Southern Champion 0977 10" x 10" x 5 1/2" White Cake / Bakery Box - 100/Bundle

Item #: 24510105CB

Watch your prepared cakes and pies soar out the door with this Southern Champion 0977 cake / bakery box! This bakery box is also a great way to offer pies and your smaller baked goods, like cookies and muffins, by the dozen for higher volume sales. The bakery box comes as a flat sheet for convenient storage, and assembles easily by folding and locking tabs together at the sides. A white exterior with natural brown interior and durable paperboard construction provides the perfect palette for your patrons to pick up some delicious baked goods to go.

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Southern Champion 0977 10" x 10" x 5 1/2" White Cake / Bakery Box - 100/Bundle

4.9 stars from 232 reviews


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boxes cake cakes box Great easy sturdy love nice cupcakes
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    The 10x10x5.5 cake box was perfect for my 8" cake pans using 2 boxes of cake mix. I bake the cake first and then freeze the cakes while wrapped and store it in this box inside the freezer. It is study and able to carry the heavy checkerboard cake using the Wilton checkerboard pans. It's nice to have a large quantity so that I can make a cake anytime and don't need to spend time going to the craft store just for a box, which I have done so many times in the past. Now I just keep the boxes in the kitchen.
    This box is great for packaging our 3 layer chocolate cake. Assembly is quick. Simply fold toward the inside on all the fold lines first. Easy peasy.
    These boxes store flat and can be put together quick and easy; we use them to sell our whole pies in and they work great. We also like that you can write on the boxes which allows us to put a personal touch on each pie we sell!
    Perfect box for taller layer cakes. Boxes are easy to assemble and very sturdy with nice white coated finish for presentation. Good price point even with shipping.
    Great box. Holds up very well to some of my heavier cakes and never seems to be effected by grease or moisture. Added my label to the top center and they looked beyond professional. Very pleased.
    Love the variety of these boxes and love the price! I used to order from another online company for twice as much but these boxes are just as good of quality.
    Good cakes boxes for cakes up to 10 inches and 3 layers tall. Easy to assemble and doesn't take up much room. Easily storages til ready for use.
    Good quality box, Just the right box for transporting a cake safely. We use it for all our 7 inch cakes on a 10 inch cake board.
    these boxes are deep enough for cakes. I also used them for cupcakes aswell as for cookies. I can deliver all my cookies and cakes with no worries.
    This cake box was perfect for my infamous Red Velvet Cake. The client was very excited once he opend that box to see is cake!
    I highly recommend these boxes. Very sturdy and I love the height of it. It's so perfect for my iced cakes. I also made my own stamp and stamped my logo on the boxes and my customers love it.
    The boxes were great for cupcakes. I used these with the Southern Champion 10013 Standard Kraft Paperboard Cupcake Inserts for 6 cupcakes, and they worked great. I think you can also use these for cakes
    This cake box is perfect for sending out our favorite pies and cakes. The size and durability is right on the mark! Whether you're making cakes or pies with a high meringue, this box works!
    I love these cake boxes. A regular pound cake fits quite nicely in these boxes that allows for ease in which to carry them without getting messed
    These boxes are very strong and and will reorder. They are great to use for cute little cakes placed the 10" gold circles too! Thank you for another great product!
    I use these Southern Champion cake boxes for more than just cake. They fold easily and are sturdy enough to hold some heavy products. I usually put the flaps on the outside (to prevent damage to my frosted products) and wrap it with string to keep closed. The string provides a nice little "handle" for carrying...
    Perfect size box to fit a fully decorated 8 inch cake. There is enough room to have a few decorations on top too. I use a ton of these boxes.
    I am so happy with these boxes! The price is very affordable with super fast shipping. They are very sturdy and easy to put together.
    These boxes are perfect for our cakes. They hold them very well and look very nice. Very durable and strong, good for all types of cake,
    Very typical, sturdy box. Shipped in a large box on it's own, so nothing was bent. Great quality and even better quantity for your money.
    These are the all time favorite for my customers ! Super sturdy my bakers favorite for pineapple upside down cakes and for cheese cakes !
