Cambro RFS6PP190 6 Qt. Translucent Round Storage Container

Item #: 214RFS6PP

This Cambro RFS6PP190 6 qt. round container is made of durable, translucent polypropylene that provides exceptional chemical, stain, and impact resistance. Simply snap on the lid (sold separately) and this container will keep your ingredients, prepared food, or liquids fresh and ready to use! Built with easy to read graduations printed on the outside of this container, it makes "at-a-glance" inventory management easy.

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Cambro RFS6PP190 6 Qt. Translucent Round Storage Container

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    I really like these containers I had already purchased the larger size but needed something smaller for ice cream These work well are made well and priced fairly.
    Good size container. There are many uses for this, we use it to store sugar and other dry goods. It’s very thick plastic and does not bend at all. Very sturdy.
    Great multipurpose storage container. We've used this and other sizes for everything from storing sugar and granola, to mixing up small batches of simple syrup.
    Another great storage container. If I had to choose between this brand and choice, I would probably recommend choice just because their lid are a lot thicker.
    You just cannot get enough of these containers. We have them probably in every size. They are very easy to clean. Lids fit perfectly. We use them to store dry goods and liquids as well.
    We use these for prepping foods such as potatoe salad, slaw, and pasta salad to transport to onsite venues. They are a comfortable size for employees to handle and leak proof.
    This container is recommended in the Flour Water Salt Yeast bread baking book and I use it for maintaining my levain starter and pre-fermenting my poolish. It works really well. The lids (purchased separately) fit tightly. I would recommend this product.
    This round cambro is perfect for allowing smaller batches of dough to rise. The gradations allow us to see when the dough has doubled in size and the size fits easily on the shelves of our fridge. Also excellent for airtight storage of our cookies.
    We use these containers for the first fermentation our rye sourdough. Lids fit well, container is sturdy and being able to see through is helpful.
    I had one of these at home and have ordered two more. These are perfect for all of my yeasty pastry projects, and having more than one has been a life saver when it comes to working on multiple bread projects at once.
    These 6 quart translucent storage containers by Cambro are great for so many things other than just storing food. We use ours to make sweet tea. Simply awesome!
    LOVE these containers - they are so handy and so easy to clean! Unlike other containers, these seem to clean easily of oil and residue.
    I like how this 6 quart container is transluscent so you can see what’s inside. The container is very durable so you will not have to worry about breaking it
    I love these containers for mixing my soap batches. I bought the lids to go with them and will masterbatch a bunch of batches ahead of time. Stacks nicely and washes nice.
    Great storage container! I regularly use mine for keeping a bread dough in the fridge for whenever we need it. Nice and tall for holding plenty of dough or whatever else you might like to store within
    We use these for everything at our coffee shop and sandwich shop! Great quality plastic, measurements are clearly marked and very convenient for basic measuring. These are a nice in-between size, they don't take up too much room but large enough to store a considerable amount of product. Our cambro 6qt lids fit perfectly!
    We have about 60 of these containers some of them are 7+ years old if you take care of them and wash them they last forever
    Coming with a lid, this is a great price. I'm a home baker, so I'm using this for refrigerated dough storage. It fits about 4 lbs of dough with sufficient room to expand, and feels sturdy. The integral handles are a great feature, and the translucent polypropylene Cambro containers allow enough visibility to watch dough expansion while also being cheaper than the polycarbonate containers, and also being BPA free. Buying the lids separately allowed me to purchase two lids per container and drill holes for dough expansion in one, and retain the other without venting for brining and pickling.
    I like that the handles are larger on this version, it makes it much easier to carry. The printing is very dark and easy to read.
    This is easy to clean and versatile. I use it for rising doughs and even for mixing up large batches of practically anything. It is very sturdy and light.
    These 6 quart containers are the perfect size for our storage needs. They are tough and do not easily stain. We have bought these several times.
