Choice 88 oz. Aluminum Pancake / Waffle Batter Dispenser with Stand

Item #: 176BTRDISPKT

Use this Choice 88 oz. aluminum pancake / waffle batter dispenser with stand to make the perfect pancake or waffle every time! With eight portion control dial settings, it can dispense batter in amounts ranging from 0.5 oz. to 3 oz. to create consistent-sized portions. This will help reduce messy splatters and wasted batter, thus saving you valuable time and money! Plus, this versatile dispenser can also dispense crepe and biscuit batter, making it great for coffee shops, cafes, and diners.

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Choice 88 oz. Aluminum Pancake / Waffle Batter Dispenser with Stand

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pancakes batter dispenser pancake great size easy much Perfect price
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The product has been leaking and when taking it out to use after 3 months it just fell apart and now will now hold any batter in. Very disappointed.


Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry your Choice 88 oz. Aluminum Pancake / Waffle Batter Dispenser with Stand was defective. Action has been taken to remedy this. Please reach out to our Customer Solutions team if you have any questions!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

This product leaks constantly. Do not waste your time or money to deal with the headache and messes this makes. Do not recommend!

from Grace on Main on

Thank you for your review, Michael! We are sorry this product has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

I had the same problem as the previous review with the two that I purchased. My waffle batter would always leak through and I could never use it. The concept is great but it does not work for me.

from JPG on

Thank you for your review, Jean-Paul! We are sorry this product has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

I was on the fence for awhile as to which pancake dispenser to buy. I am so glad i picked this one. It is super sturdy and I didn’t even know it had an adjustment top to control the size of the pancakes. I am super happy. We were really wasting money on pancake mix before this. Thanks

from Biscuit Barn on

I purchased this batter dispenser in October 2021 and by December 2021 the welds failed internally. This is not for commercial use and I consider this made in China junk unworthy of my time and money. Not only did it break after 60 days of use it constantly leaks. You may be thinking that I just got a bad one. I bought 2 of these and both leaked so this is a product defect. Just buy American and don’t waste your money on this junk.

from Crepe n Cream on

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. This was one of the best buys. Busy Sunday mornings are not as stressful with this in use. we can fill the griddle in no time and clear the board of open tickets.

from eBizDocs on

We do a sunday brunch and this batter dispenser makes the job of making pancakes so much easier. All pancakes are uniform and there is no dripping from a laddle.

from Venetian River Club on

This product worked better for pancake batter than for our waffle batter. It keeps getting stuck and not portioning the correct amount of batter. We also tried it for hush puppies without much luck

from The Lobby on

This thing is great. It helps us easily manage portions for our pancakes. Easy to take apart, and easy to clean. Prepare to get a thumb work out!

from Roll On In on

Potentially the best invention ever! This makes making hundreds of pancakes an easy task! Love the ease and consistency that this product produces. Easy to take apart and clean too.

from Young Life on

We started doing pancake a d needed something to help with portion control... this is the perfect equipment for that. Its has 4 setting that you can select from depending on your batter mix thickness... that is. Clean up is also a breeze.. just wash out batter after use... ps dont allow batter to go hard inside... your job will become much harder

from Mamas island kitchen on

This pancake batter dispenser is really good for making pancakes the same size everytime. It was delivered as expected. We save a lot on food cost with it.

from Crabby Joe's on

I wish I had listened to the other reviews closer. The dispenser does not release the amount of batter needed to make a good size pancake. It would be better if it had a setting for a larger amount. It took 4 times to get the size we wanted, and it is hard to push. For a fast pased restaurant it does not work.

from Good Thymes llc on

Very fast shipping. The cooks are very impressed with the exact amount coming out of this dispenser to make pancake making a non worry size.

from The Pancake House on

I have used several of these types of dispensers over the years and this one failed. We had our big Mothers Day Breakfast and wanted this to have uniform sized pancakes. There are several settings, and no matter which one we used, or how thick or thin the batter we had to press the dispenser 2 or 3 and some time 4 times to get a 4" pancake. Very disappointed with the unit itself, and now I see that if I want to return it I have to pay a restock fee of 30%. Save your money don't buy this product.


the battle dispenser is not easy to use you have to press so hard and I can't have for 6 oz of batter for my crepes plus its licking making a lot of mess in my kitchen

from Dark Brew LLC on

What happened?!? This is our 3rd ( maybe 4th) batter dispenser and it doesn’t work like the previous ones. We used to use the smallest three notches for our cones but now have to use the largest notch and they STILL aren’t big enough. Tried to use some of the broken dispenser pieces but they have obviously changed something. Please, please change it back!


