Choice Medium Weight White Plastic Teaspoon - 1000/Case

Item #: 130WSPOON

Perfect for take-out restaurants, stadiums, outdoor barbecues, and more, these Choice medium weight white plastic teaspoons will exceed your serving needs! Complete your plastic cutlery settings, or use them to fill your flatware bins at your snack shack or concession stand for easy take-out or grab-and-go applications. Made of durable polypropylene, these disposable teaspoons are strong enough to last through your meal service, and can be easily disposed of, making cleanup a breeze.

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Choice Medium Weight White Plastic Teaspoon - 1000/Case

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spoons great Price ice spoon weight buy cream perfect medium
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    These spoons are very durable and the perfect fit for New Orleans style snowball! They are packaged well and are easy to remove for storage.

    from Sweet Ps Snowball Shack Posted on

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    These are fairly durable plastic ware and not expensive, we use them for all our to go orders and with a thousand in a box they last a while.

    from GREEN ZONE BAR & GRILL Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    this is a very flimsy spoon, i would call it light weight! purchased for hard ice cream,spoon totally bends,not strong enough,maybe good for soft items

    from mack's ice cream by wendy Posted on

    Thank you for your review on these spoons, Wendy. We are sorry these spoons were not suitable for your ice cream. They are an excellent value. For a spoon that will better hold up against hard ice creams, we suggest trying these Visions Heavy Weight White Plastic Teaspoons for both durability and affordability.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These medium weight white spoons is a great option for ice cream, soup and anything else. They hold up well and they're great choice. Price is very good.

    from KRN Enterprise, LLC Posted on

    We use these with our shaved ice treats. Get for spoon snacks. They are good for light foods, They do bend if your using them with hard food or frozen.

    from Kona Ice Posted on

    I purchased these spoons to be used at my daycare center. They're perfect for what our children need for meals. The cost is great as well as the quality!

    from Little Steps Daycare Posted on

    These spoons are great for normal use. I purchased these for the use of hand dipped ice cream, which is hard. These did not do very well for that purpose, as they would bend.

    Posted on

    Spoons are good quality, used in childcare/preschool setting so must be durable and of good quality. I will definitely be buying these spoons from now on.

    from East Lake Academy, Inc. Posted on

    A good value (as usual) but not, what we would consider, middleweight. We buy the same quality knives (in terms of durability) in packs of 400 at our local supermarket (for a slightly higher per unit cost) though we won't have to go shopping for knives for awhile now :). Like others have said, not good for cutting but perfectly fine for spreading.

    Posted on

    excellant value for soft serve ice cream in a dish. sturdy enough for sundaes. I have not found another source that can match this price.

    from Kathy's Ice Cream Posted on

    These spoons are perfect for cakes, flans and baked products. I am very pleased ok how good they hold without being heavy duty. Perfect for parties.

    from None Posted on

    This medium weigh spoon is perfect for when the customers want to have a delicious desert after they finish their meal very clean and disposable after every use

    from Aguila Sandwich Shop Posted on

    We use these spoons for dessert cuts and Italian ice. Its a great buy for the price, cheaper than alot of other places, definitely will be buying again.

    from Candy on Main Posted on

    We have used these spoons in our Water Ice and Ice Cream business for 3 seasons now. They are durable and AFFORDABLE!! We buy them in bulk so we never run out!! They are not a rigid spoon so if you need that this may not be the product for you. Excellent value for the money.

    from TC's TREATS Posted on

    I absolutely love this product! These medium weight white plastic teaspoons work great! They do have a bend to them so wouldn't use these on tough foods. Great for soft foods though.

    Posted on

    Really good and medium strength. I bought it to serve with ice cream and it does well unless a serve it with really hard ice cream then It starts to bend.

    from Charlie's Food Mart Posted on

    This plastic spoon is of excellent quality and price. Shipping is fast and package well made. Item was as described. I will buy them again in the future.

    Posted on

    These spoons are a great value, I just wish they would have been packed in a box as opposed to a bag. but other than that I am very satisfied with them

    Posted on

    100 pack of medium weight spoons at a great price. They are delivered right to your house without any problems at all. This was a good Choice!

    Posted on

    These medium weight plastic teaspoon are great! they are of good quality, thick, and strong We use them to fill up our cutlery caddy great price

    from sweetart Posted on

    We used these spoons for samples during an expo, and they worked perfectly! Not only were they a good price, they were packed very efficiently in a small box, which made it great for packing for the show. We served some thick soups and worked well for holding the soup, and there were not complaints from anyone trying the samples. Highly recommended!

