Avantco IC1800 Countertop Induction Range / Cooker - 120V, 1800W

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This Avantco IC1800 countertop induction range delivers superior usability and performance for all your cooking needs! Perfect for use in omelet stations, catering services, display cooking, and other light-duty applications, this induction unit is safer than conventional countertop ranges since there's no open flame or exposed burner. And thanks to its innovative technology, this cooker heats up in as little as one minute.

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Avantco IC1800 Countertop Induction Range / Cooker - 120V, 1800W

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induction great temperature heats range high quickly easy top cooker
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    Easy to use, easy to clean, and safe. It alarms when you remove a pan off without turning it off, and it makes an annoying high pitched whine (for safety) when you crank the dial to 15.
    Overall a good product. Haven't had any major issues besides the sound. The product did state that it was perfect for stationed cooking, such as omelet stations for guests. I would not advise this product if you plan to use over the 6 heat setting. Anything higher omits a high frequency tone. This is something that I wouldn't want to talk over while a guest is trying to tell me what they want on their omelet.
    We recommend this range over the ICBTM-20 range because it has better controls for getting the exact amount of heat you need. One issue with all Avantco induction ranges is the loud beep with every button push. If you take the screws out of the bottom, you can find the cylindrical black beeping module and remove it from the logic. The range will still work fine, but you will void your warranty. It's a cheap range, so it the warranty really doesn't matter.
    A great addition to any restaurant! A solid workhorse! Our Induction cooktop is used at a minimum of 3 hours a day without any issues...
    This range is excellent. It responds instantly to temperature adjustments and allows for fine control while cooking. Depending on the pan, setting, and how full it is, the cooler can at times let off a high pitched noise. Otherwise, this is a great product.
    Purchased two about 2 years ago. Both broke down within a week or two apart. Warranty is only good for 6 months so its basically trash. I guess you get what you pay for with the price. Worked for us while it did...
    I've purchased 2 of these and so far so good. The high pitched sound is audible if you use the temperature setting. However, if you use the power setting, the high pitch sound is not as audible. It's not as noticeable in a noisy environment and as long as you don't put the setting to high. It works fine for me as I only need it to boil water.
    We love this induction range. It is a good size for the majority of pots we have, and it has lasted a long time! The cord opened slightly, so we used electrical tape to reseal it and it is as good as new!
    Love these. Super dependable induction tops. We use them for prep and during service. No complaints whatsoever, and they are really a very good value.
    This has worked perfect in our coffee shop! It heats up fast and gets plenty hot. It does take a certain kind of pan, we use cast iron.
    Love this one! Has great power, I can not have an open flame, this eliminates that problem. I would get another if I need one!
    A workhorse in our kitchen. It is sturdy, large enough to accommodate a 40qt pot, and heats up very quickly. Since we don't have gas in our chocolate shop it's nice to have fast, reliable heat without a traditional stove-top.
    Love this cook top! Consistent heating and it great for long jobs where you have to stand by and stir for long periods. It doesn't make you hot like standing next to an open flame does. I work at a shared kitchen space, and it's awesome to have a portable cook top because I don't have to fight for time at the shared stove.
    A+++ so far, so good. We use these ranges (2 side by side) to prepare our sautéed shrimp and to cook onions. The heat is perfect and this is really easy to operate.
    Performed very well for 4 years of daily use. But we are a salt air environment, which finally took a toll on the circuit board (corrosion). Now needs ridiculously strong pressure on the start button to turn on, and occasionally changes temperature setting at random during use. it was such a good value overall that we have just ordered the exact same thing again as a replacement. Only flaw is that sometimes the temperature dial "skips" a setting (in 10-degree increments) and so you need to look at the display to make sure it is set as intended.
    Very smart product! I like the safety feature that it turns off the heat when there is no pan/ weight on it. Fast cooking in a tight space.
    Heats quickly, maintains temperature, this is a really solid option for anyone with a small space. I can hear the high pitch sound that others have mentioned, but I don't use it frequent enough for the sound to drive me crazy.
    This burner heats up super quick and knows when you place a pan on it...It is cool to touch without the pan. It also is pretty portable and can be stored easily if you don't have a lot of room.
    Love this product. Heats fast and is super easy to use and lite weight. Only thing keeping it from 5 stars is it doesn’t have requisite certifications so it has been regulated to advanced home use for me.
    Just over 2 years old and is no longer operable. Smells of burning plastic and shows an error code. Disappointing because I have another brand of induction cooktop at a similar price point that I purchased seven years ago and is still working like a champ.
