Ateco 126 Large Rose Leaf Piping Tip (August Thomsen)

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All your tasty treats will look professionally delicious with this Ateco 126 large rose leaf pastry tube! For any and all occasions, this pastry tube will create the perfect rose and rose leaves to top your edible creations. Made of durable stainless steel, this tube is rust-resistant and designed to withstand repeated use without bending out of shape. Perfect for adding elegant finishing touches on your most popular desserts, this pastry tube is an essential addition to your baking tools. Using the right style pastry tube for the job will enhance your presentation to draw patrons' attention to your display cases and plated desserts.

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Ateco 126 Large Rose Leaf Piping Tip (August Thomsen)

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Pastry Rose Large tip Ateco tube leaf great easy tips
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    This Ateco 126 Large Rose Leaf Piping Tip (August Thomsen) is a terrific piping tip. It's very easy to use and very good quality. Will definitely buy more. The price is very good too...

    Posted on

    Makes nice roses. Ateco brand has been my go to for years. I highly recommend over wilton. So may large high quality tips to choose from.

    from Suga Mama Cakes Posted on

    I had bought tips form this website when I first started my baking career and now I prefer to order all my items from them. there service is fast, great customer service and the products prices are perfect. this ateco large rose tip is perfect

    from Home baker Posted on

    I use these larger rose tips whenever I am working on a larger cake. It makes the decorations look perportionet to the larger size of the cake.

    from Fast Casual Cafe Posted on

    Rose bud

    like all attach tubes/tips this one has not failed me. Never once has it bent even when banged on its side. Cleaning is also super easy.

    from RoeMarie Cakes Posted on

    We use these a lot for our basic cakes and cupcakes. These are great also for classes that we teach to learn roses. Again, Ateco is the best brand- they are super durable and do not bend and tarnish!

    from Hardcore Sweet Posted on

    The Bea

    The large rose leaf pastry tube is very helpful for you to get that perfect flower to make your cake or cupcakes stand out from the rest.

    Posted on

    we purchased this specific tip for making roses. It works very well but needs Stiff icing to really make the Rose. I'm glad we were able to find this on this website. Thanks

    Posted on

    Making roses!

    Ateco 126 large rose leaf pastry tube is very nice and sturdy. It's very easy to work with this pastry tube. Quality is just outstanding. Easy to clean as well. Definitelly recomend.

    Posted on

    Large rose leaf pastry tube

    This rose leaf style pastry tube is constructed from rust-resistant stainless steel. Ateco makes very high quality pastry products. Your pastry chef will be happy you decided to go with a very good quality pastry tube. Make decorating more efficient with this large tool.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    Ateco makes great pastry products.

    The Ateco large rose leaf tube really helps when writing on cakes and drawing leaf designs. For the low cost, it was an easy decision to purchase this to add to our collection of tips.

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    Rose leaf tube

    Do you enjoy to make a special effect when you decorating you cakes or cupcakes? Then you will love this pastry tip which will allow you to make a really nice roses!

    Posted on

    rose leaf pastry tube

    This is a great rose leaf pastry tip, and easy to use with or without a coupler. The Ateco brand tips are very good-they are made of stainless steel, hold up very well to normal use and abuse, and clean up easily in the dishwasher without rusting.

    Posted on

    Great large piping tip to have in your baking and decorating arsenal. Well made too. For coupler purposes this tip opening measures in at one inch.

    from April Posted on

    Pipes beautifully!

    Ateco 126 Large Rose Leaf Pastry Tube (August Thomsen) is a good product that's easy to use and not flimsy like others I've encountered. Thank you!

    from Mocha Choca Latte Posted on

    Ateco makes a consistently high-quality product and Webstaurant has a great price. I like this large leaf tip because you don't need a coupler. I would buy it again.

    Posted on

    This tip is great for making icing ruffles.

    Ateco brand rivals any other. This tube is very functional. Very easy to use with or without coupler. Commercial quality and made from heavy steel rather than just plates like other brands .

    from SOD Posted on

    This Ateco large rose leaf pastry tube works perfectly for creating large roses! Great price and value! Easy cleanup hard to find size works great!

    from Kathy J Posted on

    rose leaf

    This is a great piping tip. It's very easy to use and with good quality. I love Ateco products. Will definitely buy more. The price is best that I can find online

    Posted on

    This large size tip is a need for decorating option. It creates large size rose which exactly the size I need to pair it with the small one on a cake.

    Posted on

    Ateco 126 Large Rose Leaf Pastry Tube (August Thomsen)

    I decorate cakes at a local grocery store also in my home. I ordered these rose tips because the make a nice full rose and have many uses when decorating multiple cakes with lots of flowers.

