Berry AEP 1504389 12" x 2000' Standard Film with Serrated Cutter

Item #: 18212X2CB

Keep your food sealed at optimum freshness with Berry AEP 1504389 12" X 2000' film wrap! The 12" width is great for covering containers or food items with large surface areas. A 35 gauge film, this wrap offers the perfect cling to achieve the tightest seal for a variety of applications. This feature prevents gaps between the surface and the wrap to ensure that no air gets through to the food and that nothing inside leaks out. The clear material provides product visibility so that your products can be easily identified even when wrapped. The box includes a convenient serrated blade to allow for quick and safe cutting every time. With 2000' of film wrap in every roll you can be sure that your business is in good supply! Whether you're wrapping brownies in your bakery, sandwiches and subs in your deli, or covering food in your restaurant, this Berry AEP 12" x 2000' film is sure to suit all of your needs.

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Berry AEP 1504389 12" x 2000' Standard Film with Serrated Cutter

4.9 stars from 100 reviews


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wrap cutter plastic film Great cling food price quality much
    Great plastic wrap. Always holds up, even in the oven. I love the smaller size as it is easier to move around. We use this one more than the long one usually.
    This is great heavier duty film. We use it to wrap meats after they are cut, and also to wrap all unused salads at the end of each day. It really holds up well.
    The 12" standard film works really well for wrapping small items like stacks of cheese or 1/9, 1/6 & 1/3 hotel pans. We use it on the smaller items so there isn't waste like if you used the larger wrap.
    we go through a lot of this film in our restaurant and find it really holds in the freshness of the food we are wrapping up. very good quality and value for the price.
    Great cling wrap for restaurant or home use. 2,000 feet is a lot of wrap and will last a long time at home. Wraps and sticks really well.
    These film as is as good as any I've used so far. The slider cutter works much better so i made sure to keep my old cutter and replace it into this.
    The price on this film is wonderful, especially when you use as much as we do. This is a strong film. We would definitely recommend to others.
    Is it lame that I genuinely am excited about how awesome this cling wrap is??? I LOVE this cling wrap!!! It is much easier to use than grocery store plastic wrap and clings very well! And it is a wonderful value! Will definitely repurchase.
    Good quality food service film, comes with a cutting blade like all other plastic wrap. Standard easy to use size 12x2000 would recommend for general use.
    Love this wrap!! Does just what I need and sticks perfectly to tightly wrap my cakes for storage before i need them. Has become a staple for my everyday needs
    The material felt much thinner compared to another brand we were using. The thin, light plastic tends to cling more and rips partially when pulling. We used up the entire box but its not something we would reorder.
    The serrated cutter remains in place making very user friendly. The wrap clings securely over utensils. And is very durable and made of good quality. I will recommend this product
    This is my favorite cling wrap ever! My husband hates it because it is so clingy, but I love how well it sticks to itself and everything else. I don't keep it in the box, but just tear off as much as I need. I use it for everything from wrapping cakes to packaging things together for consignment sales. It's very handy and for this price, you can't go wrong!!!
    Berry AEP 1504389 12" x 2000' Standard Film with Serrated Cutter #18212X2 - this plastic wrap sticks well, I've had some that hardly adhere to the item I'm wrapping but this one does a good job.
    We use this wrap everyday in our kitchen. Great for various uses. We wrap sandwiches and pastries. Easy to use and store. Doesn't take up to much space. Would highly recommend,
    These are really good. They cling easily to bowls and other stuff. It can also pull apart from itself easily, so you don't waste a strip because of two corners touching. The box isn't the most durable, so if it's not going to sit in one place, I would tape the ends closed.
    Good price, Shipped fast and arrived in good condition. We can go through plastic wrap in a week. I will def be ordering this again
    Very. Good quality I just bought this and I like it. I just wanted a little bit. Wider. It other than that. Is good. Will last. Long time
    This film is not too thin. It works well on pretty much any surface, including stainless steel. The cutter also does not wear itself out.
    Great product. Great price, The film sticks to all kinds of surfaces just like its supposed to which makes putting away stuff a lot easier for the waitresses.
