Silver Visions 7" Heavy Weight Silver Plastic Fork - 600/Case

Item #: 130SVFRK600

Take your tabletop presentation to the next level with this Silver Visions 7" heavy weight silver plastic fork! Providing the look and feel of a stainless steel fork at a fraction of the cost, this Silver Visions fork is the ideal flatware for a variety of applications. Because this flatware is disposable, you won't have to waste any extra time washing large quantities of dishes. In addition, there is no longer any worrying about losing money due to expensive silverware accidentally being thrown away! The disposability offers tear-down convenience for servers and catering staff, without affecting the overall dining experience of patrons.

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Silver Visions 7" Heavy Weight Silver Plastic Fork - 600/Case

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    Excellent quality forks. Looks like the real thing! Will be using it along with the matching spoons and knives for my wedding reception in November. Love the "real" look to it.

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    I purchased these forks for my daughter's wedding and am really looking forward to using them. When I opened the package I was pleased with the quality for the cost.

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    Not as high quality as the Reflections product but, the price for these is right. They don't break but the silver coating scratches easily and has some imperfections.

    from Cascade Catering Posted on

    I appreciate being able to get a package this large to handle 600 people with forks, knives, and spoons. The handle design is nice looking, and I appreciate knowing that the material from the handle was taken and used to make a more solid product. A great looking product at a reasonable price.

    from S.K. Posted on

    Very nice heavyweight silver plastic fork. Very sturdy and does not bend at all. Perfect for use in to go meals and for kids. Would recommend purchasing heavy weight set.

    from New Deli Posted on

    We have used these in place of real silverware and love them. They look real and are sturdy. When doing a fancy dinner you can't go wrong with this product.

    from Metal Masters Posted on

    Extremely happy with these silver heavy weight forks. They are strong yet light weight. Look beautiful and the color is exactly as shown in the picture.

    from Gina's Cookie Company Posted on

    The product was received as expected. I was very satisfied with my order, they made my party look fancy and elegant. Thanks a lot !

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    I was super hesitant to order these disposable forks but super happy when they arrived. We are using them for our wedding and felt they are super sturdy! I'm happy to report they will hold well for the wedding!

    from WLS Community Foundation Posted on

    Great sturdy fork perfect for a wedding!

    Not only are they sturdy but they look elegant as well. I use these with the linen like feel dinner napkins to give my customers dining experience. Nothing worse than forks bending and breaking.

    from Cupell's Catering Posted on

    The Silver Visions 7" Heavy Weight Silver Plastic Fork - 600/Case has been a fantastic addition to my business. These are durable, long lasting, well made and look beautiful. I wouldnt even recommend folding these in a napkin, i would honeslty lay them out on the table next to a gorgeous charger plate. Depending on your event of course. And the price... You can NOT beat it!!! I highly recommend these for your next event, or even if your a family who likes to use heavy plastic cutlery on a daily basis. These little beauts are wonderful!

    from Infuse Studios Posted on

    These are the perfect event flatware. Classy, disposable. Easy. And at a great price too. I will definitely order exactly these again for my next large event.

    from USCG Quarters 'A' Posted on

    This plastic fork has the look of a silver fork. It is very shiny, however, you can see scratches from where the forks have rubbed together in the packaging. I have also seen other plastic forks that have a more realistic silver look.

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    Silver plastic fork in comparison with knife and small plate

    Forks have some black spots on them and are not perfectly "silver". But you can not beat the price. Overall i would say it's pretty good quality

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    These forks are great for our monthly corporate events. They hold up well against the variety of foods we have served and always look nice. I am back and reordering more!

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    nice silver fork. some of them have scratch but a not a big deal. I like how elegant they look in my table. I used them for a formal quinceanera party

    from coldwell banker Posted on

    Perfect for adding an upscale look to any event. The coating does scratch so be careful when storing these in the bulk case. These also do not wash well. Single use only.

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    These were a perfect accent to our wedding day! Excellent product with an even better price! They were great! Beats anything we saw elsewhere for the price!

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    Look and feel like real silverware!

    This was a very good purchase. the product looked nice for my sister's wedding and the price was really good. Happy with this product and will recommend to a friend.

    from Millie's Posted on

    We have been pleased with this plastic cutlery. Sometimes you will find broken or discolored pieces but for the most part they are of great quality for a disposable

    from Griffins' Catering Posted on

    I love these Silver Visions 7" Heavy Weight Silver Plastic Fork - 600/Case that is why I brought a case. They are very elegant looking. Great price.

    from T & C Catering Services Posted on

    We adore the silver visions line. I have said goodbye to the cheap white plastic silverware at events and parties and have started using the forks/spoons from this line. They are not only classy and elegant but sturdy even though they are plastic. If you don't feel like washing silverware after a party and etc... go with the silver visions line. You won't regret it.

    from D•lish by Trish Posted on

    These forks are NOT worth the price. They are cheap, cheap, cheap! They are too lightweight and if you think you’re going to make it through a meal without them breaking you are sorely mistaken. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PRODUCT!

    from Magnolia House and Garden Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Corina. We’re sorry this has not worked well for you. For an alternative that might better meet your needs, try this WNA Comet 610155 Reflections 7" Stainless Steel Look Heavy Weight Plastic Fork instead!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These forks are great! They are nice and sturdy and can be used for birthdays, weddings and any other special occasion that requires a good fork.

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    We used these forks for a specialty dinner for our Senior Dining and Activity Centers. They made the table setting look more elegant and made for quick cleanup, nothing to wash! They are strong and durable and yet lightweight and convenient. Would definitely buy for future dinners.

    from Oswego County Opportunities Posted on

    Great disposable Silverware. I used them for a Bat Mitzvah event and my guests thought they were real silverware. It has a nice weight and sturdiness. Also great price.

