Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work Sign - Black and White, 9" x 3"

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Let your customers know that hygiene is a staff priority with this 9" x 3" employees must wash hands before returning to work sign! Made of durable plastic, this sleek sign has great color contrast. The white-on-black lettering allows everyone to see and read this sign from across a room. For those who may have trouble reading, a single hand washing symbol is posted to the side.

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Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work Sign - Black and White, 9" x 3"

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    Signs are very easy to put up and price is very reasonable. These always come in handy when ever we need to replace our hands washing signs. They are also durable.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    This sign is a nice, sturdy plastic and hangs nicely! The graphic is nice and the font is easy to read. More than meets expectations!
    Very sturdy plastic easy to mount and clean. Very easy to see and read. Very easy ordering and very speedy Delivery received in just a few days
    Adheres well to all types of walls. The sign is also easy to see and read by all. It has a semi glossy texture and is perfect to put above sinks.
    Wonderful sign. I wouldn’t buy another. Over a year d and holding up incredibly well. Honestly it looks brand new now. It sticks to my doors well.
    These are easy to install and easy to wipe clean. They are a requirement at our shop and really an affordable option to show you are paying attention to hygiene.
    We ordered this sign for our first location which it has been hanging for the last 6 years and just ordered another for our second location. Very easy to read and install.
    Arrived promptly and was easy to install. Easy to read and see. If i need any other signage for my location, I will look at purchasing similar products.
    Wow, what can be said about this product? It comes exactly as advertised and I believe it will perform as expected. As far as price goes this can’t be found cheaper.
    This sign was health dept approved for reminding my employees and customers to wash their hands. I have them placed these signs throughout my establishment.
    Nice sign. You will need this to satisfy the health department. Made well enough to be stuck on a wall. You will have to use more of a spongy two sided to stick well, especially on fire retardant wall panel with texture.
    Good product! It looks nice, it's easy to apply to the wall and it was a cheap choice. I recommend it, it does the job.
    Clear Easy-to-Read sign good size V double sticky tape on the back is not the strongest so suggest using some aftermarket sticky tape when you mount it
    This "Employees Must Wash Hands" sign sticks well, and meets the requirements for the health department to have a sign like this posted in each of the restrooms.
    Excellent quality. Meets the requirements. Self adhesive strip isn't super but it's not hard to replace. Overall it's well made and works for what we needed.
    Bright and bold sign that comes with double sided tape to mount it with. I think this catches attention a little better than other brands I've seen because the text is a little more bold. Would buy again if needed.
    These inexpensive signs work great for hanging over all hand sinks in our restaurant. When one is needed over every hand sink in the building, you want a sign that won't break the bank and looks nice!
    Simple to use and install with the stick on. Look professional and gets the point across clearly. This is a must-have for any hand wash sink.
    Easy installation and serves its purpose well. I will for sure be ordering more as we continue to expand and will need more bathroom signs.
    This product was simple to use, and came as expected. It was easy to apply, and seems to be sturdy. Would order again if needed.
    We bought one of those sign and went back and bought two more. The quality is good, the sign image is well displayed and easy to set up.
    As described. Of course, any food establishment will be required to post these in bathrooms and all other hand-sink areas-so, basically a must! Easy to hang.
    The sign does exactly what it needs to...satisfy the health department and stick to the wall. Not a whole lot more that you will need from this sign.
    we used to get the the yellow stickers from the health department, but with these we can take them down wash behind them and put them back up. no more trying to remove a sticker. love it.
    The Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work Sign - Black and White, 9" x 3" works like a charm. Great price, I just added it to my big order and the shipping price never changed.
    These signs come with two-sided tape already attached. They are very sticky, so make sure you have it positioned correctly the first time. We stuck ours to bathroom mirrors and plastic kitchen wall just fine.
    It doesn't look like it online but these are fairly large in person. We put these next to the sink or on the back of the bathroom door in our public restrooms so the rules are very clear.
    We posted these signs above the sinks in our restrooms. The double sided tape has secured them well on drywall. Great value for the price and easy to clean.
    Fortunately, our employees are especially clean. But it can't hurt to be extra careful! This sign is sturdy, easy to read, & fulfills all of the applicable restaurant regulations. Can't hurt, definitely could help!
