Choice Medium Weight Black Plastic Teaspoon - 1000/Case

Item #: 130BSPOON

Perfect for take-out restaurants, stadiums, outdoor barbecues, and more, these Choice medium weight black plastic teaspoons will exceed your serving needs! Complete your plastic cutlery settings, or use them to fill your flatware bins at your snack shack or concession stand for easy take-out or grab-and-go applications. Made of durable polypropylene, these disposable teaspoons are strong enough to last through your meal service, and can be easily disposed of, making cleanup a breeze.

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Choice Medium Weight Black Plastic Teaspoon - 1000/Case

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spoons great Weight price spoon ice sturdy Medium cream BLACK
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    These black spoons are perfect for my needs and I have had no problems with them breaking or anything. they are NOT heavy duty but they get the job done. Bottom line you cant't beat their price fir the quanity you get.
    These are good teaspoons for the price. They are a bit flimsy and can't handle a heavy load, but that is to be expected considering they are only medium weight. We use these for catering orders since we supply the utensils free of charge to our customers.
    My go to product. These spoons hold well with ice cream. they dont bend or break. I love how they come in a case of 1000,
    This product has a sleek style for single light duty use. Best for light weight use, not for eating heavy/hard food items as they bend easily.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    i really like these medium weight black plastic spoons they hold up very well and they are good for all foods and staring your coffee.
    Great product for employee's spoon! They are not sturdy but ok to use it for soup or soft food. Good quality for its price. Probably not recommend for the customer with hard food.
    Classy spoons. These spoons are great. I love the color and they are very study too. They look much nicer then the regular old white ones we had.
    I do not recommend!! We bought this product to serve with our ice creams, but the quality is not good enough. The spoons bend very easily as you dive into the ice cream. Some bent and some just broke instantly. Very disappointed with this Choice Medium Weight Teaspoons.
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    Medium weight is too flimsy for our use. Flex and break even under parfait use. We made the switch to heavy duty and haven’t looked back.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    We sell soft serve ice cream and these are almost too flimsy for that. I think these are very poorly made and do not recommend these unless you have a very soft, or liquidy item you are serving.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    The medium weight black plastic spoon is very useful. The spoons are durable and don’t break easily, but they do bend if used to stir something very thick. They are also easy to store and don’t take up a lot of space
    We use many of these per day as tasting spoons during evening line up for our servers and as we are prepping. They are a great quality and they are a very reasonable price.
    These things are good for the price they are a little bit on the flimsy side but they work great for ice cream and shaved ice that's what we use them for and the black is great for the Halloween theme
    Bought these to save a client some money. The price is cheap and so is the product.... it bends when you try to use it. Almost non functioning!
    Thank you for the review Anthony Reis. We’re sorry this has not worked well for you. For an alternative that might better meet your needs, try this Visions Black Heavy Weight Plastic Teaspoon instead!
    Your basic medium weight spoon , but the catch is the amazing price you pay for these at webstarant This choice product is a steal at the price offered .
    Good quality plastic. Very heavy plastic. Can be rewashed if you wanted to. I would recommend these to all restaurants owners that service on the go items.
    These spoons are pretty flimsy. Would be good for a soup but not very good for ice cream... ect. The wrapped spoons seem to be a much better buy.
    Thank you for the review Deidre. We’re sorry this has not worked well for you. For an alternative that might better meet your needs, try this Visions Black Heavy Weight Plastic Teaspoon instead!
    Great product! I use these with my shave ice business and they work great! Also, the black color of the spoon makes our shave ice stand out among the competition at larger events.
    These are good spoons for very basic purposes. They look sleek in the black color and are very affordable. Perfect for our purposes in a coffee shop selling granola to go.
    Nice light weight spoon. Easy to grasp. Perfect for eating oatmeal, yogurt parfaits, and other foods. Not sturdy enough to do any heavy duty stirring.
    Good light weight spoon for the price but know this going in. Spoon bends quite easily especially in foods like ice cream or similar constitution items.
