10" x 10" x 2 1/2" White Pie / Bakery Box - 250/Bundle

Item #: 24510102CB

Showcase your sweet treats with this 10" x 10" x 2 1/2" white cake / bakery box. This bakery box is a great way to offer your smaller baked goods, like cookies and muffins, by the dozen for higher volume sales. It also perfect for cakes and pies. Made from recyclable, premium quality paperboard, this box is durable and better for the environment.

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10" x 10" x 2 1/2" White Pie / Bakery Box - 250/Bundle

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    These are the perfect size for my cakes and cheesecakes. They are sturdy and I love the bakery professional look. I will definitely order again!
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    A great box for packaging a variety of items in my bakery! From gifts, to cookies, to cakes, to holiday cookie platters, these boxes can fit it all!
    These pie boxes were easy enough to fold (once you got in the groove) and were sturdy. We used them to put rhubarb pie in. They worked great!
    These boxes are sturdy and easy to fold together. They are true to size. They are well constructed. I will continue to buy these boxes.
    We use those boxes every day in our french bakery. Perfect size for a tart or a quiche for 6 people. Add a ribbon makes the box nicer !
    I am currently using for holiday pie orders. A bargain for small business owners. Can stamp or sticker top to personalize. Also use for transporting samples.
    These boxes are a great size for so many things. Pies, cookies, bars, muffins, cinnamon rolls, etc. although they are a great size, they are pretty flimsy, and that’s why we are giving it only three stars. We used to buy these same ones a few year ago, but it seemed like they changed.
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    These boxes are fantastic. I also, have the ones with the window on top and they are just as great. The boxes are extremely sturdy and will hold about a dozen cookies.
    We purchased these boxes for our pies and we have no complaints! Good quality for the price-- a little on the thin side, but we place a cake pad on the bottom on the inside to give it some extra sturdiness. It ships flat for easy storage and folds together nicely and quickly. We tie our boxes with kitchen twine to help keep the box closed, but a small piece of tape would do just as well. The perfect size for a pie or one-layer cake. Will order again!
    These are great for the cookie kits that I do for all holidays. They are sturdy and look very nice. Would definitely buy again in the future.
    This box comes together very easily. I am able to fit 12 standard size muffins, but not if they have a "muffin top." If they only come up to the top of the liner, then you can fit your dozen. I will keep using these as I have quite a few to go through now, but on a next order I'll need to upgrade as I like making my muffins with a muffin top. The box does absorb moisture so I would recommend pairing with a wax liner.
    I originally bought a 10 pack to see if I liked the size and quality - I ended up buying in bulk! I use these a lot for cookies and bar orders. I also tend to package extras from catering gigs into them for clients to have something easy to transport and store leftovers. Super convenient size.
    Great box for pies cheesecake, and other pastries. Not too tall, so is not to take up a lot of space. Very strong and holds up to moisture in the refrigerator.
    This product is a perfect for Cheesecakes and Cookies. The product is made of good quality and durable. My only suggestion would make the box greaseproof
    These were the perfect size for my 9 inch pie tins that I purchased here as well. Easy to fold and put together they hold up nicely. Will be getting some more for my bakery business.
    We use these boxes to package our 10 in quiches. We use the 10 in cake boards with these boxes. I wouldn't say they are grease proof or anything. Not super thin quality, and not too thick. I like it. Would recommend it.
    I got these boxes because they perfectly fit the cookies I bake. They're a bit flimsy and therefore a little hard to put together but the price can't be beat.
    Perfect size box for a pie or cake. High quality cardboard and a great price for the quantity you get! Loving this box for pies.
    We purchased these boxes to deliver our frozen pie shells in this year. Our pie tins are 9 5/8” and these work great. There is just a little extra room making it easy to remove pie.
    Love these Bakery boxes. I use them for everything. So convenient when your taking baked goods somewhere, no worries about getting your containers back. Very sturdy and you can stack on top of each other. Pumpkin pie season is here!!!
    I loves these boxes! They look very nice and they are extremely durable! We use them for almost everything we do! Cheesecakes, cupcakes, chocolates… you name it we have used it.