    Posted on

    I love these plastic teaspoons. They work great for our ice cream and frozen yogurt desserts. They are a great quality and a great product.

    from Sweet Treats Posted on

    Fast Delivery, excellent price and exactly as described on the website. Medium weight so not for heavy lifting but these preform as expected. Great buy

    from Bethel Baptist Church Posted on

    Great spoons. I love the flexibility of them. Light weight and thinner. Perfect for what I need them for. Price is right per quantity. Will order again.

    Posted on

    Just what I needed! These are the perfect product for my business, and they came exactly as described. The Shipping was crazy Fast also.... As always. =D

    from Fluff's Shaved Ice Posted on

    These are ok for soft foods but with anything hard good luck. They are flimsy but since there are so many in case they do last a long time.

    from 3 Leaf Tea Posted on

    Only reason for not giving five stars is that I have bought medium weight spoons elsewhere and they are a lot less flexible- I love the price point on these and they bend instead of breaking but it would be nice if they were a little stiffer. Other than that they work great if you're not digging into anything too hard frozen or dense.

    from Scoops LLC Posted on

    The spoons are wonderful I am a repeat customer. I know that this is the ONLY place where i can buy 1,000 spoons for a low price.

    Posted on

    This plastic-ware is a good quality product for the price. Item was as described, fast and reasonably priced shipping. Can't wait to order again soon.

    Posted on

    Before I bought. These I checked. Them out a few. Times. I seen bad. And good. Reviews. When I got. Them I. Liked. Them they r not. Too bulky. They. R good. For. Any. Occasion will buy again . Saves money

    from Party world Posted on

    The price is reasonable. I use this spoon for ice cream and the size of the spoon is just good. Even if the ice cream is hard, it doesn't break easily.

    Posted on

    The spoon works great it is a decent size. if your using it for soup or cereal you can't go wrong, even if your using it as a sugar spoon.

    Posted on

    These spoons were an excellent buy! They are very durable. The price is also great for the amount you get too. I used to buy spoons at my local store and would rather buy them from here now on.

    Posted on

    Great disposable spoons at a very economical price! These are perfect for delis and other quick service food establishments, but also perfect for stocking up for picnics or parties!

    Posted on

    The price of these spoons is unbelievable less than five dollars for a thousand spoons is amazing i will definitely be ordering again very soon

    from Sweet treats Posted on

    The spoons have worked well with out kids. We serve ice cream on kids night and they are perfect. We don't have to wash them and for the price, it's great!

    from Habibi, LLC Posted on

    These spoons are perfect for soft serve ice cream in a bowl. We will be ordering the heavy weight spoons for our hard ice cream though.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    I purchased these spoons to use with on the go desserts. Nope, not going to happen. They were way too flimsy. Perfect for tasting spoons.... that's about it..

    from Kimestry Bakery Posted on

    Thank you for the review! We’re sorry this has not worked well for you. Please remember our Customer Solutions team is there to help should you encounter any issues.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I thought i could save a few dollars compared to DART spoons but these "medium" weight spoons just can't handle hand dipped ice cream. I'm going back to DART.

    from Pete's Sweets, LLC Posted on

    We appreciate your review, Charles! If you are looking for a different product that will better suit your needs, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Great to have at a restaurant for taste testing and the quality is good for parties for home or any event of any king. Price was very good.

    Posted on

    Cheap decent spoon for shave ice. When I am not able to go to other stores, I will order these. They are cheap, and some come molded together or shaped like a spork so be prepared to throw out 20 per 1000. but at the price, not bad.

    from Ali'i Hawaiian Shaved Ice Posted on

    these are a great deal for 1000 spoons. so cheap but still very durable. fast shippin as always and neatly packaged as well. will reorder

    Posted on

    I have used these spoons on hot meals and desserts like ice cream. They worke great and come at a good price. Perfect for birthday parties.

    Posted on

    Great value and they work wonderful for our sundaes, banana splits, and several other items we sell. We have not had any complaints and they are sturdy enough for what we sell.

    Posted on

    These broke a couple times with our customers so we upgraded to the heavy weight. We have not had a problem since. These might be good with soup.

    Posted on

    These spoons are excellent for my shaved ice business. We use thousands of spoons, and by far these are the best value and quality I found.

    from Caribbean Ice Posted on

    Home use: I love having these on hand for school lunches, snacks, or easy week night suppers. Much better quality than those found in grocery stores.

