Tablecraft 5 White Plastic Funnel Set

Item #: 208806

This Tablecraft 5 white plastic funnel set is a necessity for any kitchen or restaurant! Coming with 5 different funnels with diameters ranging from 2" to 6", this set is ideal for making funnel cakes or transferring a oils or sauces from one container to another. You can even use it to funnel dry ingredients without spillage or messes.

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Tablecraft 5 White Plastic Funnel Set

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set great funnels sizes funnel bottles small plastic price different
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    You can never have too many funnels. We liked that the set came with multiple sizes. They work great for liquids as well as spices.

    from Vault catering and events Posted on

    These multi sizes are awesome for my students to use for their sand and water play. We brought several. One for each classroom sand/water box

    from OLYMPIK TOTS LLC Posted on

    Good cheap funnel set. Good for small projects. We use them to fill bottles and shakers. The plastic is cheaper than I would like but adequate for small jobs.

    Posted on

    Thick, heavy duty plastic. These are completely solid white and stack inside of each other very well. The small is very small, and fits perfectly into extra small squeeze bottles on the garnish station.

    from Mustang Alley's Posted on

    Great set of basic funnels, Have held up great for general use and don't stain even with tomato based sauces. The nesting design makes then easy to store and keep together.

    Posted on

    This plastic funnel set is so handy for many things. I use the small ones for filling my small pastry squeeze bottles with chocolate. They all store inside each other.

    Posted on

    I bought this for the small funnels to fill my small squeeze bottles. Works great.

    The best part of this purchase is the variety of sizes that came with the set. We use them all for everything! Perfect for filling ketchup bottles and homemade dressings

    Posted on

    This is a great funnel set. Honestly i thought they were going to be cheesy because of how cheap they were, but very durable and nice.

    from Seasons Plant Based Bistro Posted on

    I like the set because it comes with multiple sizes which is perfect because some items are small and others are large. The little one works perfect for filling the salt and pepper shaker.

    from New Deli Posted on

    These are great and keep my jars clean. I use them every chance I get and the different sizes really come in handy. I use them for spices up to portioning.

    from Family Kitchen Posted on

    We use these at my business for funneling homemade sauces, syrups and dressings into squeeze bottles for service. They work great I just wish they had something to tie them together.

    from Milam Street Coffeehouse & Bakery LLC Posted on

    We use these funnels all the time in our restaurant from transferring catsup to smaller bottles, to filling salt shakers. Very economical set that we couldn't live without. Highly recommended.

    Posted on

    Funnel set

    These funnels are perfect for kitchen use but we also use them around the house and garage. These make transferring liquids or powders from one container a lot easier.

    Posted on

    plastic funnels

    The tablecraft 5 white funnel set is a good basic funnel set. I don't use funnels very often but every once in a while you are glad to have them around.

    from Sweet Gourmet Cafe Posted on

    Our kitchen crew use these alot. The size variance is helpful for dressings, sauces, and other liquids. They also use them for salt & sugar refills.

    from Ode To Food & Drinks Posted on

    Awesome funnels! They are great for pouring bulk spices into smaller containers. Way less spillage so less wasted spices. The price is great too. The durability is good.

    Posted on


    I love these because they are stackable and are also easy to clean (I use the pastry tube brush that I ordered from Webstaurant ITEM #: 1441661). I make homemade kefir milk every day and even though I use a strainer, it creates quite a mess. I got sick of stuff getting all over the mouth of my jars and running down the sides that I needed funnels for this to be less of a headache. Having the multiple sized funnels for my different size mason jars is just beyond a perfect solution. Thank you Webstaurant!

    from j4jcline Posted on

    I love these because they are stackable and are also easy to clean (I use the pastry tube brush that I ordered from Webstaurant ITEM #: 1441661). I make homemade kefir milk every day and even though I use a strainer, it creates quite a mess. I got sick of stuff getting all over the mouth of my jars and running down the sides that I needed funnels for this to be less of a headache. Having the multiple sized funnels for my different size mason jars is just beyond a perfect solution. Thank you Webstaurant!

    Economical set for a staple in the kitchen. We use these for a variety of things. The large size is great for refilling the ketchup bottles.

    from Rock N Grill Posted on

    3 of the 5 included in set, they work great.