    This is a great sign. I bought 2 for my store's bathrooms. It's a good quality product. For the price, you can not beat it.
    Compliance made easy! This product comes with double sided sticky tape already adhered to back for easy peel and stick application. Perfect for any food establishment that wishes to stay in compliance.
    A easy and clean looking reminder that is necessary to ensure all staff practice great and safe hygiene while operating our restaurants. They also come with mounting tape, so nothing else needed.
    another one of those must haves when it comes to restaurants, kitchens, bakeries. Health department loves seeing these. Must have at everysink in every bathrooms.
    Health inspector finally was happy once we got this sign posted. Heavy duty foam tape on the back, easy to read, easy to clean, and looks great. Helps remind our employees to wash their hands.
    Employee must wash hands Sign is great in our bathroom and kitchen areas. Reminds employees of our cleanliness policies and to keep their hands clean. We love it!
    Compliance is king! there is really not a better or more efficient way to insure that all sinks and restrooms are in compliance. I have gotten several and put them everywhere!
    If you need your customer or employees to wash their hands before heading back to work, this is the product to get. It small but does the job!
    This sign was easy to mount. I can read the sign easily from across the room. It is easy to clean. I recommend this sign for wash sinks.
    This employee hand washing sign is well made and looks great on the tiled wall. It is very inexpensive. I would recommend it and order again.
    Hey - what a great sign. Gets to the point. Couldn't have said it better myself. We've had it above the bathroom sink for over a year and it's still there, holding on strong with that double sided sticky tape.
    Great sign for the price. It sticks pretty easy and it works for the health department. Needed one for the bath room and the other one that I had got rips off the wall
    I love these signs! They are the perfect size and price to place above every sink! The health department loves these as well! Awesome sign... even better price!
    This sign is very nice, The graphic is nice. The white on black lettering allows everyone to see and read this sign from across a room .
    This little sign makes our kitchen look professional, and our bathrooms. Also very easy to install and clean up. And the price is so cheap!
    Very impressed with all of the signage we have purchased from Webstaurantstore. Great quality, great pricing, they look clean and easy to read and understand.
    This is a basic easy to read sign. It was difficult to get the paper cover off the adhesive padding as it did not want to release. We also purchased other peel and stick signs with similar issues. With some patience and finesse it was eventually removed and installed. It has been a few months since we put them up but they are still holding to the wall.
    This is a must have sign in any food establishment to remind employees to wash their hands. This sign is small enough to not take up too much space, yet big enough for all employees and customers to see.
    I purchased this sign to mount on the walls of the bathroom for my restaurant. It is clearly legible and comes in a classic black and white color
    If you don't have one of these in your restaurant, you should get it immediately. Boosts hygiene and sign stays up forever.
    You will need to display this sing on the hand sink in your kitchen and employees bathroom. Its the most durable sign I found online.
    Signs were very easy to put up in all of our bathrooms. This is a very cheap sign too. It is a must have sign for any business.
    All of the signs we have ordered through the Webstaurant Store are durable and look nice. They are not flimsy like some we have ordered from other places.
    Nice hard plastic self adhesive sign that meets health department standards and looks very professional installed in our kitchen for our three compartment sink. Excellent price
    A must have in every place food related or not. it was easy to put up just make sure that you clean the site of install and let it dry before placing it on the wall
    This is an important sign to have a cafe or restaurant. We have our highly visible in the restroom. The health inspector will like it!
    These are simple and cheap. We use them in all of our stores as they are good quality and a very reasonable price. Would recommend
    Every restaurant has got to have one of these signs in their bathrooms to keep the health department happy. The price is right, and it is so easy to install.
    We bought several and are easy to install and made our health department very happy that we had these signs posted in the bathrooms and by every hand washing sink
    Works well, readable, and sticky. Meets the standards here for my HD. It appears to be well made and not to expensive if you want more than 1.
    By law your employees must wash hands when returning to work. Instead of putting this on an handwritten sign and taping it to the bathroom door, purchase this inexpensive sign. The sign can be installed quickly using the self adhesive backing it comes with from the factory.
