Silver Visions 6 1/4" Heavy Weight Silver Plastic Spoon - 600/Case

Item #: 130SVSPN600

Take your tabletop presentation to the next level with this Silver Visions 6 1/4" heavy weight silver plastic spoons! Providing the look and feel of a stainless steel spoon at a fraction of the cost, this Silver Visions spoon is the ideal flatware for a variety of applications. Because this flatware is disposable, you won't have to waste any extra time washing large quantities of dishes. Plus, you won't have to worry about losing money on expensive silverware accidentally being thrown away! This disposability offers tear-down convenience for servers and catering staff, without affecting the overall dining experience of patrons.

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Silver Visions 6 1/4" Heavy Weight Silver Plastic Spoon - 600/Case

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    The spoons are very nice. There may be a few that are discolored but I would definitely recommend them. They give the appearance of being real. They don't break easily either.
    We use these for all of our catering job. They have the look of stainless flatware and they are very sturdy. We have actually had people ask if we want them to save them for us. They just can't believe they are plastic. Much better and cheaper than the ones that you can buy at your local members club.
    The Silver Visions 6 1/4" Heavy Weight Silver Plastic Spoon - 600/Case is a great product we will be ordering more for our shops in the near future I am sure
    These spoons have an elegant look for a disposable item -honestly looks great with the set at a casual event. They are shiny and simple so match a ton of different tables-scape designs. These were beautiful for a simple rehearsal dinner place setting. Would buy these again.
    this spoon has pretty good quality and very comfortable for customer?i would like to buy it again?I definitely recommend this for everyone who need this style spoon!
    These spoons complete any table and can be used for hot or cold food and drink. I always keep a supply on hand for whatever event I'm doing. You won't be disappointed if you purchase the Visions line in silver or gold!
    I ordered these silver spoons to use at our son and daughters weddings and rehearsal dinners. The weddings are two months appart and I needed something eligant and affordable.
    The spoons were a hit at our bridal shower. It felt like we were using real silverware. We will definitely be using them at our daughters wedding also.
    We love using these spoons for our holiday flavoring! They look great holding our product and once the product has been used an attractive and useful spoon remains.
    These silver spoons workgreat for elegant dinners and buffet lines. They are sturdy, low cost and the best deal I have seen! Thanks for another great product!
    This is my first. Time ordering these. I seen them In stores and I always wanted to try them they look. Rea.l Nice quality. Will buy. Again. But they will last along time
    I frequently buy this now, I have yet to have one of them break on me (which used to happen a lot when I used other plastic cutlery), I love how easy it is to order. I will likely use this for life as a way to avoid doing dishes
    Light weight and heavy duty silver wisdom silver plastic spoons. The color is spot on and look exactly like the picture. You will not be disappointed if you purchase these.
    Just like the other silver visions line these spoons hold up to heat. I use these with the linen like feel dinner napkins to give my customers dining experience.
    The Silver Visions 6 1/2" Heavy Weight SIlver Plastic Spoon - 600/Case is the perfect addition to have alongside the Silver Visions Heavy Weight Silver Plastic Forks, and Knives. It's durable, has a gorgeous silver real look to it, and hardly costs anything. This heavy plastic spoon is the real deal when it comes to eating any type of soup, or even cake. I highly recommend to anyone looking to umf up their event without spending an arm and a leg!
    Very Nice and Elegant Spoons, we have recently used them at a Wedding. Every one liked them. These spoons are just for a one time use, use and throw away. You cannot wash and reuse them.
    Spoons have some black spots on them and are not perfectly "silver". But you can not beat the price. Overall i would say it's pretty good quality
    This was a very good purchase. the product looked nice for my sister's wedding and the price was really good. Many people asked about where i got them. Happy with this product and will recommend to a friend.
    Absolutely LOVE these silver spoons. Perfect piece to accompany those knives and forks at your table setting, great for desserts, soups and more importantly, it holds up well in hot drinks.