    Great quality for the price. I use these boxes for cupcakes, cakes and other desserts. It’s easy to fold and put together awesome product.i love how they shipped so quickly.
    Thought this box came in two pieces, but it didn’t. Still gets the job done however. Easy to put together and spacious enough for a 8-9 inch cake to not bump the sides.
    These 5-1/2" high boxes have been lifesavers more than once - plenty of room for a mile-high meringue pie or a 2-layer cake for your customers.
    By far the best boxes i have bought so far! .. I used to purchase some on amazon but where way over priced and would only recieve 25 boxes , and for the same price i got 100!!! love them
    These boxes work well for delivering my cakes. Sturdy, professional, and easy to use. I've also used them to transport cupcakes, muffins, and some larger artisan breads. Very versatile product.
    These boxes are great for delivering large cakes and for transporting unassembled wedding cakes. They're also perfect to carry my pastries at family gatherings. They are sturdy and easy to assemble.
    These 10x10 cake boxes are great. They are the standard cake box you can find pretty much anymore but at a lower price. Will continue to buy.
    Very good quality cake boxes. Holds a 10 by 10” board perfectly. It’s a snug fit so the cake does not move at all. The 5” height gives me enough room for all kinds of decorations!!
    These boxes are great, very easy to put together. They are good not only for cakes but I also use them for cookies, brownies, donuts, etc. orders.
    These are decent cake boxes. I personally prefer the cake boxes that have a window so people can see what is inside, but these are more economical and make transporting cakes easy.
    This is a Great sturdy box. These work great for both pies and or cakes and look nice for presenting bakery items. Will order again
    These cake boxes are great to use for my 6” and 8” cakes. There’s enough space in the box and the cake boards don’t move. The box is deep enough so when I close the lid no icing gets on it.
    Easy cake boxes to assemble, taking less than a minute. They also look nice on their own, as is, or think of it as a blank canvas for your branding.
    I'm so impressed with this boxes. Very sturdy, easy to fold and elegant. Very useful, mainly used for my small cakes, cookie kits, decorated cookies and cakepops.
    Love these boxes! We have been using these for years. Keeps our cakes secure and protected from everything. Very sturdy as well making them great for stacking.
    This is our most used size of cake box. We also use this size for larger orders of cookies and other goodies. Box is sturdy and easy to assemble
    These boxes are sturdy and assembly is straightforward. They are as described. I am pleased with them and will be reordering when needed! Thanks for the quick delivery too!
    Easy to assembly, Cake box 10x10x51/2.great. It fits the 8' cakes perfectly that sits on the 10' baords. Great buy, will be ordering again soon. Packaging good too came flat.
    I absolutely love the all Southern Champion bakery boxes. I could buy boxes at the restaurant supply stores near me, but I never do because they are too flimsy. When you work painstakingly to create quality baked goods, you don't want to ruin the presentation with a cheap looking box. These boxes are easy to assemble and very sturdy -- a plus for me since I have to transport most of my baked items and cannot afford a mishap in the car.
    These boxes are sturdy and easy to assemble. We use them for our cakes and cupcakes. Sometimes we assemble them inside out for a more rustic look
    Great box! We fold them inside out to make them look like a craft paper box and our customers love them. Will definitely buy again
    These boxes work well for 8in cakes. They stack well and are easy to put together and they are sturdy. I will purchase these again.
    These white cake boxes are just perfect for my cakes, cupcakes, muffins and many more. Very smooth texture and easy to build. Strong and affordable!
    I love these. They are sturdy and easy to put together. Will be ordering these everytime I need boxes for this size. Just what I needed
    This is a good box for the price. The tabs are nice and sturdy, which makes locking easy. I never worry about the sides coming loose and the cake falling out. I like the way it gives a professional look to my baked goods.
    These cake boxes are sturdy and of a nice quality. We use them for our baked cakes and have found whether the cake is light or heavier such as our scratch pound cakes, the boxes are sturdy enough to support the product. The convenience of being able to order them in a 10 pack is wonderful and keeps me from driving back and forth to the local party stores.
    Great boxes.. These boxes are sturdy and easy to assembly . They are good for 2 layer cakes, donuts and cookies. Holds up well with the cake circles too.