    What can I say but it is a good product for the price. The serrated cutter is a lot better than the zip cutter. It will be purchased again
    You're this is your basic restaurant quality plastic wrap. It's got the perforated cutter you're looking for not the slide cover the never works so well.
    Can not beat this price! This is thick plastic wrap. It clings really well and keeps things sealed. This is the perfect size for plates and to keep on the counter.
    pretty good saran wrap. heavy duty and sticks well. sometimes we receive a bad batch that is almost impossible to untangle but overall a good product
    This works perfect for wrapping Delicatessen sandwiches. The cutting blade stays sharp. The roller assembly was smooth not to damage delicate sandwich breads in the wrapping process.
    This product is fine, though the box tends to fall apart before the plastic is done - that is why I started buying the 2000 feet instead of 3000.
    Honestly, the best size film for a cafe. the width making it easy to store when not using, also makes it easier to use because it takes up less space on the counter. the serrated cutter is nice and convenient.
    This cling-wrap is good quality. Strong; clear and sticks to itself just as it should. The cutter stays on the box use after use which is a big deal in the restaurant industry since it usually goes missing after 2 days and you have to use a knife to cut...not THIS cling wrap. THE CUTTER STAYS ON THE BOX! THANK HEAVENS!
    i bought this smaller in length Plastic Wrap because it takes up less room in my small commercial kitchen. it also is really durable. i've used it for years and was pleased to find it on this website.
    This cling classic food wrap is a quality product for covering food dishes or wrapping up leftovers. Each roll contains 2000' of wrap and a serrated cutter blade.
    This roll of 12" cling wrap is perfect for wrapping up leftover food or covering pans and dishes. Box includes a cutting strip allowing you to choose your length.
    This is a fantastic price for a quality plastic wrap! It is as good or better than any of the name brand wraps out there! The serrated cutter works great and the plastic is strong an clingy!
    It still continues to amaze me how much holding/sticking power this cling wrap has over the store-bought stuff. The serrated cutter works perfectly every time, too!
    This plastic wrap comes in a bargain, the price here is cheaper than what they sell in the stores. The 12" size is perfect for my kitchen since it covers unfinished dinner plates right before it toss it in the refrigerator. The quality is not cheap either. It does it's job.
    This Cling wrap is a tremendous value from WEBstaurantStore perfect for keeping items in containers fresh clings good to almost any type container serrated blade cuts clean
    This stuff clings wonderfully, to almost anything, including itself, so be careful when you pull it out and cut it off. In my opinion, this was by far, cheaper than buying the small rolls at the store. Plus, it clings much better than those and it's wider, so you don't have to pull off two pieces in order to properly cover a plate, bowl, etc.
    this is a great brand of plastic wrap for all sorts of different wrapping needs. it's the brand i've dealt with most in professional kitchens. i prefer this kind with the cutter as opposed to the slider which tends to break. great product.
    The Standard film with the serrated cutter is such a great buy. I never had to fight with the roll because the plastic was too sticky like I do with other film rolls and the cutter on this on is hassle free.
    Perfect film for food coverage pans. Features 12" diameter and 2000' ft length. You'll be able to feel comfortable knowing you won't run out too quick.
    This 12" film wrap is great for sealing and covering food dishes before placing them in the cooler or refrigerator. Box has a metal edge for cutting the film. Great value wrap!
    This is a great 12 inch long by 2000 foot standard film with serrated cutter Very good inexpensive price And I'm happy that I got it
    I bought both the 18" wide and this 12" wide cling wrap in order to be able to wrap smaller items without wasting the extra wrap. It is great plastic wrap, sticks well and seals nicely.
    I go through s lot of plastic wrap in the kitchen, this wrap clings well to itself and other stuff. Cutter cuts well though the plastic without any issues.
    Plastic wrap is a staple for food storage in every sort of food service, but especially for a bakery. This product is easy to use and it keeps food fresh for longer.
    This cling classic is an amazing product. The packaging of the plastic wrap is great and the blades create a smooth cut. You can wrap things and have confidence that it will stay wrapped.