    Posted on

    These are not the best plastic spoons, but they get the job done especially when you're just going to be throwing them out anyway. Some of the spoons in the pack had uneven edges on them, but that was expected since the price is so affordable. I will definitely buy again though since I like the price for the amount that you get.

    Posted on

    These spoons are such a great price! They are nothing fancy and slightly flimsy but for the basic uses these are fine. Stock up and save.

    from CMV Posted on

    These spoons are great for their price. They're great for a large party or your business needs. However they aren't the sturdiest spoon so I wouldn't recommend them if you're going to use them for heavy food.

    Posted on

    medium weight is exactly correct. They are not meant for much more than that. They are a good bargain for very light food, but anything of any weight bends where the spoon meets the shaft.

    from NorthEast Pie Company Posted on

    Can never have too many tasting spoons! Keeping a plentiful stash on hand encourages staff to maintain quality control of products and maintain sanitation. Great price for quantity.

    from Mint Culinary LLC Posted on

    These spoons are really on the light side. But really good for there price, so unbeatable I didn't know they was this cheap

    Posted on

    Very satisfied with these spoons. They are perfect for everyday use and even entertaining casual events. They are sturdy and priced right! We will order again.

    Posted on

    Decent plastic teaspoons. Will stick to the heavy weight ones in the future just because I think heavy weight plastic utensils are the best, but these work ok for lightweight things like soup.

    Posted on

    Good for soup!

    Good for desserts and snacktime. Great amount in each box and easy to grab. Definitely a great deal for the price and I will order again.

    from South End Children's Cafe Posted on

    These work very well and are durable for the price. We use them for our shave ice business and it goes well with the colorful cups and straws!

    from the ice island Posted on

    White spoons in action

    These plastic utensils can't be beat for the price. Though not the strongest spoons you've ever held, they did the job for a picnic. .Better pricing than the big box store up the road.

    from The Main Event Posted on

    I stock these for my house, but also use them for fundraisers, work and everywhere. I wouldn't buy anything else. And locally they are at least 4 times this price.

    Posted on

    Used the Choice Medium Weight White Plastic Teaspoon 1000 / Case to eat Pinto beans. Strong enough to pick up the pinto beans without any problem.

    from jwhitten31 on Youtube Posted on

    For a basic spoon these are fine. I can barely call them medium weight though. They bend to the slightest resistance. They work for eating cereal and soup but that is about it.

    Posted on

    the price is good but the quality of the spoon is not all that great. More plastic on the spoon would have given it a strong feel

    Posted on

    Thank you for the review! We're sorry these were not heavy duty enough for your uses. Try these Visions Heavy Weight White Plastic Teaspoons instead!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These white spoons are great for tasting. They are disposable so we only use them for one use. They are also useful for staff meal because we don't need to wish them.

    from Jack & Alice LLC. Posted on

    These are not medium weight! The spoon bends and is VERY flimsy. I saw a lot of 5 stars and assumed they were good. Too bad.

    from DDB ent, LLC Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Diane. This is a common weight for medium grade utensils. If you are looking for a heavier option, try these Visions Heavy Weight White Plastic Teaspoons instead.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I would suggest this item for cold foods only. When used with hot oatmeal it loses it's shape and bends easily. Go with a bit sturdier spoon if dealing with hot foods.

    from Hernandez Mendoza LLC Posted on

    Excellent product value! These spoons were a little more flimsy than I thought, but they worked for what we needed. Perfect for any event, and with that quantity, they last!

    Posted on

    This is an excellent product for price! Overall this product is a little smaller than a typical spoon and slightly flexible. Perfect for soups or rice dishes.

    from AJ'S Smoke Shack Posted on

    Great basic spoon. It is lightweight, but not too flimsy. Comes with a whole lot of spoons for a very cheap price. Will be using again!

    Posted on

    Great spoons! Great price for the amount of spoons you get you can't go wrong with this purchase! We will order them again for our events.

    from MES PTA Posted on

    Excellent product with a great price. Thsee spoons are of higher quality and a lower price than the ones I have purchased before from other places.