    The cake box is sturdy and came packaged beautifully. Only issue was the way the box folded, the edges didn't have a place to go on the outside and rubbed against the cake on the inside.
    These boxes were easy to assemble and allowed us to fit a good amount of product in them at once. I do wish they were a little thicker to prevent some of the butter stains from seeping through, but I'm not sure that it's avoidable.
    These boxes are great for transporting your cakes. Easy to assemble. Good quality and are perfect for those four inch cakes. If I need to put a taller cake I just tape the sides to the height I need.
    Difficult to assemble into a cake box. It's a sturdy box and fits a ten inch beautifully. I like to use it regularly for my business
    They are easy to assemble and I use them for cakes and dozens of pastries. I use aluminum foil and doilies in the bottom to avoid grease spots on the box.
    These are my favorite cake boxes. Most all my 10 inch cakes are tall so I order the 5 1/2 inch box. They fold together easy and look very nice.
    These boxes are amazing and very sturdy! I haven't had one rip on me. I have ordered these before and honestly wouldn't order from any other site other than here!
    very sturdy, reasonable, and good quality product. Much better than the ones from hobby stores. The height is perfect for my tall cakes. Thank you.
    I like the way the lid of the boxes come down, because if i have a taller cake, I am able to simply tape the lid to where it does not touch the cake. The boxes are strong enough to hold an 8" cake.
    I wish that all of the boxes came in this 5 1/2" height. It's great for tall cakes and we don't have to tent our boxes as often now. Very sturdy and they look great.
    Great cake box for packing up homemade cakes and transporting to different places. I love that i can leave the leftover cake and this box and don't have to worry about getting back my cake carrier.
    The 10x10x5.5" cake boxes ar nice and study, great size for a two layer cake. I do volunteer baking for local nursing homes and the VA and these cake boxes work great for delivering the cake in.
    Great box, sturdy and quick to build. I do have an issue with how it was packaged... I keep my boxes upright so when I try to take one out of the box it tears and bends due to the plastic they are wrapped in. Not great but as I use more boxes it becomes less of an issue
    I love these boxes! Great for transporting your cake and protecting with a lid. Easy to put together and travels well. Storage is a challenge since they come flat, but overall very nice for the price.
    I love this box. I have only ordered it one time but will be ordering all the time now! It is perfect for my 8" round, or cookies I even used it for for delivering my cake pops this past weekend. Here I have a Lemon bundt cake in it for delivery! It is so versatile!! It is the perfect size!
    These boxes look totally professional. They are sturdy and can hold my 8" round with 2 or 3 layers cake perfectly. I will absolutely buy again.
    This box is perfect for cakes or baked goodies. It is very easy to fold and assemble. I also like the basic white color, as you can add your logo sticker easily.
    This is a staple for the ever so popular smash cakes everyone wants for their baby's first birthday. They also hold a little bit larger cakes too.
    I absolutely love these boxes! They are super simple to put together and actually stay together without having to tape the sides like most boxes!
    These 10" x 10" 5 1/2' white bakery boxes are nice bakery boxes. Not as sturdy as I had hoped they would be. I do like the height of the boxes for those taller cakes.
    I needed an extra tall bakery box for my 3 layer cakes. These fit 10 inch cake rounds perfectly - and there's plenty of space at the top for tall decorations.
    These boxes have a nice tight fitting lid with locking sides and top. They are light weight and sturdy without being too bulky to handle.
    What a great deal and they are very sturdy! Better than the store bought ones and you get more for your money. I use them for all kinds of cakes.
    strong boxes just the right height for a 2 or 3 layers cakes most boxes come in 5in height these are 51/2 the 1/2 in really make a differance will order these again
    These are nice sturdy boxes, heavier made than the smaller boxes which is great. They work great and overall I'm very happy with them and the price
    These boxes look totally professional, but at this low price even a hobbyist can buy them for storing and transporting cakes. They store flat so they don't take up much space. Will absolutely buy again.
    I am so happy webstaurant carries this brand. I have been so happy with all the boxes that I have ordered. They are all great!
    These work well for cakes as long as they are not to high. They work perfect for cupcakes though as they fit a good amount.
