Plastic Lip and Tape Resealable Sandwich / Cookie Bag 5" x 5" - 1000/Box

Item #: 130PSB551CK

This plastic cookie bag is ideal for use in delis, restaurants, cafeterias, and other foodservice establishments. Use it to prepackage cookies, brownies, tarts, and other baked goods to sell in your storefront or to store back in your kitchen. Made of polypropylene, this 1.5 mil thick bag provides protection between food and dirt and debris, helping to keep contents fresher longer. Its crystal clear clarity offers excellent product visibility and presentation. Best of all, it's recyclable for easy clean up!

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Plastic Lip and Tape Resealable Sandwich / Cookie Bag 5" x 5" - 1000/Box

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cookies bags great seal bag easy brownies love perfect price
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    ?These 5 x 5 inch bags are Ideal for cookies, brownies and sandwiches. They are made of durable polypropylene and have a nice, crystal clear finish for great product visibility. They have a resealable lip and tape closure.
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    Love these bags they are a wonderful product I use them lunches and i heat seal them and if the kids have left overs they use the seal so they are still good later...they are also great for cookies for my buisness.
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    The bags work well and are defiantly worth the low price. The only thing that disappointed me is they look a little cheaper then I would like, Cello bags definitely give products a a crisper, cleaner look. I will buy again, because it's hard to beat the price.
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    Love these bags?? Use them every week to bag up cookies for our local market. Used them to make “goodie” bags for our brides at the Weddings we have booked, .
    Great bags and easy to use. The seal is better than other bags I've used. I generally place two of our homemade cookies in each bag. They stay fresh for a few days and they look really good.
    These bags are perfect for packaging my decorated cookies! They are such a great price for 1000. These are currently the only bags I use because nothing can beat the quality or price
    These bags are pretty good. They are a little thin but overall they do the job. Very convenient to have. I sell a lot of cookies at my bakery and I mostly use these for royal iced.
    This packaging plastic bag is so sturdy, compatible, large in size and convenient. They come in a huge pack and the price is quite reasonable. Highly recommend to all who need to store food in a plastic bag and want the best deal and outcome.
    These bags are perfect for individually wrapping my decorated sugar cookies. They are crystal clear and easy to seal. They are the perfect size and can still put them in a window box and the cookies can be seen perfectly through the clear plastic. Will definitely keep these on my reorder list!
    Perfect fit for my pastries. I love its self adhesive and it really maintain my pastries freshness. It is very easy to use and the plastic it self is thick enough for what I need. Same feel as celophane bags from craft stores.
    These are super cute little cookies bags. It is a little bit of a struggle to get the product into the bag because you have to keep your hands clean or else it smears on the bag. It's perfect for one giant cookie or like 8 mini cookies. The seal stays on pretty well. Very crystal clear. I would recommend for cookies or little treats.
    I typically have a hard time packaging my jumbo cookies but these bags were perfect for wrapping them individually. They seal wonderfully and keep them fresh!
    Great value for what you get. These aren’t flimsy like other bags are and I don’t have to worry about them ripping while I am packaging my cookies. They are the perfect size. I would not hesitate to order these again.
    We use these for our pastries that don't come prewrapped. It keeps them fresh for days and the resealable tape on the bag is strong. We appreciate the thin and clear material and the affordable price these bags offer.
    We love, love, love these bags! We use them for cookies, brownies, bark and a ton of other items. They make packaging products super simple!
    These bags work perfectly to store food, candys, treats and more in. They are nice to have on hand for storing anything in need, a great accessory.
    These bags we great and hold more than just a single cookie. They seal wonderfully, I've used then for cookies, single serve coffee cake slices, and even candy.
    These bags worked great for a large cookie order that I had. Great quality and great price. Would definitely buy these bags again for future cookie orders.
    I like these cookie bags a lot. I use them when I make cookies for a bake sale, or when I want to make cookies to freeze. Each one holds about 3 cookies.
    I purchased these to serve our cookies in. They are wonderful and make a nice presentation. I will definitely buy these again. You could put any small food item in these.
    These worked very well for wrapping our cake donuts that we sell individually at our local Farmers Market. Sometimes they would tear across the seam when taking off the seal.
    We. Love. These. Bags! We use them for cookies, cookie sandwiches, macarons, cake truffles, and other small baked goods! They are so handy, and the seal on them is solid!
    These are fantastic! Very simple to use and price efficient for it's single use purpose. Items slide right in and the sticky strip and easy to peel off for a quick seal. The items inside stay fresh for longer as well, despite it's not being a perfect seal. The plastic is see-through and does not diminish the visuals of the item it contains.
    These bags are awesome I tried several bags before these and was not happy with them. These were out of stock for awhile, I ordered as soon as I got the e mail. So clear and easy to work with. I ordered another box right away so I would not be without. I use for cookies and scones at farmers market.
    We used this to package 2oz fudges and our products look very neat and presentable. They are clear and thin. Our fudges were 2.5X2.5 and we folded the sides and secured with the sticker label at the back and they looked very good.
    These bags were such a great find for our business. They are just the right size to package all of our large cookies. They are so easy to use. The pull and seal strip at the top make it super easy while keeping our product fresh.
    These sanwich bags were a little to small for what I actually needed them for. Even though our product is only 4" in diameter, tehy didnt fit in this 5" bag
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Great bags for so many things... cookies, brownies, small sandwiches... I love the red zip pull & sticky closure.... and the little gusset in the bottom that opens up for larger cookies.
    these are great and have excellent value for the price. it has a nice lip that has already attached glue/tape so you can seal your baked goods and keep them fresh
