Avantco ICBTM-20 Countertop Induction Range / Cooker - 120V, 1800W

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This Avantco ICBTM-20 countertop induction range delivers superior usability and performance for all your cooking needs! Perfect for display cooking and other light-duty applications, this induction unit is safer than conventional countertop ranges since there's no open flame or exposed burner. Plus, its innovative technology allows it to heat up in as little as 1 minute. For added convenience, a built-in 170 minute timer and lockable keypad allow you to maintain total control over your culinary creations, and you can cook using either a power level / wattage mode (500-1800W), or a temperature mode that ranges from 140 - 460 degrees Fahrenheit. There are 10 different power levels between 140 and 460 degrees Fahrenheit. Simply place an induction-ready pan or pot on the cooking surface, turn it on, and choose your power level!

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Avantco ICBTM-20 Countertop Induction Range / Cooker - 120V, 1800W

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induction great range easy space cooker clean works heats pans
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    This guy heats things, which is what we wanted it for. Seems to work just as well as its more expensive brethren. Good deal for the money.
    This is a awesome induction cooker. Super slim design so it stores away really easy. The surface could not get any easier to clean. Recommended!
    Loving this induction cooker, powerful enough for our needs, surface is easy to clean. Been using it for 5 months and doing great so far.
    This unit is great for basic use. The Price was very reasonable. After using it several times. I wish I would have just bought the better model. The ICBTM-20 unit is very nice but I started to have uses for a larger pot. This unit is only good for a maximum of 8". The 10.5" size limit on the IC1800 is what I wish I had bought. My next buy will be the better unit. I really like this unit and it works great for what I am using it for. I also like the automatic shut off options. These are high quality for what you pay. I am very happy with this item.
    We bought one at first then another shortly after because it worked so well. We are limited on space and these can sit under the work table when not in use. They heat up and cool off quickly. Really like them.
    It's pretty good, but the sides are just cheap plastic so if your pan happens to move be careful cause it will melt it bro.
    I use this induction range constantly. I like it for the speed that it heats, and different options for temps. But, it is a little annoying that it beeps easily if the pot is slightly bumped off the heated area. Also, when I first opened it, several aluminum pans did not work (I know not all do..) So now I exclusively use pots that say designated for induction or have the little induction symbol (many cheap ones available at other stores). It is also a little frustrating that the flat buttons are so sensitive. I often hit one and turn the range on just while cleaning. Overall, I am pleased with the range, and it is very useful, it just has several annoying features.
    This is a great piece of equipment for our concession trailer it is small enough to not take up a lot of counter space but gets the job done.
    This induction range is great. We use it when we need a little extra stove-top space, or for events, and it works great. Just remember that certain pans don't work on it, and not to use anything wider than the surface.
    This induction range is awesome. Turns off when nothing is on it for safety, which is great. Built in timer is also nice. Has held up nicely over the years.
    Avantco ICBTM-20 Countertop Induction is truly a great addition, It is fast and effective. This range was a great addition to our kitchen. No regrets whatsoever.
    We love this!! We actually purchase two because it is so fabulous. Provides us the opportunity to make soup, clarify butter, and perform other tasks without having to have a stove top in our small kitchen.
    For the price paid it is a good unit. Heavy weight keeps it in place well and the temperature gives you precise heat. If it holds up for a while it will be worth every penny.
    Really upset about this product. We only use it once a month sometimes twice a month for maybe an hour it has already stopped working. We definitely are a light use catering company so I expected this commmercial cooktop to last much longer. Have become very disappointed with avanco.
    great size for catering events, kitchens and homes. gives off alot of heat. the sleek finish makes it very appealing for those high end event. we use this alot in our action stations at catered events.
    Love this induction cooker. We use it for making oatmeal at our coffee and tea shop and it works a charm. Bleeps when hot and there is no pot n it which is very good.
    This is the perfect cook top for our store. We only use a burner for select items, and this allows us to have a commercial grade electric burner at our disposal when and wherever we need it. Not to mention the unbelievable price point!
    Avantco has been a great brand to use in our restaurant. This product is very durable, can deal with heavy use, and is very inexpensive. I recommend this product to anyone operating a restaurant that doesn't need a complete stove and needs to save space.
    This burner is a great value and extremely convenient to add an extra burner when you need one in the kitchen or to take offsite. I liked the first one so much a bought another...
