation and strips.

from Almost Home L.L.C, on

This test strip is easy to use and even easier to read. I was afraid that the colors would be confusing but it isn't. I'm glad I purchased them.

from Good Doggy on

These little things come in such handy. They're quick and easy to read - you really can't beat them. To top it off, they're not that expensive.


Very simple, easy, accurate way to test sanitizer levels. It is a small package, fits easily in just about any spot. I will re-order again when needed.

from Fro Yo Coach on

Great product to know our sanitizing water is with in specs. We have many different sanitizing stations and this is very simple and quick to use.

from McFen Custard LLC on

The test strips are awsome at testing clorine levels and the size of the strips are so small that it takes no space at all to store.

from Natures Smoothies on

Small size takes up very little amount of room in our storage room and the container is air right - dropped in the sink while trying to test our sanitizer and the ribbon inside was still dry!


Small, compact, and easy to use. Simple to understand instructions on the container. Easy to read and something that the health inspector always likes to see.


Bought these because I need them to fulfill the State's requirement. had the best price and I like them so far. They test the chlorine in the water for dish washing.

from The Tea Room on

These are very handy. Our health inspector likes us using these and that makes everyone happy. It is a small package when storing and seems to get mixed up in stuff making it a little hard to locate sometimes but they woke well.

from Red River Inn on

These work perfectly for testing sanitizing water. The roll should last for a while and it always keep the health department inspector happy to see them.


Health code requires these in our state so it's nice to get them at a decent price. They work well. We will certainly buy again.

from Highland Table on

This test paper is perfect. It is small and fits a fair bit of test paper. An essential tool according to my local health department.


These chorine test is a requirement in our cafe kitchen. They are working well :) nice product with good price. That's all we needed. :)


These work as they should. The dispenser is a definite plus -- no more trying to fish out tiny test paper strips from a container. Great price too.

from Green Cup Cafe on

Works great to pick up chlorine but dont fare so well from tearing. If you are new to test strips, be sure to check with local agencies as to exactly which ones your particular facility is required to have on hand.

from Sugarbelles on

I couldn't believe the pricing on this product! Amazing and what's more is that it comes with an extra roll of test paper! I love Webstaurantstore's savings!

from Roll'n Pin on

Need these for all restuarants. nothing special, but its a good product at a great price. Definitely does the job and is easy to use

from Zeppe's Pizzeria on

We really enjoyed these test strips. They're very easy to use. They sure do come in handy. We will definitely order more when we need them.

from Cupcake Cafe on

These Noble Chemical chlorine test strips do what they are suppose to do which is give an accurate reading. We will probably start using them at home so as to cut down on our chlorine usage.


This product is great, paper tears easily with no struggle. Perfect size to not get lost but not be in the way either. Color chart is easy to read as well

from Coalesce, LLC on

Works great you need to keep a set on hand to check chlorine these chlorine test strips don't rip easy like others I have got will be buying again

from Kendra Locke Concessions on

Very effective when trying to determine your chemical strength. I use it once and a while. But it is a must have by any health department.

from Pretty Odd Wieners on

These are very handy to have and I really like the dispenser that it comes in, though it is quite tiny. It is easy to rip off the amount of strips that you need.

from Honeybee Patisserie on

This is a good price for chlorine test strips. They are handy in the kitchen and I even need to carry them to farmers markets.

from Frau Pretzel on

Fast reacting chlorine test trips. We love the clear, tear off case. This is one lo9ng roll of test strip that you can tear off as long as you like. Much more efficient than the pre cut type.

from Gilpin Market on

We purchased these strips to check the chlorine and they work really well, you can tear off as much as you need and this saves from waste.

from Green Zone B & G on

Hard to write a review about, but these do the job well. They work well and dispenser keeps the strips in place. I will buy more.

from Goodness Bake Shoppe on

Nice product to have in the kitchen and like they are in a dispenser. We leave them above our three bin sink to leave the test strips in for easy access.


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