    Posted on

    I recommend the using the Large rose leaf pastry tube for several pastry, cakes, & icing designs. I recently learned how to create a ruffle design on cakes with the large rose leaf tip.

    Posted on

    Been using this tip for a while and it's held up great! We don't get the staining on the inside like we did on other tips.

    from JO Posted on

    Out of all the pastry tips we ordered from webstaurant, this was the only pastry tip that was properly packed. It was placed in a small plastic baggy and then a sticker was placed on the outside of the bag. For other pastry tips, the employees placed the large stickers directly on the pastry tips. The stickers are difficult to remove and cannot be cleaned with just water. Thank goodness one of these tubes were in a bag.

    Posted on

    I love this tip. It is perfect for creating a rose on a cake. Easy to clean and large. Very quick and easy shipping. Will order again

    Posted on

    I absolutely love this product! This ateco large rose leaf pastry tube works great! This pastry tube gives a nice smooth texture to the icing. Just perfect and easy to use!

    Posted on

    I didn't realize that this tip would require the medium sized coupler. Which makes it a little bit more difficult for me to pipe I rose with that large of a bag, so that is something I will have to get used to. But other than that, the tip worked great.

    Posted on

    This pastry tube does wonders at dispensing just the right about of frosting. Make sure that you get the right size and format for your projects!

    from Saxon Posted on

    Nice size for piping bigger roses. It was exactly what I was looking for. Good quality. If you angle your piping, can also work in ruffles with this tip.

    Posted on

    This Ateco 126 large rose leaf pastry tube is perfect for making beautiful buttercream roses and ruffles. Very high quality at great price. Highly recommend this item.

    Posted on

    like their other products, these tips are good quality and i imagine this will last a long time. the size is a bit awkward to pipe directly without a coupler but overall theyre a great tool

    Posted on

    Ateco 126 tube is very good quality for heavy duty use , good price and I really like numbering on them so I can keep track

    from Aslan Khan LLC Posted on

    The ateco 126 large rose leaf pastry tube made beautiful roses. Exactly the size I was looking for. You just cant go wrong with this trusted brand!

    Posted on

    This is one of my mainly used piping tips for quick sheet cakes. With the right techniques it makes a gorgeous pedals to form roses and leaves.

    Posted on

    Use this tip to make larger buttercream Roses when needed, excellent quality, easy to use and perfect size buttercream roses for a big birthday cake.

    from Sugar and Spice Cupcakes Posted on

    I'm glad I found these because it's hard to find a piping tip this size in the store. Very sturdy and it's stainless steel not just outside but inside, so it's easy to maintain and use long term

    Posted on

    I really enjoy all Atecos pastry tips but this Ateco 126 Large Rose Leaf Pastry Tube (August Thomsen) is great! Piping accents in cakes, cupcakes or really any pastry is now easy! And they are heavy stainless steel so they don't bend or get out of shape.

    Posted on

    This is a good pastry tube insert. My wife loves using it on her decorating of her cakes for the kids and our birthdays. I'd say it's was a great addition to the kitchen collection.

    Posted on

    Love this piping tip! This piping tip makes a pretty ruffle along the sides of a cake. And I like it for making flowers too.

    from Sweet Art Bake Shop Posted on

    High quality piping tip. Designed to make roses but we use the, for a number of different decorating needs. Easy to clean and maintain. Highly recommended.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    This is a good petal tube/tip. It works will a medium sized coupler. It's great for making larger flowers and ruffles and fun to use for frosting cupcakes.

    Posted on

    Perfect for large rose and other designs. Price is unbeatable. Theses tips are durable and I am using this brand for years without regrets. will recommend to others.

    Posted on

    this review is for large rose leaf pastry tube is fantastic for making rose pedals good deal ill be ordering a lot more

    from home Posted on

    LOVE!!! It is great to make a cake covered in ruffles. I haven't used it to make a rose yet, but it made beautiful ruffles.

    Posted on

    Good for use in making larger flowers (such as roses) for cake decorations; the tip is large enough that harder frostings such as ganache can pass through without a problem

    from Home Posted on

    Used to pipe larger rose meringues

    Ateco 126 Large Rose Leaf Pastry Tube (August Thomsen) these pastry tubes are made for ppl who are shipped at cake decorating you can use them to make flowers and leaves or strip style patterns for cakes and pastries

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    I love the Ateco products and you just cant beat Webstaurants pricing and the fast shipping--This rose leaf tip is perfect for the larger roses--I have been looking for this tip and of course Webstaurant has it!! Thanks Webstaurant!! My favorite place to shop!!


