Ateco 1661 6" 2-Sided Decorating Tip Cleaning Brush

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Thanks to this Ateco 1661 decorating tip cleaning brush, cleaning icing and piping gel out of small and large pastry tubes has never been easier! Ideal for small spaces, the brush has strong nylon bristles that remove even caked on icing quickly, so you'll be back in business in no time. Featuring 2 cleaning sides, you can alternate from side to side to best fit your needs. With a small footprint, this brush can easily be stored with your pastry tools so you always have it on hand when you need it most. Cleaning your pastry tubes will not only keep them sanitary in between uses, but it also ensures that dried icing does not block new icing from flowing freely through the tip to create unique designs and shapes. An essential tool for all bakers, this cleaning brush will keep your business running smoothly!

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Ateco 1661 6" 2-Sided Decorating Tip Cleaning Brush

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    Very sturdy and durable brush. Makes cleaning bottles and tips very easy. It holds up very well. Easy yo use and shios fast ina few days
    Anyone who uses the larger pastry tips should have this 2-sided cleaning brush. This has been a huge time saver for me after my buttercream cake decorating classes.
    This brush is a must for cleaning icing tips. Tips must be washed by hand, and this brush is the perfect size to reach all the books and crannies.
    YES! Finally a cleaning brush thin enough to clean #2 tips! I have used this a dozen times and it is still great! I would advise purchasing more than 1 as they are tiny and I have lost 1 before
    This makes my life so much easier, I highly suggest getting one of these to keep your tips clean, they work great for the small hard to reach spaces!
    This decorative tip cleaning brush makes it so much easier to clean out our tips after we have decorated cakes or cupcakes. no more messy fingers when cleaning
    This is such a simple solution to a problem that I had been having for a while. A decorating tip brush seems like a silly additional thing to find room for in the kitchen but even when I run my piping tips through the dishwasher, I will prefer to clean them through ahead of time. This saves my tips from becoming greasy in hard to reach spaces.
    My husband is sweet enough to help me clean up after a long day of cake decorating. He hated trying to clean all those different sized piping tips that I would use. I bought this cleaning brush to see if it helped any, and it works great and gets the job done.
    If you use piping tips on a regular basis then this brush is a must have. It took forever to clean tips using a rag.
    Works great for cleaning coffee and espresso machine parts, as well as syrup and sauce bottles. We have been using this brush every day for over a year with no signs of wear!
    I make a lot of macarons so I needed this brush to clean out my Wilton 1A piping tip. It cleans better than any other straight funnel brush.
    I, along with most decorators do not like is finding a frosting tip with dried up old frosting on the the tips. This brush here has two brushes in one. One to clean the bottom and the other is small enough to get into the small ends.
    This works well for large tips, but is too big for small tips. The central wire is fairly big in diameter and the bristles don't come all the way to the end so it would be tight in the smaller tips.
    Ateco 1661 6" 2 sided piping tip cleaning brush is very nice and high quality. Makes cleaning the pastry tubes so easy and fast. It reaches in all those hard to reach corners. Definitelly recomend.
    I just love this little brush! I use it for my decorating tips and cookie cutter to get into the small areas! It is the best!!!
    It is important to keep your pastry decorating tips clean. This will ensure they last a long time. We highly recommend not washing pastry decorating tips in the dishwasher. These cleaning brushes will make your life much easier when it comes time to wash your decorating tips.
    The ateco 2 sided 6 inch decorating tip cleaning brush is a must have! Works great to get in those small areas and scrub off dried on frosting
    Recommended for washing small or medium piping tips. The brush bristles are medium firm and so the brush cleans well and picks up any dried residue that might not wash out simply by water and soap
    Love this little brush, it makes things so much easier to keep clean rather than fighting with the tiny openings. They come in handy for other hard to clean items too, like spouts on simple syrup bottles.
    This tip cleaning brush is perfect for cleaning pastry tips and other small implements in our bakery. It sits next to our dish sink & is used often!