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    Got these for a wedding... the customer was delighted with the quality and asked me to cater her daughters birthday! Highly recommend this product it looks great for being disposable.

    from Maria's Posted on

    So very disappointed. The utensils are covered with scratches and black marks which makes them look dirty. Wish I could send them back but it’s to close to my event. I have to pick through them and pick the better out of the worst.

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    We appreciate your review, Latoya! We are sorry these plastic forks arrived in poor quality. A Customer Solutions Representative is currently assisting you.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Purchased these elegant forks for my daughters Sweet 16, they went very well with the Fineline Silver Splendor plates, the look of real silverware, but disposable, and they are very sturdy.

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    These forks are nice and sturdy and very elegant looking. Even though they could probably cleaned by hand and reused, it isn't worth the hassle in the long run. They are disposable for a reason which makes clean up a cinch. With all this said, the price was the best I found on the internet and the pattern design stood out. I would highly recommend. If you have extras, you could always use them at another event

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    I purchased these forks for my daughter's wedding. The item is described as heavy weight and it is anything but! Very flimsy and completely unacceptable for an upscale outdoor wedding. it will cost me more to return than the item cost. I will donate to a non-profit.

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    We appreciate your review, Diane! We are sorry these forks did not meet your expectations. If you ever have any concerns about the product that you have purchased, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Great product for the price I purchased for a wedding and they looked awesome the client wanted plastic that looked as good as real silverware and this was perfect

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    I love the way these utensils look! We used these for our welcome back lunch for our school's teachers and the wow factor was awesome. They are sturdy and the color doesn't scratch off like some of the others that I have purchased. Will definitely buy again.

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    I love the look and feel of these forks. They are perfect for any event. I used them for a wedding and guests seemed to love that they looked so similar to real silverware but were disposable. Great high end look.

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    Shiney spoons - plastic but elegant

    An awesome fork that looks like real silverware. This makes is great for outdoor receptions. The fork is heavy duty and does bend like the cheaper ones. A great buy.

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    I absolutely LOVEEEEE these forks. They add the perfect touch to give that "luxury/boutique feel to our clients". They are a little pricier than the white ones but when quality is a priority the extra bucks are so worth it!

    from Q-Ti Cakes Posted on

    I purchased these for dessert for my daughter's wedding. They are an ok quality. I wouldn't call them heavy weight and they have black specks on them. Thankfully they will only be used for dessert.

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    Great budget cutlery that look high end, we use them for our buffets and customer love them! could be a little sturdier and better refined but still a great deal!

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    They are medium sturdy , look great . So easy to use these for an outdoor event . Still look great and don't look as cheap as others

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    These folks are very very nice! The color is very realistic and can easily pass as real silverware. The finish is smooth and the design of great quality! I also like how heavy they are and that they don't chip or break easily. For the quality that you get the price is also excellent!

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    These plastic forks are decent quality, they are pretty lightweight but should hold up just fine. Definitely worth the price, and I won't be embarrassed to use them instead of renting real silverware.

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    They work well with the pocket fold linen feel napkins I purchased.

    These are very durable and they are a big hit with all of the guest. Everyone wanted to know where they came from so they can buy them for their next party. They were great, however they did have some scratches due to there being so many packaged together and rubbing together.

    from Thrive Catering and Events Posted on

    We use these for all our at home parties. Guests are always impressed and feel guilty throwing them away! I typically find these in my sink at the end of the night and throw them away!

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    These silver visions fork are worth ordering. I have used rental companies in the past and my guests could not believe these were disposable at first. The look is great, the heavy weight plastic cut through the steaks without one guest asking for a replacement how refreshing for plastic silverware

    from BK Posted on

    The photo shows the heavy disposable case of forks. The quality it outstanding the look does Not allow you to even think disposable. I recommend this product anytime they never break

    Could not be more satisfied with these, quick shipping and are exactly what we ordered. This silverware Is going to be perfect for my upcoming event. My only complaint is they are a bitter lighter than expected but not a big deal.

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    Arrival of plates and silverware. Perfection!

    A very elegant substitute for expensive metal forks. I especially like the bright and shiny luster. Many other manufacturers that we've tried can have a dull look. I have others that are a bit more durable; but we've not had any problem or complaints from guest. A great value!

    from The Taste of East Posted on

    Purchased for catering event and was amazed by how real they looked! They are a great fancy look without the need for dish washing. Was very impressed that they were durable enough for the whole meal, not just soft desserts

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    These are indeed a heavy weight plastic which held up to a variety of different foods. Did not discover any broken forks or tines at the end of the party.

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    We always use Silver Visions forks at our funeral luncheons. They add the perfect amount of elegance to our table settings. We get many compliments on how "real" they look!

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    Funeral luncheon table elegance!

    Used for a wedding! With ordering the car I had many to spare and used the remainder of the box at home. Less dishwashing ;-)

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    I give these with every delivery or takeout order. My clients think they are very fancy and appreciate them. They are well worth the money.

    from Ben's Bistro Posted on

    These are a great price for this amount. Acceptable sturdiness(hols food well), These forks have a nice silver finish however they scratch easily and had some dark discoloring,

    Posted on

    I ordered these for my wedding in September. I shopped around for months trying to find something that wasn't cheap looking or going to break easily. I ordered these because of all of the awesome reviews this product had. The reviews were right! This product is durable and they don't look like they are plastic. Bring on the wedding!

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    Loved how real this plastic silverware looked on my wedding day!

    You get what you pay for with these. The first shipment was defective. One of the prongs on the fork was shorter than the others. They also had black marks all over them. The customer care was quick to send out a replacement, but the replacement order had black marks all over them as well. Not to mention they are super, super lightweight. They did refund the money, but I would NOT ever purchase these again. For any occasion.