    This portable cooktop has some crazy heating power. It gets hot pretty quick. I’ve used Cooktek before which cost 4-5 times more but this does the trick. Save your money and buy this instead of the brand. Great bang for the bucks.
    I initially felt this purchase was a “wild card” as I’m EXTREMELY sensitive to annoying/repetitive noises, however, I have not had any of those problems!!!! Here are my experiences: 1. Reheating a 4 cup frozen soup container for the days service: I heat it in the microwave for 5 minutes (advantco microwave) and put in my pot on lowest level (1) for 15 minutes and the soup is ready to serve. I switch to a “hold temp” setting of 150 degrees and I’m good to go. 2. Slow Sauté of onions for Philly cheesesteaks takes 4 minutes, top. 3. Mire Poix takes 2 minutes which is 3 minutes quicker than my sauté function on Insatpot. 4. Super easy to clean and I love the beeping function when you remove the pan, a great reminder for my poor short term memory 5. The temperature hold function is my favorite as I can keep my soup at 150 degrees for my customer and know that the health department won’t have any issue. ***Again, I respect those that had trouble with any noise off put but with our 2 fridges, 2 freezers, air con, ice machine, etc, I have yet to notice any disturbances in regards to noise and I’m personally very susceptible to background noise! Read Less Read More
    We bought 2 of these counter top induction ranges and they are great! We highly recommend them for use. We bought them with some stainless steel pans and together it has helped improve efficiency in the store.
    Super poor quality product, bought 4 in total, they're all stopped working in 2 month. Super bad experience, definitely NOT RECOMMENDED for every commercial use.
    I like this countertop induction range because it reaches the temperature very fast and also It is to carry all over the kitchen, I would love if it has two different size for different pans
    Exelent product, I have had this induction range for long time, I use it in my restaurant lunch and dinner and works great, also a great value!!
    Works great. Been using for almost a year and does not have any issues with keeping to temperature. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good quality induction cooker
    The unit is fine, but as other reviewers have stated there is a very noticeable high pitched "whine" that comes from the machine once its past 1400. Not enough to return the unit, but definitely something to think about.
    We don't often need the use of a burner in our bakery/coffee shop so this induction burner is the perfect solution for the times we do. We are able to store it when not needed and set it up on our work table for quick cooking when we do need it. It boils water quickly, melts butter even faster and is great for jams, jellies, and sauces as well.
    This cook top is wonderful. I use this to make caramel and other toppings for our baked goods and it works perfectly. It heats up quickly and maintains the temperature very well. The heating control is very responsive too. It was definitely a good buy.
    This little range/cooker has proven so valuable to our cafe. Soups are our most popular item, and without the consistency and durability of the Avantco IC1800 Cooker, we would be far worse off. It heats evenly and quickly.
    Sturdy unit with amazing temperature control. You can use it as a burner or as a temperature hold unit. Built in digital timer. Easy to clean.
    It works very well for us. We use it to make sauces, soft boil eggs. It heats up quickly and is one of the better induction burners we have used.
    Avantco IC1800 countertop induction range/cooker 120 V 1800 watt. Excellent for cooking food. This unit uses an electrical socket and is excellent for making pastas and other types of foods quickly
    This induction top has been perfect for us to use in our small bar. We use during the day to prep, so we move it around quite a bit. Heats up perfectly and cooks food really well with the proper pots and pans. We do not use it throughout the night, but for light/moderate use, I highly recommend this product!
    It is a very good product. It is doing its job so far and reaches the temperature very fast. It is easy to clean and to carry everywhere, because it is very light. I don't need to cook a lot in my street food restaurant, so for my usage so far so good!
    Do you like to cook things well? This guy makes it a lot easier. It has replaced our range top as my go to for almost all endeavors. Heat control is very good.
    These are a nice addition to a buffet line. The chef can cook omelettes to order and put on a show. Easy to use and the digital display is a nice touch.
    We have been using induction cooker for almost 2 years. After that, business picked up and we move on to gas stove to make dish in a faster fashion but this cooker is great and long lasting!
    We're very happy with this. We have been using two of them daily, for one year now and nothing has changed about the performance of them. The "hold temp" feature is fairly accurate too, which works well for us.
    I use these induction burners frequently for cooking and brewing beer. The fifteen available power levels are a tremendously advantageous, allowing a subtle simmer to a voracious boil.
