Dart 60HT1 6" x 6" x 3" White Foam Hinged Lid Container - 500/Case

Item #: 30160HT1

This Dart 60HT1 white foam, single compartment container with a hinged lid is ideal for improving your business's take out service or for conveniently packing leftovers from your sit-down establishment! Store one entree, such as hot meals like pasta, or cold items like a salad or sandwich in this perfectly sized clamshell container. The foam is well insulated, meaning that it will maintain the food's proper serving temperature ensuring customer satisfaction as well as food safety, and the foam material makes it a cost-efficient option over other materials. Its hinged lid makes certain that your food will stay safe during transport, eliminating concerns about leakage and spillage. Use the hinged lid design to stack and store this container with other similar containers! Purchase with confidence knowing these containers are all CFC free, meaning that they were not produced with Chlorofluorocarbon chemicals that could harm the ozone layer.

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Dart 60HT1 6" x 6" x 3" White Foam Hinged Lid Container - 500/Case

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containers great container foam price size quality sandwiches Perfect Food
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    This product arrived as expected. The containers were packaged well and nothing was smashed. Good, sturdy containers! Holds up well to heavy food .Good product
    I love these clam shell style styrofoam containers! They as are the perfect size for my cinnamon rolls and bars at my coffee shop. Durable. Good quality feel
    We use these containers to make banana split sundaes. They fit perfect and they close and open easily. We prefer these over plastic because the foam keeps the ice cream from melting as fast.
    Looking for a container for your to go orders or that customer that wants to take the leftovers home? This is the ticket! High quality at a reasonable cost.
    I got these foam to-go plates forgets to bring home the extra cake at my wedding. Ive heard so many horror stories about having so much left over wedding cake that you spent hundreds of dollars on. Atlas this way I'm not wasting any. These plates aren't made from the cheap crinkly styrofoam, there very durable.
    It's important to keep our non food product cost down, especially when we can buy these for literally half the cost as the same exact product purchased through our local distributor.
    Good size for a single sandwich. It's a little tight when closing the lid so if you don't want edges of a sandwich to be seen you may want a larger size, but it still looks presentable for customers.
    Super quick shipping and the products are perfect. Durable with the box shape as well as handling the heat of the product we are packaging in them.
    We definitely bought way too many of these! But what a deal! They are quality and not too flimsy like some of these foam containers I've used.
    Durable little container. Holds half a pound of French fries perfectly. Keeps product warm and fresh for about 20 minutes. Sometimes food can get soggy so we reccomend poking holes in the top.
    I liked these containers as they were wide on the bottom. I found a lot of the containers I have purchased state they are a certain size but this is only around the middle and then they angle down to a very small area at the top and bottom leaving you less room for your merchandise..
    This container isn't as good as the other different dart size containers we have. The foam cracks easily when trying to separate them. And the hole where the tab inserts in breaks easily. We will be looking for a different container once these are all gone. Hope this helps
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Its foam container. Its a great product but spend extra money and get a recycle container to help the environment. It also melts if you put something in to hot like wings.
    Use this for fried pickles and other appetizer, great size and close very well. Its strong too so it wont bend if you put other dish on top of it
    These to go containers are great for left overs. They close and open easily. They are very sturdy and come in a case of 500, which will last you a long time before you need to order more.
    YES! This is the perfect container for my breakfast sandwich with potato patty or a side of fries or tots. A piece of patty paper fits well in the bottom so I have no issues with possible burn through with hot fries.
    These boxes are the perfect size to compliment our larger carry out boxes. Most folks use these for a salad or a dessert item and it keeps it separate from the hot foods. Quality construction and great price!
    Great price for the 500 quantity. Meets our needs since we use a lot of these sandwich boxes. It’s a tad bit deeper than the ones sold at another retailer which is great. But it is not as sturdy as the as the other brands. Still it’s fine for our usage. Will definitely buy again.
    perfect size for appetizers, or a serving of steamed rice. It's every economical well. I personally like this brand over Hefty because I feel like it the quality is more consistent between one box to another.
    The size is perfect for my use. the foam is sturdy and protects the foods very well, along with retaining heat. the snap in lock lid has been more sturdy than i expected.
    When you have a bunch of elderly people wanting to take an extra dessert home from the church potluck, these containers fit the bill. just right for a piece of pie, brownies square or some cookies.
    these have a wide lip so they stay closed when you close them and I haven't had that tab break off On any units yet. Better than any other that we've tried
    these are of very good quality. I have ordered from our distributor and found that here it is about half the price and the same quality
    This little box is great for storing food in and keeping it warm. The little tab in the front slides nicely into the slot to keep it closed.
    Perfect size for a burger. Food stayed fairly warmand transports well. Our only complaint is that quite often the slot was either not open or that it broke apart and we waste some of the containers
    This 125 pack of foam take out boxes is a great value. Perfect for a small restaurant or café looking for a smaller takeout box. Perfect size for a hamburger or small side dish.
