Choice Black Removable Silicone Pan Handle Sleeve for 7" and 8" Fry Pans

Item #: 176SEG18

Safely get cooking with the Choice black removable silicone pan handle sleeve for 7" and 8" fry pans! This pan handle sleeve is the ideal way to cook comfortably while protecting yourself from burns. With a heat resistance of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and a molded silicone construction this sleeve is resistant to wear and tear, making it perfect for high volume use in even the hottest commercial kitchens. The silicone of this handle is molded to perfectly accommodate your fingers for a comfortable grip each and every time.

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Choice Black Removable Silicone Pan Handle Sleeve for 7" and 8" Fry Pans

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    This is essential for safe handling of saute pans. It's so easy to forget your towel and grab the metal handle by mistake. This silicone grip makes sure that the handle is cool enough to grab safely, and it gives more body to the thin handles, making it easier to maneuver. After a year and a half, it has not shown any signs of tears.
    I checked out the reviews and I have to admit that it doesn't fit all handles well. I have several cast iron pans with different handles and it works on some really well, while others I have to make sure I am holding on tightly. I would recommend not having it over direct flame as noted in the reviews.
    These are convenient to use and generally work well. Necessary because the cast iron handles do get quite hot. My only complaint is that they can tend to slip a little if any cooling oil, etc.
    After I received them and used them I bought 2 more handle holders. because, they work that well. I have 2 other lodge cast iron pieces, I would recommend these handle holders to anyone who has lodge cast iron. they have different sizes and colors too, so look around.
    It works just as it should. I suggest being sure the inside of the handle is dry. The handle should be removed before the pan is washed, to prevent water from entering inside the silicon handle and causing rust. In my case, the water inside the handle heated during use and flowed out of the handle at an inconvenient time.
    This silicone sleeve fits over the skillet handle and stays in place during cooking. If the skillet finishes cooking in the oven, you still need to use a pot holder, but you will not scorch flesh if you touch it absentmindedly, as we all do sometimes in haste while cooking. The handles come in assorted colors to go with other kitchen colors. I will be buying more of these for my other iron skillets.
    Those handle grips are not fancy at all but they do what they are supposed to do. Careful because the sleeve can get hot if placed to close from your burner. It will not melt though
    My frying pans get so hot when I’m sautéing anything and I was constantly burning my hand. I would put pans in the oven to finish and take them out, a few minutes later I would forget they were piping hot. Anyway long story short , these have saved my hands from further injury.
    These silicone pan handles with grip are a must if you have sautee pans in the kithcen that are naked. Easy to grip and use and prevents you from burning yourself
    This is a great pan grip that makes the cheap Choice brand pans even better. They fit snugly, but are relatively easily removed for cleaning etc. They feel good in your hand, and prevent the heat of the pan from transferring to your hand.
    Since we have a few of the choice aluminum fry pans we decided to get a few of these removable silicone pan handles grips. They fit on the pan really well and it makes everything a lot easier on us since we no longer burn our hands.
    This piece Removable Silicone Handle Grip, has very good quality, fits very well in the sart, in addition I would recommend to everyone that they always have these pieces are very necessary for work in kitchen, also that they perfectly protect hands
    These are great for the choice pans that are sold on this site. they fit perfectly and are great at keeping you from burning yourself
    It is not fancy but it gets the job done. It feels fine, better than not using a rubber handle. I like that it can be removed easily to wash it and the pan separately.
    This is a great handle I am able to take it on and off so I can wash the metal under the silicone cover. I like the felling of the siliconehandle over the standard handles and they have ridges underneath to fit my hand ergonomically. If you small hands this may not be the right handle!
    These are so comfortable I wish I had them for all my pans! When they are on the pans it looks as if it came with the pan already. Great price also.
