Cambro SFC6451 Winter Rose Square Polyethylene Lid for 6 Qt. and 8 Qt. Food Storage Containers

Item #: 214SFC6

Lock in your food's freshness and organize your kitchen with this Cambro SFC6451 winter rose square polyethylene plastic lid! This tight-fitting lid is compatible with Cambro's 6 and 8 qt. Camsquare food storage containers (sold separately), regardless of their material. Featuring an interior and exterior seal, this lid is designed to prevent spills and protect food. The extended lip functions as a thumb tab to allow for easy removal. To color-code Camsquare containers, this lid's winter rose coloring can be paired with the same colored graduations. Color-coding enables you to quickly identify contents without removing the lid.

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Cambro SFC6451 Winter Rose Square Polyethylene Lid for 6 Qt. and 8 Qt. Food Storage Containers

4.9 stars from 120 reviews


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lids containers Cambro lid container fit easy great food seal
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    These lids are great! Love how they are colour coded to fit with the corresponding container. Makes for simple usage. Fit great on the containers and create a tight seal to keep a product inside!

    from Amish Market Square Posted on

    Perfect fit for our matching containers. Color coding is simple and takes all the thought out of finding matching lids. These are easy to seal and have ample space to write details of contents on the lid. They are air tight too!

    from Gorge Kitchen Posted on

    This cambro lid matches the 6 qt container. I wouldn't use anything but cambro. It is of the best quality and this is the best price around.

    from H & L on the Hudson Posted on


    What can I say? It's a lid! It's sturdy...well made (not a flimsy thing that will crack or break). It'll hold up for a long time, I can tell. I previously purchased the wrong size for the 6 qt containers that I have. Just make sure to purchase the correct size for your container.

    from The Annadine Posted on

    Works as advertised. These fit the containers great, are made of high quality plastic and have shown to be very durable. This price was better than an regional kitchen supply store in my area.

    Posted on

    The Cambro Winter Rose Square Polyethylene Lid for 6 Qt. and 8 Qt. Food Storage Containers are ideal for many uses. They help keep food stored safe when in the fridge and they also allow for easy stacking and transport. We always buy matching lids for all our cambro containers and we suggest you do to the same. We are confident you will enjoy having lids for your containers. Our team highly recommends this product and give it two thumbs up. Dig & Serve is A Speakeasy Underground Supper Club in Albuquerque, NM. We produce experiential dining events featuring local food from our farm and other farmers we know and trust. Check us out at and follow on instagram and facebook @digandserve #digandserve #webstaurantestore #popupdinner #supperclub #localfood #nofarmsnofood #experientialdining #nmtrue #albuquerquefood #farmtotable

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    These are great for storing ingredients you need to access quickly while working, they open easily. The lids are also safe to use in the freezer, they won't crack or stiffen up.

    Posted on

    The lid works great for the Cambro 6 qt container. Just be careful as these lids are not compatible with some other brands. After a few months of use, a couple of my lids have cracked on the edges but they are still usable.

    Posted on

    This product meets my business needs. It is of good quality and at a great price. It cleans up easily and seems like it will last a long time.

    from The Bean Tap Posted on

    These square lids fit perfectly on the 8qt. Food storage containers. Easy to wipe down and clean. Can be used in the freezer with no complications

    from Greco Contracting LLC Posted on

    These work great with the cambro. They can be tricky to get off at times depending on how you try to take off the lid, but secure fit is great!

    Posted on

    These poly lids are ideal, as they fit two different sizes of Cambro containers. They fit both sizes of containers nicely and prevent spillage and leaks. The lids also stack very neatly for easy storage.

    from Rise Bakery Posted on

    I love the color coded thing going on here. It allows me easier, swifter access to the things I need when I need them. This thing rocks.

    from Bomb Tacos LLC Posted on

    Gerat lid for the Cambro 6 and 8 qt. containers. They seal tightly, which is essential for dry good storage, yet are flexible and easy to remove. The red makes it easy to identify to match them to the right containers. They are firm enough to stack, yet bendable enough so they won't break.

    Posted on

    these cambro branded lids are perfect for every 6 and 8 quart cambro container. they are really strong and durable and work for every square container in those sizes so theyre perfect.

    Posted on

    These are a tight fitting lid. We use them every day. They are easy to clean. A little hard to put on, but once you get them on, you know there isn't anything getting in!

    from Giordano's Pizza House Posted on

    The Cambro Winter Rose Square Container Lid is wonderful. These lids are easy to clean, come in a variety of colors and stay on their containers tightly.

    from River and Rail Bakery Posted on

    Great lid that snaps on and keeps the container mostly air tight. They stack on top of each other for easy storage. Can ware down if washed too often.

