Choice 10" White Chef Knife

Item #: 220KWCHEF10

Provide your staff with a versatile, highly efficient knife like this Choice 10" chef knife! Thanks to a professional-grade, high carbon 420 stainless steel blade, this 10" chef knife serves as the perfect all-around kitchen utensil. Hand-honed edges are designed for maximum cutting performance that produce sharp, unparalleled cuts each time, while the ergonomic polypropylene handle provides users with exceptional comfort and a safe, non-slip grip.

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Choice 10" White Chef Knife

4.7 stars from 73 reviews


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    I have personally used this type of knifes in the past when i was working as a cook, that's how i knew that i had to have it
    Very well made handcrafted chefs knife that will remain sharp a very long time. These are professional grade blades that the famous chefs use all over
    Great knife amazing big blade with great shape, perfect contruction the handle is very strong, great plastic, work for any you need in the kitchen great economic price!!
    Purchased item for use in a commercial setting and knife holds up well to repeated use and abuse. The edge holds up ok but not as good as some of the higher priced knives. A good value for the money.
    OK pretty standard 10 inch chefs knife inexpensive won't last you forever but all last more than a month or two even with sharpening. If you're looking for an inexpensive chefs knife this will do the job very similar to a dexter Russell Brand
    Great knife, very easy to sharpen and use! We use the 8, 10, and 12 inch knife's all very good pieces of equipment. MUST BUY!
    This knife is built to last. It is sharp and sturdy. The handle makes it easy to get a good grip on it. The sharpness of the knife makes everyday tasks at the restaurant, like cutting onions, very easy and quick to complete.
    This knife is great for dicing meat; the blade is very sharp. The grip is comfortable and it is very durable and easy to clean.
    I love my chef knife with its white handle. It is the best knife to use to cut meat and veggies. My cooks love it.
    A super sharp knife for slicing large raw ingredients, especially useful in downsizing larger cuts of meat. The plastic handle is large enough to provide positive control of the knife without and slippage or turning in the user's hand. Clean up is easy with a sponge and water. It holds an edge well, and sharpens easily with a good knife steel.
    This is a GREAT knife at a GREAT price--I have not found them cheaper anywhere. And when, not if, but WHEN it becomes dull, you can simply replace for cheaper than sharpening.
    This is a very impressive knife. It is very sharp and it cuts easily. It doesn't need a lot of sharpening and is great for restaurant use.
    Great kitchen knife, very sharp and balanced well, even cuts bread pretty easily, with a little saw motion. It will twist in your hand a little if wearing slick gloves, but not a big issue.
    really sharp and strong knives. Thanks to a high carbon, professional grade, no-stain, German steel blade, this 10" chef knife serves as the perfect all-around kitchen utensil.
    This 10" chef knife is larger than I expected, and does not get used often in my home kitchen. That said, it does feel great in my hand-I like the texture and contours of the poly handle. The blade is sharp and cuts easily.
    Wonderful chef knife! This knife is truly a dream to use. It is invaluable and a must use in my daily kitchen. I highly recommend this product.
    Very pleased with these knives. Got 2 of them at the same time. They are sharp, but lightweight. Easy to handle. Do everything I need them to do.
    The perfect 10 inch chef knife that is sharp and ready for work straight out of the box. The knife is perfect for chopping vegetables and the wide blade is ideal for quick and easy pickup of the prepped food. Washes up great and blade stays sharp for awhile.
    This is a really decent 10 inch long chef knife that has a nice sharp edge right out of the package and a real good economical price point for the restaurant business
    It gets the job done easy to use and very sharp great for cutting just about anything. Overall happy with purchase and will buy again.
    This knife is so much nicer than I expected. Very Sharp, slices through a tomato like its butter. Sturdy and has a very comfortable Handle. definitely recommend this knife.
    Great quality for the price. It's one of our go-to knives in our kitchen. Stays sharp and cuts meat well. My only regret is that I bought only one.
    Great price for the knife! We used this to cut mainly fruits and haven't had any problems with it. Very sturdy and easy to clean
    I love this knife and often wish I had one at home! They arrive absurdly sharp, are easy to handle, and can take on most kitchen jobs. Highly recommended!
    for the price this knife is a good value. holds a decent edge and is easy to clean. we have bought several sizes and will buy more.
