Choice 16" x 19" White 24 oz. 100% Cotton Ribbed Terry Bar Towel - 12/Pack

Item #: 167700BRT24

When talking towels, function comes first! These Choice 16" x 19" white ribbed terry, bar towels are made from 100% high grade absorbent cotton, and weigh 24 oz. The unique "narrow-ribbed" construction offers much greater strength, durability and longevity than other bar towels, making it great for absorbing spills, cleaning up countertops, tidying a cooking workspace, and a variety of other kitchen uses.

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Choice 16" x 19" White 24 oz. 100% Cotton Ribbed Terry Bar Towel - 12/Pack

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    We love these ribbed towels. They are made of decent cotton and have held up well over time. They have a great texture for cleaning.
    Great towels for a great price! These towels are not so thick that they take forever to dry but are thick enough to be very durable and clean well. They machine wash well and hold their shape and size even after the dryer.
    Pretty decent towels. Pretty absorbent, but not perfect. They are best for mostly drying up a majority of liquid, but has troubles getting every last drop. Still recommend them for general cleanup.
    These towels are perfect at being able to disappear many different sizes of messes. We like being able to ensure that we have plenty on hand!
    This is a great bar towel. It's large and absorbent to quickly clean up spills without having to run into the kitchen to get a towel. They will last a good amount of wash cycles, too.
    Much better than 18oz, we use this for daily cleaning in the kitchen, since its white, se just bleach them over night and will have clean towel the next morning!
    Good over all bar towels. We are going back to have towels washed in house. The excess expense of using the cleaning service is getting to much to bear for us. The 24oz are good but the 32oz are much better. GO with the 32's if you have the cash.
    I'll give the first order we got of these 5 stars, and the second 3 stars. For some reason. the second batch is just not very absorbent, even after multiple washings. They almost seem to repel water. The first package we bought was great, for the price, just what you want. I'm hesitant to order again and get another non-absorbent batch. They almost feel like they were treated with a stain repellent. Weird....
    We use these towels for cleaning up after meals for 30-50 people every weekday spring - fall. With heavy use and regular washes, they're still going strong 5 years later.
    Great value very a sturdy towel. I usually get several washes before I have to throw the towel away. Beats the price on other websites
    These bar towels are neither the best nor the worst I've ever used. You can get about ten washes in before they're in tatters. At this price, that's okay with me.
    Great value for a lightweight towel. Found it to be cheaper to purchase towels because we have laundry on sight rather than use a linen service. The 24oz towels still feel a little lighter than I would prefer, but I can't complain about the price. Easy to wash and bleach, this towel is a great buy!
    It is cheaper to have these, wash them a few times and then dispose of them of as dirty rags weeks latter, then it is to have fresh rags dropped off from a linen vendor.
    These a tually are my favorite towel because of the thickness. I have ordered the 18oz towels as well and they in no way shape or form stand up like the 24oz. A must have in any kitchen.
    Pretty good towels to use as hot pads in the kitchen and cleaning counters and tables. The fabric is fraying a bit but for the price I am happy with this product.
    These are great bar towels, they easy clean in washer. We use these to do heat transfer on carpets does great job would recommend to everyone
    Decent towel. Lightweight. Good for wiping down counters and dealing with minor spills. I would recommend washing before use to try and get some of the lint out.
    The choice 16" x 19" white 24 ounce 100 percent cotton ribbed terry bar towels are good for general cleaning purposes. The ribbed texture traps in an average amount of debris and dirt.
    These towels are a good way to make sure that your kitchen stays clean and organized. I'd get several packs to make sure you have on hand.
    The twelve pack of Choice sixteen inch by nineteen inch white one hundred percent cotton ribbed terry bar towels comes in handy for busy bar nights, and is definitely cost efficient. The size, weight, sustainability and strength are unmatched, especially compared use to use against the other brands I have tried. The towels are resilient and clean very well- I would recommend.
    Good quality rag, we use mainly for dishwashing and light cleaning. We switched from a linen service to Webstaurant linens and have saved a ton of money. I can buy new towels for the same price as we were paying to have them cleaned.
    Very durable cotton cloth perfect for food and cleaning applications. Long lasting without signs of wear. A very good value for a necessary kitchen staple.
    You get what you paid for. They rip very fast and we ended up going through them so fast! The price is great which led us to getting them, but probably will not get them in the future.
    For the price, these can't be beat. They are work horses and a really nice weight. I've gotten a good amount of use out of each package before they begin to wear. The price point makes it affordable to stock up and replenish as needed.
