Silver Visions 7" Heavy Weight Silver Plastic Fork - 50/Pack

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Take your tabletop presentation to the next level with this Silver Visions 7" heavy weight silver plastic fork. Providing all the look and feel of a stainless steel fork at a fraction of the cost, Silver Visions creates plastic silverware that looks real! Who said you can't use plastic silverware for weddings? In addition to its realistic appeal, this plastic silver cutlery is disposable, so you won't have to waste any extra time washing large quantities of dishes, as you would if you used traditional silverware. In addition, there is no longer any worrying about losing money due to expensive flatware accidentally being thrown away! The disposability offers tear-down convenience for servers and catering staff, without affecting the overall dining experience of patrons.

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Silver Visions 7" Heavy Weight Silver Plastic Fork - 50/Pack

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    I am so glad I found Webstaurant! I ordered many items 9 months ago to test out prior to ordering a large amount for use at my daughter's wedding reception in August, 2016. The venue is outside, and I didn't want to pay to rent silverware, plates and cups. I could not be more pleased with these forks and the matching spoons. They are attractive, durable and festive. We have been using these forks for months, and they have lasted through many hand washings so I know they will certainly hold up one meal. The only "problem" we had, and I say that jokingly; my husband accidentally ran one through the dishwasher, putting it in with all our real silverware. It looked like a regular fork, which was good. Needless to say, these are not meant for a hot dishwasher. The fork didn't melt, but some of the "silver" washed off. I will be buying a couple cases of these for the reception, they are great.
    I chose these forks because I liked the style of them. They looked nice, had a nice weight to them and didn't feel like they were plastic.
    The Silver Visions 7" Heavy Weight Silver Plastic Fork is a high quality disposable fork perfect for all types of events where a disposable utensil is desired.
    Needed these for an event i hosted. Nice and sturdy plastic that looks like real silverware! Went with our fancy decor. Will be ordering again
    Looks like a real fork, we use these for weddings that are outside or at barns, or want to save money on using actual china.
    I absolutely love these! They look so elegant but very affordable I can’t wait to display these on my upcoming event ! They arrived on time & everything was carefully packaged I highly recommend! Thank you webstaurant
    This fork is heavy duty plastic, yet still is able to look also like real silver. Has a great shine to it and very durable. That packs are slim and great for packing!
    These Silver Visions Heavy Weight Plastic Forks look so real that you will not want to throw them away. They are priced good, especially by the case, and we sometimes use them for our everyday meals. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is the color sometime varies. One pack may not look the same as another pack or the next order you get.
    I purchased these forks for a luncheon. After searching through multiple stores and websites, I chose these and I am so glad I did. They are elegant, the style is timeless and the quality is good.
    We love being able to hand out these elegant Chrome looking plastic ware with our high end catering orders, we use the regular plastic for boxed lunches.
    really nice silver plastic fork for any restaurants or continental breakfast . Make sure you order the rest of your silver plastic utensils on this website
    I ordered these for my wedding. We had a very laid back wedding and these utensils were perfect. They are sturdy and the price is unbeatable! The silver makes them look fancy but you are not paying a fancy price!
    A beautiful and convenient way to serve our customers in style. Superb quality at an affordable price. It's hard to tell that they are plastic until you pick one up. Highly recommended!
    We love these forks! We put them in our break room and they're great for all foods unlike some plastics forks. They work great for hot foods, as well.
    I purchased these for a casual wedding I catered over the summer. The wedding was outdoors & had a woodsy theme so metal utensils would have been out of place. These worked great!
    Strong and durable. Perfect for a dinner party because they look fancy but you won't have to wash dishes after! They really look like stainless steel!
    Ordered these for a dessert buffet & appetizer buffet. Weight is perfect, very stylish disposable option. These have made it on my 'go-to' list for sure!
    Heavy duty, very nice. Elegant enough that we are using for taste tests in our bridal suite cake room. Perfect shine for a shining moment.
    These forks looks sturdy enough to take on even a steak. The design is nice also, not plain at all. Cant wait to use them for my wedding in july.
    Great quality! Was pushing hard on them on my stove and they barely bent! I was worried they would be cheap and bend and break while people are eating! I no longer have that fear and think they will hold up perfectly
    The Silver Visions 7" Heavy Weight Silver Plastic Fork are a 3 out of 5 for me. They look nice but feel really plastic. I was expecting a heavier weight than what I received for the type of event I am catering. This is a step up over the basic store fork.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    I purchased these for my cousin's lunchtime wedding reception - had a buffet serving sandwich fixings, pasta salad, veggie and fruit trays. These were perfectly satisfactory for this event - looked beautiful. At work, we normally use the Choice brand plastic silverware, in both the medium and heavy weight versions. I would rate these between the two - not sure they deserve the "Heavy Weight" designation. For a more formal meal, these may not have been as acceptable. But for our event, I was very pleased.
    These silver plastic forks add a touch of elegance to any party or event. They are in fact heavy duty as the title claims them to be. We didn’t have any problems with them and guests were fooled at first thinking they were real until they grabbed one. Excellent buy!
    I bought these for someone for a wedding, and they are great! They look just like real silverware, but you can throw them away when you are done with them! Very durable as well.
    This are very sturdy forks and they look beautiful. This is great price for the quality you get which us unmatched with the normal stores offer.
    I used the plastic silver forks for my little mermaid themed Rice Krispie treats they looked amazing I'm very happy with the quality of this product
    I purchased these for a wedding and they look like they do on the website, good quality, just as described, overall very happy with the product.
    The fork are great to have they don't break fast and they look real. People ask all the time where did I get them because they look so real.
    I used these for my wedding and loved that they were such a great price! They looked nice and I saved a bunch of money.
    I loved these forks. I used them for cake pops to make Ariel's dinglehopper cake pops for a princess day dessert event. They look so expensive for being only plastic.
    Paired with a napkin, or placed next to the plate, the silver plastic fork looks great. The reflection of light is of such great quality!
    Kinda dissapointed, but they will do. Almost every fork out of 600 has some sort of scratch or black spot. Its good if there for a little party or will be wrapped in anapkin to where no one will see, but iw ouldnt get them for a super elegant affair.
    Thank you for your review, Logan! We are sorry this Silver Visions 7 inch Heavy Weight Silver Plastic Fork - 50/Pack has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!
    This silverware looked great for our wedding reception on our farm. It was actually cheaper for us to buy the silverware from Webstaurant than it was to rent them!!!
    These forks look just like real silverware and held up wonderfully. We had a full meal and none were flimsy at all plus a nice color.
    The Silver Visions plasticware is perfect for any occasion. I always have them ready for easy entertaining as the quality brings a touch of class. Webstaurant Store always gives great service. I've been using these for many years and I'm always happy with them.
    We bought these forks for a wedding. These forks gave the wedding more classy look while still being inexpensive flatware. The forks are great quality.
    Used these for my wedding and they were quite nice. You're not fooling anyone that they're plastic, but they're sturdy and comfortable to eat from. We have since used them for ribs and chicken and they're surprisingly sturdy. If needed, I would certainly repurchase these.
    I wouldn't call this heavy weight, but I didn't buy these for the weight. These are great for when you want something fancier than standard plastic utensils. They have a nice metallic shine and detail on the handle that mimics real silverware.
    These solver plastic forks add an elegant touch at a budget-conscious price. I used them for a small company get-together and it made cleanup so much easier not having to do dishes (with no dishwasher on site) afterwards.
    These worked so nicely for my wedding a couple years ago. They look classy like real silverware and are nice and sturdy! We used these for our apps, main entree, and dessert.
    Looks like a real fork, but very light weight. It will complement any gathering, to make it feel special without the extra cost. I will most definitely buy again.
    Great Spoons, always useful at parties! better than the usual plastics spoons we get at the store. I order in bulk all the time to make sure that i have them on hand.
    These fork's are perfect for a fancy evening event, and you don't have to worry about real silverware getting thrown out. It saves on washing dishes also.
    Great product. I was definitely impressed when I received my order. The guest were impressed and it added a sense of elegance to the tables and the entire event. I was also impressed with the detailing and how much the forks looked real. I will definitely reorder these..
