Choice Chrome T-Shirt Bag Rack / Stand

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Designed to hold 1/6 size t-shirt bags, this Choice chrome t-shirt bag rack / stand is perfect for bagging items in your grocery, retail, or convenience store! It's also perfect in restaurants for bagging take-out food or a customer's leftovers. Opening plastic bags can be a hassle as the plastic can stick together. This stand makes it a breeze to open bags which will keep your restaurant or store efficient and timely.

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Choice Chrome T-Shirt Bag Rack / Stand

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bags bag Great rack easy shirt holds counter sturdy price
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    This t-shirt bag rack works well. It is sturdy and holds and dispenses bags easily. Buying from Webstaurant was definitely the best way to go about acquiring this item.
    this rack makes it easy and convenient to use the t shirt bags, the stand is a great size, it doesnt take up much room and it stores extra bags on the hook
    through a sturdy rack holds a lot of bags. The base is great for loading. This never tips over and we love how it makes our use of the bags so perfect.
    The best way to display and open the t-shirt bags is with this stand. Very heavy duty and can be mounted to the wall or counter. A great buy.
    Strong and durable. Easy to mount on the wall. not to big in size so it doesn't take up to much space. would definitely recommend
    We have this t shirt bag stand in our to go area up front. It is tall enough to open up the bags to fill them with three square to go boxes. Perfect size!!
    Heavy duty and helps us in packaging orders. Holds all types of to go bags. Seems like it will last forever. Needs to be anchored down.
    You cannot beat the price of these t shirt racks, they are very sturdy and hold the bags nice and tight with no problems great quality
    The is the best product to maintain you carry out bags without the mess and keep it organized and minimize the wasteage, before without this rack my servers used to waste a lot of bags and kept the counter all messed up.
    Works as expected. Holds the 1/6 and 1/8 bags just fine. They are secure and allows us to pull off each bag. Holds about 4 packs of bags.
    This bag holder holds a good large amount of bags. Been using it for 3 yrs and have no problem. Sturdy and durable. Thank you!
    We didn't secure this to the wall like you can. It is just on a counter sitting and still works well. Used in a busy restaurant and helps us bagging up orders tremendously!
    This t-shirt bag rack is perfect for holding our t-shirt bags and allow quick and easy access when preparing to-go orders. Fits well under our order counter.
    Love it. It definitely does the job. I like how it has a bag hanger on the side for smaller bags too. I have 2 different sizes bags so it works perfect for me!
    We use this bag rack every day since day one at the restaurant. This is one of those items that you purchase and never have to worry about it again because of the quality of the item. Purchase this bag rack and go worry about something else.
    !!!This is a great product!!! We use it in our restaurant at the To Go Order station and it really helps. I like this rack
    This bag Rag is the best product Is easy and light weight. The bags are easy to remove and is very handy. I can placed any where in my restaurant. I recommend this product to anyone.
    Easy, sturdy, holds up very well. Happy with this purchase. Has fit most sacks that I have purchased to try on it, so very happy with it.
    So happy we found this Chrome T-shirt Bag Rack. Fits comfortably under the counter where we needed it and keeps our bags handily available and ready to use. The pile of bags we had before this was always a mess, as a pain to open but now the bags are always neat, open and easily accessible. Best buy by far and the lowest price I found anywhere else. Highly recommend
    This T-shirt bag rack is great for holding bags and makes it easy to open bags quickly. This rack is very sturdy and stays up well!
    This is a nice quality stand and makes using the T-shirt bags easy. Very stable and solid. The price from webstaurantstore was a bargain. Would recommend
    This is a standard t-shirt bag stand. Fumbling with plastic bags is reduced as the rack properly opens the next bag in line so you don't have to open each bag manually.
    I don't see how we ever did without this rack. It has made bagging to go boxes a breeze. We may order an extra one for our to go area/
    This thing does exactly what it's supposed to... hold the bags up for easier loading. I bought to go under the counter by register, but was too tall. Still comes in handy for grabbing bags when needed. Hopefully I can expand my check out area and bring this up on top of the counter like it's supposed to be.
    fast shipping, good item, thank you so much, i will buy again, Perfect Seller!! Great communication. A pleasure to do business with. Thank you very much. We're blessed to have your business. Hope to earn more
    Works nicely. Holds bags just as described. Good quality for the price. Doesn't take up a lot of space either. Would recommend buying here rather that other sites. Save money.