    Got these as part of the table setting. Looks great, the quality is great. For being disposable this product is a great value and gives your table setting a high end look without having to pay the high end price. Will keep buying for my catered events!
    Great product if you are looking for high-end plastic spoons. No grocery store product is comparable. I loved how shiny they are - perfect for any catered event.
    A great spoon that is silver in color and very sturdy. It looks like a real silverware spoon but is very light .A great idea for outdoor weddings.
    very nice-high quality disposable spoon. they go great with the silver rim disposable plastic plates too-they always come in great shape - never any broken
    Heavy weight plastic utensils that are sturdy and elegant. There were no complaints from the finicky "Downtown Abbey" crowd that these were used at an outdoor event.
    If you have to use plastic, these are the ones to get. Look much better than plastic you can get at grocery store. Great to have a supply on hand.
    Our ladies tea table settings featured china, lace, and Silver Visions silverware. Silver Visions spoons enhanced our décor, and added the perfect touch to our table decorations. Thanks!
    These are nice spoons. You get a lot of spoons for your money. Some scratches but not too bad. I plan to use these for a anniversary party so I wanted a more elegant look but disposable ware.
    Very elegant and study! I bought these for my daughters wedding so I had to use a couple before hand to see how they stand up and wow! These are perfect! Great price! Will definitely buy again for other events.
    Beautiful silverware! We ordered these for my son's upcoming graduation party. They look like real silverware, it is incredible. They are also very durable and sturdy. They add elegance to any event.
    Perfect spoon for my elegant wedding setting with the great convenience of being disposable. I had MANY complimants on this. Everyone thought it was real just by looking at it.
    The entire visions line is filled with heavy-duty products for a great price. These spoons are no exception as they look great, function as needed, and are a good value. I really enjoy the design on the handle of the spoon, giving it a classy touch.
    Love it very strong and heavy duty perfect shine and big enough for every day meals and perfect for soups too using everyday perfect product
    Good sturdy spoon to use for soups, coffee or dessert. Has the stainless steel look and compliments the table setting well. Does not bend or break easily.
    I'm using these during the cocktail hour for my wedding reception and love them. They are super sturdy, great quality, and look very professional. Can't wait to see them at my event. Thank u!
    Pretty nice spoons for the price. Definately looks much nicer for events than the traditional plastic silverware. Overall pleased with the quality of the product.
    Really good spoons for the price and are affordable for customers that want their event to look nice without breaking the bank. We sometimes have a few snap here and there, but it is rare. We are always satisfied with this option of plastic ware and our customers appreciate them too.
    These spoons looks great in person. I was expecting them to look cheap and be flimsy but they are super sturdy. They look real and feel heavy. I didn't order enough the first time around so i will be placing another order soon!
    We bought these spoons for our wedding. People loved the sturdiness of the spoons as a heavy weight set. The silver color really stood out for appeal. They were delivered in a timely fashion. I'd highly recommend these if purchasing your own silverware for your event or wedding.
    I used these spoons for my fall themed wedding. They added an elegant look to the dessert table. I loved the fact that they are disposable as well. Made clean up for the crew very easy. 600 is a great quantity for the price!!
    These have a nice look, shiny silver. But they are very flimsy and afraid they would snap easily. Spoons would probably be OK but bought as a set so did not feel they would be sturdy enough for a full dinner for a wedding.
    We appreciate your review, Dawn! If you are looking for a different product that will better suit your needs, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Beautiful look and adds a touch of elegance to catered meals. I have been using these for weddings and find they meet everyone's needs perfectly and the Brides are thrilled with the look and not the expense.
    Silver Visions spoons are fantastic. They are nice and elegant-just like that Silver Visions forks. Like the forks, I have not yet experienced a break in these spoons.
    At first I thought this was a bit smaller that regular disposable spoon, but to my surprise it was not. I like the silvery look and it sure look classic.
    I just love how these look! And they are durable too! They were perfect for our wedding and saved the remaining for family gatherings or parties. Buying the case was definitely worth it. Would totally buy again in the future.
    These spoons came well packaged and look so real. They complemented the plates and cups, and also added a classy look to my guest tables.