    Absolutely worth the money. Bought for a wedding and they look just like the real thing. So shiny and sturdy. I highly recommend. Fast shipping. Make sure you have exact address as they just left my box on the down stairs floor and I was blessed to have a neighbor bring it up to me.
    Nice silver ware. We use these for Masters week. The only draw back is that they hold finger prints and smudges really really bad. Megan
    Not quite as sturdy as the brand I usually use, but the price more than makes up for it. Perfect for a nicer outdoor event.
    The forks are very durable and really resemble real silverware. The plastic is thick and silver coating keeps it shine even when dealing with hot food. The length is perfect for a dinner or salad fork.
    I'm always wary about plastic flatware but these were what they claimed. They were heavy and strong and made my event look great! I'm a caterer so appearance matters. Not only was I satisfied but my customer was blown away.
    The use of plastic looking silverware has a two-fold effect for any exclusive event. It keeps clean-up easy and still provides a look of elegance. In addition to this, they were a lot more sturdy than you would think. The case price wound up being very cost effective.
    These are great heavy duty forks. I have used these disposable forks for several years. They look great, hold up well and are a great price.
    They have the fancy feel and metallic look of real cutlery for a fraction of the price. While not perfect, as is the nature of paint, the appearance is still good enough to fool most, esoecially at a distance. I tried bending the forks as well to test their strength and found them to be surprisingly sturdy. These are perfect for nearly any application, except maybe daily use. I would happily recommend these forks and am going to use them for my wedding.
    Ordered this 50 pack and absolutely loved them. The quality is far superior to the other plastic utensils available. I ordered the full case on my next order.
    These were perfect for my outdoor wedding! I didn't want the price of real silverware. But these gave me the same look as real silverware for a way better price!! Would absolutely recommend!
    This item looks great and works even better than it looks! Does not even look like plastic. High quality. Ordered for a future Spring wedding.
    I love these forks. I could fool anybody with these forks, they look real. Great product will buy it again in the future for any other events.
    I love this item. it is light weight but it very sturdy, my table setting was so pretty, all plastic but looked like real silverware most important it held up and not one broke.
    These forks are pretty and sturdy to last for dinner and dessert for our wedding reception! I pushed pretty hard on them to see if they would bend and the barely moved. Good value too!
    Nice quality, heavy weight plastic forks with a "metal look". Planning to use these for my wedding reception and we're happy with the quality. A few (10% or so) of the forks are scratched in their packaging but we're not overly concerned about this since it's a mostly casual affair...maybe of concern to people with a fancier gathering.
    These worked great! We wrapped them up with our knives and they looked awesome! All from webstaurantstore!! Will be getting more of these in the future!
    I ordered these for a low-budget wedding I was catering. These fit the bill beautifully - people didn't realize they were plastic until they picked them up, and they looked great on the table. Would definitely buy again.
    I had been shopping lovely for nice forks for a wedding we were doing but couldn't find anything I really liked and they were all so expensive. Bought some of these to try out. Loved them so much I've now used them on three weddings! Definitely recommend b
    Unbelievably pretty and unbelievably affordable. I've seen some other "silver" plastic cutlery in the store, but it doesn't compare to this. Shiny, pretty, perfect silver. At my wedding reception, I sat back and giggled as I watched the guests pick up the "silverware", look confused, peer at it more closely, and then excitedly whisper to their tablemates about the stuff. So many people asked me where on earth I got them. I think they were more impressed with these forks than the whole rest of the reception!
    Great look, nice weight and they do not break. So real looking guests assumed they were real metal utensils. Positively will purchase again for future events
    I ordered these forks because I’m always running out of forks and hate washing one when I need it so it’s mice to have plastic ones. They can easily be rinsed off and reused also. They are easy for my toddler to hold and use.
    Heavy duty plastic forks you don't have to worry about your guests breaking the fork. Perfect for weddings and parties. The forks have a nice sliver color.
    This is a really great product and an extremely great price. Perfect for dressing up a party or event without having to wash dishes. The pack size was perfect for my needs.
    The Silver Visions utensils are asthetically pleasing and look like real silverware, but they still feel like plastic and they are much lighter than regular silverware. Some of the forks showed small signs of wear (some of the silver coating coming off). For the price, it’s a good alternative to the real thing.
    great product for the price, heavy weight, durable and looks real. would highly recommend. We used these at catering functions and never had a problem
    We bought these for our fundraising event- it's a little more upscale but we didn't want to do dishes. These looked elegant and were sturdy. Looked at 10 different websites and this was by far the cheapest but certainly not a cheap quality. We were very pleased and have bookmarked the site so we remember where to get them for our next event!
    These silver heavy weight plastic forks are really great! They look so beautiful and real when set on a table! You get to have a nice presentation and easy clean up too!
    Great, going to use these for Thanksgiving! These silver plastic forks have an elegant design that make them look real. They're a fancier design which make it nice for a Thanksgiving dinner with an easy clean up.
    We used these forks for an 81st birthday celebration. Elegant and Excellent. The colors were pink and lilac. The silver forks fit in perfectly. I would definitely purchase again and again!
    I bought the silver 7" heavy weight silver plastic fork along with the knife and spoon to be used for my wedding. The silverware three piece set was of high quality and one of the best pieces ever used for a party. I would recommend the set and even individually. Each piece could stand on its on. The cost was inexpensive and worth it.
    We have been looking for a fancy disposable fork and flatware set to use at catering events. These heavy weight silver plastic forks by Silver Visions did the job. They have a metal finish which makes them look a lot nicer then the typical plastic flatware options. The handle also has a nice design. Great for casual dining events.
    WOW is an understatement on this product! Not only is it just stuuning in presentation but the durability is exceptional. Also holds up well with hot foods. Highly recommend!!!
    I brought this item for a wedding event, it worked for the price..... I was hoping it would have been sturdier. it looks just as the picture
    I ordered these for a wedding and I am very pleased with the look and quality. These are the perfect option if you're looking for classy disposables.
    Nice silver-look forks! They were strong enough for what I needed, but I didn't really put them to the test- only some assorted cakes and other desserts.
    The silver heavy weight plastic forks are great for formal events because they have an elegant image. This product can be used at family reunions and weddings.
    The silverware looks good, it is a bit flimsy but overall will work if there isn't steak to be cut. I plan to use these for my rehearsal dinner that is outside.
    I use the, folk, knife & spoon at the head table for our beach wedding, They were very hard & sturdy & look like real silverware.
    These forks were beautiful and worked perfectly for our catered dinner for our family reunion. We wanted something elegant that also didn't require washing. These forks were perfect. They all arrived in tact and they looked beautiful on the table. At first glance, you can't even tell they are disposable. Will order again.
    Very nice flatware. I will order again. Not cheap and held up very nicely. I have ordered fro another company in the past and was very embarrassed when the flatware kept breaking. Not so with this product.
    This fork does not seem easily broken. It is much sturdier than much plastic ware I have used in the past. It is also very shiny, so it looks a lot like real silverware. It will work great for my wedding.
    These forks look really nice. They are not as heavy as I was expecting, but I do think they will hold up to the job. They will be perfect for classing up my wedding reception.
    A great quality and priced plastic fork that looks just like fancy silverware. The design mimics that o real silverware, but the fork is very lightweight.
    The forks are really nice, strudy and almost looks real from the distance. I will order again for the price, quality. My only issuse is some of the handle of the forks have sharp plastic tips
    If you have a lot of people over and not enough silverware I recommend getting these. They look so nice as opposed to white or black plastic. It is good for fancier occasions when there are a lot of guests.
    The plastic silver forks fooled everyone, they all thought it was metal. The plasticware were nice and sturdy and made my event elegant. It made a difference making my event more elegant.
    This forks are perfect they are real to its size, supper shinny. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I was so exited to receive then you could not beat the price. My wedding guest are not going to be able to tell that they are plastic. :)
    These forks were purchased for my friends wedding. They were everything we thought they would be and more. Quality is great and the looked amazing on the day. Thanks.
    I was so impressed with these forks. They look like the real deal and are heavy duty. For the price of these you can't beat it. Will def be purchasing these again for future parties and get-togethers.
