Avantco C10 12 Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Maker with 2 Warmers- 120V

Item #: 177C10

The Avantco C10 pourover coffee brewer is the affordable and durable solution to your coffee needs! Designed for easy use with simple push button operation, this coffee brewer features a separate upper and lower warmer so you can constantly have a pot of hot coffee ready while another is brewing. Coffee is brewed at optimum temperatures between 201 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Its external stainless steel construction gives it a sleek appearance and makes it easy to clean. And to ensure you can keep up with busy hours, this compact brewer can produce up to 56 8 oz. cups of coffee per hour. The Avantco C10 pourover coffee brewer requires a 120V electrical connection.

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Avantco C10 12 Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Maker with 2 Warmers- 120V

4.2 stars from 58 reviews


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coffee maker great hot pot brew water machine brews easy
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    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
    I really like this coffee maker! Not only is it cheaper than a bunn but unlike the pouromatic machine i replaced this with doesn't keep the reservoir hot with old stale water! It brews very fast too.
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    After 7 years it still is working as good as when I first purchased the unit. The best feature is the coffee will not brew until you turn on the machine.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    I bought this coffee maker and it worked great for 9 months then the water didn't get hot enough to brew a decent pot of coffee. I called customer support and they emailed the warranty department my complaint. The warranty department contacted me via email and said the coffee maker is out of warranty. I should mention that I only use the coffee maker three times a week and after the coffee is done brewing I shut the coffee maker off. I plan on buying another coffee maker and it isn't going to be through WebstraurantStore.
    We appreciate your review! We are sorry this coffee maker stopped working properly for you. If you are looking for a different recommended product, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    Broke within one year of light service. Not such a great deal after all. Will try Bunn this time around and hope for better results.
    We appreciate your review, David! If you are having any issues with the product you have purchased, please contact our Customer Solutions team. Unfortunately this item is out of the warranty period.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    We were steered to this coffee maker as we were searching for a relatively light volume coffee maker for our food truck.. Took a chance and we soon discovered this machine is no faster than a twenty dollar Mr Coffee. If you want a good looking machine for very low use, this may work for you. The only thing we used it for was making hot water to use in Hot chocolate. Since it had been used Webrestaurant store would not take it back. They did give us a store credit for about half of the purchase price which was helpful. Again, for low usage application, maybe for home use this would be fine. We use the bunn with an internal tank and the water comes out as soon as you begin pouring it in. Do not expect that with this model. It does look good and is very simple.
    We appreciate your review, Norman! If you are looking for a different product that will better suit your needs, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    I bought this coffee maker and it worked well for about 12 months then it started to have fumes & smoke from switch on/off panel area. I'm very disappointed that coffer maker has broken down in just one year usage. I used other brand before they all lasted longer than this one.
    Thank you for the review! We're sorry this machine has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact with you about this.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    I looked for weeks trying to find the perfect coffee pot, this is it!!! No wasted electricity and quick pot of excellent coffee. Well made and sturdy, excellent buy.
    No problems. Has worked well for the 6 months we have been using it. We have not had any problems or issues. Will order again when needed.
    We purchased this for our restaurant when we first opened. You get what you pay for. It looks nice and works for a small restaurant but it is slow and the burners are not the hottest. We would have customers ask us to microwave their coffee. I soon after upgraded to a Bunn and I am much happier.
    I bought this item 2 month ago. It worked great, but today I tried make coffe and coffe machine didn’t work. I wait about 2 hours, I wrote customer support team and in process our discussion the coffee machine start working. I don’t know what happened, well, see tomorrow.
    This brews rather quickly. Not too big and the extra heater comes in handy. doesn't take up too much space and easy to clean. Would buy this brand again if I had to.
    We love it!!! This brew machine is really working well and so easy to clean. You can take one part of inside, so you can clean it up that part to.. usually other brand can not take off the part .
    This is an ok coffee for the price. It does the job. Nothing special. You pay for the NSF basically. The quality is the mehh.
    We picked this coffee maker over a year ago and I haven't heard any negative feedback from any of the staff that uses it. It simply sits in the lobby for anyone interested in a cup of coffee during our services and serves its purpose well!
    Great product! Use in our back of house area. It is on the small side but I believe that was my error for not checking before purchase
    Works great for our food truck. Doesn't pull too many amps, keeps the coffee hot, and doesn't take up too much space. Allows us to brew a fresh pot while still serving from pot on top.
    This has been perfect for light use. It is a little slow, so if you use a lot of coffee you may want something more automatic