    This is our favorite induction cooker. A great value for the money. The temperature gets very high, which is great for our stir-fried dishes. However, the cap on the right to turn the heat on popped off and has gone missing. It would be great if webstaurant store sold replacement caps.
    When I first plugged this in I felt a pain in my ears. I couldn't hear any sound but it seemed like there was a high pitched noise that I just couldn't hear. Peter I plugged it in when three other employees were around and everyone immediately began complaining about the pressure/noise/pain in their ears and around their eyes. I only noticed that someone else left a similar review after I came to leave my own review.
    A little bit of a grumpy machine. We had to return one of them because the fan wouldn't run which automatically shuts of the warmer. Webstaurant replaced it for us immediately, which was GREAT! We haven't had any issues other than that, and would recommend this product.
    We have added another one of these with almost every order from this great site! These are workhorses in our small kitchen and take up very little counter/storage space. The only downside to these are a high pitched electrical squealing noise when the temp dial is set at or above 12. I don't usually notice this, but some employees cant stand it.
    Purchased the Avantco IC1800 after having it referred to by a friend. the induction top heats up very quickly and the size makes it easy to store anywhere. the only reason for the 4 star rather than 5 is the buzzing noise it produces while it is on.
    Perfect for my small kitchen. I don't have a hood in my kitchen so this electric cooker is so helpful. Cooks almost everything quickly would recommend.
    We have four of these induction burners. They work very well, and have tested the endurance of heavy daily use. I have only one issue is that one of the burners does not maintain the selected heating element, which is an issue.
    Really great! Until one of our cooks dropped something on it and cracked the top. Not really a reflection on the product, just an fyi of something to watch out for.
    This induction range heats lightning fast and is able to use most pots and pans that are rated for induction ranges as well as cast iron. Beautiful Unit and easy to clean.
    This product has been very great as we phase out our butane click burners (which I call camping stoves). Although I feel the next model up with higher power output would be best for my needs, I love the simplicity of having one power button and a single knob to turn to adjust the temperature. I really dislike all the digital controls on some of the other induction burners. This knob makes it very intuitive for staff that may not be too familiar or not have the time to constantly adjust watts and temperatures by rapidly pressing buttons repeatedly. The build quality is great and the price point is perfect. I'd highly recommend. This was also able to accommodate the larger Vollrath / Lincoln 3904 Optio 16 Qt. Sauce Pot with Cover which I use to make rice.
    This countertop induction range is a fantastic addition to a small business setup. I use this to make small batch soups, and for the cost it can't be beat. Easy to clean, easy to use product. As many other reviewers have mentioned, it emits a high pitched noise when on the highest setting, which can be a little annoying but you kind of get used to it.
    for small to medium workloads this is a really good burner. the buzz/hum from the fan is a little loud and annoying, but it doesn't take away from how well the machine works. it boils a pot of water in less than 5 minutes which is convenient.
    This is an easy to use product. I ordered two of them. They've both broke within 6 months with light use. It's past the warranty unfortunately. Save your money unless you want disposable induction burners.
    Worked well while it lasted. We got 8 months out of it before the internal fan quit and it cooked itself. It made a fairly noticible but not annoying wah-wah noise when on high heat. Given how frequently we may have to replace these things, we will look for cheaper options.
    Purchased this to use mostly for pastry items. It does a great job of heating things up without scorching since there isn't any direct heat. It's great for sugar work because it holds things at a constant temperature without fluctuating. I have used it for liquids as well and it heats up rapidly, except for when you are trying to heat up more than a gallon of liquid at a time. It takes about the same amount of time to heat larger amounts of liquid up using this burner as a gas burner at about 15,000 btus. Has a slight high pitched frequency noise when you take it within 2 or 3 levels of maximum power but overall is a great buy.
    This unit looks great and feels solid and well made but unfortunately it just stopped working after a short period of time. It wont tyrn on at all and it likely a blown fuse but instead of making this a cheap and easy fix the part in unavailable, thus making this an expensive paper weight. it's a shame that they wont even try to fix it and would rather you just toss it in the trash. Not only would I not buy this brand again for any product I wouldn't even make a purchase on this site as they won't begin to stand behind the products they sell. When i called in to customer service the man asked why I bought such a bad brand and said I should have bought a more expensive one! THEN WHY DO HYOU SELL THIS PRODUCT?!
    I bought this induction burner to make bone broths/stocks and to render pork fat. It takes a good 30 minutes to heat up 20 qt of liquid. But it is perfect for the slow rendering of pork fat. I didn't mind the hum that it lets off. It wasn't loud enough to bother me in the kitchen. However, it produces a whining sound that is so loud you can't hear conversation when you try to record with an iPhone near it.