    Everyone needs this sign and while it is a basic sign it is really nice and has a good quality look to it. I have people look at it every day.
    this is a mandatory sign for any foodservice establishment. it instructs employees to wash their hands after using the restroom during work hours. it has a sticky back and can be stuck to any wall.
    Inexpensive sign to show customers and employees that we comply with proper sanitation practices. Double stick tape this to the wall and you're good to go. Will last a lifetime if no one touches them. Would recommend.
    This is the perfect size sign and looks nice to display in the bathroom to remind your employees about hand washing. Application is easy and sticks well.
    Another great product at a very affordable cost through webstaurant. Loce being able to do one stop shopping through this company. Fast, reliable shipping also!
    Most states require hand washing signs in restrooms and cooking areas, and this one is durable and looks great. The sticker backing has held up since the sign was first applied and has not moved since.
    I own a bakery and have this in the bathroom. This was exactly what i was looking for and very durable. I would recommend this product.
    For those who may have trouble reading, a single hand washing symbol is posted to the side as a visual reminder. I love these signs.
    I was surprised at the quality of this sign. I expected it to be paper thin but instead is made of a sturdy, thick plastic and printed to last. Another great find!
    Great and simple sign. The self-adhesive stickers on the back make it easy and fast to hang. It is also nice that the sign has braille as this may be required. Nice sturdy construction.
    A must have at any place of business. Not much of a "looker" but it gets the job done. Any business owner should have this in their place of business.
    I like the combination black and white, material is good for that price i paid, and the glue on the back make it easy to place it on the wall
    These hand washing signs are very visible and easy to read. They are a constant reminder to employees to wash their hands, which is perfect.
    These signs are great, they last forever and as long as you apply to a clean smooth surface the adhesive will also last forever. Highly recommend
    WE make our servers read this sign when they're hired. its very helpful and a very visible sign to remind the staff to wash hands.
    This sign can be read easily from a good distance and the adhesive has held up well, even in the humid kitchen. Great price and would order again.
    Fly through your health inspections by having the appropriate signage in place. These are inexpensive, and get the job done easily. They're also priced right.
    I really love this sign. Its has a professional look to it and it does the job as far as meeting health standards for restaurants. The adhesive also sticks well to the wall which is a plus.
    Very clean sign, Easy to stick to the wall in a place where all can see. If it gets dirty you can also wipe it clean easily with a damp cloth.
    Nice, solid product, the adhesive sticks very well and the sign cleans easily with a damp towel. The sign is clear and constructed nicely. I am very pleased with it.
    This sign allows us to stay up to state codes while acting as a reminder for our staff. It works very well and ensures the professionalism of our staff.
    Good size. Not too small, not too big. It has a very strong auto adhesive tape in the back of the sign that makes it easy to place it on any wall. This is exactly what the inspector asked for.
    Must Wash Hands sign - it is what it is works great, after 2+ years still looks brand new. have to have one posted on all sinks this one is a must have.
    these are perfect! They come with adhesive backing so it sticks easily and boy do they stick. The size is good to. We passed inspecition no problem with these.
    The local health dept required that we hang these in out restrooms. We couldn't find a better price than what we found on Webstaurant Store
    I bought this sign to make our health inspector happy. Considering the really low price I thought the sign looked really great and very professional.
    Great bathroom sign. Now it reminds anyone to wash their hands after the bathroom. Not just employees see this. So it's a reminder for anyone who notices it walking in or out of the bathroom.
    Easily attachable with a font/size that makes it clearly readable. We have one for every hand-washing and bathroom sink! Perfect for reminding employees to follow health code policies!
    This sign is perfect to place in your kitchen by the hand sink or in your bathrooms. It's good as a reminder to your employees, but it's essential to tell the customers that you have clean employees!
    Exactly what we were looking for to remind our employee and make our customer feel at ease that we are holding our employees to a high standard of hygiene!
    Simple yet elegant sign stating the obvious hand washing. This looks better and tells your guest you care by taking an extra step in your operation by hanging this over just a cheap plastic sign.
    I bought a lot of these similar signs and they're all great. Super simple to set up, nice and shiny looking, and the lettering is very clear.
    This is great and a necessary item for the health department to pass. A must for all bathrooms and hand washing sinks. Recommend this product.