    I order these not knowing what the quality would be but was very pleasantly surprised. Very heavy and good quality for any wedding or event.
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    I had a cousin getting married and actually gave this as a shower gift for the wedding reception. They had planned. on using the cheap quality plastic silverware from the catering company. This really gives a white glove theme to any event. The couple loved this as a wedding gift. Who would have ever thought
    These forks are heavy duty indeed and with the silver color they made for a more expensive look to a budget-conscious gathering. Unfortunately some of the forks came scuffed, giving the appearance that they had been used before; the only reason why I rated this item 4 stars. The company was nice enough to replace a full pack though so I was able to use the un-scuffed ones for my party and leave the more damaged ones for home use.
    These are fantastic - they are quite sturdy and really do look like real silver from a distance. They are an upgrade for any elegant catered event.
    Wasn't sure if these would be as good as I hoped they would be but the are truly heavy weight and hold up well. Used them tonight for a smaller special event and was happy. Will be using them in two weeks for a 120 person steak dinner. Think I made a good choice.
    I was not impressed. When I open the box. I have black spots on the forks. So disappointing. I have no other choice but to use them now.
    Thank you for your review, Tyrell! We are sorry these items arrived defective, your account has been credited!
    I love these little forks. We used them in fruit salad cups and they were pretty as well as sturdy. Not one broken fork used for this purpose.
    We use these for all of our buffet brunches. Great product if you want to elevate your event. Durable and pretty! Will order again !
    These cultery is beautiful! I order them everytime I plan an event.I used these for my wedding, and for church banquets.They look like the real thing!.They are a cheap way to make a decor on tables look expensive while being affordable.
    I ordered the forks along with the matching knives for my upcoming wedding. The forks and knives have black spots and scratches on them. It looks like the silver coating is coming off of them. I am very disappointed.
    Thank you for your review, Jennifer! We are sorry these items were defective, your account has been credited!
    I purchased these last year for my wedding that will be in October of this year. I wanted to purchase early in case I didn't like them, but they were exactly what I was going for! They are very durable which is what I wanted- disposable flatware that could hold up to the heaviest of foods! I'm going to roll them up in napkins and I bet you everyone will think they are real until touched! If I ever do an event requiring nice flatware again, I will definitely order these again!
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    Love you his item!!! Very high quality plasticware. These items were purchased for a wedding. Was a big hit. Highly recommended for any special occasion.
    Very sturdy forks that I'm planning to use for my upcoming wedding and I will be pairing it with the knife and spoon to match.
    This product was used at a formal banquet, and everyone was surprised at the strength and the elegant look. They were surprised that they was plastic forks.
    The forks are b far the best forks I have found. These forks cater to any event and the elegant look it adds it fantastic!
    These forks are the best forks you will find! They are very affordable and looks like you spent alot of money. They were used for a wedding and I definitely recommend these!
    We are very happy with these. We'll be able to fool our guests and save money. These are more durable than most plastic ware and look fantastic with the "Fineline Silver Splendor" plates we purchased as well.
    These 100% look like stainless steel forks. we use these for an anniversary picnic and everybody was very impressed with the quality of the flatware.
    All I can say is you will not be disappointed with this products. Elegant and durable. We used it for a 200 capacity catering job.
    If you looked at this fork from afar you would never know that it was plastic. Very sharp look and heavy weight which makes this a very useful product!
    Really pretty solution to upgrading a catered event where real silverware is not appropriate. Really classed up the event(s) and was very sturdy as well.
    these are great forks they have stood well for we serve all sorts of meals with these. great value great product I would recommend these.
    I've used these forks in the past and love the way they look. My house guests think we use fine china. Very sturdy as well.
    it looked like real silverware and it color coordinated with the decor we were using. It was a hit with the attendees at the event.
    I was very impressed with these durable plastic forks. We wanted to use plastic forks for desserts and these fit the bill! They looked so real and added a nice touch to our wedding dessert table. I am happy we chose these over the typical clear or white fork. These were ordered a second time for another family event.
    The silverware was a beautiful it was a great, elegant sturdy looking product. My client was very please with the outcome of the product. I will definitely use again.
    These forks werent exactly what I was expecting. We are serving BBQ at our wedding and i do not feel they will be sturdy enough. However 5 Star shipping I received product in 1 business day.
    Great quality of product! I was super surprised at how nice this silverware was. It definitely resembles "real" silverware and it much easier to dispose of. I will be using this for my wedding and it will be a great touch!
    I really liked these forks, for the look and the quality! They look like real silverware, but with the advantage of being disposable. Will definately order again!
    Silverware looked exactly like pictured. Seems to hold up well. We used it for pasta and salad, so we didn't challenge the strength too much, but they seem like they would hold up well for being plastic. Gives dinner a little bit of an upgraded look!
    We used these recently for a very large wedding reception and were extremely impressed. Several of the guests asked the staff where the used cutlery went. They did not realize it was disposable. We will definitely order these again.
    This heavy silver plastic fork is quite elegant. it looks so real on the table. it is the way to go when you're on a budget.
    These are great for special events. They have the look for less. They are crazy good quality. I can't wait for the guests at my wedding to use these. I think they will be surprised when they pick them up and they are plastic!
    Bought these for my wedding in November. They are perfect, just what we were looking for. Sturdy and looks like a metal fork!! Can't wait to use them at my wedding!!
    A nice substitute for clear and white forks. They are not really heavy weight, but still add a nice touch to special events and celebrations.
    Very nice. Can't wait to use them for my wedding. Good quality and very shiny. Will definitely order more in future. Thanks for making them so affordable.
    Forks are good quality, do not break easily, and look beautiful at the table. Impressed with strength and quality. I would definitely order this product again.
    These forks are very sturdy and perfect for my wedding guests to use for their dinner. I am very pleased with the quality and price of the forks.
    I am really happy that I purchased these Silver Visions 7" Heavy Weight Silver Plastic Fork. These forks come in a package of 50 and I think it's a great deal for the price. I highly recommend these forks.
    Perfect for any occassion.... used for wedding anniversary. Adds a nice touch without the high cost of flatware rental & cleaning. Durable enough to reuse if desire, but for the price its easier just to purchase again.
    This visions brand silver color heavyweight 50 pack of disposable forks was great they look like real silverware but they're disposable and at a great price
    These look forever nice and are sturdy. The best part- easy clean up and you just toss these in the trash. These were bought for a wedding that we catered ourselves- making it essential for fast clean up.
    Love these Utincils! The silver finish makes them look great for upper scale events like weddings, birthdays etc. They do not break easily like other plastic utincils. I still have some from our wedding. The quality is so great that I feel bad throwing them away. Sometimes I do wash and reuse them.
    I Ordered these forks for my rehearsal dinner. I did a lot of research and found these were a really good option to real silverware and lot easier to just dispose after use. I decided to order 1 set before ordering in bulk and I was very pleased with the outcome. I will be ordering more of these now for the dinner. they were also a bit more durable than another similar brand I tried out. I would prefer these.
    I use these forks for my wedding instead of real forks. They look exactly like the real thing you can not tell the difference will fool my guests.
    These are really nice well-made heavyweight 7 inch long silver plastic disposable forks, and great 50 pack what a nice stylish for this is for some high-end party time
    We purchased these forks for a small corporate catering event. The guest were really impressed with these as they were in the place setting. They are very strong and very elegant
    The product arrived quickly, packed well, there were no broken items, has elegant look to accompany disposable wedding plates, used for all aunt's birthday party everyone was impressed, would highly recommend.
    Great material, great prices, perfect for any occasion would highly recommend for daily use or for special events, heavy duty material love style and look
    These Silver Visions 7" Heavy Weight Silver Plastic Fork - 50/Pack are nice the color is a shiny silver. The price is great can't wait to use them.
    What at first interested me about this product was the fact that the product would look like real silver. Upon receiving the product I was pleased that the forks were heavy duty and not spindly and easily breakable like most plastic products. The silver exterior was nice quality and I believe I could reuse them for many future events. I liked that there were options for receiving these forks in smaller packages as well.
