Choice Stainless Steel Liquor Pourer with Tapered Speed Jet - 12/Pack

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Use this Choice stainless steel liquor pourer with tapered speed jet to quickly and easily prepare mixed drinks in your restaurant, bar, or lounge! With a slim, collar-less design, this pourer allows you to pour liquor, juices, and flavoring syrups with speed and accuracy, helping to increase efficiency and reduce customer waiting time. Its long, tapered jet ensures direct pouring, helping to avoid spillage and unwanted messes.

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Choice Stainless Steel Liquor Pourer with Tapered Speed Jet - 12/Pack

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pourers liquor pour bottles great steel Stainless pourer bottle easy
    Nice toppers but they do seem to separate when you try to pull them out of the bottles. We have had the metal pull out of the rubber and then they leak
    Excellent product. Does exactly what it's supposed to and works very well with the liquor bottles I have in stock, rail and personal uses. Excellent
    Non-volumetric speed pourer. Performs adequately. Some users may prefer a more aggressive angle on the nozzle- this item's nozzle is essentially vertical. Good construction, metal and stiff rubber
    After testing different pour spouts these seem to be the best for fast speed and durability. They don't pull apart or get stuck in bottles. Cleaning them is easy and they flow great!
    I have had problems with leaky pour tops before so I ordered this to replace my leaky ones. They have not leaked so far and make pouring drinks so much quicker.
    This is a great buy for my Man Cave Bar!! Item is as described and I was able to put them all to my bottles ready to serve. It helped tremendously when preparing drinks. I would definitely recommend this store for any purchases!!
    Work great as advertised. Fit well into the bottles and great value for the price. Would definitely buy again great product. I constant use here.
    Perfect size and fit just about every bottle neck size except for the 1.75l handles. These are too small for those large format bottles, but fit the other ones just fine. Haven't had any issues with them and they come apart easily for washing/soaking.
    This Stainless Steel Liquor Pourer is perfect for any fast pace bar, it allows you to quickly pour alcohol without making a mess and they are easy to clean and re-use. This twelve-pack is amazing because it comes with more than enough of what you need!
    These spouts pour fast but gives a great look to our event space private bar. Hard to place in some bottles, but give the bar a more elegant feel.
    Bought a few more packs of these to finish replacing various plastic pourers. These don’t fit every bottle but they definitely pour the best of any I’ve used.
    This stainless steel liquor pourer works great for our bartenders. It’s design is pristine and does not leak when being put to use at our bar.
    these pour spots are excellent for house liquor pours. Great quality and for the price and we would defiantly recommend for small bars an large ones as well
    I love these stainless steel pours out think I ordered a little bit over a 120 of these. we got so much liquor at my bar restaurant.
    These pourers work great for our catering company. As long as you train your bartenders on how to free pour properly, you won’t have any issues. They don’t rust like other brands.
    These choice stainless steel speed pourers keep things flowing . We use them for our shaved ice and they allow us to get rodict out faster
    Best price anywhere for these speed pourers. They also withstand the wear and tear of our outdoor patio bar in the extreme heat of summer in Florida. Highly recommend these!
    Was using the pumps before getting these for my flavor syrups. The pumps were from a different source. I noticed I was cleaning them too frequently due to solidifying sugars so switched to these, much better! No problems with buildup.
    We reorder these occasionally, mainly because they get lost of thrown away. They work well though which is why we keep buying them. Decent quality.
    Love this jet speed pourer! You get a great quantity for the price. A single pourer is pretty high itself. Make your bar come to life when you have the pourers on each bottle. Easy to pop on and off the bottles. Sturdy hold when it’s in place.
    an absolute must have for every bar. just make sure you get the little black caps to close off the spout so you do not get fruit flies in the liquor!
    nice and cheap. does the job that is was intended for. if I need anymore I will be ordering the same ones. great for the price
    The simplest is often the best. These pourers provide a nice even pour at a great price. They are easy to clean with a good soak recommended occasionally, especially for liqueurs with high sugar content.
    Exactly what we needed for our high volume bar. Easy to use and versatile for all the different bottle shapes and sizes we carry. Highly recommend.
    Our liquid pourers were old and leaking so I bought these. They fit on all of the alcohol bottles and they have a tight seal so there is no leakage when pouring
    These look much better than the standard plastic free pour spouts. We purchase the dust caps for them, and it's much easier to keep these pourers covered at the end of the night. We are just starting to replace our previous ones with new after several years.
    These liquor pour spouts are great! They're made of quality stainless steel and perform very well. I have not had any issues so far with these spouts.
    I prefer the stainless steel over the chrome, and these hold up well to use. The rubber part will were out sometimes, usually with the more sugar heavy liquors.
    This is the model for speed pouring without a cap, so much sure the bottles you use it on are kept upright. Otherwise, it fits onto almost any bottle and is super easy to use.
    This product is amazing. It makes pouring drinks so much easier. So much less get spilled when I use this compared to when I just used to pour from the bottle opening.
    These pourers fit well into almost all standard bottles. They seal well, and the small air spigot ensures no bubbling up during pour and a very consistent flow