    This is staying stuck well so far although others I put on the hand wash sinks fell off and I had to superglue them back on the sinks but I think it's from the heat of the sinks.
    Well what can i tell you other than Wash your hands. this is a country standard and ive seen them everywhere cant go wrong with this one.
    Purchased this to hang in the employee bathroom in my restaurant. It's a requirement to pass health inspection. It shipped fast and free and was cheap too!
    This sign is a must have at all of your sinks. Most states require this to be posted at all sinks and it looks great. Price couldn't be better.
    This was the cheapest sign I could find and worked perfectly. Easy was also very easy to install. It is a good size and allows the message to be delivered without drawing from the room.
    Excellent quality, easy to read and clean. Meets health code standards, looks good and the price was even better, considering I needed several of them!
    You got to have them in our County and these fit the bill. Easy to install and a great reminder for our staff. We have four of them posted throughout the restaurant.
    Just what i was looking for. This is the classic employee hand wash sign. We were getting these through a local sign company and paying multiples of what this one costs for the exact same product.
    just what it says. Its a medium quality sign and just have to be careful not to crack it when screwing the screws in the wall. a little flimsy
    Needed this to meet health code requirements. Serves the purpose well. Sticks well and has been stuck for months without coming off. Easy to apply.
    A must have in any food service establishments . Easy and fast mounting. Sturdy and strong. Get it from here, cause the price is always right!
    Nice solid , won't get wet, nice price , health department requires its a must to have in all sinks , I like it , hard
    Every employee in food business should know that rule but there is no harm to remind it. It is also require by law to have this sign in restaurants. Like that is easy to read and install. Price is great too.
    Easy to hang. Easy to wipe clean. Clearly states what it needs to to follow health code. They are thin, but for a couple bucks, we always have a few extra on hand.
    A nice sign. It's always a good idea to make sure your signs are not ripping or fading every so often and then replace them. keep one of these in all bathrooms
    We needed to mark our bathrooms with the required wash hands sign and these signs are very professional and the sticky part works very well. Sometimes there is a random imperfection around the signs edge but nothing too bad. Plus the price was cheaper than you can find in retail locations.
    This sign lets your employees (and customers) know you mean BUSINESS. Also, it satisfies your local health department's requirement that you post these signs at every hand-washing sink, just in case your employees don't know what to do with these strange water dispensers.
    So I decided to get this 9 x 3 black and white sign to use by my employee locker station so they know when they come in to do their job or take a break that they have to wash their hands cheap price came in with no problems from the delivery
    This is a great and simple sign. It was easy to install and very noticeable. Our employees definitely decide to wash their hands when they see this sign.
    Extremely affordable compliancy sign that reads "Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work". Made of a durable plastic, so that it's easily cleanable. Words and illustration clearly printed. Has self adhering strips on that back that can be applied to almost any surface.
    Exactly what I was looking for. Perfect size, not too big. Glossy black, they look very nice. Have adhesive already on the back which was a plus
    This is a good quality sign for a much better price than at the local restaurant supply stores. Easy to attach anywhere and meets the health department requirements.
    This is a nice, simple sign that serves as a good reminder for employees. I like that it comes with the adhesive mounting blocks already on the back.
    This works great to meet requirements. Ours came a little damaged from the sticky part , which caused us little problems to stick it on but we made it work .
    A necessity for places serving food! This sign is very sturdy and durable. The letter and graphics are easy to read and understand. It is very easy to install as well.
    Amazing sticker! Put on my bathrooms and it has been there sealed kids try to take it off but they can't from how good the sticking part is Employees follow It all the time
    A definite must have for any food establishment. The sticker peels off in the back and easily affixes to any material and sticks good. No issues ever.
    This sign works and looks great. The back is sticky so you can just press it into place and it holds. They have a strong hold and stick to pretty much anything.
    These signs were inexpensive compared to our local restaurant equipment supplier. After 4 years, the adhesive has held up. For the price this has met our expectation.
    Good size sign. Has adhesive on the back already for easy installation. Meets code. The black is a nice shade and contrasts nicely with the white for easy reading.
    I remodeled my whole bathroom and the sign went great, it was easy to stick and it matched my new color scheme . This sign is a must in any commercial bathroom.