    Coffee coffee coffee!!! We love these coffee makers and so do our customers. Its one of the fastest selling items on our website. You won't be disappointed.
    With the cold winters this coffee maker was a perfect option to brew and serve coffee to our customers. It also does double duty to brew tea. I would recommend as a perfect option to brew coffee.
    Great Product we run a small dinner restaurant and coffee can become a popular after dinner choice. Keeps up with the crowd brews quickly good value
    We bought this for light duty use only making about 12-18 cups a day. The on/off switch broke in 14 months. I would not recommend buying this coffee maker since others have had them break so soon too. Not sure if I can buy parts for it and replace the broken switch, the manual doesn't give that switch a part number. Would be nice to fix vs add to the landfill.
    Thank you for your review, Timothy Parsons! We are sorry this Avantco C10 12 Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Maker with 2 Warmers- 120V has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!
    Really great compact machine. Brews quick and cleans easy. It would be difficult for me to try an convince someone this is good for a commercial setting. We use it at the "Half-way" house on one of our golf courses to brew coffee, tea and hot coco. That application is perfect but in a fast pace full service it wont be helpful. However, for an office break room it would be great or even residential if you have larger gatherings. I would definitely buy again if a need arises and this is a solution.
    It is Okay product. There are one issue that i did not like about it. the after you Brew the coffee the pot heater doesn't get hot enough to keep the coffee warm.
    this looks like a commercial grade coffee maker but doesnt make pot of coffee as quick like most commercial grade coffee makers.water is not pre heated .more like a home coffee maker
    This coffee maker has worked great for us. The basket has quality construction and is easy to clean. Having two warmers is convenient, and the secondary warmer keeps the pot hot enough without burning the coffee in it. The finish of this maker is super easy to clean and always looks good. We wipe down the outside surfaces with a paper towel and window cleaner, and it always looks new.
    I have been so satisfied with the Avantco C10 coffee maker that I ordered another one for my other location. It has been efficient, easy, and durable. I am very happy with my purchase.
    I bought this over 3 years ago and it has been amazing! I got sick of buying home quality makers that broke after a few months. I haven't had a single problem with it. It's fairly quick at running a brew. Keeps the pot hot without scorching the coffee.
    The Avantco coffee maker works great. I have had other commercial coffee makers in the past and this is right up to par. I would definitely recommend this to others.
    Great coffee maker! Couldn't find another for anywhere near this price so I was very hesitant to purchase it but I was surprisingly pleased. It even has 2 warming sections for 2 carafes. A+
    Great 12 cup commercial coffeemaker with two warmers. This is very well-crafted and designed coffee maker. The double burner comes in really handy especially if you're serving a decaf coffee.
    So like most reviews say, it is a simple coffee maker maybe slightly larger than your home brewer and would have been ideal for our store. However, we have yet to make one good pot with it. When it starts to brew, the rate at which the hot water comes out makes the brewing funnel overflow and the brewed coffee coming out just comes out in single droplets. At first I thought there might be too much coffee or the grind is to fine so that would make it overflow, but that wasn't the case. I tried just pouring warm water into the brewing funnel and realized that the same things happens with no coffee in it at all. So I guess the fault is in the brewing funnel and not the coffee maker? Faulty manufacturing? Either way, I'm going to order another brewing funnel and see what happens.
    We appreciate your review, Brian! Our Customer Solutions team is currently assisting you in figuring out this problem.
    We have the design and the material with which it is made imprecise. It is a perfect article and very easy to use, we recommend it
    We love this maker. It makes a great pot of coffee in no time at all and keeps it hot for you. It's very easy to use and looks nice on the counter and cleans easily.
    This coffee maker brews good coffee and in decent time. We don't find that it keeps the coffee hot enough though, and often have to use the microwave to reheat coffee if it was made a few hours before. This increases the time the customer has to wait, can be a bit embarassing... and is a no-no for some customers who don't want their stuff microwaved!
    We ordered this coffee maker for our deli. We liked that it was stainless steel and looked like it could handle our coffee needs. It worked for awhile and then it just stopped working. I have tried cleaning it but it takes an hour to make a half pot of coffee. This happened just after I ordered a replacement brewing funnel that did not have the wire guard in it to hold the filter in place. Also the flap on top that opens to pour the water in, the hinge rusted off and it broke off. I am very disappointed in this product. It barely lasted a year and now I am looking to replace it.
    We appreciate your review, Laurie! If you are having any issues with the product you have purchased, please contact our Customer Solutions team. We recommend using this coffee maker for light duty applications only.
    This might be considered a lower end coffee pot and may not hold up well to high volume use but for our restaurant its perfect
    Purchased the coffee maker last year for home use. I wanted a stainless steel coffee pot and found this one after much research on line. It is the best coffee maker that I have ever owned. It feels like I am in a coffee shop every morning. It brews delicious coffee every time. Cleaning is a snap with some lemon juice. I would highly recommend!