    Great quality product and the color is a true white. Looks neat and feels secure to hold and carry, when the box is full. The boxes are easy to fold over the lines, and stay folded and secure.
    I really like these boxes. They are sturdy and hold my cakes perfectly. When they arrive all I have to do is stamp the lid and they are ready to go.
    sturdy and strong boxes for all my pastries and cakes...has great containment and offers cover from dust and germs...light wieght yet sturdy at the same time!
    These are perfect boxes for my company. I am a custom cake designer and these hold an 8" cake perfectly. I can put my logo sticker on top, and they hold up really well.
    These work very well! They are pretty sturdy; our one complaint is that the side flaps tend to bend in so if you have an item that just fits in this box beware of the sides getting scraped up.
    Very affordable and great fit for my 3 layer cakes. I've ordered several times and I will definitely continue to use this product in the future.
    love these boxes, they are easy to set up and hold 6 to 7 muffins. The are very sturdy and have a clean look to them
    These boxes are really nice. They lock in place very nicely and make your cakes or baked good look very nice and clean. It make your labels really pop!
    These are now our go to 10" cake box. They are sturdy enough to hold our standard 10" cake, but we do have to cut the lid off most times because our standard is 6" hih
    This is a sturdy box that is a good size for cakes. It's a little too high to use as a pastry box for us
    Good quality for this price. Love the fit of these boxes . Very sturdy . Right width and height for my cakes. i would recommend others to buy.
    This is a great basic cake box. I use it all the time and am grateful that I could buy a small pack to try it out first at a reasonable price.
    these cake boxes were use to carry several cakes and pies to there destination on turkey day, I made a total of seven cakes and eight pies
    This is the only place that I can find this item at such a great price. Also the shipping is much quicker than I expected!!
    It's the holiday time and I have several cakes to deliver. The disposable cake boxes are sturdy. They are easy to fold and hook into place
    These boxes hold a 9 inch cake very well. Makes my business look more professional. Add a cute sticker or ribbon to dress it up. Very sturdy.
    I use a variety of Southern Champion bakery boxes in my bake shop. This is a great size for 8 inch cakes that need extra height. These are easy to put together (I feel like a pro!) My cakes are multi-layer, they tend to be a little heavy, so I always support from the bottom and I encourage my customers to carry the box out that way too.
    Boxes are sturdy and the perfect size for cakes. Makes for easy delivery and satisfied customers with minimal clean up. Thanks webstaurant store, I'm a satisfied customer
    im loving the great great great price that this one gives me! usually i go to Manhattan just to get this kind of boxes and they are just way too expensive! love webstaurant cause i could get great deals with the products! durable and much more sturdy than the one i usually buys. love it!
    these southern champion white cake bakery boxes are a great deal for a great price. these look so professional for the cakes we make in our shop
    good size for my cakes 8 'very strong and very easy to put together, I'll buy again when I need more I recommend it :) ,
    This box is very sturdy and easy to put together. It's the perfect size for most of my cakes. I love the presentation with the white box.
    I bought these cake boxes when my other boxes were slightly too small. These boxes are perfect for your 3-tiered cakes! Boxes give you plenty of room and "clearance" room to ensure you cake arrives safely to its destination. Will buy again!
    These are great and more than worth the price. They are roomy and sturdy. The seems are already there so very easy to fold together for use.
    I have a cousin that's a really good baker and I surprised her by buying her the cake boxes, cake circle, single slice cake containers. She was so happy and appreciative to get them. She said they was perfect.
    I have been using these boxes over two years with this company. I never had a problem with the boxes not keeping my cake fresh.
    As a home baker I try to always have boxes and containers around. However, these size is ideal for the standard 8 in cakes so I use them all the time, specially for occasional orders. I highly recommend this cake box size because its height is ideal for high cakes or cakes with a topper.
    Great standard cake boxes. They have a great height to them for larger cakes such as three tiered cakes. Can also be used for muffins and cupcakes.
    Live these boxes and I can't seem to find this size elsewhere. I will continue to purchase over and over error great quality nice and sturdy
    I had purchased these in a smaller quantity because I was afraid I wouldn't like them. But, they are so easy to put together and the package is nice and flat so they store easy as well.