    This cooker was great while it lasted. We also experienced the high pitched ringing when it was turned up high. I've only had it for a few months now and we cooked 10 pounds of pasta last weekend for a catering job and it won't work now. I don't know if it got overheated or what happened but it won't run for more than a minute and an error code shows up and and it shuts off.
    I have used this cook top for over a year now and it still amazes me , how fast it can boil water. It runs circles around my mothers gas stove. I have not had any of the issues that some others have been complaining about. It works well.
    This range is very strong it can cook any amount of food very fast. It is 1800W and it gets the heat up real fast.
    We bought one of these a while back, and found it so useful that we decided to purchase this one. Again it is easy to store and helps get two pots of soup cooking when needed.
    We ordered this burner to do a few things in our small bakery so we didn't have to have a stove top. We used it today to make pralines and the temp control was wonderful for this! We are very happy so far!
    You get what you pay for. It can take almost an hour to boil 6 qts of water on the highest setting. Great for a bain marie,
    Excellent countertop induction burner! At a great price, this induction burner/range is perfect for either home use or commercial use. Should fit on top of most surfaces and countertops (width wise). Comes with a standard plug for your outlet, so nothing special is needed here for its use. Emits so much less heat than a gas range with flames, keeping your working space much cooler. Extremely easy to use, it can be adjusted to different cooking levels, but I usually just use it at the default 6 level, and works great!
    Bought this for home use which apparently voids the warranty. I used this at home for 2.5 years and it just died on me. Apparently I can't get it repaired even if ai pay for it. Was good while it lasted but if a stainless only lasts this long I might as well buy the cheap plastic version.
    We operate a small bakery and don't have a stove top so we have always used an induction unit. Decided I needed to purchase another unit as I don't like single points of failure. The whole team is happy with this unit as it has several more settings than our other unit...which by the way was double the price.
    Does exactly what the big brand products do at a fraction of the price. Boils water almost instantly and can hold foods at a more precise temp than a hot plate or gas range. A must for any kitchen doing precision cooking.
    We were looking for an option for our small kitchen in our shop and this fit the bill perfectly. It sits right on our countertop and heats the water fast for our pasta and potato salads.
    So far this burner is doing a great job. I bought two of them to handle various tasks. I like the option of cooking by temperature or by the number settings. The only problem I have noticed is a high pitched buzz that comes out of these things at just a slight enough level that once you hear it you cant unhear it. Drives my employee crazy.
    I am still learning how to use this cooktop, but I can already say I am glad I took the chance and bought it. I had been looking at countertop induction ranges for a while, but the ones marketed for home use were either small, lacked features, or were very expensive. This unit was a great price and is big enough that I can use all my pans. The temperature setting and controls are good and easy to use, and I love the timer and atuo-shutoff features. It heats up nice and fast, and is so much more energy efficient than my lousy standard electric range. It really is a great piece of equipment if you rent a house or apartment. We can't have grills out on the patio, but found that putting a cast-iron griddle top on here let us make some damn-fine steaks, and we could do it outside and not get the house all hot and smoky.
    I bought two of these units that work quite well. Had an issue with one, and it was replaced by webstaurant without any problems. Only concern is the 6 month warranty when it comes to Avantco products.
    This induction range works wonders. It heats up extremely quickly and produces fantastic results. The only thing to note is to make sure your pan or whatever you are cooking in works with induction cooktops.
    This is a super nice cook-top, well made, true stainless steel housing, not a cheap stainless veneer over plastic. 1800 watts get’s the pots heated rather quickly and has a nice temperature control. The separate control of power settings 1 through 15 gives a good control of steady heat (non thermostat controlled). Forget the timer on short cooking. It’s in 5 minute increments and in my opinion should have been 1 minute increments at least on the lower end of timing. Removal of pan/pot stops the machine and automatically restarts when pan is reapplied to top, that has its good and bad points. You can change time and heat levels without having to stop machine so you can tweak the temperature (raise/lower) without interrupting the cooking. Overall it’s a great product definitely designed for commercial use. I’m very pleased.
    We use this for frying bacon. It gets very hot, and its great that we can move it out of the way when we are done.
    This item fits our needs perfectly. We have a pasta night weekly and this allows to cook the pasta in a quick and efficient manner.
    The kitchen in our restaurant is very small so we ordered this to assist with cooking items when all burners are in use. It works great and is used primarily for cooking sauces.