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    We appreciate your review, Rachel! Although you received a poor quality product the second time around as well, we were happy to assist you in a refund for this issue.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I purchased these forks for a wedding on 05/06/17 due to shipping issues I did not get them in time for the wedding. I had to purchase from Sam's. Not a happy camper...after getting them today they are good quality but 2 days to late

    from Big Chris Catering Posted on

    Absolutely love this silver forks, will be perfect for my upcoming event, just what I wanted, very satisfied with the amount of forks per box, will highly recommend to family and friends.

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    These durable plastic forks are great for weddings, showers or whenever you want to add a little more class to your table. They are much nicer than the typical white or clear plastic ware. So far I have only used them with softer foods such as pies, cakes or salads and not sure how well they would perform for heavier foods. For luncheon type foods and desserts they were perfect for me. I receive compliments on these whenever they are used and will definitely order again!

    from Barb's Candy Kitchen Posted on

    These look just like real silverware! I have bought these for my daughters wedding. I've used a couple to test out the strength and not a one broke. I will definitely buy more for any other event I may have.

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    You can't go wrong with the fork!! Perfect for a wedding. I had many compliments on how it looked so real. I loved the fact that it was disposable. Who likes washing silver-wear, anyways!! Great price. Can't be beat

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    Just looking at the fork you would think it was a piece of fine china. Great addition to the silver splendor line.

    We used all the items on the table at my daughter's wedding. Excellent quality and appearance. We gave each person an extra fork because so often they break BUT not one broke!

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    I love the silver plastic forks for all occasions! I always order them in bulk as to get the best price. I will continue to purchase this item.

    from Xpressions Posted on

    The entire visions line is filled with heavy-duty products for a great price. These forks are no exception as they look great, function as needed, and are a good value.

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    We order these heavy duty forks often for special catering events. Guests often ask if they should throw them away when finished. Great product and pretty.

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    I use these every week for catering events, the quality is good, price is great and I love the bulk size box. it is a staple in out events. Some times I get cases that the paint job on the plastic is not perfect... but it's not often.

    from Chabad at Oberlin Posted on

    These are my go to for events with any meal! They look great and will buy again and again every time! They are worth the price!!

    from Blue Sapphire Weddings Posted on

    Nice compliment to any party that is using disposable products. Has the look of real stainless steel and is sturdy. Perfect for any patry occasion .

    from Caribbean Connection Imp/Exp Posted on

    Silver Visions 7" Heavy Weight Silver Plastic Fork - 600/Case they are very nice for the money fast to ship you can't go wrong . buy them

    from desalvo's Posted on

    I was very impressed with the fact that this product looked like real silver. I plan on using this product for my upcoming wedding and was looking for something that looked fancy enough, without having to pay for real silver utensils and wasn't a cheap plastic look. These definitely work for what I was looking for. They are heavy duty and look to be good enough quality to save and use for future events. I enjoyed the fact that I could buy this item in bulk quantities at a better price then having to buy numerous smaller quantities.

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    Pretty decent quality for the price. They look pretty elegant in comparison to traditional plastic forks. They come in a large enough size to make the purchase worth it.

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    These are brilliant! Literally has the look of proper silverware, but is disposable. I use these on almost all of my events! You do not realize it's not real silver until you pick it up. Ordering in bulk is on point for this item!

    from Debbie Matthews Posted on

    I order these disposable forks constantly! Great for all catered events I have and very economical!


    from NICOLE NIXON Posted on

    These plastic forks were durable, yet elegant looking. Perfect for special occasions where easy clean-up is key! Pretty enough for a formal event, yet priced for every day use!

    Posted on

    When you want an upscale look and you want to fool your guests, use silver plastic ware. Everyone will do a double take. These were packaged very nicely in the box, a true time saver.

    from SOD Posted on

    These are amazing. They look so beautiful and real. Most people thought we had real silverware. There is no breakage either, so guests enjoy without that stress.

    Posted on

    The 7 1/2 "forks and knives strong and looked great. Ordered 600 of each. Recommend for any occasion. Pricing was excellent.They are classy looking on the table along with the white dinner ware. Bob

    from N/a Posted on

    Forks are very elegant. Iam having my wedding soon and is very excited to have them on display. It is very durable, i think it is super cheap for this much forks!

    Posted on

    This plasticware far exceeds any other heady-duty or heavy-weight plasticware on the market; AND, the price break (even with shipping costs) is much better than what we find across the Internet. We use this plasticware monthly and when we host weddings or funerals. Very good product.

    from Grace Christian Assembly Posted on

    We purchased these forks for our wedding. Everyone loved the elegance and sturdiness of the silverware. We couldn't have been happier with the speed of delivery from Webstaurant and how our day turned out.

    Posted on

    My guest actually thought they were real. And once they figured out that they weren't they loved them. This product was better than expected. Will definitely use again.

    from Creations by Choice Posted on

    I used these forks for my fall themed wedding. They added an elegant look to the table setting. I loved the fact that they are disposable as well. Made clean up for the crew very easy.

    Posted on

    Great quality product that our customers enjoy choosing! Looks like real and is a sturdy piece of silverware. Great for weddings and other nice events.

    from B Fabulous BBQ Posted on

    This product would add elegance to any event. They are very sturdy. It has the look of real silverware with the price of plastic. I would recommend this product to anyone.

    from White Caps Catering Posted on

    Ordered for our daughters wedding but do not think these will work for any type of meats. Very flimsy, and afraid they would break very easily.

    Posted on

    We appreciate your review, Dawn! If you are looking for a different product that will better suit your needs, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Wow, is all I can say for both price and look. What a wonderful delight to have for the catering side of our business. Perfect for weddings.

    from Terry McGovern Posted on

    Used these for my wedding last year and still using them for family parties! Strong. Only downside is silver finish easily scratches off, but for the price point more than happy!