    Great quality boxes. Low price and even with shipping they are still lower than the other places i have looked. They are a great box
    Good sturdy pastry box for the price. They snap right into place and lock securely. We fit quite a variety of baked goods into this size box and it holds great.
    10" x 10" x 5 1/2" White Cake / Bakery Box - 100 / Bundle is a great sturdy box for transporting cakes and other baked goods.
    This box is the perfect height for 3 full layers (although I normally do 2) and an awesome price point. I also found that in writing on the box, my marker worked fine and did not smudge. Great all the way around!
    I just needed a cake box with an open lid to transport a cake to a party so I can't get real excited about reviewing this purchase. But I will say the boxes are strong enough to hold a very heavy cake with only one box needed (as opposed to doubling the boxes).
    Got this product to test for use for a fundraising project. It wasn't the right size for what I originally intended it for, but it works well to hold cookies, pies and layer cakes. Inside is unfinished, so I would recommend using a paper liner of some kind if placing food directly in it, like donuts or cookies. Nice box, takes a little time to 'assemble'; a few tabs and slots to maneuver.
    Boxes work fine but unfortunately cost a lot to ship due to heavy weight. I buy them locally now so I don't have to pay shipping.
    I have searched everywhere for a cake box high enough to fit my cakes. This is the only place where I have found a 5.5" height box. And I must say that I will definitely be ordering more.
    This is a great box to use when you need that little bit of extra room for cakes that may have taller decorations or toppers on them. They are sturdy and very easy to put together. Will purchase again.
    I love these boxes, they are sturdy enough to hold a heavy cake. gives my products a nice clean finish look! would buy them again once i start getting low!
    It can be difficult to find a cake box tall enough for a layer cake, that isn't ridiculously wide. This is perfect! It fits a taller 8" wide cake with room for a 10" cake board.
    I love these boxes. I use them for everything from pies to cakes to cookies. They are sturdy and well made. So easy to assemble!
    I use these boxes for all my cakes and am happy with the quality. I prefer to turn them inside out and present them with the brown, kraft side out. The 5 1/2" height is the tallest I was able to find and much appreciated!
    Use these a lot!! Great size, great price, will continue to purchase this product!! Use them when we have large cake orders for delivery!! Good quality!!
    Did not find these to be cheaply made. They were better quality than expected, were not flimsy and held the 3 layer cakes I did very well. I will continue ordering these.
    This boxes provide a good amount of area for an 8" or 9" triple layer cake. At first I was going to get smaller boxes but this box is perfect and does not mess up your decoration once closed!
    These cake boxes are a life saver and are stuck a great price. I use them for everything cakes, pies, cheesecakes and even fried chicken.
    I have these and I use the 9" cake circles.. great fit!!! This is the best way to transport my orders, cakes and muffins. there is even an insert for cupcakes, but I have not tried them. but seriously, these boxes are the very best way to transport your sweets!! great price too!
    Great boxes! Love how easy it makes it to transport! It makes for a great presentation! The 10" cake circles fit perfectly in the box!
    I used to buy my cake boxes at the local party supply store. They were three times this price! I like how they come all packaged up. Instead of buying the cake box when you need it, why not keep a supply of these around so you HAVE them when you need them, and don't have to run out to the party supply store. Can't beat the price. And these are sturdier than the party supply store's, too.
    I will definitely be purchasing more of these for my big cakes. I love how they look when I'm delivering my goodies to customers. Very professional looking.
    We occasionally sell home made desserts. These boxes work well for pies, cakes, and cheesecakes. They are nice quality and they are easy to assemble
    I use these boxes for many different products: cookies, giant cupcakes with box propped open a little, 2 boxes put together for 2 tiered cakes, and for round cakes. Easy to assemble and don't damage sides of cakes while packaging.
    Great buy with these cake boxes. I use these for my 7",8",9" round cakes. I like these especially because of the height, and the sturdiness. Must Buy
    i use these for my 9 inch cheesecakes. The box travels nicely. It is a lot less flimsy than the boxes I find at the craft store.
    Box is sturdy for the price, and the extra height (beyond the standard 4" height offering) makes it perfect for packaging 6" round double layer cakes for orders.
