Advantage Chemicals 5 gallon / 640 oz. Pot & Pan Soap

Item #: 146POTSOAP5G

Enjoy an effective dish soap that's gentle on hands and tough on soils with this Advantage Chemicals 5 gallon container of pot & pan liquid detergent. This economical cleaner creates long-lasting suds that cut through grease and grime with ease, resulting in sparkling clean pots, pans, and dishes. Formulated with prime cleaning agents, this liquid detergent will enhance the quality of cleaning in your establishment by providing a dependable service that your staff will truly appreciate.

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Advantage Chemicals 5 gallon / 640 oz. Pot & Pan Soap

4.6 stars from 60 reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

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great soap price dishes pan pot gallon pans pots value

Packaging makes all the difference! Websteraunt did not dissapoint, the container arrived intact, undamaged, without leaks, or spills. Given the shape the external box came in we were worried. Thanks for taking the extra time & expense in packaging to ensure undamaged arrival!

from Sophie on

This Pot Soap is just awesome. Not just for pots, but for everything. I even use it for hands. Yes. I love that it does not have the strong scent of so many soaps. Many detergents and soap scents just make me nauseous. It also does not have this crazy amount of bubbles that are hard to rinse off. These "does not haves" are huge pluses in my book. What it does have is performance. Impressive performance, and I am not easily impressed. This potsoap, with hot water and just a few moments to work (not even long enough to call it a soak. Just a minute or three) will have any dirt fall right off the pots and dishes. Grease, tough food, dried on problem. And amazingly enough, it doesn't even strip my iron pans or hands. This does not even make sense, but I'm not asking questions. Just magic, and that's good enough for me. To sum it up, it doesn't have the things I don't want, it has and does everything I want and performs beyond expectations, making my life a lot easier. Conclusion, I'm not going to be without that soap anymore if I can help it. Read Less Read More

from Stefanfarms on

This is a great solution for soap. The price for the soap is very affordable and the quality of the shop is very good. It cleans well and it’s not too hard on the hands. Took the grease off well.

from Egg Wits on

Amazing price for such a large quantity of soap. The strength isn't as much as is advertised but for the price and quantity it is completely fine. Just use more.

from Mori on

Not awful for a discount detergent. You may have to use a little elbow grease but I still feel the value is in alignment with the price. Surprisingly gentle on the hands


If you have any thing dirty to clean, this soap is not for you!! We have a coffee/ice cream shop and it works. Great price too!

from Icki Sticki on

I have been getting this for years, it has helped me keep other so call service companies out of my pockets. I buy about 6 buckets at a time to help off set the shipping.

from Jersey Mikes Subs/ Brian Jessogne on

This is Very good quility and price !! Quick delivery too. I stongly recommand this item to any other customer. i will buy again !

from Kabuki on

The soap is probably one of the best value items on here. I brought a dilution station on here with this and the soap has lasted me 5 months. I was buying soap once every other week. No more Waste!

from Get Fit on

This, is probably best used with a water dispenser-type set up. Tended to overuse the product because it doesn't readily mix/dissolve when we pumped it into the sink under running water and there isnt much suds initially. Great job with regard to actual cleaning, but dealing with students in the kitchen, they rarely followed the "one pump" rule and it didn't go as far as I had hoped it would have.


This is a great pot and pan soap! The five gallon tub will last a while and even the dirtiest pots and pans can be cleaned using this product.

from Wayne's Smoke Shack on

Very nice for cleaning dishes n pots and pans as well. Heavier dish liquid than thought it would be. Suds up little but bubbles don't clean anyways. Better in Luke warm water also. Would buy again.

from Forever On The Go S&S on

This advantage pot and pan soap work really well for cleaning dishes and getting off grease or char. it comes in a durable container and will last a long time.


This pot and pan soap does the trick! The real magic is that it is over 50% cheaper than other restaurant suppliers that we have ordered it from! Our pots and pans are shiny and clean ... & that's all we want! Will keep on buying this product!

from sirens on

This dish soap is highly recommended if you hand wash a lot of your dishes, especially pots and pans. It does a great job making my dishes feel nice and clean. Smells good too, and great price for the amount that will last for a while.

from Thai Express on

Price is great for the value of this product. Does well for most sink cleaning needs. Don't expect heavy grease to be easily cleaned but with some extra time this can be achieved.

from Freehling Farms on

This is perfect for what I need for my restaurant. It cuts grease but also is not too hard on your hands if you are washing dishes all day.

from Charmed. on

Does a great job for what it is for. Price point is solid. Easy applications Along with quality performance. What more needs to be said.

from Caddy's Delight LLC on

not the best quality here. it washes down fast and not godd for heavy greases. you can not beat the price, but if you can spend a little bit more you cna probably find a better produ?


Its decents, not great like the other blue one. But still good for the value, its good for cafe user when you dont get much grease on your dish


not the best quality here. it washes down fast and not godd for heavy greases. you can not beat the price, but if you can spend a little bit more you cna probably find a better product.

from Ganache pattiserie on

We wash a lot of dishes and this soap performs well. Plenty of suds and power. It cuts through the greasy pans and is still gentle on the dishwasher's skin.