    I really like these self seal bags for my cookies: You can fold it over to make whatever size you need it before you seal, and works well for a variety size of cookies. I would rate them 5 star, but the little tab you pull off to seal them drives me nuts. I don’t know if it creates static when you peel the tab off, but they stick to everything including your hands!
    It's been a while since we have gotten this shipment and we've had no problems, and we still have many more bags to go through. Heavily recommended.
    These bags worked very well for cookies. I could fit however many cookies I wanted, from 1 to 4, and they provided a clear, visible product and a nice sized back to put a label. The only negative was the little plastic slip covering the sticky part was very hard to remove at times, and sticks to you once removed.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Great for individual snacks/baked goods. I use these to sell cookies and dog treats and they are great little bags. I did knock off a star because every now and then some of the bags do like to come open on the corners. Not the end of the world, but kind of annoying because it looks like someone has opened the bag and then closed it which is pretty gross to see in a bakery.
    I love the value of these resealable bags. I use them to package my jumbo bakery cookies and they are the perfect size. Very easy to use and give my cookies a more professional packaged look. The plastic is a little thin and not the sturdiest but I think thats to be expected for the value.
    Bought over the holidays for our Large gingerbread man cookies. These bags totally fit the bill. The quality is great, just like advertised and our cookies look great in them. Thank you
    These bags easily fit two 4 inch cookies with room to spare to close and seal the bag. I wouldn't recommend using this bag for frosted treats as the frosting could smear onto the bag. To seal the bag, fold the top down, pull the tear strip off, and press to seal. The tear strip can be a bit tricky getting off.
    We love using these bags! They are not only the perfect size for our gourmet cookies, but they make packaging easy, breezy and keep our product fresh for days!
    These are perfect! I use them for large cookies and brownies! No more using my bag sealer or ziplocks! The price is fantastic as well!
    This is better than ziplock bags because they are thinner and use less plastic so it is safer for the environment. This was the smallest size i could find. Will use it for storing seeds.
    These are absolutely perfect for putting cookies in to keep. The seal holds nicely, yet can be opened easily for use. Food grade product. Like it.
    We bought these to package cookies in. They arrived today and look great! Very nice and clear. They will work very well for displaying the cookies.
    These bags are a great thickness, not too thick and not too thin. And they make it so easy to sell a few cookies or a brownie from our bakery in a "grab and go" style.
    These bags are perfect for cookies, dog treats, brownies, etc. I use these to bag my individual treats. The bags also seal well so you don't have to worry about the bags coming open during transit or not sticking. Will buy again
    I used these for brownies although intended for cookies which made it a bit cumbersome to get in the bag. It did keep my brownies fresh and moist longer than just using saran wrap.
    I bought these, because I was looking for something- more on the cheap side- that I would be able to use to package single serve baked items in. I generally bake cakepops, cupcakes, cookies, brownies and whatnot for a bake sale that benefits a local animal shelter. In using them for the first time, they are extremely easy to use, and I would highly recommend them to anyone doing a bake sale, or looking to package things on a single serving basis. Super simple and have a nice professional look to them, and you can easily add on a sticker to the front which showcases your bakery name and contact info in order to do a little marketing as well. Will definitely buy again, great price for the amount, and they work perfect for what I was intending.
    Love these bags! We recently used them for some icing cookies we donated for a charity event and they were perfect for packaging. They're clear so you can customize them and big enough to either fit 2-3 medium cookies or 1 extra large cookie.
    These are great for the cookies and bars we sell as party favors. They also make transporting treats to markets much easier. Very easy to use.
    This was my first time ordering these bags and they are perfect. I sell 2-packs of cookies to a locals stores, these bags keep the cookies fresh and look great, plus they are resealable. Highly recommend!!
    These are great bags. I use them for packaging my jumbo cookies and for sandwich cookies. I love how easy they are to use, the tape seals really well to the bag, but is also completely resealable so you can adjust how tightly the bag closes or your customers can use it to re-close the bag if they don't finish the treat in one setting. These make individual cookies look like they came from a professional bakery, and my customers snap them up like mad.
    These bags are the perfect size for our cookies and brownies, look great,display the desserts beautifully and are easy for our employees to use. Great price as well.
    These are very easy to use bags. Packaging cookies goes quickly. The resealable seal is resealable which is nice. I sell jumbo chocolate chip cookies in them at my local farmers market and they look great.
    We use this gusseted bag for our 2-packs of cookies as well as brownies. They fit perfectly! our customers also appreciate being able to see the ingredients and designs on the cookies.
    I use this for packing some cookies, egg tarts. T It is so cheap and good quality... I also use for manage some small stuff like garlic, ginger...
    I really like these bags because I sell cookies at a local pizza shop and these work perfectly! It's not a 100% air tight seal but it does really well and i really like that I can close them.
    I bought a whole bunch of packaging a few weeks ago but these are by far my favorite. I love being able to sell my cookies in small quantities and these are great for that.
    These bags worked great for my mini biscotti. Easy to seal and reseal. Good price for the quantity. Thanks for the quick shipping and great customer service!
    I used these bags to wrap my rice Krispie treat snacks in. They work great for the thick bars. All I had t do was put a small pecs of scotch tape to make itv snug.
    These are great for packaging cookies! I use these not only for bake sale cookies, but also for sending cookies to school in my daughter's lunchbox. I love the size of this bag!
    I use these bags for various cookies in my store, they are wonderful! They accommodate a variety of different size cookies, and keep them fresh and looking great!
    Best cookie bag ever. Easy to seal and cookies stay fresh for a very long time. We're using them for our shortbreads with royal icing and allows them not to get damaged.
    We ordered these for jumbo cookies & wasn't sure if it would work but they are great. Looks very professional & easy to display the goodies! I also use these to pass out samples!

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