    Great, elegant and cost effective. You will not be disappointed, they look like the real thing. Very heavy duty and east clean up. Use these all the time.
    Great, cost effect solution to other options. Customers often mistake them for real silverware. Haven't had any discoloration or chipping issues to speak of, and we've ordered case after case. Highly recommended product.
    Very good quality. Perfect sizing for dinner foods. Accidentally put some in the dishwasher and they held up just fine so we reused them a second time!
    I purchased these for a special lunch for our guest. Most thought they were real. I will definitely use more often.They look very nice on the table.
    This is our fork we use for premium disposable service. Heavy weight and elegant appearance. It give the silver appearance without having to wash all the dishes. A better value than the versions available to us from our distributors.
    I used these for my wedding. They were a good value, sturdy and nicer than clear plastic. One flaw was the seam on the sides was pretty noticeable.
    I tried to find these forks locally for my wedding but they were so costly. These were exactly what I was looking for and worked great for my dessert table.
    I love this cutlery. I wanted to use this for a formal event and I was not disappointed. They look just like fine silverware. Really neat product!!
    I used these fork for my wedding, they were very sturdy and had a very elegant appearance so even though they are plastic and reasonably priced you can't tell by looking.
    The forks are very elegant and sturdy. They look as if they were real silver forks. I was very happy when they arrived and are perfect for all events.
    On my goodness these forks looked like the real deal and they were sturdy i could not believe how great they looked' Helene and Loice jones
    Love these silver forks! They look so much nicer than the usual black or white plastic utensils. Good price for a good amount. Will buy more.
    These forks are perfect for my barn wedding. Just as described, and truly look like a real metal fork. The only way you know any better is when you pick it up. They have a nice weight to them. Much nicer in person.
    I had previously purchased a set of silver plastic spoons, forks and knives. I discovered I would need more forks for the dessert bar and the wedding cake. These matched my other "silverware" perfectly ! They are alot sturder than i expected. The look of silver with the fraction of the price.
    We needed several packs for our wedding and these were at such an affordable price. Item is described as heavy weight but I wish they were just a little stronger. For the price they are great and worked just fine for what we needed them to. We bought the knives and spoons as well.
    These are great forks for the price. These are a great price and an awesome item. Look real and we use them for large fancy events to eliminate the clean up
    great silverware that looks like real stuff! We used this for a dinner party. It looks classy but it saves you so much clean up
    Was looking for classy disposable plastic ware. Theirs definitely did the job. Easy clean up but also very classy, sophisticated, and formal. I will be reordering.
    We are looking to find the perfect fork for our new menu. We were excited to see webstaurant offered heavy duty plastic forks. Not only are they more durable, these also offer the look of classic silverware forks.
    Great quality product. Almost looks real and they are durable so they won't break when you are eating with them. I would order them again in the future.
    Our family is always so busy, it's nice to have disposable dishes available to save us the time from washing them. These are very sturdy, and even look like real silverware.
    I purchased these for a small church function. I only needed around 25, so I purchased the 50 pack. It was a good thing I had extra forks because a few of the forks were broken when I received the package. I do not think this was a manufacturing problem but maybe a shipping issue. Overall the forks were heavy and did a good job.
    Do they look like plastic? Yes. Do they look nice? Very much so. While the silver paint doesn't fool anyone into believing they are actual metal silverware, it does add a festive touch and look of elegance. I am using these for my wedding (along with Silver Visuons knives and spoons) and am very pleased with the weight and feel of the plastic flatware. They are sturdy enough for a hearty brunch buffet!
    The forks have a nice weight, feel of substance. The food I served was a bit on the heavy side, and not 1 fork broke. The forks worked very well with my occasion. I would definitely order again.
    I purchased these for my wedding reception. They looked exactly how described on the website. They were extremely cheap for such a great product. They add the finishing touch on my special day.
    Heavy duty and hard to tell they are not real unless you pick them up. Worked great for my friends wedding and made clean up a breeze!
    I bought these based on reviews for an upcoming party. I'm very disappointed as they are not heavy weight in my opinion. I could have bought much heavier weight locally for just a little more money. It would have been less money if I add the shipping costs.
    These are great quality- much better than the plastic you buy at the discount stores!! Price was so good i didnt believe it was for 50! i had to livechat to confirm!
    I purchased these forks for a wedding I am catering. They are beautiful and look like the real thing. They appear to be very strong as well.
    I bought these forks for my outdoor wedding and they are perfect! They do not look like a plastic fork one bit. If you are looking for a plastic utensil but want it to be fancy I definitely recommend this product!
    Amazing. This forks work perfect for my event. Very Heavy duty. They even look real I'm so happy with this item. Try it and you won't be sorry.
    These forks were absolutely perfect. They are very sturdy and elegant looking without having to pay so much for silverware. Great buy and great price. Definitely recommend these forks for any wedding or celebration.
    Going to use for my daughter's outdoor wedding. You can not tell they are not real until you pick them up. They are very durable.
    I purchased these forks for my wedding, I wanted the look of fancy silverware, without they hefty price and cleaning afterwards. I'm very pleased with these forks, they feel heavy duty, and they're not just shiny to make them look like real silverware, but they also have a nice more "fancy" shape to them than your average everyday plastic fork. I'm very pleased with the quality for the price and would order again should the occasion arise.
    We received these yesterday and i am extremely happy with the look, other reviews are correct regarding the scratches in the finish but like i told my fiance if you are worrying about that during the reception there is something wrong
    Excellent experience with this vendor. The product arrived fast, well packaged and these forks look almost real. I'm very pleased with the product and im sure it will be a hit at my event.
    I received these today and they look great! Beautiful product, great price, heavy duty -- sure to be a hit at my event next weekend!
    These forks worked perfectly for our wedding reception in June. We had a vintage theme, and we did not want to bother with renting/buying silverware. These forks were sturdy and worked well for heavy appetizers and thick wedding cake. I was impressed with how pretty and elegant they were (can I say that about a plastic fork?!)! In pictures you cannot tell these are plastic - love them.
    I bought these looking to avoid extra costs for my sister's Quinceanera this upcoming weekend. I didn't want to rent silverware but also didn't want to buy flimsy plastic ones that can't cut food. These seem sturdy enough and match the look we are going for.
    These forks were perfect for my daughters baptism. They looked amazing on my tables and i had a couple guest comment on how real they looked. Will definitely order again.
    Great buy for my business. I own a concession stand and heavy silver forks is the last things customers expects to see. I am very happy with my purchase and the forks itself hold up very well.
    I could not be more pleased with the Silver Visions Heavy Weight flatware line. I ordered these for my daughter's wedding, and they looked wonderful! And I have had cheap forks that the tines broke off when stabbing food, but not these! Well made. We had some left over and my mother-in-law thought they were nice enough to re-use and loaded them into the dishwasher. They held up and still looked great! So awesome value; cheap enough to throw away, but sturdy enough to re-use if you are especially frugal.
    These look fantastic! The plastic forks are coated with a shiny metalic silver that makes them look real. You've got to feel them to know the difference.
    ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! A great deal! I ordered a small pack to see how I would like them & if I would use them on my wedding day. YES they will be PERFECT for the big day! They are a very hard nice plastic, great quality! They look like real stainless steel flatware for the fraction of the cost!
    Bought the forks for a btidal shower in the up coming month and they look real, they don't look cheap I and happy with them
    We brought these for our wedding, our customers love them, thought they were the real deal! The forks are of very heavy weight quality, they will not break easily.
    They look amazing! Can't wait to use them for my wedding! They look very realistic & gorgeous! Plus the feel very sturdy. Won't easily break.
    Great product! Used for a graduation party and they didn't break. They look very real. Very good price and they shipped very quick! Will get again for other parties.
    I utilized these forks at my anniversary dinner- They were elegant looking and very durable. Yes I would recommend this product. I am glad I purchase this item. Will reorder again.
    You can't beat this price for these! Two out of the package had warped tines but all the rest were great. They are not super heavy duty, but sturdy enough for use on most foods.