    These pour quickly and efficiently. They do not have pauses in pouring or air pockets like some other pourers do. We wash these with a small plastic container that holds them in the dishmachine(similar to what you use for baby bottle parts). They last a very long time!
    It was a great price for a dozen of stainless pourers! Easy to clean, stay on the bottles nice and tight! Will purchase again when it come in need.
    Great Pourer that has a perfectly fast and clear easy pour! Can't really complain about this one as it does exactly what the job should be with no spill!
    I have bought several dozens of these liquor Pourers for our bars and so far we have had not problem with them. Very resistant and durable. Highly recommended them.
    Finally we found pourers that don't start leaking in a month's time. We gave these a try after ordering numerous style pourers from another site and getting the same outcome from every model. These are good quality at an affordable price. We will continue to order these.
    These stainless steel liquid pourer works great It leaves no messes and is easy to clean. My bartender loves it. I would highly recommend this product.
    These steel pourers have worked great for our liquor bottles. They fit the traditional 750 ml bottle top of most bottles and provide a nice even pour. They do not drip or leak on the sides.
    Thess are such a better quality than some that we purchased previously. The make the pours nice and consistent. Not like the others I bought previously. Would recommend these for any bar
    Best speed pourers for any bar, busy or slow. The only flaw is sometimes when you pull the pourer out of the liquor bottle the black piece gets stuck and the silver pourer gets pulled out,
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    I use these for empty liquor bottles that I turn into soap dispensers and diffused rosemary oils. They've fit all of the bottles I've used so they seem to be a pretty universal fit!
    These pour spouts offer great consistency with regarding to pouring liquor. Helps to keep liquor cost in check when the pourers pour consistently across all types of liquor.
    Glad to find these stainless steel liquor pourers that hold up over time. We tried the plastic pourers and now much prefers these metal ones.
    We love this Stainless Steel Liquor Pourer. We put these pourers in old wine bottles and use them with oil and other liquids in out outdoor kitchen.
    This liquor pourer is the best way to get a consistent cocktail every time. Doesn't leak, pours continually, and seals completely. A great value and careful packaging means I will repeat this purchase.
    These did what I expected. We don't actually use them for liquor. We have a coffee shop and use them for homemade syrups. Of course, the sugar makes them get sticky and hard to remove. Even with the extra wiggling, they have held up. Would purchase again.
    These pore spouts are great! They fit perfectly into liquor bottles and don't leak. They don't come apart too easy and last awhile! Easy and convenient ordering also!
    Am I the only one who has problems with these leaking time after time? You absolutely cannot re-use these pourers without soaking them in HOT water. Even at that, ive still had "leakers" at least half the time. I will say, they pour great, but I cant accept the leaking.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Incredibly durable and well made liquor pourers. Our bartenders love them and we have not had any break, which is uncommon for these little things!
    I use these Choice Stainless steel liquor pourers with tapered speed Jet on a wide variety of bottles and they work extremedy well. Perfect speed pouring too. Highly Recommend.
    These are actually nicer than I anticipated when I purchased. I wouldn't know what else to ask for in a pourer. Choice really is a decent brand.
    I had some class bottles with pours on them for oil that I got at a super store of some sort but the pourers were too loose and the oil would constantly leak. These are GREAT! I really have to shove them in the neck of the bottle but they aren't going anywhere and don't leak!
    Our bar staff really enjoys these. Makes pouring easier and the guests can get their drinks much quicker. It's a win win. Plus they look nice.
    These are top notch steel liquor pourers. No stops in the pours with the long design and perforated hole. Really makes for an efficient pour.
    Stainless steel pourers work well, but do accumulate sugar coating rather easily. They pour consistently without any hiccups, but the rubber/plastic bases do give out and start leaking.
    I love this pourer! This stainless steel material is elegent on any bottle! I use it for my oil bottle, and pouring on this pourer is precise on aiming and easy to pour while holding a bottle! Highly recommend it!
    The Choice Stainless Steel Liquor Pourer with Tapered Speed Jet - 12/Pack good product need more for the bar. I will be buying this product again real soon.
    These choice brand tapered stainless steel liquor pores are really nice I love how there is the nice tapered design it helps with the speed of the flow coming out of the liquor pour
    The perfect liquor pour spout essential for any bar. These are heavy duty, easy to clean, and nice professional looking pour spouts. They may very well be the last pour spouts you every buy!
    I love these pouters. I have a few that I've attached to bottles for self serving syrups and flavorings for drinks and everyone loves them.
    Great price for these must have speed pourers. Works great and really does increase the speed of the bar. A Must have for a busy environment.
    I love these pourers so much. I use them on olive oil and vinegar bottles and they work great. A lot does come out at once but they work well.
    These speed pourers are a must for every bar. They do wear out and the black rubber cracks after constant use. You should be replacing these regularly anyways. Makes a tight seal on the bottle. Would recommend this product.
    Great for pouring drinks in a fast paced environment, the pouters hold really well and withstand taking them off and on, I would recommend these if you're a fast paced bar
    This is a great price on these as compared to what I've seen elsewhere. They are made well. And they do pour liquid with speed. Good quality product. Especially for the price.

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