Avantco W62 Heat Lamp / Food Warmer 2 Bulb Free Standing

Item #: 177W62

Keep your French fries, onion rings, or fried chicken fresh and ready to serve with the Avantco free standing two bulb heat lamp / food warmer! The Avantco W62 free standing food heat lamp is quite versatile thanks to its adjustable stand, so you can control the intensity of the heat reaching your food to prevent over-drying.

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Avantco W62 Heat Lamp / Food Warmer 2 Bulb Free Standing

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food lamp heat warm Great hot keeps price lamps Easy
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    We purchased this double bulb lamp for the back of the house. It keeps chicken and fish warm and crispy until it is needed. Good heat lamp

    from Big Chris Catering Posted on

    Stayed warm and did not overcook food, perfect temperature to keep food without getting to cool or too hot. Easy assembly and easy to store. Lightweight.

    from Taino Flavors Posted on

    These have been awesome and have really worked well for us. They are keeping food warm and also have a good look and they arent too big.

    Posted on

    We got this item and first one was defective but they replaced it after sending few photos. But after a month of using, both of the bulb are out. It's worthless now. I have two buy bulb in less that a month. I tried to take the bulb out and they just broke. So, all the glasses were scattered. I didn't even put any pressure. So, not recommending or buying anymore.

    from Bowl and Naan Posted on

    We appreciate your review, Pushpa! We are sorry this food warmer did not meet your expectations, a Customer Solutions Representative is currently assisting you.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Great product keeps fries and onion rings hot and crispy would recommend for anyone that cooks outside or anybody that needs something for a school event

    from Chefboknows catering Posted on

    Can't beat the performance for this price. We mounted 5 on walls (using anchors, washers and bolts from the hardware store) and they work perfectly. One suggestion is to toss out the free bulbs that come with the unit as 10/10 were replaced within a month and several of the bulb bases break off when screwed in. Replacements bulbs work like a charm.

    from The Pickled Pig BBQ & Cafe Posted on

    These are inexpensive compared to other models I've seen, after a few years they basically fall apart. You get what you pay for with restaurant equipment.

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    High quality heat lamp! These are great for the price! Keeps food at a safe temperature until ready to serve. So far no complaints! Will purchase again as we need more.

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    AVANTCo heat lamp food warmer is excellent for keeping food hot on display such as french fries or pretzels while you're serving them at a carnival or a private catering event.

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    works like its supposed to. keeps food warm. Comparable to its more expensive competitors. what can i say except that serves its intended purpose well

    from FTS Posted on

    Stays well on a table buffet. Love that the height is adjustable, so I can put over a cutting board for carving or over a chafing dish. Easy to change bulbs. Can also break apart for easier carrying and storage.

    from Chef Stef, LLC Posted on

    These heat lamps are amazing! They are durable and the bulbs are very solid. These lamps are very lightweight and easy to carry around. These lamps keep all of my foods hot and they are adjustable to my food needs.

    from Thrive Catering and Events Posted on

    Braised Short Ribs and Chicken and Waffles

    I use these to keep fish and fries warm for short term. Very good for the purpose. Easy to slide the pan in the opening under the light.

    from Taste This Catering Posted on

    It's done its job. Keeps items slightly warm to avoid having to reheat in microwave. Our kitchen staff is satisfied with its results. Recommend a heavy duty one if you do heavy volume.

    from Sweet Dessert Cafe Posted on

    Perfect size for our Mobile Food Truck, however, doesn't keep the fries as hot as I would like... works well on keeping other items like burritos warm while awaiting fries... It'll do for now, may upgrade next year!

    from Mommas Mobile Diner Posted on

    This heat lamp was perfect to keep our Prime Rib warm. We had it on a separate cart for slicing to order and for warming.

    from Honest Abe's Tap & Grill, Inc. Posted on

    I was a little hesitant buying at first because I was sure if it would really keep my food crispy but it certainly did. The lamp provides good light and if you flip a pan over and sit another one on top of it, the food gets loser to the light and will crisp up faster. These are definitely good to have if you fry a lot of food and want to keep it warm and less sogginess.

    from Clarke's Catering Posted on

    Keeping chicken fingers warm.