    Posted on

    When you have as many cambro containers as we do, you can't forget the lids. They are well made and are very flexible, and since they bend more they are very hard to break.

    from Mesa Grande Taqueria Posted on

    Perfect lid for the perfect container! Buy in lots of 6 and you save money too! These are sure fits and I've never had an issue with them.

    from Courageous Bakery Posted on

    This li works as it is intended to. We bought extra lids to avoid issues in the future with newer lids not fitting so well.

    from HomeGrown Eats Posted on

    These brightly colored lids are the best! They are easy to find, and since they are color coated it is easy to find the right one for the container.

    from Red Mile Posted on

    Much more durable than the off brand that is offered on this site. Just be careful as these DO NOT fit and are not compatible with the NON Cambro bins.

    from Kach LLC Posted on

    Excellent lid for containers, closes tightly and allows food to have longer life in the refrigerator. It was a good buy so I will buy it again.

    from LINN WAREHOUSE Posted on

    Great lid for the container and you can stack them. They slide on easily and seal the container with out a problem. Good quality lid for the low price.

    from Del Sol Bakery Posted on

    These haven't broken on us yet, although we did have one lid that was just a tad bit small for the bucket and it wouldn't close.

    from Shaking Crab Posted on

    These lids are really priced well and have a secure fit. The description is exact and you will be pleased with how easy they are to clean

    from Tranquillity Posted on

    These are perfect for keeping my large Cambro containers sealed and the ingredients inside fresh. I use them to seal 8 qt cambers full of dog food in my dog food drawers and to seal the 8 qt containers of sugars and flour in my baking drawer. They hold a great deal of ingredients and are easy to refill when necessary.

    from casakeko Posted on

    these lids stand up to a high temp dishwasher they seal up tight keeping foods fresher for a longer period of time. Five stars all around

    from Sundown Golf and Country Club Posted on

    Cambro lid squares snap on easy and are air tight. Haven't had a problem with leakage. They stack on each other without a any problems.

    from 4th Street Bistro Posted on

    These are great lids that seal on both of our camber sizes (6qt and 8qt) perfectly! they haven't warped or split like many lids from other manufacturers. they're real bargain for the price.

    from workhorse coffee llc Posted on

    We have not had any problem's with these lids. They are on and off many time and have held up very well on the Translucent Food Storage Container!

    Posted on

    Absolute necessity if you have the 6 or 8qt Cambro food storage containers. Seals tight with those bins and doesn't leak at all if dropped of tipped over. the Price could adjust a bit but its a necessary evil.

    Posted on

    Easy on, easy off product. Nice and durable. I will definitely be ordering more of these in the future. Great for bulk items and getting to them quickly.

    from Yummvees Posted on

    These lid fits perfectly on the container that it's meant for. Using this instead of foil wrap or food wrap would really save money on the long run. If you have the container, i suggest you get this.

    Posted on

    These lids fit our six quart containers very snugly and come off very easily when you need to get to your ingredients. Super easy to open and close; definitely recommended.

    from Milam Street Coffeehouse & Bakery LLC Posted on

    These lids hold up to daily use fairly well. The biggest complaint is that over time the lid begins to crack and now seal on the container as well.

    from Maryland Zoo in Baltimore Posted on

    These lids seal the corresponding size container appropriately. We do not encounter issues with the lids popping off or failing to seal. We will continue to use this product line in the future.

    from Barefoot Bar & Grill Posted on

    This is a heavy-duty lid that is very strong but flexible at the same time. It creates a perfect seal on top of the corresponding container while still being easy to remove. It will last forever!

    from Alice's Chocolates Posted on

    this is very nice item with good price and quality. it fit very good and keep the food safe and fresh. i will buy it again and recomend to someone else.

    from ITEA Posted on

    I purchased these covers to go with the 8 qt. storage containers. They fit nice and tight and I am sure the dry goods will stay fresh. I also like the different color lids for the different size containers.

    from Home use Posted on

    Lid for 6 and 8 QT Cambro Food Storage Containers. Great fit for both sizes. Great Quality, very durable. Highly recommend this product to anyone.

    from Everything but the Dress LLC Posted on

    Nice bright color red, has a nice look, a great lead very durable in snaps on tightly, to keep food items fresh within container - stacks together well with other lids.

    from nire, inc. Posted on

    Cambro 6 & 8qt storage container lids are a perfect fit for our Cambro containers. We use them to store dry goods and prepared foods and the lids help keep everything fresh and delicious.

    from Danny W Posted on

    Cambro lid for cambro container... This is a good matching lid, and the construction is really good. Always go with cambro as the the minuscule price difference from unbranded is worth it!

    from Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House Long Beach Posted on

    Fit its partner just as expected. Well crafted product. Works well in our bakery day in and day out. Would buy this product again next time.