    Thank you for the review Greg. We’re sorry this has not worked well for you. For an alternative that might better meet your needs, check out this Types of Disposable Flatware!
    Durable material. Perfect for smaller foods or desserts. Sleek elegant design, none of those ridges you find in the cheaper flatware. Comfortable in your hand and scoops food very well!
    We uses these for sampling pie in our shop. They are not super sturdy, so I only recommend them for light weight items such as pie fillings, not pie crust.
    I tried these out because they are a lot cheaper than the heavy weight spoon. Considering that it is a medium weight spoon it is pretty good quality. It is great for soups or anything else that you don't need a strong spoon for. Unfortunately for me I use them for Ice cream and it will bend. I'm sure with soft serve or froyo it would be ok.
    The medium weight black plastic spoons worked perfectly at the party I threw a few weeks ago. These were used for chili and had zero issues. These are quality spoons at a fantastic price. We had 35 people here putting them to the test and the spoons passed with flying colors. Very happy!
    These are good quality spoons and at the most competitive price. Webstaurant, as always, has super fast shipping. Thanks for providing these at a great cost and convenient shipping.
    For the price these are an average product. I was expecting them to be a little more sturdier. I will try the heavy weight next time.
    Choice Medium Weight Black Plastic Teaspoon - 1000/Case #130BSPOON --- these teaspoons are a perfect weight for what we need them for. I was worried that they would be to flimsy but they're definately heavy enough.
    Really great spoon for our dessert shop. I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re serving food, unless you’re OK with a slightly softer material. For the price, you can’t really complain. You get the black sleek look and somewhat durable material .
    These are great for soups or sampling but as a medium weight you wouldn't want to use for much else because they are not very sturdy.
    These are a fabulous price and get the job done for many food choices. We use this product to cater and for home use and haven't had any issues with them. I would say they are a little lighter then a typical disposable but the price is great and I haven't found something that won't hold up to these spoons.
    These choice spoons are great value. We use them for our desserts and also for our ice cream. Th ed y are very good price. They actually cost one third what my food supplier wants for the same spoon
    For the price, definitely not bad! They're pretty small, and I wouldn't use them for food, but perfect for stirring coffee. They're not big enough to be soup spoons, and not durable enough to be ice cream spoons. I would recommend them if you need a lot of cheap spoons and you aren't using them for anything fancy or hard.
    These spoons are perfect for those on the go meals like breakfast cereals. They are also great for soups. Can stand heat, that’s a plus!!!!!!!
    I an so happy i found these spoons. These spoon for a affordable price. Always go to GFS to buy it but it is so expensive.
    These are good quality spoons and at the most competitive price. Webstaurant, as always, has super fast shipping. Thanks for providing these at a great cost and convenient shipping.
    These are very flimsy however they do not break. We do not use them in roll-ups or on the tables for guests because they feel very cheap. We have since switched to heavy duty.
    Great value for 1000 spoons. They are very lightweight, but we keep them by the coffee pot and they are perfect for coffee stirring and adding sugar.
    NOT a hard ice cream spoon! This spoon would be great for soup or soft serve but you have to hold it at the top of the "spoon" to eat hard ice cream with it. Once the ice cream starts to soften then it's ok. I had a medium weight before that worked perfect and expected these to be sturdier than they were. Again, if it's not broke, don't fix it, :).
    We use these spoon for to-go orders of our chia seed breakfast pudding. You can't beat the price! Because they're light weight, I wouldn't use them for a thicker food like ice cream or a hot food like soup, but they work perfectly well for what we use them for.
    These spoons work well enough for our chili. They are mid weight, but that is all we need and the price is great! We have the whole set which match our decor.
    these are very sturdy, color is vibrant. i love these. i bought the white ones and these were sturdier. i will definitely buy them again.
    These are called "medium weight" but they are pretty flimsy; they will do well for soup, but that is about it. That is what I wanted them for though, so I'm happy.
