Visions Clear Heavy Weight Plastic Fork - 100/Pack

Item #: 130HFCL100

Perfect for your take-out restaurant, cookout, party, gathering, or other catering event, this Visions clear heavy weight plastic fork will exceed your serving needs! Complete your plastic cutlery setting, or use it to fill your flatware bins at your snack shack or concession stand. Made of durable polystyrene, this virtually shatterproof, disposable fork is strong enough to last through your meal service, and can be easily disposed of, making cleanup a breeze.

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Visions Clear Heavy Weight Plastic Fork - 100/Pack

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forks great heavy clear price quality plastic weight duty fork
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    Nothing annoys me more than being served a wonderful plate of food then given a weak little fork with which to eat it. Ok, maybe there are other more annoying things. But these forks are of heavy duty quality and there is no where else that you'd be able to get 100 heavy duty forks at this price. Will definitely reorder when I run out.
    Very sturdy and visually appealing. The only thing I did not like was if you put the fork in something hot (still edible temperature) the prongs would melt. Other than that these are great!
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    Bought this for wedding reception catering. This crystal clear plate is very nice for serving cakes. I recommend this for any occasion as cakes or refreshments serving plate
    Durable and lightweight! Great for BBQ’s or for packing lunches. Planning to get the spoons and knives to keep on hand for future parties. Thank you for a great product!
    Perfect! None of the prongs broke while eating steak and chicken from the bbq. I just wish they were a bit more eco friendly. However, you just cant beat that kind of quality!
    This may be the most impressive thing I ordered from this site. Very high quality, heavy duty forks. I’m using these for guests at my rehearsal dinner and don’t feel embarrassed in the slightest because these are awesome.
    These were used at our wedding! The clear utensils made it easy to match any theme! They were very sturdy and the price could not be beat!!
    Best price for a sturdy and quality plastic fork. Perfect for large events or stocking up. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is entertaining or even small businesses!
    These are very heavy duty forks. Sometimes I even use them to stir dishes. The 100 packs are nice for catering. I don't have to count out forks, just brag a bag and go.
    Great heavy duty clear forks. They are much sturdier than the cheap white ones you see sometimes. They look expensive but are a great price.
    Thank you for having exactly what we need. The forks are very durable, heavy, steady not flimsy or breakable. They were used at a large family reunion barbecue .
    Great quality forks. Love them. Very durable and convenient. Stands up to even steaks. The price in way better than in the store and the quality is also better than the ones in the store. You can't go wrong with this fork.
    Visions clear heavy weight plastic forks come in a 100 pack. They are very strong and durable. Great for every day use. Clear goes with everything
    Purchased these for use at a wedding for the appetizers and cake. The forks are heavy duty and I would recommend them to anyone for use at a party or while camping.
    I always purchase these forks for events at my church. Great size. Sturdy. Perfect color...clear. It goes with most décor. I use them for breakfast, brunches, and dinners. Excellent buy!
    These are sturdy, clear was a great choice as we can use them with any decor. NONE OF THEM BROKE! We purchased quite a few but will always return to purchase again. Love them! Matching Set is best! We purchased all three utensils. Very happy with this buy.
    I host a lot of in home parties and gatherings & have an event planning business as well. These Visions Clear Heavy Weight Plastic Forks are something i always have on hand! The clear goes with any theme or decor and have saved the day so many times for me personally when i have decided last minute to make something that requires forks. The clear are great because they never clash with whatever else i have going on. These are SO strong too! I have used other colors as well, and the the "heavy weight" title does not lie. My friends also come "shopping" at my house often when they forget things for their own gatherings, & almost always choose the clear forks. Need to start ordering by the case instead! A+
    If you are looking for a heavy weight and low price plastic fork this is a good option. Our biggest issue with these is that they cannot be recycled, but if you are looking for a low cost option for your food truck or cafe these are nice. They can also be used with your to go orders.
    This is a great heavyweight plastic fork. Its perfect for parties or buffets. I also put them in my kids lunchboxes and the price is much cheaper than the grocery store. They won’t break easily
    Awesome quality, very heavy duty, perfect for our football parties ! Quick shipping and easy ordering online. Cheaper than buying local. I will be buying many more in the future !
    These forks are a great bargain; they are strong and study and look much better than the traditional white or black plastic forks. I would highly recommend them for their quality and price.
    Purchased these heavier weight forks to use to serve our entrees. The forks are packaged in bulk in a plastic bag and were easy to unpack. The bags that they are packaged in is a little flimsy, so be careful otherwise your forks may spill out everywhere.