    The induction cooktop came in damaged, I reached out to the webstaurant team and was immediately sent a new induction cooktop in the mail. Their customer service was unparalleled to none and they were easy to communicate with and very empathetic. For the induction; the magnetic fields will give off that high pitched noise, aside from that it heats up fairly fast and is an asset on any buffet line
    We purchased this induction range for our small business, primarily to make soup 4-5 times a week. We purchased the product on August 24, 2016. At first we were very happy with the item, it performed as we needed it to, and was easy to clean. Unfortunately after less than 10 months of light usage, it simply stopped working. It will turn on, but it will not recognize that a pan is placed on its surface and so it turns itself off after a few seconds. We tried multiple pans and multiple outlets. We contact Webstaurant, who asked about an error message - there was none, about the cleanliness of the fan, it was clean, and who suggested it was the pan - despite the fact that it was the same pan we had been using with it since we purchased it. At that point we were told sorry, buy a new one. The product was disappointing - to pay good money for something that lasts less than a year is ridiculous. But this is now the second time we have purchased a small appliance from Webstaurant and had it die this quickly - only to be told that there was nothing they could do. That's even more disappointing. Read Less Read More
    We purchased two of these about seven months ago and they've both held up well, no issues with longevity. My one complain is that the silver border surrounding the burner is plastic, so if your pan isn't nicely centered you can and will melt the plastic along the edge. Once we figured that out though we've been careful to keep pots and pans in the center and not use oversized pots.
    This things is great. We have a lack of space and putting this away and back out again helps save space. Cooks evenly and has saftey features.
    We have been using this everyday for months and so far, so good! Easy to clean/maintain and perfect for our kitchens limited space. Would recommend this for light cooking and small areas although we have been using our pretty heavily!
    I have had this product for about a year now and it still works great. It beeps at you to let you know its on when there isn't a pot on it. That is slightly annoying sometimes, but is also a good feature to have so it doesn't get left on accidentally.
    Another awesome product! It takes limited space. You could stow it away when it's unused. We used it often to teach our elementary kids how to cook such as Dr Seuss Day, kids fried their own egg.
    great item, reasonably priced. as a caterer, with places where open flames are not allowed, this is perfect.I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a portable induction range.
    Love this product! It takes up no space at all and it was the perfect solution to not having a cooktop/range in our little bakeries!
    this avantco countertop induction cooking range work very well and heats up very clean. nice and clean design and really safe to use only warms up with a induction cookware on top
    This is my go to item in the field. It will boil water or anything liquid fast so within minutes and can quickly bring something up to temp.
    Avantco Countertop Induction Range / Cooker is built very heavy duty. We have quite a few customers choose these over a standard Range / Oven.
    This countertop induction cooker is very handy, it's a bit noisy but works pretty well, it heat pans very quickly and boils water in record time.
    Not bad for the price , does the job and programming is nice and works well , heats quick and durable , solid , nice design
    This counter top induction range / cooker has been excellent so far. It is easy to use and heats up quickly. It is light and easy to store away when it isn't needed.
    Good and compact induction stove, bought one a year ago and just stopped working but for the price it is a great buy even for one year
    Good but not as strong as other induction burners. Great for eggs or smaller dishes but not for large pots of soup or caramelizing foods.
    I was so excited to get this Induction Range after researching and shopping a lot. The countertop induction range arrived promptly, fit my space perfectly and worked just as expected. After cruising a lot and seeing the cruise cheffs using these I just had to get this. Sadly to say it burnt out after only a couple of months use. I turned it on one day and used the same induction pans that I always use and it sparked and popped burnt out. Would not recommend.
    This counter-top induction range could be purchased for home or business use. I purchased it for home and it is doing exactly what it supposed to do. I am very happy with this purchase.
    I love this induction range! I can't say enough about it! I want one just to keep at home for the holidays for when I run out of stovetop room! They heat up almost instantly and boil water in under 1 minute. I've come to prefer it over stovetop cooking!
    Still have this and never used it. It only works with certain pans which was really a pain. It is very hard to figure out how it works. Could never tell if it was on or off.
    Much noisier than expected. Didn't really heat much faster than conventional. Compact, easy to pack for travel and easy to clean. Controls were a little confusing at first... but OK after using a few times.
    I am still experimenting with this tabletop induction cooker. There is a slight learning curve. It heats up and cools down really quickly. I don't know if you could find another at this price point. It's a good value.
    This countertop induction range is a true asset to our business. We enjoy using it for making sauces to create specialty beverages, ice cream sauces, etc. I do wish that the high-pitch sound wouldn't happen when in use, but only certain people can hear it, some can't because it's so high.