    These Spoons are great!. Talk about getting value for your dollar. 1000 of these for a great price. we used them for our dessert our an how we pleased. Since they are not the normal white spoons it brings style to your inventory.
    may be medium weight but they can hold their own weight and are comparable definitely to the heavy weights, these are good and would recommend.
    This was a great price. A 100 pack of black medium weight spoons. Delivered right to your door without complications and the ease of ordering these are fantastic
    The value is amazing! They become really flimsy when used with very hot food, but you really cant beat the value on these. Would (and will) order again.
    When I got the spoons I thought they were flimsy at first look but once I started to use it they are pretty heavy weight.
    These spoons are really durable and also thin enough to also store inside of your drawers. It comes in a rectangular box which also can be easily stored.
    I was surprised when I received the quality of the spoons. They are flimsy but overall they are a great price. I would recommend for soft foods but definitely not for ice cream as we were hoping to use it for. Will repurchase the heavy weight.
    Decent quality for the price. Great for oatmeal, cereal and other soft foods. if you need something really sturdy I would suggest ordering the heavy weight spoons instead.
    Decent spoon for the price. Won't hold up well with ice cream but that's not what it is made for. It's a good spooob fur what it is. Medium weight.
    These are great spoons for the price. These are a great price and an awesome item. Little lighter weight then I would have thought but are a good price
    Small size spoons and flimsy - not as sturdy as we were hoping they would be - but for the cost - you can't go wrong if your customers use up a lot of spoons
    I typically prefer heavy weight spoons but these were only 1/4 the price so I got them for my Halloween themed dessert. They are pretty sturdy and good sized.
    This is a great product for soft items that need to be picked up. We used it for our ice cream but found it not to be study enough. But overall a great item and great price.
    Great spoons for small portion foods like ice cream or a light soup. They come at a good price and quantity. Worth having for a party.
    Pretty straight forward plastic spoons! We use them for to-go items and have had no issues. They hold up very well, not flimsy at all.
    Exactly as described. We needed an economic spoon to hand out with our parfaits. This spoon fits the bill. Super inexpensive yet sturdy enough to be useful as a disposable spoon.
    Needed to purchase some spoons to use at the bakery for certain things that we sell that require a spoon or two.. They are nice and sturdy and dot not bend easily.
    Low quality spoon, very flimsy and made of cheap looking plastic. We regret the purchase but cannot return them due to shipping cost. Will not recommend.
    Thank you for reviewing these, Van. We are sorry you were not happy with these Choice teaspoons. We would recommend trying the Visions Heavy Weight Plastic Teaspoons instead.
    I use these spoons all the time in my concession business for my Italian ices. They work great and I like the weight of the spoons.
    I've ordered a big quantity of this, its good for fast food service to serve with soft items such as Cole slaw, chili, soft serve ice cream, not as sturdy as it says, very light weight, they bend easy it's not medium weight but it's good enough, great price
    These spoons are pretty sturdy considering that they are only medium weight. They work well for soups, pasta salads, etc. Great value, but I recommend the heavy weight cutlery.
    We had to order the black spoons because they were out of white spoons; however, these spoons were still durable and got the job done.
    These don't really cut anything substantial. We bought these to try and save cash but ended up not using these with our paying customers, we now use them for sponsored events. Tried to use for soup and cereal and super challenging, great dieting spoon since eating is harder
    Used the Choice Medium Weight Black Plastic Spoon 1000 / Case spoon to measure out a teaspoon of lemon juice. The spoon is great for measuring. Super fast shipping.
    These are great for spoons, they are packed great, and easy to separate. Great quality, will definitely buy again. Love this site for our concession distribution business.
    This black spoon is great for tasting and for using in conjunction with family meal. I only use them once before throwing them away. Also good for take out orders.
    These spoons seem to work well for stirring coffee and eating such things as yogurt and oatmeal. They are a bit flimsy but seem to get the job done.