    You never realize how much you need a funnel if you've never owned one. Great for liquids, spices and small grains. Holds up great in top rack of dishwasher.

    Posted on

    Multiple options on sizes that fit into each other for simple use and storage. Easy to keep clean and do not stain. Would recommend purchasing.

    from Fire Fin Poke Posted on

    The fact that it comes in set of five is awesome! Different sizes for my different needs. Made of good quality of plastic! Really good find!

    from Sugary and Savory Posted on

    Price: On Par to slightly cheaper than similar sets. I've seen some sets priced around 4 dollars but typically have 3 funnels vs the 5 that are in this set. Quality: They're pretty good. They're not as flimsy as I thought they were going to be for the price and what some reviews made it out to be. Far stiffer than other brands I've used. In fact, they remind me of funnels used for oil changes which have the same stiffness as these. Washing: I wouldn't place these in a high temp dishwasher or one with a Dry heating element. Hand washing them and using a small diameter brush is fairly quick and easy. Would I buy again? Yes

    Posted on

    great funnels, i would use them for liquids most of the time, but other than that, i use them for certain dry goods, but nice quality plastic!

    Posted on

    These are very convenient to have around. They easy and lightweight and whenever you find yourself on that rare occasion needing a funnel, you will always have one at the correct size.

    Posted on

    These are just what I was looking for. They have a more brushed texture on the outside but a smooth inside letting ingredients slide easily. Many sizes should be one for most jobs.

    Posted on

    Great sizes included in this set. Light weight plastic funnels, great for every use, easy to clean and easy to store as they stack in one another.

    Posted on

    We just love this funnel set. The price is great too. And you get a set of 5 funnels. Good for funneling pretty much anything.

    from Queens pizzaria Posted on

    This is a great set of funnels that come in a variety of sizes. Makes transferring liquids into containers so much easier. Keeps your work space from getting messy.

    from CMV Posted on

    Sir Clean recommend this product funnel set for the quality and price, the material is very resistant and you can use to tranfers any liquid.

    from Sir Clean Corp Posted on

    Good that they came in 5 sizes, and did what it was supposed to do, but the smaller sizes are hard to clean and store.

    from Taste of Saigon Posted on

    I love how these are well-made. I like how there are various sizes for a very small to large. I will definitely buy them again if I ever need them. And I will also recommend them to friends and family. I will definitely continue to use your site in the future.

    from Todd's Kitchen of Comfort Food Posted on

    A great set of funnels. A size for whatever you need it for. Seem sturdy and well made. Haven't noticed any staining or lingering odors after using them. Overall a good value.

    Posted on

    Nice little cheap Somerset or straight that funnel stuff into smaller bottles when I need it to all different sizes in this pack that's why I bought it thank you

    from home Posted on

    These funnels are pretty flimsy and tend to warp in the high-temp dish washer. That said, they do the job they need to do, and the cost is hard to beat.

    from Durham Co-op Market Posted on

    Great product! It comes with five different sizes, which is extremely helpful while putting fresh ketchup in a speed pourer, or olive oil in squeeze a bottle.

    from Plan 9 Alehouse Posted on

    Great funnel set and the price can't be beat. We use these a lot and so far we have not had any issues with them.

    Posted on

    Tablecraft 5 White Plastic Funnel Set #208806 i love the variety of sizes here i can use the small one to fill my test tubes for my mushroom agar

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    Perfect for everything, a great price, and even better a perfect size no matter the job. From filling salt shakers to squeeze bottles and anything else these plastic funnels wash and dry easily and store inside themselves for space saving.

    Posted on

    What's not to like? 5 funnels for this price is a good deal. We haven't even used most of them but i figure they are handy to have around a kitchen.

    from Chick-fil-A Posted on

    This set of funnels does the job. They are not thick and heavy, but for the price, you just can't beat them, and the job gets done.

    from H & L on the Hudson Posted on

    Cheap funnel set that still is quality constructed. You get all five funnels for the price of what you might pay for one somewhere else.

    from NFQ Posted on

    I myself am not much of a reviewer, but I feel the need to praise these funnel set. The different sizes are extremely helpful. The smallest is perfect to funnel sugar into our simple syrup bottle which abnormally tiny. Will recommend this product.

    from Miss Lucille's Cafe Posted on

    This funnel set is diverse and because of the 5 different sizes, is great to have on hand in any kitchen. This product is highly recommended by our staff!

