Ateco 1446 Decorating Comb (August Thomsen)

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This Ateco 1446 aluminum comb is the perfect tool for bakers or caterers to finish up those last minute details on any sweet treat. Its combed edges are perfect for creating interesting, precise designs on the sides or top of cakes and pastries that your customers or guests are sure to appreciate. With three serrated edges each with their own design, this unique tool is a must-have for any creative baker! Plus, a hanging hole allows you to easily store the comb in a convenient location.

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Ateco 1446 Decorating Comb (August Thomsen)

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Comb Decorating cakes cake great different Nice easy price Ateco
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    Arrived in perfect condition, no bends or bent teeth. The size is easy for even smaller hands to maneuver without issues. My last few didn't have the hole in it to hang and it was always getting "lost" in drawers. Having the hole helps to keep in front and center hanging right on the wall right where it's needed. Haven't lost it since! <<>>

    from Jessica Lee Dream Vision LLC Posted on

    This Ateco 1446 decorating comb is really nice. order was received very quickly. Left nice designs in cake. Would recommend for any cake decorator. Thanks

    Posted on

    Works very well, I like using this one (w/angle) better than the straight comb. The angled comb allows better ease with combing the icing on my cakes.

    from Pound For Pound Cakes Posted on

    Practice makes perfect... First try using the comb, not bad and it's getting better with every use.

    This triangle Ateco decorating comb is pretty neat. Arrived right on time as the order status page on the website noted. The holds in your hand without slipping and without needing a really firm grip. I found the edges a tad sharp, so be careful but otherwise I really would recommend this for creating a cool wavy icing look.

    Posted on

    This Ateco's comb is very nice to implement new design ans styles for your treats. The price is incredible cheap and the value is incredible high. Actually, is a good adquisition for your bakery's tools. It's perfect to work on buttercream, just be sure your recipe isn't too smooth or warm. Good Luck!

    from Anbriel Biocakes Posted on

    I thought this tool would better my cake decorating skills, but no. I think I just am not that talented and will stick to cupcakes instead.

    Posted on

    This decorating comb works very well on our ice cream cakes. It gives us the option of three different effects and cleans very easily, too.

    from McFen Custard LLC Posted on

    Sturdy and sharp ! It has 3 different sizes on one comb. It doesn't rust either since it is made from quality Aluminum. A huge plus is that it is made in USA.

    Posted on

    The Ateco 1446 Decorating Comb definitely exceeded my expectations. The guality is really good and the price is very reasonable. I highly recommend this decorating comb!

    Posted on

    These are perfect size and price for how much we use them (a lot). They hold up in the wash and do not rust nor bed and look 100% the same as they did when purchased.

    from Cowans Dairy Posted on

    I like this decorating comb because it has multiple sizes available for the ridges, so you can alternate as needed! It's very easy to clean, but it is sharp!

    from Saxon Posted on

    you can not beat the price of this comb. I love them, they give an easy professional look to all my cakes. I was surprised at how sharp the edges are, so be careful!

    Posted on

    This tool is a great staple for my kitchen. I use it to create simple elegant textures on frosted cakes but also I use it for designing chocolate leaves. That's just a few examples, I'm sure there are endless possibilities. Nice lightweight metal but not flimsy and weak.

    Posted on

    This is my first time using this product and ordering products from this company. It is easy to use and the perfect size for beginner like myself.

    from Dessert Please Posted on

    This awesome comb is perfect to work on different buttercream patterns. Very good quality and each side delivers a different design. Will definitely buy again.

    Posted on

    Purchased a bunch for a cake decorating class they work great. Just not good for kids as they are sharp. I got plastic ones for kids gteat price too

    from Stella custom cakes Posted on

    Cake combs

    Easy to use, light weight, cutter with 3 size options. Turn to get small, medium, or larger waves in your product. Fits nicely anywhere and doesn't take up much space.

    Posted on

    When I bake a cake I want to decorate it with my limited skills. This comb is a welcome addition to making your cakes look like a professional decorated it. Must have if you bake.

