Ateco 849 #28 Closed Star Pastry Tube (August Thomsen)

Item #: 144849

Create deeply-grooved icing patterns on your cakes, cupcakes, pies, and more with this Ateco 849 11/16" closed star #28 pastry tube. Made of durable stainless steel, this tube is rust-resistant and designed to withstand repeated use without bending out of shape. Featuring a closed star tip, you can create shells, stars, fleur-de-lis, rosettes, and flowers. The closed star design produces a defined texture for eye-catching bakery decorations. Plus, its large size is perfect for icing confectionary creations quickly and efficiently. Using the right sized pastry tube for the job will enhance your presentation to draw patrons' attention to your display cases and plated desserts.

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Ateco 849 #28 Closed Star Pastry Tube (August Thomsen)

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great tip cupcakes pastry star Tube closed large Ateco tips
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    This is another one of the very large Tips that we ordered on this website. It works very well and makes beautiful rose designs on your cake or a cupcake. Another awesome deal and price

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    Great tips for frilly design or giant roses

    Closed star #9 pastry tube is one of the largest pastry tubes. It is perfect for decorating cakes or cupcakes. The design ir produces has a very nice detailed look to it and it stands out very on cakes.

    Posted on

    Closed star #9 pastry tube

    This is the largest tip in this design, so it makes quick work of frosting cupcakes or cakes. I like it for making cute rosettes. Be aware that it doesn't fit on jumbo sized couplers that fit the Wilton 1M series of tips though.

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    Decorating the top of a French silk pie

    This pastry tube has a 11/16" wide tip. It is the widest closed star shape tube we own. This tube can easily connect using the Ateco coupler. The tube is made of stainless steel. Our pastry team has a variety of shapes and widths of tubes. Ateco makes this pastry tube and they are a very reputable pastry tool manufacturer.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    The largest size of the closed star tip are really good on the base layer of cakes or a single star on a frosted cookie.

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    Perfect for piping single piped cupcakes, this is a nice giant tip so you can do one squish of frosting per cupcake or a simple easy swirl. Also great for large format decorations like a unicorn mane on a cake.

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    The pink frosting was piped with this tip

    The pink frosting was piped with this tip

    Tip was used to pipe the mane on this unicorn

    Tip was used to pipe the mane on this unicorn

    Very solid, works great and is easy to clean with just a bit of hot water. Essential for all baking and basting needs, and will order more soon.

    from Cactus House Midtown Posted on

    Love this closed star pastry tip! Makes beautiful swirls on top of our cupcakes. The swirls are crips yet flow smoothly. I use these the most!

    from Sin City Cupcakes Posted on

    The large size of this pastry tube helps the job done so much quicker. Fill up the big pastry bag at once and use this large size tube and decorating done in no time!

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    Ateco 849 11/16” Closed Star #9 Pastry Tube (August Thomsen)

    Ateco 849 11/16" Closed Star #9 Pastry Tube (August Thomsen) is a necessity to being larger scale Thomson for decorating and filling your artwork after outlining.

    from Mocha Choca Latte Posted on

    Don't you just LOVE the look of the Closed Star ones? They really are great.

    This nice big pastry tube (tip) is great for not only frosting, but for piping deviled eggs. Easy clean up and doesn't get bent up when thrown in with all the other utensils in the kitchen.

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    This super large pastry tube is great for decorating cupcakes. It's the perfect size for jumbo cupcakes and even large cupcake. Holds up with multiple uses.

    from Coco & Mini's LLC Posted on

    This ateco closed star #9 pastry tube is stainless steel and shines beautifully! It makes great decorations easier to do! The closed star has more texture in the icing and design then the open star so keep that in mind.

    Posted on

    The Ateco 849 11/16" Closed Star #9 Pastry Tube (August Thomsen) is another one of my favorites. It works great with my coupler and pastry bags that I purchased. The quality is excellent as well as the price. I am very happy with my purchase.

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    I tried out the pastry tube and it worked great. Easy to use and quick to decorate. Highly recommend!

    Largest closed Star tip we use daily. Great for large details and fill in spacer. Ateco tips are great quality and these are the best prices.

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    If you need to make large swirls with icing this is the perfect tip. Fits perfectly in our pipping bags we purchase on this site.

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    the best tubes on the market.

    This is probably my favorite pastry tub. I use it a lot to ice my cupcakes and to make beautiful rosettes on my cakes. I will buy more of this soon.