    This pastry tip cleaning brush does a great job! Having it two sided, with each size being a different size, makes it even more functional. I generally put my pastry tips in the dishwasher, but if I need to clean them quickly or they need any additional cleanup this is the ideal tool.
    These are great for cleaning my frosting tips after I have decorated a cake. Cleaning the tips can be a pain but this brush sure makes an easy job of it.
    This is a double sided tip cleaning brush. It works great for cleaning out reusable straws. You're able to clean the entire straw and the medal doesn't bend!
    When you have a lot of decorating tips to clean, this makes cleaning a breeze. I like that it is dual sided. If you are going to use more than three tips in one day, then I would recommend getting this product.
    I had been holding off on buying this. After all how hard is it to clean tips right? Wrong this little brush has cut my cleaning time by at least 50%. Awesome tool. Only wish I would have purchased a long time ago.
    This is a 6" two sided decorating tip cleaning brush. It makes it easy to get into the smallest spaces on your kitchen gadgets your cleaning to prevent bacteria and other cross contaminants from building up!
    Love this little tool. It definitely helps clean out my pastry tips better than trying to stick the corner of a sponge in there to get out all the buttercream etc.
    this was one of those things that i never knew i needed until i got it and now i love it and can't live without it. makes cleaning out piping tips so easy. it's a great little tool that's very useful and a great deal
    This ateco brush is amazing. Its the perfect size for small and medium tips. The brush fits snugly in the tip so it washes very well.
    I purchased this to replace the one fro. Wiltons that I lost. While it is a good brush I do wish the bristles went all the way to the very end. I use a lot of size 0 and 1 tips and this doesn't clean the very end very well
    This is a great tool to clean out the icing that can get stuck in the small hole, special when you've forgotten the pipping bag out for a while.
    This tool is great for cleaning pastry tips! At this price I can buy multiples, for when I lose one. I will definitely buy more.
    This is the perfect tool to clean the icing tips...the Ateco 1661 6" 2-Sided Decorating Tip Cleaning Brush (August Thomsen) have two sides allowing to clean all icing tip sizes.
    I bought these to clean my Ateco pastry tubes. I wish I had known about this brush years ago! It would have saved me a lot of time and effort. The tiny end can be used for smaller tubes and the other end is great for my large sized tubes. I love that this is dishwasher safe too! One less thing to have to wash by hand.
    these brushes are so helpful, if you have never used one then you should try it. i use it to clean all my pastry bag tips. it was a little larger than i originally expected, but it's size came to be helpful. i highly recommend these brushes!
    Ateco decorating tubes cleaning brush , works perfect and quality material , very well priced . If you have tubes to clean gently you need this
    These are fabulous for cleaning any brand of icing tip--Not just ateco. There is a cone shaped brush on one end and a cylindrical brush on the other end. It is very versatile.
    These are fantastic! We have always used the tiny little ones available at the local cake store, and they are okay but small. These are bigger and clean so much more efficiently.
    This icing tip cleaning brush is a lifesaver, it works so well for getting into those tiny holes. Because it has the two different size sides it also works well for squeeze bottle lids and baby bottle nipples.
    Definitely ordering more of these. It makes cleaning the decorating tips a breeze and cleans up so easily. I accidentally left it out with the icing on it and all I had to do was wash it off, even after the icing had hardened.
    It's use to clean up pipping tip. Two different brush size can use to clean different size of pipping tips. Very useful. Love this product
    This brush is was always a pain to clean out tips especially if u use some melted chocolate and it gets hard.. u can not get it out...with this brush it removes everything with a breeze
    This is a very useful product. Gone are the days of twisting a paper towel through the metal tip! Cleans my tips well! Highly recommended.
    Works great to clean both regular and large sized piping tips. It really gets in there and cleans them thoroughly. I don't why I didn't buy this sooner. It makes life easy!
    This makes cleaning small opening piping tips much easier. I also use it to clean hard to reach places on my stand mixers and other kitchen appliances.
