Noble Chemical QT-10 Quaternary Test Paper Dispenser - 0-400ppm

Item #: 373QUATTEST

Noble Chemical QT-10 quaternary test paper is the simple, reliable, and economical way to measure the concentration of quaternary sanitizers, including n-alkyldimethylbenzyl and/or n-alkyl dimethyl ethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, and Rocall II. This test paper measures concentrations between 0-400 ppm (parts per million), with color matches at 0, 100, 200, 300, and 400ppm. The distinct color match at each full unit makes it easy for the user to detect exhaustion of solutions that should be replaced. It also helps avoid the use of excessive amounts of sanitizing agents, to avoid wasting product! Simply tear off a small strip of test paper, dip into the sanitizing solution for 10 seconds, then instantly compare the resulting color with the color chart. The paper is held in a convenient, plastic dispensing container. This test's distinct color chart and accurate, reproducible readings give an immediate response for quick and easy use.

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Noble Chemical QT-10 Quaternary Test Paper Dispenser - 0-400ppm

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    Noble Chemical QT-10 Quaternary Test Paper Dispenser is a great product! Does the job of testing the sanitize chemicals! We recommend highly of this product! And get it from here, the Webstaurant store! 4 stars!
    Health department says we need these for our sanitizer sink. Having them made them happy, which makes me happy. Super easy to use and they seem very accurate!
    Ordered the wrong tests on accident, but these have been very useful still! Convenient little dispenser that lets you only take what you need and eliminates waste. The container also is great at keeping the test paper dry near our dishwasher and sink area.
    This noble chemical quaternary test paper dispenser is nice. I like that you can tear off as much as you want to use. It does a great job.
    Works well, very affordable and the health department requires you to have these to test your sinks chemical levels. I would recommend because of their size to have some sort of storage solution to it doesn't fall into the sink : /
    Noble Chemical Quarternary Test papers in the handy little dispenser help to make sure my sanitizing solution is right on target. They are easy to use!
    These quat test strips are a must have for any culinary operation. They are key to ensuring that your sanitizer levels are up to the food code.
    Couldn't do my job without it! The plastic container keeps the test paper clean and dry and the comparison guide tells me just the right amount of chemicals in the water.
    Noble QT-10 Quaternary test paper dispenser is a perfect dispenser to test with the steramine tablets. Easy to use, small, and last a long time..
    You have to love the old school test paper. It is the same old paper for a phenomenal price. This will be highly recommended. Thank you
    These work exactly as advertised and are great to have on hand for quick checks of sanitizing sinks. It is nice to feel safe knowing that the sinks are at the right level.
    We give a pack of these to all of our customers who's trailers we build. I also keep them in my bag during food truck festivals for vendors who attend that we did not build, most times health dept will fail you for not having these, so I usually come to the rescue by providing them with a few strips to get by. A MUST HAVE.
    love this product over the individual strips, you can pull off exactly what you need to check you sanitizer. we put velcro on the back so we can stick them to the wall out of the way and they are visable to my employees so they remember to test the sanitizer strength.
    This is required by our state health department and I find this brand to be very easy to read and it lasted longer than others. The expiration date was very far out vs. some I’ve purchased.
    QT-10 Test strip papers are a must. Theses with the chart on the outside make testing out sanitizer water quick and easy! Definitely, a must to have in any kitchen!
    Our health department was very happy to see we have these test strips and know how to use them. It is important to keep customers safe by using sanitary practices and these test strips provide that
    Noble QT-10 test paper is a must have in any kitchen. Dispenser and color chart on the outside make this product very easy to use and understand.
    This is a must have item in any restaurant that needs to make sure that their sanitizer is properly mixed. The price can't be beat.
    We REALLY rely on these test strips to be sure we use the correct amount of bleach to sanitize. Using too much is as bad as not enough. We highly recommend these! Great price!!
    Works just as advertised! It may seem like a lot to constantly test your sanitizing solution. We all know how important it is to make sure we have active sanitizer though! These paper test strips make it a breeze!