    This item is extremely useful for show cooking. It is a safer countertop cooker because it does not have an open flame. There are many great features such as a digital display. We use this as many times as we can come up with an excuse to use it.
    We use this product when we are doing special events, we are display cooking. We like it because there is no open flame or exposed burner. It has many settings and a digital display screen which always is a function that makes things easier.
    This item was a great piece but unfortunately it was too many volts for our usage. It would be a great for a larger operation.
    After our Vollrath Commercial Series 6950020 induction burner was sent out for repair, we searched for a replacement. The first thought was to purchase the same model but, upon finding it out of stock, our webstaurant rep recommended this unit and following his advise, we purchased it. Within the first few hours of use, my cooks and dishwashers were coming up to me complaining of a high pitched ringing coming from the unit. Not everyone heard this squeal, which begins around 11, getting more intense when increased to 15. After I came over to check it out I realized what they were complaining about. It was so bad I became slightly disoriented, and turned down the unit until it stopped producing the sound. Many others who have reviewed this product also have noted this sound. Maybe they deal with it by leaving it turned down below 11. Unfortunately our kitchen uses it for high temp cooking. After complaining to customer service, they told us after testing the returned unit, the sound was never detected. Maybe they never tested it with a pan on top. The sound is not made without one. Anyways, they said since the box was opened we couldn't return it. Save your money, buy a better brand. Read Less Read More
    Bakery isn't huge for a full stove top equipment so I purchased this and it works wonders! Love the set temperature option and a timer too!
    This is just what we needed to be able to do some cooking in our restaurant. After taking over this business, I needed to add some equipment that was missing and this counter top stove top was just what we needed to be able to cook pasta, saute, make fresh soup, etc. Cooks great although there is a buzz some can hear when on full blast. It takes a bit of getting used to the settings so you don't burn what you are cooking, just like a gas or electric burner, but adjustments are easy and quick to get used to. You do not have to use the timer setting and can keep it going continuously. You must use "special" pans but they are not expensive and heavy weight.
    Excellent alternative to the space a flat top stove would take. Precise temperate goals easily met and locked in place, so food does not go under or over desired heat. Easy cleanup & just a great all around cooking tool, that every kitchen (home or commercial) should have one if not two of!
    A great induction range. The heat increments are small so it's perfect to dial in the right amount of heat. I can sweat onions for 30 min without having to check them to see if they are burning.
    We love this induction countertop range, it's so simple, just an easy dial to adjust the temperature. We've used it for a couple months with no problems.
    The Avantco IC1800 Countertop Induction Range Cooker has a stainless steel body that is sturdy and has a good weight to it, not too heavy not too light. I love the dial that controls the heat level and holding temp. The buttons have a loud audible beep to it. On heat level 15 there is a very high pitched squeal that annoys me, on a lower level it does not have this sound. It boils water fast. I am happy with my purchase so far.
    We use two of these for an omelette bar and they work amazingly!! I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is needing express heat or a steady heat for set times. Make sure to have pots and pans that are magnetic. Outstanding product.
    we purchased 2 of these units. they work perfect with our cast iron and the stainless steel pots we have. they are easy to clean and perfect for our offsite catering events
    This countertop induction range has been really awesome. We use this solely in the bakery and is perfect for our purposes. Heats well and easy to clean.
    This is a really nice induction plate that heats up really hot in a quick amount of time. Like that when the pan is removed that it turns itself off. Good product.
    Great product, and a very affordable price. Haven't had any problems with it heating and cooking works great and heats fast! Only minor detail is mine does make a slight high pitched noise once you move the heat level past about 10 but I feel like most induction burners I've used do that. Overall great product!
    Affordable and space-saving solution for adding a range to my small operation. I was a bit concerned it might seem underpowered, having previously used exclusively gas ranges, but works like a charm. It does give off an extremely high pitched whine at higher settings, though a fellow I work with told me that was par for the course with induction units.
    I cannot say enough good things about the Avantco IC1800. We originally purchased one of these to use as a test to the value of induction cooking for our needs. We were blown away... it does everything it claims, and does it well. The unit is easily cleaned and looks great after several months of daily use. In my opinion, the one feature that needs more discussion is the ability to set a cooking temperature rather than using a simple numbered setting. The unit accepts temperature settings in 10 degree increments, and is fairly accurate. I find that I sometimes have to adjust the temp up or down (usually down) a bit below the displayed temp, but knowing that it does perform consistently. We use these when making soups and sauces, or anything that has to be held at a consistent temperature for extended cooking. In fact, we were so happy with their performance that we purchased a second IC1800. I don't hesitate to recommend these units to anyone considering induction cooking.