    Great item! This was perfect for our needs and exactly what we were looking for. Webstaurant always has high quality, good value equipment and supplies!
    what a great idea to put a picture on a sign to tell people to wash there hands before they return to work. wow thats cool
    it is very clear writing for my employees. the product looks great and it is easy to stick. i also buy some others sign for my employees.
    I have 2 of these signs and they are built well, they stick to textured drywall great. Looks nice and professional. Great Buy! Good Price!
    The price of this sign was the cheapest i could found. Quality is great, same signs in other places can cost more. Excellent purchase
    Words on this sign are clear and really easy to read. Double sided sticky tape securely hangs it to any surface. Easily wipes clean if it gets dirty.
    Very sturdy sign, professional looking, perfect for our purpose. Easy to install and easily visible in each area. Just make sure you have thoroughly cleaned the area where you will install.
    Perfect! DHEC approved and super easy to put up. Nice to get the little things all on one website. Bought these for all my restrooms.
    Good for fulfilling health department regulations. The size is right, and it comes with double sided tape, ready to attach to your wall. Easy to read.
    Lets face it, these little reminder signs are a must have in every restaurant. We have several in each bathroom, public and private, and even one on the outside back door where employee's take their cigarette breaks. Cleanliness is of the up most importance to us, and these easy to read, easy to hang signs are a perfect and constant reminder of that. They are also quite an economical purchase.
    Thanks to this sign, our hands have never been cleaner and our inspector has never been happier. It's easily readable and the bold lettering is hard to miss.
    Within the last month I ordered 4 of them (for the restrooms, kitchen and bar area). Like the way they look, very easy to clean.
    Needed these signs to prepare for the health inspection. Couldn't be happier. They work great and are holding up really well are also easy to clean.
    Perfect addition to help class up any establishment. Sign allows customers to visibly see that your establishment takes hand washing and cleanliness seriously. I will be re ordering this in the future.
    The sleek look and just the look of it in general makes me happy that I choose it. And the price was unbelievable. I makes everything come together at the hand washing sink area.
    This sign complies with the Department of Agriculture Food Permits. Good thickness, not flimsy, easy to wipe clean. Good price. I have them at all my sinks.
    this is nice and sign for commercial places i bought couple of signs for my restaurant very light weight easy to stick on the wall or door , comes with double tape .
    Great sign, but of course someone already had to tag on it with a knife :(! Good thing these are cheap! Will buy more soon.
    The health departments requires certain postings and this 9" x 3" Black and White Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work Sign is perfect for the job.
    This is a standard sign but the adhesive backing is better than I would expect. The wording/picture is bright white and stands out on the black background.
    These signs are a great, inexpensive way to label sinks, doors, etc. They are easy to wipe clean and stick well. Be sure surface is clean prior to sticking on and you will have no problems.
    A black sign with white letters and symbols. Its made of light plastic and has an adhesive on the back that makes for easy hanging
    We needed signs for are hand wash sink in our concession trailer and this adhesive one looks great and does the job to help pass code
    Easy to install, takes only a minute. Great look and durable. Health department inspector commented multiple times that he prefers these signs are just paper.
    Great little signs to remind your employees to wash there hands before returning to work. sign comes with two adhesive backings to apply on the area you desire, very clean looking and very nice quality
    Just as good as the ones I can find at other places or elsewhere online but cheaper at Webstaurant! Cheaper is a good thing! Great service too!
    What can I say about this plaque. Great value. Easy to read and understand. Came with adhesive strip for easy mounting. get as many as you need.
    This sign is great and keeps the health inspector happy. It's small enough to put anywhere and it comes with stickies to make installation easy
    The sign is as-is. We are very strict on cleanliness and sanitation and wanted to purchase this sign to ensure our employees are ALWAYS aware to be clean and handle themselves in a sanitary way when in the store. This is a great reminder.
    Sign comes with double sided sticky tape, which makes it very easy to attach to any surface. Only issue i have with this sign is that people keep stealing it from my bathroom!
    Standard sign, a requirement in all food establishments. Easy to install, just peel and stick. Thick plastic, and easy to clean. We have one in our restroom.
