Ateco 612 12" Revolving Cake Stand with Cast Iron Base and Aluminum Top

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Easily decorate or display your signature cakes with this Ateco 612 12" revolving cake stand! Made to cater to the cake or pastry decorator's needs, this cake stand is the perfect addition to your bakery, cafe, diner, or catering service. The ergonomic, revolving mechanism allows you to spin your cake so you can access all sides and angles for easier icing and decorating! In addition, it's designed to provide an extremely smooth, level rotation, giving you the most stable surface possible.

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Ateco 612 12" Revolving Cake Stand with Cast Iron Base and Aluminum Top

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cake stand heavy Love cakes great smoothly easy decorating revolving
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    This cake stand is professional quality and quite popular with bakers. But there are some things that could be improved. The metal top does not lock into the cast iron base, so if you place two hands on the silver circle and lift it, the top would come off the base. The stand revolves smoothly but does not lock into place. The nonslip pad is identical to a shelf liner. I would have expected a not slip surface permanently attached to the stand. After repeat washing, this liner would need to be replaced as it's also quite porous. But overall it's a great product, its beautiful, heavy & heavy duty. This is also the best price I've seen this product.
    This has worked great for us! It is really sturdy, holds up well and is easy to use. We would recommend this product for sure.
    Love, love, love this turntable so much I bought 2! And this was shipped and delivered to Australia to my home address within 7 days. Great service Webstaurantstore.
    This Ateco revolving cake stand is a wonderful addition! It is heavy duty, turns smoothly, and is perfect for decorating cakes. Just don't try to lift it from the top, becaues the top and bottom are two separate pieces.
    I'm so happy with this revolving cake stand. The quality is amazing, easy to work with. Because of this item I found this website and ordered many professional items.
    Love this cake turntable 5*. Its super strong and can hold 100lb cakes with ease. It's also the perfect hight with such a smooth spin.
    Perfect! This revolving cake stand is a baker's dream. Its slip guard helps keep my cakes in their intended spot. It also rotates with ease that helps me decorate at my chosen pace. Great quality! Great product!
    Ateco knocks it out of the park yet again with this awesome cake stand. It spins super smoothly and the base is very heavy so it makes frosting any cake a breeze,
    This is my favorite cake turntable ever. It spins very smoothly, and is heavy duty. the fact that its stainless steel is also a plus!
    Absolutely love this product! It is easy to clean, maintain and revolves perfectly after every use! The top portion comes off for easy cleaning or a simple wipe down!
    Love my Ateco Revolving Cake Stand. I decorate cakes on occasion, and always have to stop and turn the cake board to complete my design. What I like about his cake stand is that I can turn it and keep decorating. So glad I bought this.
    This cake stand is must have for all cake bakers. It makes decorating cakes so much easier. The only thing is that the top part scratches really easily.
    The rotation of the Ateco cake stand is so smooth yet it does not turn on its own which is great when I need a stable work base.
    such a great price! Prefer this one over my Wilton turn table. Spin smoothly. Heavy and good quality. I highly recommend this product for home use or bakeries.
    I can not be more pleased..... this revolving cake stand is made of excellent quality, and can be used for decorating or just to put your beautiful cakes...
    OMG the quality of this cake stand is so incredible, I should have purchased one earlier. If your thinking about getting one, do this one!! it even comes with a perfect liner so things dont fly off.
    We've been looking to up our game on plate presentation. This cake revolver has allowed us the spin sauces for an abstract look. Additionally, it's main function fro decorating cakes is most helpful too. I highly recommend this cake stand.
    Love love this cake stand! Prior to this my very talented husband made me a wooden one....this is 100 times better! Spins smoothly and very sturdy! Makes decorating any type of cake a breeze!
    Best turntable we've ever used. Such a great price, we will definitely be ordering more of these soon! We would recommend these to all cake decorators!