    Overall, this is a good induction burner. It takes a while to heat up large amounts of liquid, so if you need it to cook fast, consider purchasing a more powerful product.
    This portable hot plate produces amazing and controllable heat. Conduction heat was new to me and I am now very sold on this technology. I have previously experienced cooking with electric and gas, but induction is definitely the best.
    This countertop induction range is commercial quality and residential price. Sturdy yet can be moved around easily. There is no better way to have a countertop range than this unit.
    I had been looking at this induction burner for the last year, and a few months ago it went on sale again but I still couldn't decide. Soon after that I decided to just do it and started watching for another sale. After some time, I finally gave up and just bought it outright. Well, you know the rest. Ten days later it went on sale AND included a free fry pan! That said, I am now enjoying the burner. Being new to induction it has been a learning experience. I had three pans that worked. A 10" cast iron skillet, an 8" camp skillet, and a wok with a 5" bottom. The cast iron took forever to heat beyond the center and then even when reduced to level 1, it became so hot as to overheat the unit. The camp skillet heated in the center quickly, but burnt before the heat spread the full circle. The wok heated nicely on the bottom, but the heat did not spread upward. Sure could have used that free fry pan! I'm still experimenting with these, but my success came with an anodized 8" skillet I found in the local department store. Sandwiched in the bottom is a layer of stainless steel which spreads the heat across the 6" surface. I can make an omelet in 5 minutes. Start at default level 6, add veggies, egg mixture, cheese and bacon- approximately 2 minutes. Reduce to level 3, cover with lid for 3 minutes. Without the lid, it takes longer since again, the heat is mostly on the bottom. I am also finding it very useful for heating a teakettle full of water quickly when I need hot water fast. My mother's old Steelco kettle and coffee maker work just fine! Read Less Read More
    We bought this unit to brew extract beer kits indoors. We used a Tramontina 18/10 Stainless Steel 22-Quart Covered Stockpot to test our boil. We filled that pot with 2.5 gal of water at 69*F and set the IC1800 to it's max. The temps seemed to rise 3*F every minute or so. After approx 26 minutes, it reached 155*F which most of our kits call for to start steeping the grains. We did have the lid on with a small opening for the thermometer probe. After it hit 155, we removed the therm and put the lid on full and waited. It came to a rolling boil at approx 44 minutes. All in all, this little set up works for us. We don't think this is a viable option for large boil brewers. The unit came well packaged, was very sturdy and met our expectations completely. We would recommend this unit without reservation to anyone brewing batches similar to our size.
    This is a great induction range for the money. I've used a few times and have not had any issues. The only thing was when i tried to use a small SS pot it wouldn't work.
    This range works like a charm! We use it in our coffee shop's kitchen for sauces, quick heating soup and lots of other things on our menu. Quick, light, and a great addition to the equipment list.
    Our favorite part of this induction range is that it beeps if you take the pot off but forget to turn the range off. How convenient! No complaints from us.
    Avantco IC1800 Countertop Induction Range / Cooker - 120V, 1800W, il est bien conçu facile à utiliser et à nettoyer, fait bouillir l'eau rapidement, prend peut de place sur le comptoir.
    I have purchase several of chafing dishes from your company. I love them a lot. Also, my family love you guys. I really appreciate everything you do with my orders and products.
    Works well thus far with daily use. We use it for grilled cheeses, cooking black bean burgers, and boiling potatoes in our cafe. Replaced a lower end unit that probably wasn't rated for the frequency of use in our establishment.
    This induction burner is a gem to work with. We use primarily to heat our stock pot to produce our home made pizza sauce. Heats quickly!
    Great item. It can be used for smaller kitchens that don't have a gas connection or for offsite catering. Only downside to these is they can suck a lot of power so you have to make sure wherever you are that you have good power. Also make sure to get Induction pots and pans, aluminum does NOT work with these. Went to a house with a induction system and they bought pans from Walmart, not a good idea. Overall a great item, just can suck a lot of power.
    A great induction range, very easy to use- 15 heat settings and temperature control holding feature is great. Beautiful stainless steel body and also light weight. Great price too!
    The counter top induction cooker works great. Our kitchen is bing remodeled so we are living with this and a microwave for 5-6 weeks Week two and everything is working out fine thanks to our Avantco IC1800. Its so nice we may use it next to our Wolf Stove when we get back in the kitchen. it nice because there is no heat loss.