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    This is a great tip, it is huge which allows you to frost cupcakes (or anything else) very quickly! The tip is made of stainless steel and is very durable, and super easy to clean.

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    Great piping tip at a great price. I use these for cupcakes and decorating cakes. Easy to use and easy to clean by hand. I would definitely buy again.

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    The Ateco 849 11/16" Closed Star pastry tube is a wonderful addition to any piping or decorating tip collection. Depending on technique, can create beautiful roses or swirls! High quality and very sturdy, I always recommend Ateco for any piping needs.

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    High quality product at a reasonable price. Sturdy construction and easy to clean. A beautiful addition to my collection of supplies! You can't go wrong when you are using Ateco! Makes decorating fun and easy!

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    ateco 800 series are larger and bigger then 820 series make sure you know what you looking for , very qood pricing and quality ,

    from Aslan Khan LLC Posted on

    The number nine pastry tube is going to be so helpful when trying to set designs on cakes and even cupcakes. I cannot use with a coupler but that is fine.

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    I purchased this Ateco closed star tubes along with several other tubes. Its a brand that I trust and have always been happy with. They make whatever your decorating beautiful and will last a lifetime.

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    I absolutely love Ateco pastry tips. They are very durable and you can't beat Webstaurant's price for them! Tip #9 is so versatile. It's great for icing buttercream on cupcakes and decorating cakes, but can also be used to pipe mashed potatoes. Highly recommended!

    from Baked Bliss by Laura Posted on

    This is on e of my favorite tips 849 closed star. works great to pipe on cupcakes especially when using colorful icings for kids birthdays then to top it off with some sprinkles.

    Posted on

    A strong, good tip. Ends are not easily bent or damaged. Great for icing cupcakes. Fits perfectly with the large coupler. Does not rust or tarnish.

    from Sweet Treats Bakery Posted on

    Love this tip it is perfect for covers well and has a wonderful design..I have had several compliments from people saying how wonderful they look

    Posted on

    This tip is the perfect size to make my cupcakes look very professional. I love the stainless steel construction! It is so nice to be able to run them thru the dishwasher and not have to worry about them rusting.

    Posted on

    Perfect for decorating cakes and Texas muffin sized cupcakes. They are east to clean and they don't rust or get discolored after washing them. Size makes it a lot quicker when decorating smaller cupcakes too.

    from Andi Cakes Posted on

    this ateco closed star pastry tip is a must have for any cake decorator. super large and easy to clean and use. perfect piping everytime

    from Cakes by Design Posted on

    closed star cupcakes

    This is another great tube/tip made by Ateco. It's great for those bigger swirls and more. This one uses the large coupler. It's definitely a plus to have.

    Posted on

    Just what we needed for our larger cupcakes. Much easier to frost with these bigger tips. Plan on ordering many more, and other tips as well.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Very pleased with the ease of decorating with the extra large closed star piping tip. Makes beautiful swirled frosting for decorative cupcakes! Great piece and super easy to clean!

    Posted on

    Ateco 849 closed star was a perfect choice for mint buttercream on chocolate cake

    My order came earlier than expected, which is excellent. I received exactly what I wanted and it was not damaged at all. I will be ordering more supplies soon.

    Posted on

    I have officially come to own more Ateco pastry tubes than Wilton. I tend to forget to clean them right away and leave them soaking and these have held up great.

    Posted on

    Ateco 849 11/16" Closed Star #9 Pastry Tube (August Thomsen) this is the largest star in this set and if your looking for a large thin armed star this will work for you

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    I really like this star tip. It makes great rosettes, is easy to use and clean. It is also great for decorating cupcakes, which is why I bought it.

    Posted on

    This is the perfect tip for doing cupcakes or frilly swirls on cakes! It always makes a beautiful border and adds a great finishing touch to cakes.

    from Sweet Creations Posted on

    Cupcakes using the Ateco 849 tip.

    I love this large piping tip for doing big swirls of buttercream on cupcakes. It is also great for doing buttercream "meringues" on cake. Great quality and great price!

    from Megan B Posted on

    Ateco closed star #9 tip used to make big vanilla buttercream swirls on vanilla cupcakes.


    Posted on

    Bought these because they are offered at a great price. When I got them I realized that they were too big. I have them stored because I know I will be using them possibly for a bigger project in the future.

    from Gonzalez Bakery Posted on

    This is one of my favorite decorating tips. The price Westaurant offers it at is great and you will not find it at a better price anywhere else!!. I use this tip often so because of that I have purchased more than one.