    Posted on

    We use these polycarbonate food storage containers daily and these lids complete them perfectly. We can see through them which makes it much easier when you are looking for something specific.

    from Let's Do Lunch Posted on

    Perfect fit for the 6qt cambro that I purchased. I also know from experience that these are tough. Lids fit snugg enough to make stacking one on top of the other a reality as well

    Posted on

    These lids are better than the clear ones. The red is more flexible (rubbery) and easier to fit the container. The clear is tighter and very hard to close or open

    Posted on

    These fit their matching containers very well. Snug, no leaks. Thick and good quality. No issues with it staining or falling apart from heavy usage. Holds up well. Tab on the lid helps with opening but they can break off after time.

    from Ivy Bakery Posted on

    Great lid for the price. Creates a solid seal so spilling a sauce or something is reduced. Having different colors is a great way to organize a cold box.

    from Plan 9 Alehouse Posted on

    This cambro lid is just what I expected it to be. It fits the cambro containers quite well along with also having a very tight seal on it.

    Posted on

    Great lid for the price. Different colors are available for organizing and different sizes. Dishwasher safe and are very durable. Easy to clean and easy labeling.

    Posted on

    Great lid. We use them on the plastic cambros. They fit them fine and probably work on the policarb ones too. No leaking and a tight snug.

    from Secret spot Posted on

    We have been very happy with the ca bro line of storage containers. They work fine in the fridge, freezer or in dry storage. We like them a lot

    from Red River Inn Posted on

    Efficiently snaps in place locking out the air, so as to not dry out whatever ingredients or food items are placed inside Pull tab corner helps designate where to grab when removing the lid.

    from Hot Box Cookies Posted on

    I love the bright colors of the Cambro lids and the fact that they match their containers. They seal tightly and keep your food fresh.

    Posted on

    We bought quite a few cambro containers at a restaurant auction but they didn't have lids. Was grateful to be able to by new lids

    from Heavenly's A Creative Bakery Posted on

    Cambro has the perfect fit for all of their units with color coded lids for their containers. The lids are flexible and easy to wash by hand or in the dish machine.

    from yuzu llc Posted on

    Contrary to other Cambro products, these lids do not close very easily. I literally had to put my whole weight on the top to close it. I almost thought that I got a wrong size lid, but it eventually did close.

    Posted on

    These lids fit perfectly on the Cambro 6 qt. and 8 qt. translucent square food storage containers that we purchased. It is nice that the color matches the fill level markings on both size containers. The lids also include a spot to label the contents and a date, though I'm not sure this makes sense given we plan to reuse the containers. There are also some ridges to help pull the lid off the container, since the fit is quite snug.

    Posted on

    This lid fits in conjunction with the Cambro 6 and 8 Quart containers. I like this brand because of the color coordination. This size is good for stocks.

    from Jack & Alice LLC. Posted on

    The color really stands out! It's made it so much easier to differentiate between ingredients when we're hurrying to prepare large meals and need to be careful about allergies.

    from All Souls Unitarian Church Posted on

    This lid fits easily into place onto the cambro containers because of its inner and outer seal. It is more flexible than the translucent lid which makes it easier to put on and remove. It does a great job of keeping my dry ingredients in their container.

    Posted on

    The 8 qt square containers hold much of our smaller volume dry goods. The lid seals well, is durable, and holds up to lots of use in our kitchen for the past year. Happy with the product.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    This Cambro lid fits on a 6qt. and 8qt. food storage container. It fits like a glove and snaps on perfect. Do not forget to buy this lid when buying the camber container.

    Posted on

    I love the color coding of Cambro lids and the fact that they fit more than one size of container. These red lids fit the 6 and 8 quart storage containers so you don't have to have a different lid for every size container. They provide a nice, tight fit so no worries about dropping or spilling food.

    Posted on

    These lids are perfect for the Cambro 6 & 8 quart containers that i purchased. Has a spot to write the item and the date as well!

    from CG's Pizza Posted on

    These cambro lids are a must for your cambro cube containers. They hold up well over time and can take a beating in the dishwasher without warping. Always a snug, secure fit that does not leak if tipped over.

    Posted on

    This cambro lid is just what I expected it to be. It fits the cambros quite perfectly along with also having a very tight seal.

