Arctic Ice Machine Cleaner - Nickel Safe - 1 Pint / 16 oz.

Item #: 147ARCTIC

Arctic Ice Machine Cleaner is specifically designed for removal of mineral buildup which can lead to bacterial contamination in ice machine equipment. This ice machine cleaner is great at protecting nickel plated evaporators. This ice maker cleaner is safe for use with all ice machines, and it protects both nickel and tin plated evaporators.

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Arctic Ice Machine Cleaner - Nickel Safe - 1 Pint / 16 oz.

4.8 stars from 67 reviews

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ice machine cleaner clean Great price works job cleaning cleans
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We use this cleaner for all our ice machines. After a while they can get really slimy and funky. Just be sure to follow the directions and don't use too much. Its works great, but you have to be consistent on scheduling your cleaning, other wise it gets really messy. Don't forget to flush and drain the machine after use, and burn all the ice so no dirt from the machine gets in


Product works as expected. Directions are easy to follow. Perfect size for our small location. Free shipping with Plus was quick and the product was nicely sealed.

from The Colonial Hotel on

Fantastic product. We use it routinely to maintain our ice machine. Does a great job cleaning and leaves no left over residue, flavors, or smell. We purchased many times and will continue to use.

from Governor's Quarters on

Ice machines are ALOT of work. This cleaner makes that work less difficult. When used with your automatic cleaning cycle its literally one and done.

from Brewing Good Coffee Company on

We use this Arctic ice machine cleaner at our coffee shop. It's a really good cleaner and the application directions are super easy to follow.

from 5 Points Coffee & Tea on

This product is a safe product to use on your ice machine. However if you have another brand or make of machine, consult your owners manual. You may void warranty if using another brand.


Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions
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We had been using the Noble brand chemical ice machine cleaner but it wasn't doing the full job and getting it all flushed out and clean, so we tried this brand and found that it worked much better for our ice machine. Highly recommend it.

from Bard & Baker Board Game Cafe on

Works awesome, keeps my ice machine clean. Easy to use on a monthly basis and makes it easy to clean on a deep clean every 6 months.

from bjames llc on

This works great! I used it to clean our ice maker, and this cleaner did the trick. I definitely recommend it to anyone who has an ice maker that needs cleaning/descaling.

from Magic City Books on

Excellent ice machine cleaner. Very dependable when it comes to cleaning all hoses of build/up.??you never want bunked up lines. Use this product and you will be confident it has had a 100% cleaning

from K&M Express Shrimp on

Worked well, no complaints a good option for the price. Would buy again and would recommend to anyone who cleans their own ice machine themselves

from Blarneys Cafe on

Just a small amount of cleaner and we were making ice again. We even ordered more already to be stocked up. Fair price for the powerful little bottle.

from Olde Towne Diner on

This cleaner is a less expensive option for our ice machine, and did a good job cleaning the machine. We will order more in the future.


Great ice machine cleaner. Works well and is very reasonably priced. We used to use the Manitowoc brand cleaner that our machine's manual specifies, but this product works just as well and is less than half the price. Don't pay for the name brand... use this instead!

from Shipwrecked Brew Pub on

This ice machine cleaner seems to work great. Just add the right amount to the clean cycle on your machine and the cleaner gets to work. Best part is it won't harm the internal components. Ice now comes our clearer than before.

from Iwindis llc on

This product was recommend to us to clean our ice machine. It gets the job done and we have recommend it to our friends who own restaurants as well.

from courageous bakery on

Great alternative to more expensive name brand products. Cleans our under counter I’ve machine perfectly and helps keep ice crystal clear. Easy instructions for proper dilution for your machine.

from The Poughkeepsie Grind on

Clean your ice machine often to keep it working well! If your ice machine is having trouble keeping up with demand, try cleaning it with this and a sanitizer as per the instructions. If that doesn't work, try cleaning the condenser (but not with this obviously). This product is cheap and does a good job.


The Arctic Ice Machine Cleaner worked well. We used it with Noble Quick San and we were very happy. We will definitely purchase this product again.

from 5-0 BBQ LLC on

artic ice machine works for good our ice machine. we always keep our machine maintenance and clean. ice machine cleaner quality good and the price right


I ordered this after reading all of the positive reviews. I broke in my new ice machine by cleaning it first with this. Great product, doesn't leave behind any residue when you rinse properly. Will purchase as needed in the future.


This cleaner seems to do its job well from its naked-eye visual results. It has a very distinct smell when its circulating in the machine.

from Invasor N.C on

This is the best ice machine cleaner that i can find and the price is outstanding compared to buying from the ice machine company It would be helpful if the bottles had ounces marked on it

from Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs on

Very good product. This product cleans real good all your scum, mold etc inside ice machine and this product is also safe made especially for Ice machines.

from The Boardroom Restaurant on

We use a little of this cleaner every month to help keep mold and the slime out of our ice machine. Does a fantastic job, and hopefully will be good for the long run!

from Water and Ice on

These will clean your ice machine and have iyour ice looking great. We use this product on a regular basis since we should always have the best quality ice for our customers

from Something Fishy on

This ice machine cleaner is perf3ct for the work it was meant to do. Our maintenance worker is very pleased with the product and advised us thge keep it on hand.

from Pashay's Banquet Hall on

I use this product at least once a month to clean my ice machine. So far it has kept my machine clean and no mold.

from Alderaan Coffee on

We use this in our older ice machine at least every 4 months and it works great. We have very hard water and it works great on calcium and lime buildup and makes the machine produce ice like it is new again.

from TR Club Northern on

Our ice machine was due for a cleaning and this stuff works wonders. What I love more is the price so I bought a case. Now our ice machine is like new again.

from GS on

Have started using this product over the name brand product and so far no complaints. It cleans pretty much just as well and the machine is working fine.

from Caulco on

Works well. I clean our ice maker every other week and this stuff works well. It's safe to use on most commercial ice makers since its nickel safe. Pretty cost effective versus having someone come in and clean for you.

from Hop Haus Brewing Co. on

Followed the directions and was easy to understand. Ice machine was rather dirty and worked well Will probably buy this product again in the future

from Beaty Wildwood Grocery on

Good price for the ice machine cleaner and it help cleaning the ice machine i am so glad that I brought this product from web restaurant

from Thaiparadise llc on

I don't know why we didn't find this sooner! It smells strong so I run several cycles after using it to flush the machine out, but works well and have no doubt it will extend the life of our machine.


