Cambro SFC2SCPP190 Translucent 2 and 4 Qt. Camwear Seal Cover

Item #: 214SFC2SCPP

Preserve your perishable foods and provide spill-free transportation with this Cambro SFC2SCPP190 translucent seal cover. This lid is designed specifically for your 2 and 4 qt. Camwear square food storage containers. Featuring an interior and exterior seal, this lid promises a secure, leak-proof fit. Made of virtually unbreakable polypropylene plastic, these covers are perfect for commercial kitchens. Withstanding -40 degrees F to 160 degrees F, this cover can be used for hot or cold foods. The crystal clear design enables you to quickly identify container's contents and avoid unnecessary opening. A thumb tab is available for easy lid removal and includes a hole for hanging storage when not in use.

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Cambro SFC2SCPP190 Translucent 2 and 4 Qt. Camwear Seal Cover

4.7 stars from 64 reviews


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lids lid containers Seal container fit Tight great Cambro colored
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    These lids fit snuggly on the 4 quart containers that we use for liquids. With the tight fit of the lids, we do not have to be concerned about spills when we are traveling. We will be purchasing more of these!
    This lids are great for for the combros. Seal very good and have a rim on them so they will seat down in them so they will not sliced.
    These lids fit perfectly on the containers. Keep everything locked in and doesn’t fall out. Great price too! I will definitely buy again to keep my pantry organized.
    The lid fastens securely and has served me well through regularly use over the last year to store a variety of dry products (sugar, nuts, flours). Stacks well with similar containers/lids, and the translucent color shows contents clearly enough to identify them.
    These lids fit snuggly on the 2 quart containers that we use for catering. With the tight fit of the lids, we do not have to be concerned about spills when we are traveling. We will be purchasing more of these!
    I wanted to test how tight the lid stays on even with a considerable amount of weight (potatoes) in a 2qt Cambro. So I overloaded the Cambo, pushed the lid on, tilted it upside down, and shook it. The lid stayed on pretty well. Not a perfect latch, there is some slop in the lid, but I don't think it will budge. The only reason for doing so is just a piece of mind considering some of the food storage containers I've had in the past have not been able to withstand such a test. I also noticed they're NOT water tight, but seeing as there's no gasket on the lid, that doesn't come as a surprise.
    These lids fit good on the 2 Qt container. I like these because they are not the rubbery kind that gets sticky when used with sanitizer, but they are more firm and stiffer when trying to remove. We use these for our crushed chip lids so it can be a pain to open and close often but would work great for anything that is not opened and closed 100x day. But I definitely love their ability to be cleaned over the last ones I had.
    Even when cold the flexible lid is easy to remove. Even red sauce or red Chile will not stain it. It is easy to clean.
    These lids are too tight/difficult for me to take off the container. I tried using these lids and the container for soup stocks but the liquids leaked.
    These Cambro translucent seal covers are great for keeping food items sealed in their container. They are made well and will last a long time .
    I bought the lid to go with the 4-quart square container for raising breads that I want to have a square shape. It fits nice and tight. I'll be getting more sizes.
    This translucent seal cover will fit Cambro 2 and 4 quart Camwear containers. The translucent design makes it very easy to identify the contents of the container. This seal cover is dishwasher safe and very easy to clean.
    WHat can I say, it is a Cambro, great quality and well worth the price over a generic brand. It holds up like a dream and washes with ease, I love it! I only use Cambro and this is the perfect size, It creates an almost perfect airtight seal!
    These lids are much more ridged than the green ones for some reason--so they are hard to get off the container. They might break in well, but I replaced them with the green lids and like those better.
    This Cambro cover lid provides for a good, airtight seal needed to keep goods dry. We currently use it with 2 and 4 qt containers to keep some of our cleaning and other equipment dry and away from dust while in storage.
    I love cambro containers, and I have many in all different sizes. These lids are never a very tight seal and when you close one edge the other lifts slightly. Great for pretty much anything you want to fill it with, I just wouldn’t recommend filling to the top with liquid.
    Perfect fit for the Cambro 2 and 4qt containers. Lids go on and come off easily, but are very dependible in keeping contents inside. They make stacking easy, too!
