Cambro RFSC2PP190 Translucent Lid for Cambro Translucent 2 and 4 Qt. Round Containers

Item #: 214RFSC2PP

Lock in freshness with this Cambro RFSC2PP190 translucent round storage lid! This snap-on lid is made to fit Cambro 2 qt., and 4 qt. round translucent storage containers. Its tight seal works to keep foods and ingredients uncontaminated and organized for storage or transport!

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Cambro RFSC2PP190 Translucent Lid for Cambro Translucent 2 and 4 Qt. Round Containers

4.9 stars from 90 reviews


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lid containers lids fit container great Cambro tight perfectly easy
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    The lids for the storage containers are great, they fit well, are dishwasher safe and clean really easily. a must for the storage container to be useful
    Not much to say about this lid: it works perfectly with its matching containers. The Cambro polycarbonate rounds are expensive and fantastic. I use them extensively for handling sourdough starters and dough. If they are within your budget, you can't go wrong with them.
    Finally, my fridge will not smell badly. This thing is must have in every house. Good quality. I have no regrets about this buy. Good!
    I'm so glad I could find these. I have the containers but the kids lost the lids. These are a welcome addition. They were the perfect match for my 4 quart cambro containers
    These lids fit the indicated containers easily and securely. The tab on the side makes them easy to remove. They are very easy to clean.
    Great lid. They’re so thick and snappy onto the container. Nothing leaks and the price is right. Although, I would recommend the choice brand over this.
    These lids work great on our 4 qt round containers, even from other manufacturers. They have a tight seal and don't have to worry about the lid popping off if spilled or dropped.
    Multipurpose anything is a win in our book. Love that they are used for multiple containers. Anything that we can buy one less of is great. They're tight fitting, stack great, and I've never had anything spill when it's been accidently knocked over.
    I purchased this lid for the 4 quart cambro and the lid fits and seals the cambro perfectly to make sure no air or contintaiminate or moisture can get in to spoil your product inside
    This lid fits very tightly on my 2 quart round container. Keeps whatever I have in it fresh. And it washes well in the dishwasher.
    This lid does not stay intact for very long. We have found it to be rather brittle and breakable. They worked for us for a while, but did not seem to hold up compared to the competitors.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    I have the container that fits this lid. The lid fits so securely that sometimes I have trouble getting it off!! So you can just imagine how fresh it keeps everything! This lid does what it says and im satisfied!!
    This is a great product! The lid fit the Cambro 2 & 4qt containers perfectly; both the white & translucent containers. It creates a nice tight seal that will not open if dropped or lifted by the lid (assuming it's not too heavy). We use these lids & containers for everything from kids' snacks to baking/cooking ingredients in various sizes at home and at our business (bakery & coffee shop). They are nearly completely clear, very very easy to see what is inside, no guessing required. Absolutely love these lids & containers and would highly recommend.
    This lid is worth its money when buying. Very durable and it wont crack and goes on very tight.. Will buy again and recommend to my friends.
    This lid fits both 2 and 4 qt. cambro containers perfectly. It is nice having one size fit multiple containers. The polypropylene material is heavy duty, stain resistant, and translucent.
    Great lids with a great seal and they go on and come off easily! I'll be ordering more soon! Tape for label/date goes on and off easily.
    This is the lid that you would buy separately from the containers . The transluscent feature allows you to see through the lid to know what is inside the container
    This lid snaps on so tight that I ca turn the tub upside down and the lid dose not come off. Love it. Going to tell friends and family.
    These lids fit our containers perfect. The material they are made with is strong enough where it doesn't crack easily. We will definitely purchase again
    This lid is made of translucent plastic and will fit 2 and 4 quart round food storage containers. Our team highly recommends purchasing lids for your food storage containers to ensure your contents remain safe and uncontaminated. We also like the lids because it allows us to stack food storage containers when inside the refrigerator.
    These are the best for general storage of food. I have SOOO many of this and keep buying as our business traffic grows. Very durable! Perfect for sauce as it is not too heavy to carry.
    Make sure to always buy these cambro brand lids! I accidentally bought a generic brand lid one time and they do not fit tight. These cambro lids fit snuggly and will keep liquids from spilling out even if the cambro is tipped over.
    These fit perfectly on the 4 qt round containers that we picked up at an auction. We were able to find the correct lid, and they fit snugly. Clear so that you can see the contents of your container through them.
    This fits well and keeps things dry, but is not completely leak proof for liquids, which is generally not a problem unless it falls off a counter or is turned upside down.
    These cambro lids are great and fit on perfectly so no need to worry about spills!! Highly recommend if you are considering for the quality
