Visions Black Heavy Weight Plastic Fork - 1000/Case

Item #: 130HFBK1M

Perfect for your take-out restaurant, cookout, party, gathering, or other catering event, this Visions black heavy weight plastic fork will exceed your serving needs! Complete your plastic cutlery setting, or use it to fill your flatware bins at your snack shack or concession stand. Made of durable polystyrene, this virtually shatterproof, disposable fork is strong enough to last through your meal service, and can be easily disposed of, making cleanup a breeze.

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Visions Black Heavy Weight Plastic Fork - 1000/Case

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forks fork heavy great quality weight plastic Black sturdy price
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    Medium weight forks. They hold off with noodles and rice dishes. Long enough to get a good hold of with your hands. Not flimsy or too short
    Great fork. A very good weight for our products. They don't snap when you use them. They are thick, not flimsy. We like them very much.
    Fantastic Quality for a Dinner Fork. It holds up very well while cutting meat, etc. because of the sturdy construction and the black color compliments any decor!!!!
    Overall I would like to give five star for this fork. The price is very good. And quality was also good. Defenitly will keep buying it for next time.
    i order these forks because i had a catering event for 200 people. i have to admit quality and price it is very reasonable. i would buy more
    Simple, yet amazing. These forks are durable and classy at the same time. These reliable forks match our store's theme here at Batter and Dough
    Good quality disposable fork without breaking the bank. They are heavy duty and work well for us. We keep tons on hand so we never run out and save buying bulk!!
    Nice and sturdy forks. The prongs don't easily break like some of the cheaper brands that we've tried. The black color complements our black plates well.
    I would not really call these “heavy weight” but if you are just using them as to go utensils, they are more than adequate for the price.
    These are great for the heavy weight forks. They are much cheaper to buy like this with 1000 to as case versus some that sell only 300 to a case.
    These forks are a good price for a good quality. Very strong and durable. We use these forks everyday as to-go silverware for takeout orders.
    Exactly what we were looking for! These forks are high quality, we love the black color that gives a high end look rather than just the standard white color too.
    this is a good study fork for the price. I do like the black as it just looks better than a white fork. Will buy again.
    These visions heavy weight plastic forks are exactly what we were looking for. They are sturdy and quality built. When you're eating noodles you want something sturdy and strong, these are that.
    I wasn't blown out of the water by this product, I would say "Heavy Duty" is a bit of a stretch, we discontinued the use of this product.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Visions make solid products. I have used this fork in many different catering operations and delivery set-ups and have always been pleased with the quality. It is a stronger fork that holds up to chicken, beef and other applications that call for a fork that won't bend when stuck in food. This product would have gotten 5 stars but I received one case that had been opened, then refilled to send as a full case. This caused some forks to have more scuffs on them than normal and we could not use them for customers. I will use this product until it is no longer offered.
    Great fork, very heavy and price is just right. We replaced or old forks with these and the knives for less than the single fork from the national dispenser brand.
    We use these forks for our off site catering events. They are very durable and hold up well compared to similar products that are available.
    These black plastic forks are fine, they will get the job done but they're a little small and tend to break or snap very easily.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Durable plastic ware is difficult to come by and this is by far the best and for the best price for the amaount received. This is a must grab !
    The black heavy weight plastic fork is very durable. These are great for our customers to use in the restaurant as well as for catering events.
    These forks are high quality and very sturdy (not like the ones that break when you use them). Very economical and a regular order for our shop.
    Atlast our forks and knives arrived after being hold at customs for 15 days ?? no regrets ordering at webstaurant for the quality and prize thumbs up
    These forks are great! They are sturdy, durable, and priced reasonably! The delivery was fast. All of our employees like these forks for in the lunchroom. I was even asked where I found them because they want them for social gatherings! Excellent product and I will continue purchasing these.