    Posted on

    Ateco Decorating Comb , 5 stars of course but it could have been thicker , its little bit small in my opinion , but well priced

    from Aslan Khan LLC Posted on

    This product does exactly as it is described and intended. It works really well with decorating and icing all size cakes. If you do a lot of cake decorating then this is a must have!!!

    from Java Corner Posted on

    This is a very nice decorating home this company makes very great baking products I like them a lot been using the products for years glad I got this to have to add to my collection

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    Can't beat the price for this comb! Sturdy and fantastic quality. It makes a beautiful pattern icing and I use it quite a bit. Love it!

    from Sweet Creations Posted on

    For this price. 3 options to choose from on the final touches of your cake. Hoe can you go wrong. Just place against the cake & turn your cake turn table. Whalla!!

    from Antoinette Bakery Posted on

    This Atco decorating comb is fantastic it's a triangle with three sides superduper cheap and super super handy to have around when you need it makes great different designs for your cakes

    from N/A Posted on

    We make lots of desserts in springform pans and these are wonderful to texture the sides where the pans leave them a little rough. Every kitchen should have one.

    Posted on

    Awesome Ateco decorating comb. All 3 sides deliver a great finish to our cakes. All stainless so it wont bend or rust. Received a great price.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    A unique tool similar to a basic came comb, but the triangle shape gives you three patterns to choose from. It's made strong and will probably last for a long time if taken care of and cleaned often.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    This decorating comb by ateco is durable and offers 3 different sized sides for giving quick easy texture to the sides of a cake. I really like this one!

    from Jennie's Cake Creations Posted on

    Easy to use but prefer using the plastic cake combs. The teeth on these require you to be gentle yet firm when using them. Made well, very sturdy won't bend.

    from Tabatha Family Tree Posted on

    This is a nice Comb it is simple in its design allowing you to decorate cakes and make the sides look different. Now this is just metal so it will bend

    Posted on

    Perfect tool for making a beautiful cake it is a little sharp so be careful when you pick it up the best price you can buy online is from here.

    from H&H CITY PIZZA Posted on

    Love the fact that this is very neat. I can manage it comfortably in my hands. The shape gives you 3 different designs to decorate you cake but you can also be creative .

    Posted on

    This is a great item for finishing off a small cake. Each side provides a different size so it gives you some options. It seems to be made well and will last.

    Posted on

    This decorating comb is a very good product to own. Each of the three edges creates a different and nice look to any baked goods.

    Posted on

    This is an amazing tool for cakes and cupcakes I will order more if I need to but for now I think this one might last for a long time!

    from Brulotte's Cakery & Sweets Posted on

    This comb works great for cakes and giving your cake a little bit of flair instead of just smooth icing. It looks more professional but I like the 3 size options on it too depending on the look that you are looking for.

    from Small and Simple confections Posted on

    This comb makes decorating a small cake quick and easy. I haven't tried using it on cupcakes yet, but it seems like it would be fun as long as the tops were pretty flat.

    Posted on

    Ateco Decorating Comb

    We have found that the Ateco 1446 decorating comb (august Thomsen) works very well when we frost our ice cream cakes at our ice cream parlor

    from Reid's Ice Cream Parlor Posted on

    I like that it has a hole to hang it up and the different comb sizes on one item is nice. I don't use this often, but when I do, I'm glad that I have it.

    Posted on

    This is a very nice addition to our baking kit and creates unique results that add a nice touch. The comb itself is made of a nice thick stainless steel and the size first well in your hand. In all, it's a very high quality product from Ateco.

    from Home Use Posted on

    This is a great icing comp, i love that it has 3 different designs on one small device. it works well for the side of buttercream cakes.

    from Cakes by Ashley Posted on

    This is one of my favorite decorating tools because it gives the cake a nice design. It is very easy to use and once i pipe a few swirls on my cake it's finish. I love it!!

    Posted on

    A great comb for creating texture and making parallel lines. Solid construction and very durable, as well as easy to clean once you're done decorating.

    Posted on

    Great product! Good quality came just like in the pictures, I Love the size and price I enjoyed it great for business / home use

    from Home use Posted on

    I purchased the Ateco 1446 Decorating Comb by August Thomsen. The firm metal comb has three different comb sizes which makes it very versatile for decorating.

    from MIMI Posted on

    Love the way this comb makes my cakes look. It is a bit small, but I'd put that on me for not choosing a larger one. In general, it's a great, sturdy comb and works great for small desserts!