    Posted on

    The lid fits tightly and yet it's easy to remove. I have had no problems with any plastic flaking (like I read people complained about with the less expensive version). It holds bread dough in and stacks up nicely (they get quite heavy). I don't worry about the lid not holding the weight, it's sturdy.

    Posted on

    They are not flimsy and they snap well to the containers. I wish there was a rubber or silicon lining because while they feel very securely snug, I'm not convinced that they are air-tight.

    Posted on

    We love all Cambro products. The color coding for the size differences are great. They are easy to clean, easy to store, and are durable.

    Posted on

    These lids stay on tight! We never have to worry about a container spilling, and the shape of the lids makes stacking multiple containers very easy.

    from Wheelhouse Kitchen Posted on

    The red lids fit very snug on the containers that I purchased from WEBstaurant. The only thing that is a pain, but hasn't happened after some using, is that occasionally I would find red plastic pieces laying on top of product after opening.

    Posted on

    Fits both the 6 and 8 quart containers and are super affordable to match your containers. Really tight seal and does the job perfectly well!

    Posted on

    These are very sturdy & a tight fit for my 6-qt white Food Storage Containers. - Just like the lids for the 4-qt white FS Containers I know have 4 of. Very good products.

    from Tight fit Posted on

    Cambro containers and lids fit together perfectly, both in design and color. I love that the gradations on the containers match the color of the proper lids. It makes it so much easier to find the right lid in a busy kitchen!

    from JW Cakes and More Posted on

    Fits like it should, even after going through the dish machine 1000's of times. My only complaint is that they will melt if you put something too hot on them, but that happens with all the brands.

    Posted on

    I have tried other brands of food storage containers and lids but always go back to Cambro. Amazingly enough, you can tell a Cambro lid apart from the others because of its flexibility and durability. Typically, other lids are just stiff and hard. I like that I'm able to pry this one open from the tab easily and it seals tight just as easily.

    Posted on

    These lids are great for the cambros we ordered for our restaurant. They are flexible and tough, almost impossible to crack. The price is nice as well!

    from AMOK Posted on

    Cambro is a clear industry leader in storage. Side by side with other brands, the Cambro units look newer longer and are more durable. These lids tend to be SLIGHTLY larger than other knock-off lids. This is a GREAT thing. This unit won't perfectly fit an off brand container (their lids are SLIGHTLY smaller than Cambro lids). If you try to snap another brand lid on a Cambro container, it will break (because it is too small but looks like it should fit). If you place a Cambro lid on another brand container, it WILL fit (although not as well as on a Cambro container) and it won't break. These lids are much more durable and interchangeable than other brands.

    from Nickel's Pit BBQ Posted on

    Cambro makes a great lid that fits it's containers like a glove. No more guessing if the lid locked tight because you can feel the suction lock when you out it on.

    Posted on

    We love these lids with the matching containers. We use them for iced tea and they have a great seal on them, the iced tea doesn't spill. Great product!

    Posted on

    Very nice to have a multi-purpose lid. Wider rims make it easier to clean, but also limit the grip strength. Definitely do not want to grab a full food storage container by the lid.

    from The Cupcake Doctor Posted on

    Cambro are the best food containers in the industry. These lids seal tight, clean easily and stack neatly. The fact that all sizes are colored differently helps you to easily identify them.

    Posted on

    Great tight fitting lid for our 8 qt cambros. These ones fit tightly - the larger blue cambro lids do not seal as well on the larger containers.

    from Mountain Oven, LLC Posted on

    This is an excellent product! Not only are these lids a perfect fit but they are very easy to clean and they are very durable.

    from NewLeaf Posted on


    from UVAVERDE Posted on

    These lids fit well, look great and keep my food fresh. They peel off easily and seal down nicely with just a nice, firm push. You can grab the container to remove from shelf with one hand and the lid won't come off until you set the whole thing down and pull the lid up on purpose. Awesome containers/lids!

    Posted on

    Great product, and very durable also very useful. Goes in the dishwasher and does not melt easily. Will recommend to restaurant that want quality product.

    from Biquette LLC Posted on

    with a name like Cambro you know its going to be a great product. this lid fits great. and with the corner tab taking it off is a snap. cleans very nice and last forever. great price

    Posted on

    This lid goes with the standard 6/8 quart cambro container, so make sure that you purchase the correct size container. The containers and lids are priced very reasonably with webstaurant.

    from Gluten Free Kids Posted on

    The Cambro series of food storage containers are great quality storage vessels. I like the fact that the lids fit more than one size container as well.

    Posted on

    These lids are a must have if you purchase the 8 QT container. They fit very tightly, which is something are kitchen staff have complained about, but I woudl rather have a lid be more tight than loose.