    This heat lamp keeps the internal temperature of our corndogs right between 135-140 F. It does not keep our hotdogs up to the proper temperature.

    from Mickem Concessions Posted on

    We appreciate your review, Rejeana! A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you shortly.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Bought this last August 2016 and just like every lamp before, the light housings come loose from the frame and leave the fixture swinging. I already have to buy a new one . WIll try the nemco this time...

    from Killer Seafood Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear this heat lamp has broken so soon for you. A Customer Solutions Specialist will contact you shortly.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Very sturdy and compact design. Was able to place 2 into our small kitchen. Dual lamp was able to keep the food warm at all locations on the plate. Our restaurant mainly use this to keep fried food warm until ready for delivery, and this heat lamp performs perfectly for that purpose. Also, the power button is nicely located on the back arm.

    from All Harvest Trading LLC Posted on

    Keeping Fired Catfish Warm For Delivery.

    Great item. Does the job and looks great and the staff loves it. You can not go wrong with this item. We will be buying more

    from MDC Posted on

    We purchased these heat lamps for when we have private events and it does the job. We read reviews that the bulbs go out pretty frequently but we haven't experienced it yet. Would recommend!

    from TAIYAKI NYC Posted on

    Going to keep the fries hot and ready to serve on those busy days in the food truck. Can't beat the price so I would recommend this product.

    from Pretty Odd Wieners Posted on

    Works great. Looks good. Perfect place to hold our hot sandwichs. Been using it for over a year now with no problems.. Would buy again.

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    Perfect little food warmer lamp. 110v which is great. We use at state fairs to keep prepared food warm ready for the busy hours. The 110 v is nice because you don't usually get too many outlets at events like those.

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    These Food warmers have always worked well and we have quite a few customers request them for their Mobile Concession / Kitchen Units that are provided by Hurricane Concessions & Rentals. Easy to mount and heavy duty!

    from Hurricane Concessions & Rentals, LLC Posted on

    Excatly what we were looking for our restaurant. We purchased two of these to add to the other two heat lamps we have. Adding to new ones will help with the volume of food we put out during busy times and keeps customers food nice and warm.

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    This heat lamp works great without taking up much counter space. We use it to keep breakfast burritos hot and ready. Keeps them at a good temperature for hours.

    Posted on

    We use our Food Warmer Heat Lamps for all of our events. They are very easy to assemble and keep everything nice and warm! Great Product!

    from FOOD BY FELICIA Posted on

    These heat lamps are great for our small grill. They keep the food hot while waiting on the servers to run it to the tables. They cover a good area and multiple trays at once. We use 3 side by side.

    from Fox's Alley Bowling Center Posted on

    For the price of the heat lamps in comparison the others you will not be disappointed. Been using for a few months now and have no issues

    from mr and mrs p's Posted on

    We've used this heat lamp at banquets to maintain the temp on food at our carving stations. While our chefs work to provide guests with freshly sliced prime rib, ham, or turkey, they never have to worry about serving cold food because of this lamp. We've also used it to maintain crisp exterior on fried and baked goods. It helps to have this for crispy foods because a steam table may cause the food to soften depending on what it is.

    from THG Foods, Inc. Posted on

    We added this for the flexability of kitchen arrangement to keep fried foods warm during service hours. Would like a bit more heat from the lamps as we had to raise up the holding pan to get closer to the bulbs in order to achieve a hotter holding temperture. The price however out weights the effeciveness and well worth the investment.

    from Parsnipity Enterprises Posted on

    My deli only uses a heat lamp to keep bacon warm. They run about 12 hours/day, and they seem to have a lifespan of a couple of years. I have purchased at least three different models and none lasted longer than 3 years. This is a very inexpensive heat lamp, so if it lasts two years I will be satisfied.

    from LENNYS SUBS Posted on

    Food warmer with two bulb heat lamp. Perfect for keeping your fries, chicken fingers, or any food product warm. Very inexpensive and cost-efficient. Does a wonderful job doing what it was made to do

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    Keeps food warm the way I was expecting. Bulbs last amazing well. Longer than I was expecting. Wish I would have purchased on that lowers but this lamp is well worth the price.

    from Gateway Eye Associates Posted on

    good product, has lasted a long time and still works great. Keeps foods warm while other foods are cooking. The adjustable height feature has been nice to use for catering events for the meat carving station as well.

