Board Buddy 12" x 18" Black Non-Slip Cutting Board Mat

Item #: 203BOARDBUD

Increase your kitchen safety with this black, non-slip Board Buddy! Cutting on a slippery surface can cause hassle or even injury to your employees. Slide this mat under your cutting board for a safe and effective way to keep your cutting board stationary during prep work, saving both time and frustration. Made of PVC coated polyester, this bubble-weaved mat is durable and can easily be customized to fit your needs. Its ample 12" x 18" footprint is perfect for cutting board sizes close to 12" x 18" or 15" x 20" but can be cut down to be used with 6" x 10" or smaller cutting boards.

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Board Buddy 12" x 18" Black Non-Slip Cutting Board Mat

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    Like it! Could easily cut the material to the size that you want. Beautiful color matched my kitchen perfectly. Perfect for the way I want to use them.
    Quality cutting boards for a reasonable price. Gouge resistant and durable. Easy to maintain and clean. One of the best products we have use in a while.
    Does a great job of keeping a poly cutting board in place under intense use. It also works well with a 1-1/2" thick maple board. Highly recommended. Strangely enough, this is one of those tools that really contributes to safety in the kitchen. A cutting board that slides around is an invitation to injury.
    We use this mesh shelf liner for just about everywhere of our restaurant, from the bar to the kitchen to the tables. It keeps our countertops from getting dirty or damaged too.
    These board buddies do keep the cutting boards from slipping around on our stainless steel prep stations. They are definitely more inexpensive than buying a board that has the non-slip added.
    The board buddy was good at providing grip for the cutting board when I first bought it. It lasted a couple of weeks but considering it I washed it about twice a day it started to tear. I would imagine if he needed replacement after one month of use. Now I just use a wet towel.
    much better and cheaper to reuse these to keep cutting boards in place as opposed to a towel every day. this item will help cut your linen costs
    This stuff works pretty well. It is not quite as good as the actual rubber mats. But those are more expensive. Here you can get enough for three boards for a steal.
    purchase couple of them, about two months ago, we are so happy with the choice we make. i definitely recommend them for home or restaurant
    This is a solid product I only gave it four stars because it is difficult to cut with scissors. For the price, the quality is definitely on par
    Love the board buddy non slip cutting board mats. They are health department compliant and keep the cutting board from moving making work safer for employees
    Upon first glance I thought this thin, cheap looking thing would never work and is a waste of money. I'm wrong. It works very well. I'm pleased with the purchase.
    These are perfect for holding a cutting board in place and much better than using a sanitizer rag for the same purpose. Plus, you can throw them in the dishwasher for cleaning each day.
    This is such a nice nonslip cutting board and the board body works really good and really cheap price shown very fast after I ordered it less than a week this is such a nice nonslip cutting board and the board body works really good and really cheap price shown very fast after I ordered it less than a week
    We use these in our coffee shop. We serve pour overs and needed a way to stabilize the carafe on the service platter. We cut them to fit and they work great.
    these are a very nice size - only not quite as grippy as we had hoped - good quality material - holds up well in wash
    I was a little nervous when the three foot premium black mesh cutting board mat was delivered, mainly because this was the first time using this kind of non-slip tool. I will admit I was wrong and won’t ever go back to the competition. This mat is beyond durable. I appreciate the non-slip feature and it has not shown any sign of wear after heavy of use. I highly, highly recommend this mat for any kitchen.
    This shelf liners pretty nice I put it inside my drawers where we keep stuff and it stops stuff from sliding around when you open and close the drawers very inexpensive any Factive way and you got a love the great price and fast shipping from this website
    so, let's be real here. this is basically just shelf liner, but as such it works well for lining shelves or for keeping a board from sliding around. the fact that it's precut makes it convenient if you need a lot of them
    This board buddy is one of the best cheap things you can keep around your kitchen. Perfect size and it beats using wet paper towel or towels to keep your cutting board from sliding around. Would definitely recommend.
    I use these types of mats to line as shelf liners to help prevent my glasses from chipping. This one fits perfectly and is a nice subtle black color.
    Excellent product! It does what it is suppose to do and it is easy to sanitize in a sink. That helps it to retain its shape and usability. I suggest to future buyers when you clean it, do not put this product in a dishwasher no matter what.
    As stated, this simple but effective item has already saved our coffee mugs from chipping. Simply line the area you wish to protect with one of these and save money.
    It does help with my cutting board from slipping but is far from perfect. My board stays in place a bit better but is not impervious to moving around. Overall for the price it's okay.
    This is a great item to use with any cutting board. It alleviates slipping and in our restaurant we have it on stainless steel tables so this item is very important to have. Amazing price also.
    3' Premium Black Mesh Cutting Board Mat / Bar Mat / Shelf Liner #208110 when i received this i put it under my hall mat and it worked fantastic