    I’m so happy I have these cake turner I bought the other one with the ball bearing and I really like this one as well I couldn’t wait to have it and I’m glad I finally purchased it great by thank you Webstaurant store definitely recommend it so easy to use
    Great cake stand, works well. Perfect for all size cakes and stores great on the counter. Good quality last many years. Clean up of stand is quick and easy
    This stand is very sturdy. I like that the base is very heavy. I kinda wish I got a tilting cake stand but this is a great stand so far. Happy with my purchase so far.
    Turns amoothly and heavy/sturdy enough to hold a tiered cake. The only downside is that the non slip mat moves around a lot. We have 4 of these though and would purchase again.
    We love this cake stand. We use it to decorate all of our round cakes, and it has held up incredibly well over the last 2 years of routine, daily use.
    The best cake turntable there is! Cast iron base supports the heaviest of cakes without fear of tipping over. Great height to make frosting easier on your back. Removable top is great for easy cleanup!
    12" revolving cake stand. What can I say. I love this cake stand. It is very heavy which makes it not slide around the table. It turns really smoothly. And just overall makes the cake asembky process so easy.
    I have other rotating cake stands for decorating, but this is the only one I use now. It is very sturdy and is just the right height for me. I couldn't find it cheaper any where else!
    this cake stand is super sturdy. it doesn't move around like your typical plastic cake stands when you are frosting or decorating cakes/ desserts. it can hold a lot of weight especially when making 3 and 4 tiered cakes. i love it
    I love the durability of this stand. I got this to replace my old plastic one, and it was worth every penny. It's very sturdy, and holds up to my larger cakes.
    This revolving cake stand is sturdy and spins smoothly, which is incredibly important when frosting a cake. The base is heavy and will not move while spinnign the stand allowing for smooth cake decorating.
    I would imagine that after this cake stand came out, there wasn't much more time spent trying to devise a better one. It's solid and bottom heavy so it doesn't shake when you move it around, a characteristic my previous plastic cake stands were lacking. The rotation is buttery smooth. It cleans easy, and doesn't show any evidence of use afterwards. There's no question that this is a quality product.
    Hi, this revolving cake stand works great! It makes our job in the bakery go much more smoothly. Thank you for making a product that works so well!
    This is the best cake stand I have ever used. It's sturdy and spins freely, making the cake decorating much easier and neater. I'm so glad I have one!
    This cake stand is perfect to ice our cakes. It spins smoothly and it is heavy so it does not move around when you are icing the cake.
    Love love love this cake stand! It spins ready and smoothly! I had out of ordering this worrying about the smoothness of the spin. So glad I finally did it! Highly recommend it!
    I hade been using a cheap cake boss turn table before i decided to invest in a nicer one and it was the best decision i have made! .. it turns so fast and smooth . i love it!!!
    For the price, I could not be more satisfied. I used this product when I worked in a chain grocery store and I loved it. It also came with a sticky pad that covered the entire top which helps cakes stay in place. VERY happy with this product; every cake decorator should own one!
    This cake stand is beautiful! And it spins nice and fast making it easy to front and smooth your cake out. It make is much easier to decorate too
    Love love love this decorating stand. I actually own 3 of them for myself. They are no frills but a nice heavy weight, not like those plastic ones.
    One of my best investments. Can hardly wait till i can get the rectangle stand. Definetly worth it. Reliable brand . Very sturdy . Turns unbelievably smooth.
    I LOVE this revolving cake stand. It is stable, quiet, responsive / easy to turn, and revolves smoothly with no bumps. Such a helpful tool for making cakes.
    This revolving cake stand works wonderfully. It is a heavy sucker,! I would suggest to place it somewhere you don't have to move it often. The turn is smooth and un-interrupting. There really aren't any negatives to it. Have had it over a year and can't complain!
    wow! this cake stand is so much better than the other one I had, this one is heavy and wont tip over when you are turning the cake...I bought 2 of them I liked it so much!! it turns so easy and doesn't stop mid way through the turn, cant go wrong with this one....