    Posted on

    I love these forks. They are my go to for my clients when they are on a budget but want something elegant. They are durable but still look great and not cheap.

    from Just Stuff It Posted on

    Great cutlery, perfect for all occasions, disposable for quick clean up. They look so real you would never know the were plastic definitely be ordering again very soon

    Posted on

    Silver Visions forks are wonderful. Not only do they look nice and elegant, they are also very durable. I have not experience a break, when using Silver Visions forks.

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    If you want a great silver realistic look out of a plastic fork, than this is it. The look is not only great but the are very sturdy. I recommend these.

    from Innovative Catering Posted on

    I bought this product for a classier disposable look for my customers. My clients couldn't be happier choosing the disposable route. If you are looking for affordable plastic ware that looks good.. This is it.

    from Purely Simple Catering Posted on

    I was inspired to buy this based on the fact that similar item was used on my wedding reception 15 years ago. I compared both product and this was even much stronger.

    Posted on

    I just love how these look! And they are durable too! They were perfect for our wedding and saved the remaining for family gatherings or parties. Buying the case was definitely worth it. Would totally buy again in the future.

    Posted on

    Love the fancy design on handle. Very nice will make any occasion look elegant . I also brought the spoon & knives to match but I only got the 50 count because I figured I would not need as many. next time a will order a case of each.

    from The s& l company Posted on

    A beautiful disposable fork! They were a little to flimsy for denser foods (meat and any thing that requires cutting). Perfect for salads and desserts!

    from Boz Catering Posted on

    I ordered these folks in full case some were little scratch but did not matter to me. They look real and beautiful I will be ordering more in the future

    from other Posted on

    In this economy we like to save money but still present beautiful dinner display, these brand has definitely help us look good and save us money.

    from Posted on

    AWESOME! These looked so real on the guest tables and the case came in handy as we had more guests than expected with some eating about 3 times.

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    Thank you for the review, Jan. We're sorry you were not pleased with these forks. They are an excellent value for the extremely low cost. We recommend trying these WNA Comet 610155 Reflections 7" Stainless Steel Look Heavy Weight Plastic Forks instead!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These were a perfect addition to the Fine line Silver Splendor plates that I also ordered from here. I used them a my wedding reception and they were heavy weight none broke.

    Posted on

    I ordered these for my wedding in 2015! Everyone loved them and we are STILL using the remaining forks that were left over! I will order these for every event!

    from Dez's Kitchen Posted on

    Had economy silverware for many years as we were growing our catering business. Debated and debated for upgrading silverware and glad we did!! These are heavy weight, attractive and sell events by themselves

    from Country Club Catering of WNY Inc. Posted on

    The fork is very reflective and looks very nice. Fingerprints will make them smudge easily. The durability is questionable. This is the kind of plastic ware that would break easily with a little bit of extra force.

    from PROLINE TRUSS Posted on

    The first box of forks I received were scratched. I contacted customer service and they handled the issue right away. I was sent a new box. The items were still a little scratched but not has bad as the first box.

    Posted on

    We recieved our order for the silver visions flatware not only was the shipping quick but the product looks great looking forward to using them in our Daughters wedding.

    from Donna Sanford Posted on

    Although i was not able to use the silverware, due to no fault of they were beautiful. And if the opportunity every represent itself I am definitely going to order from them again. I HAVE THEM LOCKED IN MY FAVORITES

    Posted on

    These are adorable. It's actually difficult to tell the difference between these and real stainless steel - until you pick them up! But for upscale events where real silverware is not an option, these are amazing!

    Posted on

    Very durable, has a clean finished look, didn't feel cheap and great deal on this item. Delivery was fast, good communication on when to expect my items.

    Posted on

    Ordered this silverware for an upcoming bridal shower/rehearsal dinner/wedding. Extremely pleased with the quality and presentation. It looks real and will have a lot of our guests fooled!

    from Tawni Bouch Posted on

    Ordered this for our wedding.. can't even tell they are plastic! Very happy with the purchase! Shipping was super quick and everything came without any damage.

    Posted on

    I ordered these forks for my wedding. and they worked out perfectly! They were very durable and looked like real metal. It is great inexpensive option for any event. It arrived to my house quickly, only two days after ordering! I would recommend this product to anyone and will be purchasing more in the future.

    Posted on

    The Silver Visions 7" Heavy Weight Forks are perfect for any event. We use them at all of our weddings. Everyone always thinks they are real!

    from Fancy Affairs Catering Posted on

    These forks were awesome! Beautiful and plenty sturdy. If you were energetic and wanted to re-use them they would have washed up beautifully! They made the place more elegant and went perfectly with the plates we ordered!

    from Bountiful Hearing Center Posted on

    These forks are very high quality and a great price for the value. We used them for several parties and I would reccomend them for any occasion.

    from Tranquillity Posted on

    This fork is beautiful and the weight on it was great for my event. It had that look of elegance with the price. The price was just right for my budget.

    from The Harvest House Ministries Posted on

    These forks were great! Heavy duty, look like real metal. A great addition to our inventory and saves money instead of using regular metal utensils.

    from Tim Posted on

    Better quality and less expensive - even with shipping - than i can get from my food purveyor. Light weight yet look like real silver instead of plastic.

    from Heirloom Cuisine Posted on

    The Silver Visions Heavy Weight Plastic Spoons, Knives & Forks are our go to for catering events. They look and feel great while not having to wash them which is great when you need a lot at once.

    from Mainstreet Pub Posted on

    Loved the look of these! The most real looking plastic forks we've found. Made the tables look more elegant, and clean up was a breeze. Would definitely use these again for special occasions.

    from MMancuso Posted on

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    i buy these once a year every year from web resturant supplies ans i couldnt be happier the quality the color the weight and price is perfect,

    Posted on

    This light weight "silver" flatware was perfect for our catered dinner theatre production. The table set was elegant, and it made clean up a breeze!

    from Pure Artistry Literary Cafe Posted on

    Bought for a wedding, everybody thought it was real metal or silver. Heavy duty, but not cheesy-looking or over the top. Whenever planning for something formal, these forks would suit the occasion.