    This is an excellent packaging product for my online sweet treat business! I ship USPS Priority Mail often and this box is a perfect fit, easy to assemble and stackable. Highly recommend
    These 10 packs are heat sealed together, making overstock storage ideal. They are folded in half, which allows them to be stacked and stay out of the way. The package came in good condition and the products fold and hold up nicely.
    I purchased these for my own in-home use for baked goods to give to my friends and family. They are sturdy and the perfect size for bars, cookies, and scones.
    I really like these boxes. We used them for cupcakes but they weren't quite tall enough for the strawevweries that were on top. I'll definitely use them for our pies though! Well constructed!
    Perfect. We use these as our half dozen donut boxes and they work great with a 12x12 paper laid in the bottom and our sticker on top.
    These bakery boxes are a great price! I compared them to different companies and these came out by far the cheapest, even when adding in the shipping costs
    I use these boxes for my cheesecakes. The are just the right height and sturdy. Cake boards purchased here also fit well inside the boxes. Will order more.
    I ordered 10 of these, realized how useful they are, and turned around and ordered 250 of them. They're almost gone. Time for more! They are such a great size. I use them for many uses.
    As a home baker, I am always looking for inexpensive yet good looking boxes for gifting my sweet treats. These cake boxes are great for this purpose. They fold flat for storage and are a good size!
    I found these bakery boxes really easy to assemble. I transported 9 5/8 “ pie tins in them. They could hold a bigger size pie tin but it worked fine. They are basic but still look nice for a customer. The only issue is if you disassemble it and try to reuse it, it won’t look as nice or be as sturdy but I think that’s to be expected.
    My bakery goes through hundreds of these bakery boxes -- I use them for each pie that customers buy. They are easy to construct, very sturdy and durable (even when stacked 3-4 high), and they give my bakery products that professionally-presented look.
    Love these boxes for baked goids. They can be difficult to put together but my teenage staff can get it together much faster than me! Look very professional and we use for pies, muffins, cookies.
    Great product fits, small cakes ( not to high ) pies, cupcakes ( about 12-16 pending size. These are easy to store need sturdy flat shelf.
    Their versatile size makes them ideal for pies, cakes, and other pastries! It’s nice to stock one box that has more than one capability! You can fold them inside out to have a kraft paper design instead of the white too.
    Great Pie box! Easy to fold and fits all of our desserts just fine. Our cheesecakes are 9 1/2 inches and they take up the box but they still look great!
    I like these white pies. They are a one piece design that's easy to put together and make your pies look nice and professional.
    These are great little boxes. They were just what I was expecting and I'm very happy with them. They're thinner made than the larger boxes but they're not for larger/heavier items so it works out.
    These white bakery boxes are great! They fold easily. They are a bit thinner than the boxes i have been getting until now, but it seems fine, price is great too!
    These bakery boxes are great, and at a really affordable price! They're not too bulky, and perfect for fitting doughnuts, or other larger baked goods. You can stamp or put your logo stickers on the top too for a personalized effect.
    These bakery boxes are a great for our bakery. Not only do they look professional but they have a nice sturdy feel and perfectly fit decorated sugar cookies
    These fit a 9" or 10" pie pan PERFECTLY. I also use them for 1-2 dozen cookies. They are strong enough to stack pies 4 high without the box crushing. Highly recommendable.
    This is a perfect box for flatter type bakery items. The quality is good and the price even better. I probably would go with the brown next time, as the white shows all fingerprints.
    Great bakery box. Economical for my shop that has just opened. Easy to fold into shape and it is a good size for packaging individual bars, cookies, brownies, etc.
    Great products at a great price! It's just what I needed to help make all of my holiday orders less stressful! Thanks for the fast shipping!
    Webstaurant carries wonderful boxes. I have had great experiences with all their boxes. This one is great for pies, cookies, etc. I highly recommend all their boxes!
    I ordered this box to use for packaging cookies. It is easy to put together. The cookies fit very well. It helps my home business look more professional.