    Posted on

    Great price for a whole lot of spoons. Good quality for the price. Lightweight but not too lightweight to feel cheap and break easily. We would definitely recommend them and purchase again.

    from Mass Street Soda Posted on

    These are the perfect spoons to serve with a scoop of ice cream. They are not heavy duty, but perfect for your typical spoon use. The value is unbeatable.

    from The Pie Hole Posted on

    great value an item have re-ordered multiple time over the years. Quality customer service and items are delivered very quickly. Overall very happy with the purchase.

    from ark daycare corporation Posted on

    I send these to school with my kids lunches daily. It's a good price for the quality and amount and cheaper than I can find at any store in my area.

    Posted on

    I bought these mainly as tasting spoons, but calling them medium weight is a stretch. I'd hate to see light weight if that's the case. I wouldn't use them for anything more than a tasting spoon.

    from Just Eat This Catering Posted on

    They are a little bit flimsy when compared to the cheap store brand plastic spoons. But, for my purpose they do the job and at a great price. Be aware the handle is a lot slimmer than I expected but not a real issue for me.

    Posted on

    These spoons will get the job done however the spoon's diameter is small and the edges are sharp. I don't give them to customers I use them for mixing small batches of sauce.

    Posted on

    Good spoon, nice quality, GREAT VALUE. Works well with hot cereal, food on the go, deserts and side dishes. Use them all of the, I will buy again.

    from Coxxy Posted on

    I use these spoons almost everyday. hey are great for yogurt cups, and easy because they are disposable in that I recycle them. This way, cleanup is easy!

    Posted on

    These spoons are great for our shave ice. The quality is great to indulge our shave ice because they withhold. Yes, that means no cracking of spoons!

    from Brasbie Shave Ice Posted on

    These spoons are wonderful they even reach the bottom of cups!

    Spoons are great, sturdy enough to add with shave ice and slush. Spoons are good color and low price! I will reorder these spoons in the future!

    from Mount Slushmore Posted on

    Good spoons for shave ice!

    Check it out - these spoons are a great price. Buy in bulk and save some cash. They are a little flimsy, but work well with our soft serve ice cream.

    from Spring Street Treats Posted on


    This was my first time ordering this product. I needed spoons for single use so I did not want a heavy weight plastic. These medium weight spoons are a great size for oatmeal and grits sold at my coffee shop. The box is also compact which is important in my small space.

    from The White Rabbit Coffee & Tea Posted on

    I ordered these spoons to use in my bakery but I won't be purchasing them again and I won't allow my customers to use them. I was testing one of them today with some clam chowder and noticed that there was blood in my bowl. As it turned out, the edge of my spoon was razor sharp and sliced open my lip on the inside of my mouth. I checked some of the other spoons and while they were sharp, they didn't seem quite as sharp as the one that cut me, although they were all unpleasant on the mouth.

    from Cake Shop Cafe Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We are sorry the spoons you purchased had rougher edges. They are an excellent value for the cost. We recommend Visions Heavy Weight White Plastic Teaspoon for a heavier spoon with smoother sides.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    You can't beat the value of these standard plastic spoons. They aren't heavy duty, but they aren't so weak that they bend in normal food. They were exactly what I was looking for.

    from Shalane Bakes Posted on

    Not a heavy duty spoon, but a great option for everyday single-use. With my large family this box of 1000 should last quite a while. I would order again.

    from Baked Bliss by Laura Posted on

    These spoons are much smaller than I expected and are not very durable. They are more suitable as serving spoons such as for sour cream or dips but not to eat with.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that you were not pleased with the quality of these spoons. They are an excellent value for the cost. For a heavier weight spoon, try these Visions Plastic Spoons.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Spoons are small but perfect for disposable tasting in the kitchen. Would definitely order again for the kitchen but may need larger ones for customers.

    from Confections by Kristin Posted on

    very satisfied with the quaility and will continue to reorder. They compare to higher cost products. They ar study enough for our consumers to use.

    from DES INC Posted on

    These spoons were a great value for our Daycare! Thank you for having such good prices on items we use a lot of! hope to order again!

    from longview christian fellowship Posted on

    I ordered these spoons and they were not a great quality but they worked for me because I put them in the cups with single cupcakes. So they worked out ok. They wont be good for food or eating heavy foods.

    from Tempting Berries Bakery Posted on

    These are inexpensive utensils which I won't order again after we use up this box. They are a little flimsy for our use, but it depends on your needs.

    from London Bay Homes Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear you found these spoons flimsy. For a sturdier option, try these Visions Heavy Weight White Plastic Teaspoons.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    We go through about a case of these spoons a week. The price is good and I like how they are packed to keep the case size down for easy shipping and storage. They are not too flimsy. Just right.