    Good knife at a great price. Its a good length to have in the arsenal. It has a nice thumb groove for gripping. It arrived sharp and cuts really well. Would buy this again.
    A 10" chef knife is a great addition to any chef's repertoire, though it may seem excessive compared to an 8" it does come in handy for some items. It really comes down to preference and at this price it doesn't hurt owning one of these budget knives. The knife stays sharp for quite a while, but does need to be sharpened and maintained like any other knife. It starts off as sharp as a Victornox chef knife, but I do notice it gets dull a little faster, but a bit of sharpening does the trick.
    The 10" chef knife is sturdy and the handle fits perfectly into my hand. It hardly ever needs to be sharpened and it cuts through almost anything with no problems.
    I really love this knife. It is so sharp and sturdy it can cut through about anything. If you are searching for the perfect knife well you found it
    I love this knife. It's incredibly sharp, durable, and has a great handle. It's also a complete steal at the price you have to pay. I own the 8" and 10" versions of it, and my employees love it so much, they have ordered their own to take home with them. That's a great testimonial to anything.
    This knife is very comfortable to use. It cuts easily and makes kitchen use quicker for cutting up vegetables. I use it daily and enjoy it.
    I was surprised that this blade held up for so long! This knife stays sharp and the handle provides a great ergonomic grip. Easy to clean and sanitize for keeping food safe.
    This is my favorite knife on Webstaurant for it's price point and its quality. It'll be the sharpest tool in your home kitchen and medium range for your commercial enterprise.
    This is a perfect way to chop veggies for the kitchen! It's extremely sharp when new, and easy to maintain. It's a fantastic knife for its price, and hasn't broken after much use.
    The perfect knife for cutting croissants triangles and other pastries — after using it, I bought three more for home/cottage use! A terrific bargain. Careful unpacking, as it arrives surgically sharp.
    Great value cost knife. I like the white handle line of knives. They hold their edge good enough for daily use, and at the cost can be replaced if needed.
    This seems to me to be very similar to the Victorinox Fibrox knives but for a much lower price. Definitely recommend if you don't care about aesthetics, and you can handle a big knife.
    I have always been a fan of 10. Inch chief's knifes. They are easy to handle and work great for all jobs. This knife is great and I know the knife will stay clean and I do have to worry about a wooden handle wearing out and getting lose. My only complaint was the knife was rather dull new out of the package. It did sharpen easy and it holding the edge well. Thanks for the great knife.
    Good knife. Holds and edge for a while. We sharpen our blades every other month and it seems to be holding up fine. Will buy again.
    One of the sharpest knives in my kit! The cuts are precise, swift, and smooth. Def an all time fav and will be ordering more from this brand very soon.
    This did a wonderful job not just chopping vegetables, but also dicing onions and garlic. It feels balanced in your hand, which some larger knives don't. Overall a great knife. Just be careful not to submerge the entire knife. While the handle is on securely, it's clearly not a waterproof seam.
    Man oh man I use this knife in my kitchen a lot. It doesn't get dull and very easy to clean. It also fits in my knife station easy.
    This 10" chef knife is a great size to have on hand. It's sharp and sturdy. We highly recommend it in any home or commercial kitchen.
    This is a great knife. Why? Because it's sharp enough to do the job, yet cheap enough that you don't have to worry about it because it was some huge investment.
    A nice inexpensive knife to have in the restaurant for general duties. Came sharp and remains that way. Perfect for dicing , slicing and chopping.
    Great affordable chef knife. Stays sharp for a long period of time, and easy to sharpen when needed. I would recommend and repurchase this knife when I am in he need of more.
    I purchased multiple sizes of this knife, I love the white plastic handle, looks so clean and nice. A very quality knife, it comes with a nice sharp edge.
    This is a good knife to have. I wanted something sharp but inexpensive. The handle provides a good grip and it's great for cutting meat, sweet peppers onions and tomato. Somewhat big for my little hands but a great tool in my kitchen. All knives get dull after a while so when that time comes I'll just sharpen it.
    This is a great quality knife especially for how low the price is. It stays sharp just a little big for what I needed from a knife.
    The knife has a good grip, and for the price this knife is great. The only complaint I have is that the edge gets dull pretty easily.