    I used this at my cafe but it is not good for long time usage, after a few months it starts turning off and blinking. This is good for catering and small food service events because it is very portable.
    I use this induction burner when I'm catering an event and no kitchen is available or to add another burner to my main kitchen. This unit works good and I've had no problems
    Great product for the price point! Was a little nervous to purchase at first with plastic siding but was completely proven wrong when seen in person.
    This is a great value for a countertop induction cooker. I've used it regularly for over a year and it is still going strong. It does give off a humming noise at higher settings, but still worth the cost.
    We bought this before we bought the IC1800 version. It was sufficient, but just stopped working one day. The little extra bit on a heavier duty model is worth it - in my opinion for most people.
    The Avantco countertop induction range cooktop is a great value, we have purchased two now and they work great, they are quick to get to temp and easy to keep clean.
    We bought three burners, two high powered ones and this one for more gentle applications. We use it for melting chocolate specifically. ..very precise heating
    I was never thrilled with this. I don't think the temp settings were accurate and the reliability was poor. It died on me about 14 months after purchase. Of course after any warranty period. I purchased the Vollrath and have been much more satisfied.
    I use this daily. I like the size and the fact that it is problem free. It has several settings and a timer for 5 minute increments.
    The Avantco countertop Induction range has preformed excellently. Simple to use, and like other Avantco products this burner has a low price and good quality. We have recommended several Avantco products.
    Need a flame free way of doing buffet cooking. This induction unit is a good start for getting into induction cooking. Safe and reliable unit.
    I am using this induction at home and it does a great job ,only downside are the jump between temperature setting (it could have been more precise ) and the fact that both of the induction I bought don t operate with small pans 5.5/6 inc
    A good range for the price. Its a bit hard to dial in the right amount of heat because the increments are so wide. I use it mostly for boiling water or simmering stocks.
    Unfortunately, this Induction Range has to be returned. I plugged it in out of the box and, although it works and heats water in a pan just fine, it will not stop beeping. I tried everything and there was nothing in the directions or troubleshooting guide about this. I did find a review on-line about this problem on another website and the person who complained about it was told by others that "you are obviously not using an induction compatible pan". This is not the problem. Called Webstaurant Store and they will take it back and refund or exchange. At this low price, I probably can't expect high quality.
    This is a powerful little cooker, and much better than typical countertop burners. I don't like the weird sound it makes on high though, which is a strange electronic sound as the induction magnets are working.
    Great for the price this is only for light use good as u get avantco branded easy to use get hot quickly woth it in some reasons
    I just received the Avantco ICBTM-20 Countertop Induction Range recently and have only used it two to three times. Upon opening the box I noticed that the two panels (one where the pot sits on and the other where the display and control buttons are) are held in place by what seems like soft black clay or polymer. I can dig into it very easily with my nail. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be like that. The display panel has six buttons on it, power, select, up, down, timer, and lock. The buttons are touch sensitive buttons, they don't actually have a push click kind of mechanism. The select button toggles between power and temperature to which you use the up and down button to change. The machine runs loud. When it is on there is a whirring sound and a high pitched squeal. The buttons are loud too. If the weight of the pot and it's contents are not heavy enough it tends to move towards the side off the center of the cooking area and will need to be moved back. Please see video and pictures. Even though there are a few cons I am still pleased with the machine. The price was right and it does what it's meant to do. It boils water fairly quickly. The unit is light and compact. I recommend it for light use. Read Less Read More
    This has been a truly awesome addition to our kitchen. It isn't that expensive, and really compliments our other products in the store. We often need to make more tapioca during the day for our drink offerings, and this has been great! I definitely recommend getting this Avantco if you need a simple range.
    I love this thing. In fact after a week of using it I got rid of my aluminum cookware and ordered a stainless steel set so I could use it everyday!!!!. It is so adjustable. I don't have access to a gas cooking range and miss it, however with this unit I can fully adjust my cooking temps as if cooking with gas..........I would recommend this product.
    awesome piece of equipment. we have been thoroughly impressed with it. I would recommend anyone to get it. We use it to heat our soup and stuff at the store and it boils water in no time.
    A true work horse that operates on limited space restricted kitchens, I use daily for soup, pasta, sauces, general prep work. Heats super quick, extremely safe and amazing always
    This little monster is a steal for what you get- several months of heavy daily use and still kickin. Makes a bit of noise on startup but cooks like a much more expensive machine.
    I am very impressed with this countertop induction range. It heats up fast and has multiple watts from 500 to 1800. My staff loves it and it takes up very little space. We will be purchasing 2 more shortly.