    from Cutty's Okoboji Resort Club Posted on

    The heating lamp arrived as manufacture defective item. I have to contact the customer serviceto get a replacement light bulb. The material is very light.

    from Fork Slope Posted on

    Thank you for the review! We're sorry this did not work when it arrived. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you soon!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This is a great product. Good quality and the price is right. The height is easily adjustable and easy to assemble. The only downside is the location of the on/off switch.

    from PS Kosher Food Works Posted on

    This is a pretty good heat lamp considering the price. I wasn't sure how well it's going to do, and thought I'll give it a try first before buying more lamps. So far it hasn't given any issues.

    from Moldova Restaurant Posted on

    We attached it to the table and does the job pretty well.

    Works well for my needs perfect upgrade for any kitchen to keep fried items hot until served, I m very satisfied with purchased item and cost.

    from Heavens Kitchen Posted on

    Adjustable height, very well balanced even on the highest level, good cord length and simple, attractive design. Pretty much everything you need in a heat lamp and of course, it keeps stuff hot!

    from October Catering Posted on

    Dual bulb heat lamp, ready to keep stuff hot!

    Arrived Shiny and ready to use. This heat lamp is very sturdy and so far is holding up to the loading and unloading we do regularly for events. Looking to purchase another one soon.

    from Q-Zeens LLC Posted on

    This heat lamp keeps food hot and fresh. Works very well for fried foods, I've used it for catering garlic bread, tortillas, french fries and had success with all of them so far. Very good price as well!

    Posted on

    Okay heat lamp for the price. We have to replace bulbs more frequently than with a previous make/model. But overall, it's sturdy and easy to clean.

    from Y'all Come Eat Posted on

    This little guy does a great job! A hotel pan slides easily between the legs and the lights are positioned almost perfectly center to the hotel pan. Its nice to be able to adjust the height of the lights so you can control the heat this way. Great for the money. Recommend.

    from Restaurant lorene Posted on

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    This product heats up fast so we only use it at our establishment if there is food that would be there for an extended period of time or back to back orders. Great price!

    from Creamland Food & Ice Cream LLC Posted on

    These work great, look very stylish, and are surprisingly affordable. I love how easy they are to position and a standard large cutting board fits perfectly beneath the lamp. Great value for the price!

    Posted on

    This heat lamp is practical and attractive for a buffet or useful for a hot line. We use it for meats, quiche, french fries and freshly made donuts.

    from Lilly Catering & Events, LLC Posted on

    We have had about 5 different brands of these things, this one seems as sturdy as any other. No special features, just 2 bulb sockets and it seems to be about the standard size.

    from Freddy T's Restaurant Posted on

    This warmer was very easy to set up. It works just like it is supposed to and the height of the lamps is adjustable which is a huge plus. Keeps food warm and crisp.

    from Awful Waffle LLC Posted on

    This heat lamp food warmer is very helpful specially in buffets, we like that it Works great and because of it's size, it can easily be positioned just about anywhere. It is of great quality and we highly recommend it.

    from AMERMEX FROZEN PRD Posted on

    I have never purchased one of these warming lights because they were so expensive and i didn't technically need one for the application. Once i saw that Avantco had put one out and it was so affordable i couldn't resist. It's worked great and the quality is excellent.

    from NFQ Posted on

    Waste of money in the long run. I have gone thru three of these. They have all burned out... Just not the quality I was expecting. The company stands by their product, but just not a good product.

    from Ankar's Downtown Posted on

    Thank you for the feedback, Eddie. We wish these heat lamps would have worked better for you. We were happy to compensate you for the faulty products.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This heat lamp works great we have used couple years now in our concession trailer ... I would recommend it if you want to keep food warm

    Posted on

    When this item was first purchased, it worked fine; but after a using it for a season on my concession trailer one bulb does not work. I went to change the bulb thinking the bulb was dead, upon twisting the bulb out a metal piece fell out on the table, I looked in the socket to see where it had fallen out from, I was able to see the hole that i came out of, I tried putting the piece back in but to the hole and twisted a new bulb back in, but it sill does not work. :(

    from Dave Warwaruk Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Dave! We wish this would have worked out for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you about this as it is still within its warranty.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    When this item was first purchased, it worked fine; but after a few months, the piece that the bulbs screw into came loose, and now makes it very difficult to remove/ change the bulbs. The base of the bulb gets stuck in the screw part because you cant twist the bulb loose; you have to hold the screw part in place while unscrewing the bulb, and if you're lucky, itll come out. The majority of the time the base of the bulb breaks from the actual bulb and I have to go in with plier to remove it - all because the part where the bulb screws into is loose...