    Posted on

    The price on these are great. The quality seems to be good but not great. You do get some scuffs on these but not terrible, as you do with even the highest quality ones. Good value!

    Posted on

    These forks look like real silverware even up close, It's just the weight that gives them away. Even so, they are pretty sturdy. Like most plastic ware, I would recommend paring it with a knife, even for softer foods that need to be made bite size.

    from Big Mike's BBQ Posted on

    These are the most real looking plastic pieces of silverware. Fancy yet disposed of easily. We are using at my daughters wedding in a couple of weeks.

    Posted on

    Better than most disposable spoons available in that it looks like the real thing. Heavy weight and very sturdy. I found it such a waste that it is disposable. :-)

    Posted on

    We use these heavy weight silver forks for casual catering events. They look and feel much nicer than basic plastic wear, while being pratical for events where disposables are required.

    Posted on

    These Silver Vision Heavy Weight Plastic ware is perfect for any event. Elegant enough for a wedding or even a backyard cookout. Durable enough for any type of food.

    from Parker's Produce Posted on

    If you need a good quality just like real silverwear I would suggest these. We have used these for all of our catering event and everyone thought they were real. We have ordered these over and over again.

    from Avenue54 LLC Posted on

    We used these for a shower cause we wanted a real utensil look and were very pleased. They were very durable, the price was great too!!

    Posted on

    Nice and sturdy as well as full size (like the large fork in your silverware set). We used these for our wedding. No complaints from anyone. They really do look real as well as elegant to fit the rest of the wedding.

    Posted on

    Not as good as the real "reflections" but do the job and for a much better price. Would recommend to anyone trying to make there event a little classier.

    from Gance's Complete Catering Posted on

    These silver plastic forks are a great quality! They are an upgrade from regular plastic folks. They are more presentable and elegant. The are also more durable.

    from Castle Catering Posted on

    The forks are very nice. There may be a few that are disclosed but I would definitely recommend them. They give the appearance of being real.

    Posted on

    Awesome cutlery when an event calls for for an elegant look we use upscale designer disposable events. They are also sturdy and hold up well to eat food without breaking while eating.

    from Weber Catering Posted on

    They are nice, not very heavy but work well. For plastic probably best looking for the money. They also hold up well to meat, desserts, salad, etc.

    Posted on

    This is a sturdy fork and it looks like real silver wear. Added a elegant touch to my party and wedding. I would use again

    Posted on

    I ordered 50 forks to begin with and loved them so much I got a case of them! They were perfect for our daughter's wedding reception and looked beautifully elegant!

    Posted on

    Very Nice and elegant style look great for any occasions! WebStaurantsStore has great pricing and can beat any other businesses pricing. Product has multiple images for review before buying which great for people that want to see the product before purchase.

    Posted on

    Forks are of great quality. Looks very nice and are very sturdy. We use them for all our drop off catering functions. We will continue to purchase these and would recommend them to everyone.

    Posted on

    These are a good, serviceable product and an upgrade over typical plastic ware. Good for informal events -- patio parties and informal cocktail parties. They are not heavy enough for daily use or for more formal events. Heav-IER Weight would be more accurate name.

    from BAR & GRILL Posted on

    I order this iteam to check the quality of the product and i Love it and i re order more for my Daughter's Party . I recommend this product.

    Posted on

    This product is perfect for an outdoor wedding especially because you can throw everything away and not have to worry about loss. The flatware is really substantial and looks authentic!

    Posted on

    I purchased a case of these for my daughters wedding along with a case of the spoons and knifes. These were fantastic. I have since ordered more for several occasions. I would recommend these to anyone interested in throwing a party or for your wedding reception.

    from Miriam Posted on

    I ordered a case of these forks for my upcoming wedding in November. Due to the size of my large family this is perfect! These forks looks just like real silverware! Now I do not have to rent them and/or be responsible for misplacing any.

    Posted on

    Great price and these forks will be great for my upcoming event! Fast delivery and they were in great condition, there were only a few with a couple scratches. But I'm satisfied with this product.

    Posted on

    I ordered two cases of Silver Vision "7 forks for my wedding and was not too happy about the quality, I returned them and will be purchasing somethingmore heavy duty instead. They are okay for a kids birthday party not for a wedding. Just my openion

    from Destiny Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Destiny. We are sorry you were not happy with these forks for your wedding. Consider these WNA Comet Reflections 7" Stainless Steel Look Heavy Weight Plastic Forks for a heavier fork that will suit the wedding.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I found the quality very good. Style equally as good. I will definitely purchase again. I would recommend this particular fork for anyone's catered events!

    from Molly B's Cuisine Posted on

    We love this plasticware...We use it for all our catering events and it holds up well to all types of meat and foods. And it looks so Elegant!

    from LAST SUPPER BBQ SMOKERS Posted on

    Very nice. lightweight fork. It is attractive and does the job, although I would not suggest using this for anything that is tough, like steak, etc. I would order this product again.

    from Billings Depot Posted on

    Great product for price guest thought they where looking at real silver ware until they picked up and was very impressed . I will purchase again for next event.

    from B & J Catering Posted on

    Ordered a couple boxes of theses silver plastic forks and when we got them they were well packaged and they looked so real couldn't tell the difference of them being plastic until you actually held them in your hand. They were pretty sturdy and not bad for price. Really recommend them.