    We use these containers for our to go burgers and sandwiches and they work great. Never had a problem with them not holding up, would recommend.
    These Dart 6" x 6" x 3" foam containers are great for serving many take out items in our restaurant. They are well constructed and hold up well under heat.
    We have started using this product for some of our larger baked goods at our coffee shop. We tend to use these for cake slices and cinnamon rolls. They are pretty sturdy and we haven't had any issue with them. They are easy to stack so that you can grab them if you are in the middle of a rush.
    These are good quality foam products for packaging up leftovers. They are a good weight and are easy to store as they come in sleeves covered in plastic.
    exactly as described. They are great quality and are reasonably priced. They cost me about the same amount after i pay for shipping. They work great and I still recommend them to others.
    I like these take out containers. They fit my sides of beans and rice perfectly and would be great for sandwiches or even burgers. They don't fit much, though.
    These smaller containers are very durable. Bought them so my kids can take some leftovers home. Will be buying the larger ones asap. great price
    These hinged container are a great buy and a great price. Sturdy enough for heavy burgers or a nice large slice of cake. Will purchase again.
    Awesome clamshells for our waffles. We purchased the Duro Shorty 25 bag to pack them in for customers. See my review on the Duro bags, they fit this clamshell perfectly. The quality of these clamshells is high, the closure locks easily and stays closed. We say buy a case. Jeff
    Worked perfectly, and the lids actually snap shut unlike some of the cheaper versions of this same product. Good price for an excellent product. I highly recommend these.
    This is your average foam to go container. It is affordable and would be fine for certain items, but it is not as sturdy or durable as others we've used. If you have heavy items or any liquid, I would choose a different container.
    Great product that stays shut nicely. Has vents on top if you have something hot in it you would like to cool down. Great for chicken legs on the go.
    Perfect item to use for sliced cake and pies or even small portioned foods. The tip where the closure is can tear easily if you are not careful. Otherwise great product.
    Great container for to go items... we've used this product since opening our bakery. High quality and cost efficient. I would highly recommend this product.
    I like its sturdiness when I add hot food to it and does not make the plate to mess up from the heat. would buy again
    These 6x6 foam containers are perfect for small side dishes, burgers or sandwiches. Pack of 125 is ideal for smaller restaurants or bars not needing a full case.
    We have used these foam containers ever since we opened our bakery over two years ago!! They are great for our market sales and make wonderful to go containers!!
    These hinged containers are awesome. We can serve our pastries or breakfast sandwiches in them. These containers are very sturdy and are priced great! I will never purchase any other type of hinged containers!
    Perfect size for left overs or just fries. Great value. Durable and the ability to order single packages or a case provides the needed flexibility based on our needs.
    Great little container, fits everything from appetizers to desserts. Product is heavy duty and holds up to hot items right out of the fryer. Great price too!
    Super reasonable price. I use it for my sandwich packing to prevent the sandwith from falling apart. This is stackable one on top of each other.
    I use these containers for my side dishes when I sell sunday dinners. These are the perfect size and I've never had a problem with closing them or them not being durable. I plan to reorder.
    Best Price on the internet. Work great for small carry out items and for patrons taking a small amount of leftovers home to eat. Would order again.
    These hinged foam containers are just what I needed for to go sandwiches and leftovers for my customers. Can't beat the price! I had been purchasing a similar container locally and paying much more. So happy I found these!
    We needed a container to use for several items in our concession trailer. This size and construction is great for our needs. They are sturdy enough to not break easily.
    These hinged lid containers are ideal for sandwiches. They are a good quality product at an unbeatable price. We definitely recommend these containers. Great buy!
    Absolutely a great bargain. Perfect for pork BBQ sandwiches at an outdoor "walking" event. Easy to stack and carry multiple sandwiches. Also helps keep sandwiches wEm when busy. ??
    Our local bbq customers uses these for their carry out hot meal! They love them. Stores easily, Stays strong, doesn't bend or break! Perforated lid is something the customers enjoy for splitting meals.
    The Container was very Good. But the cover was loose. I liked these containers to carry daily snacks, where ever I wanted to take it with me,
    To go containers are a must in our restaurant, these 6x6x3 are the perfect size, foam is nice and strong and the price is great
    Very versatile. I use these for nachos and buffalo wings. They are small in space but fits a lot of food. The latch is strong even when food is packed to its max.
    We purchase these containers to be use for serving sandwiches breakfast and lunch I will definitely say they were not a waste at all as a matter of fact we're in the process of ordering more they were a great fit for what we needed them for and I would definitely recommend them
    This is a great price on this product! Much cheaper than in any of my local stores and shipping is cheaper than all other online resources!
    We just start our foods service Business. This containers are useful for many things It biger than the one that you buy from store.I will order the whole case next times.
    Very light and thin containers. Best for small, dry food items. We hand them out to customers when they want to take leftover food home.
    These container work excellent for our customers who purchase Baklava from our small business. They are also a cheaper alternative from plastic containers for our grape leaves when customers want to eat on site at the Marketplace.
