Lavex Janitorial 36 Qt. Yellow Mop Bucket & Wringer Combo

Item #: 274MOPBCKTYE

This Lavex Janitorial 36 qt. yellow mop bucket and wringer combo makes mopping a breeze! With a simple-to-use bucket and side wringer combo, you can efficiently move from room to room to clean floors. Plus, this item's bold yellow color makes it easy to designate different buckets to certain rooms or purposes, preventing cross-contamination. A carefully designed wringer, a wide bucket design, and a rounded spout all combine to eliminate leaks, splashes, and spills. The bucket is also stamped with a "Caution" symbol in 3 languages alerting individuals passing by of the wet floors nearby.

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Lavex Janitorial 36 Qt. Yellow Mop Bucket & Wringer Combo

4.4 stars from 98 reviews


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mop bucket great wringer price easy wheels quality handle clean
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    The Lavex janitorial 36qt. Yellow mopbucket and wringer combo works great for at home or commercial use! I have had mine for a few weeks and it is very strong and portable! I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

    from Magnolia Posted on

    Works just as well as a Rubbermaid product but is lighter weight and just as durable. Plus the price is a third of the big name brand

    from Dino's Grotto Posted on

    This is an awesome bucket. I love that it's on wheels so at the end of every night when we mop our bakery it's so fast since we can just roll it around behind us. It wrings the mop out really well, too.

    Posted on

    The Lavex mop bucket is just as nice as the more expensive brands. We've had ours for months now with no issues at all. Save some money if you need a mop bucket, buy a Lavex

    from The Orioles Club Posted on

    Quality item, pretty heavy duty. The ringer works well and the bucket is very evenly balanced and does not tip over when pushing it around with the mop.

    Posted on

    Mop Bucket

    This product is really good even though the spring you push down on the handle is really loose. I hope it lasts longer than others people have lasted

    from Foxland market Posted on

    Looks good, great product, great price. Haven't use yet, but quality is exceptional. Great product description to buy online. Easy to clean and handle. Good for cold and hot foods

    from Pincho Loco Posted on

    I do not like the wringer its too far back from the bucket. The bucket is good, rolls well. I just really hate the ringer.

    from Papa Johns Posted on

    Great mop bucket and gets the job done with no problems at all. Easy to clean and the wheels work great to move it through the restaurant.

    from Hoagie Bros Posted on

    I love this bright yellow mop bucket! it meets all specifications of a solid long lasting well made product. I would recommend this product to everyone.

    from The Creamery Downtown Posted on

    Great Mop Bucket. Perfect size for a portable use. We have two floors and can easily transport the bucket from one level to another. Wheels give it a great maneuverability. Wringer can be little tricky to set in its perfect sport at first, but once secure its very easy to use. definitely recommend for the price.

    from Oso Hamilton Heights, LLC Posted on

    This is a great bucket and really feels like it has a long life to give, worked out perfectly. Highly recommended for small bakery and restaurant.

    Posted on

    The mop bucket of this help up well and we still use. The ringer on this unit broke after a month and we had to get one from our local store and have since been using. We were disappointed that it broke given it was so new and we didn't abuse it.

    from Mikes Cafe Posted on

    Not a quality product. Poor weight distribution ensures that when you're wringing a mop the bucket slides in the direction you're pulling the handle while squirting water out the back onto the floor. The wringer handle points straight up, defeating your leverage, making every wring a struggle with a thick mop. It's a functional product, but barely. If you like struggling with your products, you'll love this bucket. Be prepared to brace the wheels with your feet while wringing the mop to keep it from sliding and enjoy the spray of mop water on your pant leg while doing so.

    from srs aiken llc Posted on

    I really like this bucket set up. We have a tendency to destroy these by breaking the handle off and this one is holding up to our abuse.

    from Alpendough Posted on

    At first I really liked the bucket, who doesnt love clean new bright stuff. It has already broken. The heavy duty spring not so heavy duty. The size was great for getting to our floor sink and wheels swivel ok. The entire wringer no good

    from West Edge Restaurant & Lounge Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Carrie! We're sorry this did not last as it should have. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    All in All this mop bucket is good for the price. We used a all-purpose cement putty to hold the casters on cause they fall of regularly.