    The Cambro RFS6PP190 6 Qt. Translucent Round Storage Container works great for storing waffle mix and or pasta. The quality is very good as well as the price. The handles make lifting so much easier. I definitely recommend this storage container.
    Sturdy container and resists red sauce stains and smells. It cleans up well and is used quite often in my kitchen. I am starting a collection of sizes since it is such a great container.
    Versatile storage container. I use it mainly for keeping dough in the fridge but able to use it as well for if I need a container for short time storing.
    I have bought several of these for my catering business. I use them daily. Very heavy duty and washes up nicely. The cambro lid fits great!
    Cambro containers are awesome! We noticed various liquid items do not stick to the container and thus make it much easier to clear out and clean. Great design and being translucent you can tell at a glance how much product is inside. Highly recommend Cambro!
    Another cambro product made only with high quality of plastic. It is made to last so, it is a very good investment! I highly recommend!
    So excited by these new containers I love that you can see thru them and that the lids fit on nice and snug. We prefer the clear.
    A million uses for these and I cant find a better price for them anywhere else. Highly recommend getting a bunch for food storage - both wet and dry.
    Been using this Cambro 6 Qt. for bread making. It works extremely well and is very durable. It is used almost every day and shows no sign of wear.
    We just bought these 6 qt storage containers. Great for mixing ingredients for our mini loaf cakes. Also wet ingredients flow out very easily & do not stick to the container. Very easy to clean. Highly recommend.
    Good size for our bread rising needs. Picked up a few lids for these that are really needed. The semi clear walls are great to see exactly where our bread has risen. We love these.
    Cambro storage containers have been a life saver for us. We use then for food storage, bread making, food preparation, and we even use it to carry ice.
    Cambro makes some of the best quality containers available. This one is a strong, translucent container that is six quart. Be sure to get the matching lid.
    Perfect for mixing smaller quantities of dough for overnight storage. I also used it for the first time to make pizza dough for the family. First batch was good size for 5 pizza crusts.
    We love these and so does our inspector. Easy to see how full they are and what's inside. They are easy to clean. When we need more we will buy more.
    Product is just as described in the description. This container is light weight yet heavy duty. The translucent appearance allows for you to see your contents within to make sure everything is as should be. We use this container to store icing and other treats for our bakery. Will be ordering more! Great product for a great price!
    These are great and durable. We use them to hold things like apple, cherry and peach pie filling for our dessert pizza. Sometimes we'll load up a big one with a special spice mixture.
    These cambro 6 Qt translucent round storage containers are very sturdy and easy to clean. I use them with the matching lids to store supplies, I almost mix my soap recipes in them
    These containers ended up being perfect for my homemade Italian Ice. I thought I was going to have to buy expensive ice cream buckets, but these worked beyond my expectations.
    We bought the 6 qt Cambro storage containers for our commercial kitchen to store oil and soy sauce. They are great quality and easy to clean. You cannot beat the price. Our employees like them. Highly recommend them.
    Very durable containers at affordable prices. The lids are also well designed. At times it may be too tight to close. It can stain easily with certain type of sauces. I keep buying them to store the sauces.
    strong, durable, well made container. use it for mixing up large batches of dough. able to mix, cover, and store with no issues. cleans up easily and can store items in freezer, fridge, or at room temp with great results every time.
    Great item, be sure to get the lid! I use this for working my pizza dough in. I switched to these because they don't have BPA in them. I had the clear ones before.
    Great for long term dry good storage. The lids are easy to open, and they stack nicely which saves space. Arrived on time & as described.
    THIS product has been an absolute lifesaver in my kitchen. Before I was using ziploc bags to hold my prepared/marinating items but found this and realized quickly that I had been wasting my money. Check it out, very sturdy and would highly recommend this to anyone!
    This is a very good container. good durable item and is well marked with measuring indicator. Very good purchase for the money. We do recommend it.
    this product is so much cheaper here then the retail store like restaurant depot. this have made my life so much easier and i love it.