    Posted on

    We use these spoons as taster spoons in our kitchens. For the price, the quality is great and they are so durable for both hot and cold items.

    from The Shul Posted on

    The best price guaranteed for these useful teaspoons. Great for parties, camping, and out doors event. Use it with reliability for children events any age.

    from Home use Posted on

    The price on these spoons is about half that of competitors. However, these are not heavy duty spoons and they will really bend trying to eat a harder ice cream. Wish the "neck" part where the spoon meets the handle was stronger. We will continue to buy them!

    from Flayvors Posted on

    Nice straws for the prices. They are a little flimsy but are actually really good spoon. They are just the right size. I did get some packaged a little differently the second time I ordered them from the first time I ordered them. But good product.

    Posted on

    These spoons are a great value. Good prices

    Great product for the price. We give them to customers for ice cream and they work fine as long as the ice cream isn't a solid block.

    Posted on

    when I chose this, I knew I was buying sample spoon, but it is still a little bit too soft to pick up a small piece of ice cream as sample for my customers.

    Posted on

    Not a bad spoon. If your looking for a spoon for soups or banana pudding type items this will do the trick. They are not heavy duty.

    Posted on

    Bought this spoon for a take out . I thought it would be little bigger and harder, although it says teaspoon. I may use for dessert at my Coffee Place.

    from Lia cafe Brazil LLC Posted on

    You can't beat the price for this quantity of plastic spoons. They are perfect for our faculty room at school and we don't have to worry about running out!

    Posted on

    You can't really find the same price anywhere else but here. These spoons are great, not too flimsy neither. I can definitely buy a few more extra to save shipping cost

    Posted on

    These medium weight plastic spoons are good for eating softer items , yogurt, soups etc. Inexpensive, good for stalls, sampling softer food items and small parties.

    Posted on

    Purchased these for a work party and they were more than sufficient. The medium weight may not stand up to heavier foods (ie. very hard ice cream) but for appetizer type things they are fine.

    Posted on

    These spoons are sturdy enough for soups and chili! Great price for the quality you are getting. Very cost effective for catering parties. They are a regular item we buy.

    from Atlanta West Catering Inc. Posted on

    I got these spoons to serve the samples of my ice cream. If you bend them they won't break, they very flexible. Good for soft desserts or for tea/coffee. They also smaller then regular teaspoons.

    Posted on

    I bought these Choice medium weight spoons because of the insane low prices per 1000. Be wared they are not good for ice cream or anything remotely heavy duty. Best for soups or eating lunch food.

    from TKNY Capital, LLC Posted on

    The cases I received were so flimsy that they would not work for pudding. Medium weight should be plenty firm for ice cream but these were not.

    from Goodies Handmade Candies Inc Posted on

    Thank you for reviewing this item! If you're looking for a heavier, more durable plastic spoon, we recommend the Visions heavy weight white plastic teaspoon.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    best product and ever. i used this spoon for my tasting spoon while i am doing a competition or cook at my facility. light and easy to transport.

    Posted on

    Great value and quantity. I love the price for these medium weight white plastic teaspoons. I use these with my parfait cups and I am happy they come in packs of 100.

    Posted on

    These spoons are somewhat small, but I think they hold up perfectly for our to go silverware. Quite sturdy and the best price anywhere! I have found a new plasticware supplier!

    from Your Pit BBQ Posted on

    These spoons are great when you do not require a heavy duty spoon. They are perfect for takeout. We use them for our sundaes. Great price.

    Posted on

    You cannot beat these prices anywhere for a case quantity this size, I was spending far too much for my frozen yogurt. Had no complaints so far...Smiles

    from Britans Yogurt Mill Posted on

    i use these at my ice cream shop. they are medium weight but does the job for ice cream. they are very very affordable! you cannot buy it cheaper anywhere else. i always order 12 cases or so at a time to save shipping cost :)

    Posted on

    We use these in our ice cream shop. They are a great value. You won't find a cheaper price any where. They hold up well, too.

    from Sprinkles Ice Cream Shop Posted on

    where else can you buy 1000 at this price?! they aren't any different than you find in most stores in a small pack of 50. Buy them here and get 675 free compared to the local stores.

    Posted on

    I like to use these spoons for desserts and for condiments. They are smaller and the cost is great. I would recommend them to anyone.

    from Holland Princess Posted on

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