Employees Only Sign - Black and White, 9" x 3"

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Show your customers what room they are not authorized to enter with this 9" x 3" employee only sign! Whether it is a break room, kitchen, or other non-public area, this sign will keep curious eyes away. Made of durable plastic, this sleek sign has great color contrast. The white-on-black lettering allows your customers to see and read this sign from across a room. For those who may have trouble reading, a single entrance symbol is posted to the side.

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Employees Only Sign - Black and White, 9" x 3"

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    Very great and inexpensive sign that does the job. Easy to read and hang up onto any door or wall. Also, nice that it comes with a good adhesive backing to stick up on your wall.
    It is an light weight sign. It can stick just about anywhere you want it. Just pull off tab and place wherever you choose to
    Cheap plastic sign that does the job. Careful when screwing it in. They are thin plastic and will crack easy. We have these all over our biz.
    Great price for this employees only sign. It also comes with the adhesive on the back side of the sign so you can easily stick and mount it to your door or wall.
    This came and for the price I thought it would be flimsy but the quality if perfect, its noticeable and easy to hang. I have bought other signed as well.
    Your basic signage for any business. Good info on the back of the product. How to place, where to place, very helpful especially for inspection.
    It works! Especially in our business where customers restroom is next to our office. Letters are easily read and the size is perfect too. It is good quality and is exactly what we needed for our shop doors leading to our storage rooms.
    Sleek design, sturdy, and easy to apply to surface. Clean shiny finish, very simple lettering, appropriate for any facility, eating establishment or not, fits perfectly.
    Wonderful sign. I wouldn’t buy another. Over a year d and holding up incredibly well. Honestly it looks brand new now. It sticks to my doors well.
    Inexpensive and shipped quick. This will be perfect for our kitchen door which is near our handicapped entrance. These signs are easy to install and easy to clean.
    Simple and easy item. Easy to install and clearly states employees only. Awesome it gives your instructions on what level to hang on a door to allow for proper placement!
    This Employees Only sign sticks well and helpful for customers, especially in the coffee shop where some doors are for the public and others are not.
    item as described. we didn't want to put locks on all of our doors (kitchen, employee room, etc.) so we used these signs instead. The are very easy to put on doors/wall.
    Put on the kicthen door?and cumstomer will see clearly?It is sperately bathroom and kicthen because this two door is very close?Black and white desigh makes clearly?
    This sign comes with two-sided tape already attached. It's pretty sticky so you want to get it on the surface right the first time. We stuck it to a painted door and it hasn't budged.
    Great low price, and the same product that you will find elsewhere for six or seven dollars more. These mount quickly and easily, look professional, and can be wiped down quickly.
    This sign is amazing! we were having trouble with customers going into doors they were not supposed to go through and this sloved our problem. great quality and great price
    Good quality sign. Item as description stated. Easy to clean. Same signs you could probably find at a local home improvement store. No complaints here.
    I have these signs on 2 doors in our tasting room. They are nice and small and discreet, but also are seen well by most people.
    Easy to mount signs with included mounting tape and a great way to keep the wrong people from going into the wrong areas and getting a tray to the face or running into a speedy server.
    Excellent product. Came in very handy. The sign comes with adhesive on the back. All you need to do is unwrap the sign, peel back the sticker form the adhesive and stick it on to the door. Very affordable too!
    With our little Esspresso shop we have a little fenced area on the back side to put a barrier between the public and ourselves. This sign clearly marks the entryway as being private to our employees.
    This is a must have for our supply closet. It is very sturdy and cheap and will no doubt outlast the cafe itself. The adhesive is much easier to use than screws.
    If you need your customer to stay out of your kitchen or office, this is the product to get. It small but does the job!
    The black and white employee only signs are perfect for the store and do exactly their jobs. They are easy to read and they are perfect size. fulfills its need in keeping customers beyond the designated areas.
    This is a nice sign that does the job. I use it on my back door entering my kitchen and that door is adjacent to bathrooms used by the public so it does the job to keep people away from where they should not be. Also sticks very well to the door.