    These aren't as good as the colored lids, kind of rigid and cant handle the freezer. I also prefer how stackable the colored lids are, these lids have a flat surface. You can still stack them, but they don't tuck into each other as nicely as the colored lids.
    those cover lids they fit very good on the containers we bought . keep the food fresh and avoid bad smell in the fridge . definitely recommended
    This lid is really difficult to remove, and put on correctly. It seals very tightly, which is a plus, but the fact that it's so difficult to remove and replace makes it more of a pain than a positive. Don't get me wrong, I still use it, but it's not my favorite.
    This lids are perfect for my Cambros. I liked them much better than the blue/green/red ones. I used them in both my restaurant and home. They are made with high quality so expect to last for a long time. Very fast shipping as well. Highly recommended.
    the camber brand seal covers are the best. They do not tear on corners like other brands and its nice that you can see through the tops instead of pulling the whole container out
    I really like these lids. We have two classrooms for foodservice training and use the green lids in one room and these in the second. It helps us keep organized with the items in our training areas.
    I purchased these lids to store grains and keep them fresh. They do exactly that. I also like that they are see-through so that you can easily identify what is inside.
    These translucent lids are a much tighter fitting lid than the green lids. I will only purchase these from now on. The green doesn't snap on real tight like these.
    The Cambro SFC2SCPP190 Translucent 2 and 4 Qt. Camwear Seal Cover fits my container perfectly. The quality is great, it has a really good seal. I definitely recommend this lid.
    These lids are great! They are nice and tight fitting (They are actually pretty difficult to get on the first time you use it, but then the following times were easier). I love that you can see what's inside too!
    These lids fit are sturdy and seem very durable. They fit pretty well my 2 qt square containers of the same brand. They are a bit stiff at first.
    Works good with the proper container. You can see through it so that's a plus, it's really strong and won't crack or break easy. Good product
    With the clear lid, it shows a nice touch and style for organizing fits nice and well with right designed containers. Alongside it strong fit to just carry from lids with the containers.
    Like the cheaper translucent counterparts, these things are flimsier than the polyethylene lids. They work fine. But over time you'll need to replace them. I pay a couple extra bucks up front for the polyethylene lids.
    These are much better than the colored lids - a much tighter fit, great for ingredient storage. The colored lids are pretty loose - they're good for keeping stuff out of the bin, but not so good at keeping things in.
    The Cambro Translucent lid is a great addition to the 2QT clear poly food storage container. You can see through it just enough, but it is way better than colored or dark lids that I have used in the past.
    This is a tight fitting lid. It is sometimes difficult to remove from its container - particularly when removed from the freezer. Takes some strength for sure.
    These are perfect for sealing my Cambro containers used for baking ingredients. It is easy to identify what is inside the container with the clear lids. They help keep ingredients inside fresh.
    If you want a lid that can take a drop on the ground and stay on, then the cambro ones are it. They are tough to get on at first but they also stay on very well
    Excellent and quality cover to seal both the 2 Qt and 4 Qt containers! Keeps ingredients safe and fresh, and closes tightly so that you don't have to worry about the lid coming loose or opening up if dropped or toppled over.
    I prefer these lids over the colored plastic ones because they are stiffer and seal much tighter. Also, I have had some issues with old colored lids starting to flake off. I don't think this hard plastic will flake in the same way as the softer lid plastic.
    These lids give a great seal, once you get it on (it does take a little elbow grease, but worth it for the seal). Perfect for the 2 QT clear containers that I purchased. Nice, solid cover...not flimsy at all.
    These lids are the best yet. They work much better than competitor lids. They lock on nice and tight. they are not totally water tight but the closest I've gotten to it.
    I purchased 6 of these covers and all but one worked perfectly. The one was a little bent on the rim making it slightly more difficult to put on, but it still serves its intended purpose.
    Great lids, fit tightly for pantry or refrigerator storage. They are a little stiff at first, but are easier to take on and off with repeated usage, although they still seal tightly.