    Nos encanta usar estos tenedores en el restaruant, son duraderos y fuertes para cualquier tipo de comida, su color es negro brillante, son muy versatiles, muy recomendados.
    These forks, though plastic, seemed heavy duty and were great at our event. They are much nicer than regular plasticware, and appeared clean and classy.
    These forks look and feel good. They have a great quality, but they are not 100% heavy-duty either. If you poke at a firmer food from the wrong angle, the tip of one of the prongs might break off and pose as a choking hazard. They only break maybe 2% of the time, but still. It is a little concerning. It is perfectly safe for softer foods or tender meats. But be careful with crispy items.
    Very heavy duty and sturdy Visions plastic fork. 1000 in a case will last a long time. They work on all foods we've tried and they don't bend or break easily.
    These Forks are a great alternative to real silverware. The black color is nice instead of a very fake looking silver color, they are great for one time use.
    These forks have been great for us. We switched from medium weight and there is a huge difference. We will be ordering these again when we get to half a box.
    These forks worked great for our annual gala. Good quality and weight. A quality replacement for using real silverware without feeling cheap and flimsy. Highly recommend.
    Plastic fork exactly as described. I ordered for years and years from our local distributor. I couldn't believe how much i saved and could have saved buy purchasing this product. I didn't want a cheap product and I was glad heavy weight meant heavy weight and didn't seem cheap. Love them. I would recommend.
    This fork is very sturdy. It does not break easy, plus the black color adds a touch of elegance making your dishes look even better.
    Very heavy duty plastic fork. Sharp black color, smooth edges, easy to hold handle, and disposable for convenience. Doesn't bend or break and picks up a variety of foods easily.
    Great heavy duty plastic forks perfect for any occasion, party, event or wedding! Also they are great for everyday use. They are sturdy enough to hold heavy foods.
    We bought these to replace the medium weight forks we had purchased previously. These hold up much better for salads, no concerns for breaking. We will be ordering these from now on.
    Although a little bit on the pricier side compared to Medium Weight Forks, the quality more than justifies the price. Our dishes are mostly comprised of rice and salad which we actually got complaints that the Medium Weight Forks were too flimsy. So we bit the bullet and night and day difference. Even though no one compliments them, no one complains about that either.
    The perfect heavy weight plastic fork for your next catering event. The forks are well constructed and are great for all food types. A very nice look and design!
    Good value overall. We offer egg souffles, breakfast burritos and cinnamon rolls and these forks hold up nicely. Do not feel cheap at all. Will order again.
    These are the heavy weight forks. I think they will poke through salad greens or even some tougher meats fairly well. They seem to hold up to a decent weight.
    These are great! They stand up to the most loaded, cheesy tots and can pile on a serious salad bite. We're happy with both the quality and the look of this product.
    We go through box after box of these awesome forks. They are strong, but flexible and durable but do not break the bank when purchasing them.
    Black, Sturdy, Packaged nice. Seemed to be a good price for quality product. Customers seem to like. this is an item I would purchase another time.
    Quality product for the price. We use 1000's per month and are very happy with the product. Doesn't have that cheap feel. It's a winner.
    Great value on a great product. Heavy weight plastic forks at 30% less than the local guys. Top that off with great service from the Webstraunt folks and you can't lose.
    These forks are great, since we use all disposable products in our restaurant this fork is wonderfully cost effective over a different plastic fork we were ordering else where. I have been using these forks for a week now and there have been no issues. Our other fork was so brittle that it kept breaking. This one is not brittle even if you try to force it to break it just bends a little. It holds up well to all the big guys that come in to eat barbecue.
    Perfect heavy weight fork! We have never snapped one in my office, which we have done with other brands. They also look better than cheap plastic cutlery.
    I am very impressed with these forks! We use these for our high end catering take outs and they are very good quality and durable.
    As far as plastic flatware is concerned, black forks tend to look better than white or clear. It's more modern and makes me feel like the food I'm eating is a little cleaner.