    This revolving cake stand is fantastic-!!- It comes in 2 pieces,- a heavy-duty base and the plate with the center hub attached. It only takes a second to put it together and it's ready for operation ! Storage is easy-either way- put together as you see, or in two pieces. I have always cleaned up easily with just a damp cloth. It's a heavy duty stand that handles the heaviest of cakes, and still keeps it's smooth, level turn. (I have had problems with plastic stands in the past) Get professional results with this professional stand. Forget the rest- this one's the Best !!
    We give this cake stand a triple+++. It has become an essential part of our Wedding Cake Division!! We could not live with out it!! Only negative is it is a bit heavy!!
    Heavy, stays in place and a must for any bakery or cake decorator. The price is right too. Cleans up very easily. The base is extremely heavy.
    Please restock this cake, I need more I'm a home based business and love this cake stand, icing goes on smooth for customers who hate fondant, restock quickly please!!!
    My favorite item in the bakery. Seriously. These cake stands are the best. We bought a few and probably need a couple more. These are so great- durable, easy to clean and great for decorating!
    I received my Ateco 612 12" Revolving Cake Stand (August Thomsen) I was very pleased with it. It is heavy in weight but great quality. I have not use yet.
    I absolutely love this cake stand! The base is heavy and provide solids support so the cake stand doesn't slide around. The turntable turns smoothly and aids in frosting cakes.
    I love this cake stand! It is very sturdy, comes with a liner so the cake stick on the top , easy to wash just detach the top and done!
    really nice heavy duty revolving cake stand. Holds our full size cakes and allows a full rotation to help decorating. Well worth the money. Great buy.
    As Martha Stewart would say...if you are going to be baking a lot of cakes a revolving cake stand is a MUST! So I finally took the plunge and ordered this wonderful, high quality revolving cake stand from Ateco. Very pleased with my decision, and it is a MUST when it comes to decorating cakes. It cuts down on your time frosting and the end result in much better. Have seen the same cake stand for a much higher price at other stores! If you love to bake cakes, then you should also take the plunge. You won't be sorry!
    Love this cake turner. It is Smooth turning for an easy icing and decorating job. Profesional, sturdy and easy to use. Also nice to display cakes.
    Top quality turn table. I have had it for a few months now and it works fantastic. I have one turntable that is a different brand and this one is far superior.
    Absolutely love using this cake stand. Easily turns and makes it super easy and fast to ice and decorate cakes! Every bakery needs one of these
    LOVE this cake stand!!!! Perfect for our needs and has a smooth rotation so the buttercream is smooth! Rotates nicely and doesn't skip when turning. Very nice! Getting a second one.
    Loooove this cake stand! It makes decorating cakes a breeze. I don't know how I did without it! The base is 12" so you can easily decorate several sizes from 6" to 12" and even bigger if the cake is on a cake drum. I've decorated two tier cakes that were placed on a 16' cake drum and it supported them with no problem. It's very sturdy, yet swivels so smoothly. So glad Webstaurant offers it, as the price here is much lower than retail stores.
    Very happy I purchased this revolving cake stand! I wish I bought it sooner. Icing cakes is now a breeze. Feels professional too even for my little ones.
    This turntable Spins like a dream! I'm so excited to have one of these. Good quality and fast shipping is always a plus. Thanks webstarantstore
    I love my Ateco turntable. It is very strong and durable. It glides smoothly for a perfect frosting finish on my cakes. It also can hold very large and heavy cakes, I highly recommend this turntable to all cake decorators.
    I cannot say enough good things about this stand! I used these when I worked at a commercial bakery and loved it then. Now I own one and I couldn't be happier! It spins so smoothly that it assists your cake icing flawlessly. I highly recommend having this.
    This is my favorite cake turn table. It's sturdy and elevates my product to the right height for working. I use this for everything in my shop. As long as you keep the post and post hole dry and oil-free, you will never have a problem. My only complaint is that the enameled base can chip if it is knocked hard or dropped.