    Great 24 oz bar towel. I like a quality and price. I also appreciate that its come in 12 pieces packaging. I would recommend to professional or home use!
    Home use. These are the best kitchen towels I've found, and I'll be ordering another pack or two. Very absorbent and extremely easy to wash.
    Bar towels for quick cleanup in our coffee shop. After washing multiple times, it does start to rip and tear. I now buy the 32 oz.
    Much better than the 18 oz towel. Has a better heft and size to give a good wipe down of the counter. These towels WILL absorb grease and that does make it hard to wash them thoroughly .
    had to order more towels...if the cooks would stop using them to clean the grill...these are a nice heavy cotton towel. perfect for cleaning table tops.
    These bar towels are great. They are absorbent and held up nice. They work great with every time we have to clean something. They wash well too.
    Basic cloth great for the bar or kitchen. Long lasting and very durable for big or small spills. Washed many of times and haven't really fallen apart.
    These work great. The price has gone up some since we ordered them but steal not bad. You're basic towel. We use them for dish washing and sanitizing.
    These towels are durable and have held up through a couple of washes. Food color has spilled on it and I have had no problems getting it out.
    This towel has a good weight, good weave, not too thin or too thick. It makes suds for days, and it bleaches well. Gets better the more you wash them. The price is right, too !
    The towels are a prestine white also they are really soft to the touch but able to scrub and clean tables to pots and pans. Love these towels.
    Cotton Ribbed Terry towel. Does the job well, held up after initial washings and worked perfect for the wait staff at service. Good product all around.
    These towels are average. My biggest concern is how much lint they produce. My dryer lint filter is full after drying them! Also, I always shake them out before using them as a wiping cloth to avoid leaving towel debris everywhere.
    These bar towels are great quality. They are absorbent and durable. They work great with all cleaning projects in my house. They wash well too.
    I make a lot of mess when I'm working. These are great for quick cleanups. They're also a great price for buying multiple sets. Get extra.
    These Ribbed Terry Bar Towels are pretty good. We bought them for the bartenders to use at our wedding. It's nothing fancy, but they did the job.
    These towels are the best value towels I have found anywhere!! They are low cost, great bar towels or sanitizer towel!! I go through towels like crazy and refuse to wash in my washer machine so I use these then toss them!! The soak up spills great too all around great product
    Bar Cloths are perfect for what we are using in our catering business. Great size and we washed all ahead and they held up very well. Pleased with these cloths.
    The price I paid and the work I got out of these rags make this a steal. Its the perfect size for cleaning a table and lasts for as long as u want
    No kitchen should be without bar towels and these work very well. These are fairly thin, yet very absorbent. I always have one hanging from my apron. After using them you'll be lost without them.
    Towels are great for clean up and pretty absorbent. I wanted some thin bar towels which is defiantly what these are but seems to be low quality however the price is good.
    I really like these towels they clean up any type of spill or accident and they don't shred they are white and will show every stain on them so make sure you wash them!
    I bought these towels only because I neeed kitchen towels and they are just what I expected. Unfortunately one had rust stains on it. It was in the middle of the bundle so not sure how that happened.
    We appreciate your review, Jill. We wish one of these towels did not arrive with a stain on it. Our Customer Solutions team will be issuing a credit to your account for one pack of Choice bar towels.
    Choice 16" x 19" White 24 oz. 100% Cotton Ribbed Terry Bar Towel - Personally I'm obsessed with bar rags since cleaning is 90% of what I do and these bar rags really help me do what I need to
    This is the ideal towel for its cost. It can handle heavy messes, greesy grilles, and can clean up pretty well. It's not too thick, but it does leave lint so not ideal for glass cleaning.
    I really like these towels. But if you are going to use these for grease in a kitchen beware, they will suddenly catch on fire if left in a pile. It's a very real thing, has happened more then once when a wet greasy towel is left somewhere clumped up. In kitchen use I'm very reluctant to advise using these unless you have very good washing machines, dirty towel storage and polices in place. Kitchen towels are pretty difficult to wash and seriously maybe not worth the hassle/risk of doing yourself! Bar, front of the house, general non-kitchen cleaning, these can save you money easily over laundry service.
    These towels are great for cleaning cloths! They are soft, but firm. The price is great, i will be buying more of these to keep my bakery nice and tidy!
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    Originally I was hesitant about these towels, but decided to give them a shot since they were inexpensive. I am glad I did that because I love them. Very absorbent and a pretty good size for kitchen cleaning. I am purchasing more of them to use around the house.
    These cotton ribbed terry cloth bar towels are a great choice. They can be used for anything in the restaurant and are priced well so they can be disposable.