    This is a very reasonably priced induction cooktop. Great features and very quiet ! Boiling one liter of 56F tap water took approximately 5.10 minutes compared to a Whirlpool Electric range which took 7.45 minutes. I love the rotary knob for power level and temperature control. It is very responsive but its fairly 'twitchy'. The cooktop reading seemed to be a little higher than the actual water temperature, but it could have been my thermometer. In any event, it nice to have the ten degree increments as opposed to the competitors offerings, which generally have thirty degree steps. Totally impressed with The WEBstaurant store communication and shipping speed. Product arrived in perfect shape and seems to be a quality unit. I was looking for a cooktop with a Schott glass surface, but the only one seemed to be the Waring WIH400 but it was much more expensive. Just getting started with induction cooking, but looking forward to putting this unit through the paces. So far, I am very impressed !!
    I purchased this induction base on price and review. I had other inductions that cost me near in the five hundreds each and take weeks to arrive. This induction is good for heat up soup, curry or even stock pot. Its heat up pretty fast(approx 1-2 mins for soup). Good purchase and arrived supper fast. I also planing to get more for the 3500 watt
    I use this all the time. I'm glad I bought it, It heats up water to boiling in no time. This range is good for making pasta or soups. You can cook anything on it if you have the right pans.
    I've been using my Avantco IC1800 for over than a month now and it is everything I hoped it was and more. I'm an amateur cook and my specialty is southern barbecue and its side items. I was impressed with the ability of this unit to simmer 2-3 gallons of barbecue sauce or Brunswick stew. Both of these items are very sweet and on a conventional stove require near constant stirring to avoid burning. Not so with this induction range. A setting of 180* is a fine simmer with no sticking. Since there isn't a burning problem the timer is great for setting with the confidence that I can turn my back on what were once tedious tasks where a distraction from the stirring has ended in disaster more than once. 170 mins is just right for a 3-hour Brunswick stew simmer time. Other timed tasks like rice or grits also benefit from the timer. I didn't expect this small unit to be capable of it but it has really shined in the pasta dept as well, quickly bringing 1-2 gallons of water to a boil and maintaining it for 1-2 lbs of pasta. I tested 1 gal of water in a stainless (but magnet-test passed) stock pot on both the Avantco and my DCS natural gas range top. Cold water from standing start: Avantco, 17.5 mins to rolling boil and DCS range, 18.5 mins. I was worried that I might not have a sturdy enough electrical circuit for this bad boy. I've yet to trip the 20amp breaker even set on high for nearly an hour. I've also used the unit as a chafing heat source on big pots of chili and soup. I read a lot of reviews and regardless of model the inability to simmer slowly or operate as a warmer were complaints that many made of their choices of induction ranges. I know that the Avantco must cycle at its lowest wattage to accomplish it, but its use as a warmer warrants no complaint from me. The heavier the vessel the less obvious the on/off cycles are. I found that a nice heavy cast iron/porcelain dutch oven was ideal for serving from, but the heavy-bottomed multilayer clad stainless stock pots ran a very close second. Other than the obvious aluminum (throw-away) Teflon skillets, I've had very few items of cookware that were unusable with the Avantco. Sadly only my smallest pressure cooker had enough ferrous metal to pass the magnet test. But it worked like a charm. Both, by coming to a steam-generating boil very fast, and also the ability to set the temp on about 200* kept the "jiggler" active a couple of times a minute. Perfect! It had been so hard to control even a gas flame for consistent steam pressure but the Avantco's ability to set the temp (and I can't imagine how it does it) and the timer makes it perfect for timed pressure cooking. And it does it and all other cooking without heating up the kitchen so much like the regular range does. The handles stay cooler also. Unless it is a long cook time I find a rarely need a potholder to lift a pot from the unit. This range has become my "goto eye" for cooking and is the first eye to be used when I've got several items and need the built-in as well. It is always out on the island plugged in and ready. Gentle enough for a quick omelet for one and brawny enough for a dinner party with lobster, there was no mistake made with the selection of this unit. I highly recommend it. Read Less Read More
    We've used these units for a few years now. The problem with them is that the fan either quits or fails and then the unit overheats. Webstaurant has replaced the ones that failed during the 6 month warranty period, thankfully. We never had this problem with our much more expensive Vollrath units. I guess that is the trade off.