    I love, love, love this turntable. I had one of the plastic ones for a long time but this makes a world of difference when you are icing a cake. It turns very smoothly and base and plate has a nice sturdy weight to it.
    this is the most glorious revolving cake stands in the history of cake stands. the table spins and glides effortlessly, much like a ballerina executing a perfect pirouette. it makes frosting cakes an easy and enjoyable task. sturdy and really well built!
    I absolutely LOVE this cake stand. It has made decorating and making my cakes as perfect as possible. It was so easy to assemble and is incredibly sturdy.
    I am a cake decorator and this is my go to cake stand that I always use! It is easy to clean and it has a heavy weight base to it!
    I LOVE this cake decorating stand. It has good weight to it so my cakes wont tip over during the turns, plus funny enough it is quite cute to look at once not in use and fits in my kitchen well.
    I finally made the choice to turn in my Wilton's turntable for the Ateco Revolving Cake Stand. What a difference this upgrade has made when it comes to icing my cakes. It's sturdy, and the cake stand turns effortlessly, making my job so much easier. Definitely glad I made the switch!!
    This stand is very easy to turn and work with. We thought the cardboard liners we use might slide around on it, but the turn of the stand is so easy, the weight of your product keeps your liner in place.
    Love, Love, Love this product! Have used this both at culinary school and various businesses where I have worked! Finally decided I needed to get one for all the wedding cakes I do on the side, and don't regret it at all! Best price out there, too!
    All I can say is Wow!! Used this product and frosted my first cake that actually looked professional. Up until now every cake I frosted looked ok but not beautiful--but using this my cake looked beautiful. Now I can't wait to do more cake baking and decorating. The only thing is make sure when you lift this you hold it from the bottom since the bottom's detachable and heavy.
    Mine arrived defective since was scratched, but excellent customer service, they will be replacing this item. This is an excellent turntable use for pastries, cakes, and we use this at the bakery daily. The best pricing I have found and looked every where.
    I use the revolving stands very often to decorate my cakes. It makes my job so much easier. Love how sturdy and well made this cake stand is.
    Heavy duty and easy to disassemble for cleaning. I have different rotating cake stands, this is the heaviest one and it turns and stops when I want it to. This no slip pad with it helps with cake not falling off.
    I love this stand! It is the best one I have found thus far. I really like that it comes with the little pad to help the cake stick better to the stand.
    This might me one of my favorite baking accessories in my kitchen. I previously had a cheap plastic revolving stand but grew tired of that not spinning smoothly so I invested in this one. It is such a great purchase. It spins so smoothly and ones with a round plastic sheet to hold the cake into place
    This is much sturdier than I had anticipated! I had been using a Fat Daddio one before and thought that it was my holy grail. Who knows, this might just change my mind.
    I absolutely love this revolving cake stand! I have bought different stands in the past, but this is definitely the best I have ever come across. it is perfect! it's heavy enough to give stability and smooth to easilly decorate my cakes.
    The Ateco Revolving Cake Stand is fantastic. It moves smoothly and the weighted bottom makes it steady preventing it from being knocked over. It comes apart into two pieces for easy storage in home above the counter cabinets. It's a great price on webstaurant compared to some high-end retail locations. A great value ! It is a must have for professional bakers and novice cake decorators alike.
    I have owned this stand for several months now, and like it. It's a bit lighter weight than my other ateco one, and doesn't spin quite as well, but works well nonetheless.
    This is the best turntable there is!!! Its heavy duty and professional even though a beginner would be fine using it. Its very stable and turns smoothly and quickly making for a very smooth finish on your frosting.
    BEST cake stand. I have a lot of other different stand and this one is the best. Sturdy and cast iron bottom. Works really great!
    Ateco cake stands are the best. This brand and cake stand has been around for many many years. Must get through webstaurant as it is the cheapest!