    These are a must for the aluminum pans which transmit heat very well for cooking. These grip sleeves fit over the flat handles perfectly and provide needed separation for a hot handle as well as offering a large and secure grip surface. The sleeves are removable, but fit snugly so that no food gets trapped between pan handle and the grip sleeve.
    This handle fits perfectly for my 8 inch choice fry pan that I had just bought for our kitchens. Thank you so much for shipping everything so quickly.
    This removable silicone handle sleeve is exactly what is needed to cover a pot or pan handle that is not heat resistant. Up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit is the level of protection; this product grips 7 and 8 inch fry pans having narrow handles.
    This silicone pan handle is also useful as a sheath for steak knives. I slide my knife directly into the sleeve so I don't have to worry about cutting my hands when I grab it from the drawer.
    These are great. They fit well on my (Cuisinart) pots (which have long slender handles), stay in place, and are inexpensive enough to get one for the whole set. The quality is good, and they are a nice inexpensive way to really upgrade my whole set of pots.
    It is important to keep your team members protected when working in the kitchen. This silicone handle grip is heat resistant and will fit 7 inch and 8 inch frypans. Protect your hands from burns and use handle grips.
    These removable silicone pan handle grip sleeve fits well on 7” and 8” pans. I feel like they are a must have with the stainless steel pans. Love these
    This removable handle grip for 7 and 8 inch fry pans is awesome! I used it on my choice 8 inch fry pan and it fits perfect and looks great.
    These are good. I like the red ones better. These get a little spongy and they burn a lot faster. Affordable and work for omelet pans.
    This is great for any pan that gets insanely warm. This will not absorb heat and you will not get hurt touching the handles. Fits many standard size pans.
    This is a really nice silicone panhandle its lights on and off very easy makes the pan a little more comfortable to handle if you're using it all day
    These are a great pan gripper so you don't burn you hands they will last a long time so you can place them on the new pans and use them over and over.
    This pan handle grip fits both our seven and eight inch pans just fine, and is still removable for cleaning. The black look is a nice color that even adds to the look of s plain frying pan.
    Sir Clean recommended this product Removable Silicone Pan Handle Grip / Sleeve for 7" and 8" Fry Pans, we like the material, the silicone is very resistant.
    I purchase the Removable Silicone Pan Handle Grip / Sleeve for 7" and 8" Fry Pans (Item #: 407SEG18) to use on my 8-inch Choice aluminum nonstick skillet. The sleeve is easy to slip on, is a snug fit, does not heat up, and protects your hands from being burned. Easier and safer, in my opinion, to use than a towel or mitt. Excellent for the price.
    These slide on easily and stay put; no worry about sliding off. work great with no heat coming through. i use them on my pots.
    This silicon grip is a must if you have aluminum pans or frying pans. It protects my fingers well and it can be kept on while washing
    Some of the pans that I have ordered have steel handles and get very hot. This silicone grip slips easily over the handle to keep a cool handle. I ordered several, some to keep on hand for future use.
    My experience with the Black Removable Silicone Large Pan Handle Grips for seven and eight inch fry pans has been very pleasant, as they arrived earlier than expected. I am impressed that it can easily hold any pan handle with ease and I never have to readjust my grip. It is flimsier than I expected. To get a silicone handle grip at that price is unbeatable and I would recommend them because I can use them with sauce pans too. I would like to see additional colors and styles.
    This silicon handle is exactly what i neededd for my aluminum fry pan! It makes it possible to touch the handle even in high heat at the same time i cna still remove the grip to use in oven
    There's really no excuse to not try this out if you've bought some of the 7 or 8" pans from webstaurant. It goes over the handle perfectly and makes it so much more comfortable to hold.
    Purchased one of these to try out on a 10 inch carbon steel pan. The handle fit pretty tightly and was difficult to slide on but provides excellent grip and never heats up. I am not worried about it slipping off either.
    Firm grip and allows you to rest easy that the pan will not burn your hand. Takes some work to get in on the actual pan.
    This grip fits the the 7" fry pan I purchased from Webstaurant perfectly, it fits tightly but still is easily removed. The hole in the grip lines up perfectly with the hole in the fry pan handle. Works great to protect your hand from the heat of the handle when used on the stovetop, but it obviously does heat up if used in the oven. Feels good in your hand, the finger indentations line up well with my hand.