    This heavy weight black plastic fork is very sturdy and strong. Perfect for restaurants or cafés looking for a very high quality plastic fork. Textured handle looks nice as well.
    These forks are very good. They are durable and good style. Customers have no complains. I buy only these look rich and normal. Good size too.
    I’m nothing short of amazed at the price and the value of this large box of black forks that I was able to get from The actual forks are super study and it did not cost very much for at least one years worth of forks for my taco tent.
    These are very fine plastic ware. Strong and durable and excellent for dining. Very quality and not cheap looking. I will buy these over again.
    The Visions Heavy Weight line of flatware are all great products. I really like the sharp look of the black utensils. They are sturdy and do not feel flimsy or cheap in any way.
    These forks are much studier than any other in a "set". Our customers used to complain about floppy to go flatware, so we switched to buying forks/spoons/knives separately. We definately made a good choice!
    This is a great fork. Very heavy duty and does not easily bend. Holds up to weighty foods without breakage. Also a good value for your money.
    These forks are great! We use them for take out orders in our restaurant and they are very sturdy non flimsy forks. Perfect to take along with any meal.
    Forks are very attractive and sturdy. They will enhance the food presentations that I do and not break easily. I would use this product at home and for business.
    Good fork set. We use it for higher end catering. none of my Canadian suppliers can beat this price even with shipping. Buy a lot to make shipping worth it. Great product folks.
    These are your standard, black, heavy weight plastic forks. I bought them to have on hand because the price is very competitive. Another nice product.
    A very economically priced plastic fork. Delivered exactly as promised. I paid only a fraction of the price my local food provider would have charged by purchasing on Webstaurant Store!
    heavy duty, affordable, and ITS NOT WHITE! Great for a grab and go place! We love this heavier weight fork that wont break on our food.
    The heavy duty fork performs well on our food truck. Clients want durable easy to use utentsils that actually perform and instead of break. Very reliable.
    The forks were very nice. I was surprised by how thick and sturdybtheybwere because the price was so affordable. I definitely recommend these and will purchase again.
    These are very sturdy forks! I was very happy with the quality! While I haven't tried them on steaks or anything tougher, I was very happy with them for my son's grad party!
    Great plastic disposable forks for the amount you pay and the quantity you receive. The black color makes these disposables look a lot more expensive.
    perfect product and just the right price. holds up well to any pastry. definitely comparable to any name brand product. Will reorder again. very satisfied
    good quality and prices are reasonable; only shipping some a little bit high ... if possible reduce some of the freight we will be continue to purchase in.
    Heavy weight, sturdy utensil..i have purchased this product before and am always pleased with it. Holds up to pasta, steak, octopus and looks great with matching plate. I wil buy again!
    Very durable and solid plastic ware. Definitely, will be repurchasing. I use them in my cafe for light food like salads and such but they hold up great!
    We use these forks for all of our catered events and weddings. The black plastic cutlery adds a elegant and practical option that we love.
    Worth every penny. First, they look chic and different from other vendors. Secondly they are strong, no breaking when your trying to eat. We will be ordering these from now on, forget getting them at your local chain store.
    These are a great heavy weight disposable flatware. People have not complained about us using disposable silverware when we use this product. I recommend it,
    Heavy weight forks are the only forks for me! Great price on a item that makes such a difference when eating. Heavy weight is associated with high quality. Don't be cheap in this area
    We are very pleased with the quality of these forks, very sturdy and strong. They hold up great, so glad we didn't purchase cheap utensils.
    We use about a box a month in our company break room. Everyone agrees that these are nicer to use than most of the utensils provided with take out.
    I personally like these, and I hope my customers do as well, because they look and feel more high end than regular white plastic forks. We use these when we have a catering event or special event at the shop.
    We use these forks for boxed lunches and they are very sturdy! The black color also looks a little more luxurious than the white which can go a long way.