    I ordered two packages of these and they are heavy weight and durable. I will be using them for a 60th birthday in August. The ordered arrived as expected with no complaints. From looking through the clear package I did notice a few of them did come with some minor scratches, which is to be expected since they are touching each other so closely. They are not as appealing or realistic as another brand that I typically use but they will work for our intended purpose. The price, however, is the most amazing part; to which will make me purchase this item again for all my parties.
    I ordered these forks along with the matching spoons and knives for our wedding and I was really impressed with the quality. They looked like metal but were very durable when it came to being plastic. And they were pretty for being plastic also. I got the feel of actual place settings with having to only spend minimal prices. We wrapped two forks, one spoon, and one knife in the ivory dinner napkins.
    Forks were heavy duty, strong and looked realistic. I used them for a catering event and they helped create a classy look for the guests.
    We ordered these forks, along with the coordinating knives and spoons, for our recent wedding reception. We received rave reviews and compliments on the quality and look of this plastic-ware. This product would be highly recommended to anyone looking for a functional and disposable option for any occasion; not to mention an easy transaction and affordable price.
    These forks look so much nicer than typical disposable silverware. They are great for an event that is casual, but still needs to look nice. Guests were very impressed with them.
    In this economy we like to save money but still present beautiful dinner display, these brand has definitely help us look good and save us money.
    I purchased these forks in the smaller pack to make sure it was something I would want to use for my wedding (before buying large quantities). Not only do they look like real silverware. They are sturdy as well. I don't want my guests breaking their forks while trying to eat dinner. Great product
    i bought these for a party and they were perfect! They are very sturdy and gives a more "real" look to the plasticware. The price is phenomenal compared to local options to purchase.
    Used the Silver Visions 7" Heavy Weight Silver Plastic Fork - 50 / Pack to pick up rice krispie bites. No trouble stabbing through the rice krispie for easy pick up.
    Absolutely horrible quality! Ordered three 50/packages of Silver Visions knives, forks, and spoons. EVERY single piece of silverware has black markings - it's either stained with some type of ink, or the silver paint is peeling off. Not sure if I want my wedding guests to have lead or paint poisoning. Disappointing... I have 450 pieces of unusable items! Not sure if it's worth the hassle. Stay away from this product!
    Thank you for the review Michael. We wish these would have worked out for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you about this shortly. Please note, however, that these utensils do not contain paint or lead. The coating is aluminum and therefore eliminates any danger of poisoning users.
    I wanted nice plastic ware for my daughters wedding without the plastic look. These forks look like real silverware! I was really happy with the look and use and even the price with shipping was great!
    Got these for a wedding and can't wait to use them. We wanted the look of real but the ease of disposable. They look great with the table settings and the pocketed napkins we also ordered here.
    These forks are just as pictured. Gives the illusion of real sterling silver! I can't wait to show them off at my wedding <3 I wouldn't hesitate to purchase on its site again.
    I ordered these for my babies 1st birthday party and I am so impressed. They are heavy duty and look like real silverware which is what I wanted. I cant wait to use them.
    Excellent product! This sturdy fork is graceful and elegant while also providing the convenience of being disposable. Some disposable forks look nice, but easily snap. Others are durable, but look dreadful. This product breaks that stereotype by providing both durability and beauty. Perfect for any event and I highly recommend.
    These forks look great! Very durable and they will be perfect for my out door wedding in July! Great product, fast shipping! I wanted an easy cleanup so we wouldn't have to worry about hiring dishwashers. Their disposable products are perfect!
    It looks like real silverware and very unexpensive. Definitely perfect for weddings and other parties. They are very sturdy and presentable. I would buy again.
    These are fantastic! I really thought it was a real fork because of how heavy it was! They look and feel great! Would buy again!
    Much nicer quality than normal plastic silverware but still more flimsy than I had expected or hoped for. Reordering with the higher quality for better results!
    These look really nice, but are a little flimsier than I'd like them to be. Still, if they were any stiffer, they'd probably break too easily. All things being said, if you're having a "nicer than casual" event like a BBQ wedding or a nice lunch, these would be perfect.
    Great quality plastic fork that looks like real silverware! We use these for catering events and everyone seems to love them. Heavy enough not to break but light enough to be easy to pack large quantities.
    I am so happy that i have discovered this website! Although the shipping fees are high, the products are much cheaper then using my local party or restaurant supply place. As a small caterer I need to save money but do not want to skimp on quality. These forks are perfect to add an elegant touch to an affair, but make clean up a breeze!
    These silver plastic forks were way more awesome than our expectations! They were way fancier than your average "plastic" silverware used for parties and things. Very pleased with these!
    We used these while catering a wedding that had a semi-formal feel to it. The couple wanted to have a casual feel and went with disposables but wanted to have the look of being slightly more upscale than your basic or average plastic cutlery... and these did the trick perfectly! They look like the real deal until you pick one up!
    These forks were perfect for my moms 50th surprise party. They held up to all the food we served and they look like real silverware, which gave a nice touch. I will definitely buy them again for my next event!
    These are a great alternative to renting real flatware for nicer events. They look real in photographs and can save the party host plenty of money!
    I used these forks (and spoons and knives) for a wedding reception. They are sturdy enough for single use but are extremely lightweight. I would recommend them if you are looking at plastic options.
    awesome.. I used for events that require elegance but at a lower cost. they look just like real utensils but are plastic. very sturdy and economic
    Bought these for a wedding. They look nice and are sturdy, not cheap and flimsy, but you can still throw them away at the end of the day.
    Excellent heavyweight disposable flatware. I use these at formal parties (larger than my 12-piece good flatware set) next to real china. They hold up to real use (meat, cutting quiche with the side of the fork, etc). Great buy .
    Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. Lightweight, easy to clean. Affordable enough to replace as silverware tends to be thrown away quite a lot.
    I used these for a wedding event. The look great. They do scratch easy but for the price I can't really complain. I am definitely going to order these again.
    These silver heavy weight forks are perfect to use with our many pastries. They look fancy, and are super durable compared to other plastic forks.
    The Silver Visions plastic forks look just like metal flatware! Only once you pick them up would you realize that they are plastic. We ordered these to use as the 'cake' forks at our wedding. Elegant, durable & the tines don't break. Plus you can't beat the price -- much less expensive than the 'warehouse clubs'.
    These utensils look great & are easy ok the wallet. The downside is that if they rub together, some of the color can come off.
    I was nervous to order these because they were so inexpensive. Thankfully I was wrong and we found that the forks were great for cake and appetizers at our wedding!
    I couldn't believe how they really look like silverware. going to use them for daughters wedding on a budget. They are lighter but soooo much better than store bought plasticware.
    I used to order these elsewhere by the set and was pleased to find this store sell them separate than the knives and spoons. There have been times when we did not need knives. Now I can customize my orders. The quality is as durable as a regular plastic utensil but receive the benefit of the look of real flatware.
    We used silver Visions forks for an event we had that we wanted to look upscale without the hassle of washing silverware at the end of the night. These gave the event the elegant look we were looking for! Note: I would not use this product for anything that has a tougher texture, such as a baked potato, however for a general-purpose dinner, this works great, and looks fabulous!
    Beautiful quality! The elegance of silverware combined with the ease of disposable utensils. These forks are heavy duty and just what we were searching for!
    Steardy and heavy weight plus it looks like a real silver fork. Can pick up any kind of food with this fork. Great for entertaining.
    I am very impressed with the look and feel of these forks. They look amazing and are incredibly durable for being plastic. No regrets with this purchase and I cannot wait until the reception!
    I love the looks and feel of these forks. I was initially concerned about burrs that are often on plastic silverware. These are smooth, strong and disposable. There was not a single thing wrong that I could see. They are always on my table in a large mug for use anytime. And I just throw them away when we are done. Thanks for a great product at a great price.
    These plastic forks look just like real silverware. I used them for a 50th anniversary party and everyone thought they were real until they picked them up. They worked out great!
    I love the product, looks Wonderful you will think is not plástic. Perfect size for my Wedding reception. The shipping was fast, I would buy on this website again.
    This forks are just what we want for our low key wedding reception! They are more elegant than regular plastic forks and still disposable! Cant wait until the reception...Thanks!