    I have been looking for a large, food safe container like this for a long time. These cambro containers are excellent because it has a wide opening, making it perfect for bread dough, or even marinating a whole chicken. The lids are sturdy and very handy. The same lid fits the 6 and 8 quart container, which is very helpful.
    I'm not sure how I ever stored dry ingredients before I got these. They're perfect...great size, dishwasher safe, refrigerator safe. Totally recommend if you buy the lid to go with them.
    At our company, we use this container as an all-purpose container and have many uses for it. So far, it has worked for all of our needs but the lid is difficult to get on and off.
    The translucent version of the 6qt round cambro is great for situations where you have to see the product. The size is great for holding a generous gallon of product without the risk of spill.
    We love these containers. We use them for everything. We like all our ingredients kept air tight and these just work great. Love that we can see the level of the ingredients left to use as well.
    This 6 Qt "squat" container is the perfect size for proofing dough. The translucent sides and markings make it easy to keep track of rising dough! Cambro is very sturdy and will last forever!
    Cambro products are great products and these containers are no exception. The translucence is great for identifying product in your cooler. The transport food really well with no spills.
    I use this to store my sour dough bread to slowly ferment in the fridge. Just the right size to hold enough dough for 4/5 loaves. I also purchased the matching's a pretty tight seal so I drilled a little pin hole in the lid so the gases can escape while it ferments.
    What can I say about Cambro stuff? They always make a quality solid product. Pricier than the generic, but usually a little more durable over time.
    I use these for making bread, storing soup, or cooking oil. The uses are endless! I like that they're clear and clean easily, and you can't beat the price.
    These Cambro 6 quart containers with tight fitting lids are great. They have easy to read markings on the side and clean up is super easy. I like best that they slip inside one another to maximize storage space. They have multiple uses in my kitchen.
    Great thick plastic. Heavy duty container, perfect for bulk kitchen needs, good measurements. Great price and quick shipping. Lid is airtight as well. I also love the handles, making it easier to grip.
    I love these containers for storing my dry goods such as flour, sugars, and grains. They're also good for fermenting bread dough if you make large batches or use the "5 minutes a day" method for making bread.
    Ansolutely the best buckets! They come clean very easy! A lot easier than the cloudy buckets! We use them to store almost every food item!
    I use these 6 quart storage containers for mixing and storing bread doughs. They work perfectly for mixing the batch size in the book, and for storing the dough in the fridge as it ferments.
    These containers are awesome. We use them to store our soups and sauces and they do not stain. They are very durable and easy to clean.
    Really love the ratio of depth to width of this size. It's perfect for storing brown sugar in and having to measure it out. Very glad that it's not too deep to have to reach into as well!
    i wanted some Cambro bins for proofing bread because they have the nice measurements on the side. This one is great for home needs i use it for ciabatta which needs to triple in size and its simple to tell with the markings no more looking at a bowl and guessing anymore
    Cambro provided us with the perfect container for multiple purposes outside of just being used for storage. With the included lid, we are able to stack the containers for storage or prep purposes. Highly recommended.
    Cambro containers really are the best. They are sturdy and can last for years with proper care. I use these to store diced and chopped veggies and they help keep my food fresh.
    I use the 6 qt Cambro container for my dough rising bucket and I'm just thrilled with how useful it is. Besides being lightweight and easy to clean and store, it is also very easy to track the progress of the rise by the measure marks on the side.
    I absolutely love these! I use these for flour, sugar, & for rising dough. Very Sturdy & price is reasonable! Other shops are much more expensive.
    I love these containers and how much they can fit! I also love that they are easy to clean, easy to read and so far the writing doesn't seem to want to wear off.
    I could not live without these containers. I purchased two of them. I use them to let my bread dough rise. The lid is tight fitting so it is perfect for the fridge too. Quality plastic, mad in USA.
    These Cambro Storage Containers are made of heavy duty plastic, and with the matching lid (sold separately) are air tight! They are also stackable! I bought one to check the quality/size, and will be ordering many more!
