Ateco 1449 Stainless Steel Cake Pan Heating Core (August Thomsen) - 4/Pack

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Bake your cakes to perfection and make your bakery the talk of the town with this Ateco 1449 cake pan heating core! Made out of durable stainless steel, this core helps to cook the middle of your cakes more efficiently by conducting heat into the center of your pan and allowing your cakes to rise and bake evenly. Simply grease the cores, place them flat side down and spaced evenly in your pan, add the batter, and bake! Thanks to this handy tool, your cakes won't overcook on the exterior as you wait for the middle to cook. Instead, you'll get perfect results every time!

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Ateco 1449 Stainless Steel Cake Pan Heating Core (August Thomsen) - 4/Pack

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    I was having a problem with uneven baking. My cakes were hard on the outside and finally done in the center. After using the heating cores, I always have even baking goods. I use two to three per cake and spread them out three to four inches apart. Great buy indeed.

    from Melissa's Sweet Tooth Posted on

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    These heating "cores" are more like nails, but we prefer them over the more traditional cone-shaped heating cores. They produce the same evenly cooked cake without the need to plug the space in the cake afterward.

    from Mad Batter Baker Posted on

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    Wonderful heating core. They have never rusted on me -- unlike the other name brands have. They are also easy to clean with very little soaking and are dishwasher safe.

    from Luv in the Oven Posted on

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    Very helpful for even baking of full or half-sheet cakes - comes out easily after baking and leaves virtually no evidence after the core is removed.

    from Mountain Oven, LLC Posted on

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    I have never used heating cores before but these seemed to do the job well! The chocolate cake we make generally comes out very soft in the center but these cores solved the problem at a great price!

    from NewLeaf Posted on

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    I use to absolutely hate receiving orders for extra large round cakes or !/2 sheet cakes since I always had a problem with them baking evenly and just not turning out to my expectations of them. I finally broke down a few months ago and ordered these Heating Cores by Ateco when I placed a recent order for cake supplies and etc. Let me tell you.... These things have changed my mind on sheetcakes and the larger rounds. I now take orders for those more willingly now lol and they turn out great every time... I'm going to need to order some more soon to keep on hand in case I lose or misplace any ;-)

    from D-Lish by Trish Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    stands perfectly in all cake pans and bakes the cakes evenly without domes. cakes bake evenly with this heating cores without dry edges. they are of very good quality as all other webstaurantstore products... will apply more soon

    Posted on

    It's unbelievable that these little things actually work but they do. They allow for uniform baking throughout the cake which means a quicker cooking time.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Really works!

    Great value and performance. Another high quality value priced product from Ateco. My large tiered cakes come out nice and even baked when using these cores.

    Posted on

    Great heating core pack. I thought they might be a little taller, but that was my mistake and didn't read dimension. Will use for smaller cakes.

    from Bake Me Happy, LLC Posted on

    You will typically want to use a heating rod/core(technically these are rods) if your making a cake in a 9” or greater pan and the batter is more than 2 inches deep. With heating rods, the metal needs to touch the metal of the pan to help transferring heat from the pan to the core. If you add it above parchment paper then it will not work as well. Does it make a difference? They seem to make a difference, not a huge difference but a difference nevertheless. I do find a larger difference in the effect of cake doming which is a nice change. I do wish they were a bit sturdier but for the price, they’re acceptable. If your making larger cake, you may need to purchase a Cake Heating Core which is a funnel shaped piece of metal that is closed on one side. The downfall is that they leave a noticeable mark in the center of the cake.

    Posted on

    Ateco 1449 stainless steel cake pan heating cores are used to help distribute heat to the center of larger cakes so the bake more evenly. I had great results using them.

    Posted on

    If you bake cakes, buy these. I didn't know such a product existed, and bought them on a whim. Especially if you have a temperamental oven that thinks the temperature you set it at is just a suggestion... these little guys will be such a great help getting the middle of your cakes done before the rim of the cakes are overdone.

    Posted on

    These work grea..if u use a larger cake for example a 12 inch round u need to put a few in there...and if u use just a small 6 inch or 8 inch round u only need one

    Posted on

    I use to us a flower nail in place of this product but they would always rust and I was constantly throwing away money. These heating cores are perfect size they don't leave a huge indent in a cake like others on the market. I use them for all cake sizes 10inches and up.

    from ashleys cakes Posted on

    These are perfect to help my chiffon cakes in square or rectangular pans as they act like the inner tube of the regular chiffon baking pans. Without these, my sheet chiffon cakes did not rise as well. At this price, every household should have them...that is, if they bake chiffon cakes...which is a bit harder than the boxed heavier cakes.....yak, never liked heavy cakes.

    Posted on

    I bought these for all the cakes that I bake and they work great if you get them in one piece. They break super easily and I ordered two packs and half of them were broken in each pack so out of the 8 I only got 4. Websturant customer service was great and helped me out and replace the 4 broken ones but it was super frustrating and I had another one break after I washed it. I love that it takes up minimal space in the pan but I don't like how flimsy they are.

    from Small and Simple confections Posted on

    I love these and I will not back a cake without them. My Cakes all come out fully cooked and even. No leveling needed. The slide out easily and do not damage the cake. Although, my most recent shipment one of the packs was open and tow of them was broken.

    from District Cakes Posted on

    Thank you for contacting us about this, Christine! We're sorry that some of these were broken when you received them. Our Customer Solutions team was happy to fix this issue for you!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I didn't know i needed these to bake larger cakes until I tried to bake a large round without one. These are perfect for getting your cake centers done without having burned edges.