    These tips work great! I love all the Ateco products as they always perform as expected. The Ateco 126 Large Rose Leaf Pastry Tube is no exception. And thank you Webstaurant Store for making them such a terrific value!

    Posted on

    Glad I came across this large rose leaf tip. It make great roses and was a bargain of a price. Well crafted and should be the only one we every need.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    This tip really does put out a very precise amount of icing to do very intricate designs. It's also very easy to clean since the stainless is flat and does not roll at the edge.

    Posted on

    Love using this tip to make bigger roses... I purchased a few of these tips to be able to use several colors with out having to switch out tips during cake decorating. Love the price they are offered at thru this website.. If ever they need to be replaced, this is where I would purchase them again.

    from Panaderia Gonzalez Posted on


    Posted on

    Great sturdy tip. Can use it to create ruffled cakes, big roses or petaled flowers. I use it on my cakes and cupcake designs. Its a great buy.

    from Blissful Bake Shop Posted on

    Great tip for making tapered edge roses out of buttercream or other icing. Works well with most size bags and couplers. Will buy more as needed.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    Love this little pastry tip. It's the perfect size for piping out little petals to make roses on cakes. Ateco makes great products. The metal is pretty sturdy for the price of the tip.

    Posted on

    This tip is excellent for big, full roses, large enough to cover a cupcake. I recommend getting this petal shape tip in several sizes, but this largest tip is also the best for ruffle cakes.

    Posted on

    Large, beautiful roses!

    Really nice rose tip. Is bigger then I expected from the pictures. Even at that I can use this for many things like ruffles on the side of the cake and really big roses.

    Posted on

    This Large Rose Leaf tip is the perfect solution for making large roses. It definitely helps to cut down on time when you're working on covering a large area with roses.

    Posted on

    I prefer this tip over the smaller 104 rose tip. You can make larger beautiful roses with it, but you can also create a ton of other buttercream flowers with this tip like the carnation, ranunculus, primrose, etc.

    Posted on

    Roses made with Ateco 126

    Really good for rose cookies or even to make buttercream rose topped cupcakes! Great size not too small and not to big its perfect! Love it!

    Posted on

    Perfect for piping roses. Best for roses sized about a half inch to an inch and a half wide. Can also do buds, and larger flowers.

    from blackberry river baking co Posted on

    it was a little hard to get the hang of but this tip is perfect once you are used to it. I'd highly recommend it - just be sure to watch some tutorials online first.

    from Best rate referrals Posted on

    Great size tip. Very strong. The large size is perfect for creating ruffles on small and big cakes. Price is unbeatable. Ateco products are great!

    Posted on

    great by for the awesome piece Ateco 126 Large Rose Leaf Pastry Tube (August Thomsen) very nice quality made pastry tube easy use and wash it

    from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jhay Posted on

    I love using this tip to make my roses. They look so beautiful. Thank you webstaurant for another great product. Keep it up. love it

    Posted on

    Just started making butter roses to serve with our waffles and pancakes and bring up the level of presentation. This tip makes perfect sized roses and with a little practice you can make a variety of different shaped pastry or butter flowers.

    Posted on

    Great strong tip! We decorate up to 40 cakes a week and need well made tips that can handle all the use. I stock up on these!

    Posted on

    This rose tip is great for. both creating beautiful roses but also for creating lovely ruffles of all different varieties. We love this rose tip for our bakery.

    from Bakeshop LLC Posted on

    Nice larger size to create a perfect sized ruffle around an 8" cake. Used it directly in piping bag with no coupler required. Easy to clean! Love!

    from All in the Details Posted on

    Ruffle Cake

    Great petal tip at a great price! We use it in the bakery for creating ribbon cakes and it works awesome! Getting an Ateco tip for this price in unheard of. Will definitely be buying more of these for back ups.

    Posted on

    Cake decorated with Ateco 126 Rose Leaf Pastry tube

    The Ateco 126 Large Rose Leaf Pastry Tube is the perfect tip for quickly piping flower/rose patterns on top of cupcakes or onto a flower nail. Easy to use, highly recommended

    from sharpe creations by skyler Posted on

    These piped flower patterns on top of each cupcake were made using the Ateco 126 Pastry tube

    This is the only place I could find this large petal tip. It's exactly what I needed to do my buttercream ruffle around my large cake.

    from Tulip Tree Bakery Posted on

    I have a home based cake business and I love to decorate my cakes with the buttercream. So I use many pastry tubes and this one is among my favorites. Good quality, nice size, helps me to make beautiful roses and ruffles for my cakes.