    These star tips are great. i have frosted several cupcakes with this tip and they have stood up to what they are. Very pleased with this product.

    Posted on

    These Pastry tips fit nicely into our pastry bags. We use them for piping whip cream on top of our Key Lime Pie and other desserts.

    from Golden Lion Cafe Posted on

    I am excited to frost my cupcakes with this tip but it does fit perfectly with the large coupler that i also purchased from WebstaurantStore.

    Posted on

    Now, I'm no pastry chef but I do love being able to play with frosting and this large star tip is just the sturdy tool I need to make fun patterns happen on my next cake. These tips are really affordable so I'll probably start building up a large collection of them over time.

    Posted on

    That's a big honking tip that makes really nice grooved patterns. Good metal construction, solid and clean when piping. Get a coupler to make your life easier when changing tips!

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    This closed star tip is a great staple to have in the house for cupcakes, cakes or eve cookies. It makes a cute little dollop or you can make a rose-looking pattern on cupcakes

    Posted on

    Used this Ateco closed star tip for the border of this cake

    This is a great product!!! Makes beautiful large swirls, and is much more easy to use than the smaller closed star tips that i have.

    from Sugar and Spice Bakery Posted on

    These cupcakes were frosted with the closed star tip

    These tips work well with all of our pastry bags. We use this tip mostly for fresh whipped cream & it works great for that. So far, no rusting!

    from Ode To Food & Drinks Posted on

    I absolutely love using this for my cupcakes! I make standard and jumbo and it is the perfect size for both cupcake sizes. And it makes your decorating super easy to do I would highly recommend it.

    from Small and Simple confections Posted on

    This is a great tip for jumbo and standard cupcakes

    I can't say enough good things about Ateco icing tips. Wilton does not make a closed start tip this big, so stick with Ateco. They hold up well and the price is right on the Webstaurant website.

    Posted on

    This tip is perfection - and very sturdy. It allows large amounts of icing to come through tip and the swirls are beautiful! Will reorder and recommend.

    from Best rate referrals Posted on

    Love this larger tip. It makes frosting cupcakes easier and also faster not to mention that frosting looks super cute. My customers also like it. Buying more because having extra makes sense.

    Posted on

    I love this piping tip. Perfect to use for huge cakes and things of that nature. #7 Ateco is best for small rosettes but this one is good also.

    from The Tea Room Posted on

    This is my go to piping tip I use it for boarders and everything. I also use it for my rose and hydrangea cupcakes I make they look so real.

    from Where's the sweets Posted on

    Cupcake flowers using 11/16 star tip

    Cupcake flowers using 11 / 16 star tip

    First, it arrived with a sticker wrapped completely around it. Upon removing the sticker - which was no easy task - I discovered a thick layer of adhesive. I'm out of GooGone at the moment, so I had to scrub. Not a good start. This is a very large tip. 9/16" doesn't sound very big, but I would only use this for the bottom edge of a cake or fully frosting a cupcake.

    Posted on

    Love this pastry tube. I've been wanting a few of these for a while. I use it to pipe my icing on my cupcakes. It helps give them such a professional look! Can't beat the price either!

    from Mazey Cakes Posted on

    The super large Ateco pastry tubes are great!!!

    This tip is extra large but the pipe is beautiful with frosting and whipped cream. This is not available everywhere so I am glad I could find it here.

    from Bakeshop LLC Posted on

    This is my all time favorite decorating tip to use for finishing cupcakes. I like to make what I call "frosting poufs" rather than swirls of frosting; it lends a cleaner and more elegant appearance to the cupcake. The size makes decorating both standard and mini cupcakes a cinch.

    from By the Teaspoon, LLC Posted on

    The perfect frosting "pouf"

    Great deal... Great price... what can I say. I'm always pleased when I order with webstaurant store. fast shipping. great customer service and products are always as described & shown

    from Couture Decorating & Event Planning Posted on

    The price for these pastry tubes here at The Webstaurant Store is unbeatable! I've gotten several different kinds and sizes, combine them with the disposable plastic pastry bags, and I have finished cupcakes that are beautiful and professional-looking in about the same amount of time that it would take to just spread the icing atop them. The larger ones like this one are nice to use in the special pans for baked donuts. If you use a swirl like this with a thick batter, your finished donut will have a nice design in it.

    Posted on

    People don't believe these aren't from a professional bakery!

    Love this tip! High quality construction, easy to clean, and the piped frosting looks fantastic. I use it for cupcakes and for borders on cakes.

