Visions 10" Black Disposable Plastic Serving Spoon - 72/Case

Item #: 130SERVSPBK

This Visions 10" black disposable plastic serving spoon is the perfect addition to your catering and party supplies! Providing a simple yet attractive design, this spoon combines appearance and functionality into one great product. Serve up everything from pasta and potato salads to vegetable sides, sauces, dressings, and more! Additionally, the long, smooth handle provides a comfortable and sturdy grip for your serving staff.

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Visions 10" Black Disposable Plastic Serving Spoon - 72/Case

5.0 stars from 74 reviews


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serving spoons Great catering disposable price perfect spoon quality Nice
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    Great spoon for catering to leave in the food for serving. Good price and sturdy. We use these for all our parties that we cater. Looks nice too.

    from Tommy's Salsa Posted on

    Another great sturdy black serving spoon. I really like the way the black plastic makes my food pop with color. Perfect portion control as well.

    from Skyon Catering Posted on

    Great serving spoons. I use these on caterings. They are nice quality. I buy them by the cases. They are great quality for the money

    from Big Chris Catering Posted on

    This disposable plastic serving spoon is goodness product if you just want to cater to your guests in a party and not have any cleaning and washing to do

    from Jack hermiz Posted on

    These spoons look small. They are decent sized and very sturdy. Would recommend these to anyone. They clean easily also. And withstand high heat. Love them

    from K & B Private Equity Posted on

    Great sturdy spoon. Perfect size! They go great with the rustic theme/chalkboard

    These spoons are high quality for being disposable. We use these for serving utensils on our catering buffets when the customer is using disposable products. There are 6 spoons in a pack which is the perfect amount for us to just grab a pack per event we are doing.

    from From Scratch Posted on

    Great disposable spoons for large bulk orders of food. They come in packs of 6, so very easy to just grab a pack and include it in food orders. Usually ends up being the right amount of spoons for our buffet set ups.

    from Serranos Posted on

    These spoons are awesome! They are a great size for serving and durable quality. I am very impressed. I wouldn't be surprised if they even hold up well in the dishwasher! I will definitely be using these more than once!

    Posted on

    Great serving spoon for foods or sauces!

    We use these for our catering and our customers very happy with the performance. These are good quality and priced very competitively compared to our other vendors.

    from Fernando's Cafe & Cantina Posted on

    Strong built 10" serving plastic spoon that is great for pasta salads. The spoon are a great price and come in a large size case. A nice way to serve picnic food.

    Posted on

    A great, cost effective utensil I use for serving hot and cold food items. When it comes to clean up, these make it so easy!

    from VAS Catering Posted on

    These spoons hold up pretty well for the most part. They can be hand washed and reused but are affordable enough to throw away if need be

    from Pot of Gold Catering and Events Posted on

    Egg roll mixture

    We go through a ton of disposable serving utensils and these serving spoons never disappoint. They’re disposable yet very durable, and the black color is attractive.

    from Griffins' Catering Posted on

    Although we prefer to use non-disposable serve ware for our events, there are certain occasions that call for disposables. In that case, we would definitely recommend these serving spoons as they are both cost effective and functional.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    Very good serving spoons for the money! Disposable too.

    These Visions 10-inch black plastic serving spoons are nice. They are disposable but are sturdy and strong. They scoop up food very easily. The price is great as well.

    Posted on

    Great in scooping up food

    These spoons are a great idea for the caterer who is dropping off food for a customer and not worried about coming back to pick them up. GREAT VALUE!

    from GOOD TIMES SMOKIN Posted on

    I love these disposable plastic serving spoon! They are very durable and actually reusable too! My clients love it! It is a 5 star from me and my customers!

    from Sugary and Savory Posted on

    Elegant looking spoon!

    The Visions disposable serving spoon works great for leaving with customers for drop-off catering events. No need to worry about washing, just throw in the trash! Perfect!

    Posted on

    Great disposable serving spoons we do drop off catering events and it is nice to have these. They are inexpensive so there is no worry about not getting them back from catering. They are also durable enough to reuse multiple times.

    from Screaming Eagle Posted on

    Used on the salad station for serving dressings

    I love the look and adds a touch of elegance to any catering. I would pay almost double the price at other vendors for the same product so this price point is a steal

    from Tasty Grill Posted on

    So much cheaper than ordering this through my vendors. Good quality and very durable for the price. The black adds a little more elegance to this one time use product.

    from Verdon Restaurants, LLC. Posted on

    These plastic serving spoons work really well and they are very study. You could use these for just about any food. Great value for the price

    from Tranquillity Posted on

    We love these serving spoons. They are very sturdy and work great for serving sides - potato salad ect for catering. We will order them again soon.

    from Smokin Chicks BBQ Posted on

    Black sturdy serving spoons perfect for buffet style events. The fact that they are disposable makes them even more appealing and also none of them broke during the event we held which was a plus.