    Posted on

    These forks give you the stainless look and are shinny and not dull. They are great for desserts or light appetizers, even loose pasta dishes. They are not heavy duty in terms of eating chicken or steak. You need to select the more pricey stainless plastic if you are having those type dishes. Only gave 3 stars, because description is not accurate in stating heavy duty. Again, for light dishes these are okay.

    Posted on

    Thanks for a natural and so perfect heavy weight dinner forks. It is so durable that our guests taught we pay a lot for it. Serves great for an inexpensive party. Thanks Webstaurant for helping with our budget!! Chris

    Posted on

    Excellent alternative to more expensive brands; a little lighter, but work perfectly for luncheons, lighter weight foods, appetizers, etc. Still less expensive than purchasing at local supply store, even with shipping!

    from Gumbys Catering Posted on

    as noted. purchased all three, knives forks and spoons for our events. product holds up well under steak , not flimsy as other kinds are. Looks nice and shiny. Only issue is shipping costs.

    from The B and B By The Bay Posted on

    Awesome product! We ordered forks and spoons and they are great quality for the price! Comparable to the more expensive brands out there, though they may not be as durable; they still are very appealing and sturdy for the value! Would purchase any time in the future!

    Posted on

    These Heavy Duty Forks are great for any occasion. They really look like real fine dinning silverware. I would highly recommend them for special events like weddings.

    Posted on

    I used these for my parents' anniversary party. What a beautiful table setting!! I was very impressed by the speed of the delivery of my order as well!

    from Dano's Posted on

    These Silver 7" forks work perfect for catering events. It adds a touch of elegance in many party functions.They are sturdy and lasts at least a day minimum at an event.

    Posted on

    this silver visions plastic fork really is a great looking product. we use them for our catering functions. it really gives the customer a great looking tool to use. will be buying more.

    Posted on

    I am happy with the forks, but I do not think they should be labeled "Heavy Weight".... I ordered them expecting something much more heavy duty. Michelle

    Posted on

    We appreciate your review, Michelle! If you are looking for more information on the product you are purchasing, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These forks are very sturdy as well as pretty. They help to give a touch of elegance at a low cost. Would be great for weddings or other functions where plain plastic forks just don't cut it.

    Posted on

    i have bought this item before and they look great with any formal table setting. I will recommend and buy again for a big event.

    from Mutaher Hussain Posted on

    I ALWAYS use these utensils for catering functions. They are a great value and add class to the parties and weddings I cater. I only wish they came in gold.

    from Almost Home L.L.C, Posted on

    This looks like actual silverware. I am excited to use this for my wedding. There were a few scratches but other than that it was perfect!

    Posted on

    These forks were purchased for my wedding on September 20, 2014. I love the pattern of these forks and the look and feel like they are real.

    Posted on

    These forks were perfect for our wedding, they look great on the tables and they are strong enough to eat chicken fried steak without breaking. Will purchase these again for other events.

    Posted on

    Although this says heavy weight - it is not. I see these breaking with anything but the softest foods. Definitely would go for the higher priced "Reflections" which really are heavy weight and much more sturdy. Get what you pay for! Rating of 2 because they do look nice.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We’re sorry to hear that these were not up to your standards. As you stated, item WNA Comet 610155 Reflections 7" Plastic Fork is a heavier duty fork that will be able to put up with more use.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These forks are okay, I was expecting a little bit better quality. Almost all of them are scratched or silver is worn off and the tips are oddly sharp. They were a great price and I will be using them at my wedding.

    Posted on

    These are very durable forks and I can't get over how much they look like actual silverware. Our guests will love these when we use them for our outdoor wedding.

    from Gallagher Heiser Posted on

    I used these forks for banquets. They are really made of heavy duty material and look great on the tables. I would suggest these to anyone.

    Posted on

    We love the Silver Visions Forks! They are very durable and add so much to our table settings for events! And they are a great price, which is a bonus!

    from The Shul Posted on

    Love this product, so reasonably priced. The more premium fork is a little more shiny but no issue for us if you don't mix the two and the savings for me are most important. Customers love them!

    from Legends Restaurant Posted on

    I ordered these easily and was shipped to me the next day , the quality is good. they are shiny, light but sturdy. I bought a case of these and a case of the spoons. Not disappointed at all.Happy customer here :)

    Posted on

    I love using these forks they look so real my guest are never for sure if they should throw them away or return for cleaning.

    Posted on

    I purchased a case of these for use at my daughter's wedding. The quality is good. We set each table with the Fineline plastic plates and this brand of plastic ware and it made stunning tables! They held up nice to ham and roast beef too.

    Posted on

    I really liked these forks although I think that they could be packaged better to avoid some of the chipping that occurred on several pieces.

    Posted on

    I didn't need 600 of these forks but the price was so reasonable that I bought them with the intention of using at future events. Loved them and the client was very pleased with them also.

    from The Corner Cook Posted on

    We love the surprised look we get from guests when they find out these are disposable! The look just like the real thing! Casual events and cookouts find these stunning!

    from YOUR BUDGET CATERING Posted on

    We really enjoyed using these for a wedding in our family. They weren't always the most durable, but they looked realistic and added and extra bit of fancy to the usual plastic fork. I would recommend them but bear in mind, they may look stronger than they actually are.

    from Put the Lime in the Coconut Posted on

    Very pleased with my purchase. The forks are all very evenly colored and very sturdy for plastic-ware. They worked great with the Silver Visions spoon and knife as I wrapped them together in packets for my wedding.

    Posted on

    Just the best option to add some fancy looking to your party. The value pack is perfect for a big reception. The quality of this forks is great...

    Posted on

    These forks are so pretty!! they are nice and heavy-and look great with your white plastic plates that have the silver rim :) keep up the good work-i'm lovin' it!