    This is a great utensil that's sturdy and looks good on the table. The length of the utensil is enough that a grown man can use it without feeling like he's using a toy fork, and the weight of it holds up to light or heavy foods. The color is very consistent and has a sleek look that could be used for casual lunch or for an event that needs more than typical white plastic but not silverware. The price is unbeatable.
    Love these forks and that they are heavy weight so the fork will not bend when being used for heavier foods. Love the slick black color as well.
    We had an event for over 500 guests and purchased these forks. They not only were sturdy and elegant but lasted through more than one course!
    The Black Visions Heavy Weight Plastic Spoons, Knives & Forks are our NEW go to for catering events. They look and feel great as the silver ones, but are a little more affordable and casual when doing an easy going party/event. It's nice not having to wash them which is great when you need a lot at once.
    ok, i purchaced lesser plastic forks on here and wanted to make sure my next order was very high quality, i couldn't have been more impressed with these.
    These are the best plastic forks available. We have bought disposable forks from other places, but these are the most sturdy. Customers love them, and so do we!
    These are better than the choice black utensils. they are very heavy duty, customers love them for the sturdy quality, very rarely have a utensil that breaks! Thanks!
    great product at a really great price, could be a little more heavy duty but still does the job and saves your food cost goals.
    We have tried similar types from our food vendors,and been left wanting more. So it was a pleasant surprise to try these out (and) have good comments from our clients. Positive customer comments are what we live by.
    Visions Heavyweight Black Forks are awesome ,sturdy and look great. These are the best forks hands down and would not consider using any other. We get compliments on these for our clients frequently.
    These forks are great. Previously we used a competitors but at half the price or more, it's a no brainer. They are difficult to break and work well. We use all disposable products so this durable fork comes in handy not only for service but for price.
    This is a very high quality sturdy product. I am very proud to give my customers heavy duty utensils with the food that they order.
    Our coffee shop ordered these spoons to serve with our cheesecake and desserts. They are excellent quality and the price can't be beaten. These forks are our favorites!
    Our catering clients love that we use these versus cheap, small forks that break immediately or aren't strong enough to use to eat even a salad. They are strong and durable and look really nice too.
    heavy duty, hold up well to all foods. Ship quickly and are way cheaper than they are from major purveyors. Close to half the price.
    These forks are solid! What I rweally love is how they are packed in there tightly. Same 1000 count case from other companys would be 5 times the size. We can all use more space and to save money. These do both!
    We use these all the time. They are great quality and the price is very competitive. We like that we can order 1,000 at a time so we never run out.
    not the heaviest "heavy duty" forks I have laid hands on. Could be better could be worse. I probably will spend the extra money on name brand ones.
    Good weight. Durable. Looked very nice for an upscale event. Customer loved them. Was very good value. Very quick delivery. Will order this product again.
    Stand up to the table bend test. Elegant enough for a multitude of your events. Cheaper than competitors, for a comparable product. We substituted this product for a much more expensive brand and were satisfied.
    Finding a high quality, heavy duty plastic fork is not easy. I was pleasantly surprised by the Vision fork. They have good weight to them and hold up well.
    We are very impressed. The ladies who work out events are very impressed. They are definitely heavy duty! They requested we order more to stock up on them.
    These plastic forks are very strong and can withstand heavy use!! Great for outdoor seating areas at cafes or burger joints!! Saves money on flatware!!
    These forks are great. They are heavy duty. I wanted the wrapped forks, but these are fine. They are super strong. They also look very good.
    Like these black forks. Great quality and they are slightly longer than the ones we used to use which make them look very nice and classy!
    Visions Heavy Weight Black Plastic Fork - 1000 / CS are a great value for the price. The forks are made of good quality and are great for catering.
    We love these plastic forks, they are so worth the little extra money to not have them break off in the food when your customer is eating.
    This fork has adequate strength for my needs and the black color is sleek and attractive. It seems to be less brittle than the clear grocery store brand I was using.

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