    Great price here and a must for when the Health Inspector stops by! I usually have a few on hand, just in case! They do a great job.
    Noble Chemical QT-10 Quaternary Test Paper Dispenser - 0-400ppm #373QUATTEST good product - needs to be water proof container. otherwise, it serves the purpose. must have.
    The paper test strips make it so easy for us to test our sanitation water. This ensures the proper and safe chemicals for our customers and staff.
    If you use Quat to sanitize with, then you know you have to have these strips. Very economical, and they get the job done easily.
    Obviously, the health department requires these test strips, but even so, this product is so easy to use and they are very reasonably priced. Always have these in stock for that spurs inspection!
    Easy to use and easy to store! These are the perfect way to check quat levels, and are an important part of any health inspection!
    A simple and economical way to test our 3rd sink sanitizer solution. We love being able to tear off a small strip - very economical and convenient.
    Strips work well and easy to use. Best thing is the strips are large enough to see the details on them. Will purchase again certainly.
    The price on these quat strips are amazing, especially if you buy in bulk, we check our water, Multiple times every day. The strips do you require about 10 seconds in the water, but that's OK. They're extremely easy to use on the color-coded dispenser.
    The best way to make sure your sanitzer is being properly proportioned. You can make them last longer by using sanitizer tablets, using the strips to test the amount of tablets you need to put in a certain size container of liquid, and know that you're going to get consistent results!
    Very good product, easy to handle and use for anyone, good instructions. Good for small restaurants or small kitchens. Great quality. Small, easy and good.
    These test strips work great and are nice and easy to use. It helps to make sure you are using the right amount of sanitizer.
    Quat test paper is required for testing with quat sanitizers often found in tablet form. The test paper roll lasts for quite awhile, and is easy to use
    The chemical ph paper works great compared to other brands. fast working which our employees and management like. Long lasting dispenser. Easy to use and read.
    This chemical test paper is a necessity when it comes to keeping your food area in compliance. Always good to have on hand when the health inspector comes around. Easy to tear a little strip off and test your sanitizer, and the roll feels like it lasts forever.
    The last step in the three step dish washing process is to sanitize them. Thus product works well at maki g sure your sanitizer is correctly measured.
    QT-10 is a great product, very easy to use. Goes very well with steramine sanitizer tablets. Together this is a no brainer at our Cafe at the start of our day there is nothing to think about. We love the ease of it
    We love Noble Chemical QT-10 Quaternary Test Paper Dispenser - 0-400ppm. I was buying these at our local restaurant supply store and am so glad I found them at a cheaper price. Thanks!
    If you have a 3-compartment sink and use quat, your local health inspector is going to want to see that you have these. They are priced well and measure accurately.
    The price is reasonable. It works well. The indicators on the case are easy to read. I like it's in plastic case. good item. recommend it.
    We needed a chemical tester for our sanitize water and this was the best value per use. I know they make a holder for these somewhere that I'd like to get my hands on so I can mount it on the wall. You do need to keep it protected so that moisture and sunlight doesnt affect the entire roll.
    Absolutely love these. We had been ordering the ones that are in tubs, but these are so much easier to use. We will be using these from now on.
    this test paper dispenser is easy to use, came wrapped up in foil to protect the test strips. Good quality and will purchase more for backup
    Excellent product .. easy to use we have used this product since we started and our local health dept are very pleased with us using this product
    I bought this in combination with 1 Gallon Noble Chemical Bacti-Free Third Sink Sanitizer - Ecolab® 17708 Alternative. The test papers are easy to read and the Health Department liked too!
    While the health department requires it, I also make it a personal requirement to keep people safe when dealing with chemicals. These test strips help ensure the proper mixture of sanitizer. Before I came along, people were mixing it over 3 times as strong. When using these strips, adhering to the instructions is a must! Otherwise it will be inaccurate. Fingers must also be dry when ripping off a strip or it tears incorrectly.
    Works as expected. Reviewed it with the specs we had for tablets made for 1 Gallon and it was spot on. DBPR inspector for Florida was satisfied with the product.