    These boxes are great for pies, but they also work well for a dozen brownies or large cookie orders. They don't come apart while transporting, which I have had problems with in the past. Love these boxes and the price!
    I use these for pie boxes. I love them. They're big enough for what I need. And the price per box is the best one around!!
    I absolutely love these cake/bakery boxes this was my first order for these bakery boxes and it worked out perfect they were easy to put together. I had a huge order and I need a box that was not so tall in height I put my homemade brownies 1 dozen in these boxes and I will also use them for putting my cookies in them as well.
    These are a great multi-purpose box! I use them for pies, cookies, bars, cakes, and cheesecakes at my bake shop. They are sturdy and I love the white!
    These bakery boxes are perfect. They are sturdy enough for my needs and have bought other sizes and I am very pleased with this product.
    These are PERFECT for cookies!!!! i felt like i couldn't find the right box prior to using these boxes but I have now found them!
    Sturdy boxes for baked stuff. We use them for everything. The price is great. And the size is perfect for our needs. Will definitely buy again.
    I use these boxes for cookies and other baked treats. Easy to assemble and a clean white color. I wish they had these in a larger height.
    Perfect box for a pie! They stack easily if you choose to fold them and stack them. A cupcake is too high with frosting. Probably wouldn't want to use this for cupcakes.
    These bakery boxes are the perfect size for what we need them for. They are a welcome addition to our bustling bakery. They are a quality product.
    i allready have to order more of these, they work so perfectly for what i needed, cookies, strawberries i used them up so fast i loved these for allot of other things to.
    Perfect for a dozen of our regular sized cookies or perfect height for a couple dozen macarons. The Box is nice and sturdy we prefer to use the brown side to match our other boxes.
    This is perfect for one layer cakes or especially pies! It is a sturdy and secure box. Great for decorating special event birthday cakes. Love it!
    I love these boxes! They stack nicely, I don't have to worry about them collapsing, and the few times I've delivered in the rain the product has remained unharmed!
    these pie boxes are great! They make storing pies they neat job. they are sturdy and hold up well to stacking. I plan on purchasing more soon.
    This bakery box has become my go-to packaging for 1 dozen or less royal decorated sugar cookies. It is the right size to allow for slight overlapping of the cookies, but still enough room to not look cramped. At the same time, the short edge doesn't leave so much space at the top that the cookies look underwhelming.
    i just love these boxes. They look very professional and my customers thought they were very nice as well. Great for pies and cookies. I will buy the bigger assortment next time
    These white cake/bakery boxes are so sturdy that we use in our frozen homemade pie business. They stack several high with no worry about crushing the ones underneath. We have used them for several years and will continue to do so. Thank you for the great product.
    These are AWESOME for chocolate covered strawberries, they hold two dozen easily and are so much better than the 4 or 6in high boxes they look great, work great and the price is amazing!!
    The perfect size box for packaging two to three dozen cookies in. Easy to transport and looks great. Boxes are easy to put together. We use them all the time.
    Great sturdy boxes. They are Perfect for pies that I sell for the holidays. They fit a 9 inch pie perfectly. Shipping was also great too.
    This has become one of my go-to boxes. Very versatile. Perfect for pies, crumb cakes, cookies, bars, etc. It's a bit lightweight so when I use it for heavier baked goods I support them by using a cake board as a base. I wish this one was available with a window. Still, another great product at a great price!
    I purchased these boxes for Christmas cookies. However, they are perfect for my mini cupcakes. These would probably also be good for pies. They are also very easy to assemble.
    These boxes are fantastic for all of your bake goods. We use them for cakes, pies, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, cookies, etc. Many Sizes To Choose From. Love this company and their wonderful service.
    These are perfect for what I need! just the right size. I love how it tells how big its going to be so you know what you are getting. Definitely will order again.
    These boxes were very sturdy and able to hold a hefty deep dish pie in a real pie pan! I use them frequently, as they ship well. They are not good for direct sales, though, since the customer cannot see what's inside the box. And a picture is worth a thousand words!
    I use these boxes for my pies and cheesecakes- the 10 inch size allows me to put a 10 in cake board which fits perfectly and doesn't allow the cake to move around.
