Cambro RFSC12PP190 Translucent Lid for Cambro Translucent 12, 18, and 22 Qt. Round Containers

Item #: 214RFSC12PP

Lock in freshness with this Cambro RFSC12PP190 translucent round storage lid! This snap-on lid is made to fit Cambro 12qt., 18 qt., and 22 qt. round translucent storage containers. Its tight seal works to keep foods and ingredients uncontaminated and organized for storage or transport!

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Cambro RFSC12PP190 Translucent Lid for Cambro Translucent 12, 18, and 22 Qt. Round Containers

4.8 stars from 83 reviews


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    Cambro RFSC12PP190 Translucent Lid for Cambro Translucent 12, 18, and 22 Qt. Round Containers #214RFSC12PP it is good. these lids hold their form after many washings and never discolor, they snap on making a tight fit to avoid leakage

    from Hipoke Posted on

    Lids fit tight! We cracked the lip on one and it still seals! They don't stain from red sauce and we have used them over and over

    from HomeGrown Pizza LLC Posted on

    Lid for Cabro Storage Container

    These buckets and lids are the BEST for storing food. They are not easily broken! They are very easy to wash clean. We use only these for food storage.

    from K & B Private Equity Posted on

    Purchased this as a replacement lid and it works great. Nothing special about it. I will continue to buy for replacement lid as needed for future.

    from Just Eat This Catering Posted on

    Good product plus cheapest you use the secure your food for hot cold or freezer. Bigger size is better than three small container to hold

    Posted on

    These 22 quart lids deserve a five star rating. They are very strong and break resistant considering the size of the container. Very airtight so ingredients stay fresh.

    Posted on

    You definitely need this lid for the 12 quart container. A necessity in every kitchen for storing rice, macaroni, oatmeal and all kinds of dry ingredients.

    Posted on

    We use this lid on the 22qt bucket container and it fits great. It makes a nice seal that stays on very well. I am afraid to try turning the container upside down but when filled with a liquid or a sauce a simple slosh is perfectly contained by this lid.

    from Younglife Saranac Village Posted on

    Love Cambro products, you pay a little more but you always know you are getting good quality products. they never discolor and hold up to many washing

    from Kristin's kitchen Posted on

    Seals on nice and tight and keeps my soups from spilling!

    This was exactly what we needed. Our old lid cracked and this perfectly fit our existing bin. The fact that the lid is translucent makes it easy to see how much is inside.

    from SSR Investments, Inc Posted on

    The clear lid for our 18qt bin.

    These are great fitting lids. Much better quality than the lids you can get for the square cambro containers. These are sturdy, hard plastic with a good sealing lip. We keep kale chips in these containers using these lids and moisture is never a problem

    from Rainbow Juices Posted on

    These lids stack really well, seal tightly, and hold up over lots of daily use and washing. We can't seem to have enough of them on hand.

    from Crust Vegan Bakery Posted on

    Lid on 22qt Cambro

    These lids match the Cambro buckets perfectly. They take some maneuvering to get them on but once on they seal tight and stay on. High quality plastic should last a long time.

    from Novo Kebab Grill Posted on

    This lid is the perfect addition to the storage container. I'd recommend getting it, but remember that it doesn't actually lock in the liquid completely.

    Posted on

    I love these containers and lids. We use them to store bulk hops (for brewing). The lids are nice. They feel sturdy and allow us to stack multiple bins on top of each other. They are clear and allow you to see inside. A but tricky to get on, but I would rather have them feel tight than too loose.

    from Hop Haus Brewing Co. Posted on

    These lids work well. They fit snugly.

    These are the best for general storage of food. I have SOOO many of this and keep buying as our business traffic grows. Very durable!

    Posted on

    Cambro is awesome! These are great because they fit most of our containers. It saves space and fits well that it doesn't spill everywhere. Plan on getting more soon.

    Posted on

    Cambro makes such good food storage products. It's great that they have these lids, which you can use on several different sized of storage container.

