Choice 18" x 24" WebstaurantStore Logo Flexible Cutting Board - 2/Pack

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Protect your counters with this Choice brand cutting board. Featuring the "WebstaurantStore" logo in the top, right hand corner, this translucent cutting board can be shaped, bent or made into a funnel. Because it is flexible, it is perfect for adding chopped vegetables, meats, and herbs directly into pots and pans without any spilling. Its thin design makes it easy to store without taking up a lot of room, but it does not compromise its durability. This cutting board is strong enough to handle chopping with all types of knives.

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Choice 18" x 24" WebstaurantStore Logo Flexible Cutting Board - 2/Pack

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cutting great boards board flexible large clean Easy size cut
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    I like this product for its size and convenience. However, I don't 'like that you can cut into easily. I don't think it's going to last long because of that. We only used twice now and there are lots of cuts already.
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    This board is probably bigger than I actually needed, it won't fit in a standard dishwasher. It is, however, great for dough prep as it is large enough to capture your entire work space and quickly move the mess when finished; helpful if you have limited counter space.
    I love these boards. My favorite thing about them is the large cutting area and flexibility of the board. They're very thin so they take up little space and can be stacked or folded away when not in use. I use them to protect the counters and keep a sanitary preparation surface. Great value.
    Wow, this cutting board is pretty big. Somehow larger than I thought. I've used it for butchering poultry as it is pretty large and protects other surfaces from contamination. However, it is a pretty thin and brittle type plastic so it did not hold up to my needs. It is also too large for a regular home dishwasher. The medium size is a bit more reasonable than this large size.
    These are nice flexible mats. I have ones in other sizes and they do start to get messed up and begin to curve up after a while. But overall, I'm happy with these!
    I'M so in love with these cutting boards! They are such a amazing product! They clean up so well and don't stain! I highly recommend this product.
    These cutting boards are a must. They are large enough to give you plenty of workspace, they are durable enough to withstand knife cuts and flexible enough to clean and store.
    I do not recommend this cutting board. It's no different than a vinyl place mat you can buy at the dollar store. Do yourself a favor and buy a real cutting board.
    Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry you did not prefer this cutting board, this is a great value! For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team!
    These flexible cutting boards are fantastic. Easy to store and keeps the area clean. They arrived kind of folded and I thought they were going to stay bent, But after laying them out, they eventually became flat.
    Great price for a great product. Huge cover for working with lathe cuts off meat or fish. I cut one in half and use them in my travel kit.
    Have using the smaller sizes for years and I got some larger sizes for the summer and fall canning sizes. The cutting boards hold up well and I have been washing them in the automatic dishwasher and they did not melt. I really like the fact is they flex easily to get the food into pot pans or canning jars.
    Very useful to keep food and knife cuts off countertops. All around useful cutting board, pretty cheap and reliable for about a year or so.
    Certainly flexible cutting boards don't hold up as long as the real deal, but these are well worth their weight in wood! Perfect for daily use, and the space you get with this size is a great value!
    I didn't realized until I started using these cutting boards that they would be a game-changing addition to my kitchen. They are thick enough to protect my counter top, but flexible enough to bend in any way I need it to. Great product.
    Amazing cutting board!!! This is so large it can be used to keep a counter clean as well as for cutting on it also can be used to protect a surface! Just a great flexible board to have on hand!
    These boards serve their purpose. Very cheap and not meant for every application, but definitely gets the job done sometime. Nice to have on hand, will buy again
    I got a 2/pk of these cutting boards to help with the prep work for a 150 guests party recently. My family members loved that they could slice and dice the vegetables then flex these boards to dump the veges right into bigger bowls. Super light-weight, great product and very good price.
    These provide a very large cutting surface and are great for fruits and veggies. Any discarded portions can be easily carried to garbage/compost, as the bards are light and bendable. Probably not recommended for long-term use, as they become scratched and stained rather easily. Easy to clean and store.
    i guess i really didn't see how flexible these are but they are super thin and don't really ever want to stay flat for cutting.
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    Choice 18"x24" Webstaurant Store Logo Flexible cutting board in a pack of 2. They are easily stored as you can roll them up to store them out of the way. They are easy to use and clean. A great addition to the kitchen.
    Very large and great for if you need the space for meats. Hard to store in cupboards and drawers in house. This would be more suited for a commercial kitchen.