    Posted on

    Wow. Works great for my larger cakes. I even used them for my 9" cakes to ensure the middle of the cake is thoroughly baked. Prevents the middle from coming out under-baked.

    from Dolce Torte Posted on

    These are good ones if you use them. I usually don't but I like to try things and have them just in case. These are better than the cone shaped ones which can take a cone shape out of your cake. Some used flower nails but they would rust. These are designed not to do so. They don't leave much of a divot at all but to lessen it even more, they can be placed under parchment paper.

    Posted on

    These stainless steel cake pan heating cores are great when baking large cakes. They help the middle bake evenly when using the right amount depending on the size of cake you want to bake.

    from Jus Desserts Posted on

    A nice heat sink. Since the head is the same size as a #9 Flower Nail I'm also going to try using it for a Flower Nail.

    Posted on


    Posted on

    The first time I got these was from another site at double the price; so when I saw them here, I bought two packs!! I use them in most of my pans, even the smaller cakes. It actually eliminates the need for using the baking pan strips/wraps on the outside of cakes. If you dont spray them with cooking spray though, they will gt stuck and pull a little bit of the cake out, so coat them well.

    Posted on

    This is just okay. I use this for large pan cakes, especially cake that are 3 or 4 inches high. It cooks slightly better than without, but I didn't notice a humongous difference, with or without it.

    Posted on

    The Ateco Stainless steel cake pan heating cores help a lot to evenly heat up sheet cakes. They are made sturdy and easy to wash. Good price for a 4 pack.

    Posted on

    0 out of 1 found this review helpful

    These don't really work for me and just create holes in my cakes. Frankly, I use them as flower nails. If you're looking for flat topped cakes, i have better luck an alternative that surrounds the outside edge of the pan instead, like the Wilton strips.

    from Petaljammies Cake & Pastry Posted on

    I ordered these heating cores after reading an article that mentioned using a flower nail as a heating core. These work great and don't leave that huge hole in your cake after using the standard heating core. I use these on all my cakes over 8" and have had great results!

    from Tulip Tree Bakery Posted on

    This helps the cake bake evenly and does not tie up my flower nails in case I need to pipe flowers while the cake bakes. I am please with these heating cores and plan to order more!

    from Sweet 1603 Posted on

    These really help my larger cakes to bake more even and in less time. I space them out about three inches apart and just make sure to grease them up good so they come out easy after baking.

    Posted on

    Very happy with this purchase! Makes larger sized cakes rise up evenly so there is less cutting of the cake to make it more even. Will be buying more!

    Posted on

    These heating cores work very well and I enjoy using them when I'm baking a large cake and I want it to bake evenly...great product!

    Posted on

    These steel cake pan eating cores help a bit, but I still prefer to use Wilton bake-even strips to get the cake to bake evenly. They lay flat on the pan, and I have no problem with them tipping over as I pour the batter into the pan.

    Posted on

    I love these cake cores, they are very inexpensive and do not break the cake as much as other brands. My one complaint is that they are thin and tend to break. I would suggest having multiple packs on hand.

    Posted on

    I'm still trying to remember to use these each time I bake. However, the times I have used them I do feel like I'm getting a more even bake.

    Posted on

    These heating cores are a great price! They help me bake large cakes evenly. My half sheet cakes are never undercooked in the middle thanks to these little beauties!

    from C.C.'s Sweet Tooth Bakery Posted on

    Totally cool idea, I want to try them with my deep dish pizzas as well. (I like to experiment) I only wish I had these years ago, I would have a few less grey hairs! Needless to say they work VERY well!

    Posted on

    Works great! For the longest time, I would use cake strips to ensure even baking, but this easily got me the same results without the hassle. My cakes turn out perfectly even every time and I don't even have to torte.

    Posted on

    I really like the heat cores because they are small enough to put in a cake pan and not change the shape of the cake. I use them all the time. I wish I would have purchased more at the time I got them.

    from Taste and See Cakes Posted on

    My larger cakes always took to long to bake and when the middle was finally done, the edges were dry. Tried these and they worded great...wold recommend!

    from Skylar's Homemade Cheesecakes Posted on

    I like Ateco products. I have always had good luck with there products. This particular product is good for larger cakes that you want to cook evenly.

    Posted on

    This actually works; makes the cakes rise evenly. You just place it in the middle of the cake pan and pour the batter over it and cook as per your recipe calls for.

    Posted on

    I was a skeptic when I bought these but it works i use them in the 14 inch pan with them it was done quicker then the one i made without them

    from Deions Treats & Sweets Posted on

    If you bake cakes buy these. Just make sure before you put the batter around them spray them with non stick spray. I usually have to make a mistake first to learn. They made my cakes bake evenly. This help eliminate the darker ends or corners. Great buy!

    from Anna Mea's Bakery Posted on

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