    Posted on

    This is a great decorating comb because it fits into small spaces and the choice of line spacing suits our needs very well. We also like the pre-drilled hanging hole.

    from Sussman's Bakery Posted on

    Great price for a product. I really like to use this to elevate my cakes. giving cakes something extra to look at without having to use more frosting or more of my time.

    Posted on

    OK this I thought I would love but its way too small, its good for say 6 inch cakes and smaller. Too bad because I was hoping I could use it for my larger cakes.

    from Divas Cupcakes Posted on

    The Ateco 1446 Decorating Comb is a simple tool that can add a fun element when decorating frosting. It cleans easily and is very easy to use. I would recommend every aspiring baker to pick up one.

    Posted on

    The quality and price point on this is out of this world. You pay 10 times this amount at a hobby store. I've been using this comb for all of my cakes.

    Posted on

    These are a little smaller than I would prefer, but I do like the three different sizes. While I usually use the rectangular ateco scrapers for straight lines, I love using these to get a wavy look by wiggling the comb up and down while scraping.

    Posted on

    I absolutely love this decorating comb. With three sizes to choose from, my cake decorations can be different every time. Such a great price for such an effective product

    from Jr's Catering Solutions Posted on

    A really inexpensive tool that every home, and professional chef should have! This comb goes beyond smoothing cakes, make stripped chocolate triangles, or even thin lines Jaconde. Its a great, thin, lightweight tool. You can loose it easily so buy more than one.

    Posted on

    Simple, economical, and so much fun to use. Bought some for family members as stocking stuffers, too. It's a fun kitchen tool that takes up very little room in the drawer, is very functional, and gives your desserts a great presentation. Love it.

    Posted on

    This triangular cake comb is amazing! It is very durable and is the perfect size, not to mention that the price on this site is perfect. These will last forever with minimal care.

    Posted on

    this little comb is GREAT!!! I cant think about not having one of these.. super easy to use and makes the outside look lovely. even if I did not cover the cake smoothly,,, this little comb works magic!!

    from ELENA GATES Posted on

    Love, Love, Love this tool! Until now, I only had a flimsy plastic one. This one is sturdy, and SO easy to use! A must have for any baker.

    from Everything Iced Cupcakes & More Posted on

    Another nice product from Ateco, though it is a bit small. I also purchased the other Ateco icing comb that Webstaurant offers - #1447 and I prefer that one. If you are looking to make quick work of larger spaces the 1447 would be the one to buy. Still, this one is handy for smaller areas and is a high quality, durable product.

    from Baked Bliss by Laura Posted on

    This is a cute and useful comb for a home baker like myself. The only reason I gave it 4 stars as opposed to 5 is because I wish it was bigger/longer. That's my own fault, though, for not buying a bigger one. I have put it in the dishwasher and it comes out fine.

    Posted on

    I bought this on a whim, since even though I love baking, and am very proud of the taste of my baked goods, I am terrible at decorating. I got tired of having sloppy looking frosting on cakes, so decided to give these a try. What can I say? I like them, although for someone like me with no artistic ability, I still managed to mess up the design the first time using them :)

    Posted on

    A cake decorating comb is absolutely essential for anyone who decorates cakes at home or professionally - it makes quick work of decorating. I'm not sure if this is dishwasher safe, so I always hand wash mine.

    Posted on

    This product was great! Exactly what I was looking for! I ice cakes with perfection now and I'm so happy I found this great product!

    Posted on

    I never realized how much easier it was to frost cakes until I had this handy little tool. Just set it down and run along the sides of your cake! (i love to wiggle it while doing that to get a cool wavy pattern instead of straight lines every time)

    Posted on

    I use this product every day! It is my go to comb for the sides of all my cakes. Using this also helps save on the amount of icing you have on the sides of your cake which saves $$$.

    from Sally's Piece-a-Cake Posted on

    I started using this comb when I was 18 and working in a bakery.This comb adds wonderful texture and makes beautiful patterns on the cakes!

    from BB's Sweet"Treet's" Posted on

    i use this product to give a combed appearance to my cakes, its light, durable and you cant beat the price, i highly recommend it

    from Peedoodlum's Pastries Posted on

    This little guys adds the wow factors on cakes. Make your customers think decorating took hours when this tool helps make decorating a breeze. Awesome product.