    This is a basic easy to read sign. It was difficult to get the paper cover off the adhesive padding as it did not want to release. We also purchased other peel and stick signs with similar issues. With some patience and finesse it was eventually removed and installed. It has been a few months since we put them up but they are still holding to the wall.
    Sign appearance is as seen in the product picture but the adhesive is NOT reliable. Be sure to use your own way to get this to stay up.
    We appreciate your review, Kayla! We are sorry the adhesive on this sign did not work out for you. If you have any questions about the product you purchased, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    We have many entrances in our establishment and having signs is a must. We will always order our employees only sign through the Webstaurant Store.
    We have this sign stuck up on our employee door to stop regular customers entering the building through the wrong door! It does the trick!
    Extremely durable high quality plastic. Meets requirements of health department. Can not beat the price for the product. Adhesive on back holds tight to wall.
    This is a professional way of keeping customers our of employee spaces. It has an easy peel-and-stick installation, and has stayed put since we put it up.
    This sign is so easy to put on any door! It has a sticky material on the back, ready to be put. No need of nails or pins. I also loved the size of it! It is visible from a distance away.
    Nice quality sign, easy to attach with the included sticky tape which was already attached. I had a hard time finding this sign and was glade that webstaurantstore had them
    Does exactly what its supposed to. Sticks easily with the provided strips on walls/doors. Hasn't fallen off and its been over a year since we put it up. Recommended.
    Clear cut and to the point to let customers know they are not allowed past a certain point. Granted a few still try to go into room that room, but most see the sign and know to stop.
    Do you want to mark rooms, areas, or doors that are for employees only? This sign will do the job and will save you money. This Employees Only sign clearly indicates employees are only welcomed past the sign. Very inexpensive and comes with a self adhesive back for easy install.
    This black and white employees only sign was a great deal very inexpensive easy to install and seem to last for a long time keeps people out of where they’re not supposed to be
    I really like this employee only sign people keep walking in my office thinking that that's the bathroom and it's not it's my office now they know to stay out if you're not in employee
    Quality plastic material, good print on sign, clear messaging... the adhesive seems to stick well to a variety of surfaces. We have one on a bare wood door, others on painted surfaces, and all seem to stick equally well.
    This employees only sign is made of strong and sturdy plastic, and is great at keeping customers out of unwanted areas. The sticker backing is very strong and the sign hasn't moved since it was put up.
    Love this. Made of durable plastic, this sleek sign has great color contrast. The white-on-black lettering allows your customers to see and read this sign from across a room.
    When looking for professional signs, these are the ones you want. The price alone is worth the purchase, add the quality and self adhesion for extra ease, makes it a must have when you are looking for such a sign.
    These employee only signs are great. They are easy to read and highly visible against white walls. I'd recommend them to anyone trying to keep customers out of specific areas.
    well this sign defiantly helps to keep the customer out of the "employee" area. big visible sign and easy to clean. will order again from this company
    This "Employees Only" sign has worked very well. It is easy to read from a distance, the adhesive is strong and I would recommend to anyone.
    This employees only sign prevents people from accidently walking into areas they are not preventing and liability that might occur if they get hurt. Also keep theft and intrusion at a minimum.
    This are so easy to put on doors/walls and they look sleek and they are just right. They have adhesive strips on the back that make them easy to stick to anything flat.
    Great option for store to alert customer's & employees of restricted areas. Great purchase. We will be ordering more if needed. Very happy with item.
    Works well. Simple product, but it's functional. I attached it to a door, and it hasn't slipped or moved at all. Sticks well and is a clear label.
    Perfect size and price for what we needed. Passed inspection with town regulations which is not always easy to do. Perfect item for our store.
    These signs are very good quality even though they're cheap. They're very easy to read thanks to the clear print, and they're super easy to put up.
    These signs are lifesavers.. Instead of writing in a piece of paper, better to buy these signs because it looks much more better. I has good price in webstaurantstore
    Bought this sign to hang on the door to my storage space to keep customers out. Does the job... can't beat the price of this.
    We produce a lot of crafts / creations in a small sized area, however, its nice to have this sign hanging on our stock room door for employees to see, as well as customers. It teaches best practice and the black / white makes it easily visible. It is manufactured with a thick and sturdy plastic and comes with tape on the back for easy hanging.
