Cambro RFSC6PP190 Translucent Lid for Cambro Translucent 6 and 8 Qt. Round Containers

Item #: 214RFSC6PP

Lock in freshness with this Cambro RFSC6PP190 translucent round storage lid! This snap-on lid is made to fit Cambro 6 qt., and 8 qt. round translucent storage containers. Its tight seal works to keep foods and ingredients uncontaminated and organized for storage or transport!

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Cambro RFSC6PP190 Translucent Lid for Cambro Translucent 6 and 8 Qt. Round Containers

4.9 stars from 79 reviews


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lid lids containers container fit great Cambro seal tight easy
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    Price is great and the lid fits perfectly into both the 6 qt and the 8 qt that I order from here. Would definitely buy again.

    from n/a Posted on

    Lid has a tight fit on my 8 qt. Storage container. I use the storage container to marinade pork butt. And the lid and container together make the job much easier.

    from Conform Cusine Posted on

    Shown with the 8 qt. storage container.

    we use these to seal the 8 quart containers that we use on a daily basis. they make sure all the food inside it safe and protected.

    Posted on

    how we use the lid

    These lids along with the containers are great and we have been using them for a long time now. The lids are plenty strong to store one container on top of another.

    from Spillian LLC Posted on

    The Cambro RFSC6PP190 Translucent Lid is a perfect fit for my container. The seal is good and the lid is easy to remove. The price definitely makes this lid a great value. Highly recommend!

    Posted on

    Fits my container perfectly and has a great seal. Definitely recommend!

    Worked great on our existing 8 qt containers, was getting tired of saran wrapping and rubber banding the tops. Another great buy from Webstaurant, a must have.

    from Perry's Pizza Posted on

    We use these lids too keep sauce covered.

    Fantastic lids! Seal great, and do no come off while in use. Extra convenient that they fit multiple sizes. We use these to hold liquids, and it never leaks! The only annoyance is that the lid tab is shorter than the handles on the container, so it is sometimes hard to take off if the lid tab is lined up with the handles.

    Posted on

    Seals tight to keep pasta salad from spilling or leaking

    Sturdy construction. It snaps easy on the storage container. Looks like it will last for many years! I'm very happy with my purchase. Highly recommended.

    Posted on

    Great lid for cambro containers. Fits very tightly so you will never have a leak. I use them daily to transport fruit and have never had a problem.

    from NE Food Services Posted on

    Great value from Cambro and WebstaurantStore! These lids snap on tight. They also snap off with just the right amount of effort. Easy to clean with large recess where it meets the Cambro.

    Posted on

    Cambro product in known for long lasting use. It is made only with high quality product so, it is a very good investment! Very nice container lid!

    from Sugary and Savory Posted on

    Love this lid it is easy on and off also I can see thru from the top to determine if my sourdough starter is bubbling.

    from Local Foods Bakery Posted on

    Easily snaps onto both 6 and 8 Quart containers providing a nice seal. For the price, I don't think you can beat the quality here.

    Posted on

    This lid fit both of our 6qt and 8qt round storage containers. It actually snaps on for a solid fit. It doesn't seem to seal completely, but does allow a small amount of air out, but you wouldn't guess from how tight the seal is.

    Posted on

    Haven't had any issues with this lid for our containers. It snaps closely to the container so batters, sauces, and stocks won't leak through the top. Easy to label with tape, you shouldn't have any troubles with this for storage uses. It holds well for dry, cold, or freezer storage.

    from THG Foods, Inc. Posted on

    This is a must have lid to accompany your Cambro storage containers. We love that the lids fit all size containers, which makes storage much easier.

    from TIme Makers Posted on

    Strong solid lid for cambro Making sure you have the proper lid to fit a container is important. This lid is made of strong plastic and seals up nicely.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Great quality and a perfect fit. Sometimes its too perfect and the lid is a bit hard to put on/ take off. Love that cambro containers/lids stack easily which makes storing them convenient.

    from Paris Baguette Posted on

    Excellent locking lid that takes some work to open, but is perfect to never have to worry about it coming open. Highly recommend with storage container.

    Posted on

    Cambro lids are a must if you are using cambro products. Great for keeping your products safe and sanitary. Highly recommend.

    from Charleston Sports Pub Posted on

    These lids fit the Cambro RFS8PP190 8 Qt. Translucent Round Storage Container perfectly. The seal is very secure and tight.. it won't fall off accidentally. I like the transparency of the lid and the container for seeing what's inside more clearly.