    This is my prized possession. I have been saving up for MONTHS for this gorgeous piece of equipment, and once I saw that Webstaurant had it for over half off the sales price, I was absolutely over the moon! It spins so smoothly, and is super easy to clean. I highly recommend this to anybody ready to get serious about cake decorating - a great turntable is a must! Look no further, it's SO worth it!! <3
    I was very excited when I received my cake stand as I was using a lazy susan to frost my cakes. I am in love with my Ateco stand. It is of great quality and is more than what I expected. I absolutely recommend to all bakers, Its a MUST!
    I should of bought this turn table years ago! Don't know how I've gone with out. It works great. It is smooth to turn ;)
    I love this product. I already had a plastic cake spinner, but this one spins smoothly. But I'm not sure how to fasten the front part with the bottom part. is it supposed to be separate?....
    I am in love with this turntable...I don't know why I didn't buy one sooner! This makes icing cakes so much easier because the revolving stand does all the work!
    This the cake stand to become an expert in decorating flawless layer cakes. The turn is smooth when decorating your cake and is very affordable!
    I love this revolving cake stand. It is heavy and sturdy. I am not afraid of it moving when I am icing cakes. It spins without catching. All around a great product.
    Amazing product- perfect height for decorating sides while sitting down. Spins nice and smooth , nicely made by heavy duty materials and washes up well!
    This is the cake stand I use in the bakery I work in. It's the third brand I've used and it's definitely the best. It's study, good height, and easy to keep clean. I plan to buy one for home to replace the plastic one I have.
    This is exactly what i needed for my cake decorating needs. This metal cake stand rotates so i'm able to easily make the cake go around and decorating is less of a hassle
    This is nice and sturdy. It is heavy, though I really like that about it, as it means it will not move while I am using it. It is exactly what I was looking for, and for a good price.
    Exactly what I was looking for for my cake decorating needs. Sturdy product made with high quality materials. Smooth rotation and it displays beautifully! I may get another one soon,
    I couldn't be happier with this cake stand. It's incredibly well-made and heavy duty. The top is removable which is convenient for washing and storage. The revolving mechanism is smooth and quiet. I wish I had bought this sooner! It's my secret weapon for cake decorating--cakes practically decorate themselves when you're using this cake stand and a flat bench scraper. Worth every penny!
    I LOVE MY CAKE STAND!!! I have wanted this for so long and finally decided to get it. It works so great! It's cast iron, so it's heavy and doesn't move around on me when smoothing the sides of my cakes. It turns smoothly without any kinks or stalls or rubbing like what I get from my other turntable. It also comes with a non-slip pad to help keep your cake centered on the turntable. The only con I can think of (and this isn't a con for me) is that the top and bottom are not connected. When you pick it up by the top, expect it to come off of the base. So be careful not to drop it!
    Have used this kind of stand for ages, easy to clean , heavy duty , the plate turns very easily as well and is very stable. I recommend this product for all cake makers.
    This cake stand was everything I thought it would be. It's sturdy and great to work with. I would recommend this to any cake baker, home or professional.
    it was perfect because is steady and strength that provide security that for me it is the most important when you are working with cakes
    I really enjoy using this metal cake stand for our business! It is exceptionally sturdy! This is a good value and an essential tool in the bakery.
    Good cake revolving stand, Works well. Nice looking and make decorate the cakes much easier. This is a must in the kitchen. Happy with the product
    I have purchased many turntables for cakes, and this Ateco 612 12" Revolving Metal Cake Stand (August Thomsen) is the winner! the metal stays nice and sturdy- doesn't shake or anything like that
    I could not be any happier with this cake stand! It has a heavy, sturdy metal base to prevent the stand from moving around and the quality will sure to last for many years to come! Worth every penny that I spent!