    I was hesitant about these first because they were so cheap, and second because they looked very thin when they arrived. These little mats definitely surprised me in a good way - durable, and they get the job done keeping our cutting boards from slipping around. They also roll up and store very easily, taking up only a small amount of space which is great for my small kitchen.
    We use the Board Buddy Non - Slip Mats for multiple purposes, under cutting boards as well as a shelf liner to prevent items from slipping off of shelves of our truck while in transport. So far has been durable.
    Slightly disappointed with this item. It is the exact same as the mat material you can buy at almost any store except there you get a roll of several yards for the same price. It works fine though. I expected a little more than an item I could have purchased for much cheaper.
    So glad I added this to my order. This mat has been a life safer. It keeps my plastic cutting boards in place allowing me to safely perform a variety of slicing tasks from boning a chicken to carving a roast. It's washable and dries super fast. It priced low enough to keep several on hand .
    no fuss, easy to use. price is good. probably would have been better if i bought a roll of it this product. good product overall.
    I use this under my cutting board on my stainless counter top. It keeps my cutting board from sliding all over. The size fits perfect and holds my board in place.
    This non slip mat is perfect for using cutting boards in our small food truck. You cannot beat the price and it works perfect. When needed, I will order several more.
    It's a shelf liner! (not a behind-the-bar floor mat!) Anyway, functions to provide grip as expected. It's not very heavy duty, but you'd expect to replace these every once in a while anyway.
    I love these mats. They really do the job. You don't need to have the mat fit the size of your board, one half the size of your board works just fine. They are not so thick that your board wobbles, if you do this. They rinse out well and dry quickly, fold up without getting creases, so you can store them in a small ziploc bag. The only problem we've had with them is that if you get any oil on them, it seems to change them chemically and permanently, and they completely lose their non-stick quality, no matter how or with what you wash them. But they are so cheap, we didn't cry about needing to replace one.
    It doesn't matter if the board and counter are wet or dry; this mat holds it securely in place so that there's no movement while chopping.
    I use this on my cake turntable when I'm smoothing my icing. It works like a charm. Just lay the mat down and place the cakeboard on top. It won't budge. I definitely recommend this product.
    Works very well, but like another customer said, I wonder why they cost so much It's just a mat of rubberized mesh. Must have though, in my opinion.
    Here's why I love this thing: it holds my cutting board perfectly still (great for intricate things) but unlike a wet towel, my work surface isn't wet when I'm done. And let's be honest - any reusable towel in a busy commercial kitchen is unlikely to be perfectly clean. This is easy to dip in the sanitizer sink and hang back up for next time.
    This non-slip mat works like a charm. I've made several cutting boards for friends and myself. This one is the size of the boards. I've purchased the smaller size and will review that one also.
    Love this buddy mat. It hold any cutting board in place even wood. It help me to stay safe and release stress from my hands when cutting. Definitely a must in every kitchen because a sliding cutting board equals a sliding knife and dangerous.
    Works but I feel like I overpaid. I'm not sure what I expected but this is like a small piece of shelf liner paper. It does the job. I've rinsed it but haven't tried washing it in soapy water. Yes I know it was only a couple bucks but if I'd have thought of it, I could've used some leftover plasticky shelf liner paper that I already had, the slightly sticky kind.
    I love this mat; this is another product that I use every day. It's actually huge, so I fold mine in half to sit nicely underneath my cutting board, but I suppose you could also cut it according to whatever size you'd need. Prior to owning this I used to dampen a tea towel and keep it under my cutting board to prevent sliding but this is much easier to use. I could also see this being useful to put under anything to prevent it from sliding; a food processor, blenders, whetstones or a mortar and pestle. This is something I'd imagine having in my kitchen at all times.
    This is a great safety item for any kitchen. We have them for every cutting board and it works best when paired with lightweight cutting boards that usually slip and slide. It is a good item for safely wrapping up kitchen tools and small plating utensils for storage as well.
    This non-slip cutting board mat is also great for keeping my blender and sewing machine from slipping. I thought it looked delicate because it's lightweight, but it is actually very strong and doesn't tear.
    These mats have worked like a charm everytime we havr used them. They look very nice and they are made from high quality fibers. Not to mention the great price here on Webstaurant!
    Great item! Make your case look more classy with this black deli case liner. We also cut strips of it to use under cutting boards to keep them in place!!
    These can be used for many different things. It definitely works to place under the cutting boards as you work. Also good to place under a board with a potato slicer on, stops the slipping. Great price for a great product. I will buy more.
    These speed up the time it takes to set up a cutting board! Easy to lay down and keeps any board secure for safe cutting!!!
    These are great to have. very convenient. So much better than just having a wet towel or paper towel underneight your cutting board. saves money in the long run.
    This item helps keep the cutting board steady during use. It works well for us. No better or worse than any of the others we've had.
    I got this to use as a catering bartender,love its perfect for my glassware,when I am done it dry's fast..great product

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