    Very elegant looking disposable flatware! They also were sturdy and we had no broken or snapped forks while people were eating. I would highly recommend them.
    this folk looks great but some of them have scratches around. it is not heavy duty quality. I probably not purchase this item again but good for cake serve.
    I love how realistic the Silver Visions 7" forks look and feel! They're heavy duty and quality plastic that are sure to have your guests fooled. They hold up to normal use at any meal, including holding onto raw carrots.
    These fork are both elegant and super sturdy. Clients often request these when hosting a more formal event due there appears, and as a business, we love them because they are disposable.
    Great fork!!! We use these as the cake fork. When placed on the table with the Regency stainless fork it's hard to tell these are disposable.
    I love these forks! These forks look just like silverware. They brought a sense of elegance to the party. Very classy! I would definitely repurchase this product.
    Perfect! the Silver Visions 7 inch Heavy weight silver plastic fork was perfect for the wedding everyone thought the presentation was elegant and professional no one new that it was not professionally done. Thanks for the fast delivery
    These silver plastic forks looked realistic like actual stainless steel. They made the table settings look elegant. I purchased enough for both Easter & Christmas.
    I was happy about how quickly the product arrived. Unfortunately I am very disappointed with the fork. Its definitely not heavy weight as described. I am hosting a wedding reception in 3 days so don't have the time to return the product.
    Thank you for the review! We are sorry these forks will not suit your wedding reception. For a more heavy duty fork, we recommend trying these WNA Comet 610155 Reflections 7" Stainless Steel Look Heavy Weight Plastic Forks instead!
    Excellent product! Surprisingly sturdy! We ordered these for a wedding, and we were very happy with the quality, the look and the price. Excellent value.
    Perfect for elegant event or Texas BBQ! Even though it is made of plastic the fork is strong and durable. We have used these hosting parties like a baby shower and Super Bowl party.
    Even though they feel like plastic, they look much better. I was hosting a party, and I didn't want it to look casual. The silver color definitely made the party feel more like a special event.
    Niec eelgant quality of this plastic silver fork very nica and cute on your table not cheap looking i buy more this since i see the quality of this silver plastic fork
    These forks are awesome. We have used them for two events and they were perfect. Looked very nice, some thought they were not disposable. Held up well. Will use again.
    These forks are just the best! My guests thought that had mistakenly given them real silverware with their take out plates. We have had some great laughs using these forks with unsuspecting guests. They are perfect even for formal events. I now only use these forks for all my catering and party needs. They are absolutely lovely with the perfect blend of elegance at a very affordable price.
    The Silver Visions Heavy Weight Silver Plastic Fork is a wonderful addition to a formal table. It brings the look of elegance with the convenience of disposable. It is also a great weight and feels and looks much more expensive.
    I ordered and uses this dinnerware dor a wedding I catered several months ago. I'm back online now searching for them again for an upcoming event next month. I didn't even consider looking for anything else.
    They aren't as heavy as I expected, but definitely seem more sturdy than regular plastic forks. Overall, they'll do the job. They look nice, although a the paint was chipped on several. I'll likely be ordering more for our wedding.
    I bought these forks in conjunction with the Silver Visions spoons and knives for a catered event and many guests commented on how they couldn't believe they were plastic. The quality of these forks is fantastic and you can't beat the price!
    These are not heavy duty at all. They are no more than your garden variety plastic silverware with a silver color. "Heavy weight" is a false description. I was very disappointed by the matching spoons, forks and knives.
    Thank you for your review, Alissa. We are sorry you did not feel that these were as heavy duty as was stated in the description. We hope you will find these WNA Comet 610155 Reflections 7" Stainless Steel Look Heavy Weight Plastic Forks suitable for your needs.
    I ordered these forks for an office party. The forks looked nice, but they were not very sturdy. Some of the forks broke into when the guests tried to use them. Although the quality was fair, it was a great price.
    Considering these are plastic the appearance can be deceiving. These forks are high quality and perfect for a wedding. I would recommend these to anyone in need of "nice" disposable tableware.
    Great forks. They are heavy in quality and look very nice. We get multiple request to use these in most of our catering events. They give the events a high end look.
    These are great pieces for parties and social events. They have the look of real silverware but the ease of being disposable. Great price for a great product.
    These forks are just a little fancier than your average plastic ware. I used them for an outdoor get together and they were fantastic. 50 in a pack is perfect!
    The Silver Visions Forks are absolutely stunning. They are priced much lower than a popular competitor brand who I am not going to name. They are also much nicer too. They are going to be used at my wedding for a more formal look but they would be great for any banquet. I tested one out last night while eating dinner and they were able to withstand a steak so that alone says they are sturdy!
    These were perfect for my best friends bridal shower. They looked classy but very practical and not flimsy at all. I would highly recommend these for a party if you are trying to make it feel more upscale. Great price!
    Perfect in every way. Will use this product again. I would recommend this product to all my friends. Price fit perfectly with my budget. In 2 words DURABLE & AFFORDABLE.
    Very pretty but very weak. We tested them on meatballs.. while they did not snap, they were very close to it! Made us nervous to use for the reception..
    Thank you for your review, Ashley. We are sorry these forks are not what you're looking for at your wedding. Try these WNA Comet 610155 Reflections 7" Stainless Steel Look Heavy Weight Plastic Forks for an option perfect for heavier foods and special events.
    I had searched and searched for reasonable priced heavy weight silver forks. Every other company they were really expensive. I knew I needed a lot to start off so when I found these at Webstaurant, I knew I had a winner. The reviews is what actually made me want to purchase. They had nothing but good things to say! I can't wait to use these at my event!
    I ordered these for my wedding reception and they looked and worked fabulous! They are definitely heavy duty as they stood up to cake, pasta, and salad with out breaking tines. I did find that they won't work well with frozen cheesecake, but they are plastic so I can't complain!
    I ordered these for my wedding reception. They were everything that my husband and I hoped for to give our reception a classy look without much expense.
    The forks are perfect for what I need. they arrive very quickly and look great. They are strong and look fancy enough to use at a wedding.
    This order of silver plastic forks were amazing! very convenient for our wedding. The shipping was on time and all of the product was in perfect condition.
    These look like real silverware. I searched everywhere online for these. Even with shipping, this is the bes price I found. Will be using these at our wedding in August.
    This is very nice silverware for any event formal or informal. My niece liked this so much she wants to use them for her wedding.
    Great product. This sturdy fork looks like the real deal! We can't wait to use these at our wedding rehearsal dinner. Great price too, thanks!
    These disposable forks look incredibly real! I've looked all around the internet and this is by far the most affordable option. I definitely recommend this to anyone!
    Good quality! Looks very real. Sturdy can't wait to use them. I was very surprise when I open the package. Very reasonably priced. Definitely recommend.
    I was really impressed with this item. The forks are very durable and look real. Very happy with my purchase. I will purchase more for the next event.
    I was extremely impressed with this item, i first was a little hesitant about the quality since its for my wedding but surprisingly they look great. The forks are very durable and look real. Very happy with my purchase and will buy the rest of the quanity I need for my wedding.
    Good quality plastic. The forks are packaged in a single sealed plastic bag. Great for parties with large crowds when you don't want to go to expense of renting.
    These are beautiful. Without picking it up, you wouldn't know it wasn't metal. Completely surpassed my expectations. Would highly recommend for disposable flatware when needed!
    I wouldn't say these are heavy weight per se, but they are nice. I did see a few scuffs on a few of the forks, but I did like the silver color. Compared to the other flatware offered by webstaurant, I think these are great for the price, but I wouldn't use these for a formal event. They are very nice nonetheless.
    These are great forks. Some in market do not hold up but these are sturdy and my customers use them most in hot food and they stay nice and firm in the heat
    Loved these forks they will be a great touch for my low key wedding. They actually look real and I love that they are disposable
    This brand of flatware is superior. They look real and have a nice sparkle. I compared to other brands and there is no comparison. A superior product and worth it.
    I used these for my wedding. I initially wanted real silverware but then I realized the hassle of washing and returning it. These were great! They look nice and are of good quality. If you want plastic but a classy look buy these!