    Posted on

    Great lids for the price. Very sturdy and they hold up well in the dishwasher, even in the bottom tray using power wash cycle. They don't crack or lose shape.

    from SOD Posted on

    These lids are Cambro quality. They fit nicely with an airtight seal on our 6Qt. Cambro containers. They hold up nice and don't loose shape or become flimsy when ran through the dishwasher.

    from Raymondo's Pizza & Summertime Treats Posted on

    Durable, heavy duty lids. Perfect fit for the 6 qt containers. Lids snaps to secure closure. Once snapped closed the lids have a very secure grip on the top of the container. Highly recommend these lids with the purchase of the appropriate containers. Will be back for more!

    from GG's Sweet Magnolias Posted on

    Very durable lids at affordable prices. They are well designed and tight. At times it may be too tight to close. It doesn't leak and we have not broken one in 2 years. Such a great value, I will be back for more!

    from Pizza King of Flora LLC Posted on

    I was happy there was a lid for the 8 qt container. This makes it easy to stack in the frig and saves us lots of space.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    It's a lid, not much to say. Although, it is very dependable and hasn't cracked at all. It snaps on easily and removes easily, yet holds firm when in place.

    from Fields of Pizza Posted on

    Cambro offers such great, long lasting products. We like the lids that you can see through the best. High quality, well made products from this company.

    Posted on

    Somehow, no matter how many of these that we have, you ultimately always end up losing lids. Thanksfully, you can get them here at a great price.

    Posted on

    Very durable lids at affordable prices. They are well designed and tight. At times it may be too tight to close. It can stain easily with certain type of sauces. I keep buying them to store the sauces.

    Posted on

    purchased items for mixing and storing bread dough. items has been working well. strong and sturdy with plenty of room for mixing large batches and easy to remove when ready. will be buying additional sizes in the future.

    from Chad Fenner Posted on

    we bought these lids for the supporting 6 quart round containers we have and they work great and fit perfectly. We will bu these again when we need more.

    Posted on

    This lid is great! It doesn't leak and we have not broken one in 2 years. Such a great value, I will be back for more!

    Posted on

    This is the lids for my small container. It's just easy to used and I would probably buy it again. Also would recommend to friends.

    Posted on

    These lids fit the containers great and are a great price. I would definitely buy these again without a doubt. I love the prices at webstaurant

    from Zeppe's Pizzeria Posted on

    This is a very sturdy, plastic lid that fits on the 6 and 8 quart round cambro. This lid is a little bit difficult to put on the containers, but it just requires a little bit of pressure and then it's fine. What I really like about it is that the lid is very secure, and that it is interchangeable.

    Posted on

    Clear lid for the smaller containers allows you to keep the food fresh because it closes tightly. The flatness of the lid is great because when closed it allows you to put another container on top in order to save space.

    from El Habanero Posted on

    These lids provide an absolutely perfect fit to the round containers! They fit tight when properly attached. Do make sure it's completely sealed before lifting it up on to a shelf. ;)

    Posted on

    Although we like using the container this lid goes with, this lid is difficult to put on and get off of the container. You need to push the container in to get the lid on and off.

    from Benzon Research Inc. Posted on

    Much like the white lid, these are well made, durable, and fit snuggly. I love the translucency to see what's in the container, and use these daily.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    I am always concerned that lids are not going to fit, not a problem here. I also find these to be very strong when putting other containers on top.

    from Moon Rocks, Inc. Posted on

    Cambro products are great products and these containers are no exception. These lids fit tightly on the corresponding containers which makes for the secure transport of food without spills.

    from Almost Home L.L.C, Posted on

    Nice strong lids fit well on the 8 quart round containers Wash well easy to use cost was fair .Did have to purchase these and then the containers no combined items noted

    from The Brown Cow Dairy LLC Posted on

    Perfect fit for the matching containers. Fits two sizes. Heavy duty plastic, that will not crack under hard use. Well worth the extra pennies as opposed to the no- name brand. Because of the secure fit it takes some practice getting on and off, but you get used to it after only a few tries. And you feel reassured that your food won't cross contaminate because of the tight seal.

    Posted on

    What can I say about Cambro stuff? They always make a quality solid product. Pricier than the generic, but usually a little more durable over time. This lid works good with its matching container to make a good airtight seal!

    from Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House Long Beach Posted on

    This lid works very well. i haven't tested it with liquids but it works perfectly with the bread dough i make in it. I highly recommend this lid.

    Posted on

    Good quality, reliable. All in all, the size of the container it goes with is a true bargain. Our local store charges 20% more than this website did.

    from G2A Posted on

    These lids are well made - they snap right into place for an air tight seal. I use the 6 qt round container for a dough-rising bucket and the lid works perfectly to keep everything un-contaminated.

    Posted on

    These things will save your business a ton. Buy them in no less than two hundred or more. So cheap and you will go through them fast.

    from backwater Posted on

    This lid a very sturdy lid to use with the Cambro buckets. They are easy to clean just like the buckets. Its a harder plastic and clear.

    from The purple monkey Posted on

    Great thick plastic, airtight lid for heavy duty plastic container. Great for heavy duty, bulk kitchen needs. Shipped quickly as well. Easy to write on as well.