    This sign was exactly what I needed for an outside door of my business. It was also much more reasonably priced than at any local stores!
    This product is exactly as pictured and advertised. The sign is plastic and not too fancy, but I wasn't looking for a decoration, just a notification sign.
    Easy to mount! Bought it from webstaurant store. Works real well. Does the job. Strong and sturdy. Would buy again. Price is right, too! 4 stars!
    It can be very important to let your guests or customers know which doors not to enter, even in some legal senses. This is a nice way to accomplish that.
    Easy to hang up. Easy to clean. Clearly marks the areas restricted to customers. They are thin and sometimes chip, but for a couple bucks, we always have extra on hand.
    There are certain areas if restriction that should not be occupied by customers. Use this sign to clearly make than known to both employees and customers.
    Giving it five stars because it's so economical, but it does chip. We had a delivery guy kind of back into it and it chipped a little bit and we had to get a new one. Fortunately it's only a couple bucks.
    We needed to mark our interior doors for employee access only and these signs are very professional and the sticky part works very well. Sometimes there is a random imperfection around the signs edge but nothing too bad. Plus the price was cheaper than you can find in retail locations.
    Great sign. Does what I need it do. Perfect / easy to install and Definitely would recommend this website. Will definitely buy from again Fast shipping
    So easy to apply the stickiness is very tough holds up very well we put ours on and have never had a problem with it, it's easy to clean easy to read, thank you webstaurant
    Great addition to our business, looks much better than hand written signs my husband hung up. Super fast shipping and of good quality! Highly recommend
    Cheap. Durable. Easy to mount. There's not much more to say other than those things. It's so convenient being able to add on items like this to other orders
    This sign works and looks great. The back is sticky so you can just press it into place and it holds. They have a strong hold and stick to pretty much anything.
    This was very affordable. It was also very easy to put on our office door. It has been effective in keeping our customers out. It looks very professional.
    These signs were inexpensive compared to our local restaurant equipment supplier. After 4 years, the adhesive has held up. For the price this has met our expectation.
    This is a nice, simple sign that gets the job done of letting customers know that the area is off limits. It was so easy to apply with the adhesive backing that comes on it.
    Perfect sized sign that we post on the back door of our kitchen to keep the public from entering the wrong door. Most people read it some are oblivious.
    Employees Only sign has double sided tape to hang onto door, wall, or anything else. Clear print so it's easy to read. Easy to wipe clean if it gets dirty.
    Well made sign - sticks to surfaces using two peel and stick pads on the back. Easily readable and will help keep patrons from entering our walk in cooler.
    i have already order 3 of the signs from this website. easy install, nice price, and it shows very clear, light and simple. i like it.
    This sign does wonders for keeping our work space free of customers. Before hanging it on the door, we had a few problems but now we have nothing to worry about! Very effective!
    I already ordered 2 of them. Really like them, looks very professional (black and white). Easy to install. Noticeable, good thickness and easy to clean.
    This is a standard sign but the adhesive backing is better than I would expect. The wording/picture is bright white and stands out on the black background.
    I love these signs. They are simple and exactly what we need to label doors. They stick well and are easy to wipe off if dirty.
    This sign is professional and quick and easy to install. It seems to be durable and the adhesive seems to hold well. Hopefully this sign helps keep customers out.
    This sign has completely eliminated our problems of customers wondering in to our inventory room outback. Looks professional and still says STAY OUT OF HERE!
    Great little signs to let customers know their boundaries, sign comes with two adhesive backings to apply on the area you desire, very clean looking and very nice quality
    Very nice and durable sign for the door in our small cozy restaurant. This definitely prevents customers from entering the kitchen area within out small store.
    We have had instances in the past where kids will try and wonder into our kitchen. It was nice to find a reasonable priced employee only sign that we can place on our door in hopes that kids will be reminded not to enter.
    good product for good price! I ordered it for my restaurant and it is doing what it supposed to be doing! no complains! I will order it again
    The 9" x 3" Black and White Employees Only Sign is exactly as described. While exactly the same as other employee signs avalible to me it was under half the price
    Can't say anything bad about this sign. It's exactly how it is described, and delivers the message. The letters are big enough to be easily legible, and it's very easy to mount, not screws needed.