    Very study and thick box. Perfect for your cake and guarantee the freshness! I love to use these when a customer order more then 1. Easy to used while traveling.
    This box is very good quallity and the price is very reasonable. We can reuse this box easily and the material can last for a long time. We love this box very much
    I really like these boxes. They are large enough to transport my delicious cakes to church and for other gatherings. It makes a nice presentation.
    These boxes are so versatile! I use them for round layer cakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls, scones...anything I need to box up, really. It's a great product at a a great price.
    I love this box. It is the perfect size for 8", 9", and 10" cakes. I can place square or circled cakes in this box. Perfect!
    Nice box. Sturdy and easily foldable. They stack on each other. I only wish the had a model higher. Great price I've been using them for 2 years now and very satisfied.
    These boxes are great quality. I use them often for smash cakes and topper cakes. Also a great size for transporting four cupcakes or a batch of cookies
    These boxes are really great. Very heavy duty and easy to fold. I've stacked them quite high without them losing their shape and you certainly can't beat the price.
    I used to buy these boxes locally, but found it on here and was so happy! Now I don't have to carry the heavy boxes, they are delivered right to my door!
    Very satisfied with this product. The box is very sturdy and high enough for my 3 layer cakes with the cake board underneath. Highly recommended!
    Great for pies or cakes. We use it throughout the holiday season for various things including cookies, pies, and cakes. Very versatile box for any bakery
    I Love these boxes. They are sturdy and stackable. No cheap box here. They Fit 3 layer cakes perfectly. I will definitely order again soon.
    Great box for 9" cakes up to 2 layers - any taller and you'll need a higher box. For the standard size 9" cake these are great though
    For the amazing price these boxes far exceeded my expectations. very sturdy and held up extremely well. I make a lot of cakes for coworkers and they all commented on how great the box was. would highly recommend
    Fits great with the 10' round boards. Great height so your dessert doesn't get smushed on top. Great product for at home bakeries or stores.
    Great sturdy box! You get your moneys worth with these unlike some flimsy boxes you would be paying more for elsewhere. I use them for my 8 inch cakes.
    This is a great box. Easy to assemble, plain (so we can sticker or stamp them), and perfect size for cakes, cookies, or cupcakes (with matching insert).
    These boxes are great for our product. We can place many different items in them like our 8" cakes! The clean white color is great too!
    Good sturdy boxes at a affordable price. I was looking so hard for a size like this, and I'm glad I found it. I have even used it to fit 2 cakes and some mini tarts, and they didn't even get banged up badly.
    these are great boxes! sturdier than i was expecting them to be. and with the price you really can't beat it, local cake supply store much higher.
    These boxes are perfect for 8 inch cakes on ten inch boards. They are sturdy and look so professional for a bakery. The extra height of 5 1/2 inches ensure that the cover will not touch the top of the cake.
    What a lifesaver! These boxes make your cakes stand out against all for the other desserts! Only downfall is putting the box together. The tabs tend to stick to the cake sometime.
    I love these cakes boxes - they assemble easily and make a nice presentation. Makes homemade cakes, pies, and other treats look extra fun and delicious
    I like these enough that I came back and bought the 100 pack. They aren't as sturdy as the ones you buy at craft stores but definitely worth the price.
    These boxes are perfect for 8" cakes on a 10" cake board. They are sturdy, easy to "assemble", affordable and create a professional look when delivering cakes to your customers!
    Great boxes at a great price. These were sturdy and easy to assemble. Great value on the boxes. I will be back to purchase again. Fast delivery. Thank you
    These boxes are sturdy and professional. They are the perfect height for even my taller cakes. Assembly is very easy, within seconds. Nice lock closure.
    I love the boxes just right for most cake. I wish they were tall in some cases because I have tall cakes sometime I would give these a ok.
    This is my go-to 10" box. They fold together easily and don't pop undone, unlike many other bakery boxes that I have used in the past.
    This box is sturdy and it accommodates tall cakes (I tuck the sides into the flaps and staple them). It makes transporting baked goods super easy! Just make sure your hands are clean and dry because it does stain easily.