    Posted on

    Frosting piped using Ateco 849 11/16" closed star pastry tube

    This is my go-to tip for a bolder star statement. It works really nicely on larger cakes where a smaller star or smaller star boarder would not do justice to the cake! Heavy duty quality.

    from All in the Details Posted on

    Nice bakery swirl.

    Love it! I use this primarily for my cupcake and it comes out beautiful. It gives such a rose flower look to it. A must have!

    Posted on

    I can't complain thus far with this tip. It adds to my collection for decorating cupcakes. I can't say whether or not I prefer ateco over wilton just yet. Still working with all of my tips thus far.

    from Sanis Catering Posted on

    Makes the perfect swirl on my cupcakes and hold up great through a lot of use! Have bought multiple of these, great quality and you cannot beat the price.

    Posted on

    This is my favorite tip for piping frosting on cupcakes. It makes your cupcakes look SUPER cute with a perfect swirl design! Add some color for a little flare.

    from Amber Glow Cakery Posted on

    Ateco sets such a great standard for decorating materials. This pastry tube creates a distinct deep creased star design that is pleasing to the eye. It makes clean lined shells and stars for borders and design elements on edible goods. This is a quality product for a great price.

    Posted on

    This tip is great to make huge flowers. I also use this to make my rose swirl meringues. It is perfect size for larger needs. Also you will not find any cheaper than here.

    from Out of the Box...Cakes and More! Posted on

    this is a wonderful tip that makes easy, gorgeous flowers. i bought the coupler to go with it so the bag would be easier to hold without the tip riding up inside

    Posted on

    Ateco sets the quality standard for all decorating products in my opinion. This tip is no exception to this. I love its ease of use and the ability to just run it through the dishwasher.

    Posted on

    This #9 Ateco Pastry Tip is Large. Which is nice because it helps cut down in decorating time. It is compatible with the Ateco LARGE size Coupler. I would love to see Webstaurant Store carry more individual tips.

    Posted on

    Another great tip from Ateco. This tip is perfect when you want that beautiful, rosy buttercream topping. It's gives your cupcakes that professional touch. Don't forget to pair it with the 404 coupler.

    Posted on

    It's interesting how a small tool can make a huge difference. I wanted to decorate cupcakes for my kids' birthday and have them look like the store bought ones. I bought several tips both online and in the store and still could not get my desired result until I found this. It makes my cupcakes look like I dished out some dollars for them when thy were actually made in my kitchen. It's so easy to use too.

    Posted on

    My favorite tip to use in the bakery. We can't have enough of them. Ateco is by far the best brand for bakery tips and bags. They last such a good amount of time and easy to clean.

    from Hardcore Sweet Posted on

    Batali Cupcake

    I've been a fan of Ateco for quite some time now. I really enjoy these larger piping tips for bakery style cupcakes. They are the perfect size to do all sorts of piping styles on cupcakes.

    Posted on

    This tip is a MUST HAVE if you want to achieve that professional look. I use it for frosting cupcakes AND for filling deviled eggs.

    Posted on

    Just squeeze piping bag and pull up to achieve this look.

    Start at the outer edge of the cupcake and swirl inwards to achieve this look.

    Start in the center of the cupcake and swirl outwards to achieve this look.

    Easily my most used and loved piping tip. It's the perfect size for the edges of cakes and creating a ruffly effect. The only thing I won't use this for is the big swirl on cupcakes.

    Posted on

    Sides done with the star tip

    These closed star piping tips or tubes as Ateco likes to call them are great to pipe buttercream on cupcakes. You'll need a large coupler for these.

    Posted on

    After using Ateco tips that I bough from this site, I am no longer a fan of wilton from the craft store. It is worth it to pay a few more cents for Ateco because it is so much more sturdier and will probably last longer.

    from Petruzzi's Kitchen Posted on

    This is a nice larger size star tip! It is good for garnishing individual lemon or key lime tarts with fresh whipped cream and large cupcakes

    from kedbys kreations & party rental Posted on

    Tip 9

    This item is perfect to make gorgeous roses in cupcakes and cakes… ateco has the perfect items ever.. the quality of the products are incredible

    from massiel rangel Posted on

    I used this decorating tip to frost some St Patty Day cucpakes that turned out just beautiful. It was very easy to attach to a bag and made the decorating a lot faster since this tip is larger.

    Posted on

    Everybody always raves about the Wilton, but these are at LEAST as good! And I love the fact that I can easily find the size of the tip, not just the number.

    from Kiwi-Cakes Posted on

    Beautiful and elegant is the look using this closed star pastry tube tip. So fun to work with and makes quick work out of decorating. Durable and easy to clean.