    Important to keep customers out of our kitchen. People tend to want to come into areas they're not supposed to and make up excuses as to why they are there. This makes everything clear.
    The sleek look was perfect to suit our needs. We found that it adhered well to the door and has not come loose at all. Recommend.
    I bought some of these signs to designate areas that I did not want customers to go, like the ice machine. They are a very good quality.
    Nice sign-people always walk into my kitchen thinking it's the bathroom-we have solved that problem now! Get afew and keep people out of where they don't belong!
    the stickiness of the back isn't all that sticky if you have a glossy paint. I ended up screwing it in. Otherwise it is a great product.
    Super easy to mount on the doors we needed them for. Nice size, easy to see and read, even from a distance. Definitely a great value for the price.
    This sign is a nice, sturdy plastic and hangs nicely! The graphic is nice and the font is easy to read. More than meets expectations!
    We bought these at the same time as we purchased the unisex restroom signs. They have the same issue with poor adhesive, but one roll of good double sided tape fixed them all up.
    Good quality at a good price, these signs will hold up to being bumped and dinged. The only thing that could make them better is a great adhesive to hold them up!
    I've checked around for a better price, and even figuring in shipping, this is still the best buy. This sing is help keeping ppl out of my work/busy area
    This does exactly what the sign says. It keeps customers out of areas designed for employees only. The only problem is that the tape doesn't keep its sticky for very long. I have been open only 4 weeks and am looking for something to stick them to the doors. Overall a good deal and good sign.
    This is such a useful sign. It helps with direction and to keep our private areas private. Its still going strong. All of our signs that we have posted are still holding up!
    EMPLOYEES ONLY! hangs in the employee kitchen area, to not get confused with customers seating. We hang this, also, so inspectors are clear what areas are for customers and are for employees.
    we operate a coffee/bagle shop..with lots of areas that you want to secure.use these signs..theyare very nice looking,apply very easily and cme at a grwat price
    I love these sign very much they hold well and looks very attractive on any wall or door I would recommend them to any one.
    Easy enough. If I had one complaint it would be that the tape they use on this thing doesn't adhere very well. It kept falling off our door and finally broke.
    We have two of these signs. One for our kitchen and one for our supply room. They are easy to read and easy to apply to the doors.
    The customer is not always right. Sometimes there are places where you don't want them to go. These signs are great for dissuading people from walking into kitchens, offices, mop closets, or other back-office type places.
    It would be pretty hard for a simple regulatory sign not to meet our expectations, but this sign has a beautiful gloss that makes it extra professional. I can't imagine finding a better value.
    Great quality and the price can't be beat. The only issue I had was that the sticky tape didn't hold. I came in the next day and the sign had fallen the tile floor and chipped the corner. I'm ordering another one and will add additional sticky tape on the back.
    Tell the guests where they cant go we know people always get lost but a sign like this is valued priced and notify s that this is not an exit.
    I purchased all my signs from WEBstaurant and I am really happy with them. They stay on and are easy to read. And you can purchase everything you need here.
    Employees only! if you have one of those doors that people might get confused with a bathroom or an exit then it is idel to have one of these signs to prevent unwanted visiters!
    The employees only sign is essential for your kitchen, storage room and office doors. They are easy to install and the sticky part stays sticky.
    this is another good buy from webstaurant. they came in very good quality. compairing with the price, they are a steal. it is good buy!
    Although many businesses make their own signs, these are economical to purchase and more professional looking. It mounted easily to the door of our storage room.
    All of the signs I have bought through Webstraunt, which is quite a few, have been durable and have kept their crisp look. I have nothing but good things to say for the signs offered here.
    Looks great, simple and classy. Would purchase again if we need more in the future. The quality is what you would expect with any good signs.
    Web Restaurant remains one of the best places to find all of your establishment signage needs. Great selection, always top quality, signs come with mounting tape pre-installed, and always fast shipping!
    Good quality, not the cheap thin plastic. Lettering is well done, not like it will wipe off easily. Edges are smooth and rounded, well built.

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