    Great quality towel. I have purchased before and had to reorder more because of a expansion of the business. Great for many different uses. Tables. Chairs. You name it.
    I wasn't expecting much due to the low price but these arrived and are pretty nice. I washed them and they've helped up to at least one wash. I'm currently leaving them in a stack under my sink so I can wipe away water/counters whenever I need to. They do a good job for that.
    These look like a quality towel. The stitching is finished and not frayed. A little thinner than I expected for the weight. Overall a good choice in this price range.
    The towels look better than you would think for the price, but as one person mentioned it does not take much for them to come apart they are disposal at the price they sell for and cheaper than paper towels
    Exactly what I needed and they arrived sooner than expected. Nice quality and appears to perform well when absorbing spills. I like them and will be ordering more soon.
    This bar towel is 100% high grade absorbent cotton. It is made by Choice and its 24oz in size and absorbency! It's super study , strong and durable. Easy to wash to. Great for any type of cleaning application around the restaurant. And the price is excellent!
    I have found that the use of these towels very from drying to wiping and cleaning up messes. It's always good to have them, that way when you realize you need one they are there for you.
    These work great and are at an affordable cost. I would recommend this product to any business or even anybody who would use these at home.
    These are fairly thin towels. Great for cleaning the kitchen tables and wiping surfaces. Will be interested to see how well they hold up over time.
    These are great, heavy use wash clothes. The ribbing is great for scrubbing food off of hard surfaces. They are actually softer than I was expecting, and none of the towels have any fraying edges or poor stitching. These are good quality and should stand up to lots of use and washing.
    These hold up wonderful wash after wash. They hold lots of liquid and are totally bleach safe. I would only suggest that you purchase extra for home as well.
    You really can't go wrong with getting these choice brand towels there nice and durable nice and absorbing the 24 ounce good is a good size
    Great little bar towels at an great price! We use these as rags to wipe off tables with sanitizer spray, and these are perfect! Small enough to use for tabletops, but durable enough to do the job. Eco friendly vs paper towels, just wash/laundry as usual!
    Large pack of soft bar towels. Clean up with out worrying about scratching any surfaces. They are white so they are easily bleachable and easy to keep clean.
    Must have in the restaurant and small business industry. I go thru a ton of bar towels, these hold up well, don't deteriorate in bleach!
    The size of the towel is good, but the use of the towel in the kitchen doesn't seem to be as good. Maybe it works better in a bar setting.
    We appreciate your review, Xingwang! If you are looking for a different product that will better suit your needs, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    A good deal on a nice package lightweight Rags for cleaning up at the bar or the counters or wherever you need to clean works good with sanitizer
    These Cotton Ribber Terry Bar Towels are very adsorbent and easy to clean. They are the perfect thickness to clean up any surface. We will be buying more when needed.
    Good product. We use these in our back room to dry dishes. They wash nice and last for a good while. You can not beat them for the price.
    I love these towels! They work perfectly for cleaning up small to large messes, they also are great for grabbing hot pans! Cant beat the price too!
    For the price, they are definitely a bargain. The blue striped ones that are sold on this site are a little more expensive but definitely thicker and better quality. But for light bar duty or kitchen duty these are perfect
    These are a good cotton towel for cleaning up spills or drying dishes. Use them at home and at the shop. They also are durable and don't fall apart like some towels.
    These are decent towels although they seem to come apart pretty fast after a few washings. We like them because they are inexpensive and we can throw them away after a couple washings.
    Not too thick, not too thin, perfect for any job in the kitchen. I use these as potholders, to put under a cutting board to avoid slippage and to wipe up spills. The knit of the towel is a little rough, which is good for a quick dry. Love these towels and go through them like crazy.
    I like these cotton bar towels but even after the first wash they are starting to fray at the edges. I'm wondering what they will look like after repeated washings.
    Similar problems as the other poor reviews. they are good at first, but after a couple washings, they start to disintegrate. they were inexpensive but i would not purchase them again.
    Thank you for the review, Rick! We are sorry the Choice cotton bar towels did not meet your expectations, we recommend you try the Chef Revival Bar Towel instead
    I was impressed with the quick shipping on this and they worked for what i needed and were a fair price. Another example of haveing what i needed.
    Nice Terry towel that soaks up lots of liquid and is a standard size cloth that covers a wide area for cleaning. The only downfall is that after about 6 washes it starts to shred really bad. If you are looking for something that lasts, look at thicker towels.