    The coffee maker works well, especially based on the price compared to other similar products. My only complaint is the small wire filter support at the bottom of the brew basket. I was not aware of this small item. I purchased two identical coffee makers. One has the wire support in place, and the other one does not have it. I do not know if it was not shipped with my brewer or if it was lost while opening the box. In either case, you must have this item, or a similar product, or your coffee will not brew properly. The paper filter will clog and hot coffee will spill everywhere!. I went to a local hardware store and bought a product to improvise for a replacement. I looked online and could not find a way to purchase a replacement part. So although I recommend the product, be careful during unpacking.
    Thank you for your review! We are happy to hear that you like this coffee brewer. We recommend looking in the replacements tab located on the product page to find parts for this item. Try this Avantco C1015GARD Wire Guard for C1015BASK Coffee Brewing Funnel to replace the one that was lost.
    My husband is coffee lover. Can't live without coffee from morning to evening. He used to go to expensive coffee shops, spent at least $25 every one or two weeks which was at least $1000 a year. I only drink So I got this machine for home use. It works really well because we are not a busy restaurant. More important is that it's cheaper than other brands. Use it everyday for about 2 month. So far so good.
    Works well when making coffee. Somewhat slower than Bunn but not significant problem. Lower burner does not keep coffee warm enough. Contacted customer service about problem and was given link to PURCHASE replacement heating for my JUST PURCHASED coffee maker.
    No stars for this review. The warranty covers 6 months, after 7 months, I went shopping for a replacement. FIrst, the wire guard that is in the coffee basket is a loose part sitting in the coffee basket. If you toss your filter and coffee into the garbage can, be careful, this wire guard will go with it, and YES, the coffee maker DOES NOT work without it. Oh, you can order a replacement wire guard, IF YOU CAN FIND ONE! Even Avantco is out of stock on them with no ETA for delivery. Second major problem, it leaks quite a bit. Pour water in the top, it's pouring out the back of the maker as quick as you're pouring it in. Bad design and bad product. Such a waste.
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that you received a defective item. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you shortly to resolve the issue.
    Got this expecting it to be sub par honestly, but I have been pleasantly surprised with it. It brews just as well as higher end coffee makers, brewing temperature is consistent 190-200F with even distribution of water over the grounds. Yields a strong full flavor coffee, without scalding the grounds. Quick and efficient and quiet, while looking great with it's mostly stainless steel exterior.
    Great coffee maker for the price. I'd give it 5 stars but it brews much slower than a Bunn. Overall very pleased with this item.
    Proven to be an excellent product. I have been using this flawlessly for 4 years now with no issues. Well worth the price. I like the fact you can pour the water in first then turn it on like a regular household machine. My bloomfield needed to have the decanter on the burner once I poured the water in the unit.
    The Advantaco C10 12 Cup Pourover Coffee Maker is a great bargain! Why spend twice or three times the money on a name brand coffee maker when this one is just as good!
    i brought this coffee maker for hotel so i used every day for more than 50 ppl every day n its works really great !
    I bought this coffee maker for our cupcake shop and it worked well for about 10 months then the bottom burner went out and it doesn't heat the coffee anymore at the bottom! So after brewing I put the pot on the top burner and that keeps it hot!
    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear the burner wen't out. We do carry replacement heating elements, item number 177CPLTELM. Please feel free to contact a Customer Solutions Representative for further assistance.
    A real workhorse in the coffee business. We can run 3-4 pots of water thru quickly and we always have a great pot of coffee to serve our customers.
    Its very nice machine, easy operation and full efficency, good presentation, really nice price, good size and weight, its a good purchase for the right price
    Great value for money paid. I will definitely order another couple for my catering and concession business. Love that spare parts are available when and if needed at reasonable prices!!!! Just as good as the National brand, If not better!
    1stClass product I will buy more, my clients and employees love them, perfect and fast coffee maker makes the perfect cup of coffee every time.
    Good Value for a commercial coffee maker. We've had it for 2 weeks and it makes good coffee. It's built well and replacement parts can be purchased.
    this machine takes too long to brew coffee. The basket broke after one week, but was replaced by the westaurant without any problem.Not for a busy location
    This is a great value item for a great price. I was expecting something far inferior to what we got. Our coffee pot gets a lot of use by people who aren't necessarily gentle with it and this one has held up great
    Was looking for a different brand coffee maker and came across this one. At about half the price, this is a great coffeemaker. Would recommend this one!
    This double warming coffee pot makes 12 cups of coffee! The price is fantastic considering what you actually get, I'm even thinking about buying another one!
    Save space with this 2 burner coffee brewer! Easy to store a freshly brewed pot on top!! Great for diners and other coffee sales driven establishments!!!
    This coffee machine is great for making coffee quickly. It also keeps the coffee fresh and warm with the double warmers. It can pump out 12 cups and it's a must have.

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