    Posted on

    I honestly bought this for my daughter, she loves helping me frost cakes, and I thought she would love doing different designs in the frosting with this.. She does! The price can not be beat, it is a good quality and is so easy to clean.

    Posted on

    I love the simplicity of Ateco's decorating combs! They can be used for anything from frosting to ganache. From a template to an imprint! I have several of these and I use them all the time on cakes, brownies, trifles and for gum paste!

    Posted on

    this is a great little decorating comb that doesnt take up extra space to store in your decorating stuff and has 3 nice designs, good for short cakes, as it is not very tall, but you can do 2 passes if you need to

    Posted on

    The comb is great for smoothing out cakes so you don't use so much icing, and the texture is so pretty on any cake but just be careful when using because it is metal

    from Janice's Cake Creations Posted on

    Very sharp for CLEAN lines. Made of Stainless Steel, and pretty large. These are larger than what you can get locally. Great Ateco quality, with a Great Webstaurant Store price!

    Posted on

    Want to look like a pro, even though you're not one? This decorating comb is what you need. Simply apply a crumb coat on your cake, refrigerate for about 30 minutes and then apply the final coat of buttercream. Once that's as even as you can, use any side of this comb and gently 'comb' through your cake. A turntable makes this a lot easier. There you have it - a professionally decorated cake with minimal effort.

    Posted on

    Basic comb. i haven't had any issues with it. it would be better if it had a flat edge for icing smoothing. i would suggest using this with room temperature swiss meringue buttercream, with a light hand.

    Posted on

    Still trying to get the hang of using the comb. On a soft buttercream frosting/ icing it can be challenging. I will try with a thicker colder icing and see if it is easier to use.

    Posted on

    These are very handy to have on hand and make a nice clean design when decorating simple cakes. They do work better when working with a buttercream!

    from Hardcore Sweet Posted on

    Better than expected the price is right and it's sturdy. Super fast 24 hour shipping that was great! This site prices are the best out there trust me I've done lots of research. I will not order from anywhere else.

    Posted on

    My teen daughter loves using this tool when decorating a cake (she has been my main student, these last several years) if we misplaced it, I would have to put in an emergency order to replace it. Very well made tool, I bet she'll be using it 20 years from now.

    Posted on

    The Ateco 1446 Decorating Comb works great for scraping chocolate. Not to mention it makes beautiful work of my frosting on the sides or top of a cake. Very study and a great value. Wouldn't be without it.

    Posted on

    This is a great little decorating comb. I use it to decorate cakes but I also use it to make chocolate decorations for all kinds of desserts. Handy little thing.

    from Jump Start Cafe Posted on

    This is great when your trying to get precise lines on the side of a cake. I love that its in a triangle, its easier to use then the square one. Love it!

    Posted on

    Pretty basic product. If you need a comb for basic cake or cupcake decorating I highly recommend. Very inexpensive and good to have in your kitchen

    Posted on

    This decorating comb is great on frosting cakes and or adding texture to icing on any dessert. Extremely light weight for easy use and just as easy to clean.I would highly reccomend this cake decorating product.

    Posted on

    This item was price higher in a local store. Very sturdy and easy to used. I recommend purchasing webstaruant online because the saving is unbelievable.

    Posted on

    I could " play " with this tool for a long time. I enjoy making designs across the top of cakes. spreads evenly and is a good price. Heavy metal so it will last a long time.

    Posted on

    I love to decorate cakes, but can never get the sides as smooth as I'd like. That's where this comes in handy. You just pick your design and run it around the sides for a uniform and decrative finish. If you don't like the first side, just smooth out the frosting and try another side. Really helpful!

    from WINDY CORNER Posted on

    this is a main tool in our bakery for leveling and edging cakes , these are metal and dont warp like plastic making them out lasting its plastic counter part

    from jeanne's bakeshop Posted on

    a very affordable tool to add some flare to your cake design, took a little time to get the hang of how much pressure to apply (I'm not a professional baker)

    from LA TAZZA FRESCA Posted on

    This icing comb is a very nice tool to have, very easy to use, and clean my cakes look very professional. Very inexpensive! I love it.

