Ateco 786 12-Piece Stainless Steel Large Pastry Tube Decorating Set (August Thomsen)

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Take your pastry decorating to a whole new level with this Ateco 786 12-piece large decorating pastry tube set! Whether you are adding the final touches to a cake or topping off your custom cupcakes, this set gives you everything you need to create your signature designs. Made of durable stainless steel, this set includes 4 plain tubes, 3 open stars, 2 closed stars, 2 french stars, 1 cake icer, and 1 tube cleaning brush. This entire set comes inside a plastic box convenient for storage. Plus, the trilingual packaging makes this kit an ideal addition to any bakery or catering kitchen.

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Ateco 786 12-Piece Stainless Steel Large Pastry Tube Decorating Set (August Thomsen)

4.9 stars from 64 reviews


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tips set LARGE great decorating Love cupcakes Ateco quality larger
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    We use these pastry tubes all the time at our bakery and they have held up very well. I prefer these larger tips for cupcake decorating and love the cake icer for quickly getting buttercream onto our cakes.

    from Fika, LLC Posted on

    The Ateco 786 is a great collection of tips that fall into the category of both MEDIUM and LARGE tips. If you plan to use these tips with couplers, you'll need the Ateco 402 MEDIUM Coupler for some fo the tips and the Ateco 404 LARGE Coupler for the others. These set of tips are great for things like cupcakes. They make quick work of a batch of cupcakes. As always, Ateco is quality. Made in South Korea, Stainless Steel and generally awesome. The box the tips comes in leaves something to be desired. Its a nice hard plastic durable case but not really made to be convenient storage, the top doesn't close securely but that is solved with a rubber band. All in all, the set gives great value for the collection, better than buying individually.

    Posted on

    Ateco 786 comes with quality set of round, open star, closed star and a cake icer tips. Great set for cupcakes and cake decorating.

    Get your creative juices flowing! This decorating set has been fantastic for adding those creative details to our desserts that really set them apart. Really easy to use and fun to experiment with.

    from Younglife Saranac Village Posted on

    These piping tips are strong and do a good job. I have used Wilton that bend easily but this brand was fine. No problems with these.

    from Bake Diva's BAKERY Posted on

    Another great product from Ateco these large tips are great for anything you need to pipe with style. Larger grooves make it possible to use both sweet and savory ingredients to pipe lovely designs making your product look professional and upscale. From chocolate mousse to Dauphinoise potatoes this is the tip set you need.

    from Sugar Lane Bakery Posted on

    I really love these big tips for cupcake decorating. they are very easy to use, very durable and you can decorate in minutes hundreds of cupcakes

    Posted on

    This is a really great set. I use most of the larger tips for cupcake decorating and I love that there are so many options to choose from.

    Posted on

    These are fabulous quality large tips in a great little case. I decorate a lot of cupcakes and they are perfect for that. Be sure to pick up some large couplers, and I also love the large disposable pastry bags with them.

    from Krumm's Baking Co Posted on

    Perfectly piped cupcakes every time.

    This Ateco 12 piece set is perfect for making large decorations on your pastry. The stainless steel quality is very good, no rusting so far and I do not foresee that they will rust so they can last for a long time.

    Posted on

    These tips are the right size for frosting cupcakes or piping large rosettes onto a cake. The tips are seamless, and work very well. They are easy to clean and store nicely in the plastic container they come with.

    Posted on

    I love these large tips for masking cakes and decorating cupcakes. They are easy to clean and have held up very well over the last 3 months of use.

    from Sweet Gourmet Cafe Posted on

    A fairly complete set of large pastry decorating tips, construction is stainless so they wont rust and clean up nicely. I have not use all of them so I can't really comment so much on if all of them wo Quality seems well made and storage container is nice/handy to keep things organized

    Posted on

    I would give more stars if possible. Great quality tips at more than half off my local supplier. I highly recommend this large tip set.

    Posted on

    I am sure these are exactly what someone is looking for, but they are way out of scale for what we needed. They are NOT kidding around when they say large!

    from Durham Co-op Market Posted on

    These metal tips are my life! They really create a crisp finish for my designs. Sometimes the material things DO count! I would recommend these to any friend or fellow baker.

    Posted on

    Perfect for icing cupcakes or larger full sheet cakes. Work very well with the Ateco 3324 24" Plastic Pastry Bag. Very easy to clean and don't rust.