    Got these to cut up fruits on, which is very nice that it is flexible and I can just pour the fruits into a topping bowl. They are bigger than expected because I usually don't read the dimension. But overall, the price is very nice and you get 2 in a pack
    These are excellent cutting boards. I'm impressed at the value here and keep in mind these are big! So far we've really liked them and seem to be holding up strong.
    I really like this 18 x 24 Webster right logo disposable cutting board I'll have to get me a few more they work great and they're disposable
    This is a great product its very flexible and light,i was tired of the heavy cutting boards I can use this and wash it with ease.
    Got this cutting board on sale wasn't sure what to expect but it has turned out to be a great buy nice and sturdy easy to use and bendable beer dispensing ingredients
    You can't go wrong with these choice flexible cutting boards it's a very nice big size this one I really like it a lot they're great for camping and events that are offsite definitely great thing to have sent around a restaurant
    These cutting mats are awesome! They work great for big jobs (meat processing) or even just in the kitchen when you need a larger work surface.
    Just as good as the 12x18. They're super cheap, lightweight, and perfectly flexible. They do show knife marks over time, and don't do well under heat, but they're worth the price.
    One word AMAZING!!!!! In the world of competition bbq where being both sanitary and saving as much time as possible is a necessity. These are a life saver and a half. This size is perfect to trim and apply dry rubs to two racks of spare ribs at a time ( 4 racks St Louis cut & 6 baby back racks). Holds up well to the abuse Ive thrown at them and clean up is a snap.
    So happy I found these cutting mats. They work great for our catering events, when we don't have space for our other cutting boards. These rollup and are flexible. Great for any work environment
    Just what I was looking for for just the right price. We haven't used them for too long yet, but they look like they will work great. It's cheaper to get cheap cutting boards and replace them than to refinish nice ones.
    Great quality flexible cutting board. Board has good flexibility and has no issues with cracking or pitting. Have used other flexible cutting boards in the past that crack and break easily, no issues at all with these ones!
    I use these at home. It's a rental and not long ago we discovered an odd cut out part of the kitchen counter, like a rectangle had been added where an old sink was. We're using these in place of the old wooden cutting board that had been hiding the cut grooves - it went funky. These work well, have held up nicely to use and is easy to clean. Also, you can see when/if something does get under it.
    These cutting boards are an ideal size. Their flexibility makes storage a piece of cake. Our kitchen staff is impressed with this product! Five stars!
    I like the large size. It might be more useful for other usage such as a clean work surface rather than a cutting board. It's not sturdy enough to cut into especially if you have sharp knives.
    Bigger than expected but even then, definitely not disappointed. These were great and durable for the price. Plenty of room for all your food preparing needs.
    This board is great as a work surface and for easy slicing jobs. For handling and cutting tough chunks of meat, I would recommend a thicker board as this one does slice easily. Used for its intended purpose, it is great, just don't try to overuse it.
    I love using these flexible cutting mats as work area to keep my table clean. It definitely contains the mess much better than just working on a table.
    Great product for large cutting. You can have plenty of room on this flex cutting board for large batches of cutting vegetables and fruits and easy clean just send through the dishwasher
    These are really handy to have around since they take up almost zero space, and they do hold to cut quite well. They are a bit slippery but that's my only complaint.
    This is a great textured cutting board for the price. It does not slip on our stainless steel prep tables. Everyone wants to use one!
    Perfect for portable cutting of food. easy to stack for convenient storage. Color does not fade even after serval washes. Keep original size and shape even while being under hot temperatures of dishwashers. Easy to move food from one location to to another without spilling.
    I use these mats under our waffle irons to keep the spills easy to clean up. They seem very thin and flimsy for a cutting mat but work great for what I use them for
    These are super nice cutting boards. Just cut up and roll the mat up slide into your bowels. Very easy to clean and store. Good price as you get a 2 pack!
    These were far better than the flexible cutting boards I had bought from a hobby store. I love the large size for prepping certain things and then I cut one in half which for most things is the perfect size. A heads up though- If you're wanting to be chopping with a lot of force or using a cleaver, go with a thick cutting board. These are not for that and you'll obviously go right through . After a lot of use, they'll begin to just wear out so replacing will be in order but I think I'll be getting another year or two out of them before I need to do that.