    Super bargain from webstaurant! Must have in all kitchens. This size is perfect for my small kitchen. Also a great size for less waste to wrap smaller things!
    I love this plastic wrap! It sticks to itself, and other items very nicely and does not tear and get tangled in the roll as I have found other brands to do
    This is nice strong wrap and does not seem to rip easily. The cutter that is provided, cuts through the wrap easily, it is nice and sharp.
    The quality of the film in great. Very stretchy and seals perfect in rim of any container or pans. Keep the food fresh and moist. highly recommend!
    The cling classic was much cheaper and better than the sysco brand. I am very pleased with this product and will be buying from webstaurant from now on
    Very happy with this quality product from WEBstaurantStore it seals food tight so it doesn't go bad in fridge and is a very economical size and price.
    This is a good price for the amount you get and is very comparable to brand cling or saran wrap. I know that it will last a long time and I love the packaging to make it easy to access and tear.
    We use this daily at the bakery. It is easy to tear and provides a good quality for the price. Will continue to buy this product.
    Great price, great size. We use this on a daily bases trap all our cakes and breads for the local market. Love the cutter, makes everything really easy!
    Reliable, strong. Everything you would need for a plastic wrap. I order this product over and over again. Can't say one bad thing about it!
    Excellent and economical cling wrap! Easy to pull and cut using the included serrated cutter piece. Adheres wonderfully to wrap pans up for overnight food storage, or wrapping and storing doughs!
    This is perfect for the kitchen. You get a large amount of plastic wrap for a small price. It also comes in different lengths for restaurant use
    Nice size film. Becareful the serrated cutter is sharp but very convenient. These roll should last a while before needing to order more. Better then cling wrap.
    I have been using this wrap for sometime now is strong and durable it gets the job done. It going to last a long time.
    The Cling Classic wrap is a superior and strong packaging material. It has a substantial feel to it as well as a bit of stretch which makes it easy to use on items for storage.
    This film is a great buy. It's sturdy and the serrated cutter makes it easy to use. It's a large amount but when working with large quantities, it's perfect.
    This works perfectly for the small amount of prep work my cafe requires. The cling wrap is solid and the blade gives a nice smooth cut!
    Great film covering. It clings to all our bowls, weather they are polycarbonate or stainless. The cutter is a nice added feature. Nice value and cheaper then I can buy at our local store.
    This sis a great way to always have a kitchen staple on hand whether it is at a work or home kitchen. It is good quality and weight.
    Happy with these wrap. Priced Nicely, the blade cuts smoothly and it lasts for a long time.' We buy the 12 inch and 15inch which work well for us . The 12 works well for wrapping cookies and brownies because you aren't left withnallmthis extra plastic
    quality plastic wrap, we use this specifically behind the bar. product holds and lasts much longer than most plastic wraps on the market. great value, will be purchasing in the future
    I bought this to replace plastic wrap I got from elsewhere. This is more economical and just as good. I will buy again when needed.
    I bought this product some 4-5 months ago and after 10+ events of 250 people or more, Its still not even time to reorder. It clings to any surface especially our silver mixing bowls and even cutting boards.
    These 12 inch by 2000 feet plast wrap was realy awesome. Good as quality plastic wrap u can go wrong to have this one :)))
    My husband hates the regular box of plastic wrap from the grocery store, but he loves this box. The serrated cutter actually stays in place and cuts well. The box is very big for home use. It will last for some time for us.
    I bought this for serving/covering baked goods at a farmers market each week. Each Saturday I rip off 100 plus pieces to serve customers and the blade works great. This is one of those products I can't live without! So happy to have found it here at such a good price!
    Great quality film wrap. we use this everyday to cover up our toppings and fruit. it seems as if it lasts forever. we recommend this product.