    This brush is perfect for getting into those hard to reach places. Strong handle allows me to dig right in. Great product for a cheap price.
    Making sure your frosting tips are thoroughly clean is important. Use this brush to get all the way in each tip with ease, this will make sure no extra frosting ends up caked inside.
    The length is nice and long. love the fact that it has two different size (small & large) for both my large and small tips. Will recommend to others.
    great tool to have when I need to get in there and clean my tips from all that butter cream that gets stuck! love it!!
    This is a great tool to have when you use a lot of pastry tips. Sometimes it is hard to get into them and clean with a regular sponge so this is a great tool to have to make sure that all of your tips get a good cleaning!
    Ateco 1661 6" 2-Sided Decorating Tip Cleaning Brush (August Thomsen) i use it to clean out my beer and wine bottles, sometimes my beer taps too
    Love that this cleaning brush is double sided. It is so convenient to not have to have multiple brushes to clean the different size tips.
    These get the frosting out of my tiny frosting tips like a charm! I highly recommend anyone who regularly bakes and decorates with frosting to get this. It saves so much time! You can also use this to clean out the tips of plastic squeeze bottles, so it's versatile too!
    Get yourself one of these and you will be thanking yourself later!! It makes cleaning icing tips SO much easier. It also comes in handy for other hard to clean dishes!
    This brush is ideal for any size of piping tips. The only trouble is the tips with specially shaped openings - it's tricky to get into those little spaces, however the brush does a pretty good job.
    This product is just what I needed!1 Amazing product! This makes cleaning you piping way more easier and faster at the same time! I would recommend this!
    You know how cleaning piping tips is so annoying? Well this solves that problem really well. Buy it; it makes your liffe a lot easier.
    Our help use it like their personal guardian angel. Yes ma'am this baby eases your cleaning heartaches. Cheap and a total must have in your kitchen (business and/or residence)
    This brush is a must have for cleaning tips. It makes cleaning simple and easy. Web is the first place ive seen one and so happy we found it.
    This brush is helpful in getting into the nooks and crannies of the larger standard Wilton and Ateco piping tips. However, it doesn't quite work the same with the smaller tips, especial the small round hole tips like Wilton 1-4. The issue is in the thick piece of coiled metal at the ends. If only the actual brush bristles extended to the very ends into a thin tip, it would work better. Nonetheless, It's great for the larger tips and the price!
    Awesome little tool that is not sold in common stores so a newer baker I didn't know it existed. This is a must for any baker new or old!
    Ateco (August Thomsen) 1661 6" 2-Sided Decorating Tip Cleaning Brush is a fantastic little cleaning brush. I use it for many things other than the decorating tips.
    I really like this brush. Now is so easy to clean the decorations tip. No more having hard time getting them clean. I will recommend it!
    This little brush makes cleaning pastry tips a snap! No more plugged, dirty or oily tips, keeps our dishwash staff from complaining so much! Must-have for anyone who uses decorative icing!
    This is an essential tool if you use pastry tips. This brush really does the job to clean royal icing out of some of my tinies tips. It is a total bargain for a really helpful cleaning tool.
    I purchased the 6" Ateco 2-sided decorating tip cleaning brush. This brush is sturdy and works well to clean all the nooks and crannies in my decorating tips.
    Good little brush that doesn't what it is supposed to. It is easy to lose though, so i have to be careful where i put it when I wash it.
    Great for you if you pipe a lot of cupcakes or own a bakery. It is straight and to the point. I like it. I will buy again.
    Bought this to wash my decorating tips with when done working on cakes. I have to be gentle and make sure it doesn't get stuck inside of tip and then have to pull out of tip so that it doesn't cause damage. I really do not use this as much as I thought I would.
    Works great for cleaning your pastry tubes either when you're done working or between colors if you don't want the last color to come through.
    We use our cake decoration tools daily. These are awesome they certainly get in there and get our tools clean. Both sides does the trick for us.