    Thank you for the review, Kyle. For a more heavy duty option, try this Chef Revival 700BRT24 16" x 19" White 24 oz. Ribbed 100% Cotton Bar Towel instead!
    Perfect size and material for a small kitchen. I keep one of these on me at all times. They're perfect for small spills and they retain their shape after multiple washes. We will definitely order again.
    Perfect towels for a bar setting - used it at pop-up bars, and was very absorbent without any issues. They're white, so maintain color easily using a little bleach
    These seem to hold up slightly better than some other towel brands we have purchased. Overall, we would buy more and only from WS seeing as how even with shipping it still comes out much cheaper than other retailers.
    These bar towels are excellent for home cleaning, as well as for using in my husband's restaurant. I use these at home for cleaning spills, for dusting, for drying dishes after washing.
    I bought these towels to clean my stainless steel tables. They leave a lot of fuzzier behind and they don't absorb water very well. I would. It by these again.
    Thank you for the review! We really wish these terry bar towels would have worked well for you! We suggest these Chef Revival 700BRT32 16" x 19" White 32 oz. Ribbed 100% Cotton Bar Towels for a more absorbent alternative.
    The choice 16 x 19 cotton ribbed terry bar towels are a nice addition to the kitchen. Priced well so you do not worry about staining them. They wipe up spills very well.
    Just got them. Love them so far. I am using them to wipe down my counters and things of that nature. Came packaged nicely. Love them
    These worked well for our event clean up but were a little smaller than we expected. However for the price and the fact that they washed up really nice to reuse we feel we got a great deal!
    I really like these bar towels! I use them in the kitchen, the laundry room and for spills in the car. They are a great value!
    As other reviews have noted, these towels aren't very absorbent, which makes them a poor choice for a kitchen hand towel. They might work better for cleaning.
    Thank you for the review, Audrey. We are sorry that you feel that these are not very absorbent. We recommend trying this Choice 16" x 19" White 32 oz. 100% Cotton Ribbed Terry Bar Towel for a towel with a higher weight.
    The ribs on these towels are pretty easy to pull out, and the towels tend to fall apart at the sewn seems. I would like to spend more for a better towel.
    I use these towels mostly for holding hot equipment, and only occasionally use them for cleaning. They can wipe down stuff just fine, but are not very absorbent in my experience, and I really have had to work to wipe up any spilled liquid. They also started to deteriorate a bit after one wash, but only very minimally, and haven't degraded much since. Honestly these aren't the highest quality towels I've ever seen, but they're cheap and for how I use them, artisanal craftsmanship is really not necessary. I'd buy more if I needed more, but they're cheap and you get a lot of them in a pack.
    These 24oz cotton ribbed terry bar towels are a great value and are the greatest bargain I have came across these will be on every order from now on
    They are great bar towels. stand up to repeated use and wash well. We will be buying more when we finally need to replace these!
    We've had these towels for almost two years and they are quite durable, still functioning and long lasting. More than a 100 washes. Worth every penny.
    These bar towels are perfect for cleaning up spills, or just using them to wipe off tables and counters with sanitizer. They wash up well and don't seem to hold stains.
    Absorbent and ribbed cotton towels are simply the best. The price is right on these for commercial use. They are large, and thicker and sturdier than I expected for the price. A quarter cup of vinegar in the rinse water of the washer will keep them soft.
    These towels are a great value. They soak up messes, wipe down surfaces, degrease your fryer and more; all with a smile. Much less expensive than other online retailers.
    For the price, these are a good deal. They are not the softest towels and they do leave some lint, however they are practical and durable.
    These bar towels work really well for wiping spills, cleaning our bar & tables. We go through so many of these between the bar, dining rooms & kitchen that it's nice to find decent ones at a good price!
    Not completely happy with these. Most of them unraveled at the corners after the first couple of washes. Not as absorbent as I would like either. These were for home use. If you are using them in a business, I would recommend something that absorbs more and is a bit better made. For the price, for my use, they are okay.
    It seems like I go,through dish towels like paper towels, so I was thrilled to find these on the website. Great price and quality but did have a weird funky smell when I got them.
    Very inexpensive and they good quality. I bought these for cleaning etc and I have no complaints. They aren't big like a dish towel but would probably be 2x the size of a face cloth.
    Great Product for the price. Use the towels to clean bathrooms, floors, walls, etc.. They get thrown in the trash at the end of the day
    These towels are our favorite towel we use! They're absorbent and they seem to be quite durable and last a long time. They work great for when people spill their drinks on the bar.
    Very convenient, and very cheap towels for light to moderate kitchen duties. You never have enough towels, and for a number of tasks these take the place of paper towels for us, which saves waste.