    Great containers to hold my baking ingredients!!! They are very durable and stack on eachother nicely. Make sure to buy the lids for them. Great value.
    I love all of my Cambro storage containers. We use them for many different things. They hold up very well even after a few years of use & many times through the dishwasher.
    Love the storage space for salad prep as well as holding the containers stacked. Very easy to clean and qt lines help to keep prep standards measured.
    I own several of these and really like them. Smooth interior is easy for mixing together bread dough and measurements make it easy to see how high your dough has risen.
    This Cambro really does the trick for keep product fresh and great for storage purposes. It holds a nice amount 6 quarts and cleans up well with no staining with different colored icings we have.
    Perfect for rising dough! For years I've just used a glass bowl for rising dough, trying to guess when it looked doubled in size but never really sure. I saw these containers used on a cooking show and realized they would be perfect! I usually make two loaves of dough, so the dough fits well into these 6-qt containers and has plenty of room to rise. The measurements on the container help to see when the dough has doubled. They're also easy to clean and store. I'm definitely happy I made this purchase!
    The translucent container is perfect to use to measure liquids. It is easy to see how much in in container due to see though, great prices.
    I like the square containers for stacking but I use this container to hold homemade yogurt in my fridge and it works great. The round profile makes it easy to place a strainer on top of it to strain the whey out and make greek yogurt. The square ones, while great for other purposes, aren't as deep as this one. That's one good reason why having these containers in different hapes makes so much sense. With this contianer, you can put a chinois strainer on top and just walk away and not have to worry about it collapsing or tipping because this container is that sturdy - yet it is still quite light in weight.
    Great size container for making pasta salads and chicken salad. Have bought many of these in the past and they hold up great against the dishwasher and handwashing. Highly recommend
    We are enjoying the Cambro RFS6PP-190 6 Qt. Round translucent Storage Containers. We are using them to brine chicken, making and proofing bread, and storing bread dough. Don't forget a to order a lid.
    The round 6 quart storage container from Cambro is also the best choice when it comes to food storage. Even though it is the Cambro brand, still a very good price.
    This container is airtight and great for storing bulk ingredients such as rice. I also use the contain to raise dough in since it is see through and you can easily see when the dough has risen in size. The container has made several trip through the dishwasher without issues. Don't forget to purchase the lids separately.
    This also is a great container, sturdy, easy to read measures. I may use this to rise small batches of dough or to store dry goods.
    Our kitchen staff absolutely loves these containers. These containers are stackable, easy to wash, and just the right size for soups and sauces. We completely switched over to these containers in our kitchen from the clear rectangular ones because of their cost and ease of use. Imagine only needing one type of container AND lid for storage! Awesome!
    the name cambro says it all ive always used there items and have yet to not be impressed. always great strenth and easy to clean and label
    I just love these Cambro storage containers! High quality, durable and easy to clean plastic. There are so many uses for these buckets, I use this 6 quart one to hold my yarn and crochet thread while knitting and crocheting - it prevents them from "walking" away and keeps them clean!
    If I could give this a higher rating I would! These are simply awesome to mix in. Sturdy, and easy to handle. My batter gets mixed right in these containers.. they stack and store well too!
    I bought this 6qt container so I could rise my bread dough and get a better gauge on when it has doubled. I worked so much better than using my mixing bowl and plastic wrap! The material the container is made of is very sturdy and easy to clean. The coordinating lid fit perfectly and actually is a better fit on my 6qt mixing bowl than the one from the manufacturer!
    Nice container which holds product and helps measure and keep fresh. Fits the Cambro lid very well. Easy to clean and stackable. Clear color allows you to identify contents quickly.
    I'm very pleased with the cambro 6Qt storage container. It's durable and easy to clean. It's handy for mixing large batches of sauces or brining meats.
    This container work wonderfully! I store wet and dry ingredients in it. I usually make dinners for all week on the preceeding weekend, and i use this to stored the soup!

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