    Posted on

    These lids fit the containers so perfectly. They're a little hard to get off the container sometimes but I feel like thats a good thing because you know there's a good close!

    from Polkadot Cupcake Shop Posted on

    These lids are a TIGHT fit for the RFS6PP 6 qt round storage container. I haven't tested them for leaks, but wouldn't be surprised if they are air and water-tight. You need a strong thumb to pop these things off.

    from Sfamo Posted on

    The lids fit super tight on the matching containers. No reason not to order the matching set. Keeps our fruit fresh and moist! Love, love!!!!

    from Jazzy Petite Treats, LLC Posted on

    Nice sturdy lids that fit more than one size. Great thickness so that you don't feel you will break it if you drop it or snap it off too quick. But still easy enough to handle on a daily basis if you have a lot of containers!

    from Sophisticakes Posted on

    These lids hold tight and I can always be sure there is no air or anything else leaking in to my ingredients, and of course love the containers

    Posted on

    Fits my 6 and 8qt Cambro bins. the picture may make it look like the lid is frosted but its not you can easily see whats below it. it seals my bin i hold flour really well. Not positive if they are "air tight" but they seal darn good

    Posted on

    Perfect compliment to the cambro food storage containers. I like the clear lids as it allows us to view the food without opening the containers.

    Posted on

    Awesome sturdy lids! I purchased these for both the 6 qt & 8 qt round storage containers, they shut tight & very easy to clean & store.

    from Sweet Treats by Sonia Posted on

    These cambro lids are of exceptional quality plastic. They fit tightly and keep things fresh even in the freezer. They do fine in the dishwasher and do not warp.

    Posted on

    This lid is compatible with the 6 & 8 quart containers. The good thing about this lid is, when snapped on correctly, it is AIR TIGHT, and also stackable. Perfect to keep your Flour Fresh & your Sugar Dry/Clump Free!

    Posted on

    While hesitant originally to order, we're certainly glad that we did! These are almost a must for the Cambro line of storage containers. Ensure a tight seal and a longer lasting product!

    Posted on

    These are great lids for the Cambro translucent containers. They are very sturdy and seem to hold air tight. They keep my baking ingredients fresh!

    Posted on

    We replaced all of our storage containers to these lid/container combos. We store 12 containers with lids very easily and organized with no struggle to find matching tops. Great price too!

    Posted on

    Fits great with the six quart round Cambro containers. Really convenient when dough or other contents have to be refrigerated or stacked on a counter.

    Posted on

    These lids are a great buy. They have a nice tight seal and keep the product inside the Cambro really fresh. We recommend these lids to anyone.

    from Barton's Flowers and Bake Shop, LLC Posted on

    Lids used with containers from Cambro helps Keeps food dry and protects from air. Sturdy. Easy to store, great to use stacked with other Cambro containers

    from Lei Lei's Cuisine Posted on

    This lid is tight and secure yet easy to put on and take off. It will hold the contents in quite well if it is tipped over. Great value.

    Posted on

    Great fitting top, I have bought many of these lids and they are always wonderful. Lid seals shut without and worries of leaking and food spoiling

    Posted on

    The Cambro 190 lid for Cambro translucent 8 qt round container snaps on to give a very good seal. I use this container with lid to store flour.

    from Legends Salon Posted on

    Great fit on the Cambro Translucent Storage containers, easy to clean and durable. Love the way they stack. As always, great price from WEBstaurant Store.

    Posted on

    If you buy the Cambro 6 quart storage container, then you have to get the 6/8 quart storage container lid as well. And once again, at a very nice price.

    Posted on

    Nice, economical product for food storage. We love the flexibility to use this lid for both 8qt and 6qt containers. It saves us a lot of searching in our sometimes cluttered kitchen!

    from the cottage grill & creamery Posted on

    Perfect lids for the perfect containers. These snap on tight and work well. They are sturdy and clean up easily. They also make stacking easy!

    from Primitive Gardens Posted on

    The Cambo 6 qt translucent lid fits very well on the container I bought to go with it. The lid actually fits on my Kitchenaid 6qt mixing bowl too! Thank you for supplying a duel purpose item!

    Posted on

    This lid fits great onto the Cambro Round Storage Container that we purchased. A good seal which keeps food contents fresh. The great fits keeps contents from spilling.

    Posted on

    These life are great for the Cambro six and eight quart buckets. I like to have spares as I use the buckets for no knead bread and have some with a tiny hole for the gas to escape.

    from Stephen Krex Posted on

    What can I write about a lid? It works well. I tested the seal by dropping it a few times, and it stayed on and completely sealed. If your container needs a lid, this works well.

    Posted on

    These Cambro lids are very well made. They snap on securely and I like the way they fit 2 different size containers, you could save money by buying just 1 lid to fit 2 containers.

    Posted on

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