    Posted on

    This six pack of black plastic serving spoons is a great value for the money. These are perfect for any buffet table, catering or home use. Sturdy plastic construction make them reusable over and over.

    from Phil's place Posted on

    Black plastic spoons

    The serving spoons are great value for home use, breakroom use, our potlucks. Made of heavy duty black plastic these are a great choice for a serving spoon. Pack of six is a great value.

    Posted on

    I have ordered this plastic serving spoon just to try it out. The spoon is sturdy and looks great. It's perfect especially with affordable price.

    from Sortrel Thai Restaurant Posted on

    Great disposable serving spoon at an amazing price! Does really well in hot and cold service. Good packaging so that you only have to pull a pack at a time. Perfect size for most jobs.

    from Boulevard Bistro Posted on

    Sturdy Spoon! Looks great too. Perfect size for must jobs.

    These plastic spoons were ideal for serving food at a buffet table at a party recently. They are strong and sturdy, none of them broke despite serving plates of rice and beans, meats and sauces. Great look for a budget-conscious yet elegant gathering. And nowhere else could you get this many serving spoons for the price.

    Posted on

    These spoons are perfect for disposable events but are a nice alternative to flimsy clear plastic spoons. The black gives a classier look and they are very sturdy! Great price.

    from Vault catering and events Posted on

    For the price on these, you can't go wrong. They are a little light weight, but not enough to be a quality issue. We send these out with our catering orders.

    from canton village Posted on

    This is a very nice durable well-made 10 inch long black disposable plastic serving spoon these are really good for using a catering jobs they last whole service

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    Really nice well-made durable serving spoon

    Perfect spoons for a wedding buffet. Very nice looking and they are the perfect size. Definitely worth the price very happy with them. Will recommend

    Posted on

    Nice plastic serving spoons and they are exactly what I needed. Just got tired nickel and diming at the local stores. Where can you get a great amount for a fair price but the Webstaurantstore? I will be ordering more soon for future catering events. Nice job, guys.

    from MM&M CATERING Posted on

    We used these spoons to serve fruit at a brunch following a wedding. They worked well and were a great size for our purpose. They held up well and did not break etc. Would recommend.

    Posted on

    Great little utensil for serving lots of different foods. We give it to our customers for pasta, coleslaw, and salad dressings. And it's a really good price too

    from M Eleven LLC Posted on

    bought these for a large event, the quality and durability was fantastic. They look good as far as design and serve well- not too deep not too shallow

    from Chabad at Oberlin Posted on

    this things are pretty sturdy and they should be called heavy duty. we used them for an event but we left our other utensils at home and we used these to cook meat and beans and they worked like champs but someone left it inside the pot and the handle melted but other than that they were awesome

    from goldies tacos Posted on

    These disposable spoons are great to have on hand for guests that may have forgotten serving utensils at home. They are great for hot and cold dishes.

    from Biddle Blend Posted on

    These spoons are perfect for our clients ordering delivery packages for large parties. They are durable and look professional, but do not cost an excessive amount which is perfect for our clients to toss after there event.

    from Revive Catering Posted on

    Great product or catering. Spoons come in packs of 5 I believe. Heavy duty and good width. Ideal for serving cold sides like slaw or potato salad.

    from Roll 'n' Smoke Posted on

    Our small catering business needed simple serving utensils to include with salads. These worked out great. The quality is fine and they look good, but aren't too expensive.

    Posted on

    I'm very highly impressed with the size and density of these disposable serving spoons great price on this case of 7210 inch spoons you don't have to worry about losing your utensils when you do catering jobs

    from N/A Posted on

    Used these for a catering this past weekend, they are surprisingly sturdy and of higher quality than anticipated, I'm glad I bought plenty to last me a while.

    from Aviands Posted on

    Nice, high quality spoon for catering, carryout, or delivery orders. You could probably reuse these if you wanted to- they are that nice of quality.

    from Mustang Alley's Posted on

    These are nice, they are a good length, sturdy enough to pick up heavy pastas and potato salads, and durable enough to last the entire event be washed and reused. Great price too.