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    Absolutely a great value. Enough variations in size in the set to address most needs -- from wine back into the bottle to occasionally being appropriated by a child to refill his toys. No challenges with taste or odors, and we have placed it in the dishwasher without discernible shape change or anything else. Very recommended.

    Posted on

    TableCraft 5-Piece white plastic funnel set is basic and very simple. The funnels make pouring and filling other containers very easy without making a big mess. They've come in very handy and our kitchen staff is happy with the purchase.

    from Paula N Posted on

    A great set. Hard to find a set of funnels for less, even at a hardware store. I can use these now for food or even garage projects.

    Posted on

    A good set of funnels that can be used for filling bottles with wet ingredients, or for use with dry ingredients like rice, cornmeal or flour. There are five sizes ranging from 2" to 6" which should handle most of your needs.

    from Russ H. Posted on


    This is a great basic white funnel set. They are quite durable and have not stained. They are a great value and I highly recommend!

    Posted on

    This is a really nice assortment of funnels. We use them every day and they work wonderfully. They are heavy duty plastic and function well.

    from Red River Inn &Suites Posted on

    The Tablecraft 5 White Plastic Funnel Set is a great by. We use them to fill squeeze bottles. They are a great value for the price.

    from Sidellis Lake Tahoe Posted on

    I was not expecting much from the 5 piece Tablecraft plastic funnel set because of the price for the set. When they came in i was pleasantly surprised the plastic was much thicker then expected. A good buy from websturant.

    Posted on

    Nice inexpensive funnel set with a variety of sizes for every need. Easy to clean and wash. Have used them quite a bit. Highly recommended.

    from Mahalos Posted on

    Must have items for filing salt and pepper shakers. I also use them for filing parm cheese, red pepper and other spices used while cooking.

    from CG's Pizza Posted on

    Good funnel set. It gets the job done. I use it for oils and sauces. Just a nice solid set of funnels to keep in the kitchen.

    from The local moose cafe Posted on

    The item is what it said it is. It is a funnel set for a decent price. I have seen many other funnel sets of same quality for same price but it does pretty well give you any particle size funnel you may need which is now.

    Posted on

    This funnel set comes in so handy - I use some to bottle sauces/oil and I use the large one at home change the oil on my generator.

    Posted on

    What can you say, they are funnels. They do the job they were meant to do. The various sizes are handy so there is no need to constantly try to use a funnel that's the wrong size.

    from Taste of Texas BBQ Posted on

    These have come in very handy when having to transfer many different types and sizes of chemicals into smaller dispensers! Each size funnel works perfectly for each size cleaning bottle!

    from VB HOOK CO Posted on

    During a recent church event we found multiple uses for these handy funnels. They were great for sauces, ketchup, and other liquids. We are very pleased with this purchase.

    from McColl PFBH Church Posted on

    This funnel set is a great deal for the price. You get 5 different sizes for all applications. Very durable and easy to clean. Hold up great through dishwasher. Highly recommend.

    from discovery Village at Naples Posted on

    Sturdy funnels, easy to use and clean. Well balanced, which helps avoid spillage during pouring. Multiple sizes makes any project easy to complete and achieve quickly.

    from All Souls Unitarian Church Posted on

    This funnel kit has every size you would ever think of in a funnel. I love that for a very low price, I have a whole set that can take care of all my funneling needs. Since I am a baker, I need all sorts of sizes to funnel into small or larger containers. I especially like the extra small funnel that can fit into small jars and squeeze bottles and is pretty hard to find. A great set!

    Posted on

    I use these funnels to help fill dry products and they work really well. I love all of the different sizes that this pack has to offer.

    from 3 Leaf Tea, LLC Posted on

    Big or small, this funnel set has exactly what you need for any job. We seem to use at least one every day, and they work great with both powders and liquids alike.

    from Mad Batter Baker, LLC Posted on

    Such a wonder to find 5 different funnel sizes and at such a great price (I bought 2 sets - because you never know...). I especially like the smallest which I used yesterday to transfer some essential oil to another bottle because the original bottle just would not pour or drip unless I removed the spout. - And I know I'll be using all of these because of the various size bottles that I have started using for food or homemade lotions/toothpaste/mouth rinse, etc.