Absolutely cannot beat the price. Great product and amazingly value for cleaning pots and pans and soaking silverware and dishes. Get a pump to go in and these are a great time saver and helps cut down on plastic waste.

from Savoy Taproom on

This stuff is great and at a price that can't be beat. The easy to use pull up spout makes for pouring this into other dispensers very easy as long as you are strong enough to pick up and tilt the bucket.

from The Corner Cup Coffee on

I purchased this 5 gallon dish soap for my restaurant. It takes a lot to make suds but overall I will purchase again. My only negative is the bucket should have some type of spout

from Big Chris Catering on

I use Advantage 6 gallon pot and pan soap everyday at my restaurant. I used to buy my dish soap from the local dollar store but realized this soap is better quality and a better value.

from Mantua Corners Bar & Grille on

Very Good quality for the price. I could not ask for a better product. The pot soap is just awesome. Very fast Shipping, Thank you

from Frontline Foundations, Inc. on

This soap is great. It makes enough suds to eliminate grease and residue. The pots and pans get very clean and the staff like that it;s not a harsh product.

from Something Fishy on

Great product and it’s an even better value for the price. We use this is all of operation and never had any issue however we do use in smaller bottles.

from Padilla on

The Advantage Chemicala 5 Gallon Pot and Pan Soap is a great product. It cleans well and it comes in an amount that will last. I would recommend.


Advantage Chemicals 5 Gallon Pot & Pan Soap #146POTSOAP 5G Super easy to use. Very handy to have such a large amount on stock. Great product.

from Gateway Brew on

This pot and pan soap works well. The 5 gallon bucket gives a lot of product so it lasts a while. Just wish the bucket was easier to open

from Amish Market Square on

This is a large amount of dish detergent. I find its much easier to use if you pour some into a smaller bottled for quicker use.

from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe on

This is truly a great product. We all agree soap and paper is a big part of over head. This product is 1/2 price on line.

from Millie's Tavern on

This soap is a money saver and a great product. We use this daily and works great on all dishes. Our dishwashers recommend this to everyone!

from The Diner on

Advantage Chemicals 5 Gallon Pot & Pan Soap we just finished this bucket and are purchasing our next... It was nice on my hands sing I'm dish not here I need something that would not dry me out

from PowerQuee Media on

This is a very inexpensive paint pot and pan so that comes in a 5 gallon pail I hooked it up to my soap dispenser it works good not a bad soap

from Place to be Bistro on

This soap is decent for the price. it's got a weird consistency when you pour it out- unlike normal soaps that stream nicely this sort of plops out in globs. Might sound weird but that's the best way I can think to explain it. It's also a little less sudsy than more expensive soap, but you get what you pay for, and at this price, I can live with that.

from Sana Food Mart on

An incredible price point. I recommend spending three dollars for a spout to screw in the top. sells one. I fully recommend this product.

from Scarbrough Industries on

This is worth the extra space that it takes up! It works great, especially for pre-soaking silverware. And it's lasted a long time. Highly recommend!

from Odd's Cafe on

A fraction of the price of the cheapest local prices I found. This soap works great with the soap dispenser machines. Not very soapy but definitely does the job.

from Kach LLC on

Works great! Love the product and the smell! This is very good and last a long time. I usually purchase 2 buckets at a time.

from Cliffmart LLC on

Great product! Cuts grease well and easy to open and pour. The 5 gallon size fits easily under our 3 compartment sink! Will be ordering again!

from Restaurant lorene on

Great value and easy to use leaves no stains. smell nice and clean. we use for all pots and pan and presoak as well works really well

from Yamato on

we have a fast pase resturant and we do lots of dishes and wanted a large amount of soap and we order this and we love the pot and pan dish soap and comes in a 5 gallon bucket and workd great for what we need and does the job great as well and we could not be any happyier we order all products and shipping is fast as well and customer service is great shipping is fast and will be happy as well as we are and we are also a happy retuning customer

from lisabridalstore on

This soap is a good value but the giant bucket makes it incredibly hard to use. We had used a funnel and would pour it into smaller bottles, but after losing a lot of it to the floor we switched to small bottles offered by Webstaurant.

from thirty-thirty Coffee Co. on

This is a great product for your money. Its long lasting and does a superb job , especially on the pots. I purchased this product thinking it was what I could afford at the time, but the quality is awesome. I will definitely be purchasing again!

from AngieBees Deep South Hot Spot on

This stuff does a pretty decent job for the price. You might have to use a little more but when it's 50% cheaper it's still worth purchasing again.


This is a decent run of the mill soap. It cleans well and we often have a lot of smoothie stuff on our blenders and they require a lot of cleaning.

from blended llc on

Good soap light lemon smell very thick texture but not made bubbles. My order arrived in three different groups in a different time that make it not so convenient.

from Aviya Elazar Herring on

Recently purchased 9 buckets of this to stock up for the year. When bought in large quantity it is super affordable and helps price out the cost of shipping. Is far cheaper than having a chemical company charge you 5 times more the same product as this.


This soup gets the job done. I also like that it's not scented. I felt it to be quite watery on the other hand, it doesn't produce alot of suds.

from Tracey on

This works great for cleaning all of our dishes used with our dishwashers cuts the grease would recommend this to use in your restaurants great value!


This stuff eats through grease like no other product we have used and a little can go a a long way! We recommend and will purchase no other for our dishes as it doesnt have harmful lasting chemicals.

from Miller Enterprise LLC on

Can't beat this one. 5 gallons for this price can't beat it. a bottle of name brand elsewhere is a lot by its self. Thanks webstraunt, your the best.

from Gance's Complete Catering on

We call it the pink bucket. Such a great value for the price. It gets very foamy and it cleans the pans really well. I will definitely buy again.


We have been buying this product for years works great on soaking pots and pans. We save a lot of money buying them trough webstaurant great value.

from Spokes II Inc. on

These are super economical jugs of dish washing soap I use at my food service business. My only issue is this; because of it's weight the shipping costs raise the price quite a bit.

from TKNY Capital, LLC on

by buying this product you can watch your profit go up and your over head go down. it works just as good as the name brand stuff and comes at a fraction of the price.


This pot and pan soap by Advantage is great for cutting through the greasiest pots and pans! Large 5 gallon container will last for a while! Good for 3 compartment sinks!!!


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