    from Jenny from the Block Posted on

    Thanks for the review, Jennifer! We really do apologize that the sockets on these are breaking, causing the bulbs to not work correctly. We'd like to make this right. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you directly.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    We use this for hours and hours a day and it performs wonderfully. The quality can't be beat. It is also super easy to take apart and clean.

    from griddles country cookin' Posted on

    Love these heat lamps for our fries and anything else we need to keep warm while holding. They are adjustable so you can vary the heat exposure. we have two sets

    from The Rabbit Patch Posted on

    Saved a lot of money by ordering these for our carving station at our daughters wedding. It was less expensive than renting one from the rental company and now we have access to them whenever we need.

    from Pamela Roman Posted on

    We purchased this equipment seven months ago. We use it for keeping French fries, chicken fried steaks and chicken strips warm. I have checked the temperature of the chicken strips after leaving them under this lamp for thirty minutes; they still maintain proper temperature above 135 degrees. The lamp is in operation about 3.5 hours per day, five days per week. I have had to replace the bulbs twice; that seems a little more often than it should be. All and all for the price, I am happy this purchase.

    from Lander Catering Posted on

    We use our as a chip warmer at a Mexican fod restaurant, and it works great. Keeps the chips warm and crispy and is just enough space for a stainless basket to fit underneath.

    Posted on

    We purchased this heat lamp as a replacement for one that broke. It's a great product made of high quality materials. It has worked flawlessly for us. Great pricing.

    from The Dore Posted on

    Great heat lamp for a great price. Works great to keep our french fries, chicken tenders, and shrimp for awhile. Definitely helps speed food service when items can be help hot.

    from AJ'S Smoke Shack Posted on

    We ordered this heat lamp/food warmer as we thought it was a great price and value. The warmer works fine however both bulbs arrived broken in their box. It was easy to find two other bulbs that would work in the warmer but it was still something that should not have happened in shipping GLASS BULBS. On a brighter note - the warmer seems to be working fine and we are happy. We use ours for mainly keeping pretzels warm for our food truck.

    from Patty Wagon Mobile Eatery Posted on

    Thank you for the review! We are sorry the bulbs were broken when they arrived. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you shortly to make sure you receive a set of Lavex replacement bulbs.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    We let me say the Avantco Free Standing 2 Bulb Heat Lamp / Food Warmer is perfect for keeping items in the restaurant nice and warm, fries, sandwiches are kept nice and toasty!

    from HJS SERVICES Posted on

    We purchased three units 6 months ago - we are down to one working unit. The sockets loosen, and in one instance, a screw fell out and landed in an order of french fries. Upon closer inspection, the wires burnt and snapped off, causing lamp malfunctions. These things are not built to handle day-to-day usage. Moving on to another more expensive model hoping that the quality is better.

    from Roadhouse Diner Posted on

    Thank you for the review! We are sorry that this heat lamp is not working for you. Please remember that this lamp is still under warranty. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you to help you receive a replacement.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This heat lamp works great!!! We use it for all our hot food items, waiting on waitress service. It has an adjustable height which is great too!!!!!

    from lennys on the beach Posted on

    This product has worked well for us. Have had some problems with the contact point of light bulbs getting to hot and melting, have had to replace bulbs more often than originally thought we would

    from D & T BBQ LLC Posted on

    Thank you for your review, April. We are very sorry to hear that this item has caused issues for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you directly.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    The sockets were loose when they arrived, they quit working after a few months, upon closer inspection, both of them had burnt wires - will not be buying any more.

    from Ferndale Club Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We are sorry these were defective! A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you soon to make sure you are credited for the faulty items.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I ordered 3 based off of the other reviews seemed like a pretty solid product. That was about 6 months ago. As of today 2 out of 3 work well without problem. I have noticed the same issue others have mentioned which is that the bulb will come out of the socket, I had one shatter on the hot line. The other bulb socket completely came out because the inside screws came loose. Definitely a good starter heat lamp if you don't want to pay a lot, but also worth eventually upgrading to a higher quality lamp if that is what you prefer.