    Posted on

    Where would I be if I had not bought these funnels???? Very upset, I use these funnels almost every day in some capacity, wet or dry they are great to have on hand.

    from Local Foods Bakery Posted on

    When searching for a new funnel, I came across this pleasure pack of five different sizes. Why buy one, when for a mere cost you can have five. More funnel's than one man needs.

    Posted on

    The perfect set of funnels for any kitchen needs. It comes with a couple of funnels that are ridiculously small, but you'll find a use for them as well (filling salt shakers).

    from Get Off The Couch Events, LLC Posted on

    This is a simple assortment of inexpensive funnels. They are durable enough for solids and liquid items. The assortment is great for small containers and large containers.

    from NASTC Catering Posted on

    A very handy set of funnels in various sizes. We use them to help pour liquids from larger containers. For example, we pour directly from a large metal container of olive oil into a small bottle used at tables. Both products proudly purchased from Webstaurant!

    Posted on

    What a nice set of funnels. I prefer them over my aluminum ones most of the time and almost always find a good match for whatever job I'm working on. The super smooth plastic allows a quick flow of liquids and solids.

    from Midori's Enterprises Posted on

    As a painter, I use these funnels for refilling various squeeze bottles with liquid painting additives for acrylics (such as glazing medium, GAC 800, and fluid acrylic paint.) The best part is that acrylic paint peels right off this kind of plastic when dried.

    from Paintings by Kirsten Elizabeth Gilmore Posted on

    It is nice to have a variety of funnels around just in case you need them. I might not ever use all of them, but they are cheap enough the have around anyway.

    Posted on

    Finally, a good, cheap set of funnels. I can use these for just about anything. I like that if I break one, the set is still cheap to replace.

    Posted on

    For the price, this is a nice set of funnels. Great selection of size. I haven't used them yet, just got them washed and ready. They appear to be very functional.

    Posted on

    Extremely helpful to have 5 different funnel sizes. This set supplies one for every thing you need it makes life in the kitchen a bit more efficient.

    from Ckd Restaurants, llc. kitchen Posted on

    These Tablecraft funnels are good to making my job easier in the kitchen. I Puchased these and several others when I opened for business. Good funnels.

    Posted on

    These five different sized funnels are great for pouring liquids into containers with small circumferences so the liquid does not spill every where and make a mess.

    Posted on

    This five piece set of plastic funnels are great for any establishment. I use the large funnel a lot because I transfer canola oil into smaller containers.

    Posted on

    These plastic funnels are great to have in the kitchen. No more spilling canola oil when pouring it into a bottle. It makes things a lot easier around here.

    Posted on

    The Tablecraft 5 Plastic Funnel Set. It is great the funnel's range from 2" to 6" in diamater. You nbever know what size you're going to need.

    from Harrison enterprizes Posted on

    These funnels are great for filling squeeze bottles with different flavored oils, cold sauces and salad dressings! Nice for plating! Good funnels for draining oil from small tabletop fryers!!!

    Posted on

    These are deffinetly nice to have in your restaurant. they make for no spill and no waste filling of salad dressing containers and olive oil containers.

    Posted on

    These are fairly cheap funnels that work for everything you would expect them to. If you are careful with them, they should last. They nest nicely.

    from Mountain Oven, LLC Posted on

    The Tablecraft 5 Plastic Funnel Set. Is nice to have around.We used to always look for a funnel and now we can find one .The price is right and they are east to clean.Don't let the price fool you. they are great.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    this pack of funnels takes care of all sizes you may need for small or medium establishments. I definitely recommend this pack. They're a good price too.

    Posted on

    A very cute and very functional set of plastic funnels. They fit almost anything, as long as you don't need something that is too big.

    Posted on

    Great set of funnels. A size for every job. Well made and sturdy. Great product for the money! you can't go wrong investing in these. I expect to have these for a lifetime.

    Posted on

    The Table craft 5 plastic funnel set is great for filling the small bottles. The funnels work great, stain resistant and are very easy to clean.

    from Flashback Unlimited Posted on

    These funnels were inexpensive enough that if we lost them we would not be out of a lot of money. Do not equate inexpensive with built cheaply. They are great quality for filling items with smaller necks such as salt, pepper etc. They are not for use in very thick viscous materials.

    from Cakes, Catering & More by Mandy Posted on


    from J. B. ENTERPRISES Posted on

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