    Posted on

    Forget about using real silverware at your events these forks look like the real thing, but are disposable so you do not have to worry about clean up!

    Posted on

    I also ordered these for my wedding and they were great. A few of them were scratched, but nothing major. They were well worth the price I paid. I searched all over and this was by far the best deal. My mom thought I had ordered real silverware until she picked it up!!!

    Posted on

    I was looking floor flatware that was disposable but also did not look too cheap as well. These are the perfect flatware for my reception.

    Posted on

    I ordered this item for my sister sweet 16 for 250 guests and they looked very nice. I wish they had a little more shine to look more real but they were still great.

    Posted on

    Attended the local Pilot Club Winter Ball and the caterers used this plastic ware. When I first walked by the tables, I was like WOW, the PC forked out money for real silverware. Then when I sat down to enjoy the meal, I picked up my utensil and realized it was plastic and not real silverware at all. I was very impressed and I'm sure you will be too! Order with confidence

    Posted on

    Very nice alternative to silverware. The coloring is realistic. Much less expensive to purchase here than other suppliers! Clients are always surprised to find they are plastic.

    from Pioletti's Spaghetti Catering Posted on

    These are our 'go-to' forks for just about any event where we're using disposables. When we have any left over from an event, we stock our food truck utensil caddy with them and plenty of people have commented, thinking they were real silver until they picked them up.

    from October Catering Posted on


    Posted on

    These forks are a nice weight and length. The silver finish is nice and bright. Just be careful not to mix them with other brands. These tend to be brighter, and can make other brands appear dull in comparison.

    from The Savory Spoon Catering Co. Posted on

    The quality of these forks were terrible. The silver coating came off all over the food. There were little silver flakes everywhere. I was at first excited because of the price, but it was not worth it.

    from paper goods plus Posted on

    Thank you for your review! Your account has been credited for these forks; they should not be flaking. These forks are a great value, but if you are looking for another plastic fork, we recommend the WNA Comet 610155 7" heavy weight reflections silver plastic fork.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    What an amazing silver like plastic utensils Great grip to handle , perfect size for food And dessert Lots of feedback from my guests about it

    from HAPPY ENGINE INC., Posted on

    These are OK, for the money. The silver finish comes off a little too easily v.s. the reflections flatware. Just from sitting in acidic liquid (like tomato sauce) will cause it to start streaking and flaking. I keep them as back up, but I like the reflections better for disposables.

    Posted on

    We order these forks for a formal event at our offices and we are very impressed with the look and quality of them. The silver finish really makes it look like the real thing!

    from American Welding Society Posted on

    As good as we expected! These forks are a great addition to our business. We use them for catering deliveries to provide a more sophisticated look. The plastic is a durable, heavy-weight material. We have ordered several cases already and will continue to order more.

    from Caribbean Grill Posted on

    I bought this forks ofr a wedding, they look real but are not ... look expensive and are not ... is excellent and very smart buy I just buy a box the the 600 pc ... I highly recommend them for all events

    from Clazzy Events Posted on

    I got these to use for my wedding. They are great quality. You catch yourself thinking they'll be heavier like real silverware when you pick them up. Great price for the amount of them too!

    Posted on

    Webstaurant store had the lowest price online for this heavy weight silver wear that looks like real silverware. They held up great and they are disposable.

    from porters on the lane Posted on

    Great quality and they look wonderful. Perfect for our Bull Roast or other functions we have. They add the feel of being a upscale party. Cost is plus too.

    from Long Green Volunteer Fire Company, Inc Posted on

    These were great, I loved that they looked so real and very heavy duty. I think the silver plasticware were my favorite items. I strongly recommend.

    Posted on

    These are very sturdy more so than the normal plastic forks from the local grocery store. They looked great with the table setting, I would definitaly recomend these. The price for the quality is very worth it.

    Posted on

    Ordered these to use as the wedding cake dessert forks. They looked classy and were very durable! Would buy again! Great quality, did not break.

    Posted on

    These forks worked great and are sturdy to withstand everything! The color and shine of these at first glance look like real silverware. They are a great option for a budget spending while still looking upscale.

    Posted on

    Well, I hav eto say I was very disappointed in the quality of these forks. So far I have counted 100 of the 600 with dark scratches, chips and smears on them which I can't use as they look used. I am not sure if this batch was defective but I have purchased similar forks before from another vendor and they didn't look that way. Disappointed.

    from Le Spicy Mango Posted on

    Thank you for reviewing this product! Customer service will be in contact to provide assistance.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    We bought a matching set of silverware for our daughter's "wedding on a budget." While "real" would have been optimal, these looked great, worked well, and provided no hassle as we didn't have to worry about washing and returning rentals all for an excellent price. (And we looked around before ordering!)

    Posted on

    I purchased over 600 of these for my wedding- they are great value for a great product. My mother-in-law was very skeptical, but she didn't even realize she was using plastic at first! They are durable and can be used for even chicken/steak dinners!

    Posted on

    These forks are very pretty and look nice on the table. There are not as heavy as I would of liked. Of course, the lightweight makes transporting them and wrapping in the napkins much easier.

    from Thetammster Posted on

    Very disappointed in this product. The "heavy weight" description is very misleading. This is just a basic plastic fork that happens to be silver. Will be fine for cake at wedding reception, but will not order again.

    Posted on

    Thank you for reviewing this product! "Heavy weight" utensils are larger, sturdier, and stronger than the "medium weight" plastic utensils, and the silver color helps to enhance presentation.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I am saving about 70% from what I was spending through my primary vendor for almost the same product. It arrived on my loading dock within a week.

    from breezy point international Posted on

    OMG love these! We get compliments ALL the time! We actually stock regular forks (stainless) and these and people always confuse the two. They are beautiful and resilient.