    What a great deal for these heavy duty plastic forks! They are a high quality product, packaged in an ideal way--seperate from other utensils so that you only purchase what you need. Perfect size, weight and price!
    Great disposable flatware, I was very happy not only with the price but with the quality. I have no plans on trying any other brands as this will be my go to choice.
    Visions clear heavy plastic forks are definitely a must for any company needing to avoid washing dishes as they are disposable and a good purchase in bulk
    We used these for a large backyard BBQ we hosted in our backyard. They were great quality. I will continue to uses this line of product for future use!
    This cutlery is top-notch. I bought them for my daughter's bridal shower and they looked quite classy on the table and are sturdy. They are a steal for this price!
    These plastic forks are definitely heavy weight! They are not a standard "heavy weight" plastic forks from the grocery store. Very durable and holds up to heavy food selections.
    I like how these are heavy weight and so they work nicely for foods that might need a sturdier utensil. I like how they look nice being clear.
    Use the vision clear heavy weight ulterior, spoons, forks and knife es for a wedding reception, all were good weight and held up well for the meal.
    great value plastic ware! we do a lot of entertaining and these come in very handy. durable and disposable, the best of both worlds! 2 thumbs up
    These forks were great quality for the price. We used them for an informal brunch following a wedding and they worked out well. Would recommend/reorder again.
    I absolutely love this product! This clear heavy weight plastic forks are strong and not flimsy at all! These forks will last and not break easily. Great quality!
    I love clear cutlery not sure why, so naturally I prefer these overall, and they're heavy weight so they can take a beating, love these sturdy forks!
    The quality of these forks was just what I wanted to use for our reception following our wedding anniversary vow renewal service. Great delivery as well.
    Visions clear 100 pack of spoons! Another great product from webstaurant at a great price too. I'm no longer gonna need to worry about the camping trip.
    The clear fork is basic, allowing it to be used with any color and matches things well. The fork itself is very strong and can help you eat most foods.
    We got these to go with the clear plates we ordered from this site, pretty good quality for the amount of money we paid and I will most likely order again.
    Do you some pretty nice well made clear heavyweight plastic disposable clear forks really nice we can get it in the hundred pack to try out party time
    These are great little forks for takeout orders or anything really! They are much more durable than the once you would buy at the store!
    Fast delivery of the items. was very happy to receive this product, it will be used for a party in January. could have order nearer to the date, not knowing it would be delivered so soon.
    These forks are perfect for nice quality dinner forks. They were very sturdy and the price is great for the number of forks you get.
    Ordered these for a wedding last week, they where perfect heavy duty and the value was just right for our budget THANK YOU :) ;
    These forks are very durable. I used them for a crawfish boil. They stood up to shrimp, sausage, and vegetables. No issues with breaking like a lot of forks do. Great price for a great product. I am about to order more for the next party. These will always be the ones I have at any party.
    Very nice heavy duty forks. We will be using these at a dessert table for a wedding reception. I am pleased with their quality. I would order these again.
    We purchased these forks for customers who wanted to eat their scones, muffins, cheesecakes, etc in the bakery. They are very sturdy and we will purchase again.
    We bought the clear plastic forks to go with the plastic plates for my daughters wedding. They were strong and such a good price for a lot of people.
    Great strong forks are definitely worth a try. The price is right and I will be ordering more since I think is a must have for bbqs.
    Visions Clear Heavy Weight Plastic Fork - 100/Pack I use these in my duffle and since they are so much stronger they done break in transition
    I always struggle finding the line between affordable and durable plasticware, and this hit the mark. I don't think anyone broke a single fork during our event and the price was excellent for the quantity and quality.
    Wow this plastic folks are much better than from some stores. they are strong and durable we them around the house. I highly recommend this folks.
    Very strong forks. They got a cute design to them and they are priced very reasonable. I used them for my wedding. I would re-use for any other party.
    These forks are well worth their value! They are better than the ones you get at the store abs cheaper! I will be buying them again!
    I ordered these forks to have for catering orders. The forks are a good heavy quality that doesn't break when we use them for customers. Good product.
    Used the Visions Clear Heavy Weight Plastic Fork - 100 / Pack to eat a hash brown egg quiche. Easily use the fork to slice through he quiche with no trouble.
    I was very pleased with these forks. They are very sturdy. The great price was great. Definitely have been telling friends and family about my purchase.
    Forks are nice looking, sturdy to eat with and are just the right size..For the price, these are a great value. Definitely will recommend it.
