Ateco 1311 5 1/4" x 3 1/2" x 9 1/2" Scraper / Spatula (August Thomsen)

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The Ateco 1311 scraper / spatula is perfect for use in your busy kitchen! Made of food-grade plastic, this 9 1/2" scraper / spatula is versatile and functional! Flexible enough to scrape out dough, batter, or icing from bowls, this scraper / spatula helps minimizing wasted ingredients. Simply grip the handle and scrape down the edges of your mixing bowl using a downward motion. You can even use this tool to smooth batters before baking or filling cake pans.

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Ateco 1311 5 1/4" x 3 1/2" x 9 1/2" Scraper / Spatula (August Thomsen)

4.7 stars from 77 reviews


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spatula Great Scraper bowl handle mixing Nice Perfect scraping cakes
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    2 out of 2 found this review helpful

    Ice cream we all love it will I do...I have a small machine that you can not use any metal in. This spatula is the perfect weight and size to get the Ice cream off the sides with no harm to my wonderful Ice Cream machine...

    from Suncatcher Jewelry Designs Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    Atecos's products always represent high quality for a great price. And in this case isn't a exception. This spatula is so perfect to prepare buttercream or any kind of recipes or icing cakes. But the best thing is that is ONE piece spatula, so you don't have to worry about any food remaining stay inside. I will buy three more in my next purchase.

    from Anbriel Biocakes Posted on

    Ateco 1311 spatula very convenient and useful!!!

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    It provides a perfect curved surface to scrape the bowl of my kitchenaid mixer. Also works perfect for trim the sides of the cake. Only disadvantage is that it is vulnerable to heat.

    from Bar Cold Dawn Posted on

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    Great, sturdy scraper at an awesome price. I use these to mix in colors for my royal icing and to frost with buttercream for smooth edges. I love they are all one piece and so easy to wash.

    Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    ateco does it again , i havent both any bad ateco product, this one also very well quality and pricing ,comparing to other local stores

    from Aslan Khan LLC Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    This scraper is great and I really like how long the head is. Before buying it, you should know that this is a really stiff scraper and is not flexible like a silicone spatula

    Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    So this is a really great scraper spatula it's got a nice large head on it very stiff great for icing cakes and even scrape in containers very happy with it

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    This spatulas / scraper are great. It is a good price for a good quality product. It's like getting two tools for the price of one.

    Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    I originally bought this for icing cakes but have found another great use for it. Bread making! It is wonderful for bread doughs,even those heavier stiff doughs. Scraping out the bowl and even cutting the dough with the flat side. This is definitely a multipurpose tool.

    Posted on

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    We needed some spatulas for food prep and we got a few different lengths of this spatula since we use a gallon jug of heavy mayo. It's great to have multiple options, not just in case one is being cleaned but the shorter one is perfect for a full tub and the longer handle is better for when you're scraping the bottom and don't want to shove your hand into the tub. These work great and a perfect price. The only issue we have had was keeping the hanging hole clean at the base of the handle but that's a pretty small issue.

    from Oxxshire Creamery Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    These scrapers work great for getting dough off the inside of a large mixing bowl. They are nice and cheap which is good because they are not super durable and we go through a lot of them. Best scraper for stiff dough out there though.

    from Alpendough Posted on

    The perfect size and shape to scrape a commercial size bowl of cookie dough. The plastic is solid and sturdy, its part of my must have kitchen list.

    from Nikkiikkin Sugar Studio Posted on

    This is a pretty basic spatula, but it works very well! The handle is a bit short, so that's something to keep in mind, but it has all sorts of uses.

    Posted on

    This is a nice large spatula that we use more for smoothing buttercream than for mixing. The handle is quite short so we don't often use it for mixing, but it is the perfect size for smoothing buttercream on the side of a cake!

    from Fika, LLC Posted on

    This is the perfect sized tool for very hands on action - handles that are any longer are usually unnecessary. I use it for navigating a large fry pan, especially for sauces that need constant stirring, and for scrambled eggs. It is great for scraping dough out of a bowl as well. One piece means easy to clean - too many others in a two piece construcion get gross where the handle meets the spatula head. This item plus a pair of tongs is about all I need.