    The Avantco IC-1800 is a very excellent unit. I have only had this unit for about 2 weeks but I am very impressed with it. It is very easy to use, very well constructed and very safe to use. WEBstaurantSTORE is EXCELLENT with their service. I live in western Canada and this unit was delivered within 3 days to my door. I was expecting 7-10 days. I was very impressed. This unit is 120 volt which can be used in any household. I really like the timer feature that ranges from 5 min. - 175 min. and then will shut off. The 15 presets on this are far superior than I've seen on any other unit that I've looked at elsewhere. If you press the HEAT/HOLD button, it will switch over to a temperature read out of which you can adjust with the control knob. Temperatures range from 140F - 460F which is great for anything from melting chocolate to searing a steak or roast. So far I've made chocolate sauce, stir fry, seared a roast and have made several breakfasts with eggs, pancakes and bacon. When the temperature is adjusted it is very quick to adjust. The sturdy aluminum structure along with the FULL glass top makes this unit not only a quality unit but it looks good as well. The price is every bit comparable to the cheaply built units I've seen advertised on TV and other units as well. When I say cheaply made I'm talking about the tops melting, seams coming apart and very poor temperature stability along with very few temperature settings and the controls not anywhere near the quality what the IC-1800 is. I have not come across any cons with this unit as of yet. If I do, I will certainly post it. Keep up the good work and service. Read Less Read More
    This unit performs admirably and cooks well. It has max power for 110 and has a good footprint. I like induction for simmering soups, sauces and stews. It keeps a nice even temperature very well. There is a couple of issues, thought. I would rather have buttons to control the settings, as I continually bump the knob and change the setting accidentally. Also, my unit has an electrical hum that is very annoying. It seems to get louder the higher the setting. I don't know if this is a problem of the line, or just my unit. All in all, this is a good unit for the price.
    I normally don't write reviews, I made an exception in this case. So far this cooktop is excellent. It is quiet, it seems very well made, has a larger cooking area (better heat distribution), requires a larger footprint pan, 4 3/4 Minimum, not really a big deal. This unit seems to be of industrial quality. It WILL boil multiple pots of water without a problem. This is not the best looking unit out there, but thats NOT why I bought it. It WORKS! and looks professional, not to mention the pans/pots stay put on the cooking area. There is virtually NO vibration from operation, much quieter too. Time will tell, I am taking a gamble it will last for a long time as I'm not using it in a commercial capacity. It has been excellent-So Far. I'm going to have to buy a couple more pots with a larger footprint (base) but it's worth it, time savings, speed, ease of use, savings from not using my electric range. Good service from WEBstaurant Store as well, recieved in good condition and quickly.
    This product is great for people that run small catering businesses. It plugs in anywhere, and is easily transported. It heats the products well and cleans with a damp cloth.
    This is a nice counter top range because it easily plugs in anywhere! Great for little cooking demos on the go! Great for making caramel!!!
    This induction burner is easy to control the temperature. Also since its an induction burner the surface of the burner does not get hot. Great deal.
    I've been amateur cooking for nearly 50 years and always preferred gas. No more. Fire has it's place in BBQ, smoking, and high searing. I will still use my electric pressure cooker, sous vide and rice cooker. But induction cooking will handle all the rest. 1. It is fast. I did a quick experiment using a 3.5 qt steel pot, 2 quarts of cold tap water. My 12,000 BTW cooktop burner boiled the water in 14 min 30 seconds. The Avantco cooktop did it in 9 min 5 sec. As a control, I also boiled 1 quart of cold tap in an Adagio electric kettle and it took 4 minutes 30 seconds. 2. It won't burn food for difficult heating tasks. I needed to melt butter in a pnn for a roux. Setting the temperature to 210 I was able to turn my back and not worry about it. I am able to adjust the temperature from searing steaks to gently frying eggs. This makes these tasks really easy. 3. This Avantco is built very solidly. The basic structure is stainless steel. The top is glass. The only plastic is the knob for the power control and the front control panel. This could be used commercially. Overall, this unit will earn its space on your kitchen's countertop over any other electric appliance. Read Less Read More
    convenient in a small kitchen. Heats up very quickly and seems sturdy. Gets very hot as well. Would recommend, even though I was torn between this and the small one.
    I really enoy this induction cooker. The safety features will not allow unit to heat with out the pot. Compact for easy storage and cools very rapidly.
    Great cooktop. Heats very quickly and is cool to the touch. I wish I knew about induction years ago. I have no range in our kitchen so this is a lifesaver.
    If you have never tried a induction cooker you don't know what your missing they are great and this one is the best price you can find for the quality.

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