    I bought these to use for rolling out dough. Finally got a chance to make cinnamon rolls from scratch this afternoon. I took one out of the plastic envelope to wash and noticed one side was curved. I attempted to flatten it, but it seems to be permanently uneven. It's a very smooth surface. Seriously, these boards have more slide more than a cheesy wedding dance. I put some foam trivets under each corner to stabilize the board. I did have plenty of space to roll out a large batch of dough - which didn't adhere to the board- and it held up to the bench knife.
    I love how affordable these things are. Be careful because the green words to rub off but who cares at that price.I use them every day on top of my counter when I am preparing anything any they make cleanup so easy.
    I happen to love these 18x24 flexible cutting boards- easy to store, work really great and are a must in any kitchen. Great choice !
    Purchased 20 packs of 2 for a recent event and have been pleasantly surprised. They held up much better than expected - deboned 7 tons of chicken, sliced and diced 2 tons each of lamb and beef on these 40 boards and all are still in use after the event. For this ridiculous low price you can't go wrong.
    purchased multiple of these to use for an offsite event, they worked perfectly and we were able to wash them a few times in a high temp dish machine before we had to discard the product.
    This board is huge. So much so that I don't really have a use for it at home. But otherwise it does it's job well. It's not super heavy duty so I wouldn't do any cleaving on it but if you're cutting a large amount of vegetables then it definitely comes in handy. Surface is very easy to clean!
    We purchased a couple of these for our BBQ catering business. They work really well. The only criticism i would have, is that they are a little hard to clean size wise.
    Flexible and HUGE - covers a whole lot of space on my table. You need to dampen a towel to place under it or the board will walk away while cutting.
    You simply cannot go wrong with this cutting board. Very economical and is holding up better then I thought it would for the price. We use many times daily.
    I am extremely disappointed with this cutting board. My knives went right through it on the first use leaving me with a useless and damaged cutting board.
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that this flexible cutting board did not work for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly.
    These boards are huge, great for prepping large quantities of vegetables for a soup or stew, and then tipping directly from the board into the pot.
    These are great mats. I have been looking for some time for a work mat of this size. I have not been able to find them until I discovered them on this site. Well done Webstaurant!!!! They are not to thin or thick just right for working around our prep area. If I had a bigger counter I would order several more.
    The Choice 18' X 24" Flexible Cutting Boards work great and who can beat the price. I took one and cut it down the middle ( on the 24" axis) and placed one half on each side of the stove. It helps with the splatter on the counter. the other is now my " go to " cutting board for soup and stews.
    I love using these flexible cutting boards at BBQ competitions. It makes things easier then lugging around a heavy cutting board from the preparation table to the grill. Plus, I can't stress that since they bend, the larger ones are easier to clean up in a sink. My only caution is to not leave them in a bent position when storing. They will return to a flat position after awhile, but easier if you have vertical storage that can fit the size.
    these are great , they are not very thick , but to be flexible I suppose they can't be . I wanted to go with the flexible for the fact that you can just grab the board and basically pour out anything that is on it , far less mess with them . Clean up very easy , a little challenging with their size but worth it
    This is a very large cutting mat. It is super strong and very easy to clean. This is the very best product for everyday cutting needs.
    These are very nice, large, and flexible cutting boards. The only two little gripes I have about these is that they melt *very* easily, and they arrived a bit warped, which might not be a problem for most people, but it bothers me a bit. I like these cutting boards to sit flat on the counter.
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that you have been having problems with this cutting board melting. This is not a heat-approved cutting board and we recommend hand washing it so that it does not melt in the hot water of the dishwasher. Thank you for pointing this out to us. We have added it to the site to clarify for other customers.
    I really like these cutting boards because I can keep several ready for use and they don't take up much storage space. This size is quite large and is great for large quantities of veggies. We use a new cutting board for every dish we prepare to minimize cross-contamination of ingredients. The edges do curl in the dishwasher, but this one is too large for most dishwashers so it shouldn't be an issue.
    These are nice large cutting boards. I used mine on the while filling sauce glasses for the spill over, work great and they bent too!
    These are nice, cheap boards that do a good job. They take up minimal space because they are so thin and flexible which makes them great to have on hand for additional helpers in the kitchen. However, they do have a few flaws over the standard heavy cutting boards: 1) they slide around a lot with heavy food items (unless taped down). 2) They develop deeper knife cuts since the material is less durable. Overall I am happy with these boards for what they are and what they cost. I would buy again.