    I couldn't personally work without this after seeing what I've been missing! The turn is so smooth and not choppy like my cheap Wilt** one! The old one has left the building and now, we have this beauty sitting on my prep table sitting so proudly as if it knows it's star of the show now! Lol Aside from the smooth turn...or glide we'll say, the height is perfect and the bottom is heavy enough you won't have to worry about it slipping around when you are working with petite cakes like our last one did. Overall, GREAD design, GREAT materials and FABULOUS functionality! You can't go wrong with this one! Trust me, buy it and it'll be the last one you ever use!
    a must have for cake decorators. We own 12 of these heavy duty cake stands. They withstand a lot of handling with no breaking, bending, or warping. They come apart for easy cleaning and are well coated to prevent rusting.
    I loved this product because before I had a revolving plastic cake, a big difference and ease of use, highly recommend it, sure you liked
    I Started my cake business using the plastic Wilton turntable more so because i didn't want to spend the fifty dollars on the Ateco brand. Finally i couldn't take it anymore and ordered this bad boy! I will never use anything else in my life, this guy will spin for days!!
    Good heavy quality. There's no way to stop the turning of the stand. While the grip works, not the greatest. Love the height, overall ok.
    This cake stand it the perfect height to use for decorating cakes. It turns with ease and the weight in the bottom allows the table to not slide around
    This stand looks great. It also holds up well to the cakes I've placed on it. It is sturdy, spins smoothly, and I can count on it not to collapse on me!
    This is a very sturdy turntable, great for ganaching and getting a smooth buttercream finish. The heavy base is much better than others on the market, especially for large cakes. Great price too.
    Great revolving cake stand. Super heavy bottom for tons of support. Our cakes at the bakery are super heavy and this cake stand supports like a champ, with a very fluid turning motion. Top comes of super easy for easy cleaning.
    If you are going to get a revolving stand for cake decorating this is the one you want. It's heavy base keeps it from sliding around and the platform is sturdy and turns smoothly.
    This EXACTLY revolving metal cake stand - same maker, same size, same color, same everything is at another store for a much higher cost. It's a great quality piece - turns with easy and the price is even better. Great savings of a good staple in my kitchen.
    I absolutely love this cake stand! it is very sturdy, spins/turns smoothly, and stores easily. I will never go back to the brand carried at hobby stores.
    This is the best rotating cake stand you can buy. The price on Webstaurant is also the lowest I've seen! This cake stand is SOLID. Super heavy duty, turns very easily. Don't waste your money on cheap plastic turntables, this stand is well worth the money
    This arrived in great condition. I was unaware that it comes in two pieces but it is pretty straight forward in how to assemble. Spins smoothly and it's great that the base keeps it in place.
    Extremely sturdy and beautiful! Turns very easily and the nonstick pad is awesome too! Not to mention, it's not as heavy as the traditional metal ones.
    This stand is instrumental in all your decorating needs. This model doesn't use ball bearings. I've read some review that suggest that this model gets stuck. This hasn't happened to me as of yet. Mine turns smoothly and easily. I comes with the round non-slip pad. The plate and base can easily be separated for storage or transport. I highly recommend this product!
    Great stand. It's the only one I use. Stays level and only moves when I move it. Fits most size cakes with no problem. Would order again.
    This Ateco 612 Metal Cake Stand is very good quality! Spins smoothly with no bumps. Also, it's weighted pretty good, so no having to worry about a top heavy cake falling off/over.
    The best cake stand I have used. Its simple. No frills. Not very heavy so it is easy to transport. To clean all you need to do is wipe it down. I own several of these.
    A very sturdy revolving stand -- much better than the plastic one I used to use. Both the flat plate and the base are very heavy which increases stability, and the rotation is very smooth. The rubber padding on top of the stand grips the cardboard cake board nicely.
    I will definitely buy another.I was impressed with how well made and sturdy this turntable is. I thought that only large bakery persons needed a turntable like this. I was wrong. Having seen how well it works I am definitely going to get one of my own
    This cake stand is perfect! Ateco constructed it very well. It spins level and mine does not wobble. The only problem I have with this stand is that it is very heavy, but well worth it!