    Noble Chemical Test Paper Dispenser could not be any easier to use, the price affordable, the results are reliable. Just the thing we need to make sure we have the appropriate levels of sanitizer sink. Would highly recommend to others!
    The test strips are reasonable priced. The quality is good. The color chart is included with the test strips. The strips come in a box
    I love that I can but these strips on Webstaurant Store to check the strength of my sanitizer. It is so much easier to order them on here!
    These work perfectly. They are reasonable and a better value than the ones I can get locally. They are required and we use them everyday.
    Noble Chemical QT-10 Quaternary Test Paper Dispenser - 0-400ppm are easy to use and they take the guess work out of proper usage of sanitizer.
    Does the job without a fuss. Makes sure the ag department is satisfied and that no one dies as a result of insufficient sanitizer usage.
    These are perfect for testing our sanitary water. We use these with the sanitary tablets to make sure we are using the correct amount of tablets.
    These are a requirement in restaurants. They're easy to read and packaged really small so I can put them away easily. I use it to test the solution for my sanitizing spray.
    These strips work accurately and ensure that our sanitizer is properly mixed and safe. This helps us stay up to code and keeps our customers safe.
    Good testing paper with scale and clear instructions, easy to use and maintained. Need this for our cafe water inspection. The item is inexpensive, good buy.
    This is a great, small, easy to use dispenser. It's convenient and dispenses the chemical test strips perfectly. We highly recommend this great product. Five stars.
    I wish these test strips would come packaged for single use and you wouldn't have to tear them off. When we had that kind, testing was easier.
    Perfect. Just what we needed to accurately test the amount of sanitizing solution we needed in our sink. This test paper makes sure we are not wasting sanitizing solution or makes sure we are using enough. Easy to use.
    A must have for all restaurants. Easy to use as well as show employees. You always want to stay DHEC complaint and these allow you to.
    These test strips are easy to use. However, make sure you keep them away from the water or sink area as they are easily ruined if even a little water gets on the case.
    A necessity in every eating establishment. They work great and the price is right - on!! I will be buying these on a regular basis from Webstaurant!
    This quat sanitizer test strip paper is super easy to use. Really is a convenient way to make sure I have the right proportion of sanitizer in my triple sink! It doesn't take a long piece so I expect to have this for awhile.
    We need these test strips for a retail location in a city that requires our using test strips when cleaning products. These are easy to use and read and the compact package makes them easy to store. They are very reliable which is important. The price was reasonable compared to other sites and shipping was fast too.
    Very convenient test strip to use. Just pull as much as you need like a scott tape, Better than the one from Steramine that comes in a pad. This will not get wet easily due to the case.
    Long lasting since you only need a small strip per test. Have gotten multiple complements from the health inspector for having these readily available in our ktichen.
    These are very accurate and easy to bring with you anywhere. Helps keep chemical strength accurate This package lasts a very long time! Good value.
    I like thisl QT-10 Quaternary Test Paper Dispenser, is practical to use and is very accurate. The price is good and you can use a long of times.
    we operate a coffee/smoothie/sandwich shop...tese test strips are the perfect way to set up your three hole sinks in the morning.the health inspecter love attention to detail..
    These test strips are perfect for quick and accurate results able to store them nearby so they don't get lost, wrapped in plastic for extra protection . They also test the ppm in under 10 seconds which saves on time so my employees can get to washing the dishes :)
    These test strips are perfect for quick and accurate results. They test the ppm in under 10 seconds and I haven't had a problem yet.
    Great little test strips work as intended as far as I can tell. The holder would benefit from a hook of some sort to help keep it put up.
    So simple to use and handy to have around to make sure everything is at the right PH. Love the dispenser, works as it should.
    These are a must have if you are using Quat. They work great and they are in a nice case that is easy to dispense.
    I have ordered these multiple times from different websites. They seem to work great and I got them for a great price here. I will reorder.
    These are very accurate and easy to bring with you anywhere. Ensures safety and proper chemical strength when washing dishes or cleaning prep tables. This package lasts a very long time! Good value.