    Posted on

    These cambro lids are great and fit on perfectly so no need to worry about spills!! Highly recommend if you are considering for the quality..must have for storing bulk dressings or drinks!!

    from Vault catering and events Posted on

    This is a very nice strong durable lid for cambro translucent round food storage container it is really nice it's a tight fit really can't go wrong with it

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    Works great for keeping my house made pickles fresh

    These are extremely sturdy and easy to clean! Very good for the price too! They fit both the 12 qt 18 qt and 22 qt containers.

    from n/a Posted on

    This is the lid for the Cambo round container I use the 22 quart size which fits a 50 pound bag of flour perfectly. Or use them in dry storage and sometimes for large prep tasks. They are really durable and easy to use. You have to buy the lid and the containers separately

    from Dine In Posted on

    These lids are the perfect size.They snap on really easily and they stay on tight! they are very durable and are really easy to wash. i would recommend to any one

    Posted on

    Cambro makes good products and this is no exception. The lid fits the container tight to,keep food fresh. I buy pasta in bulk and this wide opening container is nice for easy use.

    from Comfort Cusine Posted on

    Tight fitting lid is good to keep food fresh.

    These lids are perfect for our containers that we have and you can easily use a wax pencil on the lid to label the containers.

    from INDYO Posted on

    Lid seals tight keeping our products fresh!

    This Cambro translucent round storage container lid is exactly as advertised. The lid is durable and well constructed. The lid fits the corresponding container perfectly.

    from City Limits Barbeque Co Posted on

    We use 22 qt containers to store different flours at our small bakery. This lid is perfect for the matching container. Very sturdy plastic, good design. It closes tightly but is easy enough to open up. Translucent material is helpful for seeing ingredients stored inside. Would recommend!

    Posted on

    I have purchased several round containers and you cannot order those containers without adding these lids to seal the deal, literally, LOL. But these lids offer easy transport and easy cleanup for me when catering events.

    from Dez's Kitchen Posted on

    Fantastic lids! Seal great, and do no come off while in use. Extra convenient that they fit multiple sizes. The only annoyance is that the lid tab is shorter than the handles on the container, so it is sometimes hard to take off if the lid tab is lined up with the handles.

    Posted on

    Seals tight to keep cut lettuce fresh

    Nice sturdy product, we use these lids with the matching tub for our sourdough starter. You can write on with a sharpie and it comes off you can put food labels on and they clean off easily. Good product will repurchase.

    from MERCURY PIZZA CO Posted on

    Lids fit perfectly on the containers that they are meant for and help provide an air tight seal to keep the product extra fresh for longer

    Posted on

    Dig & Serve always buys lids for our containers. This lid, the Cambro Translucent Lid for Cambro Translucent 12, 18, and 22 Qt. Round Containers is great. It allows for easy stacking as well as minimizes spillage. One issue is that it does not seal as well as other poly lids for other cambro containers. If there is liquid contents there can be spillage so just be careful. However, this product is great and we highly recommend always getting lids for all your cambro storage containers. Dig & Serve is A Speakeasy Underground Supper Club in Albuquerque, NM. We produce experiential dining events featuring local food from our farm and other farmers we know and trust. Check us out at and follow on instagram and facebook @digandserve #digandserve #webstaurantestore #popupdinner #supperclub #localfood #nofarmsnofood #experientialdining #nmtrue #albuquerquefood #farmtotable

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    A must have for your cambro containers. This lid fits perfectly and makes stacking a breeze. For the price, just order the matching lid with your cambro container

    from mm clubhouse Posted on

    I have had several of these for years and they still seal up my 22qt Cambros like they were brand new. Sometimes the tabs will break off but it's not a big deal for me.