    Posted on

    Wide blade is very useful.

    Great spatula, high end design. Great in hot or cold temperatures. Excellent at scraping any bowl or pan. This is the only type of spatula we use. Nothing but the best.

    from JBC Gourmet LLC Posted on


    Great quality spatula for the price you pay! Does not break easily like other spatulas we have previously purchased, highly recommend this product if you're considering!

    from Vault catering and events Posted on

    Sometimes I need a rubber spatula. Sometimes I need a handle-less scraper. But when I need something in-between, I go for this scraper/spatula. Nice and stiff, but still pliable enough to really scrape out the contents of a bowl.

    Posted on

    This isn't the worst scraper in the world but it certainly isn't the best. The handle is very short so it is a little uncomfortable to hold. The actual scraper is rather ridgid so it doesn't do the best job scrapping but it is very cheap.

    Posted on

    Ateco 9 1/2" Scraper / Spatula

    One piece spatulas are great! I previously had a different brand of scraper that would constantly get stuff stuck in between the scraper and the handle. I threw it away because i found it unsanitary. This spatula is rather large but, it is one piece and it doesn't stain easily. It is very easy to clean and performs above my expectations.

    Posted on

    I was hoping this would be a good replacement for my favorite one-piece spatulas that are no longer made. Sadly, even though Ateco is a good company with good products, this is not what I'd hoped it would be. The blade is too big to work well in a mixer bowl, and the handle bends when there is much weight (frosting) on the blade. The blade itself needs to be narrower and then continue on in a decreasing size to form the handle -- sort of a stretched out oval that is narrower at one end. That gives something to grip, has strength, and would fit bowls better.

    from top tier cakery Posted on

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    We like the size of the spatula, it helps us scrape stiff mixtures, butter and cream cheese out of small bowls. Its a handy size to have.

    from Minute cake n bake Posted on

    Durable scraper! Good size too. I like that I can mix thick products with this and it doesn't bend. Holds it's shape very well, love it!

    from Forever Clean Soap Works, Inc Posted on

    I bought a few different scrapers since I wanted to find the perfect one, and I think this one is my favorite. Very easy to use, just the right size as well. Very easy to clean up. Definitelly recommend.

    Posted on

    This is made from durable easy to clean plastic. I love the feel of the plastic and the one piece design. You cannot beat this price.

    Posted on

    The Ateco 1311 5 1/4" x 3 1/2" x 9 1/2" Scraper / Spatula is a great item to have in your kitchen. The quality is good and the price is reasonable.

    Posted on

    I highly recommend this Ateco 1311 5 1/4" x 3 1/2" x 9 1/2" Scraper / Spatula (August Thomsen). A nice spatula to have on hand. It's strong and simple to clean. I use this spatula to smooth out frosting on cakes or to get the product of the mixing bowl and pots.

    Posted on

    Great round spatula. The round part is specially great attache to round part of the mixing bowl. Quality is great and just what you would expect!

    from Tom Posted on

    Nice wide spatula head on a very short spatula I really like it it was really cheap to what a fantastic deal I think I'm going to have to get me a few more

    from N/A Posted on

    This spatula is shorter and bigger than I was expecting but it works very nicely for what I needed. You can never have enough spatulas.

    from home Posted on

    A nice spatula to have on hand. Offers many uses, plus it's really strong and simple to clean. Keep this near by to smooth out frosting on cakes or to simply get every bit of it out of your mixing bowl.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    We love these scrapers, as we keep ordering them. They are a harder plastic so the head is not very flexible as other spatulas, but great for scraping and spreading .

    from J & S Bakeria Posted on

    My wife utilizes this spatula when she is decorating cakes. It has a straight edge so that she is able to evenly spread the cake frosting and also scrapes out the inside of the frosting container very easily, so she doesn't leave any to go to waste.