    The first box of spoons I received were scratched. I contacted customer service and they handled the issue right away. I was sent a new box. The items were still a little scratched but not has bad as the first box.
    The Silver Visions Heavy Weight Plastic spoons are great for any event. They are very sturdy and everyone always thinks they are real. We will be ordering them again.
    The spoons compliment the Silver Visions Forks we have for our guests' To-Go Orders. Although they are plastic, they are of heavy quality and look like real flatware. They are definitely worth the extra money.
    These spoons are very high quality and a great price for the value. We used them for several parties and I would reccomend them for any occasion.
    Great product. Very sturdy! Looked like real flatware but at a portion of the cost. Used for regular service but also used for spoons in small serving bowls.
    This is an amazing price on a case of silverware. The quality is great, there are a few scratches on some pieces, but thats to be expected on silver looking plastic.
    Very nice quality. The Pricing is better from webstore than I can get from my food purveyor. We have been very pleased with all or our purchases.
    The Silver Visions Heavy Weight Plastic Spoons, Knives & Forks are our go to for catering events. They look and feel great while not having to wash them which is great when you need a lot at once.
    it is the best price best quality and service plus you cant beat the shipping price any where color the feeling of the item and totally every thing is just great with this .
    Awesome real look alike spoons. Ordered these spoons with matching forks and knives. Excellent quality and quanity for the price. Will be ordering more in the future for events.
    These are all I ever order for my catered events. They add a touch of elegance and sophistication that would not exist with clear or colored plastic utensils. They are the most economical brand I have found.
    Bought these together with the matching forks and knives. I love the look. It is so elegant. And webrestaurant have the best prices by far. Believe me cause I have searched the internet for days.
    We used these spoons for a bridal shower. very pleased with the look and durability. We used them for the soups! They were perfect for what we needed!!
    Nice and sturdy as well as full size. We used these for our wedding. No complaints from anyone. They really do look real as well as elegant to fit the rest of the wedding.
    We use these for special events or for dipping our own chocolate spoons for hot chocolate or coffees. Great presentation and visual effect when wrapped
    not the best quality, tend to break under heavy use. the look great and do the job. make your catering jobs look a little classier
    Good quality spoon, nice looking, sturdy plastic silverware. This spoon worked great for the ice cream sundays, other deserts, and the soup at my wedding.
    Ordered a couple boxes of theses silver plastic spoons and they came in well packaged and totally not cheap material, very sturdy! we also ordered 2 boxes of the forks. Great prices! Everyone at our Quincenera party event confused them for the real thing, until they held them and saw they were plastic. so if you don't want to spend a fortune or silverware just buy the plastic ones! you can trash them later, its less cleaning and they look just as good.
    we hold charity events and catered events here at the B&B i.e. a couple of weddings. These stand out, as they APPEAR to be real silverware wiyth the coating. They are also strong enough to handle steak and potatoes. nice product, good pricing.
    Great product! We ordered the spoons and forks for our event and we couldn't be happier! Both are comparable to the more expensive brands out there but they do just as well! Would definitely order them again!
    I loved these spoons! You can foul anyone into thinking its real silverware. These spoons work great and are really comfortable to use. I would recommend them to anyone.
    I cannot wait to use this product for my outdoor wedding. It looks like actual silverware. A few were scratched, but other than that great product.
    These spoons look and feel like they are real. Even though they were a bulk item they do not have the cheap look. Looks good.
    Same deal with the forks and knives, they were a great price but I was still expecting a higher quality spoon. Almost all of the spoons were scratched or the silver was worn off. Overall a good purchase and I will be using them for my wedding.
    These are great, look great. Everyone thought I spent a lot of money on these. Used for wedding reception, and also for a graduation party. Purchase with the knives and forks. will order again.
    These are very durable knives and I can't get over how much they look like actual silverware. Our guests will love these when we use them for our outdoor wedding.
    We love the Silver Visions spoons! They compliment our table settings and add so much to our events! Our guests can not believe that they are plastic! Durable and a great price!