    This little guy works hard. Nice for limited space kitchens. Heats in a hurry. Timer and power selections are very nice features to have available.
    Very impressed, was better that I expected to be for the price since was the less expensive in the range of digitalis countertop induction. Extremely nice looking, cleans well so remains nice n shiny I am using it for melting chocolate while decorating cake pops, excellent holds the proper temp without the worries of burning chocolate or filled squeeze chocolate bottles getting hard quickly. I am sure I will find tons of uses for this since it looks great in my counter!
    wow this Avantco range / cooker is a super great product to have around. heats in a snap and then cool as soon as the pan leaves the surface. great value for the money.
    The Avantco Countertop Induction Range Cooker is a very good quality product. It has worked very well and I am confident that it will continue to do so.
    We've purchased several countertop induction units over the years, and returned each and every one .... except for this unit. Because of our previous experience purchasing from other stores - brick and mortar , online - I spoke with a customer service rep before making the purchase asking about a million questions. Some questions were answered right away, other questions the rep had to gather more information from an in-house expert. Well, in one or two words I am so completely thrilled. Water boils in 2 seconds ... or less. Searing meat is 'poof, you're done'. Doing a stir fry with a few frozen chicken breasts is fast, easy and simple .... without compromising juiciness ... start to finish 15 minutes using a 10" frying pan. Obviously, I am not a professional but I never realized how easy preparing a buffet for 'showings' can be until I purchased this induction unit, for a great price .... Wow! ... and a 'we stand behind our product' customer guarantee. I am so, so, so very pleased with this purchase all around. And am ready to start purchasing more products exclusively from webstaurantstore.com. No returns, here. Read Less Read More
    Researched and researched which induction burner to purchase. This is totally worth my time and my money. Love the cool down feature. Heats super fast and is cool to the touch once I remove my pan. I would give this 6 stars if I could.
    This cook top is so convenient to use. It doesn't take up to much space. It is small and still works just like the big guys. The safety feature are awesome!
    This is the best induction burner for this price that I have ever purchased. I would buy this one again in a hurry. Has held up very well.
    This is a very space friendly and clean looking way to cook small quick items. I use it to boil hotdogs and heat soup in my Ice Cream Shop.
    Worth every penny! Boils water in no time, temperature control is accurate, heats food to temperature every time. Once you figure out which setting is needed for cooking a particular food item, set it at the same temp and it will produce the correct cooking temperature every time. Love this thing.
    We have used 5 different brands of induction burners and this one scores toward the bottom of them. The first one had to be returned because of a faulty switch. The second one we have used for 6 months or so and it is noticeably less powerful than the others. Also, the plastic around the glass surface will melt over time if your larger pots aren't seated perfectly in the center. The display is most modern looking, but they don't always respond well. I'd spend a bit more if I was looking to buy another burner.
    I love the fact that the beveled egde allows you to have enormous pans, and not burn off the controls. I hate the rest of it. The buttons are difficult to press, and don't register when you want them to (such as when you tap them), and do register when you don't want them to (such as when you're cleaning them with a side towel). For a restaurant quality item, it sure breaks down quickly. The cheapo Duxtop induction burners I buy from another unnamed online retailer last much longer, even with the way their control panel gets burned repeatedly by pots and pans. I'd give this guy a pass.
    Love this product! Heats up quickly and cools down as soon as you shut it off. Great for soups at our soup & sandwich shop!
    Great cost effective induction range. Bring water to a boil in about 12 minutes. Staff had some trouble at first figuring out settings. Best if used with 12qt pot.
    This induction burner is great for at home use. I can put in on my island and have tempered chocolate ready to pipe next to me. Great deal.
    the induction burner is really small and nice. great product to have in your home or business due to the safety issue. however, there are some pans you cannot use. This means no aluminum cookware
    These induction burners are great and safe for any kitchen and even for at home use! Make sure that you have the right cookware that is compatible with this product, or there will not be any heat. This means no aluminum cookware.
    It's been a useful tool to have around. It's great for camping, hot pot and kitchen counters. It's a space saver and easy to clean.
    induction burners are great for keeping things at an exact temperature. much more reliable than gas or an electric burner. this is the cheapest induction range that i have ever seen!
    This is a great counter top induction range that works great to keep items at a more exact temperature! Great item for tempering chocolate or keeping simmering water hot!
    My family and I just love this! We take it on trips and vacations and any hotel then turns into our very own kitchen! Would recommend to anyone!!

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