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    Love that this scraper is being sold at a really great price. I use it every day when I'm decorating cakes.. Makes scraping the mixing bowl a lot easier.

    from Gonzalez Bakery Posted on

    This scraper/spatula is the perfect size when i am working with frosting or even batter! I really like this product and so would everyone else who loves baking or cooking!

    from Tightline Connection Posted on

    The shape of this spatula makes it extremely useful in our kitchen as it fits the contours of our bowls perfectly, It's head has just the right amount of flex and the handle is easy to hold. We also like that it's one piece rather than a handle and head separately which makes it a but more solid and easy to clean,

    from Home Use Posted on

    We needed a sturdier or stronger spatula and scraper. This is it,mthey other reviews are right! I trust the August Thomson approved brand on all items

    Posted on

    Nice sturdy scraper. We use it to scrape the mixing bowl clean in order to not leave behind batter. With just a few cakes, getting all the mix out of the bowl this tool will pay for itself.

    from Deliciously Dipped Posted on

    This is an excellent spatula!!! Great quality and great value. It makes cleaning your mixing bowls so much easier and eliminates wasting dough and batter!!! Love it and I would definitely purchase this item again.

    Posted on

    I was surprised at how heavy duty this was. For a cheaper plastic scraper, I didn't expect the durability that came with it. Perfect for scraping down the side of a bowl, or helping frost a cake

    Posted on

    This is a good little scraper/spatula. I like that the blade is as long as the handle...It allows me to get a good grip for scraping bowls. I deducted one star because I wish the blade had even a little flexibility, but generally speaking it is a good product and i would recommend it.

    Posted on

    These spatulas are great. They are very quality and reasonably priced. I have used them frequently and they still look new. I will definitely buy some more.

    Posted on

    I purchased this to scrape my cornbread batter out of the mixing bowl and into my cast iron skillet, which goes into the oven. Since then i've found other uses for it such as using it as a scraper to pick up chopped onions, etc. Great deal for a good product.

    Posted on

    Works great for mixing ingredients and then scraping the sides of the bowls. Made of thick plastic material and it is also light weight to use.

    Posted on

    Sturdy and a good value. I use it daily for scraping mixing bowls. It's got a good feel to it and cleans up very easily.

    from Mr. A's Beignets Posted on

    We bought the Ateco 1311 Scraper/Spatula - 5 1/4" x 3 1/2" x 9 1/2" because our old, cheap spatula was starting to look like the dog chewed on it. Actually, considering the way the dog behaves, he may have. This is a nice replacement, and much better quality than the one it replaced.

    Posted on

    Works great for scraping down sides of mixing bowl -even while the mixer is running! I prefer this design to a typical rubber spatula -the edges are nice & thin to really scrape well. I also use this to frost cakes -it works well for a thin crumb coat or thick swirls. It picks up a lot of icing at once which also makes it great for filling piping bags.

    Posted on

    Short and sleek, very very sturdy, now I will be ordering quite a few since this one was just to test out making my products!

    Posted on

    A nice spatula for cleaning out bowls. My only gripe is that the plastic of the blade is a little too hard, so it tends to be difficult to fully scrape a bowl.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    We have been very happy with this item. It is a great price. It is not a soft spatula, it is more rigid but we like it for what we use it for

    from Red River .inn Posted on

    Using the Ateco 1311 Scraper/Spatula - 5 1/4" x 3 1/2" x 9 1/2" (August Thomsen) to spread peanut butter is very convenient. The scraper is so large that I can easily spread it on the bread.

    from jwhitten31 on Youtube Posted on

    The Ateco 1311 Scraper/Spatula - 5 1/4" x 3 1/2" x 9 1/2" (August Thomsen) has worked well and has held up pretty well. For the price we would definitely buy again.

    Posted on

    This is a nice scraper/spatula. It gets the job done, and is very easy to clean. Overall, I am satisfied with this product, and would recommend it to a friend.

    Posted on

    love this scraper! its not pliable. its made of a hard plastic that doesn't bend, which is why its good for spreading frosting or scraping a pan.

    from Mahalos Posted on

    This is the best scraper! The handle is long enough to have a good grip. It washes easily and I use it to smooth my cakes!

    Posted on

    Good scrapper, handle is a little short but it works in shallow bowls of small amounts of icing. Therefore a good product for the price.

    Posted on

    This is a nice size scraper. Usually they have longer handles and smaller scrapers. Because this handle is shorter and the scraper is longer, I can control it better and more cleanly scrape the bowl.