    Posted on

    You can look thru this lid and see what is in the bucket or going on in the bucket, snaps on tight and stays in place.

    from Local Foods Bakery Posted on

    This is a great seal. Definitely couldn't hold liquid upside down in here, but you can get some sloshing without much disturbance. I'd bring a towel for bumpy transport.

    from Town Square Market Posted on

    These lids are necessary for the large storage containers if you are storing wet or dry goods in them. They create a really nice, firm seal so you won't have to worry about leaks. They are easy to label and if you need to, you can stack the containers on top of each other.

    from THG Foods, Inc. Posted on

    Works as intended. Tough, easy to clean, and fits tightly on the cambro buckets. It stands up well to hot liquids like broth and stock.

    from Hinckley's Fancy Meats Posted on

    The 12 inch plastic lid for the 12 inch container is great product, closes really tide and keeps all the food items fresh and neat.

    from PIZZAONEAVON LLC Posted on

    The Cambro Translucent Container Lids are very satisfactory. At River and Rail Bakery we use the containers to hold our dough while it is refrigerated. The lids are easy to clean and provide sturdy ability to stack. The only thing keeping it from a 5 star review is that some doughs grow large enough that the lids can be pushed off. It is rare, and not entirely the lid's fault, but were it a tighter seal, perhaps this would not occur.

    from River and Rail Bakery Posted on

    The lids snap on very well to the containers. The only design flaw is you cannot nest the lids when you are storing them on top of each other. Otherwise the slide around and fall.

    Posted on

    These lids fit the large Cambro containers very well. They get used every day and have held up extremely well. Just make sure you get the right Cambro container otherwise they won't fit.

    from Toni's Depot Posted on

    These lids work great for the large Cambro storage containers. They snap on very well and they don't fall off. You can't go wrong with the price on these.

    from Mikes Cafe Posted on

    The lid fits great. It's tough and durable and snaps tight. Great price for such a convenient time. webstaurant has the best prices around. Period.

    from Zack's Shack Posted on

    Matched these with the 22Qt translucent round containers - Perfect for ingredient storage - love the translucent sides so I can gauge fill level and easily identify ingredients from a distance. Nice sturdy plastic.

    Posted on

    Very good but it will stain if you use hot sauce. These are the best you can buy for the price. We use these everyday at the store. If you are thinking of buying lids buy this one.

    from NY PIZZA PIE LLC. Posted on

    The Cambro RFSC12PP190 Translucent Lid for Cambro Translucent 12, 18, and 22 Qt. Round Containers fit perfectly and are completely necessary when storing dry goods in the containers.

    from Ruffled Feathers Posted on

    Convent having one lid for several containers and these are stack-able. They hold up well to everyday use the masking tape used to label them peels off without an issue. Highly recommenced, health inspectors love them.

    Posted on

    well made professional quality. nice snug fit for keeping items fresh and contained. lip has tab that works great for opening lid and like hearing the "snap" for additional confirmation the lid is secure.

    from Chad Fenner Posted on

    If you feel the need to transport food or liquids in the 22 quart storage container these lids are the only way to travel. Made from heavy duty plastic these are perfect for transport.

    from lemonade house mobile 1 Posted on

    This is a basic lid for a round plastic container. Works as it should and we are satisfied with the price and quality. We would purchase again.

    Posted on

    These lids fit perfect on the large 18 quart containers. They are on there nice and tight but they are still pretty easy to get off.

    from CG's Pizza Posted on

    What's a cambro without the lid? We use theses guys all the time. Again, another durable product that takes a beating and easy to clean. Holds us well in the dish area.

    Posted on

    Very good solid covers to match the well built containers. These are a great addition to the storage containers and feel like they are built to last.

    from Tripps Primal Farm and Kafé Posted on

    The cambros we ordered didnt come with lids so we needed these. They do their job as described and fit with the matching container. A good lid

    from Secret spot Posted on

    Lid fits perfectly on 22 qt round container. Seals tight and prevents anything from getting in. Have had for a couple years and still works great.

    Posted on

    Of course, where would I be without the lid for my 12 qt cambro. These containers are great for storage of anything from flower to chocolate chips. Airtight to lock in the freshness!

    from The Cupcake Chick, LLC Posted on

    Clear lid that can fit multiple size containers. The lid allows you to see whats inside from the top and you can write on it with a marker to indicate whats inside the container.

    from El Habanero Posted on

    These lids fit the 22QT round containers perfectly. After a few of our lids were damaged or misplaced these were the perfect replacement at a good price.

    from Tiny Elephant Posted on

    These kids fit the containers perfectly. They seal well but are still easy to open. We use them in both dry storage as well as in the freezer

    from Red River Inn Posted on

    These lids are very durable and keeps a very good tight seal, After several uses it has not tended to give any and its a great buy from WR.

    from GREEN ZONE BAR & GRILL Posted on

    I have this containers and lids in almost every size available. The lids snap on SUPER tight, takes some getting used to., but great because critters can get in them when storing in the garage.