    When our order came today very early my husband grabbed the 12x 2000' Standard Film with Serrated Cutter, He had already found a place that will fit well when he needs it .And this he did. Right next to our Microwave on the top shelf , He loves it and he used it to put the Film over macaroni and cheese and put it in the microwave. No more splatters inside the microwave that I really hate to clean up, YUKKERS. But no more. The price is truly out of this world and they even have larger lengths available.Cheaper than those store bought kinds that cost an arm and a leg for hardly any film wrap.
    Personally I like the boxes that slide to cut the film. other than that this film is great. Seals nicely and keeps my items fresh!
    The film wraps around your item tight and it also keeps out air on your item. The best film that I have ever used. It also make your sweets look good instead of using foil paper on the odd shape plates and pans. Will be using it for party trays.
    Excellent film. Clings like it should, but I don't use the cutter box, so I can't really comment on that. Definitely cheaper than getting smaller containers piecemeal at your local store, too.
    I cover and freeze all my cakes before decorating and always use plastic wrap. It's great a value and you don't have to fight with it. Good quality
    Not a bad product at a good price. Film is a little thin and can be little annoying but overall it gets the job done.
    This plastic wrap is great to use to wrap up pans. It is wide, so you don't have to use a million pieces, but it doesn't get in the way of everything on the bench. It is a bit clingy, though, and tends to get stuck to itself pretty easily.
    This film is very stretchy and sticky. It comes in a very heavy box with a good, easy to install cutter strip. It works very well in any commercial kitchen environment.
    This film is a must have for any kitchen, commercial or home. The 12" is a versatile size that will be useful in most applications. We always buy a few at a time because the price is so low on at WEBstaurant Store.
    I bought this for home use after getting frustrated with supermarket cling wraps. It's heavy enough to stay put, and there are cutouts to secure the roll to the box. Save the blades from old boxes and put them in new ones to have a cutter on both sides
    we operate a coffe/bagle shop you need to wrape to go items as well as coverying items to be placed in refridgerator or storage this is a great product to use
    This product is awesome! It clings better than the name brand cling wrap, and you get a lot more product for your money. Great find!
    This wrap is the best I've used. The cutter is easy to use and it is a great value to boot. The plastic wrap clings without bunching up.
    I use this dailywrapping about everything for sale or to be stored, this is essential in my business that the product is secured for the customer and this Choice Film does the job great, not to mention the ease in cutting the film to the perfrect size everytime in one go
    A million things you can do with cling wrap and its fun and easy with a cutter box. Really. Especially when its just you working in the kitchen. Great buy!
    This plastic film wrap is great. I use it every day and have never had any issues with it. it comes at a very affordable price and is the perfect size for 6th and 3rd pans.
    This film is perfect for our needs, and the cutter box works fine, too. It's unbelievable how expensive this is at other restaurant supply places, and there's no need to pay more.
    The film is good quality. It's clingy and sturdy. I also found that the cutter works pretty well. I've bought film rolls before where the cutter has been pretty much useless, so I am very satisfied with this one.
    12" by 2000" film comes with a cutter in the box that works so much better than the ones with sharp edges.
    It is price i can never always go back to. I stopped buying it from other places because Webstaurant offers the best price in the market.
    Very nice clear wrap.It's easy to set the box up and even easier to use. Not too sticky or the opposite is just perfect. Box is heavy enough to hold and stay in place while using the wrap. I recommend it.
    This is an excellent film wrap, it works perfectly every time. Sticks together very well, and is perfectly priced. I use this brand and only this brand each and every time.
    Great film wrap, gets the job done and the wrap sticks really well to each other. Works perfect for us. It is a good quality and very economical.
    this is another very good quality product from it is better seal the food saver than what we can find locally. just need order it in bulk.
    This plastic wrap has a built in cutter and is 2000'. I lug this around to all my catering jobs. The price is really great.
    This great plastic wrap in a convenient box. It cuts easily, and doesn't get all stuck together like others I have purchased. Will definitely buy this again!
    Just like to foil that I purchased on the same order. It will be a long long time before I run out of cling again. Also, it is not as thin as the cling you get at the grocery store.
    Christmas cooking made me make frequent trips to Food Lion. Not only is this item a good price for a household kitchen, but it's handy and more substantial than some grocery store brands.

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