    These 6" 2-Sided Decorating Tip Cleaning Brushes by Ateco are super convenient. It takes only moments to clean tubes or tips of most types. A good value.
    The double end on this, saves for having to keep track of a bunch of different brushes for different parts of cleaning. No matter the tip, it is universal & always works great.
    Cleaning my Bismark Tubes is a lot easier with the Ateco (August Thomsen) 1661 6" 2-Sided Decorating Tip Cleaning Brush. I simply slip it through the hole and stuff just comes right on out. Great to have.
    It odes what it needs to do! The double end is a little un-weildy at times, but its nice to have two different sizes to use.
    Great 2 sided tool to clean both large and small decorating tips. Super easy to use and keep clean. Made of good material and sure to last me a while.
    Handy little cleaning brush. Cleans both large and small decorating tips. Very happy with the price and size of this cleaning brush. Great to have a few on hand at all times.
    This is the best cleaning brush that I have run across and the price is minimal. The shaft is stiff enough and the brushes are conveniently sized to fill all of my tips. It is durable enough for my needs but I guess that would depend on the usage. The only problem I have is keeping up with it!
    I don't know how I have survived without this tool for cleaning my pastry tips! i always ran them through the dishwasher, and then had to wipe them out anyway, this allows me to skip the wiping process completely, now the tips only go into the dishwasher for the sanitize cycle.
    I do like this Ateco 2-sided decorating tip cleaning brush. It is just your basic utensil. Overall, I have no complaints and i would recommend this.
    Super useful when you have to get frosting that is lodged inside your pastry tips. Just use with some soap and hot water and everything comes right out.
    I took off one star because I tried to fit the wide end with a closed star tip, and the brush was just too small. If you're using medium or large pastry tips, this is definitely the wrong brush. What I actually purchased this brush for is to clean the hard plastic straws that come with reusable tumblers. The small end of the brush is perfect for that.
    This cleaner makes clean up of tips a cinch! I was always concerned with not properly cleaning my tips and bacteria growing. With this handy tool, I now longer have that concern.
    This brush cleans up every nook and cranny of pastry tips. It’s also good for the tips of squeeze bottles. We use both sides of the brush depending on the size of the item we need to wash.
    Great tool. Cleaning cake decorating tips can be a stressful job, but the Ateco double sided cleaning brush does wonders and relieves so much time consuming work to not have to be done. A must buy
    Cleaning pastry tips sucks - it just does, and we all know it. This makes that process seriously 1/10th as bad. It's a vast and dramatic improvement and makes quick work of a whole set of tips.
    You've got to have the right tools to clean your tools! This little doo dad does the job to keep the tools clean and workable.
    Makes cleaning pastry tips a charm! It lasts forever, all you need is a little soap and cleans through greasy tips with ease! Every kitchen needs one!
    I can't even count how much time it takes to clean pastry tubes effectively, especially if you work with several of them at t a time, and also if you are working with buttercream which can get greasy and is hard to clean. This invention is genius with cleaning decorating tips. It really works, too. I clean my pastry tips in such a short time now because of these double sided cleaning brushes.
    This is great to have on hand to get into the nooks and crannies of pastry tips that are otherwise hard to reach. Quality was as expected and of course I was pleased with the price.
    Handy little must-have tool for anyone who use decorating tips. Makes for a quick and easy clean-up. Well made and very sturdy. Should last a very long time.
    Great for cleaning tips used for piping buttercream. The bristles get into the nooks and crannies. And it cleans pretty well. Just add some soap and rub the gunk out with your fingers. Ateco never fails.
    Ateco (August Thomsen) 1661 6" 2-Sided Decorating Tip Cleaning Brush is an absolute must have for any cake decorator. It makes clean up a breeze. I highly recommend it.
    I use this to clean all my decorating tips. It removes the batter or cream stuck inside and it's the handle and bristles are strong to last a long time.