    from SAMBICA Posted on

    Thank you for reviewing these, Joshua! We are sorry that one of your heat lamps broke. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon to make sure the the broken one is credited.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    the light came in with loose sockets. after tightening the loose screws i have fought for months to keep light working. now both sockets have quit working. i thought saving money was a good idea but when the light only last for 4-5 months compared to other lights that last 4-5 year, you lose big time.

    from benton's Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Jesse. We apologize that this heat lamp arrived defective. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly to resolve the issue.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I purchased 2, and 1 was for backup. Thank goodness I ordered 2 because After 2 months the heat lamp heads became loose, and then the entire bulb and screws came out. So, I moved to the 2nd one that was backup and the same thing happened to that one as well. I will not be purchasing these heat lamps again.

    from SkyView at Rockford LLC Posted on

    Thank you for reviewing these, Connie. We are sorry to hear that these heat lamps were defective. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly to resolve the issue.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Works perfectly!!! I am using it to dry my royal icing on my sugar cookies. I put the cookies under the lamp for about 15 minutes, and it really speeds up drying time! These bulbs get very, very hot.

    Posted on

    This is one more product I would recommend to anyone. We run a concession business it keeps the food warm and the bulbs so far has lasted 4 months of everyday use.

    from Matheney'z Mobile Food'z Posted on

    These heat lamps are the greatest thing made doing street fairs people don't want to wait for food to be ready with the heat lamps it stays warm ready to sell and webresturan has them for a great price going to order 2 more they are awesome at webresturan

    from multi services production Donato twisted potato Posted on

    Sorry to say this item junky. sockets burned out and it is not a long lasting item. will not purchase another. the best deal is not always the best deal!

    from Grace Chapel Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Patrick! We are sorry to hear that this heat lamp has not worked well for you. Because we greatly value your satisfaction, a Customer Solutions Representative will contact you very soon.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    We've had this for over a year now with no issues. We adjust the height to warm more or less. Would purchase another one should this ever break.

    Posted on

    I love them They work great had not a problem out of them I will be buying 2 more and they came with the light bulbs

    from Kendra Locke Concessions Posted on

    This standing lamp always adds an extra touch to my table set up. I normally place food items directly on the butcher block. Thank you once again for another stellar product.

    Posted on

    I have really enjoyed using this equipment. I like shopping at this store the prices are reasonable and the product is made of good quality.

    from soups on Posted on

    I use this food warmer daily to display our breakfast sandwiches and wraps. Items stay nice and hot throughout the morning rush. The frame is light, but durable.

    from Pelican Athletic Club Posted on

    I love this product. For the price you cannot beat the quality. Just recently started using it and it does exactly what it should , no problems. Would definitely recommend this product as an inexpensive way to keep your food warm for your customers.

    from Kev's BBQ and Concessions Posted on

    This product is easy to set up and use but I have issues with it beinging lose at the light bulb sockets. Screws have fallen out of the sockets and the lights jiggle now. I replaced the screws with some and lowes and now it works great.

    Posted on

    Worked well for a few days, then the bulb holders broke. Lamps feel loose in their fittings, and it won't turn on. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra money for a nice one.

    from Second Breakfast Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Thomas. We are very sorry that the heat lamp you purchased recently was defective. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you very soon to resolve the issue.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This warmer is a good deal. Works fine. The only reason I'm giving 4 stars is - the 2 bulbs that come with the unit are not coated. The sticker on the unit recommends using coated bulbs and the Health Inspector takes off points for the regular heat lamps.... So you need to pay each to upgrade....

    from Fuddruckers Posted on

    So far so good. It seems like a good quality heat lamp, works fine for us. I hope it lasts longer than what some other reviewers have said. This lamp is way less than competing products.

    from Joe_S Posted on

    We bought two of these heat lamp food warmers. We love them! They arrived in perfect condition and in record time! We look forward to making many more purchases for our restaurant from this store!