    Posted on

    These are the perfect solution for elegant serviceware when you know you may not get them back. They are cost effective enough to consider them "disposable". They look great and are perfect for catering.

    from Osorio's Latin Fusion LLC Posted on

    These spoons are great for large gatherings. They come at a bargain too. They are strong and reusable. They are definitely worth trying them :)

    Posted on

    Visions 10" Black Disposable Plastic Serving Spoon - 6/Pack #999SERVSPBK if you have a catering gig and do not want to lug back a ton to the warehouse this is the way you go

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    These serving spoons work Great! I have washed and reused them. They hold up great under pressure!! I haven't broken one yet! Very long lasting

    Posted on

    Completely opposite experience with the tongs, these spoons are great! Long handle, wide spoon. Hot foods, cold foods, even creamed corn. No problem. Very good, just a little pricey.

    from Baba Kevin's American Barbecue Co., Ltd. Posted on

    Perfect, elegant, affordable serving spoon that you can toss after the event. I think that's what I done even though I did mean to save them to reuse. Oh well. I really liked the way they looked and how sturdy they seemed to be so I'm gonna re-buy some more for a birthday party we're planning here shortly. :-)

    from D-Lish by Trish Posted on

    We use these black serving spoons for everything... They come in so handy and look so nice.

    I got this for serving up fruit salad on a buffet. The material seems more than throwaway, so I washed it and kept it. It doesn't hold quite as much as I expected, but otherwise it's a great bargin.

    from WC CANDY Posted on

    These serving spoons are a fantastic price to stock up on them. They will break, I've broken a bunch. But for catering they are cheap so you can use them as disposables.

    Posted on

    Was pleasantly surprised with the quality of these serving spoons. They did not bend when being used for watermelon or potato salad. They have a nice clean look to be used at casual events.

    Posted on

    Very durable! We use these spoons on our salad bar and for catering. They look very nice and clean well. We will continue to use this product.

    from Florida Cracker BBQ Posted on

    I love these serving spoons. They are a perfect size for serving catering orders. I like that they come 72 to a case so I don't have to order very often.

    from Genghis Grill Posted on

    These spoons are perfect for pick up orders. The are affordable enough for us to consider disposable but our guest feedback indicates they are often washed and reused.

    from K&M Posted on

    great product, a little smaller than i expected but overall very sturdy, great value for the price! much cheaper to buy by the case as well.

    Posted on

    If you do catering and want to supply your customers with serving utensils this product is perfect! I use all of these products including the tongs. The price point is low compared to my vendors.

    from Verdon Restaurants, LLC. Posted on

    I'd consider these a semi-disposable serving spoon; we regularly wash and reuse them. They're sturdier than most disposables, you can scoop potato salad, etc. without having them bend in half or break.

    from Sweet Caroline's BBQ Posted on

    Used the Visions 10" Black Disposable Plastic Serving Spoon - 6 / Pack to pick up macaroni salad. This spoon is very convenient to have around the house. The spoon had no trouble picking up the salad, which was great.

    from jwhitten31 Youtube name Posted on

    These serving spoons are perfect for catering stews and hot foods like lasagna! Many customers wash and return them because they're sturdy and look nice. Highly recommend these to any caterer!

    from Wheelhouse Kitchen Posted on

    We use all visions catering utensils, they are well priced and of very good quality. Buy by the case to save and you won't regret it

    Posted on

    The spoons are ideal to send with our regular and large meals as serving spoons. The design is classy and gives a good impression. The handle is sturdy which is important for serving meat curries.

    from Spice Ladle Posted on

    These spoons were great for our buffet-style service. The spoons were used to serve our rice dishes and they worked great. They did not break and we will use them again

    Posted on

    Excellent value! Hot or cold food use, Can be reused if treated "nicely". Can be used for many catering applications. A must have for caters.

    from Sweetie's Cafe & Catering Posted on

    Used in conjunction with Choice foldable chafer purchased here at Easy cleanup with minimal breakage during service. Price point extremely low, leftover supply will be used for buffets to come on future.

    from Cafe Marty Posted on

    This is a perfect sized serving spoon for our catering orders and work well for the beans, rice and meats. They are sturdy and easy for both our employees to use and the guests when left with drop off bards. Great price and value.

    from Freebirds World Burrito Posted on

    now i bought more of this Visions 10" Black Disposable Plastic Serving Spoon - 72 / Case since great quality and awesome for my catering services

    from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jhay Posted on

    We use these for our to go orders. They look very modern and are sturdy. They are much nicer than some of the other disposable serving spoons out there.

    from Elite Catering Posted on

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