    Why I waited so long to get this stand is beyond me! Not only is it beautiful, it's solidly built and supports cakes of mostly any size. I should have purchased this from the start but went with those cheap turntables and what a pain they were. This gives you the height to decorate comfortably and also the support for multi-layer cakes.
    I absolutely love these cake stands! I switched over from a plastic Wilton one and this one is so much better- I purchased 3 more for my bakery and love the height.
    This is the perfect cake stand to get that smooth buttercream finish on a round cake. It comes with a non-slip mat to place your cakeplate on so your cake doesn't budge while trying to ice it. And it's heavy so it won't slip across the counter.
    First thing that stood out was how well made this item is. It is made of enameled cast iron so the base it very heavy. I even dropped the base once and wasn't worried about the base but instead for my floor! Turns very smoothly and has a large surface for even huge cakes.
    This is a must when trying to make beautiful cakes! an ABSOLUTE MUST!!!! I love this cake stand I have one at work and cant live without it!
    ATECO is THE name in metal cake stands. These are the only cake stands I will use in my baking operation. No other stand comes close to the functionality and durability of these stands.
    i have been shopping around for quality supplies , this cake stand is durable works well with every project , i will purchase again in future .
    Ateco's Metal revolving cake stand is a great well built tool for any level baker. It will make your life so much easier when it comes to decorating cakes. This stand is built to last and well worth them money you will pay for it.
    I love this stand! The quality is very good and the price can not be beat! I love that it is easy to assemble and take apart so it does not require a lot of storage space.
    This is the best cake stand every, awesome , just what I needed for my home cake business it is good for any decorations that has to be turn while icing. A great price
    LOVE IT! This thing will hold huge wedding cakes. Serious industrial strength. I will get another one when I expand a bit. If you don't have one and are debating, get it!
    This is one of the most important and useful tools when it comes to decorating cakes. I love how sturdy the Ateco metal stands are and how easily you can spin your cake to smooth or decorate it.
    I have been wanting an ATECO revolving cake stand for a long time. When I saw this on Webstaurant, I immediately ordered it. You will pay much for more this exact item at other stores. It really makes all my cakes look professional! This is a must for anyone that makes cakes on a regular basis.
    Love it! Been using the wilton stand for 3 years and this one is far better! Turns so smoothly & is at the perfect height for me. Definitely recommend!
    When it arrived I was so excited, I had been using a plastic wilton stand at home. I had used these at my job and knew I wanted one for myself.
    love this turn table. Heavy duty, and really get the job done. Makes turning and decorate a cake a lot easier. Have used it with almost all size boards and works great
    I've wanted one of these for a long time but couldn't justify buying one for home use. Bought one for the bakery and now I'm asking "where has this tool been my whole life!?!?" This makes frosting cakes SO MUCH EASIER. If you make a lot of cakes, you NEED this tool.
    love this turn table. Heavy duty, and really get the job done. Makes turning and decorate a cake a lot easier. Have used it with all size boards works great.
    Our pastry chef was very happy we purchased this for her. She has really enjoyed using this and it has been a ease to use.
    It's so nice to have a metal revolving cake stand for decorating cakes. It turns smoothly and is sturdy enough to hold layer cakes. I like that it is higher off the counter it helps for applying fondant to my cakes.
    This is really a wonderful quality turntable for a lower price than I've found anywhere else! It turns very smoothly and doesn't skip, and the included non-skid pad is a nice addition. I also like that the top comes off the base for easy storage.
    The price I paid here was less than what I could get it for elsewhere. Great for handling our cakes when being decorated. Recommended buy.
    I've always wanted this cake decorating stand... the price was always too high until I found it on this website! I've now decorated 4 cakes on it and it works perfectly!
    This Ateco cake stand is a must once you use it. Very sturdy and well made. Makes decorating so easy. Even good to serve from.
    We love using this revolving metal cake stand for all our decorating. We even use it for displaying the finished cake if it is needed.