    from The Sweet Shop Posted on

    Don't buy this product. We went through three replacements as the parts were literally melting when used for more than a few hours consistently. Go with the AP Wyott

    from Saucy's Walk Up Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Thomas. We are sorry to hear that this heat lamp did not work for you. A Customer Solutions Representative has already credited the defective lamp to your account.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Nothing comes close to this Avantco 1 Bulb heat lamp. AMOK uses it to keep our fried foods fresh and hot. The unit puts out a ton of heat at a very low wattage and the price can not be beat!

    from AMOK Posted on

    This heat lamp is the perfect addition to our church's commercial kitchen line used at our festival each September. The quick disassembly makes for easy storage of multiple units.

    from St. Mary Magdalene Byzantine Catholic Church Posted on

    I purchased this product for use at trade show booths. Although it's a value-oriented heat lamp, it has held up very well to the rigors of food show use (constantly being packed up, unpacked, and thrown into vehicles for transport). Great value.

    Posted on

    Worked well for a while bulbs came loose then eventually wouldn't stay in. Used for about 3 months tops was disappointing on how they fell apart especially when we really needed them hoping our next purchase.

    from whatchawant Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We are very sorry to hear that the food warmer you purchased is causing issue. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon to resolve the issue.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This item works well at times, however, the bulbs often go on and off on their own. Many burnt fingers trying to keep the lights on. I would not really recommend this product.

    from Tuff's Smokin' Grill Posted on

    Thank you for reviewing this item! We are sorry to hear that you were not completely satisfied with the heat lamp you purchased. We suggest Carlisle's Freestanding Adjustable Aluminum Heat Lamp as a durable alternative.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Worked well for a little bit, but then the socket burt out and the light bulbs won't stayed screwed in. This was my second lamp in one year, definitely won't be repurchasing and wasting my money. Very disappointed!

    from Revi's Grill Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the food warmer you purchased. For a more durable option, try this Carlisle Heat Lamp instead.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Creates great heat. Looking forward to using this for making sugar art. Also great for parties to keep food warm. Here come the holiday parties!!!

    Posted on

    rec'd these today awesome light weight product - just what we were looking for grat value for the money I spent - 5 stars !

    from mike rawluk Posted on

    Its was great for about one week, then one of the lights went out. Then the second one would go out. I call and they sent me a new replacement. and the same thing happed again. I check the sockets and they got so hot inside they melted the base of the bulb and shorted out. I call and another one was sent. The third did the same thing. I just let it go, didn't even want to contact Webstaurant, they were nice to send me replacements and I had explained to them the shorting out and wires being burnt as well. I even emailed pictures to them showing the problem. Not a very safe product.

    from Firehouse Sports Grill Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We are sorry that the unit you received was defective. A Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact with you shortly to resolve the issue.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Great product! When I first received mine I thoughts it didn't work, so be sure the bulbs are screwed in tight. lol Keeps food hot until pickup.

    from Oconee Sweet Sensations Posted on

    I like that this model is not bulky. I now have plenty of countertop space and the food is warm and ready to go at all times.

    from Here, There and Everywhere Cafe Posted on

    Loved this warmer when I received it and it seemed to work great as a warmer. However, the sockets for the bulbs strip out very easily and we had a bulb fall out after it had been screwed in all the way the same day. Luckily it didn't burst but if it had we would have had a very serious issue!

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear the bulb fell out of your heat lamp. A Customer Solutions Representative will remain in contact until the issue has been resolved.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    We use this to hold/heat Prime Rib while carving. Works great for the cost. We have had no problems since opening in April of 2014.

    from Rt. 26 Bar & Grill Posted on

    this thing is terrible. we replaced our first one that lasted almost two years when one, then the second socket burned out. the replacement was in use for two weeks & we had the same problem...one socket burned out. less than a week later, the other socket is burned out.

    from baja bean co Posted on

    Thank you for your review! A Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact shortly.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I got a nice surprise on this one, it does a wonderful job warming my french fries, I recommed this product, you get great value for money, nice design and looks great.

    from W Restaurant Posted on

    The quality and the price are great on this heat lamp. I recommend this. Works great for keeping food warm in my concession stand. Thanks for the great value!

    from mcleod concessions Posted on

    very nice heat lamp. not too big/not too small. keeps my food warm at all time. i would recomend this product and the price is very resonable.

    from LITAS CHILD DAYCARE Posted on

    I ordered this for the value and I am really disappointed. Webstaurant had to ship me a replacement just a week after receiving because the on/off switch did not work. I received the replacement and within a few days, it did the same thing.

    from BDGrilling, Inc. Posted on

    Thank you for your review! A Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact to resolve this issue.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Solid item. It functions well daily for us to keep bacon warm. It is very well priced here and it is built to last. I just with the replacement heat bulbs were cheaper online.