I would not recommend this product for waffles. it does not dispense enough batter to make a good Belgian waffle. it may be good for small pancakes. this product also leaks from time to time it the pieces are not lined up perfectly. i do however use it anyway when making my waffle cones.

from Fletcher's Ice Cream LLC on

i purchase pancake dispenser for a fundrasier pancake breakfast i just did. this thing works great. a matter of fact buy another one for back up. highly recommended it


Have purchased a few over the years and they have always worked well. Last one I bought is made differently and does not dispense batter as the same model purchased prior.

from Abbys Cafe on

These pour so slow that we can not use them, such a shame! We would have to press the top a minimum of 5 times before we could get enough batter for one pancake.

from Butter Cafe on

This batter dispenser is perfect for light usage. It’s adjustable, so once you find the right setting for you, the same consistency batter will measure the same every time.

from Tucky's BBQ on

Really like this product we purchased it because no one was making the pancakes the same size. We wanted more uniform pancakes and this has definitely done the trick. Easy to hold easy to use

from Jean Rhall on

Once you get this batter dispenser dialed in it is a product we could not live without. The pieces can be a little hard to clean and it did take some trial and error to get the pancakes to the size we wanted them but once we figured it out pancakes were consistent and beautiful. A must have if you want to produce a high volume of consistently sized pancakes.

from Younglife Saranac Village on

This pancake dispenser is great to work in a fast enviroment. At work we use it everyday and it is very responsive making silver five, regular and happy face pancakes. Surely, this pancake dispenser worths its value.

from Angel Ihop on

i love how easy it is to use this took. it is very handy and it makes the process of pancakes and waffles so much easier


This has been great for our waffle cone baking, set it and forget it. The right amount every time that ensures consistency and minimizes any over/under batter on the baker.

from Lakeside Ice Cream Company on

Absolutely love this batter pourer. I honestly don’t know how but the engineering allows it to pour, and not spill anything when you let go and put it down. I use this for our waffles as well as our cornbread bowls.

from Downtime refreshments on

Very easy to use and maneuver with one hand. Comes apart easily and quickly for easy cleaning. Have used this item daily for almost 2 years without an issue.

from Classic Burger Group Inc. on

this aluminum pancake batter dispenser is one of the highest quality I have bought. The batter comes out smooth and rich. I highly recommend this to any waffle or pancake lover.


I work at a very fast paced restaurant that offers a brunch buffet on Saturdays and Sundays. They were using a ladle to make pancakes... I was not doing that for long. I have to make approximately 10-15 pancakes at a time to keep the pan full and fresh. Besides my knives, this batter dispenser is my favorite tool, and an extreme time saver. I can get 10-15 pancakes on the grill in about 15 seconds, and they're all the same size and shape. This was an excellent buy at around 70 bucks.

from Red Lion Hotel and Casino on

this product has been great. much cheaper here than through our other supplier. dispenses the correct amount. great for this product at this price point.


We have ordered these a few times but they do not hold up well. When they work they are great but keeping them working is another thing.

from the broken egg on

This was not what i expected.It was hard to adjust and it did not last long. It kept coming apart. I would not buy this again.

from Epting Events on

This is worth every penny! Works like a dream to get every pancake the same size. No more pouring out the side of a bowl or trying to scoop it out with a measuring cup. Should've bought it a long time ago.


A must if you sell pancakes. This dispenser is durable and long lasting. The last one I bought was ten years ago and the only reason we had to buy this one is because we had a fire and it was destroyed.

from Russell on

love our pancake dispenser it helps keep portions under control and makes our pancakes nice round uniform cakes. it so much better than ladle when busy had only one cook that didn't like it

from Station House Family Restaurant on

Picture perfect pancakes every time cannot go wrong it is a must need for anyone who serves pancakes at their restaurant it makes a nice even pancake and that way you're always giving the right quantity to the customers.

from Penelopes Lil Cafe on

The 158PCD13 Aluminum Pancake/Waffle Batter Dispenser will make dispensing all batters very easy and works well with the 158PCDSTD Dispenser Stand that is sold separately.


Good price and is adjustable for how much batter you want to come out much better than a bucket and ladle your employees will be more consistent and that's what it's all about

from froggys deli on

During very busy times this pancake dispenser has been a life saver in the kitchen. The multiple size settings help make the perfect dollar pancake or larger adult size. The only downside is it can be a bit time consuming to take apart and clean. Other than that I like the aluminum construction over our previous plastic dispenser.

from Khaan Deli LLC on

This is the answer to making perfect pancakes, every time. Using this you can make a huge raft of perfect pancakes that are all the same size. The pancake pourer cleans up easy and I have been cleaning it in the dishwasher. I am happy with the perfect pancakes.


Had order 4 of these pancake guns and wow what a great deal from our supplier it was more of a cost but ordering it through this was much cheaper and i was able tonorder 4 instead of 2

from Dennys on

These are absolutely wonderful. We have one. That we have had for many years and needed another. The price is good as well. This is a must if you serve pancakes.

from Fernando's on

This is the only way to make pancakes! At our retreat center, we often make pancakes for large groups of people. This dispenser saves us so much time because our chef can just drop disk after disk of batter. Make sure to get the holder too!

from Cobscook Community Learning Center on

We use these for adding ripples to our ice cream, super quick and nest with no drips, you don't have to shake a squeeze bottle to get it flowing. Bit tricky to clean

from belly ice cream company on

I really am not a fan of this contraption. It is very expensive for something that is so difficult to use. Perhaps I make my pancakes thicker than other people but for me, pushing down the plunger to squeeze pancake batter out was so difficult it made my hand sore. Not an improvement over the old fashioned way in my opinion.