    Posted on

    It's necessary to buy separate lids, and these lids do the job of sealing the round cambros very well. I like the translucency because it allows you to make out what's inside often.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    Well designed lid that is an easy on/off fit for the Cambro 12 qt round container, as well as the larger sizes (18 qt & 22 qt). Translucent Cambro is made of non-BPA plastic, so I feel safe using these for my bulk food storage.

    Posted on

    They are are the perfect fitting lids and are spill free. I like the little lip on it. Makes it way easier when opening and closing with the lid!

    Posted on

    These lids are the perfect fit for the Round storage containers...they snap on tightly so nothing gets in your food but don't require the jaws of life to open.

    from Edible Bliss Posted on

    Heavy-duty lid snaps onto the 12qt container with no problem due to it's wide lip. Very well constructed. I look forward to buying more of these in the future.

    Posted on

    This lid is great. it fits snugly and is virtually leak proof. I marinated my turkey for thanksgiving in it and when i moved it from the counter to the fridge no liquid spilled.

    Posted on

    This lid has a snug fit that is absolutely great for dry goods. However, when it comes to transporting liquids it would be great to have a leak-proof option. I transport beverages which slosh around the container during transport. There's always a bit of liquid that manages to escape and dribble down the side of the containers. I'm giving a 5 star rating because the lid does what it supposed to do, I just wish it were less messy with liquids.

    Posted on

    Cambro is great for being able to use lids on multiple containers. These snap on just right and I'm really pleased with the thickness. Recommend.

    from backwater Posted on

    The lids have a very snug fit and at times it can be difficult to get them to close properly. I have noticed this occurs more frequently on the 4 quart containers.

    from Simply Natural Cafe Posted on

    Really love the resourcefulness of how this lid fits 3 different sizes. I had a hard time at first snapping these on, but the more I use them, the easier they become to get off.

    from Sophisticakes Posted on

    You will not be disappointed with the quality of these lids! If you are using them to store dry goods or to shake wings won't be disappointed!

    from The Pump Posted on

    The cambro containers and lids are definitely cheaper here than in most stores and the cambro lids are definitely a tighter fitting lid than other brands, such as the Rubbermaid lids.

    from Gluten Free Kids Posted on

    Lids always seem to be more scarce than their containers. Conveniently, this lid fits three different sized cambros. Without it, they're really just fancy buckets.

    Posted on

    These are the perfect fitting lids. I really like that they work for more than just one size container. They've held up really well after many times through the dishwasher too.

    Posted on

    Its a lid. Hard to give it anything less than 5 stars if it fits the tub you ordered. This one fits just fine, will buy more.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    If you purchase the cambro 22 quart round container, then it's pretty simple, you will need the round container lid as well. As with everything else, great prices.

    Posted on

    These lids go hand in hand with the Cambro 8 and 12 qt. storage containers that I bought. A bit more difficult to snap on tight than the "older models" I have used, but I don\'t suppose that that is a bad thing.

    from DJK Establishments, LLC Posted on

    Fantastic Product across the board. I use these everyday and they are durable and easy to clean. You cannot go wrong with these because they are versatile with 3 different sizes.

    Posted on to the rescue! It is so much easier for me to find the right item online than at our local kitchen store--which often has either the container, or the lid...rarely both. These lids are great!

    from Arcadia Posted on

    These lids for the round storage containers fit very snuggly and for the most part are spill-free! We could not have used the storage containers without these lids! It makes it easier to carry around the containers with the lid on!

    Posted on

    All of the lids fit their respective (varied-size) containers. They fit snugly so contents will not be exposed to air. These lids are sturdy. They should be purchased with the Cambro containers.

    from Simplee Sushi Posted on

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