    Posted on

    This is a good heat lamp at a good price. Adjustable to the height you need. I use a flat metal tray that goes on top of the legs to give me a flat surface area for 4-5 plates.

    from V.C. & B. Posted on

    The Avantco free standing 2 bulb heat lamp works great and looks very nice for any buffett. Why pay more for the big name heat lamps when the Avantco works just the same.

    Posted on

    This item works great. We have the best fish fry in Janesville Wisconsin and we needed a heat lamp to keep our food hot while we prep our plates. Works wonderful

    from Game Day Sportsbar Posted on

    I bought this product for a concession stand to keep hotdogs and other sandwiches warm. During the first use one of the bulbs quit working. It seemed to be loose and when we tried to tighten the bulb broke. Other than the bulbs that come with this product i would recommend for the price.

    from Tripleplay Sportsplex Posted on

    If you are going to need heat lamps for occasional use, these will work just fine. The only problem have encountered so far are the bulbs that they sell for them. Made in China and fall apart quickly. Not burn out, they break.

    from PETRI'S POUR HOUSE INC Posted on

    IT keeps the food warm. I don;'t always use it because of counter space. I place a roasting pan on top of prongs on stand.

    from A MOTHER'S TOUCH Posted on

    This is a must have product, Well built heavy duty construction, works very good, at an excellent price point, this product is just as good as the more expensive models

    from JK Concession Service Posted on

    Great heat lamp. We've been using this lamp for a few months now with the original bulb still. It has an adjustable arm that goes up or down easily. It also puts out a lot of heat. Great buy & price!!!

    from Doughlicious Cakes Posted on

    We just received this product. It was delivered very quickly and came in very well packaged. Upon opening the box and glancing over the instructions I set it up rather quickly, about 2 minutes total time. Very well constructed and the height of the bulbs can be adjusted very easily. Great product for the price and works as described.

    from Daylight Donuts Hennessey Posted on

    The Avantco Free Standding Food Warmer in Use. Tray is optional and cost extra.

    HOT HOT HOT! When you turn these lamps on, they keep food piping hot. One day, I needed a backup pot of rice, and only have one rice cooker. I placed the rice in the rice cooker into a bowl, and covered it with cling film. Then, I made my second pot of rice. It's brown rice, which means that it takes like 40 minutes to cook. Anyways, the rice under the heat lamps stayed piping hot as I cooked my backup rice. Excellent buy. The bulbs also last a really long time. We haven't had to change our out once.

    from Sacred Chow Posted on

    These work fine for a buffet line but are a bit annoying to store and transport. They look nice and heat well enough to keep food warm.

    from Verite Catering Posted on

    Very good quality and a good price. Fast delivery. Very easy to assemble and disassemble quickly for our particular requirements. Good selection of heights for various needs. Would buy again.

    from HAP'S SPECIALITES LLC Posted on

    Great warming lamp for catering operations. We use it for our carving station. It looks nice out there and it keeps the health department happy.

    Posted on

    This food warmer is exactly what we were needing, and is exactly as it was advertised. Plus, as usual, Webstaurant's price can't be beat. Thanks, Webstaurant.

    from Fast Times Posted on

    The Avantco free standing 2 Bulb Food Warmer. it is great, Keeps our fry's and things warm. You can not beat the price. it fits well in our concession stand.