    Posted on

    Good quality tube; cheaper than most other brands out there and it does the same thing! I'm able to decorate my bake goods with ease.

    Posted on

    This is one of many pastry tips I have ordered from Webstaurant. Makes beautiful large buttercream roses or ruffles on your cake. Ateco tips are very well made and so reasonably priced here on Webstaurant. Buy with confidence!

    from Baked Bliss by Laura Posted on

    this is a good quality tip that will make big gorgous roses or chevron stripes, just make sure your cake is big enough to accomadate its size

    Posted on

    I absolutely love this tip! I used it to make buttercreme flowers. Makes a a large beautiful flower. It was very easy to use and the results were impressive!

    Posted on

    Buttercreme flowers!

    This tip makes absolutely beautiful ruffles and roses! Webstaurant delivered my order promptly and in perfect condition. I will definitely be ordering from them again.

    from Wonderland Treats Posted on

    I have been having the best time using this rose tip for cupcakes, and eventually cakes. My cupcakes look professional, and I now I'm not even interested in frosting by hand. I have also purchased the large round tip and that one is amazing as well!

    Posted on

    This one took me a while to figure out and I haven't fully mastered it. However I know it would work for pro bakers, even though I am not one.

    Posted on

    These leaf piping tips or tubes as Ateco likes to call them are great to pipe leaf shaped buttercream on cupcakes. You'll need a large coupler for these.

    Posted on

    This item is perfect to make gorgeous roses in cupcakes and cakes… ateco has the perfect items ever.. the quality of the products are incredible

    from MASSIELRANGEL Posted on

    Love this tip and for the price, you just can't beat it. I'm so tired of paying too much for things like this from "craft" stores. They should be ashamed!

    Posted on

    I Love this tip. It's the larger rose petal tip. Makes beautiful piped roses. And can also be used to create ruffles, bows, swags, and even write with it to create thick flat letters. I like using it to do some freehand piping to decorate cakes.

    Posted on

    I created this 4-tiered ruffle cake using the Ateco 126 pastry tube. I loved the way it turned out.

    When i bought this large rose tip i had not fully mastered making butter cream roses.This tip has seen me through many trial and errors. This is a good tip that get's the job done and makes butter cream roses a breeze to make.

    from Mel Posted on

    Very affordable Pastry tube made by Ateco. Easy to clean and fits standard pastry bags. Makes lovely roses and I also use this to make daffodils and daisies.

    from Countryside Cakes Posted on

    The large rose leaf tip makes more then roses! We use it to top our flower cupcakes with daisies and also use to to make ruffles and rosebuds.

    from Baked By Dan Posted on

    Not only do we use this to make roses and daisies, but we also make our popular ruffle cake with this large rose tube. We simply touch the wide end of the tip up against the cake and pipe in a back-and-forth motion.

    Best tip ever! I've been using other brands of tips for years, the drawback was that these would always loose their shape because the metal was too soft. The tips they sell here at the Wenstaurantstore are 100 times better. I'm ordering them all from here to replace my other sub-par ones.

    Posted on

    Was able to create this new technique to decorate some of our cupcakes. Soo cute!

    This is a good piping tip for making decorative leaves to attach on flowers when cake decorating. It works well for making a basket weave pattern.

    Posted on

    Great size for piping roses and decorating ruffle cakes. This is quite a versatile tip. It is sturdy and has kept well for me. Recommended

    Posted on

    Making a custom cake for a local journalist birthday and she loves to garden so her family ordered a flower cake. This petal tip came in handy for the large flowers we had to put on the cake. I would suggest to anyone doing maybe a wedding cake or flowers as toppers

    Posted on

    This is a great decorating tip! Perfect for adding flowers to a wedding cake! Nice for decorating mini cupcakes too! Easy item to stock up on, super affordable!!!

    Posted on

    I like to use Ateco 126 large rose leaf pastry to make decorations for the cakes, i feel very satisfied about the results i have gotten of this

    Posted on

    I have a few of these in my pastry kit. Theyre so great for making large rose buds. And theyre so cheap, why not get a few at a time!

    Posted on

    So happy with my purchase of the large rose leaf pastry tube. It is durable and last a long time aven though it not expensive!

    Posted on

    Having only used Wilton tubes previously, I cannot adequately express how impressed I am with the Ateco line. They are strong and sturdy, and really great for anyone from beginner to master chef. And, purchasing through webstaurant, they are much more cost efficient than Wilton!

    from Carnegie Mellon University Posted on

    It has a square bottom rather than round, so the petals have a unique shape to them

    Posted on

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