    Dart is one of the good brand and reliable but lately i start to see and feel the different. This particular size some times have harder material which i like but sometimes come with a very weak foam that sometimes cracks when try to closed the lid. But sofar i have no problem with the ones that i order from restaurant,
    i bought these for my freind's who own a family run resteraunt they have the big size but they need some small size for customer's with small amount's to take home.
    These are the same cartons you will find at other suppliers at a lower price. Just cost average your shipping with a bunch of other products and you definitely come out ahead.
    The price of these were great and I haven't found them anywhere locally at such a good price. Downside to this product is it's sturdiness.
    Great quality....excellent pricing...super fast shipping! Couldn't ask for a better, overall experience with this item. Much cheaper than our "regular" supplier. Very highly satisfied all the way!
    We also order the 9x9 To Go containers and i have already claimed that they're the best ever. So these are the mini versions perfect size for small orders. From six breaded wings, regular order of fries, fried pickle spears, etc. It fits and holds well!! Tired of containers popping open on you or tearing??? Dart Solo doesn't. Buy these!! Kitchen Manager, Elsa
    We sell a pulled pork and chicken salad sandwich at our small business. It is great to have this one container to serve both these sandwiches in.
    I am liking all of my foam to-go containers. This one is ideal for those customers who enjoy stopping in for one of my giant sweet rolls. Makes transporting them very easy and helps to avoid a mess.
    Perfect size for my sandwiches. Sometimes I take some pasta and bread to go. Nice standard size. Sturdy for a foam conatiner. Really good price for a pack of 125. I wouldn't take soup though obviously but I took some pudding and it was fine.
    These foam containers are a great help in our restaurant. They are durable and keep customers food warm. Never break or weigh down. Great buy!
    This is well constructed, have not experienced any breakage, the size is perfect for a sandwich or side salad. Also the perfect size to fit two on the bottom of a to go bag.
    Good product that does what i need it to. I was looking for a smaller sized to-go box for just a sandwich, side, or small amount of leftover for customers who didn't want a giant meal sized box. This was just right and can be used upside down, or down side up to accommodate what is going in them.
    Great containers at a super price, Dart is a very good product and we always buy their brand, Web always has these at great prices.
    Great price! Great product! Save money and not lose on quality! My biggest fear is cheap things wil also be cheap quality, but these hold up with ones that cost twice as much!
    I use these for my biscuit and gravy works great for other foods to such as a sandwich and chips or fries we love them
    A great product that every restaurant, banquet hall and catering facility uses. Priced more per case at other suppliers, even Sam's Club.
    Containers ideal for foods which ranges from light to heavy meals. Holds correct amount of food, keeps food warm, container remains in tact to heat directly from pots. Great quality and price. Would buy more!
    I really love these hinged foam containers. they are just the right size for sandwishes, or french fries, or any other type of side dish or small entree. very sturdy too
    Great foam to go box. Cant beat the price!! Really helps cut some cost by packaging our smaller side items in these over our larger containers
    really like this product. it holds a lot for a small container. good product for a good price. stores very nice as well. worth it.
    These containers are very inexpensive and will easily allow your customers to take left overs home! Nice and supportive foam containers! Great price!! Good design!!!
    The Dart 6"x6"x3" foam hinged lid container are wonderful for sandwiches, hamburger, or our special sausage/cheese speciality sandwich at Butterfly Cafe. We also use them for slaw as long as the slaw is not juicy.
    The dart containers work well when we package cupcakes to-go. We can easily fit 4 standard size cupcakes and up to 6 mini cupcakes in each container.
    These containers are extremely sturdy and great for heavy foods. They can be stacked very easily, and they do not tip over easily. They are a great value for their price.
    Great take out container for customers wishing to take there left overs home , saves a few penny's using the a smaller take out container rather than a large one for left overs
    This is an excellent foam container. Its the perfect size for all side orders, and appetizers to go. Its also great for any left overs that are smaller than your standard twelve inch box. Can't beat the price, and quality.
    Great little containers, perfect for our side orders and for leftovers. The foam is good quality and doesn't melt easily like some other cheaper brands I have used. Price is right and shipping is quick.
    We use these containers for take-out orders for breads, salads, or deserts. They have worked well for us and will reorder this item again soon.
    Great price on a good-quality dart product. These are not the thickest styrofoam containers but the price is definitely under-cutting the market standard, making this a good buy.
    This Dart 60HTI is a great product for many side items like fried rice, mashed potatoes, potato salad, salad.
    These containers were perfect! We sold pasta, sauce and bread in them. They worked out great because the customers were able to cover them and walk with the container. No bugs got into them either since we were outside. Nice and sturdy too !
    This is the best brand in the industry. It always arrives in good condition and all the pieces always fit properly. This is the Cadillac.
    The white container is very nice. I use them for salads, breads, etc. They are sturdy and snap together very easily. You will like these boxes.
    I am very pleased with this prduct. All my to-go items fit perfectly! Thank-you! Rhonda Nazier

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