    I love these as nothing stick to the surface I work with fondant and this is very good to work on and for the price you can't bet it order several .
    Very large. Perfect for using as a pastry mat, rolling out fondant, or when rolling buns, a surface that you can move around, until you're ready to bake them. I will be ordering a couple more sets of each size!
    This cutting board is very large. We actually purchased them to cut down to whatever sized we wanted, but after using the full size we have kept them the way they are. These are thick, much better than others we have purchased elsewhere that we cut through the plastic the first time using. The large size is not only great for cutting multiple items at once, but also for less mess when preparing fruit for canning and cutting large items like watermelon.
    This is a nice size cutting board! It doesn't take up too much kitchen space, cleans up easily and is flexible so it's easy to pour what you cut into your bowl or pot.
    These cutting boards are awesome! Way larger than I was expecting but they work great. Lots of room for just about anything you might think of.
    The cutting boards are great for rolling out dough! I bought these because my previous counter top was getting old and have crevices everywhere that could never get completely clean. These are big enough to cover all of it without the worry of contaminating the dough. I gave it four stars, because it is so large it doesn't fit into our home dishwasher and is awkward to wash in the kitchen sink without getting water everywhere. Good product and I love our slightly smaller ones too!
    These are great. They are definitely big, which we needed. You can cut things on them and not have to have an extra plate to put the cut vegetables on, you can just push them to the side while you cut the rest of the vegetable. They are super portable which is nice since we do prep work at one place and still prep and cook at another. You can have 4-6 boards sitting between two boxes. Definitely recommend. At this price you can afford to replace them when needed.
    This is a good price a set of two cutting boards. They might not be as sturdy or perhaps durable (that is yet to be determined) as other, thicker boards, but these things are huge. It's awesome to have so much cutting space, and, just in general, space where you can put food, so that it doesn't touch the counters. To me, this is especially useful when cutting things like raw meat, because I can now arrange the cut and non-cut pieces across the counter without having to worry about them touching the wood or coming into contact with other things. Even for other foods, it's quite useful to have a big board and not have the need to transfer everything into pans/pots right away.
    Great cutting board. It arrived in good condition and in a timely fashion. Will use it for cutting vegetables and preparing soups. Thanks for the item.
    I didn't realized until I started using these cutting boards that they would be a game-changing addition to my kitchen. They are thick enough to protect my countertop, but flexible enough to bend in any way I need it to. Great product!
    Wanted these for the kitchen but my wife immediately claimed them for a cutting surface in her craft room. Now she isn't having to use the self seal(expensive) mats so much and these cutting boards work great due to their size. Maybe she'll buy me some for the kitchen? Good product, very useful and a great price.
    I love the fact that these comes with two in a pack. They are also good size to cut up all our vegetables. They sure do come in handy.
    These are great. I got them in a promotion, and we use them much more than I thought we would. They hold up great and wash easy
    These cutting boards are huge. Was able to put a roast turkey on one for carving and had plenty of extra board left on all sides. You get two in a pack. I only needed one large cutting board, so I cut the other one in half and still got two big cutting boards from that.
    I got this as a freebie and I am glad I did! I didn't have cutting boards large enough for the doughs that I cut for cinnamon rolls and breads. Would have never thought to order these!
    The flexible cutting board is great for any cut to size project. Great quality at a reasonable price. They store very easily so that storage space is never an issue. Fantastic.
    This board is big. a little bigger than i thought, but it covers my table well and helps with splatter when cutting meat. Because they are flexible, it does help in cleaning and storage. A great deal for the money.
    These flexible cutting boards are fantastic. They are easy to clean and very durable and are virtually indestrucatable; for the price, you can't go wrong!
    Nice large size cutting board! Great price for a cheap and inexpensive cutting board! Great for home use! Good for on the fly prep and easy to take almost anywhere!!! Easy to quickly add ingredients to a soup or sauce!!
    This is an excellent product! I not only use this mat in my kitchen; I use it in my eCraft cutter as a backing mat. It works great! I cut the 18"x24" into two equal pieces (12x18) which fit perfectly in my craft cutter. Mats for craft cutters are VERY expensive, so this mat saved me a bundle! What a great product at a very affordable price!

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