    This rack is very sturdy and it works wonders. I have never had a problem with this bag rack at all! I would highly recommend you getting this one vs the other brands
    Love this rack for plastic bags it holds multiple stacks of bags and makes it much easier to package customers items with. Great size and built well
    Very easy to use. Only issue is the bags which we also buy from Web Restaurant don't have the side holes for attaching the handle part of the bags. Maybe we are not using correct but will figure out.
    Very sturdy. I love the glossy white base. Give the whole fancy look to my check out counter. FYI It can hold around 500 bags.
    Absolutely a life saver for packaging our salad boxes with soups and such. Only thing to watch out for is that your sleeve or apron doesn't catch the edge when walking past, lol. Love it!
    This is a good product. Has worked well with all types of t-shirt bags. I like that it can be hung up or set under a counter.
    Now that I have this I really like it. I used to just keep the bags in its box and shoved under the counter. But now I can load orders easier and i spend less money on bags because they get used versus tossed on the ground.
    This is a great product! We use it in our restaurant at the To Go Order station and it really helps the staff to get the orders out the door quickly which means the guest enjoys hot food when they get to where they are going! It would be nice if it had a wall mount with it...
    Perfect Buy, now my bags are not falling off the shelf. I bought two, price was awesome, stand is sturdy. Thanks for fast shipping. A
    this t-shirt stand is very durable and holds a lot of bags. when in a hurry with all your to go food orders, this helps
    Help keeps the TShirt bags under control and makes it easier for the staff person to vet the bag opened. Works Great and is worth the investment.
    works as designed and was a bonus as it holds the smaller bags on the side which i hadn't noticed when I bought it. good product
    Perfect size, heavy duty. Lightning Fast Shipping, ordered, shipped same day. Easy to load bags, quick n easy to pull off. Great buy, highly recommended!
    I wanted a rack/stand for our tshirt bags for easy bagging at our store. Overall it works great! At the moment it sits on top of our counter but I wanted one that I could have the option to mount which is possible. The only issue is that our 1/6 size tshirt bags fit a little low on even the highest hook of the rack. This is kind of a minor issue, but the bottom of the bags fold over onto the base which limits how many bags you can fit on the rack as it starts to crowd the base. But still a very small issue. Its still a very high quality choice at a great price and looks nice too!
    Good item. I could not find this item at my local restaurant stores. I think the price is pretty reasonable and it's very solid. Recommend it.
    These are where you place the bags to make it easier to bag groceries or take outs. They get the job done, save alot of time, and sold at a great price
    I have bought this 3 times for my restaurants. Love the efficiency it provides with the to-go bags handling. Also it is very durable and can be fixed on the counter top.
    This is a very heavy duty bag rack. It looks great and has great durability. Overall a great product to purchase for your retail location.
    This is a must have item if you use t-shirt bags. Helps your shop to be more efficient and organize. And price and quality of this product are great!
    This tshirt bag holder is a great tool in any retail enviroment. Easy and sturdy to hold a large amount of bags for quick access
    The perfect bag holder. The easy access to just pull and bag is the best thing for Pashays fast paced night. I will keep one in stock just incase this one gets worn over the years.
    these bag holders are heavy, which is good because i was trying to figure out how i was going to mount them temporally. But given how heavy they are i dont think i will have to do so. I think for what i plan on using them for it will work out just fine....they are not cheap or light there is weight to them...glad we got them for our book fair at the school...will make checking people out much faster.
    I dont use alot of bags but if you have ever try to get one bag off the bundle it ends up a big mess. This holder is great to keep them organized
    We purchased this to hold our bags open. Makes opening and loading so much faster and easier. This holds a lot of bags so reloading doesn't need to be done very often
    This is an excellent buy. As good as any you can find. I built a slide out shelf so we can save precious counter space.
    great stand to have by the pick up window. easy to fill bags with take out trays when the bags are open and your hands are full. and sit on a small table so not to take up much room. love it
    Excellent, sturdy t-shirt bag rack. We've used Velcro strips to secure the rack to the counter. The rack holds multiple bag types, without any issues.
    I love this. It keeps the bags neat on the counter and easy to bag things up. It is sturdy and I am ordering another one for sure!
    we love our shirt bag rack.. Bags are easy to fill and the stand bottom prevents bags from tearing away. so glad we ordered it.
    bought this for my small, mainly takeout restaurant where space is an issue. Works perfectly, very sturdy, and as compact as it could be. Awesome value! If your looking for one of these the look is over.