    These are a nice value for the price. My wife enjoys baking at home a lot and these would be great for transporting desserts to parties and events. Makes desserts look a little nicier and saves from having to wait to get a container back from someone.
    Great boxes. Very sturdy and easy to assemble. Great price and shipping/delivery was fast. Cost was awesome. Will be re ordering more from you. Thanks
    Great price for the value. I use these boxes for pies and cookies, and really appreciate being able to buy a relatively small quantity of boxes for occasional home use.
    We have searched for bakery boxes from many locations. I am so very happy that we found excellent quality and the best price with these bakery boxes from Webstaurant!
    We use these boxes for pies and our larger cookies. Great box, easy to assemble. The only down side is that there is no window, otherwise a sturdy box!
    Great boxes for the price, very easy to assemble. Would not use it for pies with thin crust , the cardboard on this boxes is not to sturdy. But it works great for smaller items.
    The height is shallow but overall very please with the size. I use this product for home purpose and it'd cheaper buying it here. All my friends love receiving these goody box
    Perfect size boxes for all sorts of baked goods. I use them for pies, cookies, cupcakes and even fudge. I used them to make gift baskets for my kids for Christmas worked great.
    We use these boxes for bakery items. We can package a dozen big scones in this box. The tab in the front keeps the box closed without having to tape it shut. Box is sturdy.
    These boxes are of a good quality and thickness. Easy to assemble. We use them for 9" pies. They give a professional and finished appearance to our pies. They look especially nice with a label on it.
    love these boxes. they go together with ease and are not extremely hard to assemble. keep away from grease because it will show up on the outside make sure your hands are clean so the boxes stay nice
    I use this size box for so many things. It is perfect for pies and most of my square and round smaller cakes. It comes together perfectly.
    I like the size of this item, I use this for brownies, cake squares and cookies. This is a good quality and sturdy item, and versatile
    This is a perfect height and size for the cake balls or I call them Cruffles without waisted space and the price is just right for me.
    These are a great size box! I use them for all sorts of stuff. They are great for pies and small cakes. But I use them most often for packing cookies and cake pops.
    These 10"x10"x2.5" boxes are the perfect size for mini cupcakes! I typically fit 36 mini cupcakes in each box. They also work well for cake pops!
    These boxes are perfect for my cookie orders! They are a great size, easy to fold and light but sturdy. I fit 8 4 inch wrapped cookies in each box.
    this box is great. i held my pies without crushing them and my cupcakes as long as i didnt do a high swirl on them.
    Great box for muffins, brownies and cookies. I use them for deliveries. Size is perfect! They are sturdy and hold the shape well. The perfect bakery [email protected]
    Nice, high quality boxes. And they stay put together! The size is perfect for our 6" and 8" cakes and easily holds up to one dozen cupcakes. I really love the price too!
    I use theses boxes for pies. They are nice and sturdy. To make these boxes extra sturdy I put a cake cardboard round in the bottom of the box.
    Just the right size and height for my pies and tarts. These boxes are extremely sturdy and easy to assemble. Since they ship flat they are very easy to store. I would definitely purchase these again.
    Flimsy, and we found them to be of very poor value. Would not reorder if any other choice was available to us for pie boxes.
    Thank you for the review! While these are quality cake boxes for the price, you may want to check out plastic cake containers of a similar size like the Wilkinson 10" Cake Display Container 1-2 Layer with Clear Dome Lid 100/CS.
    This product is a great size for pies that measure 9 5/8 inches in diameter. The hight is perfect and it is sturdy. When I run out, I will surely reorder.
    Great, sturdy box easy to assemble. I use for my 9 inch pies, cookies, and apple turnovers. The boxes were delivered to my door in two business days. That's convenience.
    These boxes are great for packing, carrying & delivering!! They are easy to assemble and very sturdy. They showed up within 3-5 days after I ordered and I use them all the time! Great product!!
    These boxes are wonderful. They are easy to put together and are sturdy.I just stamp the name of my business on them and they are ready to go. I use them for all my pies and cakes.

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