    This revolving metal cake stand makes it so much easier to frost a cake. It revolves which makes smooth edges and it makes for a great presentation
    The cake stand is very heavy duty. The only down side is the fact that you have to constantly grease the inside well. You must keep it nice and greasy so the top spins without skipping.
    Amazing product to do cakes on. turns nicely and is very sturdy. Cleans very easy and very portable to bring with you to other kitchens
    Great center piece holder for cakes and cupcakes. I was very excited when I purchased this item due to what a friend told me about it.
    This revolving cake stand is so helpful when decorating cakes. I use it for chocolate tortes at home, but also pies. It's also very durable.
    This cake stand is amazing. It spins and pulls apart for an easy clean. Just make sure it is oiled every once in a while for easy spinning. Happy cake decorating!
    This cake stand is a cake baker's necessity. We've ordered these before and this particular model is solid, and smooth turning, which is particularly important for smooth frosting.
    This heavy duty turn table is extremely reliable for icing and decorating cakes and tarts. I've used it almost 3 yrs on daily bases, dropped it on the ground couple times, it still retained its shape, no dings or dents, it still works great. It's easy to clean and easy to take care of with a few drops of oil to keep it turning smooth. I would highly recommend this turn table to anyone who enjoys decoarting cakes!
    This is a one of the best tools in my kitchen. The Ateco Revolving Metal Cake Stand is a must for anyone who decorates a lot of cakes. It makes decorating soooo easy!
    I ordered two cake stands which arrived very quickly. I ordered them because the I trust the manufacturer and the price was the best one I found after looking at numerous websites. Thank you for the speedy delivery!
    The best cake stand you will ever buy. Professional Quality and Heavy Duty. Spins smoothly. Because of the nice weight to it, I never have to worry about it tipping over. I use this stand all the time for decorating cakes, pies, and other desserts. You can use it as a cake stand to display your work as well.
    Love this cake decorating stand! I like that it is tall and revolves making it MUCH easier to decorate any sized cake! Ateco makes, yet again, another great product!
    These are so great to have in the bake shop. They are so convenient to decorate cakes on. They save a lot of time. You can easily rotate the cake.
    The ateco Revolving cake stand Is Great for All you cake decorating needs . All you have to do is turn your cake's around when decorating make's it easy. The stand is 12' high so tou don't have to bend down so low when decorating.Easy to clean.
    very awesome product. we have these in our cake labs in johnson and wales university. i learn to love this cake stand and cant use any other
    This is a wonderful product. We have it our our shop, and now I find my self buying another as a gift. Product it durable and easy to use, makes a great gift for any personal baker!
    This is one of the best purchases I've ever made. I use this everyday to help with my decorating. It is sturdy and worth every cent. We have 3 of them in our bakery.
    We have found with time, especailly with heavy cakes, the stand is no longer level. This is fine for light use or small cakes. Wish there was a way to adjust the level.
    What a fantastic turn table. I use thes when decorating cookies, cakes, deserts, you name it. I highly recomend this item weather you have a business or not, it is a life saver when it comes to decorating your food items.
    This is a high quality cake stand and you can't beat the price. I like the heavy weight of the metal and it was perfectly level when I received the product.
    I am a retired bakery owner. It was such a pleasure to find professional quality,equipment, from companies that I am familiar with, on your site. My order arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I will be a long time customer.
    I first used this revolving cake stand at school. I liked the sturdy metal construction and the smooth turning, so I purchased one to use at home. It is a bulky item, so I store it in the original packing when I don't use it.
    this is a great price and good functionality. it is a reliable cake turner. i would buy another one in a different size if it is this brand.
    Wow. This is definately a very sturdy and easy to work with revolving cake stand. It turns smoothly without wobbling and is great for the heavier cakes.
    Great turn-table and cake decorating and icing stand. Heavy- duty, won't tip over or shift as you work. Turns smoothly so you don't have to move around it.
    I used this at the bakery, and the feature I loved most was the smooth flow as you turn the top plate. The stand is very forgiving when dropped...durable construction.

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