    No complains about this product. it came in goon time and we put it on the wall and stays good and looks neat. it looks just same as described and same as picture shown. Thank you
    Just comes with two peel and stick tabs. Really affordable and looks nice. Very standard sign but I wish shipping wasn't so much on these little things.
    Just the right size to put beside the hand washing sink and the restroom sink. The dark color I like as well as the how well it looks on the wall. I would recommend this product.
    This sign will let customers know that you are washing your hands. I has adhesive on the back of it so it can be on the wall in seconds.
    Just what I was expecting. The sign looks good. Letters are easily legible, can't really not notice the sign. Perfect and easy sign to put up in restrooms. The sticker in the back makes installation very easy. Already ordered one more.
    Good sign. Clear and the icon makes it obvious what you're supposed to do :) Will buy this again for all my handwashing sinks. Five stars.
    One sign I'm glad is required, because I'm sure folks are tempted to skimp on hand washing when no one is watching... Good reminder for customers too :)
    I used this sign as soon as I bought it. I was very impressed with the plastic that it was made from. Will buy again!
    Good reminder sign. Looks much better than a handwritten note or something i would print out myself. It goes well with all the other signs I have purchased.
    Perfect and easy sign to put up in restrooms. Comes with stickers on the back for easy installation. Just be careful not to scratch the back of the plaque because if you do it shows through a little.
    It is nice, we needed in the cafe restrooms. We just stick on the wall, it's comes with double sided tape. So far so good, they are still sticking on our wall.
    Our business is a small batch bakery and hand washing is so very important. The sign is a handy and easy way to remind everyone to wash their hands even when it is busy.
    This sign is a must for any food service establishment. In my state it is required to pass a health inspection. Besides that, it's a good reminder to wash up! It's a great way to promote cleanliness in your establishment.
    These are very durable signs. I put one in each restroom just as a reminder to let someone know if the restroom needs cleaning or supplies.
    Every restaurant around needs this sign, I've searched around and found that this was the best price anywhere. It's light weight so it will fit with any order.
    I wanted to have a nice slick sign for the handwash in the bathroom and this did the job. So far no signs of it wanting to fall down. Super sticky adhesive.
    Great sturdy sign-it is a bonus that it has sticky tape on the back so it's very easy to hang. Cheap and necessary depending on your state.
    Inspector said this is exactly what i needed for my food license. They are nice, and they also don't fade. Well worth it for the price.
    nice little sign for the price perfect size for bathroom for compliance requirements easy to use comes with own sticker for mounting very sticky make sure of placement before applying
    This is the type of sign that you must have at restaurants. i bought these to put in the restrooms and kitchen sinks. It came in the sleeve with the tape too. It sticked well at the wall. And looks ellegant and professional too
    Nicely made. Very easy to read and clean. Easy to install with the 2 sided tape already placed on the back. Great value for a necessary item!
    A great quality sign that meets the health departments needs. It is sturdy and is made fairly thick. Easy to wipe off and clean. Very nice sign.
    Great price, for a mandatory sign we need at every hand sick. Its these prices and great service that keeps me going back to webstaurantstore more and more
    It does what it needs to. The only complaint I have is that the tape on the back doesn't stick very well. We have had to replace it with a stronger tape.
    The signs say what they should. They are large and easy to read. I appreciate the fact that they come with mounting tape, and in a protective plastic sleeve. I received them, took them out of the sleeve, peeled of the backing on the tape, and pushed them onto the wall - quickly done. Look much better than the ones we had from our public health department, and give a much more professional feel to the kitchen.
    I put these signs up on the walls or mirrors above all our private and public bathrooms almost three years ago. Every sign is still up and looks brand new. Our health department inspector loves them.
    The price was comparable or better with a much higher quality than online services I've used in the past. The quality was excellent- true colors, perfect finishing, great resolution on the image.
    Easy to put up, meets health code standards, and looks great in any public space. All around great product for a small price. Would highly recommend.
    Works very well. Required by our local health department. We applied it to a tile wall in our restrooms and it has stayed attached well.
    Employees must wash hands before returning to work sign is a must have in any restaurant. Perfect for posting in restrooms or any handsink area to comply with regulations. Inspectors like these. They stay on wall with no issues, adhesive is strong.
    This sign is so much classier than just a simple print paper and makes the restrooms look so nice and tidy. They are easily attached and do not move once placed.