    It's a great product with the only exception that it comes apart easily. So when it does come apart it's easy for the paper to get wet.
    Great test paper. Very easy to use and easy to read the strength. We use it daily and our health inspector uses it to test our sanitizer strength.
    This test paper does what it is supposed to do. Our staff would like the materials to be environmentally friendly or if they are this company should display this more on their labeling.
    These test strips are a must have if you use the Quaternary tablets. They make it super simple to check your levels when you mix up the sanitizing solution.
    i require our kitchen staff to use these strips to test our sanitizing solution everyday. they strips are accurate and they provide quick results. i will recommend these to other businesses.
    These test strips are a necessary evil but get them here and add them to a larger order and it's better than paying more to get them from you food distributor.
    Bought these to use with the noble quaternary sanitizer we like it better than the block sanitizer these are a must to have for routine inspections
    Purchased these to use at an outdoor farm event that has more challenging conditions than most kitchens. They worked very well throughout the event for testing our sanitizer pails and dish pit setup. Will purchase again!
    These test strips work great they read fast and are easy to store. A must have for every kitchen. At this price you can't go wrong
    These super-easy-to-use test strips make checking sanitizer a fast process - great for anyone in a busy kitchen. They store easily and work with any quat sanitizer.
    These little things come in such handy. I like to make sure that all of the front of the house staff understands how to use them.
    These are great to have around near sanitizing bins (of course that's because the health department requires it). I like that you can choose however much to rip off to test the sanitizing solution vs water ratio. It reads very quickly.
    These are a must for testing sanitizer solution and to keep the health department inspector happy. very good price considering for 100 tests and works well.
    I love these test papers, I use daily to make sure that the water and sanitizer are at the correct ratio for rinsing the dishes. I would recommend.
    This is yet another item that is way cheaper than my food service provider,. And its only a fraction of the cost here. That's reason alone to shop here.
    Health Dept requires we have these in the kitchen for sink and sanitizer bucket testing. They do the job but just make sure you keep them in a sealed container because a splash of water will ruin the whole roll.
    This product has worked as described. I do wish that the paper would saturate a bit better to give a stronger color, so that I can easily tell PPM, but it works well enough to determine if the sati zing solution is between 300-400, which is all I need.
    As required by the health department, any commercial kitchen must have a 3 compartment sink where one of them is exclusively for sanitizer. However, you are also required to have testing strips to reach the recommended level because too low or too much sanitizing can be useless. Using this particular test paper has been very easy to use. Highly recommend having extra in the kitchen because your inspector may ask to see if you have them. handy.
    The strips are accurate and give you peace of mind of knowing you have the right testing accoutrements for the local health inspections. This kit is so small that it fits in the palm of your hand which is super easy for storage.
    These are easy to read and understand. Even the younger kids on our team can use them by following the simple directions on the container.
    These are a must have for any commercial kitchen. Not really sure what to say about them except they give me an honest reading of my sani levels.
    These test strips are easy to use. You can tear off just a little bit- so this roll lasts a very long time! And of course, you have to have them
    It's required to test our sanitation sinks on a regular basis to make sure our glassware and dishes are cleaned well. These strips are rolled into the compact container and are easy to have on hand.
    If you use a 3 bowl sink like most every commercial kitchen does this is a great way to test and not guess your sanitizer.
    Truly effective strips. The small packaging also helps it not be always in the way when not needed by the sink area. Buying again for sure!
    These test strips are accurate. The only down side is that the case it not very waterproof. Keep out of direct water contact and you should be ok.
    Everyone dealing with chemicals needs a test stripe of some kind. This one is reliable and fits perfectly in a bin above my sinks for easy access.
    This test paper is great and easy to store as it comes in a very easy to use plastic container. It includes an easy to read color chart to ensure proper ppm.
    These are the test strips that the health inspectors love to see on hand. It does its job, but I didn't like that the paper is so thin as it is hard to know what color it is at times.
    These strips are required by the health department in order to read the balance of sanitizing solution with nufoam sanitizing tablets. The are helpful and easy to read.

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