    These containers lids are great. They snap on very tight and prevent leaking. The lids are very durable as we've dropped them, stepped on them and they've gone through some abuse.
    These fit perfectly into the 2 qt and 4 qt containers. They are easy to clean and easy to identify. A MUST BUY if you are getting the containers
    We've been using these to do test batches for our cold brew concentrate. Works like a charm and holds well. Does not retain smells and cleans easily. Lid holds liquid well. No spill while walking them around the shop.
    These lids are the perfect size.They snap on really easily and they stay on tight! they are very durable and are really easy to wash. i would recommend to any one
    Goes well with the 2qt container. Creates an airtight seal that keeps the product fresh. Great product for the price, and beats out the reusable containers found in stores.
    Perfect fit and the finish is easy to clean. I use the container as a whole to marinade chicken breaths. Perfect product for the cost.
    Great quality lids. They are strong and sturdy. I have not had a problem with leaking around the rim when used with the 2 and 4 Qt. round storage containers.
    These translucent lids are excellent for keeping foods fresh and locked into container they snap tight ly to the top of container and very inexpensive from WEBstaurantStore.
    The Cambro RFSC2PP190 Translucent Lid for Cambro Translucent 2 and 4 Qt. Round Containers fits perfect. The quality is good and the price is reasonable. This is definitely a great value.
    This lid fits great in the 2 qt container. It is strong and durable. It is clear making it easier to see the ingredients in the container.
    Lids fit perfectly on the containers that they are meant for and help provide an air tight seal to keep the product extra fresh for longer
    These lids works great in combination with the cambro containers. I bought several and have never had a leak. Heavy duty and washes up nicely.
    Excellent fitting heavy lid! Can stack many Cambros on top and not flex these. Nice large area to write contents or to apply name and expiration stickers. The UPC stickers that ship with all Cambro products come off very easily so you won't spend any time pulling these off and cleaning up a gooey mess.
    Snaps on tight and stays in place you can view thru this lid and see what is in the bucket or going on in the bucket,
    Haven't had any issues with this lid for our containers. It snaps closely to the container so batters, sauces, and stocks won't leak through the top. Easy to label with tape, you shouldn't have any troubles with this for storage uses. It holds well for dry, cold, or freezer storage.
    This is the lid for the Cambro 4 quart translucent round food storage container we use for storing large quantity food items. This and the round container is a great combination
    Great lids that fit our 4 qt storage buckets perfectly. Snaps tight and prevents any leaks. Good quality at a low price, and sturdy enough to stack several buckets high.
    Cambro 4 quart lid is super durable and strong. Flexible too. It's necessary to have extra lids for the containers. Either they break or get lost. 4 stars
    I really like translucent lids since it helps give me a good idea of how fresh my food is. This is made out of a very strong material that will last a very long time.
    very happy perfect fit and durable plastic dish washer safe. simple and useful to cover up food overall very satisfied. its a lid so it works.
    Making sure you have the proper lid to fit a container is important. This lid is made of strong plastic and seals up nicely. Fits a 2 QT Cambridge translucent container.
    These fit on the containers perfectly, making a nice airtight seal. They are easy to get on and off, wash up easily, and have a little flexibility or "give" to them.
    They are a great material which is made, we are impressed by the strength they have, they are very easy to install, is presented in a very nice color and design it is unique. We recommend
    These lids snap on tight and fit well with the corresponding containers. Just translucent enough to see through it. The little lip makes it easy to pull off the container.
    These lids fit the Cambridge canisters with a super tight snap seal. No worries that your food won't stay fresh. One word of advice...don't put yeast dough in and snap the lid all the way closed. It will explode off. I use plastic hair caps also sold on this sight to cover the top when using for dough.
    Awesome lids for our Cambro storage containers. They fit nice and tight and best of all they allow you to stack in the frig and give us much more room
    We really like the Cambro translucent lids because it makes it so easy to see what is inside. We prefer them to the opaque lids.
    This lid fits the 4 quart Cambos that we use perfectly. I've learned that no matter how many of these things you think you'll need, order more, you'll use them.
    Somehow, no matter how many of these that we have, you ultimately always end up losing lids. Thanksfully, you can get them here at a great price.
    You can't beat the price on these lids! Cambro is the best name brand you can buy for these storage containers, I don't see how they keep the price so low!
    these lids are great! I love how they have made the different cambros with same diameter so they can be used with the other sizes! Very convenient when trying to work quickly! Highly recommend these!
    Great fitting lid for these containers. Seals without and leaking. The translucent color makes it great so you can see what’s inside. I really recommend them
    we bought these lids for the supporting containers we have and they work great and fit perfectly. We will bu these again when we need more.