    from Raymondo's Pizza & Summertime Treats Posted on

    Not a quality product. Poor weight distribution ensures that when you're wringing a mop the bucket slides in the direction you're pulling the handle while squirting water out the back onto the floor. The wringer handle points straight up, defeating your leverage, making every wring a struggle with a thick mop. It's a functional product, but barely. If you like struggling with your products, you'll love this bucket. Be prepared to brace the wheels with your feet while wringing the mop to keep it from sliding and enjoy the spray of mop water on your pant leg while doing so.

    Posted on

    We appreciate your review! Feel free to contact our Customer Solutions team if you are looking for recommendations!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    We bought this to replace an older unit that the wringer broke on. This one is much worse. It easily sprays water onto the floor if you wring it out too fast. Plus, it feels unstable and almost like it want to tip over when wringing the mop out.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this mop bucket. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    High quality mop bucket with wringer for a really low price. It¨s easy to put it together and easy, easy to use and easy to clean.

    from Tom Posted on

    This mop bucket is ok. It feels and looks a little flimsy and cheap. For light duty stuff I think it will be ok, but I wouldn't want to drag it around too far.

    from The Farmacy Posted on

    Mop bucket

    Yea, everyone loves getting a new mop bucket, because it never seems to happen. Haha. This brand is awesome, durable, and gets the job done.

    from Charleston Sports Pub Posted on

    sturdy and perfect for the job intended. Researched on line before purchasing and for the price and quality, you can't go wrong. I bought the Janitorial bucket to clean my large garage floor. Worked out perfectly. I give it 5 stars and would definitely recommend it

    Posted on

    Product works as advertised. The large wheels allow for smooth mobility and the mop squeezer works smoothly. Highly recommended for small restaurants and retail stores.

    from Coyote Moon Vineyards Posted on

    It's ok. I bought the cheapest one so you get what you pay for. The narrowness of the design does help it fight in a tight space where it needs to sit, but the capacity is obviously pretty small because of it.

    Posted on

    I've been looking around for a decently priced commercial mop bucket and wringer and this Lavex combo was perfect. So far it works just as well as the Rubbermaid brand and gets the job done affordably. I haven't used it for very long yet, but will see how long this product compares to other name brands.

    from Sky Dragon Posted on

    A little awkward in some ways, like the way the handle comes down to squeeze out the mop, but you seriously can't beat this price I don't think.

    from Nudge Coffee Roasters Posted on

    The janitor mop bucket is a must have. My mop sink loves it and is very durable and long lasting. Such a great item for a great price.

    Posted on

    I'm still trying to figure out how they do it. These are very high quality mop buckets for the lowest price you will find anywhere. When i tell people how much i can get a mop bucket for they are actually shocked. These are definitely my standard.

    from NFQ Posted on

    Great bucket, been using it a while, holds up well. Perfect capacity for our floor size, we always have two in action and one on standby.

    Posted on

    The size is perfect for pushing from room to room. The wheels glide across the floor and change direction quickly. The wringer is light weight but wrings water from our mops with ease.

    Posted on

    This is a great bucket and really feels like it has a long life to give. It's easy to work with and also to clean after.

    Posted on

    This is a pretty decent mop bucket. It's made of high density plastic and has good wheels on it as well as a good wringer attachment. Worth the money.

    from Big Bear Lodge Posted on

    I found these on your website and wasn't sure of their durability and ability to work well in our cleaning and mopping, but I must say that I am pleased with them.

    from Rehoboth Apostolic Worship Center Posted on

    This Lavex Janitorial 36 Qt Yellow Mop Bucket & Wringer Combo is very well made and will be used daily. The side press wringer make wringing the mop quick and easy and keeps your hands clean. The wheels mean easy transport which makes cleaning the floors quick and efficient. Great price!

    from Russ H. Posted on

    The Lavex Janitorial Yellow 36 Qt. Mop Bucket & Wringer Combo matches right with our other cleaning decor it is a great size at 36 Quarts and handles wonderfully we will be ordering more.

    from HJS SERVICES Posted on

    This is an item that no one wants to have to need in the restaurant business but it is well needed. You need one that is reliable and easy to use. The wheels on the bottom allow for easy transport. It breaks down for easy cleaning as well as transport.

