Ateco 909 1 1/4 Flower Nail (August Thomsen)

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This Ateco 909 pastry nail is ideal for making professional roses to top cakes, cookies, and other desserts! The long stem provides a secure grip as you rotate the nail between your fingers and pipe a flower onto the head of the nail. The flat head is the perfect base for creating beautiful flowers and designs. With a smooth surface to work on, you can easily transfer flowers from the nail to your cake with an icing spatula or knife. Once the flower is removed from the nail, you can even invert the nail to use the flathead to ease the flower to exactly where you want it.

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Ateco 909 1 1/4 Flower Nail (August Thomsen)

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    These little nails are indispensable for making butter roses or pastry flowers. The turning motion makes creating the petals of the rose a breeze, and adds a higher level of presentation to any item you are decorating.
    This's a very small flower nail that I'll use for the roses. Very good quality item, but I wish that I bought a size bigger.
    Such a great tool to help make the buttercream or royal icing decorations and flowers. This Ateco 909 1 1/4 Flower Nail (August Thomsen) is very good quality and it's the perfect size for buttercream work...I will buy again.
    great for making roses or any other flowers that u would like out of icing ... great price and in my opinion amazing find for the price .. order a lot so u won't ever be short when u lose one
    A good solid rose nail. Its a good manageable size for beginners and it doesn't break in half like some other ones out there. Cant beat the price either.
    If you are piping roses, you will need these. Theya re also great for a heating core when you are in a pinch and can't find any.
    i looked everywhere for flower nail and compared prices this is the best price and i quality is great, it arrived fast. And i use it on every cake i make.
    This flower nail makes the task of creating decorations for cakes much easier than if I were doing it without it. I can hild it while twisting and the procsess becomes simple.
    1 1/4 Flower Nail I love this it helps me make the perfect flowers all you do it make your flower the use a scraper and move it to your cake.
    Great flower nail with sturdy construction. Smooth stem makes turning nail easy and effortless reflecting in quality looking flowers. The head of nail is wide enough to support larger flowers like roses or sunflowers.
    This flower nail comes in handy if you need to make roses for your cakes or cupcakes. It works well with the piping tip for roses also sold on this website. Another great deal and awesome price.
    Ateco 909 1 1/4" flower nail is very nice and sturdy. The quality is just outstanding. It is so easy to make roses and other flowers with it. Very easy to clean as well. Definitely recommend
    I love these flower nails. I've used them in the center of cake pans to help cakes bake more evenly and they definitely do help.
    Just what you need to make beautiful frosting flowers. Also great if ypu are just starting to learn your flowers. Easy to wipe of and do over and over until you get it down.
    This Ateco 1 1/4 flower nail is such a great tool if you are a baker or decorator. You can really hold the nail and easily twist it in your hand to make lovely flowers.
    Simple tool like this makes cake decorating easier. I'm a self-taught baker and I now bake lots of cakes for family. This flower nail is way easier to use than cut-out parchment paper. At least for my experience.
    This tool helps my buttercream flowers come out great every time. The narrow end of the nail spins easily in one hand while you craft flowers with the other.
    A great flower nail. It's a little smaller than I prefer, but I found it's the only size offered from this company. It works great for small roses, but I tend to go for a bigger one over this one.
    These are very well made pins. The connection between the stem and the head appears strong and sturdy. They're good for making frosting flowers and can be used to help cake batters bake up evenly.
    Of the Ateco items I purchased, this is one that is good. This can't really be messed up. It is kind of small, so it's for small to medium flowers. Luckily it was not covered in sticky stickers unlike the rest of the Ateco items I purchased.
    Ateco 909 1 1/4 Flower Nail (August Thomsen) is a good item, that accurately helps me create sugar bouquets in my frosting. Love being creative.
    I love this flower now it makes decorating so much easier great quality great value again a fine product from ateco these flower nails are excellent for making roses
    Perfect to make a regular sized rose/flower. The product is easy to spin and hold while holding a pasty bag in the other hand. Great quality product for the price!
    I love these flower nails Ateco 909 1 1/4 Flower Nail (August Thomsen), easy to roll thru your fingers and easy to clean.Very satisfied. It was exactly what I ordered. Quality is great value for money
    You can not go wrong with Ateco. Great product. Less than half the price at other places. Buy a few so you always have extras.
    This flower nail is very easy to use - it spins really well and generally serves its purpose! The diameter is rather small, so it can be used for small or medium flowers only.
    The Aetco 1 1/4" flower nail is great for piping small to medium flowers. You can not beat the cheap price in store locally. This same size flower nail in store is more expensive.
    Good price, and works well. They pull cleanly from the cake when baked. They clean easily and perform well. We use these for all size cakes.
    The Ateco 909 1 1/4 Flower Nail (August Thomsen) is great. Perfect to pipe flowers on. The quality is excellent and the price is very reasonable. I would definitely purchase again if needed and highly recommend.
    This makes making icing roses so much easier and Ateco is a very quality brand in the baking world. You can never have too many of these if your a cake decorator.
    HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend. If anything I need to stock up on more. They are so cheap- and again, we love Ateco brand. These don't bend and are sturdy for the price. We use these a lot with classes and for our buttercream roses, and flowers. I would suggest getting a couple at a time!
    There is nothing like an elegant cake, and this flower nail will add finesse and beauty to your pastries in a breeze. Very easy to clean!
    This flower nail is perfect for holding small flowers and it is made of good quality metal. I will order for more and different sizes.
    Flower nails are a simple little tool, but really helpful for making buttercream flowers. The Ateco nail has a great feel that spins well between your fingers and makes piping a beautiful flower a breeze. The buttercream creations are easy to lift of the nail. This is a great price for a handy tool.
    good product. easy to use and easier to clean. I've had this flower nail for a while now and have not had an issue with rusting or changing colors.
    Great flower nail. I use it to make my royal icing and butter cream flowers and they work perfectly. I highly recommend buying a couple of these.
    ateco 909 , very solid , quality for heavy duty use , i will go head and buy all other options of this set , good pricing
    For a first time flower maker this helped so much. The bottom is large enough to get a firm grip and the top is big enough to make large or small flowers
    Nice simple flower nail for making small to medium roses. Has a good grip feel while turning it to make quick simple roses. These flower nails are great quality that won't rust!
    Love this because it has the ridges. It helps when I am rotating the nail to ensure proper hand placement. Good quality and great Price.
    I love this rose nail. I love how the nail isn't bulky. I wish that I ordered more than one. I'll definitely be ordering more in the future!
    This little tool is so simple and so necessary for everyone who wants to do nice and neat cream flowers. Just a little bit practice, and you'll be proud for your decorations. I use it often and I love it.
    This is a simple but very nice to have flower nail. If you are making Flowers from fondant and need help this is a great thing to have and use!
    Using the flower nail makes making buttercream roses easier and much better. Bring it up to a better level and add details to your buttercream Flowers.
    the size is acceptable to medium flowers but not for large, I really like the material that is made , of course that I'll buy
    This has proven to be a winner. The ridges really helps provide a nice grip even when your hand might be a bit slippery. The stainless material is easy to clean.
    This is a smaller flower nail, but still very functional and good quality. It's easy to use and easy to clean. Very pleased with this item.
    Ateco 909 1 1/4 Flower Nail (August Thomsen) if you have a skillful have and are good at decorating you can use this to create designed you can attach to your cakes
    I like the grooved handle on this flower nail because the other one I have doesn't have it and it makes it very slippery at times.
    This flower nail is the perfect size for the ateco 126 large rose leaf-- it will be the right size to make the larger roses and it doesn't rust--Perfect in every way and you sure cant beat Webstaurants price either!!
    Works perfectly. Easy to use and item is just as I expected it to be. Good item to stock up on if you're doing a high volume
    The Ateco 909 1-1/4" Flower Nail performs as expected and is a very sturdy item. What a great value when purchasing from Webstaurant Store! Will be back for more cake decorating supplies.
    Roses here I come!! There are large enough to create lovely oversized roses. I love it and the quality is great just as you'd expect to find on this site.
    I cannot say there was an issue with this nail, just that it is way too small to make a decent size flower with this. A small on, definitely!
    Important basic tool in any decorators kit for flowers and roses. Good quality construction, feels like it will hold up over time and do a good job.
    Perfect little flower nail. It's not often that I bake cakes but when I do, I usually put little buttercream flours on it. This flower nail is the perfect little size and quite heavy duty. Also has lasted in the dishwasher.
    This is the first flower nail I have ever bought, and I am pleasantly surprised! Though maybe a little small for my taste, this nail allows me to pipe my royal icing flowers with much more control.
    This flower nail helps me create beautiful buttercream flowers. I can make small and big flowers depending on the size of the project. The price is great.
    A great nail. I think it is a little small for a bigger roses I like to do. I like the design or the nail having the ridges on the nail helps spin
    This ateco # 9 flower nail works really well for piping larger flowers. It is constructed well and cleans up easily. A very good purchase.
    Perfect flower nail. Ridges help to have an easy grip to spin while making flowers. Also good to hold small fondant pieces while shaping until they harden.
    awesome easy to great quality steel of this Ateco (August Thomsen) 909 1 1/4" #9 Flower Nail happy buyer good for the price !! awesome
    Unfortunately, this flower nail item was already broken, bent where the head of the nail meets the nail when it arrived, and being that it was so cheap and we were swamped at an event, we just let it go. :(
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry this flower nail was broken. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly to credit you for the faulty item.
    I've been using this as a baking pin although it is supposed to be a decorating tool. These help bring just as much heat to the middle of the cake, as it goes to the outside. Make sure you spray with cooking spray first!
    I have a couple of these at home that I use all the time for my larger roses! I even have used them for a heating core in my larger cakes. Works great!
    Great flower nail at a great price. Super smooth surface allows the easy removal of buttercream flowers using a scissor or knife. Would definitely buy again!
    this flower nail its a lot better than the plastic nails, its less sticky and greasy to use with buttercream. A must have for a cake decorator.