    These employee hand wash signs are super easy to install and get right to the point! No screws needed they just stick right to the wall and give succinct instruction.
    This sign is a perfect size for the locations we needed to mount it. The contrast between the background and the text is perfect and mounting is super easy and quick with the included double sided tape.
    This sign is exactly what I needed for our bathroom at the shop . It has a sticky back that adheres to the wall above the sink for all to read.
    I prepared the wall surface by first wiping it down with rubbing alcohol. I then let it dry completely. Then applied the sign. We have had no issues with it falling off at all.
    easy to install these necessary signs, the health department would never know how little money we spent on them! just peel and stick and you are good to go.
    The letter all clear and big enough to see in distance 1-2 feet. The picture was easy to understand so on one gonna miss it.
    This sign fell off the wall a couple times when we first got it. We put it on the mirror instead and it's been there ever since. Maybe a painted wall is not the right place for this sign. Pretty good product.
    Good signs at good prices...Easily cleaned, and hold up well to constant splashing and splatters. Thanks for such a good product! Will definitely buy again.
    The signs were required by the health department. I just stuck them to my wall and have never had a problem with them trying to come off. Very durable.
    This item must be placed in rest rooms for all employees to follow, it was price very cheap at Web, so don't wait to buy.
    well, this sign says what it needs to say. It hangs there on our wall as it was designed to do. We couldn't ask anything more. :-)
    Professional looking signs to post in the required places. Easy to use they come with adhesive already attached to the back of the sign. Just peel and stick.
    Still going strong. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for signs to hang in their business. We will definitely spread the word to everyone.
    Perfect size, attaches to the wall great, does not fall off. easy to wipe off. This is a must have at any business, great price as well.
    Great sign! Exactly what you need to pass your board of health inspection. Durable and bold so it can't be missed. And its the perfect size to fit over your hand sink.
    A must have for any restaurant to be compliant! The white on black text makes it very easy to see and to read. The sticky tape provided to mount the sign is very strong.
    I love these sign very much they hold well and looks very attractive on any wall or door I would recommend them to any one.
    Being an open kitchen where guests could see our kitchen and staff, we installed this just above our hand sink where everybody could easily notice. It just looks very professional and it's a constant reminder to the staff and it works!
    Great sign reminding employees to wash their hands. We place it right above the sink so it's easy to see. Economical and high quality sign.
    This is a great sign, and so cheap you won't have to worry about making it yourself. Just get some of those little square foam stickers and slap it in your bathroom. Great deal!
    The quality of the sign is excellent. I bought them for all my bathrooms to make sure everyone is sanitary free from germs and bacteria. We believe in cleanliness and you should too.
    We are very pleased with the offering of signage from Webstaurant Store. It is quality and meets all ADA standards. The hand washing sign is just the right size and easy to read.
    Clean hands are very important! Health departments mandate them, customers expect them, and now our employees are reminded of them. This sign is a great reminder for people to wash up before returning to work. The only downside is that the adhesive strips that came with these signs did not adhere well to our wall. We needed to use a different tape to make them stay.
    This sign is very easy to read. I bought 4 of them for all my sinks and they never seem to fall off like some other signs I have bought.
    A great value for an item every food inspector mandates to be used in bathrooms. Ours has lasted a very long time and they clean easily as well.
    This sign has a glossy plastic finish which makes it appear much more expensive than it really is. The size fits well beneath our soap dispenser. Great value.
    This placard is pretty straight forward. The printing and surface area is of high quality and will not flake off. It has great adhesive on the back to permanently stick to nearly any surface. Quality and to the point!
    This sign is in both of our bathrooms applied directly to the mirror above the sink. Just what you want - a reminder to anyone who may forget and a reminder to our patrons that our employees do wash their hands!
    very professional looking sign but only 4 stars because the sign would not stick to the wall even with the double sided tape that was on the back of the sign.
    this is nice looking sign for health department requirement. I had to use differant adhesive tape for mine, but my door goes through extreme temperature changes.
    Great sign. Show the guests you encourage hand washing all the time. I hate when a restaurant does not have this sign up in the bathroom as it raises red flags at this price what is not to love.