    Posted on

    A companion to the 6qt container that easily holds dry ingredients to keep them fresh, instead of the flimsy paper packages from the grocery. I love the place where I can stick my tags to label and date my ingredients.

    from Winky's Kusina sa Eskina Posted on

    I recently purchased this product. The shipping was quick and I really enjoy how snug they fit the containers which ensures that none of the contents spill out.

    from Heavenly Cakes by Pharez Posted on

    Great lid almost no way it can break. Only replaced this one because it was melted. These lids are durable and look clean and neat.

    from Bar Symon Posted on

    These lids are great. They can withstand constant washing and use. The fit perfectly on the containers that they pair with. No leaking, bending or warping.

    Posted on

    This lid is fine for dry goods. It attaches easy and is easily removed and helps to keep food fresh. It is not air or water tight so you may want to consider that when purchasing this product. For me, it keeps flour and cereal a lot fresher than the bags the products were sold in.

    Posted on

    Perfect lids. Fit tight on the 4 qt. containers. Easy to stack easy to wash and easy to snap on and off containers. highly recommended.

    from Harts Repair Service. LLC Posted on

    They are made of good plastic and fit nicely. They also fit inside the cambro when not in use for easy storage. I like to use various color lids as identifiers of what is inside. Red is for Chili, etc.

    from Gilpin Market Posted on

    These are great lids, just as good as the competitor at half the price, quality is very comparable. Works with all of the correct sized container, will definitely buy more!!!

    Posted on

    For food storage only one brand should be trusted and that is Cambro. It is all we use and they never disappoint. Easy to clean, easy to maintain, and last forever! Great products!

    Posted on

    The Cambro square lid is very sturdy. They stack together very well and I like the fact that you can use this lid interchangeably on either the 6qt or 8qt containers.

    Posted on

    These lids fit perfect on the cambro containers. Remember to get the right lid for the container you order. Many brands are not compatible with each other.

    from Sbarro Pizzeria Posted on

    Nice tight fitting lid. Fits the 5 quart cambro container nicely. Easy to close the lid and easy to open unlike some higher priced containers.

    from Countryside Cakes Posted on

    I bought this to fit a non-Cambro 8 qt. storage container which wasn't very wise because it didn't fit. Thankfully, it fit my non-Cambro 6 qt. container. Next time i'll but the container and lid of the same brand. The lid itself is of solid construction. I'm sure it will last a while.

    from Home cook Posted on

    These Cambro tops fit eight and six quart lids. They are perfect and stay on tight keeping the product inside always fresh as can be.

    Posted on

    These lids are wonderful. They fit tightly to the containers unlike some of the containers and lids I've received which have been a little ill fitting.

    from Desiree's Desserts Posted on

    The normal cambro lids are very nice. I prefer them over the water-tight lids because they are soft, pliable and very easy to get on and off. They aren't completely water tight, but they come close enough for kitchen use. If you were transporting liquids in vehicles, you may want to go with the water-tight lids.

    from Sterling College Posted on

    We received this product intact and in a timely fashion. They are well constructed and fit snugly and have no problem recommending these covers to any one else.

    from Philly Bill's Cheesesteaks Posted on

    This Cambro brand lid is great for 6 and 8 quart containers! Securely fits on top and the design allows for easy stacking of multiple lids! Great space saving design! Colors allow for easy identification too!

    Posted on

    We wished we purchased these lids when we purchased the Cambro containers years ago. Omg I don't know how we lived without them.Now we can stack and we save a lot of space. No problems with the dishwaser either. I am very happy to complete out sets. We use a 6 qt to cover our compost until it goes outside. We use all the sizes of Cabrio containers for many home kitchen tasks too.

    Posted on

    Love the cover, fits tight on the container and I can stack things on top as well. they store well also. they are just perfect.

    Posted on

    Got these to go with the matching food pans. They fit well and are sturdy enough to be able to stack smaller items on top of it in the fridge which is helpful when the fridge is packed with food for a party.

    Posted on

    colored cambro is better for the environment than the rigid clear, its cheaper, it blocks light better and it breaks less often. Wht's not to like?

    Posted on

    My wife uses them at her job, and we bought some for the house. I love this containers. They close tightly, and stack on top of each other.

    Posted on

    I purchased these lids for the Cambro Square Food Storage Containers I also bought. They are a perfect fit. Shuts easily. No worries about struggling to close shut containers with lids that are supposed to fit but don't.

    from Simplee Sushi Posted on

    This lid is sturdily built. Whether you lock it in place or just rest it on top of the container (to provide a cover but not a seal), it works great!

    Posted on

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