    All A+'s for these; more than one client was amazed that these were part of our disposable line. On approach to a table, everyone thinks they're the real deal and fortunately, they live up to the hype in function as well as form.
    These look like real silverware. They are durable and look so pretty set up on the table. Im using these for a wedding. I didnt have to spend a fortune. I made a good choice to order these on Shiping was extremely fast. I was provided with a FedEx tracking number right away . This experience was great :)
    I purchased a case of these for use at my daughter's wedding. We set each guest table with a place setting of the Fineline plastic plates and this plastic ware. The tables were stunning. They are nice for the quality and price.
    My client was very pleased with these spoons. Wanted a classy look for a valentine banquet for 250. And they were the best price on the internet. Would recommend and would buy again.
    The spoon worked great and was very sturdy. It worked great with the Silver Visions fork and knife. I packed the three utensils together for my wedding and they worked great. They stacked perfectly together. Very pleased.
    This spoons are just beautiful, they come in a good sizes and best of all the quaIity is great. They give a fancy look to the table.
    Super real looking! If you are skeptical don't be these silver Visions Heavy Weight Silver Plastic Spoons are great you cannot tell that they are plastic by looking at them.
    These spoons are nice. They are medium weight and a good length. the silver is very bright, so it may be obvious if you mix with other brands. The price is great and these add a more upscale look.
    They were nice. Look great on the linens and made the baby shower look elegant which was what we were going for. I would order again.
    We were pleasantly surprised with the quality and silver look of these spoons. We will be using them for a formal event. We opted for this instead of renting the real thing.
    The silver visions heavy weight silver plastic spoons were the best price on the internet and shipping was fast. They look just like real silverware and they are disposable.
    Purchased for a personal event. Looked great on tables, no issues at all. Look like "real" silverware. Adds a classier look than clear or white silverware.
    This plastic flatware looks very realistic. The quality is superb. I will be using this flatware for an event serving 325 guests and feel this is a very cost effective way to provide an elegant table for our guests.
    The items were shipped very quickly. I purchased silver plastic spoons, forks, and knives for a reception and they look great. Great deal for the money.
    We bought these to use for our daughter's wedding as renting silverware for our size crowd was a budget-breaker. They looked great and were a very affordable option.
    I looked all over the web for some nice disposable cutlery and was very happy to discover these spoons. I also purchased the knives and forks. The look great and are hefty enough to use for our charity dinner.
    loos sooooooooooo real! good quality. used for special events. will re order Again. very please and received in timely manner! guest thought they were guest!
    These spoons are great! They have all the elegance of fine silverware without the cost! The 'heavy weight' aspect adds a lot to the product too as it does not feel quite so cheap or flimsy.
    These spoons are strong for plastic flatware! They really look like real silver!! Very strong and great to use for serving dips! Great for dessert!!
    The spoons are great quality and the dip in spoons holds well. I would highly recommend these spoons. They look like real silverware. These are a must have!
    This silver plastic is the best. I was afraid it would look cheap or be flimsy, since it is cheaper than other, similar products I've seen. It wasn't! It was sturdy and classy. In fact, I am buying them for my event again this year!
    We brought these spoons to go along with the knives and forks that we also purchased from webrestaurant. They look great together! The spoons are elegant and sturdy.
    This is a muct have for any person in the catering business. So easy to use right out of the box and when your done no dishes to clean you just throw them away and the price, quality, and value can't be beat.
    I loved using this plastic spoon at our reception. They look so "real". I will order these again to use at all our future dinners.
    A great alternative to renting and washing silver wear. This product is equal in quality to the Reflections line but at a much lower price
    Don't spend the money on the more expensive plastic silverware. These are wonderful! The bride (my daughter) is delighted with these. They exceeded my expectations.
    Nice heavyweight and VERY attractive. For the price, these cannot be beat. Have received many compliments and people actually wanting some for home use. Will order again.
    worked well with the placesetting people thought that they were real.Will recommend them will purchase more. It's worth the price. thank you again and also fast service.

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