    Posted on

    I'm surprised with the quality of this comb. It is very sturdy and does a great job. The teeth are not too narrow, so it is easy to clean as well.

    from Home cook Posted on

    I am a newbie in cake decorating. I love the nice look this small utensil gives to my cake. I've bought a similar product at another site for about four times the price at webstaurant and still did not get the desired look. I'm glad I found this here.

    Posted on

    A great tool for decorating the sides of cakes to make a simple design more elegant. Great for getting a nice even amount of frosting on your cakes.

    from Countryside Cakes Posted on

    This is such a cool tool when decorating my cakes now, I can have either a rigged or smooth design. Also, it's a good weight, does not feel flimsy at all.

    Posted on

    i like to to to do diferent decoaration on whipped cream cake or butter cream cake or even fondant cakes easy to wash with the hot water

    from home Posted on

    For the price of these combs you can't beat it! They add a professional touch to all of our cakes. And there is no need to worry about smoothing frosting- just comb it! The lines on top of cakes also make writing easier.

    from Baked By Dan Posted on

    Strawberry shortcake with combed whipped cream.

    I absolutely LOVE this amazing WEBstaurant store product! My icing on my cake looks amazin! It is also very easy to clean! Thebest in cake decorating!

    Posted on

    This comb is an amazing utensil to have in the kitchen for cake decorating. It leaves nice sharp clean edges and makes the cakes look great!

    Posted on

    I was amazed of all the different things I could use this decorating comb for. Not only do I use it for decorating cakes, but I can use it when making sugar sculptures and also, making cool wraps.

    Posted on

    These are nice quality combs, but beware, they actually have pretty sharp edges! As long as you have a way to store them properly, they'll last a long time and create beautiful cakes.

    Posted on

    cake that used decorator comb

    This is an excellent tool to have in your pastry tool kit. its ideal for creating nice designs and textures on all sorts of cakes and pastries.

    Posted on

    i do a ton of baking at my restaurant. and tools like this are a must have. they give the finishing touch that i must give to my customers.

    from restaurant Posted on

    Wonderful product at a steal of a price! Great for varying design and multiple combinations can be achieved. This is a fairly durable product for its use.

    Posted on

    a very useful piece of triangle haha. i have this with my knife kit all the time when im doing cakes with buttercream to give it a nice line around the cake

    Posted on

    I love to use these decorating combs when adding a simple but decorative look to my baked goods. Ateco products are made very well and long-lasting tools. Their products are a must for any baker.

    Posted on

    You can decorate your cake three different way with one tool. It is sharp (watch your fingers), strong built quality so it really does the job. I will not ever buy the plastic one again which I bought in a different store. Thanks for the quality and for the great service!

    Posted on

    This cake decorating triangle is a great tool for any baker to have. The three different size ridges allows for multiple different design combinations that can be made.

    Posted on

    A good comb for beginning bakers! I prefer the metal comb to a plastic one because the plastic ones lose their shape over time. This comb is consistent every time.

    Posted on

    This is a long lasting decorating comb, and it is great for small round cakes. I like to use this comb on 9inch round cakes. The steal is sturdy and even, better than the plastic combs.

    from JAM Vegan Bakery Posted on

    Handy tool it's very easy to use and i wish i would have order this sooner. It works perfectly for a smooth design or if you want a make a more decorative design.

    Posted on

    Excellent cake comb! Great for chocolate garnishes too!! The metal material provides a sturdy design that prevents curvy lines. Easy to take care of and worth every penny!!!

    Posted on

    This is a handy dandy tool, and I wished I had ordered it a lot sooner. I use it for smoothing icing as well as decorating all the time.

    from StitchN Posted on

    The different sized teeth give you 3 different effects on the sides of a cake. The comb makes it easy and fast to apply icing to the sides without the fear of the icing "peeling" off. The sturdy metal is better than plastic.

    Posted on

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