    Posted on

    I am very please with the quality and the timely delivery of this product. Great to have a product that is not the typical plastic.

    from Jasnell Creations Posted on

    I purchased the forks, knives and spoons for a charity event. They are a nice heavy quality for plastic and are a true shiny silver...much better than the gray silver-like plastic cutlery you see on other sites. The price was so good, I opted for a full place setting for the tables.

    from Cece Brune Posted on

    Great Quality! Looks like the real thing. Perfect for any buffet table; adds to wonderful display. Customers were very pleased. Will be ordering again for all my clients!

    from Lorac Divad Event Planning Posted on

    This is a great deal. I purchased this item and I used it for my daughter's sweet sixteen party, EVERYONE LOVED IT. I would recommend this item to onyone because I would definitely buy it again.

    from Caterer Posted on

    I would highly recommend this product especially for special events such as weddings or aniversaries. These forks really do have the look and feel of high quality guine silverware without nearly the cost or delicate clean up.

    from Mike's Coffee and Pie Kitchen Posted on

    Got this item for a wedding on April. Shipping was fast and the item is great. The forks look just like original silverware until you touch them. Makes a wedding look great but saving a lot of money.

    from K & G Wedding Posted on

    This is a great deal! I have a wedding in June and ordered these as well as knives. My only complaint is some were "chipped" and they were slightly flimsy. But great for the value. No other deal like it out there.

    from DCLARK Posted on

    The Silver Visions 7" heavy weight Plastic Fork case and spooons case are great! I am using them for my April wedding and I am so very excited! Very sturdy and great looking! I did ALOT of research and this was THE BEST DEAL!

    Posted on

    I love this "silver" ware! The forks are nice and shiny and theres no need to worry about cleaning them before company! Great for fancy get togethers!

    Posted on

    These plastic forks are sure to trick everyone! They really look like silver flatware! Great alternative to flimsy plastic forks!! A very neat find! Love the size for all meals!!!

    Posted on

    I love the silver reflection plastic forks, because they look real. This is an excellent value for your money. Considering that people use a lot of forks at events.

    from Where the Heart Is LLC Posted on

    I love these! They look remarkably like silverware and are very sturdy. These really added to the feel of my fundraiser, without adding to the cost.

    from SCAN of Northern Virginia Posted on

    These forks, with matching knives and spoons, were so great! Used these for a school reunion I hosted, and people were amazed at the high quality for a plastic fork! Quite sturdy for our barbecue buffet. I was definitely glad I went ahead and purchased by the case, as I have plenty left for my next function. A great look, for a very small price. Would definitely purchase again. Only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 was that I had read a review indicating they were 'heavy weight'. They were a bit light to the hand, but still very good quality overall.

    Posted on

    These 7" heavy weight forks look very elegant and are great to use or elegant parties! Not only do they look great but are also sturdy in use!

    Posted on

    I always buy these and everyone thinks they are real silver at first. I will continue to purchase these and the price can't be beat.

    from Just Eat This Catering Posted on

    These do look marvelous! People always say how real they look. As a matter of fact, we often get people bringing them to the dishwasher as if they are real silver!

    Posted on

    These are really nice. A bit cheaper than some of the other brands so they become really super affordable! I'm glad I came across these.

    Posted on

    My customers always LOVE these. They are always fooled when I tell them they are plastic. They are boxed well and come in great condition.

    from Original Fried Pie Shop Posted on

    This silver Visions plastic forks with a high quality finish on them are meant to not have to wash dishes when the event is over. Its serve on clean throws away dirty saves you time and money a caterer's dream.

    from Glow Fun In CT Posted on

    I love these fork, they are excellent if you want your event to be upscale. They are durable and cheap, I have seen these elsewhere for a lot more money!

    from Garden Of Eatin' Posted on

    Forks are always in demand and the first to go. I ordred a box of 600 for a great price. The silverware is heavy and beautiful. I just love this pattern, and will be using it for my daughter's upcoming wedding and future parties. This heavy plasticware can really fool you as it looks like the rented silverware that comes with the caterers. I love it and would recommend it to EVERYONE. The price is more than reasonable. I will continue to shop here as I have a great big party coming this summer. Thanks Webstaurantstore I will refer others to your site.

    Posted on

    This was the second time I ordered these and am soooo happy with them, they look real. I even used them for a Christmas Party at a club I belong to and they were very impressive.

    Posted on

    looks like the real thing client love it she was blown away with the way the tables was decorated elegant easy disposal it looks great when the guests was eating

    from Lera's Cakes & Catering Posted on

    I love this Silver Visions plastic fork. It looks good and the price is great. I plan to order these for all future catering events.

    Posted on

    Elegant and durable. I get compliments like crazy. They are just as strong as the more expensive brand.Worth every penny and really make your meal more elegant..

    Posted on

    I just ordered a few boxes of silver plastic flatware and I really like the quality of it.. they all look so real... now webstaurant store is my favorite!!!!!

    from jjrfloraldesign Posted on

    A great alternative to renting and washing silver wear. This product is equal in quality to the Reflections line but at a much lower price

    from Inne of the Abingtons Posted on

    I really love these silverware look plastic forks. I would prefer a little heavier weight plasticware, but for half the cost these were an excellent buy.

    Posted on

    Don't spend the money on the more expensive plastic silverware. These are wonderful! The bride (my daughter) is delighted with these. They exceeded my expectations.

    Posted on

    Same as Reflections.......half the price. Don't let the low price discourage you. They are the exact same as the Reflections by WNA and can't beat the price.

    from Food For Thought Catering Posted on

    Nice heavyweight and VERY attractive. For the price, these cannot be beat. Have received many compliments and people actually wanting some for home use. Will order again.

    Posted on

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