    Posted on

    Though I prefer a flexible spatula for scraping the creamy things out of a bowl, this one is good for using with thicker and harder things like cookie or bread doughs. I also use it to cover my cakes and it does the job well.

    Posted on

    This scraper/ spatula is a great find for your kitchen. We use it when we mix powered items and the spatula is sturdy to use not flimsy. It clings to the edges of the bowls so you get all the mixture completely mixed. The price is great and clean up is fantastic, and stores nicely in your baking drawer.

    from Rosemarie T.C. Posted on

    I like this product and it helps when scraping the last bits out of my bowl...I used to use a different. scraper but this one is much more durable.

    Posted on

    When we first received the spatula we were impressed with it. However it does wear down easily around the edges. The edge of the spatula, after several months of use, is no longer smooth, but rippled and jagged.

    from Simply Natural Cafe Posted on

    It is very sturdy and helps you get all of the batter out of the mixing bowls. It is a must have in your bakery or home.

    Posted on

    This is a very interesting spatula/scraper. When I first got it in the package, I didn't think it would be strong enough. It's kind of thin. But when you hold it, and actually work with it, this is a great tool. I mostly use this for my meringues and royal icing, but can work with other things.

    Posted on

    Long stiff scraper with short handle which is perfect for scraping cookie dough and bread dough. Which what I use it for, better then using a rubber spatula.

    Posted on

    This spatula has a handle the same length as the scraper so I do not recommend using it to scrape a tall bowl (this is the only drawback). It has great scraping power & is made from one piece of plastic so it is very sturdy.

    from sharpe creations by skyler Posted on

    This scraper/ spatulas is a most have. It is easy to use for scraping cake batter out the bowl. It is very durable. Great product and price.

    from T & C Catering Services Posted on

    I had a similar tool with my food processor, but that mysteriously disappeared. This multi-purpose spatula is made of rigid plastic and large enough for many uses like the food processor, blender, hand-mixing, etc.

    Posted on

    At creative cupcakes we use these alot. We have used other brands and they keep falling apart. These are excellent quality and we have not had any problem at all.

    from Creative Cupcakes by Judy Posted on

    This scraper/spatula is nice and more than I expected. I'm more accustomed to using the flexible silicone spatulas, so this took some getting used to, but it's very sturdy and I think it will last for many years. I love that it's one piece. No cracks and crevices for food to get into, so it's easy to clean. Great price too!

    Posted on

    I needed something to scrape off the batter from my cookies and cakes since the spoon just wasn't efficiently getting all the batter out and I hate the waste. So I picked this out and it works wonderfully. Sturdy enough for the tougher, sticky batter and gets out all the batter.

    Posted on

    This is a must have at a great price. Very flexible with a long spatula that makes it easy to mix or scrape a bowl. Highly recommended.

    Posted on

    This is exactly what I wanted.. the quality and price meet every expectation I had. This is a fantastic value and I recommend it entirely.

    from Shalane Bakes Posted on

    Great scraper made of heavy plastic that I am sure will last many years. Perfect price. Very happy with this purchase. Will recommend to my friends.

    Posted on

    I have been looking everywhere for these. It's one piece so there is no food stuck in between. I had to keep buying new spatulas every month because of this problem. This spatula is a little bit harder plastic and once you get used to the difference in size it is fine.

    from Anna Mea's Bakery Posted on

    This scraper/spatula is very versatile, sturdily built and great to use with dough and thick batters. The small handle is very useful to to beat wet ingredients quickly and effortlessly.

    from Home cook Posted on

    I really like this scraper for cold recipes, I would use another type of scraper for hot applications. It has a short handle for ease of use with large amounts/heavier batters, as well as being helpful with limited storage, and it conforms well to my mixing bowls. Works great with mixing large amounts of potato salad and cole slaw, and for the price is well worth having in your gadget drawer!

    from homeschool Posted on

    This spatula is very sturdy and I like to use it when combined ground beef and pork together for meatballs. Rather than smashing the meat together and making it tough, I mix it with the spatula and use the edge to cut through to blend. The spatula is light weight but very sturdy and does not bend, even when going through cold meat. Highly recommend!

    Posted on

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