    Posted on

    We go through many buckets and wringers here, now we finally have a great product at a reasonable price! Great buy for the money! Recommended!

    from Servco Industries Posted on

    Great Product! This mop bucket is heavy duty the side press wringer does its job web. Would buy again and can't beat the price and delivery fee is low compared to other websites.

    Posted on

    A must have in every kitchen. Plan to pay 2-3x more for this item from your traditional food and supply vendors. Webstaurant store always comes through

    from Inne of the Abingtons Posted on

    I am celebrating my 40th year in business and this has to be one of the worst buckets I have ever bought. I actually dropped it off at the front door of one of my competitors. Too light weight and the wringer does not fit into the bucket very well. Use the wringer and it drops water on the floor. I went elsewhere and bought one... works great. I would pass on this item.

    from Pizza Works Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Stephen! We are sorry you did not like this mop bucket. It’s an excellent option for restaurants looking to cut costs and raise their bottom line.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Good quality product but there is a design flaw according to me. when you try to remove the water from mop, the bucket tends to tip over on side. It can be easily avoided if you are careful though.

    from Deven's Canopy Posted on

    this mop bucket seems to be holding up well but you have to put it together yourself. Occasionally it's hard to keep the wheels together.

    from Buzzed coffee Posted on

    This bucket serves it purposes. Make sure not to get the wringer on wrong, very difficult to get off. A little hard to clean but gets the job done.

    from Genovese's Posted on

    Cheaper price = cheaper quality. We bought a bunch of these to save over the name brand ones and ended throwing these away. The wringlers are awkward to use, the plastic is thin, and several broke early on. We have replaced with name brand mop buckets.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Heavy duty material, wheels are awesome and do not mar floors, easy to maneuver, wringing handle takes just enough force to work but not to much & just all around a good mop bucket.

    from Hot Box Cookies Posted on

    This Janitorial Mop Bucket is AMAZING, it's light and very strong, and the PRICE it's the lowest in the Country. I was thinking that the quality was not good, but the quality is very hight...

    from Sir Clean Corp Posted on

    This is a quality, very functional mop bucket with a fairly good price. I think it'll be a better service If can provide more information of mops that fit to work with this mop bucket,

    Posted on

    This mop bucket is very sturdy and works great. We have been using it for over eight months and it is still going strong. We would recommend it.

    Posted on

    Mop bucket

    Great price for a mop bucket and wringer. I'm not sure how long it will last but I took the risk and went with the cheapest one available.

    from Shawn O'Donnell's American Grill and Irish Pub Posted on

    Ringer too small for the size of mop head. Wheels fall out of bucket. Waste of money. Rubbermaid WaveBrake Side-Press Mop Bucket ten times better.

    from Ponderosa Steakhouse Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Samuel! We are sorry to hear you did not like this mop bucket. It is an excellent value at a considerably lower cost than most options. We are glad you found an alternative in the Rubbermaid Gray 1863897 .

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This Mop Bucket and Wringer Combo is great for kitchens large and small. It not only easy to use, but the wringer can be stored in the bucket to reduce the amount of space it takes up when it's not in use.

    from Castle Catering Posted on

    This Mop Bucket and Wringer Combo is a great addition to our kitchen. It is sturdy and is very ergonomically correct. All of our staff can use and the balance for pouring the dirty water into the mop sink is extremely easy. Even our smallest staff member can use this bucket with ease.

    from M Librizzi Posted on

    I got it for the new business, comes in parts and need to be quickly assembled. No big deal, but putting the casters requires some strong pressure with no real way of putting pressure onto the wheel to push them in.