    These containers worked great for my recent cake sale. They are classic and they even stacked well to save space. The boxes are a great value.
    Excellent Product. I am so impress, I keep saying the same BUT I can not believe this. Everything is cheap here and GOOD QUALITY! That is more important. The boxes are so good and cheap. You should buy it.
    Perfect size for pies and cakes to serve 6-8. They are delivered flat with folds. Assembly is very easy with notch hooks on the sides. Thick paper/medium cardboard that will hold up, but is not too hard to work with when assembling.
    So happy I found these boxes. They are so much cheaper than buying boxes from my local grocery store AND much better quality. I love that they can be so versatile. I can use them for cakes, cookies, cupcakes, brownies. They are also very easy to put together, yet very sturdy!
    These boxes work very well for holding cakes. They are sturdy and give a nice professional appearance. Very easy to assemble. After searching the web, Webstaurant had the best price on this item.
    The boxes are sturdy and good quality. They don't bend and are not flimsy when you put in cake pops, cakes or cupcakes. The tabs on the sides are secure, so the box doesn't open or lose shape. Good size for small cakes!
    These cake boxes are easy to put together and have a classic bakery look. Plus here they're a fraction of the cost at my local cake supply store!
    great boxes, easy to put together, i wish they came in more colors or maybe striped ,but other than that ther are great!! thanks webstaurantstore!!!!
    Boxes are very sturdy, and work out great when my customers want a selection of desserts to go. Love that I can get them by pack size!
    The best and sturdiest boxes you can ever buy! I have been buying these boxes for years paying more than what i pay here! So glad i found this store online! My new lifelong friend!
    These boxes are the perfect size for 8 and 9 inch cakes. I have purchased boxes from a local craft shop, but they cannot compare to these boxes. They are very sturdy.
    These boxes are very durable and strong. The only thing that I hate is that I didn't order the 1/2 sheet size. They fold easily and stay secure during travel.
    Best value for the size, quantity and quality anywhere on the web! Used these to pack cakes for transport. Not very stiff cardboard but not flimsy either. They are also easy to assemble.
    Overall a well made product and inexpensive for bulk use. The sides of the box however tends to bulge out very slightly. Just a small fault in an otherwise great product.
    Perfect size boxes. 5 1/2" is very high. The price is very good for such a good quality. Anyway they are the best!
    Great boxes to carry your cakes to where you need them. They are very easy to put together and last a long time. Its a great deal to purchase.
    These boxes are excellent! Sturdy and very easy to assemble. I use them daily for cupcake deliveries, and the cupcakes always make it to their destination in perfect condition!
    These boxes have saved my life so many times!! Easy to put together, these boxes are perfect with 10" rounds for 8" and 9" cakes!!
    Nice sturdy cake box easy to assemble. We use these for our 8inch cakes. Being 5 1/2 inches tall allows us to fully decorate before putting in the box.
    I use thes for regular 9'' two layer cakes or cookies. Sturdy and easy to assemble. Gives everything a clean professional appearance. Best price I have found. A can't miss
    Work very well for the products I make and transfer. Very durable and sturdy, has a little extra hight which is better and allows me to know the top of my cakes wont be crushed.
    These boxes are sturdy and easy to put together. They are a prefect fit for my two layer cakes awith enough room for a third layer. Will be ordering more.
    Great quality product! I use it with their 9" cake rounds and it fits perfectly. The height is great for elaborate cakes. Also great for their half dozen cupcake inserts.
    I loved the quality of the box. This box works well for my two tier cake or fruit tarts. I received my order with enough time for my events. You can be sure I will be re-ordering these boxes.
    Just bought these several weeks ago and finally had the chance to use one for a cake order I had. The box was pretty easy to put together... Doesn't take a rocket scientist like some I have seen.... LOL Held the cake nicely and added a professional touch when I delivered it to my customer. Will be buying more... ;)
    We got these to fit our largest cake boxes in. They work well and our customers love them. They are sturdy and of good weight.
    Great for use with 8 or 9 inch round cakes! You might want to add a cardboard bottom to make it a bit sturdier, but even then you really can't beat the price!
    Tremendous deal on these bakery cake boxes. Nobody locally can beat this price. Why get over charged elsewhere when you can buy them here for cheap.