    Super cheap and of pretty good quality! Always handy to have around the house. I did not find them super absorbent however which is why I rate it 4 stars.
    Choice makes a decent terry ribbed bar towel. They are highly plush and absorb the worst of messes. Use them on any liquid or stain.
    I agree with other reviewers who stated that the towels are substantial, but appear dingey even when new. I'm still using the ones I bought in 2013, but they aren't very pretty! Time for new!
    A very handy item to have in the bar business as you are always encountering spills, I go through maybe five a day and washing them brings the white color back to life. Stack up on these, great deal.
    What can I say, another great buy through the Webstaurant Store. These bar towels are a bargain here. Functional and have stood up in the wash. These are durable. You cannot go wrong.
    I'm kind of torn on these. I like them, especially for the price. But, these don't absorb as well as I had hoped. And since I use these to clean a lot, absorption is a big deal. It's kind of a 3.5 star product.
    We are happy with these ribbed terry bar towels. They are soft on our hands. The size is adequate. They are adequately absorbent. We would recommend.
    These ribbed terry bar towel is a must have in a bakery and restaurant. We use them all day to wipe plates before serving and for keeping our kitchen clean.
    These are a little thinner than I'm used to but for a multipurpose rag it does the job. Cleans up spills well and seems to have held up well.
    These ribbed terry bar towels are great deal for the price, however they do tend to shed a few fibers here and there. Don't like tat too much. Poor absorption, but they work.
    Maybe this is a you get what you pay for thing, but compared to my other bar mops, these are thin, chincey and look grey and dirty right from the package. Since they were cheap and are already here, I will keep them, but would not order these again at any price.
    Thank you for your review! We have credited your account for the towels. These towels are a great value, but If you are looking for a more heavy-duty alternative, we recommend the Chef Revival 18" x 18" waffle-weave bar towel.
    the towel holds up well for being washed several times a day. if you are a fast paced restaurant you will find the 32oz ribbed terry bar towel to hold up longer.
    What can you say about a bar towel? These are great for use around the kitchen. I have them folded in quarters and leave them next to my cutting board for a quick clean-up of any mess I may make during my cooking adventures.
    These towels are a nice price for the quantity you receieve. I do not feel guilty having to throw away my towels every so often since they are reasonably priced on this website. My only wish is that they would hold up better when being washed frequently.
    I use these in my Culinary Arts classroom. I have washed them tons of times and they have been very durable. I would purchase them again.
    These towels work pretty good. All white and pretty absorbent. I got them stained up pretty good. I used bleached and soaked them for 20 mins before i started the load. They came out great and retained their shape.
    These are nice multi-purpose towels. I use them for the usual drying of glassware and dishes, but they work for most everything. They're fairly thin but do the job.
    These towels are a great choice if you need an inexpensive all purpose towel. We use them for everything and they wash well. However, they do tend to fuzz a bit until well washed.
    16" x 19" Ribbed Terry Bar Towel 24 oz. 12 / Pack were just as described. They have been washed several times and are holding up perfectly.
    Towels are good, durable, and wash well. They sop up a decent amount of water and look better than some other rags we have purchased.
    These 16"x19" Ribbed Terry bar towels are great. We use them for cleaning everything and they hold up great to bleaching after bleaching. Great Buy.
    these towels are great. they can handle just about anything. they clean up real easily. its a great product for a great price. nworth it.
    The ribbed terry towel is a must at my place. For the price they are great. we use them to clean and everything else. I do my own laundry and saves alot of money.
    These towels are definitely not for show. They look used when you get them, however they are a great product for background use. They work very well and I plan on purchasing more. Just not Pretty!
    You would think that a twelve pack of towels sounds like you're paying for cheap towels. WRONG. You get a good quality towel for this package! I personally only used these to wipe down my table and work area, and used roughly about 6 during a very busy 9-hour day. I gave one towel to my brother and one to my mother leaving me 4 clean towels. They were simply amazing!
    Great bar towels! Good for use in the kitchen for keeping a chef's hand from being burnt from a hot pot or pan!! Great price!!
    These are great towels. Perfect for dry the glasses and cleaning up spills in the kitchen. I have already washed several of them and they seem as if they are going to hold up very well.
    Great product! My wife and business partner was pressuring me to start using a laundry service for towels. Instead, I ordered a load of these and do laundry myself. We save so much money, and more importantly, she's happy!
    This 16x19 bar towel is very durable, i not only use for the bar, but also for almost everything that needs to be clean from the kitchen to the table. It handles well with tough soil and grease. I would buy more

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