    Posted on

    Not that I love mopping, but this makes it easy - wheels don't stick, easy to push around, and wringer option works great! Easy to manage and maneuver.

    Posted on

    Very easy to use, just be careful not to push the handle too hard when wringing out the mop. Over time this can break the handle part. Other than that, very heavy duty, easy to clean and fill.

    Posted on

    We bought this mop bucket from the start when we opened our store, it is very easy to maneuver, fill up and pour the dirty water out into our mop sink. I absolutely love that it comes with a wringer on top that really dries out the mop and makes no mess! This is well worth the investment.

    from Miller Enterprise LLC Posted on

    I like the way you can get the same function mip bucket for a lower price. It is working. take care.of it, and it should be fine.

    Posted on

    we use this everyday. very easy to operate and a real heavy duty product. works great with any type of mop and very easy to store. east to clean as well

    from Cre8tive Cupcake Posted on

    The casters and handle are a little tough to install. Overall, it is a fine mop bucket with no inside corners to get mucked up.

    Posted on

    Quality on this product is hit or miss. We've had several of these fail due to a weak spot where the metal handle attaches to the metal of the wringer. Wheels are difficult to "install" as you need to pound on them into the mop bucket. Spend more and get something better that won't break.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear you are having trouble with these buckets; a Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact shortly. If you would like to try a different brand, check out the Continental 351 yellow 35 quart Unibody mop bucket instead which has a quality rating of "Better".

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This bucket is great everybody has them the only advantage I have is that I paid much less than they did for same quality, another Webstaurant deal

    from Green Zone B & G Posted on

    The mop bucket is made out of a good quality material s and construction . The only problem I have had which is not a big deal is that when you are squeezing the water out of the mop a lot of water falls to the ground out of the ringer.

    Posted on

    This product is at an excellent price point and the quality is better than expected. We are very pleased with the quality and utility this product is providing.

    from Yeah Baby's BBQ-n-Grill Posted on

    Great replacement mop bucket. Our last one lasted 19 years and looked brand new because we scrubbed it each week. The handle finally broke off and two of the wheels needed to be replaced but for this price, I just got a new one! Works great!

    from Pallotta's Italian Grill Posted on

    The wringer on this bucket is a little harder to use than some but the bucket and wringer are okay for our needs and the price can't be beat. You will need to show your employees how to use the wringer to use it properly but it works and the price is good.

    from Freebirds World Burrito Posted on

    A workhorse of a mop bucket for a great price! Nothing fancy, but who needs fancy for a mop bucket? Works perfectly and is easy to assemble and use.

    Posted on

    This mop bucket was easy to assemble and has worked great so far. Webstaurantstore recommended the Lavex instead of the Continental. The Lavex has a larger capacity at a lower price and is not too large for our small store. I believe the wider, lower stance of the Lavex also helps keep it stable and less prone to tipping.

    Posted on

    GREAT value for this mop bucket. It's not too big and not small, perfect size for smaller shops and restaurants. I got this one for clean water and the gray one for wringing dirty water from mops. A great way to help the staff remember! Would definitely purchase again.

    from Let Them Eat Cake LLC Posted on

    Great mop bucket..very durable hard plastic and can't beat the price too...went to a local hardware store and want 2x the money for one..this is so far the best

    Posted on

    The Lavex 36 quart mop bucket combo was simple to put together and works great. The first one we got had a broken handle, but was replaced by customer service right away. The prices and customer service are the best.

    Posted on

    Great buy. Very durable and pratical. This was a great buy. Webstaurant had the lowest price in comparison to any of the other vendors i looked at.

    from Tripleplay Sportsplex Posted on

    This is an excellent mop bucket at an affordable price. Our old bucket had wheels that were not rolling properly, this new one rolls beautifully! Minor assembly required, was very simple to do.

    from Hermann's Posted on

    This Lavex Yellow 36 Quart Mop Bucket & Wringer Combo, do his job since I bought it at 2010, large mop bucket at a very affordable price, still look like new after years.

    from DAMASCUS RESTAURANT Posted on

    This Lavex Yellow 36 Quart Mop Bucket with Wringer Combo is large enough for all my cleaning needs. It allows me to move from room to room easily.

    from Countryside Cakes Posted on

    This is a very large mop bucket at a very affordable price. Easy to assemble and operate and extremely durable. Perfect for any business in need.