    These sliver visions forks were prefect for my daughter's wedding!!! They looked so good that guests hated to throw them away! I'm not usually a fan of plastic for weddings but these changed my mind and were exactly the elegant look and the weight I wanted! We had boston butt with all the trimmings and they were just right!
    We bought these for our June wedding last year, i was a little nervous going with plastic but i was surprisingly please with the product. They were sturdy and durable.
    In short they are terribly inconsistent as far as the silver paint, they have an odd film covering them and they are not "heavy weight" or durable at all. I will not be using these for my event. Though, they are very economical in cost
    Thank you for your review! We are sad to hear that the quality for these forks did not meet your standards. Try these WNA Comet 610155 Reflections Plastic Forks for a more heavily weighted fork.
    The first time we bought these, my mother had the great idea that she'd buy "fancy" plasticware so she wouldn't have to wash the real stuff after a Thanksgiving meal. Well, let me tell you, she was so pleased with these that she ended up washing them anyway! We used them for months afterward, packing them into school lunches and impressing our friends with them!
    These forks are perfect for a fancy event without the fancy price and they make clean up even easier. They do feel like plastic utensils but all in all they look like silverware.
    Perfect Togo silverware. They almost look real, lightweight and easy to fold into napkins with other silverware. I will definitely buy again, they are great.
    We used these for cake/dessert forks along with the scalloped edge plastic dessert plates and they are so worth every penny! They look beautiful and are very heavy duty. The style is perfect for weddings and other more upscale events!
    these look very nice and are very heavy duty. I ordered a small box to try out but will be ordering a case of them the next time.
    The Silver Vision plastic spoons really deliver! They are sturdy and look like real silverware. We use them over and over again. I would really recommend this item. So sturdy I really didn't need to order so many! Ha!
    Purchased these for my grandfather's 80th birthday! Exceeded my expectations with the quality and price. Will be ordering more in the near future for my grandmother's 80th as well! Processing and shipping time was a plus.
    I had to order more. These are great and the quality of them makes the event looks good.. I love it and will use these for every event!!! Well worth the money
    I ordered these for my son's wedding reception. This is the first time I've ordered from Webstaurant and was not sure what to expect. They did not let me down, shipping was fast, product is perfect, and the transaction went very smooth. I will definitely recommend this company to friends.
    I used these when catering my own wedding. They provided a classy "real cutlery" look to the occasion while allowing for easy cleanup at our park location.
    This is the best value for dispoable tablewear. The silver plastic forks are strong enough to eat a hot meal. My favorate part is that you can throw them away and not feel bad about it for this price. I felt like this was an epic value esspecially when trying to buy for a wedding on a budget.
    Wonderful product. These forks were sturdy. I used them for a wedding I catered and they did the job. Not one broke so it did what I needed it to do.
    The Silver Vision Plastic forks were just what I was looking for. I will be using them for my reception. They are perfect for any occasion.
    Great disposable flatware! These forks can be used for picnics, camping and carrying in lunch box for work. Quality weight will not easily break. If for personal use & you want to conserve, they can be washed and used again. They have survived dishwasher washing intact but the silver finish starts to dull/disappear after several washings. I would recommend this product. Reasonable price, good service.
    "As close to a real utensil as you can get!" Sturdy and beautiful to look at, it was a great addition to our placement setting. No worries about colors clashing as the silver looked like real silverware. No one could tell the difference until they picked it up to use. Wowed the crowd - Thanks for making me look like a MILLION BUCKS!
    Love these forks, they add a touch of class with out breaking the budget. They are really heavy duty and stood up well to Thanksgiving dinner. I would highly recommend these
    Great quality at an excellent price. The silver plastic forks are heavy and do not break easily, they work great for the annual pig roast.
    I purchased these forks to see if they were durable because the price was so low. Let's just I ordering more today and recommending to my friend who is an event planner.
    This is the absolute BEST deal you will find anywhere. These are excellent forks and the quality is great. They look just like the real thing and are sure to blow you away with their durability.
    I like these forks, they look just like regular silverware. They hold up to heat very well. I don't like how some of the silver coating cones off.
    I use these for family holiday dinners. They look nice with the Fineline plates with silver bands, and hold up well. The best thing is the cleanup - the recycle bin!!!
    I HIGHLY recommend the Silver Visions Silverware! I had purchased it for use at our wedding and am very glad I did. It looked great and was very good quality. I will purchase this silverware anytime I need disposable silverware!
    They have a very rich and upscale look and feel. I almost thought they are real silverware and not plastic. Great to use and dispose off.
    these forks were awesome. Used them for my baby shower and it gave it just wanted it needed to feel a bit more sophisticated. Greatest product ever.
    I am very pleased with this product, make me feel I won the lotto, very pleased. It looks like the real stainless fork. You can use it on soft and hard food and it will not break. Love it.
    Good quality. These forks are nice and shiny. They look like real stainless steel forks and are also firm. Can use with soft to hard foods. My customers love them!
    I ordered these for my wedding and they are absolutely perfect! Shipping was fast and the staff/customer service was super helpful answering any questions I had. I have already recommend Webstaurant to fellow brides I have met while planning my wedding. There was no minimum order so I could order exactly how much I needed. With the price of weddings, there are a lot of DIY brides like myself, planning on a budget. Webstaurant makes it so much easier, cheaper and less stressful. I will definitely be using them for ANY party needs I have in the future. Great value and very beautiful!
    I am very pleased with the quality of these forks. They are exactly what we were looking for my daughters wedding reception! i am looking forward to ordering more products.
    These looked really nice and are heavier but a lot of mine came with a scuff on the front neck of the fork - not sure if it is the packaging? but without this they would look lovely for a wedding.
    These are very sturdy forks and look like the real thing. They were packaged well and none of them arrived damaged or scratched. They would present an extra special detail to any occasion without the added duty of having to wash, dry or put away. Although, they would definitely last several uses.
    Looks awesome and is a very sturdy product. We were very happy after we ordered these and ordered spoons and knives to match. Will really add an extra touch to your event.
    Gorgeous forks that add elegance to any party or table. I was surprised at how nice these forks were. They are durable and affordable and they really look nice too. I will buy these again and again. Recommended!
    Nice looking and sturdy fork! Great for an elegant party such as a wedding or birthday! This is also one of the best prices that you will find them for. You have matching knives and spoons also!
    What can I say about these forks, they had everyone fooled. They looked just like real silverware and when you are trying to bring a level of elegance to your event or party this is the way to go. I will order more of these next time.
    This silverware from Silver Visions is awesome! It is very sturdy, and doesn't look fake at all!. The chrome/silver finish on them is beautiful! They make a very nice addition to any wedding or event.
    Perfect for our Vintage Garden Party. I wanted our party to be elegant without worrying about losing good silver, so these were the perfect choice. Nice design, heavy quality. They do not feel like a cheap plastic fork! I will definitely be buying these again.
    Better price than other plastic brands that I can get locally. Also great look on my dessert buffets arranged nicely next to colored napkins and plates.
    Very pretty fork with the silver finish. It is a great alternative to regular plastic forks at a similar cost. Forks will be the hit of the party.
    These silver plastic forks are great! They look classy but at the end of the day you can toss them in the garbage with no mess!
    beautiful just like the picture great quality and very strong and great price plus it look like a real fork but they actually disposable i'm going to use the for my wedding very elegant thanks a lot
    I price matced these at the local party store. For the exact same item I paid waaay less the price and got much more by ordering thru webstaurant. I love this company!! Product is of high quality, shipping is fast, and customer service is exceptional. Great product!!
    These forks look really good. They are much lighter in weight than what you would buy at the store. The price is right though, and before you pick them up you can't even tell they are fake.
    Wonderful, classy and study. We received the order the next day. These were a perfect compliment at a catering event i did 2 weeks ago for valentine's day.
    Great for those times you do not want to wash flatware. These make for a lovely appearance on those less formal occasions. Would order again.
    I ordered the forks for my daughter's wedding last summer and was very pleased with the style, the weight of the utensil and the price. I am ordering again for an event happening in March.
    Very good quality...used for my sisters wedding and will be ordering again soon for my own wedding! I would recommend the use of this product to anyone.