    Posted on

    The stainless steel Large pastry decorating Tube's work well, very durable and clean easily. We not only use these for cakes but also all of pastry's.

    from The Chatter Box Food truck Posted on

    Some of the other reviews mentioned these tips are large, and they sure are! The largest I have seen out there in the market. My favorite is the wide icing tip which allows me to pipe a nice spreadable layer on the side before smoothing it out. The container was damaged in the shipment, but customer service arranged a replacement to rushed to me which I thought was exceptional customer service.

    Posted on

    Ateco 12 piece pastry tube set is an awesome collection for cake and cupcake decorating. The variety allows for you to create beautiful designs. The case helps keep the collection organized and stored away. I use the star tips the most to create beautifully swirled frosting.

    from Sugar Buff Posted on

    If I could give six stars, I would. As a retail and wholesale bakery, we are piping 24 hours a day. This is the only set of tips we've ever used and they work great.

    from Rise Bakery Posted on

    Great kit! large tips with the perfect variety. Lid and container are made of hard palstic and they keep everything together, i would recommend getting the disposable bags with them

    Posted on

    These were much larger than anticipated, but I guess I should've taken the name and description literally! These definitely are large. They accomplish all they're supposed to with ease and it's so nice that it comes with a brush. The case did in fact come cracked, but that doesn't really bother me much.

    Posted on

    Great value. So many options mw for pastry tips. These tips are pricey at our local store. Highly recommended for ease of use, quality and price.

    Posted on

    this is the perfect set for any beginner and i recommend to my students that enroll in the cake decorating classes that i offer once a month.

    from Designer Cakes Posted on

    These were very helpful to have on hand in our shop. Several different tips here and you never know what a custom order will need. Glad to have these

    from The Grand Cupcakery Posted on

    This is a very good set. The cake icer is indeed great for the larger cakes. The larger pastry tubes are perfect for decorating cupcakes.

    Posted on

    The set has a great variety of tips. They work well for decorating dessert or using for twice bake potatoes to make them a bit fancier. Plus the convenient case helps keep them all together.

    Posted on

    This set is a great value, with all the different decorating tips we need for our business. They are high quality and seem like they will last a lifetime.

    from GBF Catering Posted on


    Posted on

    Great set of large stainless steel decorating tips. Large being the key word. This set is perfect for our every day needs and the price was incredible. Easy to clean and a nice case to keep them together in.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    i can't believe how this set fits into the plastic pasty bag, how easy is this! i am ready to bake cookies like a professional! love it!

    Posted on

    My sister loves to bake cupcakes and have always wanted to decorate like her favorite cupcake shops. This set includes the exact tips the shops uses. So I bought them for her. Her cupcakes look so fancy now! I have borrowed a couple tips and will be buying my own set soon!

    Posted on

    Great deal and great quality. I got this whole set of very large tips for the cost of just 1 or 2 Wilton tips. The only additional thing i had to buy was a large coupler in order to use them. Came in a nice clear plastic storage case too.

    Posted on

    Love this set of decorating tips! Amazing range or selections and work great. Extremely durable and can be used for a very long time. Best price and very good price.

    Posted on

    This tip set is the best out there. it's very difficult for me to find bigger sizes like this and I was so happy to find them here. I use them for large borders and cupcakes. Ateco is excellent quality and I've grown to love their products. These are definitely worth the money and it's a set you will use over and over!

    from SweetCreations Posted on

    By far the best large tip set one can purchase. I have done price comparisons and this exact set is double the price in a well known kitchen store. I use there all the time for decorating cakes, petti fours, filling cookies and pastries. Every baker should have this set, makes life a whole lot easier when you have the proper tools.

    Posted on

    I love this decorating set. The cost is unbeatable, the variety is perfect and they are so easy to use, clean and store. I use these for cupcakes, cakes and cookie decorating.

    from Kays Kreations Posted on

    Ateco 786 12-Piece Stainless Steel Large Pastry Tube Decorating Set (August Thomsen) I love this set. I had the tips I need for my cake. The price is awesome. I recommend this product.

    from T & C Catering Services Posted on


    great selection of larger frosting tips. nice container for easy storage in a drawer or cabinet. many different larger sizes and designs. very pleased with the item

    from Chad Fenner Posted on

    I love this Ateco 786 12-Piece Stainless Steel Large Pastry Tube Decorating Set (August Thomsen) this brand ateco was great gor all your baking needs we buy more soon !!!!

    from ashlexdrei tradings Posted on

    The set is great, the tips are very good quality. The only reason I wasn't completely satisfied is because the case they arrived in was completely broken. I contacted customer support to see if I could get another case or something, but unfortunately, they do not sell the cases. The overall quality of the tips however, is very satisfactory. I would probably order this again down the road. Compared to Wilton brand tips, Ateco is much better in quality (from my experiences).

    from G2A Posted on

    I love these tips, they are great for borders on cakes :-)!