    Nothing too special about this knife, but it is hard to complain when it cost less than most. The steel takes an edge better than I was expecting for an inexpensive chef's knife; it was able to cleanly slice tomatoes and onions into fairly thin rounds. It couldn't cut the onions paper thin, but again it is a cheap knife and, taking that into consideration, I think it performed fairly well. My only complaint was that I needed to hone the edge more frequently than other knifes I have owned in the past, bot for the price, not too bad.
    Every kitchen (including home) should have one of two of these sitting around. For the price it can't be beat, and what really makes this shine is a decent sharpening job. If you cant sharpen your own knives, then it doesn't matter if you have one of these or the highest grade of custom knife, it will be dull and useless in a week.
    Well . . . it is an inexpensive knife. The handle is good to grip and a 10" knife is a lot bigger than I thought it would be (Better would be an 8" knife). The blade is flimsy, but it cuts. It is a low priced knife.
    Great little chef knife. It is durable, easy to clean, with a good grip on the handle. We will reorder this once we need a new one, but they last awhile.
    These knives are very durable for the price. One was dropped blade down and never nicked or damaged the blade. Ran 2 of these across a small sharpener out of the package and they are razor sharp. I used these for butchering meat prior to cooking and also use them for delicate slicing. I would definitely by more.
    Been looking for a good chopping knife and this one fits the bill perfectly I use it all the time at work and home and will keep using it.
    I feel like this knife is a staple in every kitchen I've worked in. It's durable, has a good weight, a great grip on the handle, and is easy to sanitize. It comes with a nice, sharp edge and takes a sharp edge when you sharpen it. I've been pleased with this knife time and again and I'll purchase more in the future. You just can't beat the price.
    Good knife. I bought two for the bakery and they are sharp and a nice weight. They are holding up just fine and I'd buy more.
    Knife is cheap, very cheap. Did not come sharp, and was almost impossible to sharpen. Feels good, balance and weight is there, but without a proper edge, is not much use.
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that you are not pleased with its sharpness. Try this Mercer Millennia 10" Chef's Knife for a sharper edge.
    I got this knife as a gift from a friend, I must say I am impressed; It has a get edge to it, and really just glides through. I will definately be purchasing knives from here.
    Great knife if you can get to sharpening it often. It works for us because we aren't using it heavily in our bakery kitchen. The blade just doesn't seem to hold an edge for long but that is not a surprise at this price.
    This is a decent knife. It is not the sharpest knife in the drawer but it will get the job done. For daily restaurant usethe blade is not up to par.
    Been looking for a good chopping knife and this one fits the bill perfectly! I bought the sandwich knife that accompanies this a couple weeks ago and came back for this knife too as it was so good. This makes quick work of chopping and cutting things with ease on your hands, wrists and arms. Can't be better than it is!
    The knife is a great price and definitely a good item for the price, but the prep cook found it to be a little heavy. Definitely for short use. Love the white handle because you can tell if it needs to be washed!
    very good to use for meat, very easy to clean and very sharp. good size to cut big part of meat, like ribs, steak, chicken. would buy again.
    A staple on our cooking line, this basic chef's knife works great for many purposes including slicing veggies, chopping veggies and slicing sandwiches and meats.
    The 10" Knife is great! It really is a great value for the price, comfortable to hold and stays sharp for a really long time!
    We use the 10" White Handle Chef Knife every day all day long. We have had this knife for a while and it hold up great.
    I like how it is white so you can know its clean. Construction is top notch for the price. I have dropped this product on its tip several times and has not broken. holds an edge for a long time. handle is about as solid as you can get for being a plastic handle, takes heat well without warping.
    You do not have to spend a fortune to get a good quality knife! This reasonably priced knife is very sharp and holds an edge easily!!!
    This is a pretty decent knife for commercial use. Its nice for a small restaurant or a deli that doesnt see much heavy traffic.
    This is a very sturdy knife. It's a good weight and well balanced. and like usual you can't beet the price that Webstaurant sells them for.
    the knife is super strong for a 10in and i love that it is white the norm is black and its nice to have an option great product

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