    Forks are heavy duty and do not seem to break easily. Used at a large gathering and worked great. Will purchase again. Love them and recommend.
    I love this product. These forks are unbelievably sturdy. I reused these forks several times. I would definitely repurchase this item again. This was sold at a great price.
    I love, love, love these forks! They are durable, wow! Anyone considering a purchase should try them and you will find that they are worth the purchase!
    These forks are an excellent quality and they look nice too. They are much better then any forks that I have purchased at the wholesale clubs. The forks are strong, sturdy and great value for the money. I would highly recomment them for anyone.
    yhis are great heavy weight clear plastic fork very sturdy great for all your need for parties and more good quality plastic fork !! awesome
    These clear forks are better looking than the traditional white plastic ones and also much sturdier. My family and I tried them out this evening and thought they were worthy of five stars.
    For the price, these are a great value. Definitely well built and have a nice study feel to them. They are just a bit lighter than ones bought at a local warehouse club, but still excellent. And it's much easier buying what I need here at a way better price.
    I prefer these forks when serving on-the-go items at a market. Forks are nice looking, sturdy to eat with and are just the right size..not too small or too big. This is an excellent value and I like that they are packaged neatly (all lined up to take up less space). That helps me transport neatly to events.
    These are really nice and very durable. I would recommend them for any occasion. I used them for a birthday dinner where soul food was the menu and they did not break.
    I was once again very hesitant to order these without knowing their quality. I know "heavyweight" can mean different things to different people! I have to say I was pleasantly surprised once these came in...they really are heavy duty, crystal clear, and just perfect for my cake shop.
    These heavy weight plastic forks are awesome. They are especially convenient for picnics or kids birthday parties. I highly recommend them to anyone whose looking for sturdy plasticware that won't break with use!
    A nice, heavy weight durable plastic fork. these exceeded out expectations hands down and will be ordering again soon! Great for outdoor functions with the tougher foods such as tearing apart chicken or ribs.
    One thing that is very important when selecting plastic utensils is the durability...and this products greatly exceeding our expectations. Not only super sturdy, but also elegant.
    I thought this would be your normal clear fork, but, it is not. It is sturdy, truly a heavyweight product and very superior. Worth the price.
    Used at my wedding and they worked great! Works well with hot or cold foods, you couldn't even tell they were plastic I loved them!
    These Plastic Forks are seemingly strong. For the price, they can't be beat. We purchased the forks along with other items for a wedding bbq rehearsal dinner.
    These were very durable forks, heavy weight and nice quality. You never know what you'll get when ordering plasticware. I would order these again for another event.
    Great quality at a great price! We absolutely love the fact that they come in a bulk pack at a price that can't be beat!
    These are perfect! Wonderful, sturdy forks, and so much cheaper than buying 100 good sturdy plastic forks at the store, glad I added them to my order.
    Nice sturdy heavy weight forks. They are great for picnics and packing lunches. I used them recently to make Halloween cake pops. They worked great.
    Outstanding price and great quality. When I need to re-order I will do so from this web site. Can't touch the price and quality in the grocery or party stores. Thank you
    I got these forks for the cake I'm going to serve to the guests. They are cheap but good quality. They don't break, they bend a little bit if you apply a pressure. I'm very happy with them
    Excellent quality, just like the spoons. We used it at home for everyday use when we were moving and did not have dishes or flatware. It stirs small amounts of batters decently, beats eggs for an omelet for two, and the sharp tips have no problem stabbing tasty morsels and conveying them to your mouth. Of course it has trouble piercing a hard sorbet fresh out of the freezer, and if used as leverage to open or separate items, the tines will bend or break. It is not after all, a real metal fork, but in the realm of plastic disposable forks, it is king.
    I bought these forks to use at a local fundraiser. They are heavy enough to not break when being used. Plus, I got them at a good price.
    The quality is great! I will order these again, was very impressed with the price and durability of this plasticware. Very affordable for the amount you receive.
    Great item. Very flexible so it does not break when some pressure is put on them. Perfect size and texture. We use them for our business and they look great.
    Our intent with this purchase was primarily low cost with tolerable quality. We got the low cost and a much higher quality than expected. We highly recommend these.
    These forks are super great. They are just like having a metal fork, which is what we wanted when we ordered them. Will definitely order more.
    These are excellent grade disposbale forks, great for any party or gathering. Have a nice design and are very durable.Since we host parties often we use them often. Great value...
    The plastic wear is very strong. When they say it's heavy weight and there is 1000 in the box, that is what you get. They are great.

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