This product is one of the most important aspect of the ice machine maintenance. The maintenance man was very happy that it was bought along with the ice machine.

from pashays on

We clean our ice machine frequently. It's important to do so to keep your ice clean. This product really helps. It gets the hard water scale off of the machine parts and keeps it running well.


This brand cleans better than the previous cleaner used. Machine seems to stay cleaner also. Will definitely be using this product to help clean and maintain our ice machines.

from Fresh Fit Subs, Inc on

Recommended to clean the ice machine. Just buy this and find a video on Youtube and you can clean your own machine in a morning without having to pay for a service call. It worked Great!!

from Mesa Grande Taqueria on

This ice machine cleaner effectively cleans my ice machines. Ordering in bulk saves a ton rather than buying individual bottles from a local refrigeration ship. I wouldn't recommend drinking this cleaner.

from Lennys Subs on

Great product at a fair price. Very easy to use and did a nice job quickly. A case goes a long way. Well worth it.

from MAC-STO on

This is an impressive cleaner. It gets even the toughest grime but is nickel safe! It's a great deal and we highly recommend this product.

from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. on

we bought a Manitowoc ice machine from and this arctic ice machine was recommended. Once we received the ice machine before we started to make ice we used this cleaner to clean it with, it looks great great product

from H & A Deli on

purchased this to clean our Ice O Matic ice machine, it has clear instructions and works well. It is recommended that you clean your ice machine every 6 months.

from Lone Star Bistro on

This is a great product that does just as it says. We use this on a regular basis. I will reorder this item. Thanks for a great product!

from Biddle Blend on

Arctic ice machine cleaner does an awesome job cleaning our ice machine. Got all the junk out before we used the sanitizer. Will purchase again.


We have 2 ice machines and use this to clean on a weekly basis. So far they have done the job to help manintain clean ice for our smoothies.

from Secret spot on

This is a great price for the ice machine cleaner. Our machine is fairly new, however we use this cleaner and it does the job.

from Monster Subs on

Serves the purpose but make sure you rinse a little more than instructed as this particular brand tends to leave a funky smell in the ice machine and sometimes leaves a very slight...but still there...taste.

from Sugarbelles on

Very good cleaner at an incredible price takes off heavy buildup with ease and it's safe for nickel machines we will be buying again we recommend

from fremos on

We have an ice machine that has not been used for some time so we purchased this to help get the machine clean before we began making ice. It worked extremely well to make sure the machine was ready.

from Seder's Pizza, LLC on

This product works just as well as the other brands out there, but at a fraction of the price. If you clean your own machine, you'll want this cleaner

from Joe_S on

Used this once a few months after I bought a manitowoc ice machine... it cleaned where it could reach and did it's job. There are other cleaners out there but all seem to do the same thing, as this one is cheaper then most we'll stick with it.


I used the cleaner for the ice machine by my coffee station. I followed the directions and it worked like a charm. I would purchase this product again.

from Great Harvest Bread Co on

Great product at an unbeatable price, compared to the name brand cleaner this product works just as well and is nickel safe for all the expensive machines!!!


It cleans as it is meant to do the job. It helps to eliminate to tear down all the components to clean, just pouring it in the water tank and turning on wash cycle as instructed on the label and I am done.

from Bangkok Place Thai Restaurant on

Great product at great price. We use this on our Manitowac ice machine. Love the fact that it is nickel safe. Must have to maintain a quality ice machine.


Did a good job of cleaning my ice maker. Our water is heavy with minerals and even though I filter it, build up still occurs. As always, can't beat the price.

from Michael's Pizza on

We use this in our ice machine, keeps it clean and product is very easy to use, great price point for this product, I highly recomend this if you have an ice machine

from JK Concession Service on

This worked great cleaning our ice machine. The directions were easy to follow, and it didn't take long at all. I will buy this product again.

from Laurel Diner on

This is a good cleaner for ice machines of all sorts. I use it for my household ice maker at home and for larger ice machines in the restaurant. Great for extending the life of the unit.


I've tried tons of products that do not work but this one really does the trick. Though our build up never got too bad, this product took care of our build up quick, allowing us to start our ice machine back up in no time.

from Mike's Coffee and Pie Kitchen on

The Arctic Ice Machine Cleaner is Nickel safe comes in a 16 oz. Bottle. It is great for cleaning ice machines as well as other nickel plated appliences.Removes mineral build up which can lead to bacteria contamination in ice machine equipment.Works great and price is alsome.

from Harrison Familey Restaurant on

This is a great product for safely cleaning all sorts of ice machines! We use it on small machines as well as big hotel ice makers! Easy to use and super affordable!!


This is a very good product to use to clean your ice machine. It sure beats the prices every where else as well. It's a good deal.


We love this product, especially since it's nickel safe! Cleans the ice machine very well! I had been buying this same cleaner for a lot more money. I am glad I found this for a much reasonable price!


I had been paying more for the same size of a similar product until I discovered your nickel safe ice machine cleaner! Now I can buy three times as much for the same money!

from None on

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