    These are handy but I don't really find them necessary unless the frosting in the tips have hardened and I have let it sit for a while. They do fit through very small tips as well as the larger ones.
    This product works really good in cleaning the tips. I think I would like it to be a little bit longer to work better for me.
    This brush removes all of the stuff you put into tips. Something as thick as butter cream, to easy things like piping chocolate. It removes it with ease!
    How did I survive without these? It's such a hassle to clean those tips but this brush makes it a breeze. Won't go without these again! Great value.
    I was never able to get my tips really good and clean until I used this tip cleaning brush. It gets deep down into the tip and cleans it thoroughly.
    I used to REALLY hate trying to clean out my piping tips, especially the small ones. Not anymore! This brush works really well with Ateco and Wilton tips alike. A great simple solution to every decorators problem.
    This is the perfect size to get into small corners. I use this to properly clean tight corners of pans, piping nozzles and anything that\\\'s hard to reach.
    The Ateco Decorating Tip Cleaning Brush is a sturdy little product good for getting into hard to reach places, and strong enough to do a good cleaning job once it get there! - This brush is made with a heavier gage wire than the Carlisle Beer Tap Line Cleaning Brush so it's would be better for heavier jobs, but both these brushes are good.
    It was exactly what I needed. Works great to get all sizes of decorator tips clean. No more using my little finger to try and scrap out frosting.
    The best little decoring tip cleaning brush I have ever used. Sturdy...not flimsy like others I have tried in the past. Great value and gets the job done!
    I use this brush for cleaning the tips that I use decorating cupcakes. They also work well for cleaning tint bottle tips at the salon.
    i like to use to brush my tools tube nail for flowers it keeps all my stuff clean superficial is just so great and it is cheap.
    It always seems the decorating tips sit around last waiting to be cleaned when we are finished with a project, and have lost many tips that way, either to the trash or the garbage disposal! This brush is great to have on hand, and helps get the deco tips really clean in a timely manner, and it also helps with some really narrow-stem wine glasses we have. I have a friend who even uses them to clean areas of fine silver, and jewelry, and the price is so low, you can order several !
    This is a great little brush for easy cleaning of all sorts of decorating tips. It has two sizes great for large and small tips.
    This brush is super awesome at cleaning most decorating tips very thoroughly. Only 4 stars because it doesn't clean all tips...some are still too small.
    Just perfect, gets a high temperature for what I wanted it for when I am doing confectionery baking its a must have in my kitchen utensil draw.
    This is a great cleaning brush for your decorating tips. Keep in mind, though, it does not fit all tips. Specifically, any of the really small tips, like Wilton size 3 and smaller. The coiled wire itself is too thick to get through the opening. Other than that, it is great for getting that last bit of goop out of your medium and larger decorating tips.
    Good ateco decorating tip cleaning brush. this product really comes in handly with small decorating tips that your having a hard time getting frosting out of love these product.
    This product is very versatile. You have two different sizes on it. Many times you need to clean something and all of your brushes are too big to fit. This item solves that, it has small and smaller. Great price for this item.
    Great brush for cleaning tips and tubes, holds to frequent use, does not rust easily,Good quality product and great value. I come back over and over to this site for products
    An amazing time saving tool! Cleans all sorts of decorating pastry tips in seconds! Skinny and wide brushes are great for cleaning small and very large tips!!
    Atecoo 1661 Decorating Tip Cleaning Brush - 2 sided . The Cleaning Brush Is A must when you have finished with your Ateco Tips it cleans out all the collor and frosting, or whatever you are decorating with.
    The cleaning brush was a great buy. I tired of soaking my decorating tips to remove the last bits of frosting. The brush is just the product to make the cleaning process much faster.
    Great little tool for cleaning out pastry tips. It is very effective in cleaning out all tips especially the narrow ones or tips with funny shapes. I need to get a few more!
    This works great for the larger tips - easily gets frosting out of the tips, even sticky peanut butter frosting! The brush itself rinses off easily as well.

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