    This is a good sign to have in your establishment. Everyone should be washing their hands after they go to the bathroom especially in a kitchen.
    You have to have these signs in your restroom before inspection. Great signs. You can not beat the price and they are so hard to find.
    A must have an all bathrooms. It is very visible and it sticks to the door very well. The sign has not come off the door even once.
    I purchased two of these signs, and the pricing was the best! I had looked at another site that specializes in health and safety and they were 3 times the price. The health inspector even planned on purchasing some!
    These signs are a must have, even though people should not have to be told. Easy to plase just stick to your mirror or door.
    The Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning To Work Sign .It is alfule to have to remind someone to wash their hands before leaving the bathroom.This sign is a must have. The price can't be beat.
    really like this sign. it is very easy to put up. it helps remind our staff. it is very easy to clean. really like it.
    These signs really come in handy in my restaurant. They work so well. They let employees and customers know the things that they should know.
    This sign is not only a requirement but a necessity for sanitation. When customers see this they know the owner is running a top notch operation.
    We ordered this sign for our pizza restaurant and I am happy with it. It's the perfect size and it's not bad looking. I would recommend it.
    Purchased 2 of these for my mobile kitchen. One for the bathroom sink and one for the hand washing sink. I am pleased with the product and it looks nice. Board of health looks for these. Recommend highly.
    Nice looking signs, but the adhesive on the back does not stick very well, you are best off tapping a few holes and screwing it to the wall. Overall though a great addition to any commercial kitchen if you want to be on the health inspectors good side!
    this is another good buy from webstaurant. they came in very good quality. compairing with the price, they are a steal. it is good buy!
    These are a must have for any restaurant! Good for a place that has a high employee turnover! It is attractive and good for customers to see!!
    This is a great sign for the price. At our local kitchen store these are about 4 times the price. The only problem was that it fell off after a day but all you need is a little glue and it will never fall off.
    Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning To Work Sign. It is ashame we have to remind our employees to wash their hands after being in the bathroom. This reminder sign mounts easily.Customers can tell we abide by the rulls.
    You gotta have these. Many employees don't wash their hands and that is just plain gross! It also looks good when a customer walks into the bathroom and sees these signs posted. Even if the employees aren't allowed to use the customer bathroom!
    Although many businesses make their own signs, this sign is economical and more professional looking. It mounted easily to the wall above our sink and clearly labels it according to health department requirements.
    Good quality product and size. Perfect for reminding employees to wash hands. Like the fact thats it is spelled in english and spanish. Easy to read design and font.
    Great sign, it looks good in our resturant and serves as a good reminder for our employees, not only does it serve as a good reminder our customers seem to appreciate seeing it as well.
    Great quality sign. The letters do not smear or wipe off like cheap-o signs. A must have for any and all establishments, not just for restaurants.
    these signs are not only good looking but are also easy to mount and clean, i have the full line of signs and for the price its perfect
    Great price- everyone in food service needs these. I got them for both bathrooms at my business and am tempted to put them in my bathrooms at home too!!
    Although the sign is just the right size, very legible and professional looking, the self-adhesive on the back is insufficient when trying to affix to irregular surfaces. The addition of more double sided tape cured the problem though.
    We appreciate your review! If you have any concerns about the sign you purchased please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    I like these signs a lot. The grammer is correct on them, they aren't really large, and they meet the health codes in our area.
    This is a wonderful sign to have in the restaurant or other work places. I have one right on top of the sink, it sure makes the work force more professional. love it
    This sign is durable, straightforward and easy to install. In the back of the sign there are 2 adhesive tapes, so you just peel them off and apply to the desired surface/wall. To clean it you should just wipe it with damp cloth and let it dry. The price is also unbeatable!
    Well folks, the Health Dept says you have to post these, and you won't find a better quality sign, domed acrylic face, with the mounting tape pre-applied, at twice the price from someone else. Good selection of other signage, as well!
    This is a neat and simple way to display the required notice in restrooms in our cafeterias. We had previously used signs printed from our computers. These signs are much more professional and will last much longer.
    A mandatory sign in restaurant restrooms, this sign comes with instructions on where it must be placed by health department regulation codes. The letters are easily readable white on black, cleans easily, sticks tight.

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