    I ordered this forks for my wedding and they are perfect. When they arrive the first and last one will look chipped but that's only because they probably get bumped and scrapped along the way. Don't freak out, I know I did, but when you open it up you'll see they are perfectly fine. They look real!!!
    Summer living just got more elegant. Really impressive especially compared to the usual plastic utensils and much more sturdy. At a glance you don't realize they are plastic.
    I ordered these for a catering job where the guests were just a bit more affluent than the average person. No one noticed a thing. Half the guest asked where to put the 'silverware' instead of 'where is the garbage can.' These are plastic and they almost feel like metal.
    Very nice product. Well worth the price - looks much more "eloquent" than white, black, or clear "plastic silverware". Very sturdy - stands up to the task.
    I ordered these plastic forks for my daughter's wedding. I was impressed how real they look. See my attached picture of my metal fork on the left with the plastic Silver Vision fork next to it on the right for a comparison of size and appearance. The fork is a little smaller than my metal fork.
    We just used these at an office party and they were a hit. Most of the guys thought they were real forks before they picked them up. They held up very well whish also impressed the guys because they usually snap the plastic utensils in half
    These folks are very beautiful. I ordered thes and I am well pleased. I plan to order many more. This was a very good investment.
    I love the idea of using these as a silverware alternative. It's NOT formal enough to get by for a high end wedding. Perhaps a garden wedding. I purchased them to use for a tasting. Which needed to have disposable cutlery , but still had enough style to use for a place setting. very nice, but does look plastic, just not cheap. and really lasts for several hours. for home use, an outstanding choice for informal, holiday gatherings. I suggest buying 5 packs, at the price, and the reasonable shipping.
    I love using these forks for my clients. It upgrades their event to super classy. They are very sturdy and durable. Disposable makes for easy cleanup!
    Clean up was a breeze with these forks. It helped make our family party elegant, everyone thought I was crazy for not using disposables until they realized these were disposable!
    High quality! Looked great at the wedding we used them for! These were a great alternative to spending the money on real silverware. We got a few compliments on how nice they were!
    Very very pleased with my purchase. It will compliment the table very well at a dinner reception. Provides the look of formal silverware with the added convenience of disposable silverware. Very pleased.
    These are the most beautiful plastic silverware I've ever seen. I had people thinking they were real metal. Lol I love them and so glad I bought extras because the holidays are coming up and these will work great.
    Purchased these forks for a wedding dinner. Not only are these very budget friendly, but they provide a class and elegance that even rental stainless steel does not provide. These are very shiny and helped the entire table service to look beautiful.
    When you want to project elegance and style at your parties, you will want to use these forks on your table. they look like quality stainless steel, but you don't have to worry about bringing them back to wash up. Your guests will be impressed and will thank you for giving them the best.
    Great product and very durable. Expensive looking and great for that special occasion. Would definitely purchase these again and would highly recommend. Great price for the quality
    Ordered the smaller packages to check against the supposed "higher quality" product coming from our local supplier. Ends up being the SAME EXACT PRODUCT for half the price!! Even with shipping it's still cheaper than ordering from my supplier who claims to be giving me the best price out there, more like he's giving me "the business"! We use these items for wedding and other events, so I am anxious to order the full cases and save the customer and myself a little expense. Thank You Webstaurantstore for making my day!
    I purchased forks, knives and spoons and they are beautiful! Will be using for my backyard wedding.They look stainless steel but with the clean-up ease of plastic. They feel very sturdy and look classy. Shipping took no time at all. Very happy.
    Worked perfect for bridal shower, had slight problem submitting my order, customer service worked it out immediately, excellent service, shipped quickly, highly recommended company for my needs
    Perfect for my wedding clients who want disposables that don't look cheap or tacky. A good weight to them as well - and serve as a talking point for guests who pick them up thinking they are silver but are surprised they are plastic!
    We bought these for a dinner that we were having for my church. They were durable and worked well for the chicken, fish, and steak we had at the dinner. I was very happy with this product and the quality.
    This forks are great! They look like the real thing, only disposable, and thats whats so great about it. They are great for use in any special event. I love ordering this products from even if its not directly for restaurant purposes, but i can always find the best products for any special occasion here.
    We ordered these for my moms anniversary I couldn't believe the quality of these forks all I have to say is wow. This is a must order for any elegant event
    Best deal! Awesome prices, great color (and many other choices of colors). These are NOT the cheap napkins you get at wholesalers, they hold well for folding.
    A MUST HAVE FOR ANY WEDDING.. these looked classy and forked into prime rim that is an inch thick without breaking. The silver coloring make it look just like real silverware with out the mess to clean up.
    These are such a classy choice if you have to use disposables for a quick picnic or casual outdoor event like a brunch or luncheon.
    Wow! These forks look great and are sturdy. They will be perfect for our silver anniversary party -they go well with the silver prestige napkins!
    These make for an affordable and classy table setting at our Cake Boutique. They are great for salads which some plastic utensils cannot handle, and stay bright.
    we ordered those forks for a wedding and they made the wedding look very classy even if it was a backyard wedding. they are very resistant
    Great quality. Perfect for catering and outdoor events. Silver color gives a very professional look. Much sturdier than your standard plastic silverware. We used them for our wedding reception.
    These plates are very comparable to the higher priced brand. They are a beautiful option for disposable flatware, making your events look as classy as a non-disposable affair.
    I bought these utensils to use at my daughter's wedding. I checked with other sites and this one seemed to have the best price. Pleased with the look of it also.
    I used these at a party recently and our guests were very impressed. Easily the best plastic "silverware" I've found. Very attractive with a great feel. These are the next best thing to real silverware.
    Purchased the entire silver visions fork, spoon and knife for an outdoor wedding reception that I catered. They added just the right amount of class to the event and made clean up a breeze! Excellent pricing too!
    This is the new norm. Best item for a rental company to stock you sell don't rent. And you never have to wash them. Great deal.
    this is a great price for this product. they are so useful and i use them for all my dinner parties! my nephew even thought it was real silver ware!
    Best price I found for these anywhere (and I did a lot of searching and asking around)! Nice look, not a flimsy type of plastic, and affordable - what more could you ask for? We used these along with the soup spoons (another brand) sold on the site, and the mini tasting spoons.
    These are such a great deal!! They dont cost alot and realy have saved us alot of money and add alot of class to our resturant!!
    Very nice silverware! YOU CAN NOT BEAT THE PRICES FOR THE SAME QUALITY! Highly recommended & SOO glad I found this site. VERY ELEGANT and I used it for my wedding in 20" X 20" polyester napkins! :)
    Dessert forks looked stunning around the cake. Light feel but heavy duty. Received mant complaments on the dinner wear we used was stunning and classy
    Just what I was looking for! I wanted the look of real silverware without the high price! We are budgetting our wedding and wanted a fancy look at a low cost! You've made my day! Fast shipping too!! So pleased!
    These flatware pieces look like silver/stainless steel and only a close look will help one distinguish them. The price beats the competitor's. I would buy these again.
    You can easily pay more for a pack of 50 plastic forks in the store and they definitely wont look as attractive as these!!! Very durable!!
    These forks not only look great but hold up well too. They price is unbeatable and the style of this type of fork is very classy.
    I love this product. They look great and have the thickness to be able to cut through denser dishes. We use this along with the silver spoons and knives at our catering events and they can't be beat!
    These forks look great! Used them at a baby shower and they held up very well (we had baked ziti). They clean up easily if you're interested in keeping them for reuse.
    These are so pretty and they cost about a quarter of the price of any place else I found them at!!! Great deal so happy I found these.
    Nice heavy weight fork. I bought these for a shower and they look dressier than colored or clear forks. The silver color is darker than I thought and occasionaly you get one with some imperfections but overall a good value fork. I will buy them again.
    These forks are great for setting the tone of your event. My guest thought they were real, until they picked them up. I will use them for every event that I do for now on.
    These heavy duty plastic forks are my go to utensil for disposable tableware. I use them continuously and will always purchase them in the future.
    We will never use clear, black, or white again. First impressions say a lot. This Plastic Stainless Steel Look, is the way to go for any catering job. The client appreciates the look and presentation.

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