    pros: inexpensive, grips tightly on the handle, has finger grooves to enhance grip cons: doesn't extend the length of the handle, the bottom 25% or so of the handle gets pretty hot all in all, it's a good product, but the price point definitely reflects it's overall quality
    Webstaurant's Removable Silicone Pan Handle Grip / Sleeve's are a professional quality product at an affordable price. Being in he profession for more than 30 years, I can highly recommend this product.
    I bought this handle to go with the aluminum frying pan and it fits perfectly. the hand has grips for your fingers so that you can hold the pan correctly and it makes sense since the handle is rectangle the sleeve makes it easy to hold. Its worth the price.
    These handle grips fit on both the 7" and 10" pans. They are a little difficult to remove once they are on but I prefer not to wash the pans with them on. They definitely keep your hands from getting burned.
    I know, I know. It's not "compatible". I bought this to try out on my De Buyer carbon steel pan and with a little elbow grease it secures a snug fit. Great for long uses. When the handle has time to heat through, the grip keeps cool. This is NOT, however, great for use in the oven. It can stand the heat no doubt, but it still gets hot (obviously), which defeats it's purpose. For in/out oven use, try a cloth grip that slides off and on quickly. This is great for stovetop use. I would recommend this product.
    We bought these as add ons to our non-stick fry pans from Excellent choice. They fit perfect. We bought different colors so to easily identify the pans. They protect your hand for hot handles.
    I really like this removable silicone pan handle grip. I enjoy the fact that it has a hole for easy storage also. Overall, i would recommend this product.
    Its nice to have a backup, especially when I had no idea that these silicone handles were sold separately. We have an older pot we have used for many years with a gray silicone handle, but over time it has come extremely loose from wear and has started to tear in places. It is nice to have a backup handle for when it bites the dust.
    I prefer the red handles over these for visibilty- they reduce accidents and help keep hands cool. These fit well and do the job of preventing metal surface burns.
    Love this little grip. I will not hesitate to purchase more if I ever need more for for my fry pans. Thank you for the quality and price.
    The handles fit the non-stick aluminum fry pans quite well. They do not slip around and stay put. The only down side is they do get a bit hot.
    These pan grips are amazing. So much easier than using a towel and they have save my hands on more than one occasion when grabbing a hot handle. Works well either in the oven or on the stove. Does not transfer the heat from the metal handle to your hand
    keeps pan handles very cool to the touch as well as a sturdy non slip grip on even the hottest of handles. So worth buying. Fits most metal handles sold here.
    Strong and sturdy and fit like a glove. Helps with the ergonomics by helping get a good grip on the pan so your grip squeeze can relax a bit. Not too rubbery soft at all. Nice.
    Tough little sleeve. Because the 7 inch pan is so small, these get direct fire quite a bit. I have seen it flame up, I have seen discoloration, but I have not seen it hurt that much. Would buy again.
    These fit perfectly to the pans they're made for and they stay quite cool. They are comfortable to hold for long times, and have enough grip to hold using a towel without having to worry about the pan slipping from your hand. Also, they're easy to wash and pretty heat resistant (both to the touch, and from melting).
    What a hand-saver! If your pans do not already have a silicone grip, this item is a must for finishing items in the oven. We bought several sizes, and use them constantly.
    Fits on the handles of the fry pans sold on this site. Protects well from heat. Does everything it should, nothing much to say about it.
    They fit snug and are cool to the touch. They easy to slide off and clean and easy to put back on.A must have for your pans that they fit. They come in three sizes
    I use 4 of these small rubber grip handles with my 7-inch frying pans. The small rubber grip handle is similar to the medium rubber grip handle, its just that the small grip is around 1.5-inches shorter to accommodate the handle on the small frying pans.
    All the pans I purchased have been fitted with these. They are great and stay put as promised. These have also prevented any food, oils, water or soap from getting through to the portion of the handle they cover. Great grips!!

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