    Posted on

    This is a nice basic mop bucket and wringer unit. It is great for daily use. Easy to disassemble and dry out. Very strong plastic can withstand a lot of use. Sure to last for years.

    Posted on

    This one is a lot larger than other mop buckets at a comparable price. Assembly was a snap and the wringer seems to be of quality construction.

    from Michael's Pizza Posted on

    Great value at an excellent price. Most usually go for around one hundred bucks or better, this one only about one third the price and same great quality

    from Big Sky Business Supply Posted on

    The Lavex mop bucket and wringer combo was a great buy. I am really happy with it. Ive had mine over a year and its still going strong.

    Posted on

    This item is very inexpensive compared to some others that I had been considering purchasing. I feel it's a great value for the price to pay.

    Posted on

    Decent mop bucket for the price. It is a little smaller than I was expecting and the wringer is a lttle small for our mop heads. But the wheels seem very quality which should allow this to last a long time.

    from Gallaghers Pizza Posted on

    Great quality, very durable. This is also a very good price, especially because it includes the wheels. Overall, we're really happy with it, and I might order another one soon.

    from Italian Grill Posted on

    This Lavex mop bucket is a great buy and good to have at the end of the day. Good for any size mop. Great price.

    Posted on

    This lavex mop bucket is very well made and price is even's easy to move around as needed.Great for mopping the whole place at the end of the night!Thanks again for a great item webstaurant.

    from Sheila's Homestyle Posted on

    This an amazing mop bucket! It is a combo buy that makes it easy to mop up small messes or deep clean at the end of the night!!

    Posted on

    Love this bucket - the price at the Webstaraunt Store was much better than any other prices I checked online. High quality, good price, worth the purchase.

    from Spin Cycle LLC Posted on

    This yellow bucket and wringer combo has allowed for our employees to keep the areas clean and very presentable for our customers to enjoy their meals

    from MEP Posted on

    I love finding these little pieces of gold on this website. I couldn't believe the price on this and was afraid i would only get half of what was in the picture. Nope got both and am very very happy with it. It works great and has held up for over a year now!!

    Posted on

    This is the least expensive bucket wringer combo there is. Only has prices this good. It is also very sturdy and helps me when mopping.

    Posted on

    Great price, very sturdy, casters roll good top of the line product, quick ship.I would recommend this for any floor care needs home or business.

    from Route 191 Diner Posted on

    This mop bucket was slightly lighter weight than I had been looking for but it works great. The wheels are easy to direct and I haven't spilled it yet.

    from Modern Mead Posted on

    This mop bucket moves easily while you work. The ringer is heavy duty and does a good job getting excess water out of the mop head. It is priced very competitively compared to other similar mop buckets.

    from Queen City Cupcakes Posted on

    This is a necessity for any establishment. This is a great mop/bucket combo built with sturdy plastic and good wheels. The wheels are the one thing that certain other manufactures seem to lack on. The one we bought has lasted over 3 years and it is still working like a champ!

    Posted on

    great mop combo, we have a small kitchen and this will fit nicely. they are lite weight and you can not beat the price as well.

    Posted on

    You will not find a better price on these mop buckets. They are great and very durable. I would buy again and again and again.

    from Zeppe's Pizzeria Posted on

    This does the job pretty well. I'm glad you guys have this. As mopping the floor is hard, the wringer rinse out the water pretty good. Itsnalso very durable to use

    Posted on

    We've been using this mop bucket for sometime. There are four plastic nuts that hold the wringer together. Come-on you do put a little weight on this thing when you wring out a mop. Maybe using four metal nuts to hold it together would be better? Would that cost a little more? NO! We got some nuts at the hardware store and now it works like a mop bucket.

    Posted on

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