    Very good for the price. The boxes shipped quickly and were delivered undamaged. No surprises. Boxes were as advertised. No issues with fitting 10" cakes in them.
    Great box for packing treats and cupcakes. Unfortunately there isn't a cupcake sleave that would fit snug in these dimensions. Still worth the buy for packing other treats.
    These boxes are easy to assemble and sturdy enough for fairly heavy cakes. They also have an adequate height to insure that your cake icing stays in tact on the cake.
    These are great boxes for traveling with decorated cakes! Nice for leftover cake and even pie! Very easy to fold and construct! Decent size is good for holding bon bons too!
    This is the best box for the price. Webstaurant store has the lowest prices for boxes that I've been able to find anywhere. Very sturdy cardboard, highly recommend!
    If you want to gift-box cakes, these are fine; but I went back to the plastic display domes. These are too time-consuming to put together, they don't freeze well for cake storage in our bakery, and the display is not so good in our store.
    Thanks for your review! You may want to check out one of our plastic take out containers of the same size like the Wilkinson 10" 1-2 Layer plastic cake container with clear dome lid. Another item to look at is the Window Cake / Bakery Box 10" x 10" x 5" 100/CS.
    These boxes do what we expect them to do. They hold most of our 8-9 inches cakes depending on how tall they are. They go together quickly and tabs do not rip.
    These cake boxes were pretty sturdy boxes and at a very fair price. I will definitely reorder from here for these and other size boxes.
    I use this type of box at work and at home for many things. They are great for storing sugar showpiece decorations or rolls to be transported.
    These boxes are very high quality and sturdy. They're easy to put together also. I packed some cookies for shipping and the box held up very well.
    The Cake/Bakery Box 10" x 10" x 5 1/2" is an excellent size for small cakes but also for donuts, scones, and a few dozen cookies. They are so easily to assemble yet come flat which is much better for storage. Nice product, thanks!
    Good quality boxes. They are very heavy when they come in the mail. The poor delivery guy barely made it to the door. They come flat and are easy to put together. My dessert companu uses them everyday.
    perfect for cake orders and larger pastries in our shop. We love the finish on the boxes and they look great with our logo label on top.
    I was skeptial when ordering these boxes. Am I glad I did! They were "STURDY" and perfect for our bake sale! Will DEFINITELY order again!
    We use these for our 8 and 9 inch "simple cakes". They are affordable and easy to assemble. We are satisfied with the quality of these boxes.
    There boxes work great. They are quite sturdy and a great price here on as compared to other sites or in store! I have no complaints at all!
    Great quality product, easy to assemble, and hold up very well. Has a nice sheen on the surface, very professional look. I can assemble the box and tear it down and re assemble it over and over with out tearing the box. Very good height, I normally make cakes a bit taller than others and this box is wonderful for taller cakes.
    These are wonderful boxes. They assemble very easily and are very sturdy; plus you can't beat the price. Great value - definitely recommend this product.
    The plain white bakery box is wonderful. I have been using it for 1/8 sheet cakes and 9 inch cakes. It is easy to fold and put together and quite study. I'm glad I have the taller box, it is so perfect for my 4 layer edible image cakes.
    Great overall Size pastry boxes. You won't find a better deal on the net for these. They fit everything from tall pound cakes to birthday cakes.
    This is a great sturdy product. The price is great as well, which sold this product for me. If I run out, I will definitely go with this item again.
    These boxes are very high quality, sturdy and durable. You will be hard pressed to find a box like this anywhere else. Thanks Webstaurant Store!
    Very Sturdy cake box. It is quite easy to assemble for an amateur like me. This cake box fits my round 8" cake with 10" cake board perfectly.
    These boxes are great. They are sturdy enough to support the weight of our gelato (Italian ice cream) cakes, as well as, our specialty cakes.
    These boxes are perfect for my 8" and 9" cakes. They are much sturdier than the ones I've purchased at the craft store. The WEBstaurant Store's prompt delivery service was also a plus.
    I bake cookies for charity every week and was buying aluminum pans to carry them in. This is so much cheaper and easier. It easily holds two batches of cookies.

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