    Must buy if you use cambro. I ordered both the clear and white and i like them both. They both fit very well, they are made from very strong stuff must buy.
    These are really affordable and nice. Would just be nice if I could tell the difference between the clear ones and the translucent ones when it comes to food storage qualities, but I can't.
    We really like these ca bro containers. We use them in the fridge, freezer as well as dry storage. It has helped us get more organized
    Love these lids, tight fitting even when dropped more than once. They also function with other sizes, you just have to know which one to order.
    The translucent version of the lids for the 2 and 4 qt round containers are great. I love seeing my product, and the durability and overall quality is good.
    What more can be said about how great this lids are. they snap on super tight. No chance of food leaking out. I like the fact that they nestle so well when stacking the bins one on top of each other. Some may complain about Cambro being more pricey, but I think they are well worth the money, these will last for years of use.
    We love these lids. It takes a little getting used to how tight they fit, but once you do, you know it's a good fit and you don't have to worry!
    This is a must if you buy the container. It's easy to open and close and locks fairly tight so contents don't leak so there's no need to worry
    There are so many things to like about these lids: 1) They fit on both the 4 QT and 2 QT storage containers. 2) They cost less than when I purchased the exact same containers locally. 3) They don't stain or carry an odor from the food that was once being stored in them. 4) They clean up quite nicely.
    Ansolutely the best buckets! They come clean very easy! A lot easier than the cloudy buckets! We use them to store almost every food item! Lids are sturdy
    I also love how this lid fits more than one size. The smaller size lids tend to be a little easier to snap on and off the containers, but it gets easier the more you do it. I like having the small little tab in front to give you a little more leverage.
    These fit very well into the round containers. They do not crack in the freezer and they make stacking these containers easy. Being clear is also a plus being able to see what products are inside.
    It fits my 4qt cambro bin. It provides a good seal and doesn't seem to leak at all with anything i put in it. The tab makes it easier to pull it off because these snap on well
    We have bought so many of these lids. They always fit perfectly. They do exactly what they are made to do and we've never received a bad one.
    These lids are great! They are sturdy and don't manipulate easily. That being said, they do not go on their containers easily either, but, once they do, they stay on tightly!
    Can't have the storage container without the lids to go with them. These lids lock on so well I don't think you'd ever have to worry about spills.
    This is a great item. I use it with the Cambro 4 quart round storage container and it fits perfectly. Does the job - no complaints!
    These lids fit well and are well made. I would buy these again. They met or beat all industry standards in my opinion. Also you won't find these cheaper any where on the net.
    These are great lids for the Cambro translucent containers. They are very sturdy and seem to hold air tight. They keep my baking ingredients fresh!
    These are the perfect lids for your Cambro storage containers. They don't loose their shape or fit, even after many times through the dishwasher. I would definitely get these again.
    These containers work great for storing and freezing. They also heat in the microwave. Lids seal securely. You can also mark them itch a wax pen for dating products.
    I love that these lids are interchangeable between the 2 and 4 qt cambro sizes! It's so convenient to have just one pile of lids instead of having to keep them separate! Also, they are nice and tight, and create a great seal to keep food fresh!
    These lids really do the trick to an already great product from Cambro. The Cambro lid fights tightly with a great seal keeping whatever you have inside fresher longer!
    These lids are great because the fit both the 2qt and 4qt round Cambro containers. Once on the are very secure and rarely pop open if dropped.
    perfect fitting lid for container. Seals without and leaking. Love the translucent color so I can still see the food in the container. definitely recommend
    Sometimes when you have larger storage containers the lid is a bear to get off. Not so with the Cambro storage containers and lids. I have this one on both my 2- and 4-qt. containers and I love the tight fit/seal and ease of getting it back off. Very well made!!!
    These are very good lids that keep well their shape even after many dishwasher cycles. The plastic stayed clear from stains, and are easily stackable.
    It's a lid for a cambro, it fits my containers. It's strong and this is the best price I've seen for them anywhere. It's way better than using old sour cream containers to store your food.
    This is a very sturdy lid. Fits very well with the Cambro translucent round containers. I can drop the container and the lid will not come off.
    I'm gluten free, so when I bake I use a lot of different types of flour. These are perfect for storing them--they stack in my pantry and keep the flours fresh.
    The 4 qt round container lid is a must have addition to go with the round containers.The lid is a great value for the money. Very happy with the quality.
    Good solid quality product. Pay the difference for these Cambro containers and lids, you will not be disappointed. They snap on securely and I have not had any problems with them.

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