    Does not leak at all! Tight fitting lid and the unique hole in the corner helps to hang to dry and out of the way
    Seals well and no smells or liquids leak with it on. It is durable, the color hasn't changed yet, and it just does everything it needs to do as a lid.
    Love these covers. They seal very tightly and they never seem to deteriorate. Many of our lids are at least 2 years old and have gone from the freezer to the microwave or the high temp dishwasher with no change in their quality. Highly recommended.
    These are great lids. It's a good thick lid. Not hard to put on or take off. I woudon't recommend these especially if u have the container to go with it
    Love these lids. The green lids that are the same size don't really "snap" on and always fall off. These stay on even in transport which is very important. They are also stackable.
    I love how well these lids fit on their respective containers. They seal well and seem hefty like they will last for a long time.
    I bought this cover for the containers it fits. The container is well made but once you put the cover on you will have a hard time to open it again. It is a hard plastic with no flex to it and a very tight fit around the container itself, for long term storage it will be fine however for quick open close situation you will struggle to open it. I do not recommend the lid at all.
    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These lids are very durable and keeps a very good tight seal, After several uses it has not tended to give any and its a great buy from WR.
    This lid not only keeps the ingredients sealed inside, but it looks great too. The lid is not as flexible as the green lid, so it is a little more difficult to put on and remove.
    I love all Cambro products. I bought a translucent Cambro lid to pair with my white Cambro storage container. This way I can see the contents stored in them instead of opening up the lid completely.
    These lids fit the cambro 2 qt square polycarbonate food storage containers perfectly. As lids go they create a tight seal and the corner of the lip makes them easy to remove. They are strong and will not lose shape or become deformed with proper use. Definitely recommend for use with #2142SFSCW.
    The Seal covers are MUCH better than the traditional colored ones... They seal tight and wont leak if spilled. They also allow you to complete fill the cambro with product because they are level with the top, rather than sitting inside like the traditional covers. I think these covers are far superior!
    I love these clear cambro covers. They feel nicer than the solid colored ones and allow you to see through the lid to the contents. Will replace all my lids with these as they break.
    These fir perfectly on the matching cambro containers to help prevent any spills that no one likes cleaning up. Great product that I will order again.
    I used to be a Restaurant Manager. We ordered these " Cambro SFC2SCPP190 Translucent 2 and 4 qt. Camwear Seal Cover " all of the time. I love working with them because they are great so when I Retired, I ordered these for my home use. I love them and thy work great for my home. I would recommend them to everyone. They keep the food fresh and looking great.
    Cambros are excellent products. 2 and 4 qt. Lids are sturdy, hold up well in the dishwasher, don't warp and hold tightly for years. They take masking tap or stickers labels well also.
    These lids fit snug and secure - they are easy to snap on (I push down on all four corners to make sure it's in place) and easy to remove with the corner piece. I couldn't find any information on whether the lids were air right - but I've been storing brown sugar in the 4 qt containers for a few months now and it's working well.
    The almost perfect solution for our short order Ice Cream business. Being able to see produce from above has made this a special lid for us, but in the freezer we've noticed that this lid can become brittle and accidental impact can cause it to crack. Do not stack above two containers in a freezer. If you need to stack higher use the Cambro SFC2452 [color] Square Polyethylene Lid for 2 and 4 qt. Food Storage Containers in various colors, which is made of a material that will not crack in the freezer.
    Wanted a lid to freeze, and these will work but they tend to crack with use. They are also hard to remove at times. The do fit snugly and one lid fits both of the sizes of Cambros that I have.
    These are functional lids that allow for stacking and allow for visibility and easy labeling. I will be purchasing more of these lids in different colors as well for identification purposes.
    I purchased these to find on Cambro 2 Quart Square Storage Containers. They fit well. They also look nice. Very nice together to transport food in.
    These lids work great - I never have to worry about them no sealing or spilling if the containers are turned on their sides, very sturdy lids!

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