I realize this is the industry standard, but we are a breakfast restaurant and this just isn't holding up. After 6 months the springs break and the product is no longer usable. If this is the new standard then the price is too high for what you get.

from Hazel's Restaurant on

We run a breakfast menu and purchased this in hopes of speeding up the process of scooping pancake batter and controlling portion sizes. More work than what it is worth, now it just sits in the back unused.

from Dinner's Almost Ready on

No need to buy the overpriced brand name version of this product. This one has worked for me for a long time and is durable. Once you learn how to disassemble and clean it, it's really easy to use. It's so much easier than using a pitcher. A mus thave even if you are only making pancakes once a week for brunch like I do.


I purchased this for my home. I is fairly difficult to use the 3 oz. Option. But overall it is a excellent product. Thank you.

from Todd's Kitchen on

This is a real time saver and a great product at a great price. I needed to make 600 cupcakes for an event and this made the job so mush quicker. Just adjusted for the amount of batter i needed and i was able to knock thwm out mush quicker then a portion scoop. It works great for pancakes as well.

from youth with a mission on

We use this batter dispenser for our cupcakes. Perfect portions every time means even baking, so every cupcake is exactly the same. Gets lots of use and has stood the test of time.

from Stella Baking Co. on

This was super easy to use and so very happy we purchased for our camp. Now we can have pancake breakfast anytime! Made perfectly proportioned pancakes for our 250 campers and staff to enjoy!

from Florida College Boosters on

Has to be the best value on the internet. I have priced at other vendors and are twice the price. This item is very durable and sturdy for high production.

from discovery Village at Naples on

Very happy with the price and fast delivery as always. Product works like a charm! Pancakes are uniform and present better because of this dispenser. Makes serving 150 people for breakfast a lot easier. Great item at great price.

from Grotonwood Conference Center on

Works like a charm. This item will hold up for years I expect. Highly recommended if you make a bunch of pancakes like we do.

from Country Waffles on

I love this dispenser for my pancake batter. it is very easy to set for the different size of pancakes that you want to make. I would say you want to purchase some sort of holder to set the dispenser in, but otherwise I just enjoy using this for the portion control and the ease of use.

from D'Vine Eatery LLC on

We got 2 of these. They work great! They are easy to take apart and easy to clean. I would highly recommend these to anyone!

from Toni's Depot on

The waffle batter dispenser works wonders. You simply press down and a portioned amount is distributed. It also really easy to clean which and holds in a lot of batter.


Works well and is a quick pancake batter dispenser. When it is working well, it works, but once the springs go out, you have to replace the whole unit. Lasts a while, but not forever.


The aluminum pancake batter dispenser works great with little or no mess. Drops even amount of batter for better pancakes. Works even better at this price.


If you make a lot of pancakes you must get this. It is ideal for perfect proportion pancakes everytime. This would be great for anyone doing pancake fundraisers.


We bought this to be able to quickly make pancakes on our griddle. We were making breakfast for our 20th anniversary. this exceeded our expectations and was able to drop perfect portions of pancakes very quickly. i would recommend to anyone that makes a lot of pancakes.

from Peoples Baptist Church on

If you are a pancake lover you must invest in one of these. They make it easy to make perfect pancakes every time. Easy to clean and cuts down on the mess when cooking.


The Aluminum Pancake / Waffle Batter Dispenser. It is great for despensing the same amount for our pancakes so they look the same every time. We also use them with our waffle irons. It is so easy to clean.

from Harrison enterprizes on

The Aluminum Pancake / Waffle batter Dispenser. It is perfect for dispensing pancake batter, make the perfect round pancakes look the same every time.We also use it for dispensing our waffel batter, I just love it. It realy makes it easier to clean.

from Harrison Familey Restaurant on

We were a little apprehensive on this item. Didn't know if our thick batter would work. Plus we are neat freaks, always looking for something to keep the area clean, less messy. This works great, purchased two !!!

from Nana G's Chick-N-Waffles on

this batter dispenser is great for quickly making waffles and pancakes. it makes that morning breakfast rush so much easier. i highly recommend this dispenser


For years we just poured the batter; never again; this product was hands down excellent. Very easy clean up and worked flawlessly; bought 3 and now buying 3 more

from Gulf Shores Fire Rescue Assoc. on

a great aluminum pancake and waffle batter dispenser for home and restaurant use. any waffle and pancake house should have this to save time for them


I make Sunday pancakes for the family every week. I was tired of the mess using a large measuring bowl to pour the batter onto the griddle . This dispenser is great. I have seen less expensive models but they leak and drip which is what I wanted to get away from. Used it for the first time today....2 little drops on a saucer plate. Perfect round pancakes. Easy to use, well worth the price.


The person who makes our pancakes, always wanted a machine which gave him exact size pancakes. The machine works in meeting his wishes, however if the batter is not made on the liquid side,it does not always flow correct.

from Pennbrooke Fairways on

This Aluminum pancake dispenser is sure a great portion control to make pancake. I have one of this at the office serving breakfast for all the workers. It make my job a whole lot easier. Definitely recommend

from lumineux Enterprises on

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