    Posted on

    Love this tip! Puts a large amount of icing on a cupcake with very little effort. Webstaurant has great selection at great prices. Will buy more ateco tips!

    Posted on

    Love this big tip! It has saved me so much time in decorating. I decorated 140 cup cakes for an order in less then an hour. Just the butter cream of course. Not the cookie on top. Great quality great price.

    from Anna Mea's Bakery Posted on

    Cup cakes

    Used this pasrty tube to frost cupcakes for a wedding, and it worked out beautifully! The Bride loved the height of the frosting! I looked all over for this size and could only find it here! Great pricing too!

    from Jazzy Ruperts Cafe Posted on

    I'm so excited how large these tips are. I know I'll be ordering more tips so I can have several ready for different kinds and colors of frosting.

    Posted on

    need a big tip? webstaurantstore has them all. no need to look anywhere else for you decorating needs. great service and products. can't go wrong buying here

    Posted on

    Love these Ateco #9 pastry tubes! Great price and durability, they are perfect for icing cupcakes. Get the 18" clear disposable bags and the large couplers and ice away.

    Posted on

    i use this pastry tip for everything just because it works for everything that i need it for, mostly cupcakes because they rock. I love that it can be used for cakes and it creates create designs. This tip work great for stiffer frosting too but i would recommend a NOT plastic pastry bag, yea it will rip and spit out everywhere lol.

    Posted on

    reeses peanut butter topping

    Simply amazing! My cake looks wonderful (and tastes wonderful too)! WEBstaurant store never dissapoints me or the customers. I am always thrilled with products from WEBstaurant store.

    Posted on

    Now this is my super delux nozzle this looks fabulous when I top off my cup cakes, comes out clean every time, and its just perfect.

    from Britans Yogurt Mill Posted on

    The makes decorating cupcakes or cakes so much easier and faster. Make sure you also order the clear bags to go with this pastry tube and you will never have to worry about your icing again.

    Posted on

    High quality tips, resist rust, easy to clean will recommend to any body, proffesional and home use. I use them even as a tiny cookie cutters

    from Lily's Gourmet to go Posted on

    this tip works beautifully when we pipe out potato rosettes, margarine or mousse. the closed tip design leaves a professional and clean finish to these dish components.

    from signature caterers Posted on

    As a beginner in baking and pastry this is the first tip I got. Its excellent for piping whip cream on a cake or pie!

    Posted on

    these r my favorite tips for fudge tarts, they make a nice sized big flower, also great for filling the midde of sandwich linzers or decorating petite fours

    Posted on

    Pumpkin pie cookies

    This is a great replacement pastry tip for piping bags! Easy to slip in any type of bag for a nice decorative finishing touch on pastries!!

    Posted on

    This closed star pastry tip is my favorite tip out of any that I have ever used. I have several of these. You can't find it cheaper.

    from Posted on

    This large closed star tip is great for piping icing on cupcakes and cakes. I also use it to pipe the potatoes for my twice baked potatoes. Gives a nice professional looking design.

    from Home Maker Posted on

    This tip is hands down my favorite to use. I use it for everything from frosting cup cakes to adding whip cream to desserts. It never fails to add a great finishing touch to anything i need it for.

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    This is one of my favorite piping tips for frosting cupcakes. After breaking my previous one (user error entirely), I ordered a replacement from here, which was delivered quickly. Allowed me to get right back on track with cupcake making.

    from 6 Bittersweets Posted on

    Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting piped using Ateco 849 Pastry Tube

    I have never owned Ateco tips before but since that was all Webstaurant carried, that is what I got. After I got them and actually started using them, I have to say I like them better than Wilton. They are longer than I expected and longer than the picture seems but I like that. They stay in the bags so much better.

    from Sugarbelles Posted on

    I would recomend this product to anyone who loves to frost cupcakes,amd cakes this #9 pastry tube frosts quickly and the design just comes out beautiful

    Posted on

    Excellent price and superb quality. These tips are very easy to clean and well constructed with a very good quality materials. We will order many more.

    from CountryWalk Posted on

    This pastry tube worked wonderfully.It was the perfect size to frost regular size cupcakes. Also a great price for people like myself who have home bakeries.

    Posted on

    I like this tip because it creates deep grooves in the frosting, but the opening is wide enough that you can get a good amount of frosting out with little effort.

    Posted on

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