    Like the choice medium weight fork I bought, I would classify these as light weight. They are kind of flimsy. I use mine to add ingredients when I cook so I won't go through a lot of silverware. They work just fine for that purpose.
    Spoons are ok, more of a light duty than medium I would say. Next time I will likely order different kind, but they will work for now.
    Thank you for the review, Valerie. We are sorry these spoons did not completely suit your needs. We recommend you try these Visions Heavy Weight Black Plastic Spoons instead for a heavier duty option offered at a great value.
    Choice medium weight plastic spoons are the perfect choice if you own a catering business. They are sturdy affordable and very convenient. I would definately recommend.
    I purchased these spoons mostly because of the price for our weekly homemade ice cream night. The price at other stores can't compare to this. When I opened them I was surprised how sturdy they were. Now I'm not left with a lot of dirty spoons, just toss them out - great!
    webstaurant is the only place that I will buy our black spoons from. there prices beats everyone else's hands down. I would recommend anyone to buy it from here.
    Wish I had ordered a heavier spoon but for things like yogurt, this spoon does the job well. Little flimsy but for the price I can't complain.
    I use these on catering jobs as well as my customers using them on our plate lunches. They are NOT flimsy!! The price is right and I would buy these again.
    These spoons are great, they are a good fit to any hand and nice and sturdy. We use them for all different types of food, and they hold up in all circumstances. They have a sleek design, and the black color makes them look elegant for a disposable spoon. A real winner!
    Great value for the money, not meant for heavy duty use, perfect for soups, cereals etc.! Processing and shipping time was a plus! Very pleased with Webstaurant!
    My black spoons give a nice touch to my dairy bar products. But they are not very strong. They do bend when the ice cream is frozen hard.
    These were absolutely the best. They didn't seem flemsy at all and it was good we had them because it was a children's party and they kids who are just learning to feed them selves went to town with there very own spoon instead of mommy feeding them lol. Great deal... Great buy... Don't shop anywhere else
    These black plastic spoons did not disappoint me. They were perfect for a soup kitchen event we had about a year ago. I can not wait to use them again.
    Love the look of the spoon, and it is a great value, good for stirring, and has a nice scoop to it but not heavy enough for digging into hard ice cream, and feels a little weak for a good thick chili.
    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear your spoons weren't sturdy enough for your applications. For more durable spoons, try these Visions Heavy Weight Black Spoons.
    These spoons are very "cheap". If they are for use for VERY light use they are perfect. They bend and break very easily. The price is great, but shipping cost more than the product itself so it turned out to be an expensive purchase for a cheap product. Would not recommend anyone to purchase.
    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear your spoons weren't durable enough for your applications. For heavier duty spoons, try these Visions Heavy Weight Black Spoons.
    Very happy with this product. I will definitely be purchasing this again. this will last us a while as well and the price is unbeatable.
    we operate a coffee/bagle shopweoffer silverware for insie use but needed a to go otion this has filled that a very cost effective price
    You simply cannot purchase plastic spoons anywhere else in this quantity for less. They are perfect for our potlucks at school and when my students make ice cream!
    These spoons are a good price for what they are. However, I will be buying the heavy weight in the future. I do not want to know what light weight would be like. I would consider these for very light use.
    I use these all the time in my daughter's lunch box, and at my job for my lunches. They are really good quality, and a great price!
    Compared with other spoon, the value of price and quantity is really nice. I bought a case of white and these, just so my customers can choose what color they prefer, extremely great value for money. Strong recommendly this spoon for your business.
    We've bought several cases and these are a good product. They don't flex or bend and can really take some pressure when digging for a bite to eat. We go through a lot of these in our store and have nothing but good things to say for them!
    I bought a case of white and these, just so my customers can choose what color they prefer, extremely great value for money, I will be buying these ALWAYS now..
    These spoons are very sturdy, not heavyweight, but definitely not cheaply made spoons. The price is great, that's why I'll keep buying them from

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