    Posted on

    I was so happy when i found this website and have been ordering for over a year. This food warmer is so good in our kitchen and keeps customers happy!

    from Sheila's Homestyle Posted on

    We love this little heat lamp! We needed a hanging lamp, but we were unable to hard wire one in. So we drilled it into the side of the wall, taking the bottom part off, saving us loads of cash.

    from Your Pit BBQ Posted on

    This is a really great product for the price. I looked all over for this or something similar, and Webrestaurant was by far the cheapest. Worth the money!

    from Say Cheese Posted on

    I love this uncomplicated, effective piece of equipment for carving stations during catering events. A standard cutting board sits comfortably on the arms, but I suggest using a piece of grip shelf liner to hold in place. No need for the higher priced models. This works just fine and is easy to clean and polish.

    from The Savory Spoon Catering Co. Posted on

    Great price point and works just as good as the more expensive units. I like that this unit came ready to use out of the box with bulbs

    Posted on

    This is a pretty slick heat lamp. It's good for a small operation, like a convenience store or mom and pop shop. It also works good for something like a carving station.

    Posted on

    We bought this food warmer for our carving station and we used the red bulbs insteading of clean ones. It looks so good and keeps the meat warm and fresh.

    Posted on

    The items I ordered have made customers ooh and aah! The heat lamps have helped us to quickly fill orders because we can cook the food and place under the warmer. The popcorn boxes and cups were the talk at the game. Everyone loved the cups of popcorn and requested the boxes to take home. Thanks for making our concession and fundraiser a hit with your supplies we ordered. The heat lamps saved us much time.

    from Taylor County Middle School Posted on

    very lightweight, nice streamlined look and easy to transport. i am pleased with this product. we go off premise often and use this for our carving station.

    Posted on

    Works great can prepare food ahead of time and still serve a hot product .. Great value. Also 25o watt bulbs come with the heat lamp.

    from Route 191 Diner Posted on

    this is a great heat lamp, half the price as the rest on the market, been working great for over 6months now, packed great easy to put together :)

    from Randys family restaurant Posted on

    I purchased this unit about 4 months ago to be my fries warmer. For the price I expected it to last a month or so, having dealt with many cheap heat lamps throughout my career. Much to my surprise it's still kicking strong, and shows no sign of slowing. I bought a second unit to help keep my bakers warm and its doing wonderful. This is a great warmer, well worth twice its price.

    from Randys family restaurant Posted on

    Wonderful warmer! Excellent for use in competitions where technique is important to show off! Great for use with a carving station! Adjustable and comes with bulbs!

    Posted on

    best price around, More expensive locally with shipping!! Used this item for a month now and works great, comes with bulbs at no extra cost...

    from CAFE WEST 46 Posted on

    We used this when we first opened our restaurant in order to keep the nacho's warm since we deep fry them but have sinced packed it away. However it did work well and it's definitely cheaper on this website.

    from Irvin's On main Posted on

    Works excellent. Used at annual festival to keep seafood and fries warm. Of course, we placed a wind break around it. Serve 500 lb of shrimp/scallops and 500 lb fries in two days every October.

    from Cherry Point United Methodist Church Posted on

    Just what I wanted for a fraction of the cost. Meets commercial quality of units selling for more. Stainless steel has a great look.

    Posted on

    Excellent product and very good price. You will find this warmer no other place for such a reasonable price. The quality is top notch, and includes 250 watt bulbs.

    Posted on

    Couldnt live without the heat light. I do a lot of hot fried foods and this warmer makes my life so much easier on a daily basis.

    from skinny's Posted on

    Has been great for our mobile unit, fits in our limited space, easy to keep clean. Keeps food hot, and doesn't use to much power.

    from The Traveling Taco Posted on

    Purchased this over the higher priced name brand units to keep chicken and fries warm. Completely satisfied with this purchase. Nice finish and look and great price. Unbeatable deal compared to the more expensive name brand units as it works just as good

    Posted on

    Avantco Free Standing 2 Bulb Food Warmer it is a very quality, Excellent food warmer for the chips, and breakfast sandwiches. Easy to asemble and easy to clean

    Posted on

    I searched many website and found this to be the best buy for our money. We use this warmer weekly in our Youth ministry snackshop to keep the french fries warm. This investment was well worth it. Job well done.

    Posted on

    Purchased this item along with a deep fryer and condiment keeper. This food warmer did an outstanding job. I am very pleased with this and the other items purchased. The cost of the product was very reasonable and the ordering and shipping process was great!

    Posted on

    This was an amazing deal, it was very inexpensive in comparison to other similar products available and had a very professional appearance as well as excellent performance at my event.

    Posted on

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