Ateco 822 Open Star Piping Tip

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Easily add lightly-grooved patterned icing to your cakes, cupcakes, pies, and more with this Ateco 822 1/4" open star pastry tube. Made of durable stainless steel, this tube is rust-resistant and designed to withstand repeated use without bending out of shape. Featuring an open star tip, you can create shells, stars, fleur-de-lis, rosettes, and flowers. The open star design produces a subtle texture great for a soft presentation. Plus, its small size is perfect for adding intricate details to confectionary creations. It is also compatible with the Ateco 402 coupler and Ateco 407 coupler using the 7/8" coupler ring, making it easy to switch tips without changing the pastry bag. Using the right sized pastry tube for the job will enhance your presentation to draw patrons' attention to your display cases and plated desserts.

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Ateco 822 Open Star Piping Tip

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    Great Little Pastry tip. Works great with our re-usable ateco Pastry Bag. Great for decorating cakes, cup cakes. Tip is made entirely out of stainless and is easy to clean.
    This decorating tip is one of my favorites. It is so nice, creates such pretty designs. They are sturdy, easy to clean and very affordable.
    When I use this spout to decorate my desserts, then everything is just delighted that I get so cool. Try it because you are really cool.
    This tip is perfect for making smaller piping borders around a cake or cookie. It works perfectly for daily use in my cake shop. I like to keep multiple of these on hand.
    Ateco tips are the best!! Sturday, hard to bend, Doesn’t rust or tarnish like other brands. This tip is great for making borders or small rosettes on cakes.
    I tried these Ateco 822 1/4" Open Star #13 Piping Tip (August Thomsen) and I am so glad I did...I simply love the borders and decorations I can make with these tips. My cakes and cupcakes look finished and simply beautiful. Great tip and price.
    This decorating tip is one of my favorites. It is smaller, but it is versatile and creates such pretty designs. They are sturdy, easy to clean and very affordable.
    I own many of the Ateco tips and I am very pleased with the quality of them. We use them in our bakery everyday and the quality stands up to the multiple uses.
    I need to have a quality tube when it comes to all my decorating needs, and this one is just that. I use this smaller open star tube when I need to do things like decorate cookies when that is called does a great job of adding detail to work such as that.
    This one of the smaller Ateco open star pastry tube. I use it for border work and filling macarons. It pipes the perfect size decorative border for filling a macaron.
    I use these to do a single star on top of cookies. They are also good for intricate designs over cupcakes and larger cakes also.
    i dont do a whole lot of baking, but i LOVE to use this tube for my deviled eggs. takes the presentation up a notch! great price!
    The Ateco pastry tube is excellent. It works well with my coupler and is easy to use. I purchased for decorating cupcakes and I have had no issues with it at all.
    This tip add a great amount of texture when I am doing unicorn cake. I I've the pretty swirl it make on the front for the unicorns bangs
    Nice, high-quality pastry tip. I used to use cheap disposable ones, which felt wasteful and did not have crisp edges to the designs. This metal one is great, it's easily washable and reusable and puts out perfect product every time, love it!
    Ateco 822 1/4" Open Star #2 Pastry Tube (August Thomsen) like all of the Ateco items I've encountered so far is great quality and creates beautiful art on food.
    Love these attiko 822 quarter inch open star number to pastry tubes they're super easy to use and work very well great for decorating a must-have item
    Small basic star tip from Ateco. Great quality, reliable results. You do not need to know much more. This tip is a must have purchase for any baker.
    The Ateco 822 1/4" Open Star #2 Pastry Tube (August Thomsen) works great for decorating cupcakes. The quality is excellent and its very easy to clean. Great item and price. Definitely recommend!
    This is my favorite piping tip that I use for piping the filling onto my macarons. It gives a cute design to the finishes macaron. Definitelly my favorite for that purpose.
    These Ateco 822 1/4" Open Star #2 Pastry Tube (August Thomsen) are perfect to decorate your cupcakes, pies, cakes etc. They are really good quality and the price is reasonable. Highly recommend
    ateco 822 tubes , Love this set purchased specifically for the closed star tip , very well build to last and well priced , buy now
    Mid size open star tip are very durable and don't tend to rust like other brands. This #2 tip is great for piping smaller swirls on cupcakes to piping borders on sheet cakes.
    great all-around, mid-size pastry tip. ateco piping tips are super well made and last forever. this is a standard mid-range size so if you're not sure what size you want, this is a good way to go.
    Smaller tip we use with smaller couplers. The small open star tip makes it easy to add smaller decorations to cakes and cupcakes. We use theses pretty frequently.
    This Ateco tube/tip also has an opening on the smaller side. It creates very pretty detail for decorations. This one uses the medium size coupler.
    Open star # 2 pastry bag tip works wonderfully I'm so happy with my purchase I have ordered a bunch more I'm going to look at a set next
    Ateco 822 1/4" Open Star #2 Pastry Tube (August Thomsen) these hex shaped star pattern the second smaller of the 10 and will make nice patterns in your pastries and icing
    Large bore pastry tip with a good feel to it. These work great with the right couplers, and i use them to make mashed potatoes swirls.
    Love to decorate cup cakes with these tips, just decorated 200 cup cakes for 4th of July with red, white and blue frosting, the kids loved them
    Nice tip for doing large decorative tasks and writing. Love the scalloped edges. Good metal construction, solid and clean when piping. Get a coupler to make your life easier when changing tips!
    Smaller size frosting tip. It works great for mini cupcakes, decorating cupcakes/cookies and decorating cakes. It is easy to wash and maintain. Ateco makes good products.
    Beautiful tip for piping cupcakes and cake borders. High quality that does not bend or rust. Leaves nice clean appearance in the frosting. Would recommend to others.
    Being a bakery we ice a lot of cakes. This #2 star tip is the perfect size for a border around sheet cakes. It is small enough that it doesn't look to big on a 1/4 sheet cake but still is a big enough to do a 1/2 sheet cake and look great!
    Great size, very sturdy, does not rust or warp easily. has the best prices as well, very happy with my purchase of this decorating tip.
    We use star tips all the time and we like the design of this open star tip. It creates a nice small pipe. Great quality!
    This Ateco tip is really my favorite, in general Ateco is a really quality company, and their pastry tips are just one of theany products I enjoy using... Great product!
    Ateco makes great products and this tip is just another in a long line of them. I have this open star tip along with the 5/8 and have yet to be dissapointed.
    Star tip not the best quality but does the job. Star tip comes out nice but accidently fell on floor and someone stepped on it and it's flat now and unusable.
    This makes for a pretty petite design whist piping on cakes and cupcakes. Plus, Ateco makes quality products for cake decorating. Piping with this is very easy on the hands, and it makes a distinctive design to my baked goods. The price is great, too.
    I don't really use this much for decorating, but the star tip makes it very easy to pipe fillings into cupcakes! I don't even have to cute and hallow the cupcake out.
    This tip adds a bit of decoration to icing swirls. I like the open star tip because it seldom gets clogged with icing in the middle of a swirl.

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