    Perfect for cookie making, cake decorating, gingerbread houses, etc. I took a cookie class at one of those fancy cooking stores about a year ago and they used this kit to pipe out all the butter cookies. It has all the shapes you need and is MUCH easier than a cookie gun, which, let's face it, never really works, right? It was also cheaper here than at the cooking store, so I'm glad I shopped around.

    Posted on

    Does the job for what its meant for. Would have been excellent if the length of the tubes were a little longer. Assortment is good.

    from Verzenay LLC Posted on

    This set was requested by our head cake designer. She loves them. They are big enough to fit in the giant bags and are great.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    I have used these a few times now and i really like the plain open tip, which comes in a few sizes. I used disposable piping bags and I don't bother with a coupler most of the time. These work fine without the special jumbo coupler, just snip the bag and drop it in.

    Posted on

    I needed to add some decorating tubes to my baking supplies, saw these online and loved the selection. By the way, the week before I saw them at my local mall, at a well known kitchen store, for exactly twice the amount I paid here!! This website is great!!

    from Le Petit Chef Posted on

    I am not a cake decorator! I got these for easy frosting of cupcakes, topping casseroles and finishing off bit size snacks for party trays. Love them.

    from Miss Debs Posted on

    I have not tried all of the tips but the ones I have used so far have been great. They are also very easy to clean!

    Posted on

    I Love these large size tubes. They are so handy and so much less work.... This set includes all the tips I need, and I am impressed with the quality. I really like he Ateco brand. At this point I am totally a convert from the "W". They offer more choices in my opinion as well.

    Posted on

    I love this set of tips! My frosting went from looking average on my cupcakes to looking perfect and professional. Would highly recommend to give that perfect look!

    Posted on

    I love these over sized large tips there great for covering large surfaces quickly. They do an excellent job piping mashed potatoes for cottage or Shepard's pies. Whether these are used in savory or sweet applications they are well designed for any task.

    Posted on

    It is not the fault of the flat tip that I still make crappy roses; it is definitely user error which is why I'm not a pastry chef. Use them frequently though and they do allow me to decorate well enough to get paid for it. I also run them through the dishwasher and no rust, no corrosion.

    from October Catering Posted on

    Just what we needed for our busy bakery area. It has all the right tips we use on a regular bases. Plus they are the right size for some of our bags.

    from Rick's Diner & Catering Posted on

    I use almost all tips for decorated cake, cream pie, cup cake and make pastry everything. I try to do choux pastry is so good and easy to clean

    Posted on

    This stainless steel pastry set is good for advance baker,I used the big icer to crumb coat my cake, it work like magic,made my job easier

    Posted on

    Wonderful product. I use these for large wedding cakes, or other large decorating projects. Very sturdy and just a great product from a reputable manufacturer. I recommend these for anyone frosting a large cake, or for filling/decorating pastries.

    from Me Too! Posted on

    I bought this set because it contained a cake icing tip. It is a large tip and needs to be used with a large coupler. This one tip has saved me so much time and made icing a cake much easier. I can pipe on icing and use less in the process.

    Posted on

    I got this set last week and just used it over the weekend. It's a great set for cake decorating. It comes in a case which helps keep the tips organized and a brush to clean the tips. A great buy.

    from The Wake n' Bake Bakery Posted on

    The is a great set of pastry tubes. Can be used for pastry as well as other cooking applications. Excellent value for the price. Buy this set!!!!

    from Petite Fleury Bakery Posted on

    A great set to have around! All of these pieces are extremely versatile for all applications and the quality is superb for the price I paid.

    Posted on

    This is a great product. I love that it comes with something that's helps to clean the pastry tips out. Great array of sizes for decorating.

    Posted on

    I love my pastry decorating set. I can do any designs with all the different tubes. from decorating cakes to small pastries its a breeze.

    Posted on

    Good 12 piece set of pastry tube decorating tips! Many different shapes and designs offer a variety of flair to any cake! Easy to clean with hot water!!!

    Posted on

    This set has many of the tips you will need when decorating any cake. You might add a rose tip. The storage box keeps the set together and the brush is a plus.

    Posted on

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