    I bought 15 of these, not to use for buttercream roses, but to actually bake with! We use them in my cake shop to better evenly bake sheet cakes and larger pan sizes. Very pleased with these, I like the texture, which makes it easier to hold.
    I love flowers on cake and this nail is a must when piping them. For the price, you can afford to buy 4 or 5 and practice perfecting your work. The handle is ridge and feels great. The size is perfect for small and large flowers.
    Flower nail (the nail part) rusted. The round platform is too small; great if you need to make small roses or flowers for cupcakes but not for cakes.
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that you've been having trouble with rust on the flower nail. To avoid rusting, we recommend hand washing this item.
    The Ateco flower nail is a great quality. I feel as if they are less prone to rust, which shows their quality. I usually use them for roses, and it makes constructing a rose so much easier because you can turn the nail with your finger and see each angle of your flower. Very happy with this product.
    This is the first flower nail I have purchased but it seems to be very flimsy. These have been getting bent just kicking around in my equipment drawer.
    this flower nail is metal, and easier to hold than plastic ones because of the thread. am planning on ordering more so i can use them as heating cores so cakes bake faster in the center and have less of a dome!
    This is a fantastic flower nail! It has great grip on it so your fingers dont slip while piping roses and the price is amazing , it was also shipped super fast as well! Definitely recommend.
    Great product! I love the fact that it has a very strong grip, so it's easier to turn while making flowers. However, the flat surface is too small so it's better to work with small to medium size flowers.
    Great price orthis flower nail. I was a little disappointed that is rusted a bit. I am still able to use it for my flowers and as heating cores for my cakes.
    I really enjoy this flower nail because it has an excellent grip on it; This allows for a smooth twisting action while piping the flower design. The nail "head" itself is large and can accommodate a large flower.
    This very sturdy flower nail is perfect for detailed flower making. In addition, we use them in the middle of cakes to help bake more evenly. Great product.
    These flower nails are built to last. They have a grooved stem which really grips your fingers as you slowly turn the nail. This is a huge help when making a lot of flowers quickly!
    This piping nail is great for practicing butter cream flowers. I use it all the time and the grooves are great for spinning it. Lets you have a nice grip and gives you better control!
    Our bakers have enjoyed using these flower nails. They are made from quality materials and have stood up to hundreds of washings without rusting or bending.
    These are great little nails. I got a few extra Ateco 909 1 1/4" Flower Nail #9 (August Thomsen) for when I have extra help at the shop. Very pleased with the size and price of them.
    These flower nails work just as expected. Great quality you know and expect from Ateco. Great price, and ease of delivery. Will be ordering more.
    The Ateco 1 1/4" Flower Nail is very sturdy. I ordered two and they punched right through the cardboard box and into my hand with no ill effect on the nail. :~)
    Who would of thought I would start making roses for our cakes... bought this to try it first (did not know if I could get the hang of making these flowers), the only down side is that I should of bought more.
    I use this product for making buttercream flowers and also place it in the batter to help my cakes bake evenly. It's a quality product that works well!
    The most used size for piping flowers for most decorators. I use this nail to make roses to violets. Nice and flat and the perfect size to allow for easy spinning.
    This is a good little hand tool to have when practicing to make flowers for cake decorating. It is easy to hold and spin directly in your hand.
    The flower nails are great for making daises and other flat flowers. We attach a small parchment square to the nail with icing then remove it to the freezer for easy transporting to the cake. The nail also doubles as a tool to make more even cakes by placing it upside down in a large cake pan to help conduct heat.
    I just orederd this flower nail for the bakery. We love the price very very reasonable. alot more quality then wilton brand flower nails and flowers don't stick to nail.
    high quality&low price! How could it get any better? I dont think there's a better deal out there! for beginners,like myself this is dream come true!
    Making butter cream roses is just about impossible without a flower nail just like this one. The flower nail is so helpful with this task.
    This flower nail will improve your buttercream flowers by 100%, the help of the spinning is great to get an all around beautiful buttercream flower.
    These were bought to use in my cake pans to keep cake level while cooking. Easy to use, easy to clean. Want rust and were a very good price.
    This is a great flower nail. This is NOT plastic. Metal nails for making flowers are more durable and last longer ensuring good support to make flowers for cakes.
    I love useing these when im making rose buds! Some people just use a tooth pick or what ever they can find. But its so much easier to hold onto the nail while your piping.
    The nail is perfect for creating intricate frosting flowers. The pin rolls smoothly between your thumb and forefinger to allow for contant motion to get even frosting strokes.
    This is a great rose nail. It is the perfect size to make medium to large flowers (I primarily use it for roses) but other flowers can be done.
    this tool makes decoration a cinch when i need flowers on my cakes. its so easy to set my flowers aside while i finish the rest of the cake!
    Good product, good price, fast delivery service! The websturant store is the best place to buy all of your bakery supplies. I have yet to be disappointed with a purchase.
    I purchased several of these nails. I use them to bake larger cakes 10" and up for even baking. I use 2 for the 10" and add 1-2 more for every 2" increment of pans. The center bakes great every time.
    I purchased these for use in my beginners cake decorating class. They performed admirably!!They are well made,a great value, and I will definitely purchase more.
    Great for making small roses

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