    Great for holding Togo Bags at any establishment. Easily separates the bags for faster service. Seems like it is very good quality, I haven't had any complaints about it yet,.
    I love this stand for the tshirt bags. You don't realize how much you need one until you get one! It's like have a spare set of hands!
    We have started doing quite a bit of take out and delivery. I saw this at the grocery store and thought why not use it to bag up our orders in the restaurant. Works really well.
    This item arrived very quickly and meets our expectations. It has different places for different size bags and is very sturdy. Easy to drill through the bottom and place wherever you need it.
    This T-Shirt Rack is very durable and sturdy. It is very high quality for the price and recommend. The stand makes it much easier for takeout orders.
    Works Great and doesn't take up a lot of room on the counter. Better than the previous option which was hanging the bags on a hook on the front of our counter.
    The heavy-duty design of this item makes it durable for a stand-alone use, not mounted to a register or wall. We used two of them for the take-out line at our church festival--made the process much quicker than picking at bags in a box!
    Love the T-Shirt bag rack. Awesome product keeps bags separate each one comes off one at a time as it is supposed to. Will be ordering 2 more for the other windows at the restaurant
    This stand is very durable and has held up for a number of years for us. We have several and use them for packaging to-go orders both at our restaurant and on our food truck. The base is a handy place to store extra bags, and the stand itself can hold several hundred bags at once.
    This is a great bag stand! It has a few different ways that you can install it in your store to accommodate any register situation. I also like that it has two different arms for different sized bags. Very helpful indeed! I would highly recommend this product, especially for the price!
    I bought this to make bagging carry out and delivery orders easier. Works like a charm. Good quality too, I was afraid it would be flimsy. Not at all
    After searching many websites we found this bag rack and were excited at the price...THEN it was shipped quickly AND the quality was excellent. Some items are inferior once you get them. This is not true with the Webstaurant store.
    This stand has made bagging items at the farmers market so much better. Very sturdy and well made. Besides not folding up, it doesnt take up much more space then I thought it would.
    Well made product and you can not beat the price.. Shipping was low as normal and very fast. Once again the Webstaurant proved why I shop here first.
    My daughter insisted we get one of these, and this was the right choice. Easy to load and use, and since we can put stuff in the middle while transporting it, the rack doesn't add to our bulk when going to market.
    This is a very nicely made stand - I was initially thinking it seemed a bit expensive but it was well worth the money. The base is excellent - it a nice weight, is easy to clean, and does not move or slide around.
    I love the idea of getting it here cheap and sturdy. I wished I could have come across this along time ago I would have bought many more.
    I wish I would have had this stand from the beginning! Very easily holds several bags and keeps them secure while you load the customers items in the bag.
    These handy rack take up limited real estate at the cashier counter. The handles of the T-shirt bags hook unto the outer arms and have a center tab that hook, as a stack to the back of the rack. These tabs can tear off easily as a bunch accidently if you aren't careful. Bags can stick together too. Not perfect, but a great, affordable option. Can even be taken to events outdoors if that is part of your business.
    Our weekly take out business is booming and having the stand allows for the ease of bagging the take out containers rather than fighting with trying to open the bag with one hand and load the containers with the other.
    I never knew what an asset these little stands were. Very sturdy and looks nice at our front counter. Hint: we used Velcro to help hold it in place.
    My 1/6 size t shirt bags fit perfectly on this rack. It's not huge so it's not in my way and it saves you an extra pair of hands to put things inside.
    Nice standard bag rack! Easy to hook up hundreds of t-shirt bags! Nice for little food markets and even great for small to go restaurants that want to make it easier to grab a bag!!
    It's a bag stand. It works well for the bags we use. It's sturdy and looks nice. There's not much else to say about it. Price is about the same as other online retailers, but cheaper from Webstaurant when you factor in shipping.
    It is a very good bag rack , since it makes easier the retail sales. It will work on almost all t-shirts. I really recommend this item for retail business.
    Very nice and sturdy rack that fits a standard t-shirt bag. This isthe most economically priced model I was able to find by far. Great product!
    i am happy on the money i gave for this. very good investment. it seems it will last forever. it stays new all the time.
    This haves come in real handy for what we sell.It is strong and durabel for what we need as we do a lot of moving around.
    If you have any takeout food, you are going to need this product. It's a pain to use carryout bags and it takes too long to separate with anything else. This rack makes it easy to dispense tshirt size bags with ease.

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